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Business Question

Create individual strategies for self-management.
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Topical Discussion Unit 3. Corporate Responsibility

Topical Discussion Unit 3. Corporate Responsibility66 unread replies.2525 replies.
The World’s Most Reputable Companies For Corporate Responsibility 2019
Vicky Valet
September 19, 2019 (Links to an external site.)
Many corporations are seeking to regain the trust of shareholders through a demonstrated commitment to corporate responsibility. According to Stephen Hahn-Griffiths, chief reputation officer of the Reputation Institute, “It’s not necessarily that companies have done anything dramatically different, but they’re doing a better job of providing reasons to believe that they have good intentions,” he said. “Companies have chosen to pick one thing that matters, rather than trying to address all things, and that has caused an increase in corporate responsibility scores.”
The Forbes article explains that “In today’s world, corporate responsibility is as essential to business success as financial performance, and organizations that have adopted a more thoughtful approach to corporate responsibility have undoubtedly positioned themselves to win hearts and minds in the court of public opinion.” “That is the strategic opportunity for any given business today,” Hahn-Griffiths says. “Explain to the world what you’re doing to have a positive impact on society in a way that’s unique to your organization—that can make a big difference.”
Incorporating what you learned in this Unit, do you think it is better for a company, from a business ethics standpoing, to address multiple methods of engaging in corporate responsibility, or focus on just one thing?
Please respond substantively to least two of your classmates, weighing in regarding your thoughts about what they have expressed.

Business Question

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Public Speaking

1.The week before the holiday party, Adam calls John into his office. “I need you to give a speech to your coworkers during the party,” Adam says. John is terrified of speaking in public, so Adam agrees to help him choose a topic.
After discussing possible topics for an hour, John notices some common themes in Adam’s suggestions. For the first time, he feels better about his upcoming speech.
Which of the following scenarios describes the strategy of presearch?
Adam listens as John talks about his ideas. After a few minutes, he grabs a whiteboard marker and draws lines connecting different ideas.
John sets his watch for five minutes and writes down as many topic ideas as he can think of.
John looks at all of the ideas he has come up with and narrows them down to one topic that he thinks will interest the rest of the office.
John asks Adam to tell him more about what the VP has said in his past speeches.
2.After his brainstorming session with Adam, John starts to think about the demographics of his audience. He realizes that most of his coworkers are young males who earn a lower salary than he does. He also knows that much of their work involves hard, physical labor.
John does not want to seem condescending to his coworkers by making lazy generalizations about their backgrounds. Rather, he wants his speech to emphasize the connections that they all share.
Select the example of an appropriate topic for John’s speech.
Transitioning to retirement
Finding ways to stay in shape while at work
Considering coworkers a second family
The inappropriateness of lewd behavior at work
3.John is ready to settle on the thesis for his speech. He wants to convince party attendees that they are working toward a common goal.
Just to be safe, John calls Adam and describes his proposed thesis. “Sounds good to me,” Adam informs him.
Which of the following statements serves as an example of a well-developed thesis for John’s speech?
Employees should work harder for the benefit of everyone around them, no matter the sacrifices they need to make.
Company executives are responsible for inspiring their employees to be the best they can be.
Although it’s human nature to be individually competitive, a collaborative workplace leads to greater productivity and employee happiness.
Every employee of a company should care about the company’s bottom line above everything else.
4.The more John thinks about his speech, the more he realizes that community is a good theme to emphasize. By showing how each individual’s performance improves the company’s revenue, John can illustrate how everyone is working towards a greater good.
After hours of research, John thinks that he has gathered enough evidence to support his claim.
Which of the following is an example of John finding credible evidence?
John looks up recent peer-reviewed trade journals that contain models substantiating his proposed claim.
John reasons out the relationship between worker productivity and corporate revenue in his head and determines it makes perfect sense.
John cites a 30-year-old study on the manufacturing industry in order to strengthen his argument.
John calls up a friend who works as a mechanical engineer and asks him to confirm that his ideas about revenue are correct.
John is still uncertain of the most effective way to communicate his argument. Thankfully, Adam has provided some transcripts of older speeches from a public speaking forum. One speech by the CEO of an investment firm catches John’s eye.
With one day to go before the party, John is still extremely nervous about delivering his speech in front of a large crowd. He calls Adam, who has delivered plenty of speeches before.
John studies the transcript of the CEO’s speech to pinpoint the elements that make it effective. The CEO’s message, which promises the stability of his company in the face of change, is always clear. By analyzing the transcript, John realizes how his own speech should be constructed.
Which excerpt represents a transition from the speech?
“Studies have shown that employee productivity increases by 30% after participating in teamwork training.”
“Today we discussed our company’s history of corporate training, the emotional benefits of teamwork, and the financial gains a company can see through a commitment to collaboration.”
“My name is John Higgens and today I would like to talk about the benefits of collaboration in the workplace.”
“Finally, it is important to understand how a focus on employee collaboration can increase a company’s bottom line.”
“Hey, got any last minute advice?” asks John.
“Yeah, you should try preparing beforehand. No use in wasting a day feeling nervous when you can get comfortable with your material,” Adam replies.
John is skeptical. “Is that really going to help me now?”
Adam laughs. “It certainly can’t hurt!”
Select the behavior that does NOT represent an example of John effectively preparing for his speech.
John decides to improvise several important sections of his argument.
John prepares an outline of his speech on a few note cards that contain key points about productivity and revenue.
John edits his speech by rewriting several sections that have awkwardly worded phrases.
John reads his speech in front of several of his other friends so that they can give him feedback.
7.As a part of John’s preparations, he practices giving his speech in front of Tyrone and Rob – two of his close friends in the office – so they can provide him feedback. Although Tyrone and Rob generally have complimentary things to say about John’s speech, they suggest a handful of tactics to help him improve.
Which of the following pieces of advice should John accept?
“I know it is a hard habit to break, but watch that you don’t use ‘like’ so often in your speech.”
“You seemed nervous up there; try crossing your arms to show power and confidence.”
“Your audience is younger, so you should use the slang they hear on a daily basis.”
“It’s okay to move around a lot when you give your speech. It shows enthusiasm!”
8.The night before the party, John looks at the note cards he created while outlining his speech. Each card features a sentence that represents part of John’s argument.John organizes the note cards chronologically from the beginning of his speech to the end. Seeing the cards in sequence helps John pinpoint where he strays off topic.
Arrange the outline notes of John’s speech in the correct order from beginning to end.1.”The people standing next to you are not just your colleagues, they are your support system. When each of us does our part, everyone succeeds.”2. “Finally, there is a lot of research to support the benefits of a familial atmosphere in the workplace.”3. “Tonight, we’re going to discuss the importance of collaboration in personal and professional success as well as how a family atmosphere can do wonders for a workplace.”
3, 1, 2
2, 1, 3
3, 2, 1
2, 3, 1

10. During the holiday party, Adam introduces John to the audience. John is still nervous, but he suddenly remembers reading about the ways he can handle anxiety before giving a speech.
Determine which statement describes a tool for managing trait anxiety.
Thinking or saying a meaningful word or phrase
Jogging in place to release nervous energy
Participating in a guided meditation exercise
Breathing deeply and then slowly exhaling

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