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Importance Of Learning Basic Cpr

Essay Preview: Importance Of Learning Basic Cpr

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The importance of learning Basic CPR

The average person may think he is able to perform CPR, but mastering this vital skill can save a life. When people talk about learning Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation most seem to think they will never need it because of course thats what 911 is for and they are trained to save lives right? Thats true however, learning basic CPR can mean the difference between life and death in someone you love or care about. CPR can be just as vital as learning how to swim, drive a car, or use self defense. Why is this skill so important you may ask? Easy, when a person can not breathe or a persons body cant circulate blood properly cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can restore the circulation of oxygen and blood flow to the brain and other vital organs. Without proper oxygen flow to the brain a person can suffer permanent brain damage or even death in less than 8 minutes. (Naval Hospital Corpsman workbook 4-18)

Ok so now we know CPR is useful but whos to say the average person will ever have to use it right? Wrong, In the United States some if not half of the deaths are preventable deaths, these include: Drug overdoses, suicides and Cardiac Arrests (or more commonly known as massive heart attacks). These “heart attacks” are deadly and can occur with little or no warning. This is why everyone should have to learn and go through some kind of program to be CPR Train

According to the National SAFE KIDS Campaign, airway obstruction is the leading cause of unintentional injury-related deaths of children under the age of 1 in the United States. Even more shocking is in 2000 160 children under the age of 14 died from obstruction of their airways due to inhaled or ingested foreign bodies. We childproof our homes and cars to help

Basic CPR 2

prevent our children from getting hurt so why not take that extra step in safety and lean how to protect them just in case the unfortunate does happen? How often have you seen a parent run to take something out of a toddlers mouth before they chocked on it? Would you be able to help if they were not able to reach that child in time and it started chocking? Sure you could call 911 but what are you going to do until help arrives? That is vital time that you can help save that childs life and make a difference. According to the Washington State Health Department in 2004 out of the 97 drowning deaths 16 of them were children under the age of 18. If preformed in time and properly CPR could have help save those people or at least bought them enough time for proper medical attention to be given.

Chocking and drowning are only two reasons for people to learn CPR, but children arent the only ones who benefit from the learning and mastering of it. Adults benefit from it too, according to the American Heart Association; heart disease is the leading cause of death in America. Each year, cardiovascular disease and sudden arrest claim the lives of 325,000 Americans before they reach the hospital. Since almost 80 percent of heart attacks occur at home performing CPR right away can double a victims chances of survival. (Hazinski,Cummins and Field 2000) As the saying goes for every minute a persons brain goes without oxygen it reduces their chance of survival by 10 percent,

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La Gear

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LA Gear is a company that enjoyed a meteoric rise to become the number three branded shoe maker in the country. Through a combination of excellent advertising campaigns and perception in to what kinds of shoes would sell, LA Gear became a major force in the industry in a relatively short period.

Beginning in 1990 however, a convergence of poor decisions and bad luck led to a run of declining revenues and stock price. There were three big factors in this decline that were aggravated by bad decisions and a poor business structure that only seemed to work as long as revenues continued to increase.

The release of the Michael Jackson Shoe in 1990 was supposed to coincide with the release of a greatest hits album. The album failed to materialize and the shoe was a huge failure. The Kareem Abdul Jabbar shoe, the catapult, also failed to sell. To top off the 1990 year, in December, before a nationally televised audience, a basketball player wearing a pair of LA Gear shoes stumbled and fell to the floor when the shoe fell apart as he was running.

Because LA Gear operated with an at once ordering system which forced then to carry a huge amount of inventory, when the new shoes failed to sell and the quality of their shoes were called into question because of the televised incident, they were left with massive inventory costs. They dealt with the inventory by dumping it at deep discounts to wholesalers. This decision angered their full margin customers like NordstromЎ¦s who felt that the LA Gear brand had been cheapened by the decision to dump that a discount or value stores.

A good but poorly planned decision to move to a futures ordering system like most of the rest of the industry further served to alienate their customers because systems were not put in place to ensure this transition went smoothly.

What ensued was a several quarter run from 1990-1992 of dramatically decreasing revenues, layoffs, new management, and essentially a loss of focus on what built this company into a success in the first place.

SWOT Analysis


„h LA Gear still owns a significant market share at 5%, which positions them for future growth.

„h Their light-up shoes have been a success with kids.

„h LA Gear has enjoyed market leadership in womenЎ¦s fashion and childrenЎ¦s shoes as its base.


„h The quality of their shoes was seriously called into doubt after the failure of a pair on national TV. This was a major factor in declining sales across every product category.

„h Non traditional at once ordering system left it vulnerable to high inventory cost. A failure to implement properly a futures ordering system caused a further weakening of sales.

„h By hiring a group of former Reebok executives for a company that is not like Reebok risks damaging the culture at LA Gear and the loss of key talent.


„h Emerging markets in Russia, Eastern Europe and in Asia could be a significant opportunity to grow the business.

„h The larger shoe companies rely heavily on advertising and LA Gear could use a well thought out advertising strategy to help boost sales again.

„h LA Gear is trying to sell at both full margin and discount stores. This strategy is a difficult one to juggle and a decision will probably have to be made to go with one or the other.

„h The company achieved its phenomenal growth by carving out an identity of the Southern Californian lifestyle using sexy ads that appealed to young girls and women most especially. They have the opportunity to return to this philosophy and possibly recapture market share.


„h Competition is fierce in this industry and it is extremely difficult to increase market share. High R&D and advertising costs are two factors in this industry that make it hard for a small or struggling company to remain competitive.

„h Lawsuits threaten the company financially and in the eyes of consumers.

„h Quality problems are a serious challenge for any company to overcome.

„h Potential regulations governing shoes produced overseas could lead to increased costs or reduced supply.

„h The new corporate culture, a departure from the informal way the company operated previously can lead to talent leaving the company.

Possible Solutions ЎV what should

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Brand Positioning

Essay Preview: Brand Positioning

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Each brand tries to stake a particular claim of superiority—the cleanest, freshest, purest,healthiest, most natural, most environmentally sensitive, most socially conscious, mostfashionable —that resonates with a particular type of consumer. The consumer’s choice willdepend on how strongly she perceives that a particular brand offers the best solution to herneeds.BRAND POSITIONING: the art of staking out a particular piece of mental real estate for a brand in the consumer’s mind by crafting and communicating a differentiated positioning statement. Brand positioning provides a strategic roadmap for creating powerful, resonant, and unique messages to help a company’s products and services stand out amid the cacophony of the marketplace → how consumers catalog, classify, and remember a brand. A brand’s position represents its location vis-à-vis its competitors in the mental maps that consumers construct to represent the range of possible solutions to their problems. Strong brand positions are powerful because they help consumers categorize brands by their similarities and, at the same time, distinguish and differentiate between brands based on their differences.Companies should not define themselves by the products they sell, but rather reorient themselves to their customers’ perspective by defining themselves through the value they produce in consumers’ lives—the “value proposition.” He realized that consumers attach value to a product or service in proportion to its perceived ability to solve their problems or meet their needs.A company’s deep understanding of its customers is the key to creating a value proposition that allows consumers to perceive a product as a differentiated solution that meets their specific needs, rather than as a commodity.Companies begin the brand positioning process by creating a positioning statement: astrategic document that communicates the unique value the brand would offer to a particulartarget market segment. Positioning statements distill the brand’s value proposition into acompelling answer to the all-important question, “Why should I buy?”Positioning statements are strategic in nature, developed for an internal managerial audience rather than an external consumer audience. They help guide the tactical execution of the brand and are often the starting point for developing the marketing messages that will be delivered to consumers. Positioning statements contain 4 components:1. For whom, for when, for where? An explicit description of the target market segment that helps consumers easily discern which brands directly address their specific needs and which don’t. This component can outline a particulartype of person (e.g., mothers concerned about their children’s health), a particular usage situation (e.g., when you need to decorate your dinner table), and/or a particular usage location.2. What value? A simple description of the unique value claim the brand offers, written from the consumer’s viewpoint. This will become the thing for which the brand is known. There are four types of value that customers can derive from a product or service: economic value, functional value, experiential value, and/or social value. Products that provide tangible monetary savings either at purchase or over their long-term use offer consumers economic value . When comparing many products (e.g., mobile phones or laptops), consumers often consider not only price but also different features, or the functional value  of the products. Many consumers, however, buy products for their experiential value —intangible psychological and emotional values associated with the brand. Finally, in many settings, consumers derive social value  from products or services.3. Why and how? Evidence that provides consumers with reasons to believe the brand’s claims. Supporting evidence for the product’s value can come from logical arguments, scientific and technological data, consumer testimonials,

celebrity or expert endorsements, product demonstrations and experiments.4.Relative to whom? An explicit description of the competitive set in which the brand classifies itself and the alternatives consumers may be considering.This helps consumers establish a frame of reference for the purchase decision. This section of the positioning statement can either help consumers classify the brand as similar to other brands or product categories they are already familiar with, or differentiate and distinguish it as something completely different. For example, When 7-Up wanted to differentiate itself from market leaders Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola, it positioned itself as “the Uncola,” offering customers something different to quench their thirst. Brand managers should craft positioning statements to focus on a single, most importantclaim that distinguishes the product from the competition.Brands often highlight their most important value claim through the use of a unique selling proposition (USP): is a type of value claim that offers a prospective customer a specific, unique, and superior reason to purchase a product.By connecting brands with cultural values, lifestyles, and ideals, some positioningstatements promise consumers entry into desirable worlds. Brands like Vans, Cannondale,and Patagonia positioned themselves as authentic parts of the skateboarder, mountain biker,and mountain climber communities; brands like Tommy Hilfiger (clothing) and Sprite(beverages) borrowed their appeal from urban culture; and Harley-Davidson (motorcycles)and Diesel (jeans) accentuated their rebel and outlaw characteristics. Ex: “Positioning Absolut” → Absolut’s simple design became the heart of the brand’s positioningChoosing whether to use a rational or emotional positioning appeal requires insight intothree interacting factors: how the firm’s target customers choose and use the product; howthe firm’s competitors use rational versus emotional appeals; and how the firm’s own brandsand other assets can support the positioning statement.The Three Cs model of brand positioning encourages managers to analyze three keydimensions of their market situation—consumers, competition, and company—beforedeciding on a single most important claim regarding their product or service.1. Consumer Analysis→Let’s start by looking at the ways that managers can identify value claims that are relevant, resonant, and realistic to consumers.

Labor Economics And Labor Market best college essay help

Labor EconomicsLabor EconomicsLabor EconomicsThe United States of America is a very wealthy nation. It will continue to grow and become richer each year. The main reason for its prosperity is because over 120 million Americans wake up each morning with the same intentions in mind; to go to work and earn a living. The United States provides a legal system and opportunities that allows people to work and save. Trying to determine how the labor market works and trying to understand its dynamics is the means of explaining labor economics. Labor economics examines the suppliers and demanders of labor services. The suppliers are more commonly known as the workers and the demanders are more commonly known as the employers. Labor economics seeks to understand the resulting pattern of wages, employment, and income. Labor economics investigates the problems of the market for labor and analyzes the demand and supply sides of the market to achieve a better understanding of the effects of private decisions and various government programs.

Labor economics is the application of microeconomic and macroeconomic techniques. Microeconomic techniques observe individuals in the labor market. Economists spend a great deal of their time analyzing micro-data on individuals, specifically education, occupations, wages, labor supply, and marital status.

Macroeconomics looks at the relationship among various markets; such as labor, commodities, capital and foreign trade. Macroeconomics examines how these

relationships influence variables such as employment, participation, income and gross domestic product. To determine how the labor market functions, there are three important parts to examine; wages, employment/unemployment, and income.

Economists describe wages not only as a cash compensation for a job provided, but for any compensation for a job performed. In the United States, wages are set by either the market forces, or by collective bargaining. Collective bargaining is when a labor union tries to negotiate on the workers’ behalf. However, there is a specific minimum wage act that employers must follow, which is the Fair Labor Standards Act. This act requires a minimum wage at the federal level, even though states and cities can set their own higher minimum. Depending on the different traditions and structures of the economies around the world, wage rates can be either the product of market forces or they can be influenced by tradition, social structure and seniority. Many countries have created a statutory minimum wage rate which prevents the exploitation of low paid workers.

Employment is a contract between the employer and the employee. The employer has the intentions of creating profits, whereas the employee contributes labor to the enterprise, usually in return for payment of wages. In America, the employment contract is considered to be “at will”, which means that both the employer and employee are allowed to end the employment at any time. The participation rate is made up of the number of people in the labor force divided by the size of the adult population. Those who are not employed, and are not seeking employment, are more commonly known as the unemployed. Economists define the unemployment level as the labor force less the

number of people currently employed. The unemployment rate is defined as the level of unemployment divided by the labor force. Unfortunately, there are many negative affects of unemployment. Unemployment often results in the lack of self esteem. The inability to pay bills, purchase necessities and maintain the typical lifestyle of those employed, will inevitably create a lot of stress. Increasing unemployment raises both the crime and suicide rate, and encourages poor health. Since unemployment insurance in the United States represents approximately 50% of the income once received on the job, the unemployed individual is left with no choice but to turn to welfare programs and eventually accumulate debt by bank loans or informal debt from family and friends. Unemployed people also decrease their spending, since they do not have a steady flow of

I hope that at least some of you who are in the know of the situation, this is the situation of your family and acquaintances. Not only can there be unemployment, a whole family can be harmed by the lack of help that welfare law provides. At the very least, this can lead to economic, mental and emotional distress. The following are some things that people should know before they try anything.   To this we need to learn about the problem of unemployment. I will now explain where and the cause of unemployment. Let’s begin. I am here for one simple reason. Unemployment can be very difficult, often hard, and can be very hard to handle. For some, it can be a daily problem. For others, it can feel like an emotional or mental pain. For all of us, it can lead to mental illness and ultimately financial troubles. I will explain that one of the most common reasons for the current problem is an absence of a family member or friend. People with family members, friends and other friends are often difficult to communicate at. It often feels like they just don’t want to be around and are afraid to talk to one another. It has led to a sense of isolation and mistrust, an issue that cannot be alleviated by talking to them. As a result, many people seek out and seek out employment. 

There are several things that could seriously damage this situation.  One is that people in poverty are less comfortable to talk to. People struggle to provide for themselves and their families and others and rely on other people who can provide. Many people are unwilling to talk to any one other. They may have even been living for years without contact with others. It could be that it is not only in poverty, but it is also also among the least well off in the United States.

I am glad that many of you are being asked to read this very article about the unemployment issue. It is true that the majority of employers and employers often do not provide more assistance to people who have been unemployed for 5 years or more. On the other hand, a small percentage of employers and employers that do not provide adequate benefits to people cannot pay the people for the unemployment benefits they provide. There is also a problem surrounding public assistance. In one form or another, the public has been denied funding for public education that many people have been denied for this very reason. Many of us cannot afford to fund public education where unemployment is much higher than it currently is. 

The second problem is that as you read the article, I am now also reading more articles about why the unemployment is so serious. One of the most important articles in The Economist was entitled  A Decade of Recovery  in Britain  that explored what the country might do to recover. The article provided various ideas and recommendations about how to move forward with the current situation in the short term. One of the recommendations was that the Labour party (the party which was trying to recover from the financial crisis that took place in 2007, 2012 and the current one).

The Labour leader has gone further than most ever. He recently addressed issues that have plagued the Labour party about its future. In the past few months, he has worked very hard to make his party more inclusive and welcoming, and he has given his country a much-needed chance to rebuild.

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Brand Idenity

Essay Preview: Brand Idenity

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Clothing and accessories are non-essential items and sales of non-essentials usually decrease during a recession. There have been many retail clothing stores such as Goodies, Jones Apparel Group, Van Heusen, and Ann Taylor that have not weathered the recession well. However, the J. Peterman Company appeals to a more specific, upper class market and they sell their products on the Web, which does not seem to suffer as much during a recession.

J. Peterman Company sells distinctive lifestyle merchandise successfully online and by catalog. Current estimates show that J. Peterman Company has annual revenue of $4,800,000 and has a staff of about 35 employees (Andreoli, 2001). Their one-of-a-kind merchandise fills a niche in the market and therefore lends itself well to electronic commerce. Items that appeal to small, but geographically dispersed groups of consumers are well-suited to electronic commerce.

In 1997, the company opened up 10 retail stores in several markets, including New York, Detroit, and San Francisco. The stores were moderately successful but the growth was too fast for the companys small operations. Despite $75 million in sales at its peak, the company was forced into bankruptcy in 1999. J. Peterman may have had a difficult time competing with larger retailers because of the constantly changing and unique nature of its merchandise (Andreoli, 2001). A better approach may be to partner with one of the larger retailers. For example, J. Peterman could offer its unique merchandise in a store like Macys. Clothing, purses, bags, etc. are products that may sell well when consumers are given the opportunity to experience the physical characteristics of an item before they buy it. Although, the J. Peterman Web site attempts to describe their products with entertaining stories this may not be enough for some consumers who actually want to experience the unique nature of the items (Solomon 1998). This is another good reason for J. Peterman Company to consider a partnership with a larger retailer. J. Peterman may also want to consider a partnership with a larger online retailer like with The J. Peterman Web site functions well and has emphasis on user experience but they dont have a large presence on the Web.

J. Peterman has strong brand name within its community but it could benefit from increased advertising. Currently, they offer coupons and sweepstakes online and advertise on Facebook and Twitter (Orr, 2002). However, they may want to expand their advertising efforts online. An effective method that works well for other apparel retailers is to have Hollywood Stars wear their clothes. Photographs of the Stars could then be added to their Web site. J. Peterman Company knows all too well the power of advertising. After all, their catalog business began with an ad in the New York Times.

In the early days of the Web, companies offered discounts as purchase incentives Majority of firms today differentiate themselves in other ways besides pricing Customer Relationship Management Managing long term relationships with customers.

Although the J. Peterman Web site has fulfilled many of the differentiation strategies unique to online business, there may be improvements that could be made to their Web site. For example, there are no photographs of clothing, only photos of the one-of-a-kind objects. This works well with the old-time style of their illustrated catalog but it may not be enough for some online apparel

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Brazil Case Discussion

Essay Preview: Brazil Case Discussion

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Are Brazil WTO actions serving the countrys long-term economic and business interests?

Brazils actions into the WTO definitely serve the countrys long-term economic goals. In recent years, the country has gained strong vigorous growth with a low inflation rate, which is due to the implementation of sound macro-economic policies. The two-pronged and regional trade agreements, promoted by Brazil, can complement the multilateral system by supporting the integration of the markets, strengthening the role of trade in economic growth, promoting a gain of scales for domestic firms and providing a more extended foundation to deal in the global competition. The excellent economic situation of Brazil is mainly due to a plan based on economic responsibility, income distribution and a system of controlling inflation. I believe the short and long term perspective of Brazil is very promising.

Who is right in the compulsory licensing issue, Brazil or Merck?

I dont believe there is a clear cut answer to this question, but if I had to choose I would have to say Merck. I believe Merck did the right thing by not giving up and continuously responding with counteroffers to Brazils bids. This resulted in Brazil paying a higher price than they had originally wanted. After all, Merck, like any other company, is out trying to make as much money as they can, and they did this successfully even though it did not come easy. The license was great for Merck because Brazil was ranked one of the worlds largest economies at that time. The license guaranteed Merck royalties for 5 years which will make Merck more profitable. Brazil, on the other hand, could have had a better deal by accepting the offers from generic providers because their costs were lower. Brazil ended up having to import a generic version from India for 2 years while Farmanguinhos learned how to manufacture the drug. For Brazil, this was basically a wasted investment for the first two years. At the time, Brazil was working to attract investment in innovative industries that rely on IP, and this move risked investments going elsewhere.

What are the best arguments Brazil and the United States can make to the WTOs dispute settlement body concerning cotton subsidies?

First, Brazil could argue that U.S. subsidies were increasing when they were supposed

Null Hypothesis And Statistical Test “essay help” site:edu

Lab Results

Lab Results

Result As seen in figure 1; theres a decrease in the distance for the saline agar plates from week 1 to 3, with the values being 51.27±0.81mm, 44.96±1.90mm, 30.36±2.33mm for weeks 1,2 and 3 respectively. For the control plates the distance remained fairly constant from week 1 to 2 and decreased at week 3, with the values being 0.66±0.15mm, 0.74±0.24mm, 0.22±0.07, for weeks 1, 2 and 3 respectively. For the saline agar plates, theres a negative correlation between the distance and the percentage of NaCl (i.e. with increasing distance theres decreasing % of NaCl ), the values for % of NaCl is 7.70±0.20%, 9.21±0.46%, 12.72±0.56%There is a large difference between the means of the percentage of NaCl for the saline agar plates, for weeks 1 and 3. The statistical test (t-test) showed that the difference was 8.44.Discussion SectionThe bacterium that was used was Enterobacter aerogenes. My null hypothesis is; the presence of salt doesnt cause any changes in the bacteria. My alternate hypothesis is; the presence of salt causes evolution by natural selection in the bacteria. The result that I got agrees with my alternate hypothesis, and not my null hypothesis, this is because in week 1 the bacteria could only survive 7.70±0.20% of NaCl and then increased to 12.72±0.56% of NaCl by week 3. The statistical test that I used was the t-test, I used it because I was comparing the mean salinity at which the bacterial population was able to grow at week 1 and at week 3. Due to the t-value i.e. 8.44 that I got, I rejected my null hypothesis, because the value is larger than the  table t-value i.e. 1.96 (which I found using the degree of freedom which was 361 with the standard probability of 5%).

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In His Steps By Charles SheldonEssay Preview: In His Steps By Charles SheldonReport this essayIn His StepsBy Charles SheldonIn His Steps by Charles Sheldon is the story about when a series of strange things happen in the First Church of Raymond, which leads Pastor Henry Maxwell to ask the congregation the question “What Would Jesus Do?” How will the congregation respond? “For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow his steps.” Will the people of the First Church of Raymond follow in His steps?

The main character of In His Steps is Rev. Henry Maxwell. This story begins on a Sunday morning at the church service of the First Church of Raymond. Rev. Henry had just finished his sermon when a stranger interrupted the service. The stranger explained that he was sickly and expected to live for only a few days. The stranger was dressed like a tramp, but he went on to say how he had been in the town of Raymond for three days looking for a job, and no one had been kind to him except the minister. He went on to say how he did not understand what was meant by following Jesus, because everyone in the First church of Raymond would say they were following in His steps but they would not even help a needy tramp who needed a job. Will the people of Raymond decide to really follow in His Steps?

A week later, Rev. Henry announces that the stranger had died, but had left him with a thought, what would Jesus do? After the sermon was over he asked for volunteers, he said “I want volunteers from the First church who will honestly and earnestly pledge themselves for an entire year not to do anything without asking the question “What would Jesus do”? And after asking the question, each one will follow Jesus as best as he knows how, no matter what the result may be.” After saying this, he closed the service, yet many people just stood around and wanted to see what would happen. After a few minutes he asked all who would stay and join the group to move into the lecture room. He was surprised when he entered the lecture room and out of the whole congregation there were just a small group of people. He explained his plans to them. They would not do anything that Jesus would not do

Rev. Henry knew it was all very important, and he had to take a little time to explain. This was about halfway through the sermon and he sat up straight, a little surprised to see everyone else. After he had finished explaining to them he took his hand, looked at Rev. Henry and asked, what are your ideas? After a short moment he asked and received no answer 
Rev. Henry and Rev. Henry went to the church and had a good talk. Rev. Henry, was surprised they were talking to each other and so when they finally agreed on a plan he walked over to the front. As he was walking by, he said, “I want you to be there as much, if not more, as we will all be talking about this as you know in a moment. I want you to not tell anyone, any person. But you will never be a victim in an accident, let alone in a civil or political event. We will only be able to understand when you are thinking of going to a church you are near, not when you see nothing, but when we find out your thoughts or behaviors or what is going on. By that time you will be so angry. No matter what, as your ideas take precedence, and that’s why any mistake you make will just end in death. But if you really want people to know what is happening, let’s say you really were not thinking about the incident where they died and your ideas did, don’t make anything of it. But if they truly want you to know what you think will happen and believe you are going to get better, that will make it easier for all to think in the right way. If you want to get some friends or relatives to talk to you, think of how you can get them to listen to you. We will always hear that you are very honest, so believe you will be more and more truthful with yourself, will be more and more honest with your friends or your relatives. This is my plan.” When he looked at Rev. Henry again, he told him what he really wanted to do; and this time he was thinking as much, he went back to his original idea and said, “I can’t promise you that I won’t be a target. However, do not ever assume that you have all figured out what I want to do. But believe me, I will do everything you tell me to do.” So he left with 3 of the 3 men as leaders, 1 leader from the First church, two counselors, 2 others who were volunteers of the church, and the rest as volunteers. He then asked a couple of of them to go out and volunteer for him, they all had strong ideas that they were all going to try. They joined us after saying, “We need to see who is willing to be friends with what I will do to you.” (As the whole group watched, this part started to get long). Once he was done saying, “You can just try it and let us know in advance if it makes any difference. We all want you to do this now. But I tell you we know, it is true you are getting better over time. There will come a point in your life where only God can help you. Not in your life, but over the years. At this point I am sure you will take the time to think through what Jesus is going to do to you. We have a way to go before you have to face whatever we have in

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Labor Law

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Table of contents



The Contract


Information Tools







The aim of this project was to determine the awareness of the labor law to the employees and find out if they make use of it. The labor law gives a lot of right to the employee to protect him from any abuse by his employer. It can also protect the employer, if a worker is working with him and do not follow his employment contract.

The labor law makes any employer – employee relationship fair and balanced between any employer and his employee. Some right are given and by law it is compulsory for the employer to entitle his employee.


Worker: A Person working in return for a wage

Employer: Person employing one or more workers in return for a wage

Wage: All that the worker obtains in return for his work, whether fixed or variable, in cash or cash equivalents.

Bonus: Extra income paid to the worker for his honesty or efficiency.

Allowance: Given to the worker in exchange for risky conditions that is liable at work. It can also be the workers share in profits or tip.

Provisional work: Part of the activity exercised by the employer. It evolves a specific period of time or when the task is finished.

Casual work: It not part of any activity exercised by the employer and its accomplishment doesn’t exceed 6 months.

Seasonal work: work that is done in traditional periodical seasons

Night work: Period between sunset and sunrise

The Contract

The contract should be in Arabic writing. Three copies should be made, a copy for the employer, another for the employee and the last one for the social insurance office.

Contract should comprise the following data:

Employer name

Place of work

Worker name


Profession or craft

Social insurance number

Home address and anything necessary for identification

Nature and kind of work



Time of payment

Payment method

Benefits in cash and cash equivalents

Employer should mention in the contract the period for probation and it shall not exceed three months.

A worker can not be under probation more than once with the same employer.

If no contract exists the worker may claim his rights by all methods of evidence


The annual leave is 21 days with full pay for employees that served for 1 year. The leave shall be increased to 30 days once the employee has spent 10 years of service with one or more employers. If the employee is over the age of 50, his leave shall be 30 days.

Holidays, Official occasion days off, weekly days off, shall not be counted as part of the leave.

If the worker was in service for less than one year and more than 6 months his leave shall be proportional to the days of service.

The leave can increase an additional 7 days if the employee is engaged in dangerous and unwholesome works.

Employer sets the dates of the annual leave according

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La Fitness Marketing Plan Phase III

La Fitness Marketing Plan Phase III

“LA Fitness grew out of three clubs, each owned by one of the founders. In 1990 Fred Turock, Jeremy Taylor and David Turner decided to get together to jointly manage these clubs, with the aim of building up a network of gyms with first class facilities. In 1996 they created the LA Fitness brand and the following year they joined the top ten health and fitness club operators, catering to a wide variety of people of all shapes and sizes and with a huge range of goals. In 1999 the growth and success of the LA Fitness group led to a listing on the London Stock Exchange. In 2005 the team decided they needed more control – they wanted to make sure LA Fitness could continue to provide affordable membership and a fun environment for its growing band of members. LA Fitness now has more than 88 clubs and over a quarter of a million members all over the United Kingdom” (LA Fitness, 2007).

Consumer behavior is the ways that consumers exhibit in searching for, purchasing, using, evaluating, and disposing of, products and services. The study of consumer behavior as a separate marketing discipline all started when marketers realized that consumers did not always react as marketing theory suggested they would (Ekstrцm, 2003). Many consumers rebel at using the identical products that everyone else used, instead they prefer differentiated products that they feel reflect their own special needs, personality and lifestyles.

Instead of trying to persuade customers to buy what the LA Fitness has already produced, the marketing department has decided to produce a product for families not just individuals. The corporation has decided to do this through research. Consumer needs and wants became the firm’s primary focus. This consumer-orientated marketing philosophy came to be known as the marketing concept (Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University , 2001). The consumers and buyers that make up LA Fitness’s demographics are the suppliers, current clients, potential clients, tourists, corporations, and the media.

In order for a company to decide what marketing program will work, the company needs to have an understanding of how consumers make decisions. Consumers are quite unpredictable. So what might have worked yesterday or today may not work tomorrow. Therefore the marketers need to constantly improve their understanding of consumers and their behavior and form that adapt their marketing strategies to the changes in consumer behavior.

The decision-making process is the central component of any consumer behavior model; it is basically the process of perceiving and evaluating brand information, considering how brand alternatives meet the consumer’s needs and deciding on a brand. Factors that influence the consumer’s choice and the consumer-buying decision process are information, social influences, psychological factors, situational factors and marketing strategies.


Suppliers refer to all the companies that provide the equipment that is located in the gyms. They tend to offer reduced rates when gyms buy in bulk and offer memberships at a discounted price to their employees. Suppliers must feel that their association with LA Fitness will provide them with greater visibility, especially amongst tourists, and will attract many new customers.

Current clients

This group refers to all the individuals and corporations who have used LA Fitnees’s services in the past and have been satisfied with the planning and organizing of the company. These clients consider using these services and are most likely to refer to the organization as a perfect escape to their day, a way to socialize or even way to increase their health.. Their perception of the overall services received is that the organization offers great equipment for their workouts, provides families with proper care for their children, introduces guests to all the hip new styles of fitness, and provides customers with the best experience of the industry.

Potential clients

This is a group of locals that have never previously used LA Fitness’s services. These individuals like to have a good time and enjoy the benefits of fitness for the whole family. The new service will provide a way for new clients to feel comfortable that every family member will succeed in a healthier lifestyle.. They would use the company’s services to organize a better way to workout with the family. The company would like to perceive themselves as being the only company who can offer the Kidz Kraze service.


This group includes everyone from around the world. These are individuals that are looking for a place to exercise in a comfortable and fun atmosphere. They like to come to LA Fitness for its culture diversity, fitness flair, and outstanding

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Improving Sports Channels

Essay Preview: Improving Sports Channels

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To create compelling content that drives significant traffic through to the venture and generates substantial income for PA Sporting Life and Jordan F1.

Background: Sporting Life — the partner of choice

We are innovative. We were the first UK sports website to launch (in 1997) and we continue the trend with leading edge product development. This included Europe’s first ever live racing webcast in February from Ascot.

We are immediate. Our live coverage is unparalleled. We have an array of desktop scoreboard, vidiprinters and tickers that mean our users get all the news and all the results first. Bar none.

We are authoritative. Our parent company, the Press Association, is one of the world’s most respected sources for sports news. Add this to our breadth of coverage and we have become the �website of record’ for sports fans.

Our aim is to be the leading website worldwide for the provision of information about UK sport. We believe that our maxim of being innovative, immediate and authoritative will allow us to achieve this goal.

We currently achieve an average of around 15 million page impressions a month — without, to date, having spent a penny on advertising. The next twelve months will see us improve that figure to 30 million, with a multi-million sum to be spent on promoting our newly-designed site, which went live in March. This will clearly have benefits for all of our partners and particularly other sites to which we drive traffic.

Although we are a multi-sports website, our coverage and content is superior to that found on many specialist sites — this is why up to one million people come to our site every month, with around one third of this figure coming from outside the UK. Our relationship with the Press Association, our parent company and the world’s most respected source for sporting information, means that we are able to bring more news to our users faster than our competitors.

Outline — (or alternative name)

A site designed to become the natural home for British grand prix fans; secondary audience grand prix fans worldwide. will take the best elements available to each contributor and merge them to create a specialist F1 site capable of generating significant and multiple revenue streams. Specifically, these are the reliability of the Tote and Totalbet brand names, crucial factors in creating an environment of trust in the internet marketplace; the innovative, immediate and authoritative nature of news, stats, profiles and other contents from; the strength of the Jordan band name, the visibility of key figures at Jordan and the inside Formula 1 knowledge and know-how brought by one of the world’s leading racing teams.

The use of a unique, new URL — such as — gives both partners the opportunity to promote the site as their �own’. Within the site, the content should be presented as supplied by Sporting Life in conjunction with Jordan.

This kind of relationship — where a �sponsor’ is seen to be providing content to the fan via an independent and respected news-gatherer, rather than exploiting the fan’s preference with a hard sale — is beneficial to all parties. Ultimately, it results in a more loyal user base, leading to higher retention rates and greater lifetime values.

Registration should be required to access the site. With high anticipated traffic levels, this data would become a very valuable resource. Perhaps more importantly, with Ts and Cs established from day one, there would be no obstacles in the way of an impulse bet or buy — these would be literally one click away and could be �pushed’ at any time.


The site would have three revenue streams:

Betting, provided by Totalbet on all Formua One events. Dedicated marketmakers could, potentially, create a variety of bets, from standard race winners, pole position winners and so on through to leaders at the end of nominated laps, individual ’match’ bets between particular teams and drivers (as we currently see in golf betting) and who will be the next driver to retire. These would ideally take advantage of the live nature of the medium and be monitored following live in-race coverage on site.

E-commerce. As well as using the site as a mechanism for direct sales of Jordan merchandise, Sporting Life can provide a number of contacts who would pay a hosting fee to have �shops’ available on the site at no cost to any of the JV parties. These would include hospitality companies selling grand prix tickets/ packages; sports merchandise companies selling other teams’ F1 merchandise; book/video/game suppliers selling related products. As all of this inventory would be potentially of interest to users — we have a highly-targeted user base — we would see no churn and would also expected higher than industry-average click through/ look-to-book rates. The ideal technical solution would allow the registered user to create one account, in which he could deposit, withdraw, bet and shop.

Advertising. I believe that the kind of profile attracted to this site would allow us to charge premium rates to two or three advertisers — such as car manufacturers — while retaining sufficient inventory to promote the home sites of each of the JV partners.


The following ideas are suggestions for content that would attract users. We can discuss at a later date the logistics of this — ie whether all of the content is presented directly on or whether certain elements require a click through to or Jordan F1.


A race by race preview from Eddie Jordan — preferably done on audio so that users no it’s not just ghost-written. We could then have transcripts for those who want them, perhaps emailed to all opt-in registrants from a mail address such as [email protected]


Similarly, we could send ghost-written �columns’ from drivers to users, from

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Ford Case Study

*Development and attractiveness * Segment and characterize the most important strategic groups. The Automotive industry consists of two main acting groups. On the one hand there are the OEMs (Original equipment manufacturer) like Ford, BMW, Audi, etc. And on the other and there are the OES’ (Original equipment supplier) like Bosch, Delphi, Continental etc. The main strategic groups that act in this industry are the Buyers, the Suppliers, the Competitors and of course the Government. The Buyers: Is one of the most influencing group in terms of strategy, as they have the power to not guarantee the OEM any revenue. But they are somehow susceptible as the OEM still has the power  to set an price for the car and influence the market for example with not offering any cheaper model. The Suppliers: As they are generating about 75% of the value chain the strategic choice of the supplier is one of the most important parts for the OEMs. OEMs rely responsibility and confidence in the supplier industry. The outsourced production and research and development processes foster further dependence in this OES-OEM-relationship. The Competitors: The automotive industry is a branch with a lot of competition in terms of cost reduction and discounts. Asian manufacturer are well known as low cost car producers, which is nowadays a problem that other OEMs have to face with because of globalization and more easy access to export and import of other countries. The Government: Regulations and the law limit the possibilities for the automotive industry, in electrical as well as in the combustion concepts.Developm. & Attract.: After the appearance of the combustion cars in the 19th century a lot of small companies built vehicles. In mid of the 20th century two different paths were notable in the world. On the one hand there was Western Europe and Japan where the market matured and the maximum production was reached in the 1990s. On the other hand there was the US market, which had been growing rapidly at the beginning but saturated after a while. While the volume of cars produced in the US and Canada was shrinking from 1993-2011, the industry kept growing worldwide. The development of different technologies and the convergence of all main operating countries fostered growing market segments. Till the development and establishment of electric cars the market in the countries was relatively the same. But while the first electric cars were introduced in the early 1900s the major comeback was about 100 years later, when all leading OEMs had a all-electric model on the market. *characterize the business system of Ford * affecting the developments of Ford? Ford is operating in a business system where state regulations and the interest of different stakeholder play a big role. In Ford for example after the crisis in 2008 we could see that the governments in Europe and North America implemented the scrappage bonus to raise the demand of cars as they are interested to keep this industry going as in most countries it is one of the main industries with thousands of employees. Furthermore the governments sent direct state-aid or even subsidies to help the automakers come over this crisis. Another significant fact about the automotive industry within Ford is working is that this market never sustains stable. As you could see in the hard years of 2008/2009 where the biggest OEMs, which couldn’t even cover their cost of capital had to grow to new markets as Asia as their demand was constantly increasing, where other competitors where already acting. One of the main aspects that describe the automotive business system is the standardized process they use. In 1903 Henry Ford was planning a production of 1000 vehicles a year but this changed quickly as assembly times differed from 23 hours in 1912 to 4 hours in 1913. The invention of assembly lines and the use of lean production, which includes the process control, JIT- scheduling, quality circles, teamwork and flexible production, enabled the companies to set less importance on economies of scale as their minimum efficient scale decreased. The development of the platform-principle for multiple models is the most common used in the automotive industry. It also influenced the production and development of new cars at Ford. In 2012 a global model was introduced to the market. The automotive industry is compared to others like aircraft, motorcycles, etc. it is a fragmented industry. Alliances as well as M&A are quite a lot but there were a considerable number of new competitors from India and China. Beside the many divestments in 2008/2009 there was one big merger of Fiat and Chrysler.* likely developments in the industry in the coming years * what will be important factors Developments: Demand and Sales will rise in all other countries than Europe. Despite the market growth there will be no adequate profit margins due to the excess capacities. * Eliminate the overhang of excess capacity * all-electric car concepts – as the demand could be increasing because of environmental regulations and concerns and depleting oil reserves. * Do not invest in both, electrical and hybrid solutions *small cars concept, as they are fuel efficient, save and have a attractive design * Offer customized cars, to increase product differentiation.Analyse Ford’s strength and weaknesses applying Duncan et al.’s framework?  S/WValueRarenessImitabilitySustainabilityS1: Big player in the market CompetitivePotentialCompetitivePotentialS2: Financial RessourcesCompetitiveDistinctivePotentialPotentialS3: Customized ConceptsCompetitiveDistinctiveCompetitiveCompetitiveW1: Cost competitionCompetitiveDistinctivePotentialPotentialW2: environmental sustainableCompetitiveDistinctiveCompetitiveCompetitiveW3: Narrow marginsCompetitivePotentialCompetitivePotential

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Labor Relations and Wal-Mart

Join now to read essay Labor Relations and Wal-Mart

Labor relations are a part of our daily lives, whether we realize it or not. For those of us who work, it relates to our wages, the hours that we work and the way we are treated as an employee of an organization, no matter how large or small.

Families across the nation are familiar with the big white building with the blue and white Wal-Mart sign across it. At least one of us has visited the store and shopped, whether for ourselves, friends or family members. We like the store because of its convenience to our homes, the variety of products and, most of all, the savings we obtain whenever we make a purchase. Besides the “everyday low prices” of this retail giant, what exactly do we know about this massive organization?

Although to some of us it may seem Wal-Mart is only a few years old, it is actually over forty years old. It was founded in 1962 by Oklahoma native, Sam Walton. He was known to be a very cheap man; he was always on a hunt for low prices, it was a natural lifestyle for him. He still visited his regular barber and spent no more than $5 for his haircuts, although he was ranked as America’s richest man during the 1980’s. He always found a way to save money, therefore saving his customers money and still make a profit through volume. His charisma and leadership skills helped him to keep his staff or “associates”, as he called them, happy. Also, the fact that he lived his life modestly showed that he was on a crusade for the lowly consumer, as he was always looking for better deals from suppliers.

In the mid 1980’s anxiety arose about trade deficits; however Walton launched a “Made in America” campaign that committed Wal-Mart to buying American-made products if suppliers could be within a 5% range of the foreign supplier’s price. Also, he assured his “associates” of a stake in the company by introducing a profit sharing plan which allowed his employees to set aside a certain amount from their pay and use it towards the purchase of subsidized Wal-Mart stock. Unfortunately his death in 1992 showed that the adjustment would be difficult without him. “Dateline NBC” showed that their “Made In America” campaign was actually false due to the fact that most of their products were being produced in sweat shops in another country.

Wal-Mart was also exposed through a discrimination lawsuit that it was paying their employees a significantly lower rate than its competing retailers. Also, it came to light that Wal-Mart “bribed” its employees to report those co-workers who were favoring the union. Furthermore, the retailer’s

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Importance Of Immunizations

Essay Preview: Importance Of Immunizations

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My Audience will know the Importance of Immunizations


The Importance of Vaccine Preventable Diseases


“Fact Texas is ranked last in Immunization coverage rates among the 50 states”


Un immunized kids are starting to become a risk factor in our Texas school, to a point where they are starting to exclude students from school activities.


I speak from first hand knowledge, not only am I faced with these problems on a day to day basis, my daughter was diagnosed with pertussis from an un immunized contact person, so I know the importance of immunizations. (tell story about Serenity)

D. PREVIEW 1-2-3

This evening we will discuss:

The importance of vaccines.

Ways to improve our Immunization rates.

3. Where you can take your child for low-cost or no cost vaccines.

Not only is un immunized children on a dramatic rise in Texas, statistics show that there was 5,465 cases of vaccine preventable diseases reported in Texas during 2004 resulting in 132 deaths


The statistics of vaccine preventable diseases demonstrate the importance of vaccine preventable diseases.


Information on immunizations (hand outs)


Ways to protect your child (schedule, complete series)


In 1992 Texas initiated a pilot program called ImmTrac that is a free service of the Texas Department of State Health Services. This secure, confidential registry stores a childs immunization information electronically in one central system and offers physicians, parents and schools easy access to a childs immunization history. Immtrac can ensure that children are vaccinated on time and protected from vaccine preventable diseases.


Immtrac has showed significant success by improving our levels of coverage by 10% in each of

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Labor UnionsEssay title: Labor UnionsSince the great depression in the 1920’s, labor unions have been a forced to be reckoned with in business. Unions are not as large or as powerful as they once were due to shifts in the mode of the U.S economy, however, unions still retain the power to change the nature of employee management relations in any company that has or will have unionized workers. Labor relations are a specific type or specialization for Human Resource professionals and negotiating the relationship between the employees and management in unionized workforces can be difficult. If handled correctly negotiations can be mutually beneficial to the workers and the management of a given company. By defining unions and labor relations and examining their impact on organizations, on human relations policies and practices, and on organizational performance, one can determine whether or not unions are still relevant in the US.

Unions are organizations that look after the employment interests of its members such as working conditions, pay, and other benefits. Unions are organized along professional lines and cover diverse groups including skilled workers, like electricians or plumbers, and unskilled workers like supermarket employees and truckers. Unions provide training and apprenticeship programs for its members in order to further their careers. Union offices often work with companies who employ union members to ensure proper working conditions and resolve disputes between company management and employees. Labor relations are the relationship between the company management and labor unions. Unions recognized by a company will negotiate a contract on behalf of its members that spells out working conditions, rate of pay, and benefits for its members. Company management will then assess the strength of the union and may make its own demands. The conflicts that occur are often the result of a union trying to provide higher pay and better benefits for its members, while management is working to maintain growing profits that may be eroded by increasing pay and benefits (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhert & Wright, 2003).

Unions send pamphlets to employees of a particular company and ask them to join the union and allow the union to negotiate with the company for a more favorable contract for the employees. The employees will respond to the union by signing an authorization for the union to negotiate on their behalf. This process may involve a meeting where employees can cast a vote as to whether they want the union or not. During this time company management can use a number of tactics to dissuade the employees form joining. Companies have used illegal tactics like humiliating employees, or legal tactics like simply mailing a statement to the employee’s explaining the company’s position on their employees unionizing. If the employees agree to join the union, union representatives will meet with management to negotiate a contract (Hawaii State AFL-CIO. 2006). The first contract negotiation can be volatile because management may not have accepted the presence of the union. In fact many times an agreement can not be reached. If a contract agreement can not be reached the result can be a strike. In a strike workers refuse to work until at least some of their demands are met. This is costly for both the employer and the workers because of the loss in production and the loss of pay during the strike. Another option may be to have an outside mediator arbitrate between the two sides until and agreement can be crafted (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhert & Wright, 2003). Once a contract is signed by both parties the union is now the voice of the workers and the day to day operations of the company may change to conform to the new contract.

Once a contract is establish the union members of a company will elect a shop steward. The shop steward is charged by the union and employees with making sure the union’s contract with the employer is not violated. The shop steward is also central in a grievance process by which employees can file a complaint if they feel there has been a violation by the company with regards to the union contract. The presence of a union also has an impact on a few HR procedures. Performance as it relates to wage increases may be affected because unions prefer to have wages increases based on seniority rather than by performance appraisals administered by the company. Organizational performance may also be an issue because workload restrictions are often placed on the company. Union workers generally make more money than their non-union counterparts, creating greater operating expense for the company and lowering profit levels. However, if steps are taken by

a company to resolve the issues raised by both labor and management, the company can better manage the situation. The union is less likely to retaliate if the union contract is breached, resulting in a larger increase in the bargaining price. However, it has greater freedom to strike on its own, without the union’s permission.

Unions can also create new management structures which will enhance the effectiveness and financial viability of the project and help achieve better long-term goals. Unions can also promote labor and/or collective bargaining in areas of management, such as management competencies and employee health.

While large-scale construction and development is a critical part of the company, even small projects, such as the building of new offices and schools for small teams, are considered to be non-consensual by many workers and organizations.

When labor and the organization begin to strike, unions are likely to form. The company may also employ members to form committees that work with the union. However, a union may be expected to provide members and associates with a wide range of professional work that may provide opportunities for future work in the company at a lower cost. A management structure that encourages unions to work together in their ongoing endeavors, and a union structure for managing or implementing collective bargaining are two key elements of this process.

Under the prevailing business practices, union workers cannot be paid less than the minimum wage for members and associates to avoid a workplace pay gap based on what their rank and file deems ‘professional’ work. These standards must be maintained consistently over the course of the union’s work experience to prevent excessive overtime for many groups. However, with the rise of social media, more people are engaging in activity that causes the wage difference between the two groups to go unnoticed. These social media activities help unions to improve the quality of their work experiences and improve the experience of other unions to promote a common cause.

With greater public participation in the workplace, unions may start to increase the bargaining power and bargaining power of others. Such an increase will likely lead to the creation of new and smaller union organizations, or create new, new and smaller unions. As a result, unions seek to build on existing efforts to work better and contribute to increased employment for employees.

Some business models that have been established include the use of pay as an organizing mechanism in place of collective bargaining, and management as a group to engage in bargaining. These agreements often do not require the participation [permanent] of the workforce of the employer. In this case, one or more workers could be hired for a particular project, or for management’s performance.

These agreements, in turn, ensure that other stakeholders are excluded from the organization. These agreements also allow the participation of a substantial portion of the labor force. The participation of some other stakeholders is typically not possible under standard business practices.

Many of these agreements do not require any individual unions to participate. Rather, the labor leader must be at the bargaining table of the decisionmaking company to make changes in one or the other. Such agreements, however, cannot be broken because none of the participants of the labor agreement knows whether the company actually wants or can achieve this change. Such an agreement has no influence on the overall direction of the entire company. However, labor leaders typically are more interested in finding or improving the company’s work experience in ways that are consistent with its traditional business practices such as increasing the number of employees who work and increasing the number of hours worked.

In an attempt to maintain the ability of people within the company to learn about new opportunities and benefits, management is likely to implement policies and measures intended to expand membership and enhance their ability to participate. Such policies

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Importance Of MetricsEssay Preview: Importance Of MetricsReport this essayAbstractEstablishing metrics is crucial to any organization, especially in technology related company projects. Metrics permit organizations to measure its performance against industry sectors to determine how well the company is doing. Furthermore, metrics allow organizations to evaluate and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its processes. Metrics are designated in different categories. The categories identified in this document include output, in-process, and people. The organization must first determine exactly what it is that the company is trying to accomplish or determine. Metrics are then identified based on what is relative to the subject matter. Finally, metrics are verified when tracking progress against previous records or a company given standards or goals.

Importance of MetricsEstablishing metrics is crucial to any organization, especially in technology related company projects. Metrics can be defined as a system of parameters or “ways of quantitative and periodic assess of a process that is to be measured, along with procedures to carry out such measurement and the procedures for the interpretation of the assessment in the light of previous or comparable assessments” ( The results of the metrics can be utilized to record trends, efficiency, capital, and etcetera. Metrics permit organizations to measure its performance against industry sectors to determine how well the company is doing. Furthermore, metrics allow organizations to evaluate and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its processes. As stated previously, the establishment of metrics is beneficial for any organization. Metrics allow organizations to optimize its productivity.

Categories of MetricsCategories of metrics differ according to the type of company and its goals. An article written by Paul Germeraad (2003), describes in detail different segments of metrics that are utilized in measuring Research and Development processes which is a critical technical competency. Each category of metric is calculated or measured differently. The categories identified in the article “Measuring R&D 2003” include output, in-process, and people.

Output metrics can come in tangible or intangible form. Some of the tangible output metrics include return on investment, capital gain, quality of products or service, quantity of products or service. The measure of the return on investment (ROI) is essential. The ROI is used to assess the effectiveness of an investment such as a technology related project. “To calculate ROI, the benefit (return) of an investment is divided by the cost of the investment; the result is expressed as a percentage or a ratio” ( The ROI is an accepted metric across many companies as it is easy to calculate and understand. Capital gain is also a good metric used by many companies. Using the capital gain as a measure will yield notification of whether or not the project is successful. The value of the project must be worth more than the cost of implementing the project in order to receive positive capital gains. The quality of products is another good output metric. A technology company can compare the difference of its previous products to its new products to determine whether or not the quality is better, the same, or worse. This would identify if the new project or process was a success or a failure. In addition, the quantity of products or services is also utilized as a metric. Technology companies can compare the amount of products produced in a specific time frame with its new investment to the amount of products produced by the previous process. For example, cell phone companies may find a new process of mass producing cell phones more beneficial than producing each cell phone individually providing that the quality is still the same if not better. The intangible metrics include customer satisfaction and knowledge gained.

The in-process category of metrics is tracked by setting benchmarks or milestones to ensure a project is completed in an effective and efficient manner. The milestones may include a variety of different items dependent upon the type of project that is given. Examples of milestones utilized in web-development include items such as developing the project plan, developing the prototype, meeting for client review and approval, construction, testing, and etcetera. Other in-process metrics that companies can use for managing its technology-related projects include tracking the number of meetings held, number of management actions, number of people trained, and number of reports and publications relative to the project.

People can also be used as a measurement for managing projects. When speaking of people, companies generally mean peoples actions. The metrics can include the measurement of how many training programs were completed, how many trainees had passed the program, and how many trainees obtained a job due to the training. Furthermore, companies can track the progress of employees career progress by setting goals and meeting with employees at certain set times to make sure that the employees are meeting their goals or if additional training is necessary.

Who Should Be Involved in Metric DevelopmentIt is essential to appoint certain individuals in the involvement of developing metrics. All individuals that are involved should be well versed in the companys goals, mission, business acumen, and processes. For all projects, a Project Manager should be designated to lead the process in development. The Project Manager should be appointed by corporate. The Project Manager is also responsible for communicating these metrics and adequately informing the stakeholders of all the planning and how they may be affected by the metrics. In addition, the team members assigned to work on the project should also be involved in developing metrics. The team members should consist of individuals that are experienced in their line of work and can offer insight of what types of metrics to use and when to measure.

Metric Development (2015)

1 The Metric Development Project

The first metric project is currently in development. The Metric Development Project consists of more than a dozen people who work collaboratively, and is part of the Project Manager’s group of dedicated people working on various projects.

The Metric Development Project offers a very simple set of metrics, which are defined in an article that the Metric Developers is publishing as a guide to their new Metric Development Projects.

The article describes the two-pronged approach to metric building, which is used to help to organize project, team, and management processes.

2 The “metric development team” will lead it at the end of each project, giving advice and guidance to the other individuals at the project.

3 The Metric Development Team is part of the METRIC Development Team who will lead all the metrics, build teams, maintain team members, and discuss what Metric Development, and its management, are all about.

6 The team members will be referred back to the original METRIC Development team, and help design the team. This allows the Metric Development team to create a “project” and bring in new project members, and have an opportunity to better collaborate on common metrics by allowing the team to focus on specific needs of project members.

The Project Manager is responsible for developing Metric Development. The Project Manager must have good analytical skills of her or his taste to understand the concept and methods of the design, layout, and performance of new Metric Development projects.

On behalf of the Metric Development Project, the following are my experiences as of the time of writing:

• In the beginning, I had a plan that I had to implement in some sort of form in three months. It sounded like a dream at first, but on closer inspection, I started making the same mistakes more often.

I knew when to work around it; when to give the correct instructions and when to push it.

• I don’t have a personal project manager, nor do I make it personal in any way. The metric development team was working on the process every day of each day, but sometimes I would have someone ask if I understood how to fix things in the day-to-day tasks.

The project managers didn’t respond to my requests. They just worked on and made the changes for me. I didn’t have a project manager, nor did I make it personal in any way. The metric development team was working on the process every day of each day, except once the project and its projects were at the end. I never had a team environment that reflected the real environment of my personal project.

• This was my first challenge to improve the workflows of my team members.

During the first few months, I kept

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L&w Construction Ltd Marketing Plan

EXECUTIVE SUMMARYL&W Construction Ltd. is a home-based construction & investment company founded in 2013. It invested the first property, an old unique castle style house in 2014. Considering the unique appearance, influenced by own travel experience, the owners decided to do life style business, a holiday rental for travelers. After two years’ operation, the rental is very popular and sales revenue increased each year. The holiday rental business is very seasonal in Auckland, it is almost filled to its capacity in hottest season, there are even bookings for special days two years in advance. However, in off season, the business is affected by the tourism, it is very low occupancy.  The goal of the following plan is to develop a sustainable strategy plan to fulfill the short-term marketing goals, increasing the lodging ratio in the off season. Meanwhile, ramp up investment, enlarge the business and grow into a chain luxury holiday rental business covering more cites in New Zealand in three years and maintain the business success in the long run.SITUATION ANALYSISTo better understand the business environment and provide the basis for developing strategic alternatives. We try to identify the specific characteristics of the customers, company, context, collaborators and competitors via internal and external factor analysis.Internal analysisCompany profileL&W Ltd. is a small company. The rental property belongs to its investment business. The owners and employees are between 35-45. They have years of multinational company management experience. But none of them has hotel industry working experience. They pursue high quality, sustainable life style, caring about work and life balance, and prefer long term investment. Their firm’s goal is to develop high-end chain BNB for the international travelers who has similar preference.Product profileThe luxury BNB is a unique castle style building. It has private and spacious yard, modern kitchen facilities, with appealing features such as swimming pool, hot tub and pool table. It located in East Auckland, near the seaside and has convenient transport. The holiday rental with these features deliver desirable benefits, unique and value experience for travelers.

Customer profileThe customer is international travelers who travel with families or group of friends for leisure purpose, especially those who have similar travel preference with the BNB owners. Aged 30s to 50s.They are usually professionals with good education and pay more attention to spending on travel and experience, whose trend toward specific, value and less price sensitive. At present, the majority guests come from abroad, only a few Kiwi guests from outside of Auckland. In 2014, when the rental first opened, nearly 60% international guests came from Australia, followed by European and North American guests accounted for about 20%. Asian guests are concentrated in India, Korean, Malaysia, Singapore and China, altogether contributed 20%.After upgrading the price and quality. Chinese guests increased from 5% to 30%. Australia guests decreased to 35%. In the first four months of 2017, Chinese bookings have already reached 30%.CollaboratorsFrom the operating costs, we can see in the initial period, the majority cost is from renovation and facilities updated. As the business going, the maintain fee, the daily maintain of the swimming pool and spa tub, cleaning fee are the main cost. Using part time cleaners and charge the cleaning fee from guests additionally will save the cost. A fixed term and regularly maintain with the collaborated the builders and pool solution company is effective way to lower cost and avoid emergency repair.Presently, the main sales channel is travel website. Primary listing and booking is on Airbnb. Airbnb is world number one BNB website now, it serves one million guests every month. It has over 3,000,000 lodging listings in more than 191 countries. (Airbnb, 2017) The secondary listing website is Booking and Trip advisor. Current Performance and marketing ObjectivesThe property was extremely attractive and made satisfying profit in the first year. The sales revenue in 2015 and 2016 got 32% and 24% increase. The occupancy rate is 58% and 54% in 2015 and 2106 respectively, due to house maintain in 2016, the rental closed for 40 days. Fewer open days, higher rental fee, so the sales revenue still got increase as well.2016 New Zealands Hotel accommodation industry average occupation rate was 65.2%, 2017 is expected to reach 71%. (New Zealand Tourism Report Q2, 2017. P16). The luxury BNB average occupancy rate in 2016 is 62%. The occupancy rate in off season was 45%.The offseason is from June to September, July and August are the summer vacation in China. Many parents will travel with children during the long summer holidays. External analysisPolitical Forces.New Zealand enjoys a high reputation of pure natural beauty, stable and equal political atmosphere. Which has created a better business environment for the hotel and tourism industry. A growing number of international travelers choose NZ as one of the preferred destinations. more than half of the international visitors are on vacation purpose.  (MBIE, 2016)

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Railroad Industry And Вђњcollective Bargaining scholarship essay help

Labor Relations

Essay title: Labor Relations

1. Define and discuss the term “collective bargaining.” Include and discuss [showing relevance or applicability] a current web-based news item/magazine article about a real life example of a collective bargaining action. Write a succinct and complete summary on the contents of the article youve provided along with your critical comments about that article. Support your findings with referenced research. (10 points)

Collective bargaining is the term that relates to negotiations between and employers and a group of employees in which the terms and conditions of the employment are decided. The result of collective bargaining procedures is a collective agreement. Employees are often represented in bargaining by a union or other labor organization. In the case of Lee v. NLRB Bell South and the Communications Workers of America (CWA) had a long-standing Collective bargaining agreement. In the agreement there was a requirement for employees that had contact with the general public to don both the Bell South and the CWA logo regardless of whether they were union member or not. Those who did not comply with the requirement were subject to discipline. Lee, who is not a union member, objected to wearing the union logo as an unfair labor practice. The NLRB upheld the requirement to wear the logo. Lee appealed. In court the NLRBs decision was vacated and remanded. While the NLRA protects an employees right to engage in union activities it also protects those that choose not to participate. “The fact that wearing the logo was subject to collective bargaining did not constitute a special circumstance that makes the requirement legal” (“West Case Update”). This being the case, the collective bargaining agreement in place stated an illegal rule and required the employees to follow it.


2. Identify three laws that support collective bargaining. Include and discuss [showing relevance or applicability] a current web-based news item/magazine article about each. Write a succinct and complete summary on the contents of the article youve provided along with your critical comments about that article. Support your findings with referenced research. (30 points)

Since the early 1900s many various laws have been enacted that support and govern collective bargaining. The main body of law governing collective bargaining is this National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). “It explicitly grants employees the right to collectively bargain and join trade unions. Congress originally enacted the NLRA in 1935 under its power to regulate interstate commerce.” (“Collective Bargaining”) The NLRA established the procedure for collective bargaining and the representation of employees. The act also prohibited employers for interfering with employees in their selection of representation. Another important aspect of the NLRA is that while it does not require either side to agree to a proposal or make concessions but does establish procedural guidelines on good faith bargaining.


In 1926 Congress enacted the first major piece of labor legislation entitled the Railway Labor Act. Rather than applying to industries as a whole the act applied solely to the railroad industry in an effort to protect the most important piece of transportation infrastructure this country had at the time. The primary purpose of the RLA was “Railroad management wanted to keep the trains moving by putting an end to “wildcat” strikes. Railroad workers wanted to make sure they had an opportunity to organize, be recognized as the exclusive bargaining agent in dealing with a company, negotiate new agreements and enforce existing ones. Both sides “won” with the passage of the RLA. Workers won the right to form unions, negotiate with the railroads and to have a grievance system imposed on the companies. The railroads won the right to keep commerce from being disrupted without going through a lengthy and complicated process.” (“Bargaining Under the RLA”)


In 1959 congress passed the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act as a result from hearing of the Senate committee on improper activities in the field of Labor and management. During the hearing evidence of collusion and the use of violence was discovered. As a result the Labor-Management

Court Trial And Death Penalty online essay help: online essay help

In Favor Of Corporate Punishment

Essay Preview: In Favor Of Corporate Punishment

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The death penalty is a deterrent to someone who may consider committing a capital crime. Victims of capital crimes are entitled to retribution. Criminals committing capital crimes deserve severe punishment. If the crime was heinous, deliberate and multiple then capital punishment is the answer. The subject should be approached rationally and without emotion. It is not unfair and inhumane to execute another human being. For those who would unfairly, inhumanely and premeditate the demise of others, the death penalty is a necessary punishment.

Many religions and religious leaders consider corporal punishment to be cruel and a unnecessary punishment. The late Pope John Paul II felt the death penalty should never be used. In an article by Anonymous (1999) the Pope is quoted as stating corporal punishment should not be used, “even in the case of someone who has done a great evil” (1999.) Corporal punishment is not cruel or unnecessary. It is a moral manner to punish someone who has committed a heinous crime. The death penalty is only used in judgment of the very worst crimes. Murderers and rapists are examples of the types of criminals who might receive the death penalty. The death penalty is the only way to react to such horrible crimes. It is the ultimate punishment. Inflicting corporal punishment ensures these types of criminals will no longer prey on society.

In the racially motivated murder of James Byrd Jr. the death penalty was rightfully imposed. Mr. Byrd, an African American male, was walking home one evening when he was brutally murdered by three professed white supremacists. He was forced into their pickup truck and beaten. He was chained to the back of the pickup by his ankles and then drug for three miles. In the court trial, “A pathologist testified that Byrd was alive until his head and right arm were severed from his torsoД (Jet, 1999). One can not deny that the death penalty was not deserved in this instance.

A recent Texas case in which the death penalty was imposed involved the brutal 1991 rape and murder of a single mother, Felicia Prechtl. Prechtl, unfortunately, lived next door to Karl Eugene Chamberlain. Under the pretense of borrowing a cup of sugar Chamberlain went to Prechtls apartment where he bound and raped Prechtl. He then shot her in the head. Her body was found by two people, one being her five year old son. Chamberlain was not apprehended for the crime until 1997 when he confessed. At his trial a psychiatrist testified to have found Chamberlain to have a “sexually sadistic, antisocial personality” (United Press International, 1998). The rape and murder of Prechtl was not Chamberlains only crime. He had other periods of violent and destructive behavior (United Press International, 1998). This is the type of person for whom the death penalty was written and should be imposed upon. Society needs to be protected from those who would commit a crime as heinous as this.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia wrote “A Matter of Interpretation: Federal Courts and the Law.” Justice Scalia has an opinion on what the death penalty means in this country. Anastaplo questions what the founding fathers meant by the term “cruel and unusual” and whether the death penalty fits that description (Anastaplo, 1999). Justice Scalia said,

“Professor Anastaplo thinks Ðcruel and unusual may not mean the same today as it did before. Well, I suppose we may not think it cruel today when they may have before. Why does it have to be a one-way street? Do you think that maybe the framers had it in their minds to really oppose cruel and unusual punishmentsЖnot any particular ones, we just dont want punishments to be cruel and unusual, whatever that might mean? If a future generation might think that thumbscrews are not cruel and unusual, and we think they are, then thats okay. The only thing were really against is cruel and unusual, in the abstract. Thats surely not what they meant. They meant to stop those things that they found abhorrent in the future, not just an invitation to the courts to make up the rules from age to age” (Anastaplo, 1999).

The Supreme Court, the highest court in the nation has determined that it was necessary to bring back the death penalty. If it were cruel and unusual punishment as some would like for others to believe, it would not have been brought back. Capital punishment is the only means to guarantee that those who commit heinous crimes will abstain from that type of criminal behavior.

Cardinal Bernard Law agrees with the late Pope John Paul II and is of the opinion that supporting the death penalty is a sin. He is “the most influential of all U. S. Roman Catholic churchmen” (Kennedy, 2003). This attitude concerning capital punishment is wrong although the subject has one of much debate. Many do not even consider the family members of the victims. The death penalty allows them the freedom to know that the person who committed the crime against their family will never be able to do such a thing again. The prisoner on death row should have no more rights than the family members who had their loved one taken away so brutally at the hands of another. Ones that have not experienced such an ordeal simply can not relate to what it is like for the victims families. Said Kennedy, “They are seldom at peace, for what happens when a family member is murdered is, in fact, not a temporal experience. One does not Ðget over it with time because such damage to our innermost beings is outside the framework of time, does not follow its rules and throbs continually as if it had just been inflicted” (Kennedy, 2003).

The families of the victims must have some sort of closure. If this is to happen it is necessary for the criminal to receive the ultimate punishment. The families have suffered enough. Their very hearts have been wrenched from them at the hand of a brutal criminal. The family members have suffered a grief that is unbearable. They need to know that the criminal will not be back out on the street doing the same thing to another victim. The only way to guarantee this is to impose corporal punishment. Corporal punishment is a combination of restitution and punishment. It makes a statement. That statement is that such activity will not be tolerated in America. The legislature in Nebraska has attempted a moratorium on executions (Anonymous, 2001). This moratorium was vetoed by then Governor Mike Johanns. The moratorium was suggested in order to determine whether capital punishment is fairly applied in Nebraska. Unlike many Catholics, Johanns, a Republican, suggests that the moratorium will be used by the inmates on death row to constitute

Sticky Case And Famous Handmade Candy Seller summary and response essay help

Sticky Case

About Sticky

Sticky company, the famous handmade candy seller in Singapore, is offering four categories of candy such as corporate candy, wedding & event candy, lollipops and retail candy. Corporate candy are customized candy which you can design your own candy and write your name, logo or even message in the center piece of the candy and make it memorable. “Nothing brings out the child in us all like lollipops”-is the slogan of Sticky which can brought us the simple happiness like a kid (Lollipops, 2015). The specialty of the lollipop is each of it is only one and only, and the delightful color can make the people days. The retail candy can be found anywhere in the world and even their specialty candy like durian which is seasonal fruit also offer all year long. The store of Sticky can be found at The Central- Clarke Quay, in the late 19th century which was once the centre of commercial enterprise, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, and Jurong East Central 1 which locate at the western region of Singapore. (Jurong East District Guide, 2013)

Promotion and Advertising Strategies

Sticky is using various ways to promote their products and to attract customers. Firstly, Sticky is well known for hand making their candies and not only hand making their candies but their working area is opened to outsiders so that customers are able to watch the professionals producing candies out of sugar powders. This process has been carrying down since they started the very first shop in Singapore and it is very popular in Singapore (Sticky, 2015).There are many positive reactions of people and they actually attracted more customers by showing this hand making process to people and kids love them. Not only they show out their hand making process of candies but they also have many different types of taste and shape of candy is customizable as well. With this, customers are more likely to trust their products as they can witness the candy making procedure. Sticky also promises that there is no any harmful substance added to their candies and they are strictly using only refined sugar as their resource to produce candies. Next, Sticky has invited a famous local blogger in Singapore ‘XiaXue’ who has over 40,000 people viewing her posts in her blog everyday as their ambassador to advertise what they do, what they sell and how they do, as well as to reach out as many people as they can. On the event, blogger XiaXue was invited to one of their outlets at The Central in Singapore to personally try out their hand making procedures. Every step of procedure and actions are captured in cameras and they are now posted in her personal blog (Xiaxue, 2010). As a result, there are many positive comments and brought out Sticky to more people who are now willing to taste their candies.

Rollout Of Blockbuster And Labor Allocation need essay help: need essay help

Labor Allocation

Essay title: Labor Allocation

Labor Allocation for Blockbuster


January 15, 2002


No consideration has been given to the changes in revenue resulting from the rollout of Blockbuster’s (Blockbuster) Movie Value Pass (MVP). Since the allocation of labor for all stores is based on revenue, it is important to examine the effects to the revenue stream and invoice comparisons. With an Excel spreadsheet the impact of the new program on revenue, the average invoice total, invoices and the current labor matrix were examined over an eight week span. The issue, data collection and results are discussed.

Labor Allocation for Blockbuster

The Issue

The changes in the video rental industry have been looming for more than a decade. Promises of Video on Demaand (VoD) delivered directly to anyone’s home computer (Cook, 2004, par. 6). Also, the increasingly popular NetFlix, DVD by mail, successfully disrupted the market in 1999 (Aaron, 2004, par. 6). As these changes have begun, so have the changes with the “brick and mortar” segment of the industry.

Blockbuster, Blockbuster, Inc. and others have been experimenting with frequent renter programs. The struggle within Blockbuster is not over revenue or average ticket, it is over invoice comps (comparable store increases/decreases). Over the past two years Blockbuster has seen invoice comps go down steadily. Using figures from a local store invoice comps have gone down about eight percent from August 2002 to August 2004. However, average invoice revenues had gone up twenty-one percent.

Now, Blockbuster is having to compete against NetFlix and Blockbuster’s movie rental programs: one price rent all you want. So, Blockbuster designed the Movie Value Pass (MVP). The purpose of the MVP program is to increase invoice comps within the stores. There is success with the invoice comps, but labor is suffering from that increase. Revenue is not keeping pace with the increase in traffic. Ultimately, the labor allocation program will have to be overhauled in order to make sense with the changes in the revenue stream.

Data Collection

Eight weeks of data was collected for comparison. The four weeks prior to the start of the MVP and the four weeks after the introduction of the MVP. The daily revenue and invoice totals were collected for each period to see the change in revenue against the change in invoices. A graph was also plotted for each so that the change could be clearly seen. The final piece of information that was necessary was the Labor Matrix established by Blockbuster for the amount of labor allocated to each store based on the revenue.

Year 2004

4 Weeks Before MVP

4 Weeks After MVP





































Second President And Women’S Revolt compare and contrast essay help: compare and contrast essay help

Are We Ready for a Female President?

Are We Ready for a Female President?

“We have it in our power not only to free ourselves, but to subdue our masters,

and without violence throw both your natural and legal authority at our feet.”

Abigail Adams

In 1776 Abigail Adams threatened her husband and our second president, John, with a women’s revolt (Wilson). This was an early start to women having power in current issues. There was almost 150 years between Adams threat and the right to vote was given to women as well as men (Wilson). Change happens throughout history whether we want it to or not. New technologies are introduced and people are evolving in the same sense. It seems more clear these days that we are approaching the stage of possibly having a female president in the Oval office. Yet, the changes brought about are very slow and who knows when this possibility will occur. Although we need to look deeper and wonder if it may be sooner than we think, even as soon as the upcoming election in 2008. The mass media is getting into our minds and whether we notice it or not, we are slowly being molded into accepting a female in presidency.

The television show “Commander in Chief” is a drama that is about a woman as president. Geena Davis plays Mackenzie Allen, who is the vice president that gets thrown into the role of president after the president Teddy Bridges dies of a bleeding brain aneurysm. Bridges asks Allen to resign while lying on his deathbed and rather than hand over the presidency to the sinister Republican House Speaker, Nathan Templeton, she considers taking over the role of president herself (Rothstein). Mackenzie soon learns that butting heads with the other men politicians is going to be a hassle. She takes her newfound power to rescue a Nigerian woman about to be stoned for having premarital sex. Templeton then tells Mackenzie that Islamic countries will not respect a female leader (Terzieff). This statement that is said in the show also reflects what our country is really like. Templeton states that the Islamic countries won’t support her as the president, but in reality, Indonesia and Pakistan have had their fair share of tough female leaders (Terzieff).

The United States is far behind in the rankings for percentages of female leaders. Falling behind places like Rwanda, Cuba, Uganda, China, and Iraq, the U.S. ranks 63rd in the polls for female leadership (Terzieff). Afghanistan and Iraq are required to have 25% of the political leadership roles held by women, that is almost double what the U.S. mandate is (Wilson.) While women make up 51% of the U.S. population, they amazingly only hold 15% of the Congressional seats and eight governorships (Terzieff). Why do we think this is? Questions are posed such as are women too weak to hold the position of president?, and isn’t their place in the home, not the office?

The good wife and mother expectation ties in very closely with the always hot topic of abortion (Wilson). Women are expected to have a child and not abort it, but when the child is born, they are also expected to raise the baby and make sure it is cared for at all times. Very rarely do we see the roles reversed and the male is expected to do all of these things, it is his baby too right? A television show that touches on this subject, but not for very long is “Desperate Housewives”. The father decides that he wants to stay at home and raise the children, do the housework, and tells his wife to go back to work. Soon enough he gets tired of this role and he wants to join the work force again. Now typically this means that the wife is expected to quit her job and assume her natural role of housekeeper and mother once again. If our country cared so much about babies, it would have supports for families such as parental leave and childcare in the workplace, so that both parents could care for the children. But this is not the case, and the reasoning is to keep women in their place (Wilson). “Commander in Chief” plays a role reversal for Mackenzie and her husband as well. Her husband Rod, who was Mackenzie’s chief of staff when she was vice president, now is thrown into the role of first gentleman. He has to figure out a way to accept his new role, that is traditionally a woman’s role, and learn what it means to be her support and helper. His newfound task is keeping a stable home while she does the salaried work (Broaddus).

Women are looked upon as not being able to control the power that they are given. Its assumed that they don’t want power and leave it to the man to have it and control everything. This is why we think that a woman could not handle being a president. She would have the power to control everything and not know what to do with it. “Commander in Chief’s” Templeton says to Mackenzie “ Why do you want to be President…the answer you should be giving

Distribution Of Barilla And Director Of Logistics Giorgio Maggiali buy argumentative essay help

Brailla Spa

Essay Preview: Brailla Spa

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Case Study # 1 – Brailla SpAModule # 1- Session # 5- Supply Chain Inventory ManagementInstructor – Romeo CallegaroSubmitted by – Michael PanicciaCandidate # – 2006896Table of ContentsExecutive Summary ReportConclusion Executive SummaryWith the burden of growing and fluctuating demands placed on the manufacturing and distribution of Barilla, their director of logistics Giorgio Maggiali wanted to make headway on an innovative idea that his predecessor came up with. Giorgio wanted to look at implementing Just-In-Time Distribution (JITD).Rather than follow the traditional practice of delivering products to Barilla’s distributors based on their orders, they would determine an appropriate level of replacement product and delivery that quantity only.Some of the resistance to this proposed idea came from internal sources. The Sales department was worried about a reduction in responsibilities. There was also some fear that Barilla didn’t have the sufficient infrastructure to handle JITD. Externally, distributors were unconvinced and skeptical about the effectiveness of the system. They also felt that it gave too much power to Barilla.ReportEven though Barilla was the largest manufacture of pasta in the world, they had many issues that needed to be addressed if they wanted to increase market share and increase margins. Under their current distribution system, Barilla allowed their distributors to determine what they wanted to order. They also gave discounts to encourage larger sales volumes. Some issues that Barilla faced were strains on manufacturing and logistics because it was very difficult to deal with demand swings. Margins were also shrinking which forced Barilla to look into a better way to do things.Director of Logistics Giorgio Maggiali wanted to resurrect an idea that was developed a few years earlier. When it was first introduced, there was not enough buy in from management and customers. Unfortunately Giorgio encountered the same issues that his predecessor had. In order for JITD to be effective and eliminate the current issues, Giorgio needed to have buy in from Senior Management, Sales and Distributors. Giorgio needed to demonstrate the benefits of JITD to answer all the concerns. For the manufacturing concerns, he had to show them that it would reduce cost, strengthen the relationship with distributors and reduce inventory levels. For the distributor’s concerns, Giorgio had to demonstrate that this change would add additional customer service and reduce overall handling costs. Also they shouldn’t be afraid to share sales information with Barilla because this information can only make the transition go much smoother.The objections from sales are a little bit more difficult overcome. It is very important that Maggiali demonstrate that their roles wouldn’t be reduced, but be moved into a different direction. They need to ensure that they are getting correct and timely sales information from the distributor. Without this information, they could run into “stock out” situations by not having enough products in the warehouses.

Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentencing And Different Argument essay help cheap: essay help cheap

Arguement Against Minimum Drug Sentencing

Arguement Against Minimum Drug Sentencing

Argument against mandatory minimum drug sentencing

There are many different argument both for and against mandatory minimum drug sentencing. However there are more arguments against mandatory minimum drug sentencing then there are for the support of the mandatory sentencing. One of the biggest arguments against mandatory minimum drug sentencing is that it was originally intended to target the higher level drug dealers but the majority of the cases have only been low level drug dealers. One of the other arguments is that will cause the jail systems to become overcrowded and that if is unfair.

The reason these laws were designed were to try to put an end to and capture more high level drug lords. The argument that many people are arguing is that the laws are actually targeting low level/ minor drug dealers on the street level and having them sent to prison for, potentially, their entire life. The problem with this is that the system is sending low level street dealers to prison with hardened criminals. What could happen here is that the criminal could go into prison as a low level, non-violent dealer and exit prison with the mentality of a more serious, violent criminal.

Another argument against mandatory minimum sentencing is the question of it being more cost effective then the previous method of dealing with high level drug dealers. A study at the Drug policy Research Center decided to look into this question when it comes to the drug Cocaine; which they believe to be the most troublesome drug in the United States. What they found

Event Management Company And La Belleza best essay help

La Belleza, an Event Management Company – Case Study – Tan Yiwen



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La Belleza, an Event Management Company

ContentsIntroduction        1Logo, Vision and Mission Statements for The Company        2Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling        3Planning        3Organizing        4Leading        7Controlling        9Goals and objectives or performance targets to direct all the activities.        12Goals: To achieve higher customer satisfaction        12Goals: To maximize profit and minimize the cost of service offered        15Goals: To have better business networking        19BOARD OF DIRECTORS        23Subunit Organization Chart        24Human Resource Department        24Technology Department        25Finance Department        26Operation Department        27Marketing Department        29References        30Introduction La Belleza, an event management company was established on 25 November 2018. This business operates at Alor Setar. The main business of La Belleza is organising and executing various event. The 4 main events conducted by La Belleza is wedding, birthdays, corporate annual dinner and road shows.  La Belleza is an established event solution company with more than 15 years of experiences as one of the leading event planners in Malaysia. Our services are based on excellence and we provide a wide range of selections for customers to choose from. We promised to produce the most memorable and sophisticated events for your heart desire.

Here are some of the unique event that La Belleza is offering:•        Exclusive event design and planning•        Lighting in 2D and 3D•        Customer choice of place and theme around Malaysia•        Unlimited designs on backdrops and customized ones too•        Special effects equipment design•        Catering, ushering management•        Complete set of emcees and DJ radios•        Enchanting photoboothLogo, Vision and Mission Statements for The CompanyLogo[pic 1]VisionCreate great service to the customers which can add value to their special eventMissionExceed expectation and inspired every guestPlanning, Organizing, Leading and ControllingPlanningPlanning is the management function that involves setting goals and deciding how to best achieve them. Setting goals and developing plans helps the organization to move in a focused direction while operating in an efficient and effective manner. For example, the goal of La Belleza company is to achieve higher customer satisfaction. In order to achieve the goal been set out by the company, we need to put some efforts such as develop customer service standards, build a good social network and create training program for all of the staff in the company.        Long-range planning essentially is the same as strategic planning, both processes evaluate where the organization is and where it hopes to be at some future point. It normally associated with long-term goals. A long-term goal is something you want to do or to accomplish in the future. Long-term goals require time and planning. They are not something you can do this week or even within a year. Long-range plans usually pertain to goals that are expected to be met five or more years in the future. Sometimes it takes many steps to complete a long-term goal. These smaller steps can be your short-term goals. A short-term goal is something you want to do soon. Short-term goals can help you make big changes. A short-term goal is something you want to do in the near future. The near future can mean today, this week, this month, or even this year. A short-term goal is something you want to accomplish soon. Something that will take you a long time to accomplish is called a long-term goal. In the La Belleza company, what it trying to achieve is to increase the customer satisfaction. The short-term goal of the company can be cutting the production costs, lower financial expenditure or modernize the market. By achieving the short-term goals subsequently, it can be said that we are approaching and moving nearer to the long-term goals. (Lect Mazur, 2016)

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(2019, 04). La Belleza, an Event Management Company. Retrieved 04, 2019, from

“La Belleza, an Event Management Company” 04 2019. 2019. 04 2019 <
“La Belleza, an Event Management Company.”, 04 2019. Web. 04 2019. <
“La Belleza, an Event Management Company.” 04, 2019. Accessed 04, 2019.
Essay Preview
By: Tan Yiwen
Submitted: April 28, 2019
Essay Length: 6,752 Words / 28 Pages
Paper type: Case Study Views: 105
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