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Business Ethics and Organization Social Responsibility (MGT 422)

Critical Thinking
Students could select two companies from the Global 100 and compare how various companies approach the subject of social responsibility. Students could investigate 2 companies and prepare a report.
The Global 100 is a group based in Canada that rates companies globally on a sustainability index:
Pointers for student’s reference-
Report must include-
*Introduction (250 words-2 Marks)
*Identify its key stakeholders (350 words-3 Marks)
*Critically analyse its CSR report (500 words- 4 Marks)
*Conclusion (150 words- 1 Mark)

Near-Miss Crane Incident persuasive essay help Case Study assignment help

As the Environmental Health and Safety officer at the company, I have one primary issue to address immediately upon learning of the crane incident; it is urgent that I ensure that no one is in danger and that the equipment held by the crane be secured or safely moved. Connected to this is the equally immediate need to see that no one in the operation requires medical treatment following the accident. In this matter I cannot rely on secondhand reports so, after first ensuring that everyone concerned is away from the field of danger, I make sure that all personnel on the scene are met by myself. Even as I am told that the company nurse is able to treat the minor injuries, I insist that an external medical team be brought in; it is entirely possible that some men suffered injuries not immediately known to them, and I must see that everyone hurt is thoroughly examined.

Once it is certain that no one is in danger on the scene of the lift any longer, and that those present at the time are being properly treated, my next priority is assessing the options regarding the suspended equipment. As I discuss these with the engineers, I am told that an employee has informed OSHA of the situation and indicated that it is a dangerous one. I realize that the call no longer applies in an urgent sense because I have seen to it that, no matter any structural damage occurring on the scene, no person is at risk. The call itself is something to be addressed later. Meanwhile, I consult with the engineers and supervisors as to the chances of success in moving the part safely and correctly, given the equipment at hand.

No matter their opinions, I allow very little time for this; the important factor is determining if any such chance exists, or how they believe the operation may be safely completed otherwise. I ask them to consider this with no regard to expense, given the urgency of the situation and expense not being their concern. I emphasize that their focus must only be on finishing the job with safety as the priority. As they consider the options and (safely) examine the circumstances, I then contact the facility manager and inform him of all that has occurred. I relate what I have been told and the instructions I have thus far given, and say that it is imperative that, given the information at hand, additional engineering consultants be brought in.

In plain terms, and in my professional capacity, I cannot trust to solutions proposed by our own team when that same team ordered the crane to be jury-rigged, and also that they chose to use a crane likely not able to do the job. I am aware that I have no evidence for this, but the comments of the workers and the situation itself strongly support the reality. I also inform the facility manager that I am making my thinking in these matters public knowledge because the company, its urgency in needing to fulfill the contract notwithstanding, is liable to suffer immense damage if it does not, first and foremost, secure safety conditions. The courts have consistently upheld that, no matter contractor and subcontractor relationships, the general contractor is liable for any accidents occurring (Connolly, Crowell, 2014, p. 8-11).

After this, I determine to meet with all workers present at the time, but my goal is only to gain information. I do remind them that they are in no way obligated to ever undertake any operation seeming unsafe, and that they should in fact refuse to cooperate, as when they were aware of the issues in the situation before the accident. That an hourly employee has already notified OSHA is out of my hands, and my reaction to this is to meet with the OSHA representative I expect on the scene and report exactly what I know to be the facts of the case. I honestly convey that I myself would have made the contact at the first possible opportunity, as I remind this person that my positions demands I address issues of accountability in safety protocols. Lastly, I go on record as urging the company to spend whatever is necessary to best complete the operation safely, as the accident having occurred places the company at risk of losing far more than future contracts.

Management Assignment Help

How Companies Could Effectively Use Emerging Technology To Win Over Its Competitors

To Dr. Clover (Unit 1 Week 1 Second Response Needed)

Class– As you ponder the difference between an independent contractor and an employee, what do you think about these questions and comparisons? 1. A lawyer would be regarded as an independent contractor. True or false? 2. An employer has direct control over the work performed by an independent contractor. True or false?` 3. An employee and an independent contractor may be the same. True or false?

Security Organ & Admin

Answer the following question: As a Chief Security Officer, explain the importance of a thorough pre-employment screening for candidates applying for a position in your security department. Write Two Paragraphs

Business Recovery With Smart Strategies

Business Recovery With Smart Strategies. Business Recovery with Smart Strategies Duration: (32:52) User: PECB – Added: 1/26/16 Develop business recovery strategies for SanGrafix, a video game design company. The strategies should contain detailed guidance and procedures for restoring a damaged system unique to the system’s security impact level and recovery requirements. Use the sample plan/template provided or create your own. The plan must include the following: Business Function Problem Description Immediate Action Primary Support Secondary Support Mitigation Actions Recovery Actions The rubric for this assignment can be viewed when clicking on the assignment link. Business Recovery Plan.doc By submitting this paper, you agree: (1) that you are submitting your paper to be used and stored as part of the SafeAssign? services in accordance with the Blackboard Privacy Policy; (2) that your institution may use your paper in accordance with your institution’s policies; and (3) that your use of SafeAssign will be without recourse against Blackboard Inc. and its affiliates.
Business Recovery With Smart Strategies


NO PLAGARISM!!!! Please follow instructions carefully. You are to choose only one of the scenarios from the list below. Please specify which one you are choosing. In Unit VIII, you are required to submit a management action plan (MAP). Instructions for this assignment can be found by viewing the Unit VIII assignment instructions below. Additionally, you can click here to view an example of a completed MAP. Your MAP can be either a ?real-world management problem within your own healthcare organization or one of the scenarios shown below. For this assignment, please present a one-paragraph summary of the problem to your instructor for approval by submitting it here in Blackboard. Your paragraph will describe the scenario as well as the reason why you believe a MAP is warranted for this scenario. Deciding on for-profit, not-for-profit, or public status for your hospital Managing third-party payer relationships in health care Implementing Healthy People 2020 standards in your community Implementing evidence-based medicine in your hospital Implementing CMS quality initiatives in your hospital Developing a workplace safety plan for your hospital Implementing telehealth services in your facility Conducting a complete risk assessment for your facility Developing an accountable care organization for your organization Developing a marketing plan for your healthcare facility Submit Unit II Project Topic »


The Blog topic is based on ?Ethics – Invading Your Privacy’ (Section 13/Plug In B7 Closing Case 2), Integrating the Enterprise, IS Function & IS Technologie 1. Pick one of the preceding cases and create an argument on behalf of the employee. Please answer the above question in 1 page with atleast two references, no plagioarism and with APA format.

Psychosocial Crises In Middle Adulthood

The purpose of this discussion is to help you prepare for your assignment in this unit. In your discussion post, you have the opportunity to think through how people might be affected by some of the psychosocial issues of middle adulthood. Chapter 12 of your Development Through Life text outlines developmental tasks of middle adulthood, such as career management and change, nurturing of intimate relationships, and the expansion of relationships and management of a household. Consider that the primary psychosocial crisis of middle adulthood is generativity versus stagnation. Think about someone you know well who is currently in this stage of life. Draw upon your Development Through Life text (specifically Chapter 12) to complete the following: What kinds of changes have you seen in this individual’s behavior since he or she has been in this developmental stage? What are some ways in which situational and environmental factors might be impacting how this person deals with the psychosocial crisis of generativity versus stagnation? Please remember to cite and reference your sources in APA style.

Economic Factors

Write a 2-page Paper Reflect upon the economic factors that would lead a CIO to consider outsourcing or offshoring critical IT segments (i.e., help desk support, software development, and quality assurance) as a viable option for an organization. Analyze three economic factors that could lead the CIO down the path of outsourcing or offshoring. Assess whether or not economic factors lead to the same level of IT outsourcing or offshoring decisions, despite the business or industry. Explain your answer.

Which of the following is/are important in documenting in a patient’s medical record? I. Document

Which of the following is/are important in documenting in a patient’s medical record? I. Document. Which of the following is/are important in documenting in a patient’s medical record? I. Document only facts. II. Be brief. III. Use medical terminology. IV. Describe precisely what has occurred a. I                                          c. I, II, III b. I, II                                     d. I, II, III, IV
Which of the following is/are important in documenting in a patient’s medical record? I. Document

How Companies Could Effectively Use Emerging Technology To Win Over Its Competitors

Q2 How companies could effectively use emerging technology to win over its competitors. APA format required. 250 words essay required. Turntin check required .

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