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Business Question

Some might assume it is easy to start a business in the United States and that anyone can do it. However, what distinguishes successful entrepreneurs (innovative/disruptive ideas) from less successful ones (Mom

You have been hired by XYZ Technologies Inc., located in Lynchburg, VA. XYZ Technologies Inc., is a software development

You have been hired by XYZ Technologies Inc., located in Lynchburg, VA. XYZ Technologies
Inc., is a software development firm that designs and sells its products via the Internet to the
consumer. XYZ Technologies Inc., does not sell hard copies of their software, rather consumers
can download the software through the company’s website. As a consultant you need to assist the
company through the complex legal issues of eCommerce

it has to hit on these subjects:
1. Business Formation, Business Models, and Business Cycles;
2. Intellectual Properly: Asset protection;
3. Employment agreements: be specific in defining the types of workers used in the
company, and also address the use of the Internet to promote employee
4. Transitional Law; and, Regulatory, Compliance, and Liability Issues.

SNHU-107-R3649 SNHU Exp: Success Strat Online 22EW

Business Assignment Help OverviewIt’s important for everyone to know their schedule in order to manage
it, prioritize tasks, and work toward goals. Creating a personal
schedule may seem unnecessary, but it can help with identifying where
you may be overloaded, or where you have room to fit in other activities
and maximize the time you do have.
PromptDownload the Module Two Activity Template to
record your responses. Fill in the provided timetable based on the
busiest day you can remember from your recent past. Be honest and
specific about how you used your time that day. Include details that
describe the tasks, activities, and events in a concise way. While you
are filling in the timetable, think about how you could have fit in
additional schoolwork. Then, address the questions below the table to
reflect and prepare for balancing your personal and academic priorities
in the future.
Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria in the provided template:
Create a schedule for your busiest day before you started school.
What some consider a busy schedule, others may not. This assignment is for you to get the most out of your schedule.

Describe how you would have included time for schoolwork in the day you scheduled.
Note: This is a written response. You are not adding anything to or modifying the schedule you just created.

Describe how you would choose between tasks, activities, and events that took place at the same time on your schedule.

Foreign Acquisition

Imagine you have been hired as a consultant to support a firm that wishes to expand its operations internationally. Your first assignment is to explain to the CEO and their staff the importance of understanding the difference between domestic expansion and international expansion.
For your initial discussion post, consider the following questions as a basis to your explanation to the CEO:
Why is foreign investment so different from domestic investment?
What should C-Level executives consider in expanding internationally, as compared to domestically?
What types of risk mitigation techniques could you suggest to the executives so that the firm can be successful in the proposed expansion?
References:Block, S. B., Hirt, G. A.,

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