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Business Plan BUSI 4002

Assignment: Business Plan AnalysisSome individuals, when faced with a large decision or opportunity, will step back, analyze the situation, and come up with a plan of action. What they are doing is creating a development strategy. Small business entrepreneurs, when faced with generating a strategic plan for their business, are wise to do the same.
XFor this Assignment, you will analyze a small business plan and generate a SWOT analysis. To begin, Perform a SWOT Analysis. Refer to
And utilize the SWOT Analysis Matrix in Figure 1. Next, select a business plan from the following database in the Walden Library: Business Plans Handbooks (Gale Virtual Reference Library). Be sure that the business plan you select does not already contain a SWOT analysis.
In your 2- to 3-page paper:
Identify the business plan you selected, and provide a concise description of the plan.
Include a SWOT analysis chart/grid with some of the main highlights of your SWOT analysis.
In addition, be sure to address the following:
Based on the outcome of the SWOT analysis, which strategic direction appears best for the business?
Which business environmental factors would affect the company’s success?
Recommend specific strategies the business should take given the outcome of the strategic direction and environmental factors identified. Justify your recommendations.
By Day 7

Javascript Question

— This is a quiz problem I’m required to complete…I’m using browser to answer and click run to see if answer correct but not having any success…I also attached a screenshot of the problem (attached)….further details below
–Also, there’s an html button that gives the following:

Rocket Cars !

Store the message inside the Paragraph in the HTML file provided to you, in a variable called message
Your boss would also like you to store the internal value of the element in a variable called internal
let message = document.querySelector(‘#HomeMessage’) //Complete the expression
let internal = document.querySelector(‘#HomeMessage’) // Complete the expression

Storage Device Presentation

Data loss prevention has become ever more prevalent in the technology world with the rise of ransomware attacks. However, simply providing storage space to an existing system is not enough to protect systems from the various threat actors and internal complexities an enterprise network faces.
Create a 3-5-minute video using Loom, YouTube, or another online video streaming service. Create a presentation to be viewed during your presentation with no more than 8-10 slides that address the following:
Describe the similarities and differences between the file system structure of a Windows operating system and a Linux operating system.
Explain why you would prefer one system over the other from the business perspective.
Compare at least two storage solutions in an enterprise network.
From a Christian perspective, identify the ethical considerations of utilizing storage devices in an enterprise network when cost considerations are prevalent. Explain the role ethics would play in your decision-making process.
Refer to the resource, “Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations,” located in the Student Success Center, for additional guidance on completing this assignment in the appropriate style.
While APA format is not required for this assignment, academic writing is expected. In-text citation shall be present within the presentation where appropriate. Additionally, full citations shall be provided at the end of the presentation.
This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.?

I need a document photoshopped

Writing Assignment Help attached is an unofficial report. I need you to use this document in photoshop and screenshot the individual letters and numbers that I would like changed and paste them over the ones that I want covered up. This is for recreational use only, to show my parents I got good grades. My parents have seen previous reports and this new document need to look identical to the old one, but with the changes. I need to have the following changed:
The date (top right) changed to 1/17/2022
For “fall 2021”:
change the “units earned” category to 3.00 in all four rowschange the “grade” category to 3 B’s and 1 A
Change the “term units earned” to 12.00
Change the “term gpa” to 3.25
change the “cumulative gpa” category to 2.70change the “cumulative units” category to 34.00
please do not white out any part of the “unofficial” background, use the same font type, size and color in order to make it look at real possible.

choice the right answer

1. Prescriptive grammar tells us that double negatives are incorrect. Therefore,
a. English is the only language where people use double negatives.b. Many languages also make use of double negatives.c. In French, double negatives are often obligatory as in je ne veux rien = literally ‘I not want nothing’.d. both b. and c.
2. Where you work there are lots of people who learned prescriptive grammar in school, and just accept the idea that anyone who doesn’t speak according to prescriptive grammar is either uneducated or not too bright. Choose the best way to handle this situation:
a. A good strategy would be to ignore them, and maybe their attitude will change. b. A good strategy would be to use prescriptive grammar around them as much as possible when you’re at work and at school (and speak however you want elsewhere). c. neither a. nor b.
3. Which of the following sentences would prescriptive grammar NOT like:
a.To whom are you writing?b. I wish to boldly go, where no person has gone before. c. Where is the library?
d.Prescriptive grammar would like them ALL.
4. The phrases ‘it’s me’ or ‘it’s him’ (as opposed to ‘it is I’ or ‘it is he’):
a. have only been in use for about 40 or 50 years. b. have only developed over the last few years.
c. have been around for several centuries. d. none of the above
5. It is closest to correct to say:a. Only languages like Latin have grammar. Languages like Chinese and Maori don’t have any grammar.b. Any language that doesn’t put endings (suffixes) on nouns (like Latin) to indicate grammatical distinctions is primitive.c. Aboriginal or “primitive” languages don’t have specific grammatical rules of any sort.d. All languages have grammar but the kinds of rules and strategies in their grammars vary.
6. In the sentence, “Mrs. Grundy is not unreasonable…”, what best describes the meaning of ‘not unreasonable’?
a.She is reasonable.b.She is unreasonable.c.She is somewhat reasonable, but maybe not extremely reasonable.
d.None of the above.
7.What would prescriptivists (people who like to use prescriptive grammar) say about this sentence?: Who do you work for?
They would say it’s not good. It should be: ‘For whom do you work?’
They would say it is just as good as: ‘For whom do you work?’
They would say neither Who do you work for?, nor For whom do you work? is correct.
none of the above
8. Aboriginal or so-called “primitive” languages have small vocabularies and therefore are forced to borrow lots of words from other languages:a. trueb. false
9. Which of the following sentences is rejected by prescriptive grammar, but is used frequently in everyday speech?
She wanted to quickly leave the country to jump bail.
She wanted to leave the country quickly to jump bail.
They would say neither For whom do you work?, nor Who do you work for? iscorrect.
10. Descriptive grammar is:a. a grammar of how people ought to speak and write, and warnings about “bad” grammar.b. a grammar of the language that people really speak.c. a long list of mistakes that people make when they speak, that is, the most common errors.d. none of the above
11. Charles Darwin, the developer of the theory of evolution, once wrote: “It never
occurred to me to doubt that your work would not advance our common *objective.”
If it is true that two negatives in language must equal a positive, then Charles’ statement above would have to mean:
a.he doubted that the person’s work would advance their common objective.
b.he didn’t doubt that the person’s work would advance their common objective.
c.he didn’t advance their objective, so the other person wouldn’t be able to do so either. neither had managed to advance their common objective.d.none of the above
*I’ve modernized this word so the meaning is clear. Darwin actually wrote object, which back in his day also could mean ‘objective’.

Week 1 Microbiology Critical Thinking

Develop one argument in support of or refuting the following statement: “Viruses are living microorganisms.”
Discuss three examples of how humans utilize microbes and their products today.
Provide a concise summary of the five basic techniques used to manipulate, grow, examine, and characterize microorganisms in a laboratory.
Summarize three isolation techniques. Explain which method is utilized most often in a laboratory and how a colony produced by this method can be used to create a pure culture.

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