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Business Question

I have this assignment due and I will provide all the information and if you can finish it earlier I will appreciate it. If there is anything else let me know.
Discussion: (40) total points
Due: 1/25/22
Contracts Rules Everything Around Me
Contracts move every aspect of commerce; big and small; down to every transaction in which you participate; down to the home you buy; the products you buy on Amazon; to the food you buy at the grocery store.
What questions do you have regarding the necessary elements required to form a legally binding contract; or in what circumstances is a contract legally formed or not?
• (15) points will be awarded for a thoughtful question in this discussion thread that proposes a question of law for the class to answer whether a contract was legally formed or not? You must also provide a sufficient set of facts in which to apply the question of law. This can even be from a simple personal experience such as when you select an apple in the grocery store: are you offering to purchase the apple or accepting the advertised offer to purchase the apple? (more facts would be needed here to make this a thoughtfully proposed question but hopefully you get the idea).
(25) points will be awarded for a correct, thoughtful response to a question. In your response you must provide a source for the law or laws that support your conclusion (which will be a citation to the textbook). If your response does not have a source of law, then it is merely opinion. Law is formed by caselaw, statutes and regulations; both state and federal; also to a lesser degree by city ordinances. Your textbook summarizes the law to the degree necessary for this course. Please also provide the necessary elements to form a legally binding contract in your answer. Expound in depth where necessary to support your conclusion. It is encouraged to have more than one answer to a question as the first responders are not always correct or awarded full points for having a meaningful response.
(40) points total are available per student on the basis of: one question worth (15) points and one answer worth (25) points.
We will moderate the discussion if the responses are going in an unproductive direction but I’m guessing that with the high number of students in this class, that the correct and best answer will get refined over time (or not – the best could be the first?) I am hoping that this exercise can 1) help you understand all the various ways we are affected by contracts and 2) expound on the knowledge you have already learned on the subject matter.

This portion is nonotechnology and food addivtivties with 5 sources IS A DRAFT AND NEEDS MUCH MORE WORK!! Please

This portion is nonotechnology and food addivtivties with 5 sources

IS A DRAFT AND NEEDS MUCH MORE WORK!! Please help fill in the gaps of information and contribute to the discussion so we can successfully post this by midnight! Please address the following:

1) For each category we need to elaborate. We have a lot of facts, but we need more discussion about each category, what our product is, how we use it, what’s in our product, etc.

2) Our distribution process. I entered some facts about what it entails, how can we manage our distribution operations to be successful?

Group 1 – Nanotechnology: Food Industry

Nanotechnology science is present in many industries including the food industry. Nanotechnology has been used in a variety of ways including food production, food processing, nutrition, food safety and quality, and packaging (Henchion et al., 2019). Our group has decided to focus on three different categories including nutraceuticals, nanopesticides, and nanotechnology in food additives to increase shelf life and safety.

Nanotechnology is used in pesticides with a wide array of benefits for both plants and workers. “Nanoencapsulation of pesticides involves manipulating the outer shell properties of a capsule allowing slow and controlled release of the active ingredient, and therefore delivering more effective control over certain pests at lower dosage rates and over a prolonged period of time. Nanopesticides can increase the dispersion and wettability of agricultural formulations (i.e. decreased chemical run-off) and unwanted pesticide movement. Other potential benefits of nanoencapsulated pesticides include increased solubility and decreased contact of active ingredients with farm workers” (Hanford et al., 2014).

Nutraceuticals are designed to combat lifestyle diseases such as obesity and diabetes, while being used to promote health and the proper absorption of nutrients. “A number of applications support this aim, e.g. nanosizing food ingredients and additives to achieve greater efficacy in addressing certain nutrient deficiencies and treating chronic diseases, nanotechnology-based nutrient and supplement delivery systems (nutraceuticals), and microencapsulation of nutrients and supplements to enhance their sensory characteristics or to protect bioactive compounds and enhance their stability” (de Francisco

Analyze the needs of organizations within a changing global business environment.

Business Assignment Help Respond to the following in a minimum of 500 words:
The global business environment is constantly evolving based on the forces in the general and task environment. In order to sustain the company and maintain a competitive foothold, organization leaders must consistently analyze the global environment and adjust their strategy as needed. Managers play an important role in implementing strategies to achieve a company’s mission and goals.
Consider the four functions of management (e.g., planning, organizing, leading, and controlling). How would you characterize your current or past supervisor’s approach to management? Consider these questions in your response:
Which particular management tasks and roles does this person perform most often?
What kinds of management skills does the manager have?
How does this approach affect a global environment?
Now that you’ve considered the approaches to management, you can focus on the strategy that is affected by the management team. Research a company with stockholder reports available. These reports can usually be found on a company’s website. Use the report to answer the following questions:
What is (are) the main industry(ies) in which the company competes?
What business-level strategy does the company seem to be pursuing in this industry? Why?
What corporate-level strategies is the company pursuing? Why?
Have there been any major changes in its strategy recently? Why?
Include citations in your response.

Management Discussion Questions

Discussion Question #1
In Chapter 1 of The 27 Challenges Managers Face by Bruce Tulgan, he addresses the importance of management fundamentals. In his opinion, “what’s missing is almost always the fundamentals.”
Can you give an example from the news or your own organization of “undermanagement?”
Discussion Question #2
Different Drums and Different Drummers: “Please Understand Me”
by David Keirsey

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