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BUS 385 Principles of Advertising

One of the major reasons for the growing importance of integrated marketing communications over the past decade is that it plays a major role in the process of developing and sustaining brand identity and equity. In 3-4-page, APA-formatted paper, discuss the role of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) in branding.

HRM one explanation with two good replies

TOPIC: Personality Type (MBTI)
This week’s Learning Engagement is all about you!
First, take the personality inventory on the Human Metrics website.
Next, explore the O*NET website to find jobs that fit the results of your personality test, your interests, and your skills. Also, you could search the internet for the job that best matches your personality type.
Also, you might want to spend some time and watch the video that is located above this assignment! A GOOD VIDEO ABOUT MBTI PERSONALITY TYPE
Share your findings with your classmates. Did you discover anything new about yourself? What occupations seem to best fit you? How might HR professionals use the resources on the O*NET website in their work? Critically analyze your findings.
The concept of personality type has been debated for many years. There are many different types of personality evaluation. Evaluations such as MBTI, DISC, Enneagram Personality Type, Hartman Personality Profile, and Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) are among the most popular ones. Here is what an article titled Personality Testing Controversial, But Poised to Take Off published in states: “Advocates of personality testing say such assessments offer useful and legitimate insights into how well people might fit into an organization. Critics, though, question personality tests’ effectiveness and suggest they can harm job candidates”. Express your opinion and evaluations in a critical manner. Make
sure you reply to your peers the I’m RN and I study health care management

powerpoint slides

Business Assignment Help Hello Please only send me 1 slide of the introduction about Starbucks company because I had to do number 1 and number 6 and conclusion. someone else will doe 2-5.
so I need 1 slide power about Starbucks as a company
2 slides about answering number 6
and 1 slide a conclusion
I marked them in bold so you know thx
Pick a public company. (STARBUCKS)
What do the company website and its public financial reporting say about their corporate social responsibility policy? Who do they serve and what do they believe in?
Look at glassdoor, reddit and other places and see what people say about the company.
Search the news to see what types of lawsuits and fines that are/were against the company.
Look at the company SEC public financial reporting and see how much in percentage of revenue and profit did the company spend on marketing? What about how much did the company spend on the social responsibility cause that they said they did?
Based on the information in 3 to 5 above, do you think the company truly serves who they said they serve? If not, who do you think they truly serve? Make sure you only identify the key stakeholder that they serve, not a list of 3 or 5.
just send me the 4 slides in a Powerpoint thats it

Business Question

Sustainability ActivityPlease ensure you are completing this activity first, before completing the Environmental Issues activity.
PurposeSustainability science attempts to solve complex problems caused by numerous, interrelated economic, social and environmental (and other) factors. In addition to being complex, these problems are urgent, potentially dangerous, and change overtime. They also require long-term, flexible interventions from diverse stakeholders. Whether, and how, to solve sustainability problems is often controversial, as the impact and importance of the problem may vary depending on geographic location. For example, in the United States, sea level rise due to global climate change is a problem that may not directly impact a farming community in the Midwest, while cities on the east coast experience increased, and more severe seasonal flooding.
The capacity of stakeholders to cope with the problem further compounds their controversy, as some communities adapt easily to the problem, while others struggle to acclimate. For instance, when a region’s municipal water supply has been contaminated, different socioeconomic groups are impacted to different degrees. Communities that can afford and have access to filtered or bottled water easily adapt to the crisis, while poorer communities cannot. For these reasons, simple approaches to sustainability problems often result in failure.
Designing a successful solution to a sustainability problem involves careful analysis of the factors contributing to the problem and developing a targeted plan of action aimed at addressing these factors. Sustainability scientists must also be attentive to the problem of unintended consequences. These arise, often unexpectedly, when a solution to a complex problem is implemented. As a result, sustainability problems must be continually monitored, evaluated, and adjusted as unintended consequences are identified.
One way to evaluate environmental problems is by using a tool called a fishbone diagram. A “fishbone” diagram is a visual representation of a complex problem. The “head” of the diagram represents the central problem, with “bones” of the diagram illustrating factors that contribute to the cause of the central problem. For these examples, contributing factors are grouped as belonging to either Economy, Society, Environment, or Technology.
Information taken from –
Task Please be sure you read the information above. It is critical for the assignment.
Watch the following videos:Introduction to Defining Sustainability (1 minute 9 seconds)
How to Analyze Complex Problems (6 minutes 47 seconds)

Read the article “Sustainable Fisheries ”
Instructions. As you read and watch the videos, please take notes. Begin to brainstorm your understanding of the topic. Once you have a rough outline of the problem, please create a fishbone diagram of the sustainability problem involving fisheries. The diagram should include the relevant factors that combine to cause the problem from the article. Be sure to identify factors from the economy, society, environment, and technology.
CriteriaPlease review the Unit 1 – Sustainability Activity Rubric to see how you’ll be evaluated on this activity. This activity may use a different grading rubric than what was used in past activities. Be sure to check the grading rubric before starting Please remember you should submit documents as JPG, PDF, RTF, PNG, DOC and DOCX only. Other formats will not be accepted. Incorrect submission formats could impact your grade.

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