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Build your own computer

).Operating System:Determine which operating system will be installed and be specific. Include why you selected the specific operating system and why it is the best choice for the purpose of the computer identified earlier. CPU:Select a relatively modern CPU (something made in the past two years) made by either Intel or AMD.Make this selection based on the characteristics of the CPU that make it suitable for the computer’s intended use.Also, base your decision on information in the text, discussions in class, and your own individual research. Include why you selected the CPU you did and how it will fit the computer’s needs/purpose. Cooling System:Select a cooling system for your CPU. This might include a heat sink, liquid cooling, or a radiator. Explain your choice and how it will support the computer’s needs/purpose. Motherboard:Select a motherboard that will support your chosen CPU.You may want to find a motherboard with onboard video and an expansion slot to allow for future upgrades of the computer’s graphics capability.Be sure to indicate how you determined this motherboard compatible with your chosen CPU and how it will fit the computer’s needs/purpose.Further, consider the input/output ports and expansion slots. RAM:Select appropriate RAM for your chosen motherboard and CPU combination.Be sure that you meet or exceed the amount of memory needed for the chosen operating system and the computer’s intended use. References:List references used.References should relate to decision-making articles in addition to a website where one could purchase the product.All references must be in APA format. Any images used must be cited properly. All references must be in APA format.

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