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Nothing Special by Brett Woodland

Essay Preview: Nothing Special by Brett Woodland

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Nothing Special

In the short story, Nothing Special, by Brett Woodland the reader is encouraged to feel sympathy towards the boy that has died because he was a drug addict. The story is in the genre of crime as the main element of the plot is the murder. This essay will state and explain the different devices that the author uses to create this feeling towards the character. The author has used the devices of Plot Structure, Stereotypes, Values and Themes.

The first device that the author uses to create the feeling of sympathy is how the plot starts off immediately with the climax, the death of the boy. This is shown in the story when it says “the cold steel slashed through warm flesh, and a body lay in the dirt of a dark back street”. This shows that the person took no mercy in killing him and just left the boy lying there, not even bothering to hide it. This makes you feel sympathy for the fact that the murderer just killed him and left.

The second device used by the author to create the feeling of sympathy towards the boy is how the public reacts to the murder. An example of this is when the journalist writes down in his note pad “just another junkie written-off. Nothing new.” This makes you feel sympathy towards the boy who was murdered because he was just a little boy, and someone had murdered him in cold blood and no one cares that this has happened.

A third device that the author has used to create the feeling of sympathy in the story is when the murderer reveals himself. The narrator talks about how the boy was going to go straight and when he couldnt make any money he had killed him and it didnt have any effect on him, “and for a while I felt sorry, but that went like everything else after I scored a hit.” This makes you feel sympathy for the boy because he was murdered by another druggie for money so he could score a hit.

A fourth device that the author, Brett Woodland has used to make the reader feel sympathy for the boy is the use of themes. There are many themes in the story such as friendship, betrayal, death, indifference, drug and drug abuse and stereotypes. The theme if betrayal is especially important because the boy who is murdered was going to go straight and he told his friend. “Only a few hours before he died he told me he was going to go straight. Yeah go to his uncles farm and start a new life.” This makes you feel sympathy because the boy was trying to start over, to leave the drugs behind him and try and rebuild the shattered remains of his life, when his friend took all that away from him, by stabbing him to death.

In conclusion, the author has used many devices such as Plot Structure, Stereotypes, Values and Themes to encourage the reader to feel sympathy towards the boy who was stabbed to death in the dark of night by his own friend.

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Objects of Labor

Essay Preview: Objects of Labor

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Objects of Labor

Characterization is the way an author develops an individual work. In “Out, out,” a short poem by Robert Frost, an unusual object becomes the main focus. The characterization of the buzz saw was so significant it felt as though it was a character of its own. This object of labor, the buzz saw, acquired a pet like description.

Like “Thomas the Train,” a buzz saw is an object of labor depicted as a focal point in a story. These objects become a part of us and who we are. In the case of Robert Frosts short poem “Out, out,” the buzz saw possessed a dog like mentality. “At the word, the saw, As if to prove saws knew what supper meant, Leaped out at the boys hand, or seemed to leap” (Frost, 1963, p. 13). Imagine it as if you were giving a dog a command, they would have responded in a much similar manor. (Frost, 1963, p. 13) “The buzz-saw snarled and rattled in the yard.” The object takes on a life form through this initial characterization. This is like a dog in the yard snarling and growling. The similarities of the two are dominating.

The imagery used by Robert Frost gives the reader a sense of relationship with this object. Objects of labor become a persons right hand man. Without the tools necessary for a job, a job could take twice as long of not, longer to complete. Take a roofer for example, their equipped with a nail gun to complete their job. This nail gun becomes part of the workers daily routine. The roofer becomes comfortable with this object at their side. The downside to this relationship is forgetfulness. A worker lets their guard down and anything could happen.

Unfortunately for the boy in “Out, out,” by Robert Frost, this comfort coasts him his hand. “As he swung toward them holding up the hand half in appeal, but half as if to keep the life from spilling then the boy saw all, “(Frost, 1963, p. 13). This happens not only with objects but animals as well. If you let your guard down around a sketchy dog you could get bit. Tools of labor can be just as powerful and unpredictable. Using such objects with respect and attention can prevent such occurrences.

Robert Frost does an excellent job on giving this buzz saw an identity that depicts a life like stature. By doing so the reader gains an intimate connection to this object as a character. This allows the reader to make a swift connection to everyday objects they use so comfortably. Weather it is an animal (dog), or an object (buzz saw), our respect and awareness for both must remain keen at all times.


Robert Frost (1963). Out, out. In J. Nadell, J. Langan, & E. A. Comodromos (Eds.) the Longman Writer: Rhetoric, Reader, Research Guide,

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Nstp Case

Essay Preview: Nstp Case

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NSTP during this semester was quite challenging and taskful. Challenging because I am not really a patient person There are a lot of good things that I can learn and do with my life; I know that from the moment that I was born, I am destined for a purpose. Living on purpose is the only way to really live, everything else just exists. Once I know what God wants me to do, the blessing comes in actually doing it. It defines success for me. It will show me that what I truly believe is what is important, not what the world says. As a girl with dreams of having my own charity foundation, I wanted to have a concrete and cant-be-ruined faith & confidence.

Every day I have the opportunity to learn and experience something new. I should seize that opportunity, learn from it and use it to change the world even in little things that I do. NSTP had served as a stepping stone for me to see new things outside my boundary. I learned that I dont have to get higher grades nor solve and analyze Accounting problems to help . . . for all I needed is a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love.

It seems like another school break is nearing its end. At first, it seems just like any other school break. But looking back, it did have its ups and downs. One part of it is my NSTP class. NSTP was a one big rollercoaster ride. It was fine with me going to our designated area although it was costly because of the fare we have to pay, but I realized that I did actually had fun in one way or another. Despite my initial bitterness against having to wake up early on Saturday for NSTP class since Ive been usually tired from Monday to Friday, still I found a sense of fulfillment as I enjoyed every lessons and activities we had.

Those times I had with our NSTP class belongs now to my memories. I strongly believe that those memories help me in my effort to learn from it and succeed in the future. The very essence of those things is the effects it had on me and what it was like to help and go out of my boundaries. It was actually the idea of helping which is weighing on my mind [continues]

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Learning to Read

Essay Preview: Learning to Read

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Learning to Read

Everyone learns how to read in different ways. Some are taught in school and others are taught at home by family. When I was younger, my family taught me how to read. They would read to me every night, use the Hooked on Phonics with me during the day, and they would put on TV shows that teach reading.

Little kids love it when their parents read to them at night before they go to bed. When I was little, my aunt used to read Corduroy to me every night. She read other ones too, but Corduroy was my favorite. She also read Barney books to me since I was so into it. Sometimes, we would go outside after dinner and read nursery rhymes. We would sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star every night and read along with the books she bought me.

During the day, my family would teach me how to read with Hooked on Phonics. Since my mom didnt know how to read English, my aunts would teach me. I remember getting bored of the same books over and over.

Nearly every adult you know has told lies at some point in their lives. It has become more acceptable in todays society to lie, although we all know its wrong, but when it comes to avoiding trouble, people will do or say anything to save face. “Lying is a natural human trait, it lets you manipulate the way you are seen by others” (The Truth About Lying). Over the years, new technologies such as lie detector tests have been developed in order to tell if a person is lying and others, there are also verbal and non verbal cues of lying.

Lying comes naturally to human beings. There are different types of lies, including white lies, fabrications, and noble lies. There are different types of reasons why people lie, with fear being one of the most prominent reasons. Fear of punishment is another; its when a person is aware that they will be punished for their deed, so they lie. This is commonly found in children to avoid trouble. Fear of conflict is afraid of being in a heated argument. Fear of rejection is also another reason for lying; when our insecurities are the foundation of why we lie to each other. Fear of loss is another popular reason for lying; the loss of personal objects or money. We lie to ourselves to prevent loss of morale, and lie for social reasons too, to appear more likeable, maintain good relations and appear more agreeable. People also lie to help family members, and despite all the technical reasons, the reason why most people lie is because it works. Lying has become more understood and acceptable in todays society.

Some obvious cues of lying are the verbal and non verbal cues a person gives you when theyre talking. When people are lying, they tend to stammer, this could also mean that they are nervous or anxious too. They tend to lose contractions and use “did not, ” and “will not.” They also tend to repeat your questions. They also speak

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Nutured into a Monster – Nature Vs. Nurture

Essay Preview: Nutured into a Monster – Nature Vs. Nurture

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Since the time Francis Galton coined the term “Nature vs. Nurture” there has been theories and debates about each side. The debate is focused around the determining or causing factors of the differences in physical and behavioral traits within a human. Nature takes the role of the individuals innate qualities while nurture bases itself upon personal experiences. Romantic literature is characterized by an emphasis on emotion, passion, and the natural world and gothic novels liked to play with the dark side of human nature and frailty. Mary Shelleys Frankenstein shows elements of both aforementioned and woefully shows humans in nature and human nature. Exploring the nurture side of the debate within Mary Shelleys world of Frankenstein following her monsters development will uncover the monsters reason for his horrible actions. Is the monster naturally evil or did society make him that way? Using a psychological and theoretical approach on the monster using the works of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Abraham Maslow, will prove that the monsters violent crimes are directly linked to the influences and experiences inflicted on the monster by society. As Frankensteins monster says himself “I shall relate events that impressed me with feelings which, 

from what I had been, have made me what I am” (Shelley, 104).

Frankenstein is a mixture of two sources, that of a Romantic Era novel and of a Gothic Novel. Both of these genres in literary history help to possibly explain Shellys writing of the novel and her ability to capture the wretched, human failure, and human nature. The Romantic Era in which Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein, was about the self and social quest and by extension others in a more profound manner. It was characterized by an expression of emotion and imagination as well as a heightened interest in nature and the power and beauty of nature “Dear mountains! My own beautiful lake! How do you welcome your wanderer? Your summits are clear; the sky and lake are blue and placid. Is this to prognosticate peace or to mock at my unhappiness? (Shelley, 47). With elements of the gothic within Frankenstein, the backdrop of this genre was accompanied by the woeful imperfections of man at the hands of more powerful forces such as nature and death. Frankenstein shows links to emotions by representing decay and collapse of humans and human creations as gothic novels seek the same. “Life and death appeared to me ideal bounds, which I should first break through, and pour a torrent of light into our dark world.” (Shelley, 40) With the backdrops of Shelleys story in place, she was allowed to play within the dark sides of human nature and how this dark side comes to the forefront of the persons traits.

The novel Frankenstein is written in three narrative frames, Walton is the primary narrator who helps tell Frankensteins tale, Victor Frankensteins first-person narrative, and the monsters first-person narrative. Within Frankensteins narrative the reader comes to find that he has successfully put together pieces of humans (that he robbed from six feet under) and after rigorous study and careful chemistry, finds that he has given life to the monster. As the monster stirs, a horrified Frankenstein quickly abandons his waking creation, but not before he sees the monster reach out for him, as though he were a babe reaching for his father “His jaw openedwhile a grin wrinkled his cheeks…one had was stretched out” (Shelley, 44). In this passage, Shelley writes as though the creature is a gentle being and only seeks the approval and love of another, or in this case Frankenstein. Abraham Maslow, in his paper A Theory of Human Motivation, claims that love is a basic need and stresses that the “thwarting of the love needs as basic in the picture of maladjustment” (Maslow, 27). After seeing his creation Frankenstein is horrified at his work and “thwarting” the monsters love, quickly abandons the waking creature. This is the root of the downfall of Frankenstein and the beginning of the nurture effects upon his monster. Jean-Jacques Rousseau proposed the idea that man is essentially good in the beginning of life, but civilization can corrupt a human in the mind. Even though Frankenstein is his creator, he represents civilization: “Everything is good when it leaves the hands of the Creator; everything degenerates in the hands of man” (Rousseau, Emile). This initial rejection of the monster by his creator is the first of many rejections by civilization that occurs to this poor wretch and turns him into the monster that wreaks havoc on Frankenstein and society.

After the monster is aborted by his creator, he runs off into the forest. Nature becomes a central mother figure for the monster as the natural forces slowly begin to educate the monster to the world around him. This aspect of the novel deals heavily in the power of nature and is directly linked to the Romantic Era in literature that Shelley was writing in. Nature provides the essentials that Frankenstein did not give the monster; food, water, fire and survival. In Maslow s hierarchy of needs within his paper, the most basic need is physiological in which food, water, and shelter are essential. The monster is for the first time since his existence is fulfilled. New to this world, the monster is like a child as is innocent and has yet to be corrupted. Rousseaus description of human beings, in his work Social Contract and Discourses believes that a man in nature is in the most pure state of nature, uncorrupted by civilization; “Now savage man, being destitute of every species of intelligence, can have no passions save those of the latter kind: his desires never go beyond his physical wants. The only goods he recognizes in the universe are food, a female, and sleep: the only evils he fears are pain and hunger” (Rousseau, The Social Contract and Discourses, 186). The creature is satisfied on the most basic level and is within natures cradle, he has yet to lash out at mankind because he is innately good.

The second encounter with society came when the monster went out of nature and into a small hut of a shepherd. The man in the small hut, turning to look from where the noise came, “shrieked loudly and ran” (Shelley, 93). Although the monster is not yet capable of understanding the reason behind the mans shriek, was slightly curious as he thinks “his flight somewhat surprised me” (Shelley, 93). As he continues through the town the monster comes to find that at every cottage children shriek as he enters. He returns to his natural shelter and now begins to feel the power of societies influence as he notes “however miserable…still more from the barbarity

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Nothing Really

Essay Preview: Nothing Really

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In February 2002 Sargent was promoted to president and CEO, while Stemberg remained chairman. Sargent was charged with leading Staples through its transition from a growth-oriented young retail firm to a more mature company competing in an industry dealing with an increasingly saturated U.S. market. Changes began almost immediately. In March 2002 Staples announced a plan to close 31 underperforming stores, most of which were located in small towns, taking a charge of $50.1 million in the process. The company also considerably slowed its pace of expansion, opening just 72 new stores in North America and 14 in Europe during fiscal 2002, compared to 117 and 19, respectively, the prior year. Furthermore, expansion into new markets was curtailed as well. Many of the new outlets were located in large metropolitan areas where Staples already had a presence. The company also launched a remodeling effort, converting a significant number of stores from the original warehouse design to more of a boutique look, with an open design and lower shelves–all aimed at making it easier and faster for customers to find what they were looking for. The new format was supported through an advertising campaign, launched in early 2003, featuring the new slogan, “That was easy.” Finally, under Sargent, Staples eliminated hundreds of items from the store shelves as it sought to shift the chains focus away from casual shoppers toward small businesses and what were termed “power users.” The latter were defined as customers who purchased more than $500 per year of office supplies, and such customers included home-based businesses, persons with home offices, and teachers. Small businesses and power users accounted for 70 percent of Staples revenues and fully 90 percent of profits.

While overhauling its core North American retailing operations, Staples was also completing acquisitions at home and abroad. The company looked to purchase delivery-based businesses, which tended to have higher profit margins than retailing operations. In July 2002 Staples bought Medical Arts Press, Inc. (MAP) for $383.2 million. Based in Minneapolis with 2001 revenues of $168 million, MAP was a direct marketer of specialized printed office products and practice-related supplies to healthcare offices. MAP became a division of Quill Corporation. Staples in October 2002 spent EUR 806 million (US$788 million) for the European mail-order businesses of Guilbert S.A., a subsidiary of Pinault-Printemps-Redoute S.A. of France. The operations gained through this deal had revenues of about $425 million in 2001, and they sold office supplies and furniture via catalogs and Internet web sites to small businesses under several brands: JPG and Bernard in France and Belgium, Kalamazoo in Spain, Neat Ideas in the United Kingdom, and MondOffice in Italy.

Early indications were that Staples various strategy shifts were paying off. Despite the continuing

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Nuisance in Life

Essay Preview: Nuisance in Life

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Obstacles to some people may be the most bothersome thing in the world; to some people it may just be a word. In our lives, there are many obstacles. Everyday is a challenge, and every moment is another step to oppose anything that may stand in our way.

Many people are annoyed by many things. Some are annoyed by babies cries; others are annoyed by too many people talking at once; and still others are annoyed by teenagers doing yoga. Surprisingly, these things do not annoy me, but there are things that do provoke me. I become extremely nettled when parents quarrel; when girls fight of dispute; and when students make unnecessary noise.

One of the things that bother me is when parents quarrel. Parents quarrel over simple things that are scarcely important and they would turn it into a big argument. Whenever they create a big argument, they would not converse with each other until they both decided to apologize and forgive each other. Communication is the key here, they are grown adults – it is really not that hard to just compromise and settle down. They should consider for the well being of the child. Arguments may lead to a big change in the family by affecting us, the children, as they are not exactly the best role models whenever they argue.

The second thing that irritates me is when girls fight or dispute over boys. Young girls fight with each other simply just for a young man, who do not care about them or was just there to play these immature girls head. Some of these teenagers do not know what love is and they are fight over each other for love. Little children attending primary school are badly influenced and doing the same mistakes the teenagers did. School and family might not usually teach children about these facts; about what exactly is love. There are differences between crush, infatuation, liking, and love. Most people at young age mistake these feelings and get mixed up. This is also a good example of society issues and thus there are teenage pregnancies.

Aside from those, there is one more thing that annoys me; and that is students making unnecessary noise. It is understandable that young people make noise, that freedom of expression is everywhere, and peoples opinions matter. However, it should always be done right. Shouting, yelling, and fighting for attention is really not the right thing to do. There are never any discussions or debates done barbarically. We should always respect each other and wait for our turn to speak.

In conclusion, these are the things that annoy me. I think they have tried to influence me negatively in my life. However, I have always tried to avoid that and make the best out of this life instead of focusing on the bad. Patience is always a great virtue to practice to prevent getting too annoyed by these things. The world is too big for us to worry about these little small things.

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Obama – My Hero

Essay Preview: Obama – My Hero

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My Hero

There are about as many different definitions of a hero as there are heroes. And, contrary to what one might say, our world is full of heroes. But a hero is not necessarily someone who does something glorious or especially courageous. For me, a hero is someone who fulfills his or her task faithfully and with dignity. A hero is willing to take full responsibility. A hero is also someone who acts with grace under pressure. With all the time in the world, anyone could perform the heros task; but the hero is able to perform under the most difficult of circumstances. Finally, and most important, the hero puts the well-being of others before himself or herself. My hero is Barack Obama. In my opinion, you dont have to fight in a war to be a hero; you just have to be responsible, courageous, loving, trustworthy, respectful and caring. Barack Obama has all of these traits. He is my hero because he inspires not only me, but many others as well. Some say that “Martin Luther King Jr. walked so that Barack Obama could run”.

President Barack Obama, through dedication and heart, made history by becoming the first colored president of the United States. In his road to triumph, Obama battled racial challenges as well as economic pressure. However, Obama stayed strong and fought until he won. President Obama, in his race for presidency, battled a concept tougher than his competitors. While campaigning across the country, certain individuals were trying to have Obama eliminated as a candidate due to his racial background. However there was no durable argument against this accusation of him not being American due to the fact that he was a noncontiguous American citizen; born in Hawaii. Despite certain efforts to keep the white house, “white”, President Obama ignored these setbacks and came through for all his supporters. He sacrificed his own personal freedom to become President. He now has to give up walking in the park or going to play basketball alone or just with his buddies or going out with his family and just having person time with his family. With racial allegations on his back, Obama had to convince the people of America that he had a plan to revive the suppressed economy. One of many issues of the economy was healthcare; Obama passionately and confidently spoke to his many followers as he conveyed his plan to provide and expand healthcare to all Americans. With his strong voice and compelling argument, Obama won the support of many people across the country and even the globe.

Barack Obama inspires many people by the books he has written, the outstanding speeches he gives, his community service and his belief that, together, we can all make the world a better place. He also inspires people by his determination to solve problems with other countries through negotiation instead of war. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in October, 2009 for the hope that he will

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Accounting and the Stock Market Crash of 1929

Essay title: Accounting and the Stock Market Crash of 1929

Accounting and the Stock Market Crash of 1929

Susan Hart


The 1929 stock market crash is one of the most significant financial crises in the history of the United States. The years following the crash would prove to be ground-breaking for the accounting profession. These years consisted of an increased awareness of the accounting profession and the most extensive changes in financial reporting requirements experienced in the United States. Financial reporting transformed from a management focused, unregulated activity to a series of requirements, strictly regulated by the federal government, with the purpose of protecting investors. This change was brought about by the combined efforts of the accounting profession and government. To understand the significance of these changes it is important to understand the economic, political and business environments leading up to and subsequent to the 1929 Crash.

Environment leading up to the 1929 crash

There was real growth during the 1920’s. Total real income rose by 10.5% per year from 1921 to 1923 and by 3.4% per year from 1923 to 1929. This growth was fueled by new technologies and industries including automobiles, electricity, telephone, telegraph, radio, appliances and aviation. Additionally, there was an increase in causal activities such as highways and airports. Demand for capital was fulfilled by issuing equity securities. The government had a laissez faire attitude with a hands-off approach. An unregulated environment combined with high optimism and speculation was an inevitable formula for high prices in the stock market. The period was described as an “orgy of speculation and over optimism” by Samuel Eliot Morison, an American historian and Harvard graduate. However, not all stock prices increased at the same rate. Most of the significant increases related to industries where there was the most cause for optimism such as utilities and others previously mentioned.

Published audited financial statements were not required for publicly traded companies but it was informally encouraged by the New York Stock Exchange (Exchange). In fact, in 1926, 90 % of the industrial companies listed on the Exchange were audited. However, there was great variation in financial reporting even for basic disclosures such as revenue and expenses. Further, financial reports were more for the benefit of management than for stockholders. Actually, audited financial statements were criticized by many prominent people of the day, including accounting professionals and academics. With no regulations, management could choose which valuation and accounting methods to use without disclosure. Moreover, since audits were voluntary and accountants could only persuade management, it was common that auditors would support management’s decisions.

Accounting professionals were state certified and services consisted of accounting, auditing and taxation. Various consulting services, such as installation of cost systems and review of possible business investments, were delivered in conjunction with audits. However, there were no standard accounting principles or standards for disclosures. Generally accepted principles were shared informally among the profession and consisted of norms developed in practice and influenced by case law. Many audits were in response to creditor’s requests and banking regulators were concerned with the lack standard accounting policies. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) advocated for rules regarding asset and liability valuations along with uniform accounting. To address these concerns, increase public confidence, and show control over the competency of practitioners in the accounting profession, The American Institute of Accountants (now known as the AICPA) organized in 1916. There was a qualifying examination and experience required for admission and certification. Also, a “Rules of Professional Conduct” was published and a committee on professional ethics established, with disciplinary powers, for self regulation.

The AIA did gain the respect of the federal agencies and at the request of the FTC and FRB, the American Institute of Accountants (AIA) submitted a document called “Uniform Accounts” which was published in the FRB bulletin of 1917. “This represented the first authoritative guidance on auditing procedures published in the U.S.

“ It recommended auditing procedures and the format of the balance sheet and profit/loss statement but it did not address uniform accounting. The AIA was composed of an elite group from the top auditing firms that felt uniform auditing practices would reduce

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Action Research: Women’s Rights

Action Research: Women’s Rights

Action Research: Women’s Rights

“Women do two-thirds of the world’s work, receive ten percent of the world’s income and own one percent of the means production” (Robbins). Are women and men created equal? Many women’s are not created equal. For many years, women have been unable to participate and have often been discriminated against in many situations and circumstances. Throughout history, many American has fought for their freedom in their country such as women’s, they struggle to be treated and looked upon by the government as equals. Society has stereo-typed women, making it almost impossible for women to achieve her goals and desires in life. In this world women have always been treated second best by biased men. Women’s have always been treated like they are never good enough for careers outside of the home. The sex of a person shouldn’t determine what type of duties or what kind of job a person will have. It should be up to the person’s own will not the decisions of society. In the mid-1800’s, women’s didn’t have any rights until

the early 1900’s.

Women’s had it difficult in the mid-1800’s. There were a difference in treatments of men and women. For example, Women’s were not allowed to vote, women had to submit laws when they had no voice in their formation, married women had no property rights, they were not allowed to enter professions such as medicine or law, women had no means to gain an education since no school would accept women students, they were not allowed to participate in the affairs of the church, they were robbed of their self-confidence and self-respect, and they were made totally dependent on men. Women were under control of a man throughout their entire life. A man virtually owned his wife. Many of the women’s job included raising children, prepare food, make clothing, and take care of things around the house. Their days were really full and often very tiring. There life was very rough, they basically had no rights at this time in history.

In the late 1900’s, however, women in most nations won the right to vote and increased their educational

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None to Accompany Me

Essay Preview: None to Accompany Me

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None to Accompany Me

Empowerment to our people is taking place in the evolution of post-apartheid South Africa in 1994. The main character is the human rights lawyer Vera Stark. In this extract Vera Stalk is talking to her close friend and political confidante Zeph. Vera puts forward reasons why she should not be a member of the committee and Zeph counters her arguments. He wants her to join the committee and He doesnt agree that being on the committee will be less useful than the work she has always done.

Vera is not convinced that she should join the committee. When Vera is discussing either if she should join the committee or not, she is thinking of what would be better for her. She thinks that she could spend her time more fruitfully if she stayed at her job at the foundation which she does well. Instead of challenge herself in the national committee where she has to make important decisions, conditions for other people and the rest of the country. She doesnt like the idea of putting herself above the rest of the people .

If Vera is going to choose this job in the committee she will pay a high price for it, loneliness. This is because she will represent a lot of people and their human rights – not her own. Thats why she is afraid to take all the responsibility for others and fight for them. There is not anyone to take responsibility for her and if she makes mistakes. There will not be balance between the people she will support and herself. She will lose her self-righteous by fighting for others than herself. Her friend can only support her and give his point of view.

Zeph tells Vera that she has to get through the many peoples opinions and give her own. He thinks that she should fight for her own opinions and ignore the other peoples opinions. This is why he used the word infiltration. But Vera tells Zeph, that this is different because the rules will be taken care of by many different persons who wants different things in their part of the country. When Vera talks about the constitution, she refers to the rules that are given to the people. These rules are going to look good and promising for the peoples rights. But when it comes to practice she is afraid that the rules will only be on the papers but not put into practice in the peoples lives .

Zeph tries to remove some of the weight of responsibility from Vera by saying that she only have to make the draft and that she is only a part of the big transitional council. Her grandchildren and descendants will not blame her and give her all the responsibility if things are going wrong in the end. By saying this he takes some of the responsibility from Vera but he is only close to success. He forgets to talk about the final constitution that comes out of the draft and that every person of the different regions will have their right to do thats best for their part of the country.

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Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems

Management information systems (MIS) is defined by Mays Business School as the study of people, technology, organizations, and the relationships among them. The term MIS is used in business schools as the study of how individuals, groups, and organizations evaluate, design, implement, manage, and utilize systems to generate information to improve efficiency and effectiveness of decision making, including systems termed decision support systems, expert systems, and executive information systems. Many business schools (or colleges of business administration within universities) have an MIS department, alongside departments of accounting, finance, management, marketing, and may award degrees (at undergraduate, master, and doctoral levels) in MIS. (“What is Management Information Systems?”).

Today we use information systems at all levels of operation to collect, process and store data. Management aggregates and disseminates this data in the form of information needed to carry out the daily operations of a business. Today we use information systems at all levels of operation to collect, process and store data. Management aggregates and disseminates this data in the form of information needed to carry out the daily operations of a business. Everyone who works in any business, from someone who pays the bills to the person who makes employment decisions, uses information systems.

MIS professionals help organizations whether no matter the size realize its maximum benefit of investments in personnel, equipment, and business processes. MIS is people-oriented, with an emphasis on service. Although it is today increasingly built on computer hardware, software and networks, it does not necessarily have to be computer-based.

Management information systems are distinct from other information systems in that they are used to analyze and facilitate strategic and operational activities. Many businesses concentrate on the alignment of MIS with business goals to achieve competitive advantage over other businesses. MIS professionals create information systems for data management; examples include storing, searching

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Health Care Situation

Essay Preview: Health Care Situation

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Code of ethics guide many professions. These codes help the individuals and staff members make certain decisions. Health care workers, such as nurses, physicians, physical therapists, psychologists, pharmacists, have their individual codes of ethics. When a variety of health care workers come together there is a single code for the organization. In health care, staff is responsible for patients first, society, and other health care professionals. The codes of ethics are not laws and according to American Medical Association (2001), ethics are, “standards of conduct which define the essentials of honorable behavior” (AMA Code of Medical Ethics, para. 1).

In health care there are challenging situations that may require applying certain ethical principles or experience to help with making decisions. Some ethical decisions that health care workers are faced with include, patient care conflicts, substandard patient care, poor communication, lack in accountability, physical harm and lack of respect toward patients or fellow professionals, and a lack of professionalism, (Cordingley, Hyde, Peters, Vernon, & Bundy, 2007). Ethics and ethical decision making is not something that can be learned only in school. Medical staff needs support in ethical challenges throughout their professional careers. The opportunity is rarely given when medical students are involved in their clinical portion of learning. According to Cordingley, et. al. (2007), “research suggests that only a minority of students make use of the support available,” (Medical Education, p. 1203). Although ethical issues are a part of the medical profession, many larger issues can influence personal ethics as well as ethical decision in the workplace.

Physician assisted suicide is a very sensitive and debatable topic of todays world. In the world of medicine today, in most scenarios, almost every attempt is made to keep a patient alive. It is even possible to keep a person alive even if brain dead, by the use of life support machines and other life sustaining equipment. There is medication now that will prolong the life of AIDS patients and chemotherapy that will hopefully rid cancer patients of their disease. Most people do what they can to fight their diseases to stay alive. However, there are some patients who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and they do not wish to try and prolong their lives. Some people foresee that due to their illness, they will have much pain and suffering ahead, and they wish not to endure. Or some patients have been battling terminal diseases for a long period of time, and they are tired from their fight. These patients may decide that they no longer wish to live. Some see physician assisted suicide as an alternative to the years of suffering and pain.

What exactly is an assisted suicide? According to J.M. Dieterle, a professor at Eastern Michigan University, Physician-assisted suicide (PAS) is the voluntary termination of ones own life by administration of a lethal substance with the direct or indirect assistance of a physician. PAS is the practice of providing a competent patient with a prescription for medication for the patient to use with the primary intention of ending his or her own life (2008). Currently in the United States, Washington State and Oregon are the only two states that allow this practice. Ethical issues, dilemmas, arguments and attitudes surrounding the topic of PAS will be analyzed and discussed. In addition, the four principles of ethics in relation to PAS examined.

Ethical Implications of PAS

Ethical standards within healthcare refer to those standards that impose the reasonable obligations on healthcare workers to refrain from manipulating the system to obtain benefits for them to the extensive disadvantage of the healthcare service users. It also includes standards relating to rights, such as the right to life. The basic rights of human beings, such as concern for personal dignity, are always of importance, and it is extremely important and vital to protect these rights, especially during illness. Alleviating the suffering and pain of patients are moral obligations of healthcare, and central to its purpose (Morrison, 2011, p. 48).

Taking into consideration terminally ill patients, healthcare providers and doctors are obliged to reducing the severity of the suffering and pain caused by the illness and alleviating the symptoms without curing the underlying disease. In the past few years, there has been an increasing demand by terminally ill patients to make independent decisions regarding their own fate and medical assistance to end their intolerable lives. This phenomenon is often referred to as euthanasia, which can be defined as “a quiet, painless death, and the intentional putting to death of a person with an incurable or painful disease intended as an act of mercy” (Sanders & Chaloner, 2007). As a result, euthanasia has become one of the most pressing and profound issue confronting society and has become the focus of much debate, leaving most physicians with an ethical dilemma when taking care of patients at the end of their lives. Euthanasia has been accepted both legally and morally in various forms and in many societies. The moral significance of euthanasia is inevitably connected with the way others understand the value of life and what it is to uphold and protect that value.

Generally, euthanasia is classified as either voluntary or involuntary. Voluntary euthanasia can be defined as, “to hasten the death of an individual at his or her request” (Sanders & Chaloner, 2007). Voluntary euthanasia is generally performed on terminally ill patients. The patient will make a request that the

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The Role of Women Within Orthodox Judaism

The Role of Women Within Orthodox Judaism

The Role of Women within Orthodox Judaism

Since the beginning of the Jewish religion, women have had what seems to be a marginalized role that encompasses almost every facet of life. In many cases within the body of Jewish texts, clear misogynist statements and commentary are made dealing with every aspect of what it means to be female. Within the Orthodox movement, these restrictions appear to be the most prevalent. Through examination of the role of women within the key elements of the Orthodox Jewish life cycle: birth, adolescence, adulthood, and death, I hope to discover whether the female discriminatory point of view of Jewish Orthodoxy is founded or if the traditional ways of the Orthodox community are simply misunderstood.


It is difficult to understand the role of women within a religion without a basic understanding of the religion in question; especially if talking of Judaism. It is now important to recognize that for faithful Jews, everything, whether within religious or secular life, revolves around religious laws or mitzvot (singular mitzvah).(1) The Jewish way of life encompasses every aspect of human endeavor. There is a verse in the Book of Isaiah: God desired for his righteousness’ sake to make the Torah great and glorious.” (Isaiah 42:21) This verse was interpreted in rabbinic Judaism to mean that God provided many opportunities for people to acquire righteousness by giving them a multitude of commandments covering every situation in life. Orthodox Jews recognize 613 mitzvot. Whether a Jew is conducting business, preparing a meal, or doing any other thing a person might do, there is a mitzvah to give direction to that activity. In understanding this, it becomes clear why it is so difficult for women to question Orthodox Jewish beliefs.

Historically, Judaism began around 2000 B.C.E -1600 B.C.E. during what is commonly called the Age of the Patriarchs. It began in the Middle East around the present day state of Israel. Since then, it has spread to every corner of the globe. Today, there are about 18 million Jews world-wide. Jews believe in one God (often referred to as Adonai or Yahweh in Jewish texts). God chose the Jewish people to carry out his laws and beliefs and to share them with the rest of the world. God sought the Jews for an ongoing relationship of rewards in return for recognizing the sovereignty of God—a relationship known as a covenant. It is believed that the Jews were not chosen because they were perfect above other peoples, rather that they were chosen because they agreed to take on the burden of faithful service to God. This relationship has proven to be a source of strength and hope through the most turbulent times of Jewish history.

The Jewish Bible or Tanakh, is the sacred book that interprets history as the Jews have experienced it. Although it is proper to think of the Bible as a single book of scriptures, it is more accurate to describe it as a library of books assembled under three major headings. The most important is the Torah, which means “devine instruction and guidance.” Torah is also known as the Five Books of Moses; the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. The second portion is the Nevi’im meaning writings of the Prophets. The third section of Tanakh is referred to as Kethuvim or “the Writings.”

By the late Middle Ages, there was a distinction between what is known as Written Torah, the Tanakh, and Oral Torah. Oral Torah consists of commentaries and instructions written by rabbis concerning how to follow Written Torah. Examples of Oral Torah include Talmud, Halakhah (the body of rabbinic law), and Mishna. Today, it is only the Orthodox Jewish movement that believes that both Written and Oral Torah are valid to the practice of Judaism.

Orthodox Judaism

Orthodox Judaism is on of four movements of Modern Judaism including Reform, Conservative, and Reconstructionist. All of these movements trace their origins to traditional Judaism as it was practiced in pre-Enlightenment Europe. They arose principally in Germany during the 19th century as part of the civil emancipation of the Jews in that country as well as a response to the process of modernization. Jewish immigrants brought these differing viewpoints with them to America and today, over half of Jews define themselves based on one of these movements.

Orthodox Judaism is the closest to traditional Judaism. Today, 2 million Jews consider themselves Orthodox; 1 million of those being in the U.S.

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Health Care Industry

Essay Preview: Health Care Industry

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In this paper I will be speaking on the Health Care Industry and how it has changed over the years. There are many aspects of the medical industry that have changed from how medical information is kept to how medication is given. I will be explaining how health care has changed over the last 10 years and what the biggest change is in the next 10 years. I will also speak about what my role will be in the health industry, especially when it comes to adapting my skills into the health care industry. Along with the information mentioned above I will be expressing my perception of how the health care has changed over the course of my program. Lastly, I will speak on the role of technology in healthcare organizations in the decades to come along with the financial and economic issues that will affect the health care industry within the next 10 years.

Health Care Changes over the last 10 years

Over the last 10 years, healthcare has been moving toward a truly integrated concept of how we can help people with chronic disease find a pathway that deals with underlying causes rather than just symptoms. Integrative physicians are shifting out of a peripheral role to a more central one. There is the growing awareness within the broader medical community that what we have been saying for decades is true: that people with chronic illness need an integrated approach that includes nutrition, environmental management and mind-body therapies, and that sustainable health care must be based on lifestyle change, not drugs. The growth of scientific research on nutritional supplements, from vitamins to phytochemicals, now allows them to be used with the same level of precision that has been claimed for pharmaceuticals (Mazza, 2000)

The most significant development in this past decade is the emergence of a more informed consumer aided by high-speed Internet and Google. There has been a dramatic change, I believe, in just the past five years. Patients have become much more assertive about what they want and need. This is key, if we are to ever change the system. The biggest challenges are the power and money of those in power–the pharmaceutical, insurance, and biomedical device companies, and the hospital-clinic industry. They do not want to give up any power or money, so the changes are difficult to implement. But ultimately, we are headed toward a more collaborative system characterized by a new respect for other methods and healers beyond drugs and MDs, and better cooperation among all practitioners and patients. Also, the most noticeable change is the interest people now have in their health care. The Internet has enabled patients to educate themselves about their health much more than in the past. Instead of listening to the doctors orders, patients are now actively participating in their health care decisions. Also, as cost of care has risen, I see patients taking more responsibility in finding the most economical way of managing their health.

Biggest change in the next 10 years

The major issue today is making healthcare affordable. I hope that in the next ten years we can come up with a way to make healthcare more affordable and accessible to everyone. I absolutely hope we can find a way to make sure everyone is able to get the health care they need regardless of the money they have.

Climate change will definitely affect the health of the population as well as the health of the environment (Confalonier, 2007). The release of certain chemicals into the

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Graphical Analysis of Motion

Essay Preview: Graphical Analysis of Motion

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The concept of the lab mainly focused on kinematics. Kinematics is the branch of mechanics dealing with motion of an object without discussing force and mass. A moving body always has displacement, velocity, and acceleration. Any one of these values can be determined from a graph that involves time, displacement, and velocity. The objective of the lab was to obtain the displacement and the acceleration of a moving body from its Velocity vs. Time graph. Displacement is how far an object travels or the total path an object moves on, including its direction. Velocity is how fast an object moves and in what direction it is moving. Lastly, acceleration is how fast the velocity is changing or rate at which velocity is changing. In order to create a Velocity vs. Time graph, the instantaneous velocity was determined at different distances. Instantaneous velocity is the velocity of an object at a given instant, especially when the object is accelerating. Given just a cart, a ramp with a ruler at the edge of it, “photogates,” string and a device to calculate the time, it was hypothesized that acceleration can be found by determining the slope of the Velocity-Time graph and the displacement can be found by determining the area under the line or curve of the graph.

A source of error from the experiment was that it was difficult to line up the card at the 20 centimeter mark. It could have been off by 1 millimeter or more and the starting point could have been different each trial. To resolve this situation, we can line up the cart at a certain mark to make the starting point of each trial consistent. Uneven friction was another source of error. The uneven friction caused by possible bumps on the track may result in un-uniform acceleration. Therefore, the points on the VT graph do not connect to form a straight line because at some points, the acceleration is different. This problem could be avoided if we smooth wheels were used.

The slope determined in part III for the Displacement vs. Time graph represents the instantaneous velocity of the cart at the time of 0.8 seconds. The second slope, for the Velocity versus Time graph, represents the acceleration of the cart as a result of the falling mass, essentially the change in velocity over that same amount of time. Based on the graphs obtained in Part III, it was shown that both slopes were positive. This means that as the cart increases displacement or velocity, the slope of the Displacement vs. Time graph should equal to the velocity of the object. Based on the results from the Velocity vs. Time graph, the motion of the cart was similar to the motion of a free falling object. Based on the Velocity vs. Time graph, the cart had a positive acceleration during the time from 0.0 seconds to 1.15 seconds. A positive acceleration meant that the car was accelerating or speeding up because the change in velocity over time was positive. When the velocity of the cart reached its maximum point a

Summer Night Sleep Addy And Next Job academic essay help

Essay title: Addy

Addy is a nine year old girl who lives with her

Momma, Pappa, Sam her 15 year old brother and her one year old sister Ester. Addy and her family are slaves who work for Master Stevens. One night on a summer night sleep Addy heard her parents talking about running away. Pappa wanted Addy to be free. He is sick and tired of seeing his children work so hard. They were talking about how they have to take a chance. Pappa did not want to wait till the war was over. He wanted to be free, and to be able to run free and feel freedom. They were talking about that day when Sam tried to run away. That was about Last year right near when Ester was born. He tried to escape to freedom. But Master Stevens caught him and he got wiped.

Mamma Pappa and Addy sat and watched him get wiped. Addy was crying and could not figure out why her parents were not crying. She was saying they don’t care about Sam. But Pappa stopped Addy from crying and told her that the do care about Sam they are hurting on the inside. When they wiped Sam his back was all covered in blood. Then his parents took care of his back. They were suppose to follow the train tracks and when the two train tracks cross that were they find a white women house her name was Mrs.Caroline, she will help them. That night Addy knew she just heard a very important secret and was to keep it to her self.

Date: 6/9/06

~Chapter 2~

It was early in the morning when Addy had to do her jobs and chores. Her job was to work in the tobacco field and pull all the worms off the leaf. For one thing the worms were big as her thumb finger. She had to ether kill them her bare feet or hands. She was thinking about what her family would do if they were free. She thought about her clothes being as beautiful dresses, Pappa being paid so much for work, him buying so much food that they wil never ever go hungry. Addy started her next job to go and bring some water to the people working I the fields. She brought some water to Sam, usually Sam will have a riddle for her. Then Addy went to the kitchen to help Aunt Lula cook and serve Master Stevens. When she went to give her Master his food there was this other guy there to.

They were talking about how he does not have enough money to feed and take care of these slaves . So he was going to sell Sam and Pappa. Addy was poring water into her Masters cup she got so stunned she for got to watch the cup and spill the water on the table. She ran into the kitchen to tell Aunt Lula. Than Aunty Lula told her to act like she is going to the fields again to give some water she Was going to warn Sam and Pappa. But then the man saw her and said you go back to your chores time for water is up. So she ran back and saw her momma talking to Aunt Lula. Addy wanted to beat Master Stevens to the barn were her Pappa and Sam where. When she got there they had Sam and her pappa chained up. Addy went to huge her dad then the master told her to get off. And they rolled away with Pappa and Sam.

Date: 6/9/06

~Chapter 3~

The next two weeks Addy was in the tobacco field doing her job. She was picking up big fat worms off the leaves. She was thinking about Pappa and Sam and how they use to play with her. She thought about the riddles that Sam said to her while she past. Adyy was so sad she missed some green worms off the leaves. The overseer wanted to see was she doing a good job. But he saw the leaves she missed picked them up and went towards Addy with a belt, But he dropped the whip and stuffed those worms down I her mouth. He told her to eat them or she had to eat more. So Addy ate the worms and started to move along and she started to cry. Then she went home. When Addy got home her mother had to tell her some thing.

She was telling Addy about she has a plan and they are going to run away. Addy knew what her Mamma was going to say next. She wanted to know how Addy knew she told her that she heard you and Pappa talking about it. So then Mamma told Addy that they were not bringing Ester with them . Then Addy started to cry and say you can not for get Ester. But her momma said that she will make to much nosie and get them caught. So she was going to give Ester to Aunt Lula and Uncle Solomon. So the next night they were going to run away.

Date 6/10/06

~Chapter 4~

In the next chapter Uncle Solomon and Aunt Lulu came over to get Ester from Addy and her Mother. They were about to leave off into the night

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