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Business Process Modeling and Process Design

choose a example from three examples has given below, then make the original process diagram and redesigned diagram in PDF by follow the BPMN basic rules which used some internet tools to help with. Then, use another file to write the answers for process analysis and redesign in word.

Business Question

Dear Writer,
Please review Alyssa Section/paper and add solution with examples and paraphrase the content.

For the solution section. Examples should be given.
include a conclusion for the entire.
We are working on event 2. Benefits.
Proposed Solutions for Benefits is what you are working on. Again it should be based off Alyssa paper.

Living Program and its Impact on Consumption Amongst DEWA’s Customers

Business Assignment Help I have already finished the ‘Introduction’, ‘Literature review

Business Question

Topic : Flexible BudgetingArticle Research Paper Instructions:Article Research Papers and Posting: This is a graduate course and students will be expected to research and write papers summarizing in their own words what they have found on current topics from the weekly readings. Research is a theoretical review of relevant literature and application of findings in the literature to a topic related to a specific industry, field, or business problem.
The research must be conducted using peer-reviewed trade or academic journals. While Blogs, Wikipedia, encyclopedias, course textbooks, popular magazines, newspaper articles, online websites, etc. are helpful for providing background information, these resources are NOT suitable resources for this research assignment.
Research/find a minimum at least four (4), preferably five (5) or more, different peer-reviewed articles on your topic The article(s) must be relevant and from a peer-reviewed source. While you may use relevant articles from any time frame, current/published within the last five (5) years are preferred. Using literature that is irrelevant or unrelated to the chosen topic will result in a point reduction.
Write a four (4) to five (5) page double spaced paper in APA format discussing the findings on your specific topic in your own words. Note – paper length does not include cover page, abstract, or references page(s).
Structure your paper as follows:Cover page
Overview describing the importance of the research topic to current business and professional practice in your own words
Review of the Literature summarized in your own words. Note that this should not be a “copy and paste” of literature content, nor should this section be substantially filled with direct quotes from the article. A literature review is a summary of the major points and findings of each of the selected articles (with appropriate citations). Direct quotations should be used sparingly. Normally, this will be the largest section of your paper (this is not a requirement; just a general observation).
Practical Application of the literature. Describe how your findings from the relevant research literature can shape, inform, and improve current business and professional practice related to your chosen topic.
Conclusion in your own words
References formatted according to APA style requirements
strictly No plagiarism, please
textbook for reference:Title: Managerial AccountingISBN: 9781260696233Authors: HiltonPublisher: MCGEdition: 12TH 20

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