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business plan

Summary of your business (1 paragraph minimum)
Distinguishing characteristics (1 paragraph minimum)
Industry description and outlook (1 paragraph minimum)
Target markets (2 paragraphs minimum)
Customer profile (1 paragraph minimum)
Customer needs (1 paragraph minimum)
Trends (2 paragraphs minimum)
Potential competitors (2 paragraphs minimum)
some background info just for your reference and should be base on what I have wrote.
The meaning of “Gee Hands” means a mild expression typically of surprise, and enthusiasm. Our buyer’s unique taste will bring the most trendy fashion to your door just by one click.

What is the customer profile of your target market?

With the expansion of Japan Culture, the demand for Japanese clothes and cosmetics continues to rise. For the past five years, more Asian immigration moved to North American, and Chinese people are heavily concentrated in the East and West Coast. Our market research has shown that five out of 10 Asians polled in Irvine would prefer more variety of Japanese products options with easier access and lower price. 9 out of 10 would buy from a reliable website with a user-friendly interface and excellent customer service.

What solution does your business bring to a problem your customers currently have?

A fast, reliable source of high-quality products from Japan exclusively picks from buyers in Japan. The trustworthy resource customer can experience the just like Japan’s shopping experience and cannot get it elsewhere.
With covid travel bans that many travelers are experienced home shopping instead of travel abroad this new online platform will enhance shopping experience that are exclusive made from Japan.

PHI210 Critical Thinking

Week 3 Assignment – Conflicting Viewpoints Essay: Part 1
The assignment is divided into two parts: the prewriting paper (Part 1) due this week, and the essay (Part 2) due in Week 5.Overview
When looking for information about a particular issue, how often do you try to resist biases toward your own point of view?This assignment asks you to engage in this aspect of critical thinking by playing the “Believing Game.” The Believing Game is about making the effort to “believe,” or at least consider, the reasons for an opposing view on an issue.Instructions
In the Week 2 Discussion, you examined the biases discussed in Chapter 2 of the webtext and reviewed one of the topics from Pros

Annotated Outline

Business Assignment Help Create a 2-5 page annotated outline that include the sections to be
analyzed, ethical decision making aspects of the topic, main points of
the recommendation, and credible evidence you plan to use for supporting
the analysis and recommendations.
While everyone has their own process for writing, creating an
outline is often an important early step in the process in all types of
writing, even for the most seasoned writers. By creating an outline, you
draft a plan that organizes your thoughts, helps you see gaps in your
thought process, and enables you to decide where in your paper you will
address particular issues.
An annotated outline is a document that organizes the main sections
to be included in your paper. The annotations are based on thinking
through your approach to the paper and developing enough detail that
anyone who reads the outline can follow your thought process.
The purpose of this assessment is as follows:
To build an annotated outline that shows the key sections of your
analysis, the ethical considerations, and the leadership and
collaboration aspects that you intend to include in your capstone
project. With this outline, faculty can understand the organization and
purpose of your paper; upon approval, you may move forward to writing
the capstone project (Assessment 4).
To help you manage your work because you will need to start
researching now (if you have not already) in order to create your
annotated outline.
To demonstrate that you know how to cite in APA format by
including some quotations or paraphrases from researched sources. The
sources you include in the outline may or may not be used in your actual
To demonstrate your ability to create a well-organized document,
suitable for academic or business, that meets established criteria.
Assessment Description
For this assessment, create an annotated outline that provides a framework of your capstone project. Begin by reviewing the MBA Capstone Project Description [PDF]. Your annotated outline must state the name of your chosen organization and must include the following items:
Identify the main sections to be developed in the paper and tie them to the project objectives.
In your key sections, you should use at least four main headings; these sections make up the body of your outline.
Each heading must have at least two sub-points to develop the detail required.
Include a description of each major point.

Identify where each supporting reference will be integrated.
Include at least one reference to support each major point of the paper.
Incorporate relevant quotes or paraphrases from a source that you might use for support, with an APA in-text citation.

Identify main points that address ethical aspects associated with your chosen business.
Ethical considerations/aspects should also be one of the headings of your outline.
Use the program outcomes to help determine the areas of ethics that you might want to cover.
Include at least one reference to elaborate on how you intend to cover ethics in your project.

Identify main points that address leadership and collaboration aspects associated with your chosen business.
Leadership and collaboration considerations/aspects should also be one of the headings of your outline.
Review the program outcomes to determine the areas of leadership and collaboration that you should consider.
Include at least one reference to elaborate on how you intend to cover leadership and collaboration in your project.

Identify main points of your recommendations. Your recommendations should also be one of the headings of your outline.
Identify credible evidence to support an analysis.
For the evidence you provide, include key points to clarify why it matters and how it will inform the analysis.

Your annotated outline should have these sections:
An executive summary.
An introduction.
The body of your outline should be comprised of at least four main
headings with additional subheadings and points. (Never use the word
“Body” as a heading or subheading.)
A conclusion.
References. Use APA style and formatting for all the sources you use in the annotated outline.
Submission Requirements
Style: This outline should be written in academic
format; refer to the corresponding MBA Academic and Professional
Document Guidelines. It should be double spaced, use subheadings, and be
well organized and well written.
Communication: Ensure written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message and quality.
APA guidelines: Format your paper according to current APA style and formatting.
Resources: Use at least four resources from credible resources.
Length: Your outline should be 2–5 pages.
Font and font size: Use 12 point, Times New Roman.
It is highly recommended that you submit your outline to
Smarthinking (linked in the MBA Program Resources) to request feedback
on ideas and organization (that is, global issues). Smarthinking can be
instrumental in helping you get a solid, flowing outline and foundation
to your capstone.
By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate
your proficiency in the following course competencies through
corresponding scoring guide criteria:
Competency 1: Apply foundational knowledge and an understanding of
business systems, processes, and technology within and across core
Identify the main sections to be developed in the paper and tie them to the project objectives.

Competency 2: Integrate information across disciplines and from differing perspectives.
Identify where each supporting reference will be integrated

Competency 3: Think critically and analytically to provide evidence-based solutions to business challenges and opportunities.
Identify main points of recommendations.

Competency 5: Lead and collaborate in virtual, global, and culturally diverse environments.
Identify main points that address leadership and collaboration aspects associated with the chosen business.

Competency 6: Integrate principles of ethics and integrity into business decisions.
Identify main points that address ethical aspects associated with the chosen business.

Competency 7: Communicate clearly and effectively in a business environment.
Cite sources and references in proper APA format.

This assignment is the integration of all the sections including the Introduction and Sections A through D. Section A: Essay

This assignment is the integration of all the sections including the Introduction and Sections A through D.

Section A: Business Concept:

Describe in overview and in detail what you are offering to the market. What does it “do”? What are the benefits to your customers? How do the customers now accomplish the same task? How is your approach better than the competition?

Section B: Industry Analysis

Research industry averages for profitability in your marketplace. Use this information to determine the validity of your own projections and make changes if necessary.

Section C: Regulation and Legal

Determine your location and business environment (Choose any State). Address all legal, zoning, and licensing concerns your business will face. What form of business will you set up? Why? The level of detail required for this section will depend on your type of location (virtual, retail, warehouse, office, restaurant, etc.) and on your idea. Demonstrate that you have completed your research. DON’T say “We will obtain all of the appropriate permits”; instead, summarize them. When you explain your form of business—remember your audience. For example, if you select an S corporation, explain your reasoning for that selection in the context of your potential business, rather than providing the definition of an S corporation. Address any pending regulations which may have an impact on your business.

Section D: Competitive analysis

Describe the competitive landscape. Who are the key competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses? How will you take share from them? How will they most likely try to stop you if you are successful? Who are your indirect competitors? What do they offer your prospects?

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