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Business Report

This is a Business Report task. need 2400-2500 words.
Instruction is attached. There is s structure file that we must follow, Please label Question 1 and Question 2 in the task.
The ppt file is the briefing of how to write.
No plagiarism, (under 5%).

Financial Economics Help

I need help on Sunday December 19 at 8pm. There will be 30 questions and I will have 90 minutes to complete the assignment.
Topics that will be covered;
Bonds Debt Instruments, Futures , Financial Futures Swaps, Options
**I need someone who is very good in finance and can do all sorts of calculations. This is an upper elective course. You must be very good in excel.**

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David Swenson Investing Analysis

Finance Assignment Help From the articles given make a summary about David Swenson and his investment strategy. In couple of paragraphs answer the following 2 questions.
Why is David Swensen Yale’s way of managing investiemts so different?
What are its strengths? What its shortcommings ?

Finance Question

Q1. What factors would you consider in deciding whether or not to invest in a corporate versus a government bond
Q2. Do credit rating agencies do a good job at assessing credit risk?
Q3. Why is short selling seen as a problematic practice?
Q.4. Discuss the respective roles of primary and secondary capital markets in the financial system and outline the role of investment banks within them. What potential problems may arise if the investment bank is part of a larger bank that also includes a retail bank?
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