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audio time capsule that reflects the life of a young adult in 2021

REQUIREMENTS: In order to create a successful audio time capsule, remember to consider the following prompts/factors.

A wide array of audio and sound should be incorporated

The use of audio should reflect what we wish to remember and pass on to future generations

The audio should reflect what we want to project into the future

The audio time capsule should overall tell a human story

Example below:

Business 101

Quest for Meaning: What is Business For?


English Assignment Help Tell us about attitudes towards consumerism in America or in your own country.Share your ideas on this topic with your fellow students. Respond to at least two students’ posts. You should read all the posts if you can because you will find that reading them will expand your own repertoire of ideas, which will help you write an interesting and insightful essay on the topic.
Respond this two students:
Pham NguyenJan 4, 2022Jan 4 at 10:47pmManage Discussion Entry
As a native Vietnamese, I was raised up in a developing country. I personally observe Vietnamese as a very low consumption group of ethnicity because of the way they manage their income. To be more specific, the wives are the accountants of the households and they are very strict with the daily transactions. In the median income class, people do not purchase goods just for entertaining. Specifically, everything they buy has to be necessary for daily life. Due to a low consumption level, people are pretty much settled down and feel satisfied with what they have. For example, my mom does not like shopping and she has been riding the same bike for 10 years. Once people live in a community in which business is not rampant, their life will be slower and under less pressure.
Naoko KyogokuFridayJan 7 at 2:15amManage Discussion Entry
In Japan, a workaholic country, many working people do not care anything but about saving time and energy to do housework. Those people buy ready-made meals in plastic containers at a department store every day, and often they choose to buy new underwear or a shirt without a wrinkle rather than wash what they already have at home. If asked, many of them will answer that saving the earth is surely more important than buying new clothes or producing a lot of bags of garbage, but they are just too busy to survive the hard work every day. Of course, there are another type people who are trying to defy this kind of lifestyle. Some of them move from the center of Tokyo to suburban areas to live more like human beings. Some of my friends are living in a rural city, reducing garbage by composting, remaking their old clothes, and trying to make sweets by themselves. A “slow life” is the phrase coined in Japan to describe this lifestyle. How people live in Scandinavian countries—where people are eagerly working on environmental issues—are often referred to when we talk about this attempt to lead a “slow life” in Japan, and indeed many of the Japanese people have a powerful longing for things that remind them of those northern countries. Unfortunately, however, there have also been businesses to pull people back to a consumer life using this positive image of Scandinavian countries. Some companies ask us if we want to reform our houses like those in Scandinavia. Other companies try to sell clothes with traditional Scandinavian patterns. Still other companies publish books about Scandinavian cultures which actually do not have any practical information. It will not be easy for Japanese people to escape consumerism.

High School English Tasks

There are 2 tasks,
For the task 1, we choose option 1.
For the topic, we choose
A day in the life of a 12th grade online course student
For task 2, our topic is
The cure for cancer
Both task need 300 words. Hence, total of 600 words.
No plagiarism. (Turnitin rate under 5%).
Detail for each task is attached as other pdfs.

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