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I mean, you’re educating our younger generation but the teachers need a respectable salary, one that shows their position. Secondly, the stress, the children and work put on the teacher. These stress occur due to preparation for the next day’s work and test papers to be marked. Another source of stress may come from children who do not cooperate with the teacher. The alternative solution a teacher does is scold them or put them out the class. In private schools, it is illegal to do that because you can lose your job. Thirdly, is the patience you need to have in order to work with inconsiderate students.

You have or have this to be a successful teacher, like me I don’t have any patience at all. So what I am saying here is that I do not want to become a teacher because of the reasons I listed above. I would not become a teacher because of the following reasons. I would not become a teacher because of the mental fatigue involve in the profession. Today’s children are rude to there teachers, abusive even. In most classrooms today children think that because of wealth or a small amount of years separating them from their teachers, gave them the right to use indecent language. In some cases children even physically abusive to here teacher hiting them with pieces of wood or punching or kicking them. It is also mentally fatiguing because of the marking of tests papers from children of different levels of the school. Preparing the different topics to teach on and explaining it as well. Also the preparation of the mark book and calculating the test scores to put inside. If you are a married teacher it would be even more stress because of the carrying home of work to do. This would be frustrating because if you are a father when you come home from teaching and have to finish off the work of marking test results or otherwise.

You would have to neglect the needs of your children whom may want to spend time with you also your wife who would want you to fulfill your role as a husband. Another problem with the teaching profession is the salary it is too small for someone who would have to use it for his needs and also the needs of his family. In order for you to have a bigger salary offered to you. You would have to be a train teacher or from the Cyril Potter college of Education or a degree from the University of Guyana or otherwise.

It is because of these reasons why I would choose not to become a teacher. There are many reasons why I would not become a teacher. First of all I don’t like to shout at anyone and I don’t like to hear a lot of noise. In this job you would have to shout a lot and sometimes you may even have to put some lashes on some trouble some child. Secondly there would be a lot of assignments for me to mark and I would have to stay up late at nights preparing tests and exams. It would be very stressful and I don’t like anyone or anything keeping me from sleeping at nights.

On weekends, I would usually go by some friends or by a movie theatre but when I have started to teach I would have to prepare SBAs of students and I would not have any leasure time. I would even have time for my younger brother nor sister. Then sometimes I wake up very cranky in the morning and the last thing I would like is a group of students keeping a set of noise. I don’t have any patience with anyone and I may just get more cranky and start a war in the school compound. I may even end up in prison. Most important of all is the wags teachers receive at the end of the month.

It does not even cover the light bill much less food, water, telephone and taxes. Teachers would have to nibble at their money in order to survive and I certainly would not want to be like that, and with all the shouting and screeming I would have to hear during the day my blood pressure might just fly straight up and send me to my grave, so that is why I would not like to become a teacher. A teacher is a person who teaches students in schools or even universities and other places. I choose not to become a teacher because I do not like teaching people.

I find myself not making the persons to understand perfectly what I meant. The reason for that I think is that I cannot explain clearly, so that the persons who I teach would not understand. I tried teaching my siblings often by helping them with their homework. I find some of the things they did understand but sometimes while teaching them I gets mixed up so imagine what would happen to them. Being a teacher is not that easy, I think, because they would have to do a lot of work for instance they would be responsible for the children not understanding.

They would have to prepare schemes, mark test papers, find the simplest way to explain to their students etc. I would prefer to be a student. It’s a lot of work too but I think being a student you would learn more and I love knowing and learning a lot of things. Being a teacher you would learn more too but in the form of reading and prefer someone explaining to me. Instead of being a teacher, I prefer to work, as an accountant so I would not have to teach people I would have to work with people or by myself. Maybe later in my life I would be convinced by someone to become a teacher or aybe I would decided by myself by trying very hard to explain perfectly to people. If I may decide to become a teacher that would not satisfy my desire in life so if I become a teacher I would have another job alongside being a teacher. There are many reasons why I would not become a teacher. The first reason of not wanting to become a teacher when I get older is because I don’t want to become a teacher, instead I want to become a doctor. Another reason is because I don’t like teaching and dealing with children especially if they are hard hearing and mischievous.

If I become a teacher I will have to deal with children who are rude, hard hearing, noisy, hard to learn and children who do not like doing the homework or assignments. Another reason of not wanting to become a teacher is because of not wanting to have to mark a lot of assignments, test papers and homework especially if it’s scrappy, untidy, mixed up and hard to understand. Marking assignments and test papers like those, can be very difficult especially when I have to make many corrections. Some assignments or homework may be very long and sometimes boring.

Marking assignments, test papers or homework can also prevent me from having a good sleep. Other reason for not wanting to become a teacher is having too many other responsibilities in the staff and with the children. Some of the responsibilities may include organising things such as food sales, sports, competitions (drama) and maybe school parties. Responsibilities in the staff may include mostly paper work. And sometimes I may have to et certain things done for a certain time and that can be very stressful especially with having the other responsibilities to deal with.

I may also have to wake up very early if I have an early class to attend to. All of these responsibilities can cause you to very stressed out and my also cause me to go get very fretful, so these are some of the reasons why I would not want to become a teacher when I get older. I would not become a teacher because it is not in line with my goal. Ever since I was in primary school I dreamt of becoming a doctor, more becoming because I love helping people, taking care of them, and in a small amount making them feel safe, I also like seeing people smiling and children laughing.

I do not think that I would be the perfect teacher, because of my experience that comes from teaching children at Bible Club. I teach tem but find it hard to be serious or strict with them. They do not hear to my every command or understand when I am serious, perhaps this may be because I focus on keeping them laughing and talking about themselves and their feeling while giving them advice. In my family there is perhaps rooted in our blood to be businessmen and women, doctors and lawyers, shopkeepers and pastors or domestic cleaners, housewives and mothers.

I cannot say why or even understand why but I feel that in order to be a teacher you have to be strict and stern, giving the students an idea of some strange animal because of the way you seem to misunderstand their intentions, attitudes and behaviour and seem to bite out at them sometimes for no particular reason or even when you are given a position higher than just teachers, you seem to lose yourself, giving all sorts of foolish commands and stupid advice, imitating parents and causing dislike for yourself among the students.

This may seem a very rash account but this is what I have experienced as well as most of my colleagues. I don’t know if this is intentional or an unconscious reaction but having children dislike me is not one of my strong points because I love children way too much it seems like a horrible dream. Where I live is surrounded by family and friends of all ages who I adore and love but the variety are mostly of children under my age (14). I find it hard to think about becoming a teacher rather than a doctor. The similarities and differences are there to be examined.

My love for children has beaten the strict and sometimes harsh realities of a teacher. Not all teachers are the same. I have my favourites who seem to understand child psychology and the needs and wants of children. The reason why I would not become a teacher is moreso because of one reason. This reason is patience. I am a person that tends to get impatient very quickly and if I were to become a teacher, I won’t be a successful one. When I get impatient, I tend to get angry and when I get angry, I will take it out on anyone and everyone that annoys me.

I also get impatient if I am trying to teach someone something and instead of that person trying to learn what I am teaching them, they just be obedient. If I ask that child or person to do a sum that I was teaching them to do and they can’t do it, it gets me really impatient and angry. Another reason is that I am outspoken. If I see someone doing something that I don’t like or something that he/she is not suppose to do, I will give them a warning and if he/she continues to do that thing, I will tell him/her as I want to and in the process embarrass him/her.

Another reason is that I don’t have the ability to explain a word, or statement, etc. in depth as a teacher does. Although I might know what it means, I won’t be able to express myself withal of the students waiting to hear what I am going say. Another reason is because I hate writing on blackboards and don’t like to be in a place where pieces of paper, chewing gum etc. and lunch litters and on the ground and rubbish bins are overflowing. Another small reason is because I don’t write big and neat on the blackboard and when I am writing in a book, page etc. I make sure my work is neat.

These are four reasons why I would not like to become a teacher. To become a teacher is a very difficult process and to stay a teacher is an even harder process. a persons must go through a long line of training to become a teacher, they must go through tests to see how well they can deal with students and stress. For a teacher’s job is a very stressful one indeed. It also depends on which type of class the teacher is going to be teaching and at what level. For example, if I were to teach primary one classes, then I’m sure I would have to use corporal punishment on some of those students.

For it is quite evident today that children are being given too much freedom and as a result, a lack of respect to authority has endued itself on the children. it is the same thing with older students as well. If I was to teach fourth form, then my greatest task would be stay a teacher as long as I can. For you see, the students are less respectful than they were before. And the new technology is no help either. For example, some students may want to bring cell phones, portable radios etc. to class. And if I were to seize them, then I’m sure a war would start between the teacher, students and possibly parents.

So now more than ever it is extremely hard to be a teacher. Only persons with that strong will, mind control and exceptionally strong patience should try to attain this job. I would never become a teacher because of all these perilous confrontations on may have to make. If, however, I had no choice but to become a teacher, then I would want to teach first form, where the work is a little easier and the children perhaps in a new school feel the need to be on their best behaviour. This would perhaps be the best time to teach.

And also I would not become a teacher for the pay is much too low for all their hard work and efforts. Teachers are persons who teach at schools. They preach, discipline, direct and advise. I would not become a teacher. I would not become a teacher because I don’t have patience. Teaching needs a lot of patience whether it is nursery, primary, secondary or the university level. Patience all deals with the time of explaining what you teach, enough times so that everyone understands will. I have little patience, in that I expect everyone to understand when I explain one or two times which I know is not enough in some levels.

Teaching will take me away from my everyday activities because I will have to make sure everything is being taught at a specific time, which is stress to me, because they may be an incident that will take away the time to teach at a certain day. I don’t like teaching because the point of writing on the blackboard makes me sick. I don’t like writing on the board because students might be too slow and I will have to wait on them to continue the process. I am a person when I get stressed out and lose my patience, I begin to start shouting. I wouldn’t want to shout on any child because I know how it feels to be humiliated and shouted upon.

I think when addressing students teachers should be very pleasant, make the students feel like if their someone too because children also has feeling. I don’t want to teach because I don’t want some children to treat me like how some teacher treat them like “no one. ” I am not saying teaching is not good because teachers are the persons who mould the nation. I am also not saying, I don’t like the company of children. I am saying I, personally don’t like teaching because it stressful, I don’t have patience and also I would not be paid the money which I deserved because of all my hard work, I deserve good money.

I would not become a teacher because I don’t like teaching. I would not become a teacher because you have to get the experience of teaching students. This ca not always be good because students might make your teaching experience difficult. Most teachers do not know how to handle students in teaching processes. I think this would definitely be a serious problem for me. Students might want to do idle work and make continuous noise. I as a teacher might not get full attention from them. Students might want to give backchat. When this happens I probably would want to punish them.

Students might dislike me if I do not have good manner, teaching skills and proper language use. I would always have to remember these things because students can observe me more quickly. I think students are too curious. Another problem might be patience. If you do not have patience you definitely cannot teach someone. You have to be ready for questions that you might not expect. I will have to give an appropriate answer. Students might not like you if you scold them and I do not want any one to hate me. This will depend on what the student did. I think being a teacher is like taking challenges.

You have to be able to handle certain problems. You have be able to teacher the subjects well and teach only that, well you will teacher other things like manners and so on. Another thing is time. You have to be able to teach your subject topics on time. I might get frustrated or a nervous break down because if I have a lot of classes to teach I might forget my topics. I know basically most of these principles will apply to any job you are doing but I just do not like teaching especially in high schools. My choice is not to become a teacher. I made this choice because of the stress and sometimes low payment of being a teacher.

Being a teacher requires a lot of patience and I don’t have a lot of that. It is hard for me to wait and take time with children to teach them something when they don’t even understand a word I am saying. This conclusion I got from trying to teach my little sister maths. I tried very hard to make the multiplication of fractions, etc. easy for her but she didn’t understand, after two or three tries, I became impatient and annoyed. I started thinking why she doesn’t understand when I have made it so easy. Another incident when I found that I have little patience was when I was trying to teach my cousin his alphabet.

No matter how hard I tried to teach him that the letters after “k’ were ‘l, “m”, “n’, “o”, and “p”, he kept on saying “cl-cy-me-no-pi”. So I handed the job over to my grandmother who was very patient. At the points when I realized my cousin and sister didn’t understand what I was saying, I just told myself I could not become a teacher because I am too impatient. The main problem or stress in teaching for me comes when the child doesn’t understand. Now that I am in third form, I realized even more that teachers aren’t being paid a lot. This is another reason why I would not become a teacher.

I want to be able to provide my family with all necessary things and to provide whenever they need it. Teaching is just not the right job for me and for many reasons I am too impatient, it is low paying and can be very stressful and hard. I am not saying that other jobs don’t get stressful and hard, I’m just saying teaching is just not right for me. First I would not become a teacher because of a lot of reasons. It is very stressful, you don’t get paid enough and I for one don’t have patience. I say stressful because you have to be an example to everyone.

If you slip up, the children won’t respect you. One other thing about it is that you have to get a lot of clothes. You always have to wear something good, not to impress anyone but just to look good. From a child’s point of view it would not be nice to see a teacher in the same clothing everyday. It is not worth the stress in the end because you don’t get paid enough. It is better for me to further my education and go abroad to find a job i. e. Anything but being a teacher. Where will I get enough money to support my family and myself. The money would not be enough.

Think about this, if everyday your child wants something for school, some new clothing and you have bills to pay how will the money be enough. I for one, don’t have patience. If I become a teacher those children would be going home everyday crying. I wouldn’t hold my xxx but just tell them whatever is on my mind. They might even go home with new sears on their body everyday. One more thing, to be shouting on them, that is like everyday I am getting hoarse. I will have to pray and ask God for patience everyday to put up with those children. Don’t talk about detention, that makes no sense to me.

They still do the same thing over and over. And to come into an old looking school instead of a nice air conditioned office with wall to wall carpeting and a computer that won’t be my choice of work. I could find a million reasons why I shouldn’t become a teacher, but I gave you some. I hope I won’t become a teacher in the end because all those reasons just make me ever regret the reason sometimes why I go to school. I would not like to become a teacher for a couple of reasons. After reviewing my teachers I came to the conclusion that teaching is not for me.

One of my main reasons is because teachers get the minimum wage of the government. Now unless you have another source of income it is going to be very hard to have a comfortable life style with that. Then there are birthdays, special occasions and Christmas. Another reason is because you don’t seem to have a lot of time-off work, nor flexible hours. Plus there aren’t exactly a lot of benefits. Another reason is mainly because of the children. they don’t give teachers any respect. As a student I have witnessed this on many occasions. They don’t appreciate the amount of work teachers do for them.

Now I personally can’t do as much work as teachers do to be disrespected by students. One more reason is what happens when it’s time for my retirement, teachers don’t have a good retirement plan. In closing I would like to say that I respect the work teachers do, and I admire them for it, but I don’t think I can do that. To me it takes a certain something to be a teacher which I don’t have. I wouldn’t become a teacher because it has some disadvantages such as stress, patience, misbehaving of children, children sleeping in class and too much classes or subjects to teach.

Children can get you stressed out like when they don’t want to do your work and by not coming to classes regularly and you are thinking of what to do when they do these things. You must be patient with children like when they does not understand the topic that you are teaching them and you would have to start over teaching the topic to the children that does not understand it. When children misbehave you must know what to do with them if to beat them or if to give them detention but if you beat them you can’t beat them badly to injure them. And if you injure them you can get into trouble for doing that to them.

You cannot teach children that are sleeping in your class. That either means that you are boring or the children do not sleep well at home. In conclusion I wouldn’t become a teacher because it is too much work to do and it pay a little bit of money. I would not like to become a teacher because I do not have patience with people, teachers are paid a small amount of salary and children take advantage of your kindness and slackness. I don not have patience with people because I do not like to repeat myself more than two times and when I am speaking I like people to listen and pay attention and not to interrupt because I do not do it to them.

The amount of money teachers receive for their hard work, dedication and the different things they have to put up with students is disgraceful. They should be paid a large amount of money because without teachers they would not be lawyers, doctors, businessmen and even Presidents. Children also take advantage of teachers’ kindness and slackness. They say rude things to them, call them names, bring in assignments late with stupid excuses and make unnecessary noise when the teacher is trying o explain a lesson to children that are interested because they know that the teachers wouldn’t say anything.

These actions force the nice teachers to become strict which makes it difficult to communicate with them because they yell at you for no reason at all. You also feel uncomfortable around them and afraid to make a point to find out if you are right or wrong because you are afraid he/she may embarrass you in front of the class. Therefore, in conclusion I do not want to become a teacher because to the small amount of salary, I don not have patience with people and children take advantage of your kindness and slackness. A teacher’s job is stressful, tiring, trying and isn’t worth it.

The task to maintain a classroom of children by keeping them quiet and orderly while trying to teach a lesson, make them understand and not bore students, therefore making their memory short term is too much to ask of me or anyone in such a limited space of time. A teacher’s life is like an open book for all the world to see, whether in the streets or at school a teacher need to be circumspect in order to receive the respect which is due to them. The task of teaching seems quite simply so one would think that it is so by if a detailed look is taken at it we would find that it is not so.

To be a teacher entails being qualified and equipped at all time for any question which a child’s wandering mind would put forward at any time. In the case of a primary school teacher, all the subjects are taught by the class teacher which would demand more skill and to some extent more qualification (more subject experience). While secondary school teachers in my view would end up in some sort of psychiatric facility since their entire life is built around there subjects thinking “what if” a student asks me this or tells me that or what if they’re disrespectful what do I do.

They must be role models for their students and must endure slander and disrespect from students who they probably gave bad marks or failed or probably spoke to badly or corrected. It is worth the stress, looking old before your time and dying form high blood pressure. I am a very bold faced person and some students may cause me to loose my salvation and my job. So why bother. The pay stinks. Being a teacher is very stressful. You’ll have to know how to put over your topic to the class in order to gain their interest. You’ll have to be prepared for every question that is going to be ask.

Students sometimes sleep in class, this tells that they are bored. Being a teacher calls for patience. I t is hard work. They aren’t paid well and every minute of their time is counted. Students take advantage of teachers especially if they are young. Being a teacher you’ll have to be prepared for troublesome students. You’ll have to be prepared to bite your tongue very often. You cannot hit and course at children. At private schools teachers are fired because of students. This is so because the students are customers at private schools and teacher should know how to threat them.

Teachers are often disrespected. I do not want to become a teacher because this profession changes people. If you like children after becoming a teacher you fell different towards them. Most children who were naughty when they were small become teachers. People like these change from a nice, fun-loving person into a grumpy old man/woman. I would not like to be grumpy or boring when I become old. Although I must admit people who are fun-loving turn into nice teachers because they can’t give up being naughty.

The things that change people though is the behavior of the children some of whom the teacher’s once were. When the teachers go to teach the have to go to school everyday, the same school, I am pretty sure that they hated without knowing it also they become much like the teachers they once hated. People who become teachers nowadays have to have very strong hearts, which I do not have, because of the children’s practical jokes makes their hearts jump out of their bodies through their mouths. Children are now becoming more “hard-ears” than ever making teachers have to scream than they never did before.

So lets face it being a teacher can be a very dangerous job because you get so mad you want revenge and after hitting them they go crying out to their parents and you can end up dead if you are not careful. There are a lot of reasons why I would not become a teacher. First of all, in Guyana, most teachers are underpaid and are forced to work under unhealthy condition. Others are subject to put up with disrespectful students for which appropriate punishment is not given at the secondary level. Most teachers in Guyana, in public schools are underpaid.

This doesn’t give me much inspiration to become a teacher, taking into consideration the high cost of living – electricity bills which are always rising, telephone bills, water rate, groceries, clothing, transportation and medicine. The current rise in cost for gas has caused not only transportation fares to rise but also price for aereated drinks and cooking gas. To add to teaching’s handicaps is the fact that some teachers are forced to work under unhygienic conditions. Some have to go to work in buildings where there are no proper ashroom facilities, there building may be rotted and there may be exposed electrical wires, also there may be other health threats such as asbestos. Another aspect of teaching which discourages me is the fact that some students are exceedingly disrespectful to teachers because there is no form of physical punishment at the secondary level. Some students tend to embarrass, abuse both physically and verbally and disregard their orders. Teachers are people, like anyone else hence, they have the same emotions. However, being a teacher calls for a restriction of feeling.

A teacher must be able to control their likes and dislikes and more importantly their temper. Having taking all this into consideration I have decided not to become a teacher. I would not become a teacher because of a number of reasons some of which are perpetrated by students. To become a teacher you have to love children, school and of course teaching. I admire those qualities but I don’t have the virtue of patience to handle certain situations in which the children take advantage or criticize you. It would take a lot of patience to question and understand the child’s mentality and it might become stressful at times.

I personally do not think the amount of stress and work is worth the salary that public school teaches receive. The majority of teachers are underpaid and the taxes and general cost of living is high and rising. Even if I were to teach in a private school and receive a good pay, I would not consider it. The reason for this is in private schools the authorities hold you on a shorter leash and you are forced to bite your tongue and keep from even talking to the children in a harsh manner, which can be dangerous. Being a teacher also takes away some of the privileges of life like vacation.

You have less time to kick back and relax even on holidays and weekends because of numerous assignment and tests to mark. The work seems too painful, not worth the while. Plus teaching at certain schools means no slipping up, you can’t afford to walk in late or take a casual day off with or without notice because it goes on your personal record. All in all being a teacher takes a lot of talent patience and good financial standings. You are overworked and I don’t think it’s worth it. Being a teacher is stress. Being a teacher calls for patience and having control over yourself when students start to become annoying.

I haven’t the patience to deal with children and would get fed-up of repeating the same thing over and over again to them and when they start to annoy me and make noise, there isn’t anything much I can do but ask them to stand and be quiet and yell once or twice which would only make them quiet for a few minutes. Some of the tricks I do and pull on teachers they would want to pull on me. Example, they might want to put glue or chalk dust on my chair and get my clothes messed up when I sit and I’d get angry and might not deal with the situation properly.

I’d always have to read the things I’m going to teach them over and over again to think of any possible questions they might want to ask, and many nights I would have to be marking test papers or thinking o ways to teach my new lessons in a way they would comprehend. All these things and more I’d have to take form students would annoy me and I can’t abuse of yell terrible remarks to them or my job would be in jeopardy. I can’t come to school whenever I feel like or want to show up because it is recorded and money would be deducted from my pay.

Knowing the temperament of Guyanese people I mite or would never get paid on time and I’d have a lot of expenses to deal with or I wouldn’t take a job. In conclusion to all these things and more I would never want to become a teacher and would never think of it because I might end up in jail for murdering or assaulting peoples children. There are a lot of reasons why I would not like to be a teacher. Some of them are that they wages are too low, you have to work hard, you have to deal with a lot of mischievous children and you don’t get a lot of time to yourself.

The teachers in Guyana are not very well paid. You will have to go through primary school, high school and university which will cost a lot of money and then go work for less than fifty thousand dollars monthly. With a small sum of money as that you will be able to support your family but you will not be able to give them the luxurious life which they want. Another reason is that you will have to work extremely hard. The teaching job is different from other jobs. You have to read up on the topics you are teaching because you will have questions that the students throw at you.

You will also have to mark a lot of test papers and assignments which will be even harder if you teach more than one class. Almost every class has a person with a sense of humor. This same person can get you very angry. You will do all you can but he/she sill at it. This can put a lot of stress on a teacher. The last reason is that you don’t get a lot of time to yourself. A teacher has two days off but if you have a lot of papers to mark you can spend your entire weekend doing that and you will not get any time to yourself. These are the four reasons why I would not like to become a teacher.

I would not consider becoming a teacher in my future career. I have several views on why I chose not to become a teacher. I agree that a teaching career does have advantages but there are very little. My first point in why I would not become a teacher is in my financial requirements. Most schools do not provide an appropriate salary for their employed teachers and even though this is so there is more work than pay. In order to provide for a family in my future an adequate salary income is very necessary which not all schools can provide.

Most people become teachers not just because of the pay roll but because they feel the need for helping and educating not just children but also other adults. Other careers offer requirements for this need, for example, psychology, which offers people to move into psychiatry. Psychiatry involves people who counsel other people who are in need of help. Also, in order to become a teacher one must have patience and knowledge of other subject areas. Patience is very necessary in a teaching career as when dealing with children in the classroom I do not want to become a teacher because I do not think it is a suitable career for me.

From my point of view I think teaching is a great disadvantage. It requires a lot of patience and time. Every child has their own attitude adopted form their environment and as a teacher has to be able to handle it. When teaching you have to be clear in what you say and when you get distracted by students if annoys. You have to know how to talk to students make them understand. You can’t beat children since its forbidden so you have to know how to control your temper. Yes, teaching helps you as a teacher to know more, but in a way it requires a lot of time.

You have to plan your self very well get all the information you can on a topic, summarize it then release it to the students. Especially, a teacher in Guyana is not paid enough for the amount of work they have to produce. The salary before increased was $37000 a month, which itself would go for rent, Christmas, food etc. People would prefer a private school to teach but considering it, a private school is worse. Yes, it pays, but a private school the students dominate you unlike in a public school, and the chances of getting fired by a student occurs a lot.

In general I disagree teaching as a suitable profession for me. I do not say that it should be disregarded as a profession, yes it does have a positive side to it but for me as an individual I think its not worth it. Why I Would Like to Become a Teacher I would become a teacher because the next generation of children are coming up the wrong road and some do not know that they are leading themselves to destruction so I would like to be a teacher, so that I can help guide them and discipline them.

I do not only want to be a teacher but I want to be a teacher of the secondary level so that I can render my assistance to teenagers and help advise them. I would like to become a science and physical education teacher because my role model is a science teacher what taught me in first form. When she taught it took me a while to understand but she never gave up on me, she would ask me to stay back everyday until I understand and I would like to be like her not comfortable until every student understands.

I would also like to experience a teacher’s feeling when they are trying to teach something important and some student is disturbing. I would like to teach physical education because some children think that school is all about academics and so they do not attend physical education classes but I would like to be there to let the understand that if their bodies are not physically fit they cannot perform well academically and as the saying says “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Also teaching is rewarded with a lot of holidays and also I would like to become a teacher because service to humanity is the best service you can render in your lifetime. I would like to become a teacher because it is very fun to be among children but I wouldn’t like to be a teacher for secondary schools especially the big forms because they are usually very disrespectful and hard to handle.

But if I had to teach secondary school as I said it would be the first and second formers because they are the most joyous times of secondary school and to know that you could kind of relive those days be teaching the younger ones what you have learnt and socializing with them making fun of anything, because I won’t want the children to be afraid of me like some teachers do, but to know that you can be someone who the children can talk to and depend on you for their little school needs and knowing I could be there is a pleasant image.

But as all teachers know all play and no work makes Jack a dull boy, so I must teach them that there is of course a time for everything. If I am to become a teacher the subjects I would like to teach is either Information Technology or Social Studies because these are my favourite subjects in school right now and I would like tit to become theirs so I would try anything I could to do so.

And I would like to do all of this and even more because I would like to know that when I am old there is an batch of children out there who respects and admire me and would like to do the same if not for the children alone the whole community even if it is not teaching I would be proud of them for doing something great in making the world a better place for the younger generation and I hope there would be more to following in our footsteps and carry on the tradition and this is one of my greatest dreams and I think this could be accomplished by becoming a teacher, and this is one of the dreams that attack the racial activities that are going on now.

I would like to become a teacher because I like to teach. When I was younger, I would brace my pillows up and teach them. Of course I always beat them with the ruler but I enjoyed it. Being a teacher, to my idea, is knowing that you make a difference in someone’s life and I want to make a difference. To know that I can help someone become the next Judge or Prime Minister. When I would be a teacher, I don’t only want to teach them about academics but be their friend and help them with social problem. I being a teacher would make me gain not only respect form students but their trust and friendship. But if I was to become a teacher, I would like to teacher either in nursery schools or secondary.

I watch some teachers at times, and wonder how ca they cope with students who are disrespectful, not disciplined and stubborn? I wonder if they don’t get tired and stressed out? I, as a monitress of my class, I get tired and frustrated after a while and leave the class as it is, being noisy. So, myself wonder if I can barely cope with being a monitress much less a teacher. I, wanting to be a teacher, would like to teach the subject I find most difficult, which is Mathematics. I would like to be a teacher to enjoy the benefits I can get out of it. Teaching, to me, is a great experience to come across knowing that you are making yourself useful in the world and to me teaching has it disadvantages which would be stressfulness and frustration after a while.

I would like to be a teacher because to me it seems to be one of the most difficult jobs someone can have because you are dealing with younger individuals. Not like being in an office. I want to be a teacher because it seems to bring out the best not only in the student but me as well. They are several reasons why I would become a teacher. I n my opinion to be a teacher there are a lot of things you would have to have like patience, something that I have little of and to me that is one of most important of all because in being a teacher, you would have to make sure that persons understand the concepts and if you are a good teacher then you would make sure they understand even if it takes a little while.

Another major factor is understanding persons because everyone is not the same and for you to reach to that persons you would have to be comprehensive and it can be a little hard to do ii. Being a teacher is a learning experience because as you teach persons at the same time you are learning things that you might not have known and I think that it good because it would not limit your self-esteem as a teacher but it will grow instead and you would be a better person aiming higher very time. One of the most difficult things in being a teacher is having to deal with disobedient persons and right now they are so many of them in the schools today.

Teachers have to be stern and strict at times for if they are not, these persons may have an advantage over them. The best part in being a teacher is having to care and love your students. You should be someone they would talk when there are difficult times. Help them to make the right decisions, lead them through the right path. Everyone knows that noon e is the same and has the same minds but as a teacher you should be a guidance to all students. You should be someone they would look up to, someone to be considered a role model. I would become a teacher because it is a wonderful and learning experience, to be strict at times and also love and care for students, understand them, be a guidance to them and help to higher their self-esteem.

A teacher is a person who passes on information to others. I would like to become a teacher because teaching others is fund. It is good to know that you can pass on information about different topics to children, adults and other members of the community. Teachers also have the advantage because the teaching profession opens ones knowledge about a particular subject for example Maths. A math teacher is more likely t be able to solve complicated equations than an English teacher because that is his/her subject area of teaching. From being a teacher you can also become the head of a school which is a very important status in society. A teacher can also get recommended to go on certain conventions.

There are some disadvantage in being a teacher but I would refer to it as a challenge in ones life for example dealing with rude and disobedient children. some teacher would think that it is a major problem in his/her teaching career but this can be solved easily by using psychology on the child, talking to them and being able to make them know that what they are doing is wrong. I would personally (if I was a teacher) think of it as a challenge rather than a problem. A teacher can also help students in problems faced at home by guiding them, convincing them not to do anything stupid (committing suicide etc) and also able to better their lives.

A teacher also gets paid even though they’re not working (mostly governmental teachers) for example during the holidays. All of the reasons and things that a teacher can do convinces me to be a teacher. A teacher is a respected person. He/she has various duties for example just to teach his/her subject of choice or maybe just to calculate and record marks of exams. I would like to become a teacher. This occupation interests me a lot. The way a teacher should behave for example speech, dress etc fascinates me. Being a teacher looks like fun to me. For example a teacher sometimes plans fun activities for his/her students in order to educate them for instance maybe a word puzzle or word search game is played.

A teacher does other fun things with his/her students for example he/she might tell them an exciting story relating to the topic he/she is teaching. Students respect their teacher according to their qualities for example if a teacher is kind, fun etc he/she is respected by the students. On the other hand, if the teacher is a boring and unpleasant person, the students will choose not to respect that teacher. Students respect their teachers in various ways for example they stand when the teacher is entering or leaving the classroom, listen attentively to the teacher in classes as well as behave mannerly when around that particular respected teacher. A teacher plays a big part in the lives of his/her students.

They are here to teach us about various things not just English, Science etc. These various things that the teacher might teach us will somehow help us in our lives for example he/she may assist us to deal with everyday problems such as peer pressure, friends etc. When I am older, I would like to accomplish my goal which is to become a respected teacher. My aim would be to teach my students the pleasant and exciting way which my teachers did. Like my teachers, I will try to educate my students widely to become intelligent persons in society to make the world a better place. This is a very complicated question fro me because there are reasons I would and would not become a teacher.

The reason I would become a teacher is that teachers gain experience when they do their job. They gain the experience in taking care of a child, knowing how they would behave at certain times how they would react to different situations etc and this would help the teacher to be a better parent to their children. Another reason I would like to be a teacher is because it would be a good feeling to know to myself that I helped in setting the foundation of someone who may grow up to be a doctor, a businessman/woman or even a future leader. Being a teacher also teaches you self-control and without this you may no go very far in life. But the main reason I would want to be a teacher is that I would not only be teaching but learning also.

I am a student now but it would make me feel good if I could come back to the school I went to, to teach and I would know that I have given back something to the school that has given a lot to me. The reason I would not want to be a teacher is that dealing with children takes a lot of patience and I don’t have a lot of patience when it comes to that area. Another reason is that teaching is not a goal or a passion of mine and also it takes a lot of you r time. I want to be a doctor and to be a good doctor I would need experience so while I am at a university I would be working in a hospital so that I can gain experience and teaching would take out of that experience and this is the main reason I would not become a teacher.

I would become a teacher because I have developed a great deal of love for children and also because I would like to help our economy in getting more well rounded persons in society. Teaching to me is a great joy because it gives you a chance to interact with our future generation. Although teaching is a crowded field and some of the teachers are not qualified enough for the job I would become a qualified teacher in every aspect whether it would be learning, giving moral support, etc. Teaching also gives one a better understanding of children which could prove to be substantial to our every day life. Even though the pay is small and added stress is brought on, there is a great reward involved. This reward is the joy of seeing the bright faces and hopeful eyes of children on a school day.

To me a teacher also represents love and care for their children and this enables them to be a better person. In a short statement I would become a teacher because they joy and spice teaching adds to life as well as helping our future generation to become good successors. Teaching also gives a background to the life of a child which might help in my social life to take care of my children. A teacher, a wonderful person who wants to teach children what they have been taught when they were once a child. Ever since I was a child, I have dreamt of becoming a teacher, I don’t know why but I have enjoyed and watched intensively at how they operate, how they dress, how they treat people, their personality and their professionality.

When we are children, we are taught by many teachers, who teach us right from wrong, who train us to be successful persons in the future and who want the best for us. I would like to show children, how they can become whatever they want in life if they just put their minds to it. I enjoy teaching, I love to listen to different point of views and different aspects from a child. As an adult we learn a lot from children. When one is a teacher, they learn to interact with children, they learn how to treat a child and listen to everyone of them even if they don’t make sense. I admire teachers and I have a great respect for them. I know of a few students who condemn teachers because they are too strict, but what students fail to realize is that this is their job as a teacher.

How do we expect a teacher to teach a child or gain respect from that child if he/she makes jokes and laugh all the time with them? At some time or another they have to be serious in order to get his/her demands and we as students should understand that but most of us don’t. I know as a child grows, their childhood dreams begin to disappear gradually, but for me, my dream of becoming a teacher lives on until the day I prove to myself I can become one. Many persons tell me I am mad or I am crazy but from my point of view, it is something I should do, that I want to do and I must do. I like to listen to a child’s want, their needs, what they want in life and how they see life as a child.

I take my education seriously because I want to be educated, I want to be somebody when I get older and I want to be recognized for my ability, but they only way I can do that is by making my dream come true and by listening to my teachers. And when I get older I would like to give some other child the opportunity that I had as a child, that I learned as a child by becoming a teacher. I will always have this dream until the day I comes true. I would like to become a teacher. I think I should be a teacher because Guyana needs more teachers, especially in lower schools like St Mary’s, St John’s, etc. Being a teacher also requires patience, you need to be very patient and I know I can handle it. You are also devoting your energy and precious time to help others, for them to benefit from your achievements and past successes.

I heard that you do not get paid that much money, but still, being a teacher is finding joy beyond what is normal, going to bed knowing that you have done so much for someone, knowing you are a part of people’s lives. When you make up your mind to really be a teacher, you provide for the next generation and for future generations. The next president of Guyana will be, because of teachers. Teachers thought them well enough to govern. To rule, to dominate. So I would like to conclude by saying that teachers play a major role in people’s lives and I would surely like to be involved in this good work of being a teacher. I would become a teacher because being a teacher is a great profession which bears a big responsibility and involves helping children to learn more about themselves, their surroundings and many other aspects of life. Also because

I love children and I know it would take a great deal of patience to take care of them but I think that learning to have more patience with children would prepare me for life as a mother with my own children. There aren’t many teachers available today and that’s mainly because they say they’re not being paid enough to put up with all of the children’s noise and bad attitudes. That is true, but I think that I would become a teacher to feel how my teachers felt when I misbehaved and I would tell the children how hard it is to be a teacher and how much patience, wisdom and understanding it requires to be one. I would help them to know how it feels so that they wouldn’t make the same mistakes I made when I was their age. I know that I would do a great job if I became a teacher and that is one of the main reasons why I would become a teacher.

Another one of the main reasons why I would become a teacher is because it is something I wanted to do since I was three years old and even at the tender age of five I taught my older cousin how to spell his name and came out successful within a few days and it was from that moment, I knew I had to become a teacher. I would like to become a teacher. It is a wonder feeling being around children. To be a teacher it takes a lot of patience and your time. There are a number of reasons that I would like to become the teacher that myself can’t describe. Being a teacher is a great occupation. It helps me to share my views and qualities with the younger ones. I will show them the meaning of life and life at school and show them how learning is fun.

Instead of teaching older ones I would like to teach nursery children because helping them to write and learn to read will help me to accomplish by goals as a teacher. I for one love and adore kids because they are cute, loveable and although they are stressful at times, it will be nice to learn and discover their life style and the characteristics of each one because each little boy or girl have a very important and special quality speaking in terms of their behaviours. Becoming a teacher is not only having to teach them but to guide them as a mother and as a parent and love and respect them as they would respect us. No child is different. They must be treated equally. Having them put a smile on your face is one of the wonders of life. aving to speak their language and they speaking yours is one of the greatest accomplishments of being a teacher. One day I would become a mother meaning a mother to all my students, who will be my children and I will teach them the courtesies and manners and the fun and happiness of learning new things everyday of their lives. I probably know that I am a little bit of a dreamer but one day I will take my goal and make it into a universe. I would like to become a teacher for many reasons. Being a teacher is like being on top of the world, it’s a wonderful, educating occupation. Being a teacher is like being on top of the world because the students would look up to you for you to share with them what you know that they don’t.

The students would kinda like honour you because you will be more intelligent than them. Being a teacher is educating. In this occupation you learn what you don’t know from the students. I would also like to become a teacher so that I can educate the students about how school life is important and I will make it fun so that the students would enjoy educating themselves. I would also counsel the ones misbehaving. I want to become a teacher so that I could communicate and socialize more with my students that is like know about their background, their family, home and if they are poor I would help them to buy food because you need food in order to concentrate on your studies.

Nowadays, getting high grades is doing well in your assignments and so on but doing a perfect assignment is expensive because you have to buy folders and markers etc. When I become a teacher I would help to supply the students who cannot afford them with the stationary supplies. I would not give assignments that require you to go on the internet or at the library cause it is very expensive to do that. I would give assignments that require your own knowledge. I want to become a teacher so that I can get a salary to help the needy children especially the ones that want to learn but cannot afford to come to school. I want to become a teacher so that I could share my knowledge with others and knowing that someone is benefiting from what I know.

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The scope of the Philippine territory is found in Article I of the 1987 Philippine Constitution. It provides: “The national territory comprises the Philippine archipelago, with all the islands and waters embraced therein, and all other territories over which the Philippines has sovereignty or jurisdiction, consisting of its terrestrial, fluvial, and aerial domains, including its territorial sea, the seabed, the subsoil, the insular shelves, and other submarine areas. The waters around, between, and connecting the islands of the archipelago, regardless of their breadth and dimensions, form part of the internal waters of the Philippines. For purposes of analysis, Philippine national territory includes the following: (a) the Philippine archipelago, with all the islands and waters embraced therein; (b) all other territories over which the Philippines has sovereignty or jurisdiction consisting of territorial, fluvial and aerial domains; (c) the territorial sea, the seabed, the subsoil, and insular shelves and other submarine areas; and (d) the waters around, between, and connecting the islands of the archipelago, regardless of their breadth and dimensions.

Territorial sea is that part of the sea extending 12 nautical miles (19 kms) from the low-water mark. It is also called the marginal sea, the marginal belt or the marine belt. Seabed is the land that holds the sea, lying beyond the seashore, including mineral and natural resources. It is at the top portion of the submarine area. The subsoil is everything beneath the surface soil and the seabed including mineral and natural resources.

Insural shelves are the submerged portions of a continent or offshore island, which slope gently seaward from the low waterline to a point where a substantial break in grade occurs, at which point the bottom slopes seaward at a considerable increase in slope until the great ocean depths are reached; and Other submarine areas refers to those which are under the territorial sea. They are ottherwise referred to as seamount, trough, trench, deep, bank, shoal, and reef.

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Theory Introduction, basic probability theory, definition, laws of probability, conditional probability, independent and dependent events, applications. Unit No. 2Random Variables Introduction, Random numbers and their generation, Application of random numbers, concepts of random variables and their construction, Discrete and continuous random variables. Unit No. 3Equations Solving fist degree equations, Quadratic equations, Solution of quadratic equations by different methods, inequalities, absolute value, Co-ordinate system

Unit No. 4Linear Equations Characteristic of linear equations, Slope- intercept form, determining the equations, Applications. Unit No. 5Matrices and Determinants Matrices, Different kinds of Matrices, Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication of matrices, Determinants, Application of matrices and determinants. Unit No. 6Inverse of Matrices Expansion of determinants, different Properties of determinants, Cofactors and minors of elements of a matrix, Cramer’s rule, Solution of system of linear equations by use of matrices. Unit No. Differentiation Derivatives, Differentiation of explicit and implicit functions, maxima and minima, Applications of derivatives. Unit No. 8Partial Derivatives Partial Derivatives, maxima and minima for functions of multi-variables Applications of partial derivatives. Unit No. 9Optimization First derivative test. 2nd Derivative test, Curve sketching, Revenue, Cost and profit applications in business. Recommended Book:- 1. Applied mathematics for Business, Economics and the Social Sciences. By Frank S. Budnick. Mcgraw-Hill

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In Financial Management book, you would read the topic theories of capital structure. Here, I have made these theories simplified. I hope, you can study these theories here and use these theories as reference. We all know that capital structure is combination of sources of funds in which we can include two main sources’ proportion. One is share capital and other is Debt. All four theories are just explaining the effect of changing the proportion of these sources on the overall cost of capital and total value of firm.

If I have to write theories of capital structure in very few lines, I will only say that it propounds or presents the effect on overall cost of capital and market or total value of firm, if I change my capital structure from 50: 50 to any other proportion. First 50 represent the share capital and second 50 represent the Debt. Now, I am ready to explain these four theories of capital structure in simple and clean words. 1st Theory of Capital Structure Name of Theory = Net Income Theory of Capital Structure This theory gives the idea for increasing market value of firm and decreasing overall cost of capital.

A firm can choose a degree of capital structure in which debt is more than equity share capital. It will be helpful to increase the market value of firm and decrease the value of overall cost of capital. Debt is cheap source of finance because its interest is deductible from net profit before taxes. After deduction of interest company has to pay less tax and thus, it will decrease the weighted average cost of capital. For example if you have equity debt mix is 50:50 but if you increase it as 20: 80, it will increase the market value of firm and its positive effect on the value of per share.

High debt content mixture of equity debt mix ratio is also called financial leverage. Increasing of financial leverage will be helpful to for maximize the firm’s value. 2nd Theory of Capital Structure Name of Theory = Net Operating income Theory of Capital Structure Net operating income theory or approach does not accept the idea of increasing the financial leverage under NI approach. It means to change the capital structure does not affect overall cost of capital and market value of firm. At each and every level of capital structure, market value of firm will be same. 3rd Theory of Capital Structure

Name of Theory = Traditional Theory of Capital Structure This theory or approach of capital structure is mix of net income approach and net operating income approach of capital structure. It has three stages which you should understand: Ist Stage In the first stage which is also initial stage, company should increase debt contents in its equity debt mix for increasing the market value of firm. 2nd Stage In second stage, after increasing debt in equity debt mix, company gets the position of optimum capital structure, where weighted cost of capital is minimum and market value of firm is maximum.

So, no need to further increase in debt in capital structure. 3rd Stage Company can gets loss in its market value because increasing the amount of debt in capital structure after its optimum level will definitely increase the cost of debt and overall cost of capital. 4th Theory of Capital Structure Name of theory = Modigliani and Miller MM theory or approach is fully opposite of traditional approach. This approach says that there is not any relationship between capital structure and cost of capital. There will not effect of increasing debt on cost of capital.

Value of firm and cost of capital is fully affected from investor’s expectations. Investors’ expectations may be further affected by large numbers of other factors which have been ignored by traditional theorem of capital structure. Traditional Approach The Net Income theory and Net Operating Income theory stand in extreme forms. Traditional approach stands in the midway between these two theories. This Traditional theory was advocated by financial experts Ezta Solomon and Fred Weston. According to this theory a proper and right combination of debt and equity will always lead to market value enhancement of the firm.

This approach accepts that the equity shareholders perceive financial risk and expect premiums for the risks undertaken. This theory also states that after a level of debt in the capital structure, the cost of equity capital increases. Example: Let us consider an example where a company has 20% debt and 80% equity in its capital structure. The cost of debt for the company is 9% and the cost of equity is 14%. According to the traditional approach the overall cost of capital would be: WACC = (Weight of debt x cost of debt) + (Weight of equity x cost of equity) ? (20% x 9%) + (80% x 14%) ? 1. 8 + 11. 2 ? 13%

If the company wants to raise the debt portion in the capital structure to be 50%, the cost of debt as well as equity would increase due to the increased risk of the company. Let us assume that the cost of debt rises to 10% and the cost of equity to 15%. After this scenario, the overall cost of capital would be: WACC = (50% x 10%) + (50% x 15%) ? 5 + 7. 5 ? 12. 5% In the above case, although the debt-equity ratio has increased, as well as their respective costs, the overall cost of capital has not increased, but has decreased. The reason is that debt involves lower cost and is a cheaper source of finance when compared to equity.

The increase in specific costs as well the debt-equity ratio has not offset the advantages involved in raising capital by a cheaper source, namely debt. Now, let us assume that the company raises its debt percentage to 70%, thereby pushing down the equity portion to 30%. Due to the increased and over debt content in the capital structure, the firm has acquired greater risk. Because of this fact, let us say that the cost of debt rises to 15% and the cost of equity to 20%. In this scenario, the overall cost of capital would be: WACC = (70% x 15%) + (30% x 20%) ? 10. 5 + 6 ? 6. 5% This decision has increased the company’s overall cost of capital to 16. 5%. The above example illustrates that using the cheaper source of funds, namely debt, does not always lower the overall cost of capital. It provides advantages to some extent and beyond that reasonable level, it increases the company’s risk as well the overall cost of capital. These factors must be considered by the company before raising finance via debt. _____________________________________________________________ Net Income (NI) Approach Net Income theory was introduced by David Durand.

According to this approach, the capital structure decision is relevant to the valuation of the firm. This means that a change in the financial leverage will automatically lead to a corresponding change in the overall cost of capital as well as the total value of the firm. According to NI approach, if the financial leverage increases, the weighted average cost of capital decreases and the value of the firm and the market price of the equity shares increases. Similarly, if the financial leverage decreases, the weighted average cost of capital increases and the value of the firm and the market price of the equity shares decreases.

Assumptions of NI approach: * There are no taxes * The cost of debt is less than the cost of equity. * The use of debt does not change the risk perception of the investors ————————————————- Net Operating Income Approach Net Operating Income Approach was also suggested by Durand. This approach is of the opposite view of Net Income approach. This approach suggests that the capital structure decision of a firm is irrelevant and that any change in the leverage or debt will not result in a change in the total value of the firm as well as the market price of its shares.

This approach also says that the overall cost of capital is independent of the degree of leverage. Features of NOI approach: * At all degrees of leverage (debt), the overall capitalization rate would remain constant. For a given level of Earnings before Interest and Taxes (EBIT), the value of a firm would be equal to EBIT/overall capitalization rate. * The value of equity of a firm can be determined by subtracting the value of debt from the total value of the firm. This can be denoted as follows:  Value of Equity = Total value of the firm – Value of debt Cost of equity increases with every increase in debt and the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) remains constant. When the debt content in the capital structure increases, it increases the risk of the firm as well as its shareholders. To compensate for the higher risk involved in investing in highly levered company, equity holders naturally expect higher returns which in turn increases the cost of equity capital. Example: Let us assume that a firm has an EBIT level of $50,000, cost of debt 10%, the total value of debt $200,000 and the WACC is 12. 5%.

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Based from Human Genome Project Information (n. d. ), “Cloning is a term traditionally used by scientists to describe different processes for duplicating biological material. ” It means creating a genetically identical copy of an organism. Scientists attempted to clone animals for many years. In fact, there are hundreds of cloned animals existing today. It started in 1952 when a tadpole was cloned. But worldwide attention and concerns only aroused in 1997 when Ian Wilmut and his colleagues at Roslin Institute in Scotland were able to clone a lamb, named Dolly (Bonsor and Conger, n. . ). People began to think for the possibility of using the same procedure to humans. No question human cloning ethics has become a great issue in the past few years. Many people seem to lack understanding of what cloning is. Most often people limit their knowledge of cloning only in its one type called reproductive cloning which intends to produce a fetus identical to its parent. Not knowing that there is another type of cloning called therapeutic cloning that can be used to generate only tissues and organs of humans for transplants.

Reproductive human cloning should be legal as it makes an infertile couple able to have an offspring with the genetic pattern of either the mother or father. It is the desire of most couples to have children and when it is impossible to bare children of your own, some are willing to do anything to have a child even in the most crucial way–cloning. The idea of cloning will allow them to have a child or many children that have the genetic pattern of one of the parents. They can have their own babies by putting cloned embryo into the mother. According to Bonsor and Conger (n. d. , It is made possible through a process called “somatic cell nuclear transfer” (SCNT), the cloning of embryo starts with taking out the egg from a female donor, the doctor will remove its nucleus to form enucleated egg. Then a cell with genetic material of the person to be cloned will be fused to enucleated egg using electric current. The cloned embryo is transferred to a surrogate mother once it reaches a suitable stage. The surrogate mother will give birth to the cloned baby at the end of the normal gestation period. Likewise, couples of gays and lesbians can have their own abies by human cloning (Weekes, 2009). For lesbian couples, one of them can provide an egg and the other doesn’t need to provide a sperm, they can just provide the genes. For gay couples, it is just the same way but will have to find a mother to put the activated embryo in them and born them (Yanmi, 2009). Besides this, human cloning provides a wide range of organs in need, where it could save a lot of lives. In case a person needs an organ such as a pair of lungs, he/she could be cloned. Then the pair of lungs of the identical clone can be taken away for transplant.

Also, according to Yanmi (2009), if a family member had died, it can be cloned. In this way, the pain of the family will be cured. With all the potential benefits of reproductive cloning for infertile couples, homosexual couples, and for treatment of diseases, it is beaten by the disadvantages listed by Pros to ban reproductive human cloning. Many bills in the United States are demanding for the prohibition of reproductive cloning since it has numerous medical and ethical disadvantages. The American Medical Association holds four points of reason why cloning should not take place.

They are: 1) there are unknown physical harms introduced by cloning, 2) unknown psychosocial harms introduced by cloning, including violations of autonomy and privacy, 3) impacts on familial and societal relations, and 4) potential effects on the human gene pool. Technology in the first place, as we presently know it, will not effectively support the cloning of humans. As mentioned before, the success rate was quite low. It is reported before that a Korean doctor tried cloning a human but also killed it. No definite reason was stated, but I assume he had created a monster-like being with such abnormalities.

From the conservative’s point of view, cloning is portraying the role of God. They argue that no one has the power to create humans except for God. It is not merely intervention in the body’s natural processes, but the creation of a new and wholly unnatural process of asexual reproduction. Reproductive cloning harms the integrity of the family as they say. Single people will be able to produce offspring without even the physical presence of a partner. From Hutch (2008), “Cloning will lead to eugenics, or the artificial manipulation and control of the characteristics of people. Pros to ban human cloning continues to defend their side as they point out that cloning will also lead to a diminished sense of identity and individuality for the resultant child. Instead of being considered as a unique individual, the child will be a copy of his parent, and be expected to share the same traits and interests, such that his life will no longer be his own. This becomes a violation of the liberty and autonomy that we grant to every human person. These are reasons why reproductive human cloning studies and attempts are banned in more than 50 countries (Bonsor & Conger, n. d. ).

When there are numerous pros prohibiting studies and attempts about reproductive human cloning, therapeutic cloning gains more approval. It could be the new technology to save countless lives in the sense that it is a process of growing a stem cell. “These stem cells could become the basis for customized human repair kits,” (Smith, n. d. ) They can grow replacement organs, such as hearts, livers and skin. It is done in this way, DNA is extracted from a sick person. Then the DNA is then inserted into an enucleated donor egg. The egg then divides like a typical fertilized egg and forms an embryo.

Stem cells are removed from the embryo. Any kind of tissue or organ can be grown from these stem cells to treat various ailments and diseases (Bonsor & Conger, n. d. ). Many are suffering with cancer nowadays. Also with the help of therapeutic human cloning technology could be used to reverse heart attacks. Scientists believe that they may be able to treat heart attack victims by cloning their healthy heart cells and injecting them into the areas of the heart that have been damaged. Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States and several other industrialized countries.

Through therapeutic cloning, cancer may be possible to cure (Smith, n. d. ). Scientists still do not know exactly how cells differentiate into specific kinds of tissue, nor do they understand why cancerous cells lose their differentiation. But, Cloning, at long last, may be the key to understanding differentiation and cancer. It has the potential to improve the lives of hundreds of millions but much work and researches are still needed to make it a realistic option for treating many diseases (Human Genome Project Information, n. . ). The idea of human cloning is very fascinating for only a few and frightening for many, I supposed. Reproductive cloning should not be accepted. According to Governor Engler of Michigan, “Human cloning is wrong; it will be five years from now; and wrong 100 years from now! ” I strongly believe that only God has the sole authority to create human beings. And any artificial or unnatural ways to bring life to this world is unethical. Reproductive cloning is a threat in the essence of our existence, our being, and our own nature.

But as I understand therapeutic cloning, it is a different thing. I am open to the possibility of cloning organs and tissues for curing many types of disease. There is a high demand for human organs worldwide. So, if we can create organs for transplant with the use of the sick person’s own DNA, why not? To avoid patients wishing for one person to die so he can receive an organ for transplant, we can clone organs. Therapeutic cloning is more helpful in the advancement of science and medicine than reproductive cloning.

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