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Business research

Identify and briefly summarize one article that covers current issues or news that are affecting your company. Do not write “The article by X said Y; use the articles as a source of research, incorporate the information you learned from the article, and cite to the article appropriately.
The company is Apple

2 replies for discussion thread

2 replies for discusssion thread according to rubric and instructions provided please read thouroughly to obtain highest points, word count etc.
Reply to your classmates’ threads with 2 unique replies using the course materials. Make sure that your replies further the discussion and build on what was written in the Discussion post by your peers.

Logistics/Supply Chain

Business Assignment Help In short (1-2 sentences) answer the questions using
In your opinion, why does planning increase efficiency in the supply chain?Why is visual mapping a good thing for planning or designing a supply chain?

Watch the video on skills to see waste in your factory. The speaker will be coming to class on October 6. Come with some questions from this video to ask the speaker during our class.What rules does the speaker mention? What one area did he mention causes waste?
What is the chalk circle observation that is mentioned? Who invented this method?
What is standardization and where in this video is it described? Where is waste mentioned? and what element of SCM is mentioned in this video?

L week 1 homework

Application Case1.3Siemens Reduces Cost with the Use of Data VisualizationWhat challenges were faced by Siemens visual analytics group?
How did the data visualization tool Dundas BI help Siemens in reducing cost?
Application Case1.4Analyzing Athletic InjuriesWhat types of analytics are applied in the injury analysis?
How do visualizations aid in understanding the data and delivering insights into the data?
What is a classification problem?
What can be derived by performing sequence analysis?

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