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Business Question

I have this assignment due and I will provide all the information and if you can finish it earlier I will appreciate and if there is anything else let me know. Also, please read the information carefully before you start working on it.
Please review the detailed information given in the first Module – How to Navigate this Course.
The contracts you will be using are in the Contracts Module.
There are two questions for this Contract. We are looking for the ability to read and comprehend the contract so the appropriate contract clause can be applied to the questions connected with each contract. In order to answer the contract fact scenario, you will also need to be able to identify the legal concept that is applicable to the situation described. This is an analysis so please treat it as such. Your personal opinion is not appropriate.
There are correct answers for the prompt. If a student discusses a different legal theory for answering the prompt, partial points will be given. In cases of complete or partial answers, text references are mandatory to support the remedy proposed by the student. A textbook reference that has no bearing on the remedy or legal arguments will be counted as “no text”. For example, if any contract has an issue of risk of loss, referencing the text on contract formation will not meet the requirement. The sections of the text that you have read contain all the information you need for this analysis.
Please remember to reference the applicable parts of the contract that you are using to answer the prompt.
A student will be given 6 points for the text reference, 6 points for the contract reference, with 27 points for the analysis itself.
The remaining 6 points will be given as a spelling/grammar score. Following is the prompt.
Residential House Lease
The following prompt is based on the Residential House Lease found in the Contracts Module. Please reference the Lease by clause number as you answer the prompt. Remember to reference the text by chapter and section.
Essay (2 complete paragraphs with text references to support your answers)
Alecia, the landlord, refuses to fix a small leak in the roof that was there prior to the current tenant. Joe, the current tenant, has just discovered the leak after a heavy rain. The consequence is that black mold has been forming in the attic for quite some time. Joe still has significant time remaining on his lease. Joe has notified Alecia in writing by email of the mold and leak issue but has received no response. He is concerned about the premises becoming unsafe to live in. It has been 14 days since he emailed her his notification.
What are all of Joe’s options if Alecia declines to do the repairs?
Please discuss all remedies Joe may seek. Please remember to reference the lease and text to support your analysis.
Lease Analysis (45 points) (20% of Grade)
This assignment is designed to guide the students in evaluating their ability to apply the information they have learned about Landlord-Tenant Law to actual leases. This is a Landlord/Tenant lease agreement which is a contract.
You will be given the lease and the prompt for that lease. You will answer each prompt as it is due. There will be no formal paper produced but there will be a short essay is required. The prompt will be posted in Canvas two weeks before the assignment is due.
You can approach this lease contract as you would any problem you encounter in your life by setting up the framework you need to help solve the problem. What do the parties want (call it a remedy)? What are the facts that each believes supports their “remedy”? What does the contract say about their remedy? What does the law say about that? Now, can you come to a conclusion supported by the contract language and Landlord-Tenant law? If yes, then write it out. You must support your conclusion with at least one text reference.
This will be graded by Professor Sessom.
Why are text references important? Contract language does not exist in a vacuum. It is written based on the law. It is critical, therefore, to cite to the text and the contract to support your analysis.
There is no required format for this assignment as long as it is in Word. Spelling and grammar are part of each grade.

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In table format
Formulate questions that you would ask in an interview for a digital manager
The table should consisting of the question and the expected response that is needed to get the job.
Be clear and list at least 4 questions with their intended answers.
Double space the table in a font size 12.

business law

Business Assignment Help Question I – Kansas passes a statutes which says all corn must be grown and processed in a certain manner so as to avoid harmful pesticides. This statute is challenged as being unconstitutional. What are the two factors for the court to consider when deciding whether the statute is constitutional?
Question II – If a business does not agree with the decision of a hearing officer, may that business appeal the decision directly to the judicial court system? What steps must the business take to get the case within the judicial system?
Question III – Megatron, Inc. is a company with its principal offices in the United States. For years, Megatron has only operated domestically; however, Megatron’s board of directors now feels it is in the company’s best interests to explore how to do business internationally. Give at least three examples of actions Megatron can take with regards to foreign government officials, which would benefits Meagtron’s international growth without running afoul of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)?
There is no minimum or maximum required number of pages. Your analysis will be considered complete, if it addresses each of the 3 components outlined above.
Use of proper APA formatting and citations. If supporting evidence from outside resources is used those must be properly cited. A minimum of 7 sources (excluding the course textbook) from scholarly articles or business periodicals is required.
Include your best critical thinking and analysis to arrive at your justification.
Submission: Upload/attach your completed paper to this assignment by the due date.

Strategy Selection, Organization, and Development Analysis

Southwest Airlines

write a 500-750-word summary of how the reports for Parts I, II, and III of the CLC assignment were influenced by the analysis prepared.

Without prematurely determining and formalizing strategic goals and objectives, begin thinking about possible strategies to capitalize and add value to the organization based on the analysis of this information.

Be sure to cite three to five relevant and credible sources in support of your content.

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