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Ben L M N X 7, 25, 32,1 Alan Y 4,03,2 4,5 Z 8,6

Question: Ben L M N X 7, 25, 32,1 Alan Y 4,03,2 4,5 Z 8,6 1,6 3,7 (a) (5%) Use iterated elimination of (strictly) dominated strategies to re- duce the size of the game as much as possible. (b) (5%) Find all the pure strategy Nash equilibria. (c) (10%) Find all the mixed strategy Nash equilibria not found in part (b). part cShow transcribed image textHey champ, Welcome to this platform. Here you will ge…View the full answerTranscribed image text: Ben L M N X 7, 25, 32,1 Alan Y 4,03,2 4,5 Z 8,6 1,6 3,7 (a) (5%) Use iterated elimination of (strictly) dominated strategies to re- duce the size of the game as much as possible. (b) (5%) Find all the pure strategy Nash equilibria. (c) (10%) Find all the mixed strategy Nash equilibria not found in part (b).

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Discussion Assignment | Buy assignments online college essay help los angeles

Please answer the following questions in your main posting:

What are the levels of physical security and how do they differ in the amount of security needed?
How does planning ensure the best results in designing or upgrading a maximum-security system?
Where should physical barriers be located in and/or around a facility?

Discussion Assignment | Buy assignments online college essay help los angeles

Ben L M N X 7, 25, 32,1 Alan Y 4,03,2 4,5 Z 8,6

The first criterion is practicality.  The project should be something in which the experiment can be set up fairly easily and the data can be collected easily as well.

Experiment Set-up

You can potentially do a modification of one of the class experiments.  If the programming is not too complicated, I can modify the program to your specifications.
You can do a program on the computer using something like PowerPoint to present your stimulus materials.
You can do a pen-and-paper type experiment, though it would still need to be a computer document, so fellow students can have access to it.

Data Collection

Participants (Subjects) will preferably consist of fellow students but may consist of friends, family, random volunteers, etc. if you can make a case why that is necessary..
It should take no more than about 15 minutes per person.
I will show you how to set up a Google Doc like the ones we have been using , so that students may post their data in the same way as we have been doing for our weekly experiments.

How to Get Ideas

You can do a small modification of one of the experiments we have already done or one you have read about.  However, it should not just be some random modification (e.g. what would happen if we used letters rather than numbers in the Sternberg task); there should be some theoretical basis for the modification.
You can read textbooks (e.g. your Intro Psychology book) and do modification of one of those
You can read a research report, and pay special attention to the end, where sometimes the researcher makes specific suggestions for future research.
You can come up entirely with your own idea.
The following are not actual ideas, but rather categories to get you started.  Your own idea does not need to come from this list.


i.  Test mnemonic techniques

ii.  look at serial position effects

iii.  compare visual vs. verbal memory

iv.  something with memory for faces

Effects of Multi-tasking
Something with visual illusions
Test out Gestalt organization principles by (e.g.) comparing grouping by color to grouping by form.
Metacognition (how well do people know what they know)
Come up and test various scenarios (Note you would have to have an Independent variable, testing out some idea, not just wondering how people will rate various scenarios)

i.  judging overall attractiveness

ii.  views on sexual harassment

iii.  how to make  an argument more/less convincing

Anagrams (can give different types of clues—e.g. correct firs letter, last letter, tell person the part of speech, etc.) to get some handle on how words are mentally represented.

Forum Assignment | Buy assignments online college essay help los angeles

What are the important considerations when planning and setting up a new HRIS? What are some of the important organization issues and technology considerations that relate to E-Selection? Use our text AND outside sources to support your response.

In your response, you are also required to find an article from our on-line library that talks about HRIS Implementation and setup. What did the article say and how did help you learn about new HRIS implementation? Post a link to the article here.

Reading Summary Assignment | Buy assignments online college essay help los angeles

read introduction and chapter 1

Write a minimum of 450 words. Proofread all of your work. Make sure your summary includes details from all of the reading.

The goal of the assignment is not to summarize lectures or class discussions. The highest grade will be awarded only for exceptional work and for students who add an informed analysis of the text. Late assignments are not accepted.



Essay Assignment | Buy assignments online college essay help los angeles

Instructions: Consider all of the information both internal and external an organization must consider when developing and planning an employee benefits plan. What information is the most important to this planning process? Which might be the least important consideration? Conduct research into this problem and cite your reasoning.

Submission Instructions:


Submit your work as an MS WORD ATTACHMENT in either a .doc, .docx, or .rtf format.

Please support your ideas, arguments, and opinions with independent research, include at least three (3) supporting references or sources (NOT Wikipedia, unknown, or anonymous sources), format your work in proper APA format, include a cover page, an abstract, a reference section, and in addition a minimum of 5 FULL pages of written content. Double space all work, and cite all listed references properly in text in accordance with the 6th edition of the APA manual, chapters 6 & 7.

LATE POLICY: Students are expected to submit classroom assignments by the posted due date and to complete the course according to the published class schedule.  The due date for each assignment is listed under each Assignment. As adults, students, and working professionals, I understand you must manage competing demands on your time. We all know that “life happens” but it is important to adhere as closely to the deadlines in the class as possible.

Should you need additional time to complete an assignment, please contact me before the due date so we can discuss the situation and determine an acceptable resolution. If arrangements are not made in advance, a late penalty of 10% will be assessed for any assignment submitted 1-7 days past the due date.  Assignments will not be accepted after the 7th day.  No work will be accepted past the final day of class.

Book Review Assignment | Buy assignments online college essay help los angeles

#05674 Topic: write a Book Review on Resilience: Hard-Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life by Eric Greitens

Number of Pages: 2 (Double Spaced)

Number of sources: 3

Writing Style: MLA

Type of document: Book Review

Academic Level:Undergraduate

Category: Art

Language Style: English (U.S.)

Order Instructions: ATTACHED

#05674 Topic: write a Book Review on Resilience: Hard-Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life by Eric Greitens

Number of Pages: 2 (Double Spaced)

Number of sources: 3

Writing Style: MLA

Type of document: Book Review

Academic Level:Undergraduate

Category: Art

Language Style: English (U.S.)

Order Instructions: ATTACHED


A book review provides readers with a review of the content, an explanation of their opinion about the merit of key topics, and the value the book may provide to peers. A book review evaluates and offers a brief description of a book’s key points and often provides a short appraisal of the strengths and weaknesses of the book. A book review must include an overview of the content and an evaluation of the book’s relevance. However, more than a summary of contents should be provided; the review should address the main ideas, approaches, and interpretations of the author. A good review will provoke reflection on the part of the reader. The book review includes introduction, body, and conclusion.

• Introduction: Includes an overview of the book’s content and the reader’s opinion about the book.

• Body: The following phrases may be helpful in suggesting a subset of points to address in the body of the review:

o Purpose of the book? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the book?

o Opinion of why this is professionally relevant ?

o If intended for a wider audience, whom may that include?

o Is it interesting to the readership of a professional education course? How?

o How this book differs from previously read books on the same topic?

o Is the content accurate? Clear? Well-organized? Up-to-date? Authoritative?

o Adequately tied to other relevant doctrine or literature?

o Is it valuable as a resource for my career-level peers? Of use in my unit? How?

o Are the conclusions or summary appropriate, and supported by the content?

• Conclusion: The conclusion will clearly sum up the book review and discuss your recommendation on the use of the book. Why people should or should not read the book?

Include in-text citations for any quotes, or paraphrasing that you include from the book.

Rehabilitation Assignment | Buy assignments online college essay help los angeles

There is considerable disagreement about the effectiveness of rehabilitation. In Chapter 14 of the text the authors note that studies have shown both little and much hope for the resurgence correctional rehabilitation. Research the issue, discuss the background of rehabilitation, its successes and failures and the outlook for the future.

English Paper Assignment | Buy assignments online college essay help los angeles

For this journal entry, choose five of the ten questions and answer them from your story with complete, thoughtful answers. The journal entry is due on Thrusday before midnight.

1.             How are we encouraged to identify with the protagonist?

2.             What is the protagonist’s defining or governing characteristic?

3.             What external conflicts are present?

4.             What internal conflicts are present?

5.             What potential approaches to conflict resolution exist?

6.             What complications, or tensions, arise?

7.             Is the final resolution plausible? Believable? Satisfying?

8.             Who, what is changed by the action of the story?

9.             What impact does the “place” of setting offer?

10.           What impact does the “time” of setting offer?

Biology Assignment | Buy assignments online college essay help los angeles

You have been asked to create a handout to educate new healthcare employees as to the current and future challenges of healthcare economics within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Use Vision 2030 as a guide.

Be sure to include the following economic components:

Quality, and

Your handout should meet the following structural requirements, and must:

Be two pages in length, not including the cover sheet and reference page (four pages total).
Include headings titled:

Economic Components

Include an informational paragraph under each heading and a citation to the resource utilized.
Be formatted according to APA  writing standards.
Add citation through the text
No plagiarism

Provide support for your statements with in-text citations from a minimum of four scholarly articles. Two of these sources may be from the class readings, textbook, or lectures, but two must be external.

Essay Writing Assignment | Buy assignments online college essay help los angeles

Many of the Harlem Renaissance made extensive use of the sonnet form; module 2 contains examples such as Countee Cullen’s “From the Dark Tower,” Helene Johnson’s “Sonnet to a Negro in Harlem,” and Claude McKay’s “If We Must Die.”Write an essay in which you compare some of the sonnets written during the Harlem Renaissance. How do different approaches to the sonnet form signal different thematic concerns?


M4: Essay #2 Requirements

Fully address the prompt within 500 – 800 words.
Essays must have the proper structure. This includes an introduction paragraph, several body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph.

The introduction must include page number, heading and a title in MLA format. The introduction must also begin with a hook/attention grabber, proceed with general background information on the topic, and the ONE SENTENCE thesis is the LAST sentence in the introduction.
Use your own ideas and quotations from the literature to support your thesis. When using quotations, remember to introduce the quote with a signal phrase and follow each quote with an interpretation in your words (review the quote sandwich).
Use MLA parenthetical citations immediately following each quotation and/or paraphrase. Purdue OWL’s website is an excellent free source.

The Literature Review Assignment | Buy assignments online college essay help los angeles

GERM 1027 Essay #3


Due Date:  April 8 (to be placed in my mailbox, #61, on the 1st floor of McCain)


Thesis Due Date:  March 25 (to be emailed to; for additional advice you may also contact your tutorial leader; students whose first language

is Mandarin may also want to email their thesis statements to Michelle Lee at


Length:  approximately 1,500 words


Here are some possible essay themes:


Justice and Injustice

Innocence and Guilt

The Use (or Misuse) of Parable

Self-esteem and Self-abasement

The Labyrinthine

The Nature of Power and Authority

The Individual and the Collective

Meaning and Absurdity

Joseph K. and Franz Kafka

The Trial

and the Modern World

Choose one theme to pursue.  You are allowed to come up with your own, although I would like you to clear it with me first.  Essays should be around six pages (not including the title page or bibliography).  The themes are broad, but part of the assignment involves your coming up with a clear and effective thesis or argument about your theme in relation to The Trial.  Your essay should have an introductory paragraph that closes with a proper and specific thesis statement, paragraphs organized around topics that reinforce your thesis, and a strong concluding paragraph.


For this essay I want you to use at least four critical resources, so check with the library to find the most appropriate books and/or articles.  For books, the website Novanet provides a complete listing of all books and journals held by universities in Nova Scotia.  For articles, the website JSTOR (which is free to access as Dalhousie students) provides thousands of articles on numerous subjects.  Note:  Internet sources such as Wikipedia, Douban, SparkNotes, and CliffsNotes are not critical sources.  Please ask me if you have any questions about the validity of a source.




I want you to use the critics to aid your argument, but not to supplant it.  Sometimes you may agree with the critic, but your argument is often enhanced by having an opinion to spar against.  Be specific, focus in on key scenes or elements, and make sure that your argument is well supported with evidence and quotations from the works.  When it comes to quoting from the text, comment on the quotes you use and do not simply allow them to speak for themselves.  If you have any questions while writing your essays, or if you would like me to see rough drafts, please let me know


Thesis statements:  please email me your thesis statements by March 25th.  This is just for me to make sure that you are on the right path with your paper and that you have had a chance to come up with a clear, coherent, and concise argument that can be pursued in an essay.  I will give feedback on this, as I want to make sure that everyone does a good job with the question and that finds a good angle with which to pursue it.  Note: while the thesis is not due until the 25th, I very much encourage you to email it to me as soon as you are ready.  The more time you have to work on your paper with the proper feedback, the better it will no doubt turn out.


Response Assignment | Buy assignments online college essay help los angeles

Have you known anyone with a disability at work?  Yes.  As an accounting manager, I hired an accounting clerk who was an amputee.  However, very capable of doing the job and proved to be an asset to the Company.  One of the things I notice, though, is he used his prosthetics for the interview and once he was comfortable with everyone, he starting using his wheelchair.  It is the basic thought that he believed he may have not been considered for the position, had he interviewed in a wheelchair.

1.  What are some challenges that employees have who are disabled on a day to day basis?

Public transportation can be the common hassle for people with disabilities.  There is a pay gap for disabled employees, according to the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Some of the challenges include their inability, in some cases, to work and produce at the speed of other employees.  Although illegal, some disabled workers can face discrimination, as some may not want the disabled employee as part of their work team because they may view it as a disadvantage for the team. Some companies have not made technological adjustments, such as speech recognition software.

2.  What are some special accommodations if any do employees with disabilities have within the workplace setting?

The American Disabilities Act OF 1990 (ADA), requires employers to have reasonable accommodations.  Therefore, employers may have to make changes or adjustments to the workplace to assist an employee with a disability in doing their job.  Discrimination in employment against qualified individuals with disabilities is prohibited by the ADA.  This includes recruitment, hiring, firing, training, promotions, job assignments, benefits pay and any other related activities.  Some special accommodations include:

–  Flexible work schedules

–  Job restructuring

–  Modified equipment

–  Ramps

–  Adjustments to training materials and policies


Eltringham, M.  (2016).  Disabled Worker Continue to Face Barriers in the Workplace.  Retrieved from, on March 15, 2019.

Biology Assignment | Buy assignments online college essay help los angeles

Our understanding of genetic inheritance and the function of DNA in producing the characteristics of the individual have been developing for more than 150 years.

Consider our current state of knowledge.
Link genetic characteristics to DNA structure.
Describe the steps in the process of protein synthesis.

Explain how DNA through the process of protein synthesis is responsible for the ultimate expression of the characteristics in the organism.
Describe how interference in protein synthesis can result in disruption of cellular and bodily processes?

One important class of proteins are enzymes, which control countless processes within our bodies. Considering that the building blocks of proteins are amino acids, explain how poor nutrition can disrupt many important functions in our bodies.

Risk Management and Patient Care Assignment | Buy assignments online college essay help los angeles


Write a research paper concerning this scenario: You have been charged with the development of a Crisis Management Plan for the real or hypothetical health care organization that you chose earlier in this course. Your research should be based on the following criteria:

Please Read Carefully

Please use Hurricane for the disaster

APA Format Only

No plagiarism Please

 Deliverable Length:  7 pages, not incl. cover page, abstract page, and reference page.

 Select a real or hypothetical crisis such as a natural disaster (hurricane, tornado, flooding, or earthquake), a catastrophic building failure, or an act of terrorism.
Discuss resource management based on ethical approaches used during crisis management.

Consider issues such as patient triage or current as well as incoming patients, supply, and personnel availability.

Discuss and develop an authoritative chain of command for crisis management.

Include such responsibilities as Incident Commander, Communications Officer, and other members of the chain of command for the incident.

Discuss the importance and implementation of community communication, involvement, and coordination.
Discuss the necessary policies for personnel management and safety.

Include provisions for lock-down status and family communication abilities.

Outline the steps for supply chain management both for personnel and the supplies needed to provide care.

Assess the implications of various health issues and methods of managing them on operational performance of healthcare organizations

Compose performance baselines for healthcare organizations and develop strategies to manage and measure performance

Critically evaluate the efficacy of management practices in a contemporary healthcare organization

Develop a crisis management plan for a healthcare organization to ensure patient safety and containment or control of contagions in the event of a natural disaster, a catastrophic building failure, or an act of terrorism

Evaluate the impact of legal and regulatory policy on decision making and strategy development in healthcare organizations

Formulate policies governing health service vendors retained by a healthcare organization to address legal and regulatory requirements to ensure the safety, care, and privacy of patients

Structural vs. Strategic Family Structures Discussion Assignment | Buy assignments online college essay help los angeles

36460 Structural vs. Strategic Family Structures

Number of Pages: 3 (Double Spaced)

Number of sources: 5

Type of document: Research Paper

Academic Level:Master

Category: Psychology

Language Style: English (U.S.)

Writing Style: APA

Order Instructions: ATTACHED

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