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Business Accounting Management Questions

Question 1
Ethical Behaviour: (LO 5)
Manager: If I can reduce my costs by $40,000 during this last quarter, my division will show a profit that is 10 percent above the planned level, and I will receive a $10,000 bonus. However, given the projections for the fourth quarter, it does not look promising.
I really need that $10,000. I know of one way that I can qualify. All I have to do is lay off my three most expensive salespeople. After all, most of the orders are in for the fourth quarter, and I can always hire new sales personnel at the beginning of the next year.
What is the right choice for the manager to make? Why did the ethical dilemma arise? Is there any way to redesign the accounting reporting system to discourage the type of behaviour that the manager is contemplating?
Question 2
Ethical Issues: (LO 5)
The following statements have appeared in newspaper editorials:
1. Business students come from all segments of society. If they have not been taught ethics by their families and by their elementary and secondary schools, a business school can have little effect.
2. Sacrificing self-interest for the collective good won’t happen unless a majority of people also accept this premise.
3. Competent executives manage people and resources for the good of society. Monetary benefits and titles are simply the by-products of doing a good job.
4. Unethical firms and individuals, like high rollers in Las Vegas, are eventually wiped out financially.
Assess and comment on each of the statements.
Question 3
Ethical Issues: (LO 5)
The Bedron Company is a closely held investment service group that has been quite successful over the past five years, consistently providing most members of the top management group with 50 percent bonuses. In addition, both the chief financial officer and the chief executive officer have received 100 percent bonuses. Bedron expects this trend to continue.
Recently, Bedron’s top management group, which holds 35 percent of the outstanding shares of common stock, has learned that a major corporation is interested in acquiring Bedron. The other corporation’s initial offer is attractive and is several dollars per share higher than Bedron’s current share price. One member of management told a group of employees under him about the potential offer. He suggested that they might want to purchase more Beckon stock at the current price in anticipation of the takeover offer.
Do you think that the employees should take the action suggested by their boss? Suppose the action is prohibited by Bedron’s code of ethics. Now suppose that it is not prohibited by Bedron’s code of ethics. Is the action acceptable in that case?
Question 4
Line versus Staff: (LO 4)
The following describes the job responsibilities of two employees of Barney Manufacturing.
Joan Dennison, Cost Accounting Manager. Joan is responsible for measuring and collecting costs associated with the manufacture of the garden hose product line. She is also responsible for preparing periodic reports that compare the actual costs with planned costs. These reports are provided to the production line managers and the plant manager. Joan helps to explain and interpret the reports.
Steven Swasey, Production Manager. Steven is responsible for the manufacture of the high-quality garden hose. He supervises the line workers, helps to develop the production schedule, and is responsible for seeing that production quotas are met. He is also held accountable for controlling manufacturing costs.
Identify Joan and Steven as line or staff and explain your reasons.
Question 5
Ethical Behaviour: (LO 5)
Consider the following true scenario between Dave, a printer, and Steve, an assistant in the local university’s athletic department.
Steve: Dave, our department needs to have 10,000 posters printed for the basketball team for next year. Here’s the mock up, and we’ll need them in a month How much will you charge?
Dave: Well, given the costs I have for ink and paper, I can come in at around
Steve: Great, here’s what I want you to do Print me up an invoice for $7,500. That’s our budget Then, when they pay you, you give me a cheque for $2,500. I’ll make sure that you get the job
Is this ethical? What should Dave do?

Response to student post minimum 150 words

Response Post Guidelines
Read the initial posts of the other learners and respond to at least one. In your response, explain why you decided to respond to this particular post. Ask for clarification or provide another viewpoint. If your response offers an alternative viewpoint or refers to the ideas or work of others, your post must be supported by citing an outside scholarly source, using current APA style and formatting.
Student post down below:
Human-centered design thinking can be defined as building relationships with people, having empathy, and the ability to understand the point of views of people who will have a positive impact in the environment. Within human-centered design thinking, there are 3 phases to consider.
The 3 phases are: Inspiration which is learning and opening yourself up to creative possibilities. The next phase, Ideation which is coming up with a lot of ideas by testing and integrating systems until everything is right. The last phase, Implementation which is the opportunity to introduce ideas to the world while keeping focus on the overarching goal (
The advantages of using a human-centered design thinking approach to help solve human services problems is the opportunity to work with different skillsets who share a common interest. Helping to solve human services problems with individuals who are vested will lead to buy-in and better services for the consumers. Using the human-centered design thinking to help solve human services problems is a strength-based approach to sustainability.
Human-centered design thinking will guide my capstone project by incorporating the 3 phases and understanding how to gather reliable information that correlates with the project. In addition, it is important to take into consideration the raw data collection, the effectiveness, and how to interpret the categories needed for the project. Accessibility to raw data from the site to compare to the population being served will also help guide my capstone project.
When I think about reframe, I think of looking at something from a different viewpoint. Using reframe to guide my capstone project would mean reviewing the information gathered and narrowing it down to align with the topic. While doing this, I will collaborate with the stakeholders involved in the project to ensure the messages are disseminated effectively.

Response to student post minimum 150 words

Management Assignment Help Response Guidelines
Read the initial posts of the other learners and respond to at least one. In your response, explain why you decided to respond to this particular post. Ask for clarification or provide another viewpoint. If your response offers an alternative viewpoint or refers to the ideas or work of others, your post must be supported by citing an outside scholarly source, using current APA style.
Student post down below:
Oh My God, I am totally overwhelmed. This has made me stressed more than I have before. It is a lot of knowledge at once in one document. My husband Broderick (2022) stated, “Baby you got this because you are doing this all the while and you at the end and keep pushing because it is all over now”. It made me feel better, but it is still a lot of knowledge. I really do not have any questions, but I am adhesive on Capstone because I do not want all my work to go to waste if I do not meet Scientific Merit approval. Currently, I am just taking it all in and trying to process everything. I have printed and read and re-read everything multiple times. I may have questions throughout Keystone and if I do, I will ask.

Management Question

Read “Appendix A: MS Project 2016”.
Part 2.
Research 3 other project management software tools (include at least 1 smartphone or tablet app). You should find information about the pricing, features, and usage of each.
Part 3.
Answer the following questions in a short paper:
What functions and capabilities does project management software provide that you cannot do easily using other tools such as spreadsheet or database?
Do a comparative analysis of MS Project and the three other software tools you researched. This can be in the form of a MS Word table, showing a comparison of each in terms of specific features, pricing, etc. Or you can write a brief synopsis of each.
How can organizations justify investing in enterprise or portfolio project management software?
Your paper should be in APA format and 3-4 pages, not counting the title page and reference pages. Make sure you have in-text citations and a reference page.

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