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b) Calculate the real exchange rate, nominal effective and real effective exchange rates using the

Question: b) Calculate the real exchange rate, nominal effective and real effective exchange rates using the given data. Data selection is based on your last digit of the R. No. For example, if your last digit is 0, use data set 0,For effective exchange rate calculation, use data set for EE rate and assume that Pakistan trade share with USA is 40% and China is 60%. cb) Calculate the real exchange rate, nominal effective and real effective exchange rates using the given data. Data selection is based on your last digit of the R. No. For example, if your last digit is 0, use data set 0,For effective exchange rate calculation, use data set for EE rate and assume that Pakistan trade share with USA is 40% and China is 60%.
c )Analyze the relationship between the exchange rates calculated in the part (b) using graph.
just use the data set 0
Show transcribed image textTranscribed image text: Data Set 1 Pear P p* P 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 Data Set 0 ER=D/F 15.51936355 8.957508333 19.53676605 18.472875 25.72399381 21.836075 31.00778603 23.34540667 40.01482109 35.05850083 51.93108535 47.66272667 61.63133217 54.74893333 65.16497863 57.70735 68.3907504 58.73895833 70.20003532 66.573875 70.438128) 75.25979167 73.41483508 77.21502083 74.4560791 79.6819 77.63457483 77.394975 80.71030165 72.06065 81.82607845 73.27630833 83.71748758 72.64661667 86.79745039 69.2924 91.01458318 64.5828 59.91976049 62.45734075 64.34906098 66.24842452 67.9758135 69.88282035 71.93122852 73.61275761 74.75543306 76.391102271 78.97072076 2.22E-08 4.08015E-08 1.63006E-07 2.41009E-06 2.53009E-05 0.000699938 0.029713097 0.094837289 0.196583305 0.684495013 2.909082393 7.347208236 15.34812963 30.42369853 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 81.20256846 82.49046688 84.36307882 86.62167812 89.56053237 92.44970508 95.08699238 2005 2006 2007 98.73747739 2008 2009 2010 43.67081782 53.69480503 60.8390117 68.29270166 76.81278243 87.35939555 100 113.4824679 125.1460881 96.23614476 100 104.5242115 113.8179305 72.64741667 74.38598333 72.93788333 77.53596667 98.38641997 100 103.1568416 105.2915045 2011 2012 2013 117.5218381 79.3684 2014 106.8338489 108.5669321 108.695722 110.0670089 2015 120.9498642 126.7366464 134.8448702 142.3842032 148.4639947 2016 136.1311793 146.0420564 159.4054479 208.3354491 270.5102195 323.6076093 112.4115573 80.57901667 100.6914333 109.4430667 110.9730167 116.5937917 119.3535583 115.6401222 117.1958241 2017 2018 115.1573032 2019 378.8837215 2020 2021 151.3616678 147.4032886 149.076317 117.2441955 114.9376853 115.779728 324.3338501 342.2750603

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Finance Assignment | Professional Writing homework essay help

I would really appreciate if you answers descriptively. I want to solutions and formulas. I don’t want to any excell solutions. Thank you!

Question 3. In a project, an initial investment of $8,300 equipment is expected to generate net cash inflow of $3,400, $4,000, $5,800 and $2,050 at the end of first, second, third and fourth year respectively. At the end of the fourth year, equipment would be sold for $900.

Calculate the net present value of the investment if the discount rate is 18% and explain if the project is acceptable.

Question 4. In the previous question, assume that there will be 5% inflation rate in the next four years. Reconsider if the project is acceptable or not?

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Finance Assignment | Professional Writing homework essay help

b) Calculate the real exchange rate, nominal effective and real effective exchange rates using the

An investor has the opportunity to invest in four new retail stores. The amount that can be invested in each store, along with the expected cash flow at the end of the first year, the growth rate of the concern, and the cost of capital is shown for each case. It is assumed each investment will operate in perpetuity after the initial investment. Which investment should the investor choose?

O A. Initial investment: $100,000; Cash flow in year 1: $12,000; Growth Rate: 1.25%; Cost of Capital: 9.3% O B. Initial investment: $90,000; Cash flow in year 1: $10,000; Growth Rate: 1.50%; Cost of Capital: 9.1% OC. Initial investment: $80,000; Cash flow in year 1: $8000; Growth Rate: 1.75%; Cost of Capital: 8.5% OD. Initial investment: $60,000; Cash flow in year 1: $6000; Growth Rate: 2.50%; Cost of Capital: 7.3%

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Finance Assignment | Professional Writing homework essay help

Felix is purchasing a brownstone townhouse for $2,100,00. To obtain the​ mortgage, Felix is required to make a 16​% down payment. Felix obtains a 25​-year

mortgage with an interest rate of 6.5%.

​a) Determine the amount of the required down payment.

​b) Determine the amount of the mortgage.

​c) Determine the monthly payment for princepal and interest.

round to the nearest cent

​a) Determine the amount of the required down payment.

​b) Determine the amount of the mortgage.

​c) Determine the monthly payment for principal and interest.

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Computation Exam Computer Science Theory Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

Theory Of Computation Exam Computer Science

Discussion Post Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

Share your volunteer experience:

1.Volunteer at the school library

2.Community service

150words for each, due within 12 hours.

give me two document.

Discussion Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

Optional discussion topic: Ethnic, cultural and genetic variations in drug therapy

Providing an answer to this topic is optional but can count towards your weekly participation grade.

In this discussion question, you are examining herbal and dietary supplements from a pharmacological perspective. Often you see folk remedies in the form of herbal preparations or dietary supplements.

Should you choose to accept the challenge, choose either a cultural, ethnic or genetic variation in pharmacologic therapy and share it with your classmates. I am attaching two resources to get you started. Use these two references. 250 words


Dr. Lewis

Attached Files

Cultural and Genetic Diversity in America The Need for Individualized Rx Treatment.pdf

Cultural, genetic and environmental influences on drug therapy.pdf

Literature Essay Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

Write a three-to-five page paper on a topic of your choice. You will not be assigned a topic. You must determine and develop your own topic based on the book My Antonia by Willa Cather.

Double-space the text of your paper, and use Times New Roman. The font size should be 12 pt.


Argumentative Paper Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

The Argument Outline Paper attached!


Now that you have outlined your paper, it is time to start your rough draft. A rough draft should expand on the ideas you included in your outline, and should include introduction and conclusion paragraphs as well as transitional statements between topics in your body paragraphs. This rough draft will compile all the content for your paper in a cohesive manner, and present your full argument.

It is important to think about how to integrate the research you have gathered into your paper. You have a voice, and your voice matters. The research you have found should be used to provide support to your voice and your argument. Extensive quotations or even paraphrased text are not always appropriate or helpful. You should try to limit these to no more than three to five instances throughout your paper. Use the learning activities, discussions, and resources from the Center for Writing Excellence to assist you with appropriately creating and using in-text citations to acknowledge where you have integrated your research within your rough draft.

Write your Argument Paper Rough Draft using the APA Paper Template. Your paper should be 700 to 1,050 words.

Create robust body paragraphs to present your full argument by expanding on the topics in your outline.

Ensure each body paragraph has a topic sentence.
Incorporate the research you have gathered to support your argument.
Make your best attempt at formatting in-text citations and a reference page, which you will learn more about in Week 4. You may use the Reference and Citation Generator to help you construct your citations and references.

Create an introduction paragraph that includes your thesis statement and introduces your reader to the main topics included in your paper.

Create a conclusion paragraph to bring your paper to a close.

Ensure your paper includes the following elements prior to submission:

A title page
An introduction paragraph with a thesis statement that clearly states your argument.
APA-formatted level 1 headings for each main topic
A topic sentence to begin each body paragraph under each main topic
No more than three to five instances of paraphrased or directly quoted material integrated throughout the paper, followed by the appropriate APA-formatted citation
A conclusion paragraph
A reference page with a reference listing for a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources






LaShanda Poledore

April 8, 2019




Revised thesis statement

Topic 1: Social Networking

Claim: 40% of people in the world communicate and interact through social media sites.

Supporting research: majority of people have multiple social networking sites. The main use of these sites is socializing and interaction. Most people connect to their families and friends through face time on social networking sites.

Information source: the statistical data has been obtained from the American Institute for Research.

Claim: 56% of Americans have at least one account in the various social networking sites.

Supporting research: In America, almost everyone uses social media. This includes both the young and the old in society. Social networking is part of the normal life especially for teenagers. Social media is used as a platform to share information among friends and family.

Information source: This information has been received and verified from the global social media research summary of 2019.

Claim: 91% of the people in America are using social networks.

Supporting research: Majority of the people in America have mobile phones.Thephones have social media apps installed at the manufacturing level. Anyone that has a phone is likely to create an account on these sites. Once an individual has created an account, they are likely to frequently access the site to update and network with friends and families.

Information source:The information is obtained from Pew Research Center. Pew research center is a reliable source of information about internet and technology.


Topic 2: Hiring

Claim: Employers tend to use information available on social networking sites when recruiting employees.

Supporting research: Employers in the recent times rely greatly on information from social media posts to know more about their prospective employees.

Information source:The information has been acquired from University Research Company; Center for human services.

Claim:Information gathered from social networking sites, can be misleading in the process of hiring and recruiting.

Supporting research: Information posted on social media by users is not always accurate. People tend to display different personalities on social media. Employers should focus on knowing the real personality of an individual rather than the social media personality especially when hiring and recruiting.

Information source:The information was provided by the International Journal of Economic Research.


                 Topic 3: Advantages of using social networking sites when hiring                

Claim: The cost of recruitment based on information from social networking sites is low.

Supporting research: Accessing information on social media has minimal costs compared to conducting an extensive research about your prospective employees. There is a lot of information which is readily available about employees on social platforms.

Information source: This information has been received and verified from the global social media research summary of 2019.

Claim: Employers scrutinize the employees secretly on social media.

Supporting research: Considering the fact that many people are active on social media, it is very easy to monitor the various activities that they are engaged in every day. Employers can use this information to analyze and identify certain characteristics that they desire their employees to possess.

Information source:The information was provided by the International Journal of Economic Research.

Claim:Employers canto identify high quality candidates from social networking sites.

Supporting research: The social network platforms has individuals who have brilliant traits the employer wants; this gives them an insight about the employee depending on the content they post on their timelines.

Information source: The information was provided by the International Journal of Economic Research.




Gelinas, L., Pierce, R., Winkler, S., Cohen, I. G., Lynch, H. F., &Bierer, B. E. (2017). Using social media as a research recruitment tool: ethical issues and recommendations. The American Journal of Bioethics, 17(3), 3-14.

The American Journal of Bioethics, is a reliable source of information. The details highlighted in the journal are verifiable. The journal has provided recommendations on how to effectively use social networking platforms to conduct the recruitment process.

Jeske, D., & Shultz, K. S. (2016). Using social media content for screening in recruitment and selection: pros and cons. Work, employment and society, 30(3), 535-546.

The information obtained from this source provides meaningful insight on screening and evaluation of employee’s character on social networking platforms. The source highlights the relevance of using in social networking platforms to scrutinize employees.

Melanthiou, Y., Pavlou, F., & Constantinou, E. (2015). The use of social network sites as an e-recruitment tool. Journal of Transnational Management, 20(1), 31-49.

The Journal of Transnational Management is a viable source because it provides relevant information about the use of social media platforms to recruit workers, it gives an insight about the role that social media plays in the hiring process.

Reel Bad Arabs (Quiz) Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

please finish the quiz after watching this movie .the grade need to above 4 points(full is 5 points)

Please follow the steps:

google csusb and click my coyote then log in
number: 006713363 code: Xyx_sina97415&
then click my blackboard and click HUM375
then click Attendance Quizzes
watch the film
then do the Reel Bad Arabs (Quiz).


Mathematics Technology Presentation Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

A major component of being a teacher is the collaboration with the other teachers in your grade level to share ideas, resources, and learning activities in order to enhance instruction and meet the diverse needs of students.

For this assignment, create a 7-10 slide digital presentation professional development, for your peers, highlighting two forms of technology that can be used to enhance math instruction.

Include a title slide, reference slide, and presenter’s notes.

For each form of technology, include the following components:

A detailed description and how the technology works to engage students and enhance math instruction
A rationale for the benefits of using the technological tools to facilitate the creation or transfer of knowledge and skills
The safety precautions including the safe, legal, and ethical use of technology both at home and at school.
Description of how each form of technology can be used to support collaboration with families, students, and school personnel.
Description of how each form of technology engages students in collaboration with others in face-to-face or virtual environments

Support your findings with a minimum of three scholarly resources.

Discussion Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

Please discuss your thoughts on the merits, or disadvantages (if you believe there are any), of the intersection of Medicare Advantage and senior living after reading the following article..

Discussion Post Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

Chapter 10: From this chapter, in addition, the previous ones, we continue to enhance our knowledge and understanding about IG best business practices, and how good data governance can ensure that downstream negative effects of poor data can be avoided and subsequent reports, analyses, and conclusions based on reliable, and trusted data could be achieved.  From the risk management perspective, data governance is a critical activity that supports decision makers and can mean the difference between retaining a customer and losing one.  On the same token, protecting your business data is protecting the lifeblood of your business, and improving the quality of the data will improve decision making, foster compliance efforts, and yield competitive advantages; thence business profits would be earned.  To provide meaningful support to business owners, the Data Governance Institute has created a data governance framework, a visual model to help guide planning efforts and a logical structure for classifying, organizing, and communicating complex activities involved in making decisions about and taking action on enterprise data.



Q1: With this framework in mind that allows for a conceptual look at data governance processes, rules, and people requirements identify and name the 10 levels of the DGI Data Governance framework from the Data Governance Institute?

Chapter 12 – From the chapter reading, we learned that e-mail is a major area of focus for information governance (IG) efforts, and has become the most common business software application and the backbone of business communications today.  In addition, the authors provided details to support their position by providing 2013 survey results from 2,400 corporate e-mail users from a global perspective.  The results indicated that two-thirds of the respondents stated that e-mail was their favorite form of business communication which surpassed not only social media but also telephone and in-person contact.


Q1: With this detail in mind, briefly state why the e-Mail has become a critical component for IG implementation?




Chapter 13 – According to Franks and Smallwood (2013), information has become the lifeblood of every business organization, and that an increasing volume of information today has increased and exchanged through the use of social networks and Web2.0 tools like blogs, microblogs, and wikis.  When looking at social media in the enterprise, there is a notable difference in functionality between e-mail and social media, and has been documented by research – “…that social media differ greatly from e-mail use due to its maturity and stability.” (Franks & Smallwood, 2013).


Q2: Please identify and clearly state what the difference is?



Chapter 11 – According to the authors, privacy and security go hand in hand; and hence, privacy cannot be protected without implementing proper security controls and technologies. Today, organizations must make not only reasonable efforts to offer protection of privacy of data, but also must go much further as privacy breaches are damaging to its customers, reputation, and potentially could put the company out of business.  As we continue learning from our various professional areas of practice, its no doubt that breaches have become an increasing concern to many businesses and their future operations.  Taking Cyberattacks proliferation of 2011 into context, security experts at Intel/McAfee discovered huge series of cyberattacks on the networks of 72 organizations globally, including the United Nations, governments and corporations.


Q2: From this research revelation in our chapter 11, briefly state and name the countries and organizations identified as the targeted victims?

Communication Course Project Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

1. no plagiarism

2. no time

3. follow the outline and instruction

4. answer all required questions


Watch the two videos below

216K views5 years ago

“Jamaica is embracing a controversial Super Bowl commercial that depicts a white

office worker from the U.S. Midwest feigning …




● Approximately 3-4 pages, APA “modified” style format as we have

reviewed in W1.

● 3 to 5 references expected earned

Project Overview

Header: An Intercultural Communication Analysis of “Get Happy” VW


Project Volkswagen Get Happy Super Bowl 2013 Full Commercial!

● Project Overview: Do an analysis and critique of the commercial (on from the standpoint of the American culture and do an

analysis and critique from a Jamaican cultural view.

● Your analysis and paper of this intercultural communication case study

should focus on the following guidelines or parameters:

STEP ONE: Take an in-depth look (view it several times) at the commercial itself.

Some questions to get you started are shown below

● What was its overall purpose of the VW commercial, in your judgment?

● From your perspective, what was the commercial seeking to


● What was its creative intent as developed by the creative team at the



STEP TWO: Next, examine and study the “Be (or Get) Happy” Commercial from

an American cultural view

● What in your estimation, would be the general American view of the


● Is the ad racist in orientation in your judgment?

● Yes? Or No?

● Why? Or Why not?

● How would different American sub-cultures view the ad? Select 1 or 2

for your commentary and analysis here.

STEP THREE: What is the critic’s (American) view of the VW Be Happy


● What is the overall opinion of the American critics?

● What is the view of these critics? (such as Barbara Lippert)

● Were the critics predominantly positive or negative in their view?

● If their view is either negative or positive, then why do you think they

took the view they did?

STEP FOUR: What is the International view of the commercial

● How do you think the International community in general viewed the


● Specifically, what view of the commercial did the Jamaican government


● Would the Jamaican view represent that of the greater Caribbean island


● What did the Jamaican government publicly say vis a vis the ad?

● How did the Jamaican government view the TV commercial, in your


● Interestingly, for this intercultural communication case study were the

views of the Jamaican “people” and the government the same or


STEP FIVE: What was the agency view of the commercial, in your judgement?

● What do you think was the view of the agency (Deutsch LA) as it

designed and produced the TV commercial?

● Did the agency perform “due diligence” (research) in designing,

preparing, and producing the commercial?

● Did they do their homework?

● Did the agency produce an engaging commercial in your estimation?

● What was the cost of a 30-second and 60-second commercial for 2013

Super Bowl air time?

● Do you think that the client, VW, got its money’s worth with Be Happy?

STEP SIX: What did you learn about Intercultural Communication from this


● Specifically, what did you learn about different views of intercultural


● What did you learn about your own understanding of how cultures react

differently (and often unexpectedly) with regards to intercultural


● Is there anything that you might recommend to do differently in the role

of an intercultural communication consultant?


● Approximately 3-4 pages, APA “modified” style format as reviewed in


● 3 to 5 references expected

● Be prepared to review and share in an online class weekly discussion &

dialog (Discussion Question) DQ

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning Assignment | Buy assignments online persuasive essay help

Put yourself in the position of an entrepreneur who is developing a new self-propelled, robotic lawn mower, similar to the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner, to introduce into the market.

Develop the targeting strategy for marketing the new product. Be sure to discuss: 1) characteristics of the segment(s) you might choose as the target market 2) why the target market(s) is/are attractive.

To ensure immediate feedback, please submit a response between 100 and 1000 words.

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