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BUS 150 innovation

Successful businesses are often started to solve an intense problem or pain that is experienced by a great number of people.  Brainstorming is an exceptional way to use your creativity to identify new business concepts that solve these problems.  Therefore, the purpose of this assignment is to stimulate your creativity and increase the number of business ideas you generate.
Discussion Instructions
Comment on:
Part A – identify what two companies you personally like the most and what they can do to elevate their business? Do NOT think about solutions yet, as that will happen in Part C.
Part B – talk about what the company does/sells, what makes the company special to you, and their business model in your own words
Part C – now use your brainstorming skills to identify new products or services that can elevate your two favorite companies.  Get wild and crazy and list outrageous suggestions!  Be silly and have fun with this, as a good sense of humor will stimulate creativity. Minimum 600 words
Discussion Post Guidelines
Please post your initial post answering the question(s) above.
You have to post your discussion before you can see any other replies.
You should have APA (Links to an external site.)formatting. However, a title page is not necessary.
Discussion Question Tips
Avoid repeating of explicit information in the text. Formulate answers that can be interpreted through various perspectives.
Compare, contrast, and look for connections between the written material in the book and other sources that you may read.
Look for ways to explore the concepts more deeply.
Think about the broader issues that the author’s arguments point to. What are the broader implications?
Look for connections between the theoretical constructs and the practical implications of the concepts
Look for ways to bring all the concepts home
Make certain that all posts or responses address the question, problem, or situation as presented for discussion. You should extend the topic, but do not stray from the topic. When relevant, add to the discussion by including prior knowledge, work experiences, references, web sites, resources, etc. (giving credit when appropriate).
Do not copy and paste from websites, Wikipedia, journals, etc.
Discussions occur when there is dialogue; therefore, you need to build upon the posts and responses of other learners to create discussion threads. Contributions to the discussions should be complete and free of grammatical or structural errors.

Business Question

Investigate the Sony PlayStation Network hack that occurred in April 2011. Then, in a 2 to 4 page, APA formatted, written report with a minimum of three (3) peer-reviewed sources, address the following concepts by providing in-depth analysis and details:
What type of attack was it?
Was the success of the attack due to technology problems at Sony, management problems at Sony, or a combination of both? Provide specific examples to support your answer.
Which Sony controls failed?
Could the hack have been prevented? If so, how?
Discuss Sony’s response to the hack.
Describe the damages that Sony incurred from the hack.(CLO #2 – Define ethical issues related to information technology and identify major types of controls that organizations can use to protect their information resources.
CLO #3 – Explain the processes of querying a relational database and define Big Data and explain its basic characteristics. Compare and contrast the major types of networks.CLO #7 – Discuss the business decisions involved in acquiring new applications. Consider the different stages of a system development life cycle.)The short paper must be:3-4 pages of content.
Following APA format. (include citation)
Typed, double-spaced, edited and proofread
please submit on time and make sure NO PLAGIARISM!!!

Model for Innovation Success

Business Assignment Help There has been extensive research conducted that looks at what drives successful innovation in the US and other established economies. There are a myriad of factors that have been cited as driving success and a number of studies related to the barriers to developing innovation. But emerging economies represent a different dynamic and cultural context, and many of the techniques that work in established economies may be problematic in emerging economies.
Write a paper that constructs a model of factors and techniques that lead to successful innovation in established economies. Focus on the systemic processes, policies, procedures, incentives, cultural, and other aspects that drive success. Then you should critically examine which of these factors and techniques can be applied to emerging economies, essentially creating a parallel model for application to emerging economies. Discuss the particular situations and contexts in which the model would apply and where it would be problematic.

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