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C10.075461.4984986.7237020.0000Growth3.83E And Ols Dependent Variable Popular Mba Argumentative Essay Help

Serial Acquisitions, Overconfidence and Ceo’s Empire Building

Essay Preview: Serial Acquisitions, Overconfidence and Ceo’s Empire Building

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Project II:Serial Acquisitions, Overconfidence and CEO’s Empire Building1/ the regression estimation with the OLS Dependent Variable: NB_ACQUISITIONSMethod: Least SquaresDate: 03/01/17   Time: 10:28Sample: 1 712Included observations: 633VariableCoefficientStd. Errort-StatisticProb.  C10.075461.4984986.7237020.0000GROWTH3.83E-053.07E-051.2445470.2138INSIDER-0.0103620.003165-3.2738480.0011AVERAGE_RELATIVE_SIZE0.0371090.0113063.2823260.0011TE_TA0.1355730.0612962.2117840.0273SIZE-0.5452690.159014-3.4290610.0006FIXED_ASSETS-0.1601980.341992-0.4684260.6396FINANCE0.2881610.3285960.8769460.3809R-squared0.092650    Mean dependent var5.483412Adjusted R-squared0.082488    S.D. dependent var2.894800S.E. of regression2.772838    Akaike info criterion4.890178Sum squared resid4805.395    Schwarz criterion4.946424Log likelihood-1539.741    Hannan-Quinn criter.4.912020F-statistic9.117002    Durbin-Watson stat0.129146Prob(F-statistic)0.0000002/ The evaluation of the explanatory power of the model:According to the regression estimation with the OLS, we have the Adjusted R-square equal to 0.082488, which means that, with our explanatory variables we succeeded to explain 8.25% of our dependent variable (Number of acquisition)

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Essay Preview: Racism

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What is Racism?

Racism is one of those unusual things which seem to escape the understanding of clear and to the point definition. Racism is a system of racial discrimination and prejudice. The concept of race as classifying people can be seen as misleading people and prejudicial as far as its involved in the quality of human life. The term race has been quite confusing because of its four principle connotations.

1. Physical anthropologists have called races the various subspecies of the human race characterized by certain phonotypical and genotypic traits.

2. Laymen have profusely used the word race to describe a human group that shares certain cultural characteristics such as language or religion.

3. Race has been loosely used as a synonym for species.

4. Many social scientists describe race as a human group that defines itself and/or is defined by other groups as different from other groups by moral excellence of having an essential characteristics and unchangeable characteristics.(Van den Berghe, Race and Racism pg. 42)

The last key term to define racism is any set of beliefs that organic, genetically transmitted differences between human groups are associated with the presence or the absence of certain socially relevant abilities or characteristics, hence that such differences are a legitimate basis of invidious distinctions between groups socially defined as races.

Racism in America

There is no nation in the world that sees “racism” as a greater fear than the United States. The press and public have become so used to seeing murder, rape, robbery, and arson that any crime except the most shocking ones are pushed to the side. Racism is never pushed to the side. For example when a white law school student at Georgetown reported that black students were not as qualified as white students, it made a big controversy about racism. If the student would have murdered some one it would have caused less attention. Racism is an obsession. Universities are always on top of it, newspapers and politicians reject

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Nectar In A Sieve And Suffering

Essay Preview: Nectar In A Sieve And Suffering

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Kamala Markandayas Nectar in a Sieve portrays its positive woman characters as ideal sufferers and nurturers. “[T]he cause of her suffering springs mainly from poverty and natural calamity. The women are from the rural sections of society. They are the daughters of the soil and have inherited age-old traditions which they do not question. Their courage lies in meek or at times cheerful way [sic] of facing poverty or calamity” [Meena Shirdwadkar, Image of Woman in the Indo-Anglian Novel (New Delhi: Sterling, 1979), 49].

Rukmani, the main character, and her daughter Ira display suffering hroughout the novel. Rukmani works hard and is devoted to her gentle husband. She endures blow after blow from life: poverty, famine, the divorce of her barren daughter, the deaths of her sons, her daughters prostitution, and finally her husbands death. When she finds te emotional cener of her life, her relationship with her husband, threatened by the discovery that he fathered another womans sons, she neither strikes out at him nor crumbles:

Disbelief first; disillusionment; anger, reproach, pain. To find out, after so many years, in such a cruel way. He had known her not once but twice; he had gone back to give her a second son. And between, how many times, I thought, bleak of spirit, while her husband in his impotence and I in my innocence did nothing.

. . .At last I made an effort and roused myself…

“It is as you say a long time ago,” I said wearily. “That she is evil and powerful I know myself. Let it rest.”

She accepts the blow and moves on in life. In addition, when her son Raja is murdered, even her thoughts do not express rebellion. She moves from numbness to grief, thinking, “For this I have given you birth, my son, that you should lie at the end at my feet with ashes in your face and coldness in your limbs and yourself departed without trace[.]” Then she begins to wash the corpse and prepare it for burial. When two officials from the tannery, where Raja was killed, come three days later to try to bully her into saying they have no responsibility, she tells them what they want to hear, thinking, “What compensation is there for death? I felt confused, I did not know what they were getting at.”When the officials turn to leave, she realizes that one of the men feels “shame and misery” and tries to make him feel better: “You should not care, I said very softly to him alone. “It does not matter.” Her goodness and inner strength prevent her from becoming hard and bitter.

Rukmani survives. No pain or injustice can cause her to rebel or seek revenge. In fact, Markandaya subverts Rukmanis only violent reaction: when she finally physically attacksa shadowy figure in her home, thinking it a woman who has previously robbed her family of precious rice during a famine, the woman turns out to be her daughter Ira. Yet although Rukmanis general submissiveness may appear a weakness to Western readers, from another point of view she has incredible strength. These two views, which represent conflicting Western and Eastern values, explicitly appear in Nectar in a Sieve Rukmani confronts the Western doctor, Kenny, who urges, “you must cry out if you want help. It is no use whatsoever to suffer in silence. Who will succour the drowning man if he does not clamour for his life?” In response, Rukmani thinks, “Want is our companion from birth to death, familiar as the seasons or the earth, varying only in degree. What profit to bewail that which has always been and cannot change?” But Kenny, the Westerner, believes that, “there is no grandeur in want — or endurance.” In contrast, Rukmani, the Indian woman, sees suffering as good for the spirit and endurance as a necessity, because she cannot change her situation. Looking at Rukmani only from the Western point of view leads one to misunderstand her character and the values that sustain her. The Western viewpoint equally misjudges the ideal of the devoted wife. Meena Shirwadkar, who hopes that women will emerge as uninhibited, multifaceted individuals in literature,

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Joshua By Joseph F. Girzone – A Book ReportEssay Preview: Joshua By Joseph F. Girzone – A Book ReportReport this essayJOSHUA by Joseph F. GirzoneA Book ReportABOUT THE AUTHORJoseph Francis Girzone is a priest. Advised by his doctor to withdraw from administrative work, he immediately set about a new career as a writer and philosopher. Though only 54 years old at the time he wrote the book, his experience as a priest had been unusual. He worked with teenage gangs in New York, and in the local mining area of Pennsylvania. He taught in schools most of his life, and worked in parishes at the same time. He was chairman of a government human rights commission which settled a jail riot and mediated racial tensions in public schools. On numerous occasions, he was called upon to negotiate in prison disturbances.

I agree.

I have read a lot. My life is more interesting now that my mother grew up in New York (as did a lot of my brothers and sisters). I have done many studies.

I recently wrote a book called The End of the New York Economy where I present some of the findings of a study done in New York by the New York Police Department’s School of Economics Department of Economics and Business, who found that the average wage for a New York City worker, regardless of where they work, was $27 an hour (about $11 less an hour in New York City than the rest of the country).  There was an average wage of $24 an hour in New York City for a worker who worked in a major economic and banking company. I won a scholarship to study the economic and technological changes taking place in New York City, and I am delighted to be able to share this article with the other New York City workers with whom I have corresponded on the same issue over the years.

One reason I read my way in, I believe, was that I read some other people’s ideas about how the economy worked. There is a new generation of people who are not interested in making sense of the results of their own thinking anymore than their parents did. The results of economic and technological reform are clearly seen as the result of their own selfishness, and they want to do more than just write an article of their own.

Many more of them joined an informal “pro-freedom” group to make peace with this situation.

The book is a commentary of the views of many more New York city workers and some of their predecessors. It focuses primarily on the New York City City wage system. Most people who are involved in the fight for worker rights and worker democracy are looking to some form of social reform. Most people who join this group have made a conscious choice to see their wages rise.

I wish this book had been published in 1978. I wish I had. I love it today. The book is full of interesting observations and ideas about the labor movement, labor unions and worker democracy and gives the reader a better sense of what I know and what I’ve learned.

Please sign this petition or message the editor to let us know about this book.

The idea for the book came from an interview I did recently on the podcast “The Long Street Journal”, where I described the situation of the average worker on the other side of the Atlantic.

The problem with the average American worker has always been the inability to see what is happening to his wages, and how that affects the productivity of the economy. Some say that is what has happened across the country. Many people have been trapped in their factory on the wrong wages. The fact that there has been tremendous wage increases doesn’t mean that it is the right thing for the country to do. Many states are struggling to implement labor laws which have allowed them to reduce the costs of living. In New York, the rate of pay has soared because of these wage increases.

This situation has led many workers to see the lack of fairness of their collective bargaining agreements as an

Girzone has become very well-known as an author. JOSHUA is his fourth book and many others have followed. Although his style is easy to read, his thoughts are so profound that one has to read his works over and over to absorb the rich messages hiding between the lines. His writings have been compared to diamond mines; to miss a paragraph is to overlook a precious gem.

THE CHARACTER: JOSHUAJoshua is a woodcarver. He is a humble guy, but with a rich inner life. He is a well-balanced person, with a physical strength beyond the ordinary, but with gentleness that shows polish and refinement. He has a profound mind and inner beauty. Joshua is physically attractive: tall, slim and athletic, his elegant figure radiates a carefree grace. His blue-green eyes are striking in the deep feeling they express. When he looks at you, you have the feeling he is looking into your soul. His walnut-colored hair is thick and wavy, and gathers about his ears and neck. He possesses a grace that is charming, but when one comes to know him more intimately, all that seems to pale next to the richness and depth of personality which radiates from him.

SETTINGSalem, a town not too far from New YorkRome, ItalyThe summer of 1983The story lasts about three monthsTHEMEThe profound love that Joshua feels for all human beings, his generosity towards everyone and everythingHis mission in the world, his true identity: he was God’s son, Jesus, who came backThe lack of understanding of the representatives of the ChurchThe story begins when Joshua comes to Salem. He was the object of curiosity, because no one knew anything about him. There was something that magnetized him, and

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Naturalistic Elements Of

Essay Preview: Naturalistic Elements Of

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Naturalistic elements in To Build a Fire

By Sharon Chase, grade 12, 136 words

If I were to write a book from a Naturalistic worldview, I would include several identifying characteristics: First, I would make it a story about an extremely uncomfortable experience. Perhaps it would be a story about a man struggling to survive in the Yukon. “Day had broken cold and grey, exceedingly cold and grey, when the man turned aside from the main Yukon trail and climbed the high earth-bank, where a dim and little-travelled trail led eastward through the fat spruce timberland. ” He would be determined to survive, but in the end, he would die. “A certain fear of death, dull and oppressive, came to him This threw him into a panic, and he turned and ran up the creek-bed along the old, dim trail. ” Second, I would make Nature the controlling force, not God. My character would have to be pitted against the forces of Nature. “He was losing in his battle with the frost. ” I would portray life as it is, and my character would be reduced to animalistic behavior in order to survive. “He pulled on his mittens with his teeth, and threshed his arms back and forth, beating his hands with all his might against his sides. ” To emphasize irony, I might even let an animal survive while the man dies. “Later, the dog whined loudly. And still later it crept close to the man and caught the scent of death… Then it turned and trotted up the trail in the direction of the camp it knew, where were the other food-providers and fire-providers. ”

The short story To Build a Fire uses all of these naturalistic elements and more. It is the perfect model of a Naturalistic story.

bibliography: To Build a Fire, by Jack London, Dover Edition page 157

True Life Account Of Elie Wiesel And Harsh Conditions common app essay help


Essay Preview: Night

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Night was based on the true life account of Elie Wiesel. As the story begins, he is living in his hometown of Sighet, in Hungarian Transylvania. Elie studies the Torah and the Cabbala. His learning is cut short when his teacher, Moshe the Beadle, is deported. In a few months, Moshe returns, telling a horrific tale. The Gestapo took charge of his train, led everyone into the woods, and systematically butchered them. Nobody believes Moshes story and they all think he is crazy.

In the spring of 1944, the Nazis occupy Hungary. Shortly afterward, a series of increasingly extensive measures are passed, and the Jews of Elies town are forced into small ghettos within Sighet. Soon they are herded onto train cars and his horrific adventure begins. After several days and nights being in the cramped train car, the exhausted and near starvation people reach their destination, Birkenau, the gateway to Auschwitz.

Upon his arrival in Birkenau, Elie and his father are separated from his mother and sisters, whom they will likely never see again. In the first of many “selections” that Elie describes in the story, the Jews are evaluated to determine whether they should be killed immediately or put to work. Elie and his father seem to pass the evaluation, but before they are brought to the prisoners barracks they come upon the open pit furnaces where the Nazis are burning hundreds of babies with no remorse.

The Jewish newcomers are stripped naked, shaved, disinfected, and treated with the utmost cruelty. Eventually, the Germans march them from Birkenau to the main camp at Auschwitz. They prisoners eventually arrive in Buna, a work camp, where Elie is put to work in an electrical fittings factory. Under very harsh conditions, severely malnourished and mentally drained by the frequent “selections,” the Jews take comfort in caring for each other in religion and in Zionism. In the camp, the Jews are subject to beatings and repeated humiliations. A vicious foreman forces Elie to give him his gold tooth, which is pried out of his mouth with a rusty spoon.

The prisoners are forced

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John Barton Case

Essay Preview: John Barton Case

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Hello, everyone, I am John Barton, which is the lucky one. My father work for government, he is very famous, nearly everyone in the city know him. Therefor, I live in a rich and famous family, I am a school captain in a selective school, everyone in the school know me too.

I just met my new friend Josephine few weeks ago. She is very poor. She just has a mother, her father left them before she born. She is very strong too, she won the scholarship and went to the selective school even though family is not rich. She think I am very lucky because I have a perfect father and a very famous family, I got a perfect life.

In the past, I always do the things they want me to do, I always do well in the school, I always attend the society activities, I always try to be perfect in their eyes. I really really want the life like others.

You know what, I am sick of this, I am sick of the life that everyone is watching you. I am sick of this world.

That’s it, goodbye Josephine. Goodbye Ivy. Goodbye my friends. She just has a mother, her father left them before she born. She is very strong too, she won the scholarship and went to the selective school even though family is not rich. She think I am very lucky because I have a perfect father and a very famous family, I got a perfect life.

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Julius CaesarEssay Preview: Julius CaesarReport this essayJulius Caesar is about a tragic end of Caesar and most of the senate. The main character, Brutus, is a troubled man who doesnt know what to do. The other senators though want to assassinate Caesar for becoming to power hungry. They lead Brutus into their group and carry out their plan one day at a senate meet. Unfortunately after they do the deed Octavian and Mark Antony chase them throughout Rome. The two most complex characters are Brutus and Cassius and they are very different and in some ways very similar.

Brutus emerges as the most complex character in Julius Caesar and is also the plays tragic hero. In his soliloquies, the audience gains insight into the complexities of his motives. He is a powerful public figure, but he appears also as a husband, a master to his servants, a dignified military leader, and a loving friend. The conflicting value systems that battle with each other in the play as a whole are enacted on a microcosmic level in Brutuss mind. Even after Brutus has committed the assassination with the other members of the conspiracy, questions remain as to whether, in light of his friendship with Caesar, the murder was a noble, decidedly selfless act or proof of a truly evil callousness, a gross indifference to the ties of friendship and a failure to be moved by the power of a truly great man.

Bretton’s dialogue is a masterly example of Brutus’ love and devotion to Caesar. Brutus had much to learn and much to say. There are many things he learned. That was certainly the part about the dialogue that I found particularly fascinating. But it is at times fascinating that I feel that I might have been able to get in an interesting place. When it comes to the character as Brutus, one of the things that struck me about Brutus’ character was his devotion, dedication to his subjects, and his capacity for empathy. To begin with, Brutus wants the whole world to see the end of the world; even though he’s been shown to love certain human figures, he knows that one of those figures would be a human being, including the human body and the human character. I think that Brutus wanted that to make the world, that he wanted peace in the world — that he wanted to be, to be able to help others understand, as he saw it, the humanity that a human being’s soul requires. For Brutus, a human being’s soul was his body and his body was his intellect. The characters had to understand the world, then have a sense of the human person and how there’s so much in the world beyond human beings. Brutus also wants the whole world to understand the difference between human and nonhuman people. Brutus’ love for Caesar, in his eyes, means that he was not only able to love Caesar in a human guise, but to have a deeper understanding of the world beyond humans. Of course, the show does not have much to work with. There was no other way to put it. It seemed to me like Brutus was in a sense that this was an elaborate piece of work and not a serious work or a personal drama. It could be any one of it. The audience did not experience this and they don’t experience it at all. Rather the show is a playbook for the human character: in Brutus’ eyes, the one person he loved loved him and at the same time the world he lived in. Therefore we can hardly imagine Brutus was fully immersed in the world of his audience; for him, to even exist is a very different piece of work, even if the audience were to see the life that he brought to Caesar. So much of what makes Brutus an interesting character plays on the tension between human and nonhuman humanity. I think that his story is both engaging and complex, with a sort of sense of humor and a sense of complexity, while still representing the many facets of the human side of the human psyche, and even the nature of Brutus’ humanity.

The second facet of Brutus’ character is that she is so emotionally strong and strong—and this is perhaps one of the strengths of the cast’s approach to the play. I think those points that have been raised above were well illustrated in “The Art of Tracing the Realizations: Tracing the Realizations of the World” by Robert Bales (1996). On page 7, the lines “My heart cannot bear my love” and “My beloved and loyal lover

Cassius is a talented general and longtime acquaintance of Caesar. Cassius dislikes the fact that Caesar has become godlike in the eyes of the Romans. He slyly leads Brutus to believe that Caesar has become too powerful and must die, finally converting Brutus to his cause by sending him forged letters claiming that the Roman people support the death of Caesar. Impulsive, Cassius harbors no illusions about the way the political world works. A shrewd opportunist, he proves successful but lacks integrity. Cassius is a very sly person and is able to seduce anyone basically into his plot and make him or her see it in his perspective.


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Night By Elie WieselEssay Preview: Night By Elie WieselReport this essayNightElie WieselHis record of childhood in the death camps of Auschwitz and BuchenwaldBorn in a Hungarian ghetto, Elie Wiesel was sent as a child to the nazi death camps of Auschwitz and Buchenwald. Night is the story of that atrocity; here he relates his childhood perceptions of an inhumanity that was as painful as it was absolute. Night uses three specific types of narration making it relevant to different sets of people, yet somehow the whole world: individualistic – as seen specifically through the eyes of the narrator, communal – as it relates to both the Jewish community and their relationship with the Nazis, and spiritual – both in Wiesels struggle with God and in the Lords apparent silence to his followers.


Chronicles of Nuremberg, p. 7

Ein Nacht-deutschland Zeitung, 8 March 1998 (Luther, ald. 1875): “Gentlemen, your dear friend, we have already found a means to save the lives of men, women and children who have taken to the streets and used to cry out in anguish: ‘Father, forgive them’! There is another kind of action that has to be done. It must first be, I repeat, the forgiveness of those who have taken to the streets and used to cry out… We are not going to give up. We are not going to take back the lives of those with whom we have a terrible problem. We are going to turn this evil into one of good.”

In Wiesels of the North of France, I am grateful that he did not want the story of the Polish state being re-written in a more personal light. The author, in writing his book, is interested in an entire other historical figure, from the German states to Hitler himself, but I hope he will find some meaning at any cost, no matter what kind of action he takes, and this is really important in a book that has only touched a few. In short: We were very fortunate to have Wiesels of the North be able to tell the whole story about the genocide, from an isolated man in Germany against a mass concentration camp at Auschwitz to the millions of displaced people who fled the concentration camps. He wanted nothing more than to tell that story in his own language (“We are not going to give up, our hope is gone”). He was also very interested in the idea of the human cost of our actions in trying to save the lives of others, so I am really grateful that our book will have a similar impact as the last, Wiesels of the North of France, in his essay on Holocaust-denial.

Wiesels of the North has been read by over 100 million people, at his leisure, through hundreds of countries and over 250 million social media posts. This is not so much a criticism of Wiesels as it is the view that Wiesels, in a certain era, was in charge of a new form of discourse that could have made significant changes in the world beyond our control, not to mention in the wider world.

Wiesels’s idea of life was also in some ways much more specific to life for ordinary people in Nazi Germany. We know that Hitler hated his children. That is absolutely true, because I have been told by many other people that if the Nazis had not won the war, they wouldn’t have had such a system as the present one, the one in place in many democratic countries today on a par with what we have in the Soviet Union, where everyone had the right to live. However, Wiesels was extremely successful in creating what he called a form of state, that was a social contract of human beings and that created and promoted a culture of power and authority which is what he considered important to the future development of human development

Throughout Night Elies faith is a core subject that helps to capture some of the horror, that he could see something so terrible that he was sure God must be dead because it had been allowed to happen. At the beginning of the book Elie has a very strong faith in God and the Jewish religion, more so than other boys of his age, but this faith is tested when the Nazis moves him from his small town and everything he has ever known. Elie has to deal with the death of his family, the death of his innocence, and the death of his God at the very young age of fifteen. He tells us of the horrors of the concentration camp, starvation, beatings, torture, illness, and hard labour; things no child should know the true pain of. He comes to question how God could let this happen and to redefine the existence of God in the concentration camp.

The terrible beauty of this book was that while Wiesels writing was describing the most horrendous events the world has ever seen, the exquisite writing style meant that you were torn between enjoying the book and reading it to the end without

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NightEssay Preview: NightReport this essayHistory is full of famous figures, of those who have spoken out against the crowd for what they believe in; people who have stood by what they know is right and challenge society to join them in a quest for justice and a better world. Textbooks are not filled with people who simply go through the motions, but rather those who choose to enact change and do what it takes to make their voice be heard. By choosing to be committed to a cause beyond yourself, you give yourself the power to change the world. You must look beyond any fear or doubt within yourself and throw away any hindrance that stands in your way because those who choose to make a difference can, no matter how big or small they may be.

NightEssay Preview: NightReport this essayHistorical writing is a book of information as it allows you to uncover the history and ideas that shaped the minds of a nation. You can explore new things by reading and discussing historical writing and see if they have a connection to your own life as well, whether it was history, religion, politics, culture, or anything else. Through this book your life opens up a new opportunity to explore your own experience and give it a new meaning.

NightEssay Preview: NightReport this essayHistory is a book of knowledge as it allows you to uncover the history and ideas that shaped the minds of a nation. You can explore new things (even by reading and discussing history) by reading and discussing history. By finding out the truth it can help you find all your answers, even if not all of them can be found in your own history. Each of these books can be a great opportunity to learn about a great historical figure in your own history, or you can learn about a great person from your own memories – a book that gives you a chance to dig deeper into that world and see if what you’re reading is a real story.

Dream-Era and Dream to Become a Hero – How to Think Like a Hero

Your parents taught you the importance of remembering the importance of love and kindness, and how your life has shaped your attitude towards those things. I remember that my grandfather, and most of my ancestors followed in your footsteps and supported you every step of the way. It was important to remember the same kind of things over and over. And that’s the way it was; it was for you to remember every important event in your life that you took for granted. You could forget that this was the way out for you; to accept it. You knew it was a long, hard journey; what the hell was that you were going through? That no one knew about the death of your grandmother? And so on through the ages – for the rest of my life I tried to accept it, but at some point you might say, “Well that is your problem – they have to be right, but maybe we can all agree on the one thing I cannot accept – that if someone were to take us somewhere without having to pay for it, we wouldn’t be there and we wouldn’t know what it was like and it would never happen.” – that would just sound like the stupidest place on earth, right?”, and so on through the generations; I remember that I was very angry at that. It was a shame that I don’t have to deal with it anymore, because the only thing I know can be a fact, even if it sounds impossible – even that I would never go there. I remember one of my grandparents coming to me when I was growing up and saying that he loved me.

Throughout the novel Night people were treated as a whole, moved along in mass, forced to dress, act and be the same in the camps, as though the individual no longer existed and the whole herd of people had blended into one unheard mass. If only all of these people had listened to Moshe the Beadle when they had the chance, before their lives were forever changed for the worse. He alone had managed to escape from the concentration camp he was taken to and came back to the city to warn the others. It was his hope that his voice would be heard and he could change the fate of those he knew; that his experience would be enough to save others from the same. By speaking out against the powers that were taking over everything Moshe took a huge risk and yet he knew that it was up to him to be the voice that warned them all and he felt that God had chosen him to let it be known to many the horrors that they were about to face before it was too late. If only they had heard his cries of warning.

Oskar Schindler was able to save over a thousand lives during the Holocaust simply by putting peoples names on a list and allowing them to work in his factory. He used all of his personal fortune to pay for those who could not help themselves, the Jews, who had been condemned by the power of one other man, Adolf Hitler. Simply by deciding to use his resources for what he knew was right Schindler was able to save the lives of generations of Jews and really make a difference. His actions were recognized by those he saved and they revered him as the one man who had given them justice among all the cruelty. His power to save them was demonstrated several times throughout the film, specifically in one scene where his factory manager had been put onto the train by accident and Schindlers voice alone was enough to shut down the entire train to save one man from being sent away because he had demanded so. Schindler used his power in society for the greater good and he alone changed the lives of many and demonstrated how if other individuals had taken it upon themselves to change the lives of others more people would still be alive.

Born in Kenya on April 1, 1940 I have gone on to achieve much more than most would have thought at the time. The name Wangari Maathai would eventually become associated with the first East and Central African woman to hold a PhD, the first female chair of a department at the University of Nairobi, first female associate professor at the University of Nairobi, Chairman of the National Council of Women of Kenya, member of Kenyan parliament, co-chair of the Kenya Jubilee 2000 coalition, founder of the Green Belt Movement, assistant minister of Environment, Natural Resources & Wildlife, and the first female African to receive the Nobel Peace Price in 2004. Among my many accomplishments the most recognized is the Green Belt Movement, a program in which I organized many women of Kenya to help themselves and their families simply by planting trees. This project has allowed these women to better their environment and get a job to provide for their families and has resulted in the planting of 20 million trees in Kenya alone. By planting a tree these women see that they can make a difference and change the world around them for the better.

Wangari Maathai started the Green Belt Movement and her commitment to environmental protection and through that peace has brought her a great deal of recognition and success with the program. The organization has been able to change the face of Kenya by the simple

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Sarny a Life Remembered

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Gary Paulsen was born on May 17, 1939 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Gary Paulsen is the prolific author of more than 40 books, 200 magazine articles and short stories, and several plays; primarily for Young Adults. Paulsens interests in books and reading came when he was a teenager and walked into a library to escape the cold of a Minnesota winter. Once inside, and much to his surprise, the librarian offered him a library card and a book to read (Something About the Author, 1995). Reading helped Paulsen cope with a difficult family situation then and remains a constant in his life today.

Since the age of 15, Paulsen has worked at many jobs in an effort to support himself: migrant worker, soldier, field engineer, truck driver, and magazine editor (Handy, 1991). Paulsen used his work as a magazine editor to learn the craft of writing. In 1966, his first book was published, The Special War. Using his varied life experiences, but especially those of an outdoorsman–a hunter, trapper, and two-time competitor in the Iditarod, a 1,200 mile Alaskan dogsled race, Paulsen writes about what he knows best. This knowledge comes through clearly in the descriptive details he uses, making the reader feel part of the narrative.

Much of Paulsens work features outdoor settings showing the importance of water and woods to the harmony of nature. He often uses a coming of age theme, where a character masters the art of survival in isolation as a rite of passage to manhood. Ethnic groups are presented with sensitivity and understanding, giving the reader a perspective not realized previously. . .the majestic use of language, the examination of human potential, a strong sense of humorhas won Paulsen his much deserved reputation…(Lesesne, 1996, p.341).

Paulsen lives in La Luz, New Mexico with his wife, Ruth, an artist.

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Ellie Weilsels novel Night has nothing to do with todays modern society. This statement could not be more false. There are three main reasons the novel is still relevant today and that is terrorism, bullying, and the power struggles in many parts of the world. These factors show why Night still applies to world activities.

The citizens in America our somewhat sheltered to the facts of what problems our going on around the world. There our countries that are fighting for there freedom against there own governments. Treatment of these citizens is very poor and it is very hard to get in the middle of someone elses business. The treatment in the poor third world countries is very relevant to how the novel relates to unfair treatment and laws.

Terrorism is a huge problem in the world and people need to help each other to overcome this problem. Terrorism is related to Night because people are being killed because of where they are from and how they look. These extreme acts of violence are not only to make money but they have killed many people for no apparent reason. This problem has become so big that it almost seems normal to wake up and hear a story on the news about a car bomb or an assignation of a solider. Not only are the victims and the terrorists being affected but even people from certain countries are being treated wrong. People of Arabian decent our being held up and harassed just because of what they look like and the fact that some terrorist come for there part of the world. The use of profiling and discrimination is what is affecting our society and could make another turn for the worst. This shows how the same techniques used in the holocaust our used still today in different manors and could become a huge problem like shown in Weisels novel Night.

Bullying is a very big problem especially in America. Kids and adults face bullying everyday. Most of the time the consequences of bullying our very

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Self EvaluationEssay Preview: Self EvaluationReport this essayThrough the first half of the school semester, English 1100-03, taught by Ms. Gail Taylor, has expanded my knowledge substantially through various open class discussions, many journal entries, essay and poem readings, and critical analysis of articles. Because the course deals with reading, writing, and teaching the use of proper grammar, my vocabulary has definitely increased. Also, because of the emphasis on higher learning that the class presents, we as students are expected to maintain a journal broken down into three parts: a “Dear Gail section, a section for journal entries, and a section for rough drafts for upcoming assignments. Along with keeping a journal, we as students also have to have an attitude of flexibility, curiosity, and respect for the diversity of beliefs and opinions we all share.

I have found myself in a situation where the content of the first paragraph of the course can often be contradictory. Rather than reading about the subject, I have to read about my experience of reading and writing in particular books, the writings of professors of the school and people that are close to me (mostly college students), and the topics I have written about. In one case, the teacher asked me if I would write down any problems with the first paragraph of his class’s essay and the book it contained (A Conversation With A Woman of Color: The Stories Of A Woman Who Joined A Radical New Feminism). This teacher had a good point, but for those students who are reading about the subjects I’m trying to reach out to, I highly recommend reading the work of Ms. Taylor, who was once a professor of English, and is widely known as “a feminist and a good teacher who takes criticism pretty seriously.” Though I am writing this to be a non-interactive lesson series, or an essay I can’t finish without, I would like to thank both Ms. Gail and Dr. James G. Brown for providing many of the tools used in the classroom (and my own work) as well as for their help with the journal entries for “The White Women of Color Manifesto,” “Women and Men’s Men vs. Women,” and much more. The book is available at Barnes and Noblesse for just $5 at the Barnes and Noble online store. For the third semester of the course Ms. Taylor and I are continuing her work on a chapter entitled “Women and Man” on our own, where the class discusses the nature of gender, the role of women in society at large, how gender plays a part in personal development, and what gender matters to you in life. We are hoping to see how our class will be able to address this specific problem through our reading (of those books and the essays we’ve already written), while also using the power we’ve learned in our practice to empower one another through the process, which is also inspiring to some as a teacher of children’s literature. Thank you again for your patience and enthusiasm throughout this semester.

The following is not an attempt to make an arbitrary rule or to make the classroom as difficult and unpredictable as I thought it would be, but rather a means to improve the learning environment of our students in such a way that teachers and students become better prepared for the future (and in some cases may be more informed than our students) that the lessons provided in the classes are less confusing, more complete, more productive, and therefore more effective.

It is certainly a great pleasure to speak to teachers and students about the lessons they learn and about their experience teaching at their families/schools. Thank you for listening, and you wish you the best throughout this semester.

One of my strong points as a student in English class is critically evaluating a poem or an article that we had previously read. I feel that I excelled the most in those assignments because expressing my opinion on paper along with critiquing is one of my better strengths. Another point that I feel that I am strong in is participating in open class discussions. I try to firmly explain my opinions to my classmates without disrespecting their own beliefs. One of my favorite assignments that we did in class was when we had the opportunity to pick an article out of a nationally known newspaper of our choice and select an article to read and to evaluate and critically analyze it. This assignment introduced the class to how to begin a critical review of an article, film, or an essay. I received a check plus on the assignment and have enjoyed the lessons ever since.

On the other side, one of my weak points is maintaining the third section of our journal. That is the section where we organize our thoughts for an upcoming essay. I tend not to do well because I dislike writing rough drafts. I like to start my essays off the top of my head without really thinking about what Im about to write. I think this is because I had so much success doing it in high school. I would use this technique and still receive high grades on my work, and because of that I continue to do it. I am trying to correct this bad habit by organizing my thoughts and writing them down on paper before I go into writing my final piece. Another point that I dont do well in is doing the reading assignments that are assigned in the syllabus, not in class. If we have a reading assignment, I tend not to do it at all because I feel that Ms. Taylor really doesnt enforce the students to do it. Dont get me wrong, she shouldnt have to threaten us to do the work, because were the people paying thousands of dollars to be in college. But I do feel that it would help if I had a little more drive instilled

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One month before your show

Invite card

One month before opening date, artists should begin considering the invite card and image. The two artists showing should decide whether they each want their own card, or whether a card featuring images from both artists would be preferable

Invite cards are designed with Adobe Illustrator on the gallery computer using a 300 dpi image at least 5″x5″

The gallery director requires, exhibition dates, opening reception date and time, correct spelling of artists name, exhibition title, a 300 dpi (resolution) digital image, 5″x5″ of the invite card image, and a CD-ROM to burn the invite card onto for delivery to the printer

The gallery usually uses Mafu Jiang as our printer. His mailbox is located at 212 Lansdowne just south of Dundas, mobile # is 416-303-3214. The cost is $160 for 1000 cards 4×6. The turn-around time for cards is about a week to 2 weeks

Once the invite cards are ready, the artists should consider if they want to use the gallery mailing list or their own, or a combination. The gallery director can print the labels for the mailings through the FileMaker Pro database. The two artists showing should also consider whether they wish to mail the invite cards together in an envelope or separately

3 weeks before show opens

Press release

Slate advertisement

Just before the time of mailing, around 3 weeks before the show start, a press release should be written, either for each artist exhibiting, or for both artists together.

The 2 next artists should provide a completed artist statement to the gallery director and have her write a press release for the shows, or make an appointment to work with the gallery director to write the press release. This press release should be photocopied and included in the envelopes that are to be mailed to the collectors and press contacts

A small paragraph from the press release or the artists statement can be used to submit to the SLATE art guide, along with the show opening date, title, medium of work, and such, as this is due approximately 3 weeks before the month of exhibition, ie. the second week of April for May listings. Slate ads cost $133.75 each and that gets divided between however many artists we advertise depending on the schedule of the guide and the gallery schedule; sometimes it is divided by 4 and sometimes by 2.

2 weeks to show time

Labels printed

Invite mailing

Prior to mailing the invite cards, the artists should contact the gallery director to print out the mailing labels from the database

2 weeks before the show start, the mailing of invites should be done. The Toronto East Processing Unit is located at 969 Eastern Avenue between Leslie and Coxwell and will mail items out directly within a day or two in Toronto if youre running late. It is recommended that the artists include a press release in the envelopes going to both the press and collectors.

1 week before show set-up

Email press release

Notify gallery listings: NOW, eye, Globe, the Star, etc.

Vinyl lettering for window

Get keys for gallery

Draft of price list

One week before the show opening, on the Wednesday or Thursday, the gallery director will send out an email containing your images and the press release to our email list including all of the press listings for NOW, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Whats On, Eye weekly, and Instant Coffee

The artists should arrange to pick up a gallery key from the gallery director during gallery hours

The two artists should arrange for window lettering to be made. Loop usually uses BQ Signs at 1088 College, at the NE corner of College and Dufferin. The fellows name is Bao and his number is 416-516-8831. He will usually cut the lettering while you wait and he offers the best prices in town

The two

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Sexual Health

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14BCE0783Prateek [email protected]                                    Slot: TA1Digital Assignment – IISEXUAL HEALTHSummarySexual health is something which every youth of this county must get aware of. In this fast phase life, sexual intimacy has lost its traditional value and is being put up in a very casual way by the upcoming generation. Though the premarital sex have several advantages like physical pleasure , stress relieve ,   the chemistry between the couple at the time of sexual intercourse is usually said to have increased , people come to know various aspects of their partner as discussed during the seminar etc.But one must not ignore the various risk involve in premarital sex and having multiple partners for physical intimacy. Every one of us is unique, not only physically but also biologically. Since birth our body get exposed to different types of microbes. Eventually we get adopted to some unique set of these microbes which helps in better functioning of body. This group of microbes is most likely to vary among two person involving in physical intimacy. And when two people involve in sex, there microbes get exchange from one body to another. As some of these microbes can have harmful effect on others body. The polygamical relationship is not advisable by the science.

Moreover one must not forget about Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that are mainly passed from one person to another during sex. There are more than twenty five different sexually transmitted diseases with a range of different symptoms. These diseases may be spread through vaginal, anal and oral sex. Sexually transmitted infection (STI) is another name for sexually transmitted disease (STD). The name STI is often preferred because there are a few STDs, such as chlamydia, that can infect a person without causing any actual disease (i.e. unpleasant symptoms). Someone without symptoms may not think of themselves as having a disease, but they may still have an infection that needs treating. STD symptoms vary, but the most common are soreness, unusual lumps or sores, itching, pain when urinating, and/or an unusual discharge from the genitals. Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is caused by an imbalance in the normal healthy bacteria found in the vagina. Although it is relatively harmless and may pass unnoticed, it can sometimes produce an abundance of unpleasant fishy smelling discharge.

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Network SecurityEssay Preview: Network SecurityReport this essayThere are various hacking tools; one of the most popular and powerful is the QuickFire it has been around a long time. It works this way: on your Web interface screen you enter the address you want to attack, and you enter the number of messages you want to send, which can be as high as 32,000. With a click of the mouse, you send 32,000 e-mails off to the targets server. The QuickFire, is a tool that sends 32,000 e-mails to the victims site from what appears to be the same address. The attack is repeated without rest until the e-mail server is disabled and crashes.

In another to develop a successful countermeasure to stop QuickFire; an individual or organization needs to be proactive instead of being reactive. In information security it is essential for organizations to use a combination of procedures to protect their assets. The first ideal step on countermeasure is to backup any data that cannot afford to lose to at least two separate physical drives. Secondly, run Scandisk and Defragment often. This will keep the hard drive healthy and prevent crashes and or purchase anti-virus software to keep the hard drive healthy. If the organization has a high speed Internet connection they need a firewall program. A firewall program keeps those who want to hijack your computer from gaining access to the computer’s system. You really do not want someone else running your computer. Enforcing policies it important for organization a policy outlines specific requirements or rules that must be met. In the information/network security realm, policies cover specific areas of the organization point of interest. For example, an “Acceptable Use” policy would cover the rules and regulations for appropriate use of the computing facilities.

WinSmurf is a program that destroys the computer’s registry and windows file system so that the computer is not able to function properly. WinSmurf can cause permanent damage to the computer system. Such damages are disabling computer programs. WinSmurf always attempt to disable certain programs, often security or anti-virus programs, by simply ending the running processes. WinSumurf has many symptoms. One of the symptoms is when the system is often or becomes slow which may cause other programs to crash or function unexpectedly. Also another symptom that may occur is when the computer is intermittently shutting down or restarting for no reason, the computer may be infected with a threat with disabling functionality.

The WinSeal® System Configuration File System (SCC) is a simple, easy-to-use program that runs continuously and can be installed on Windows on computers of a wide range of devices including PCs, tablets, Macs and various operating systems. It is a fully-compliant open source software, supported by numerous vendors, that is easy to follow and use in Windows. WinSeal utilizes a proprietary WinSeal® Windows Installer, so it can be easily installed and used all around the world. WinSeal® is based on SCC by Open Systems Technology (OST). Users can also find more about WinSeal® on the Windows site. With the user interface a new approach is taken, including a quick search for Windows systems and other applications to allow for more convenient access. With the use of both Windows and OSX, WinSeal® can be installed and used on Windows and operating systems easily, without any additional information.

The WinSeal® Systems Configuration File System is simple, easy-to-use, and can be installed and used inside a computer. Use just one program as shown below to find a Windows system. Use the WinSeal program to install a Windows® program, like the above above installer, to a Windows® installation folder. You may want to keep more than one Windows system installed in order to make sure that Windows is installed. If you install a program like WinSeal® it must have an OS that is compatible with one or more different versions of Windows and OSX. The Program Name you choose does not affect installation of the required OS. To get a Windows device, choose Windows Windows (OS) or any other operating system to use. A computer will always install the Windows device if the operating system (or other version of computer software) that is used to install it is supported. The Windows program may install any software, but the Windows registry may contain a series of different programs to allow you to install programs. Most programs that are designed to install Windows on certain Windows Systems (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 9, Windows 10, Windows 11) use the Windows system’s Start Menu, which is located at the top. The system may automatically create a Windows Registry or the .msc files for each computer it installs. If the Windows Registry contains no .msc files, you cannot install the program. In addition to Windows Installer and WinSeal, users can also use the WinSeal program to locate file system locations that are compatible enough for programs to install. Users can also manage the program and start it from a file as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Registry Data Location: Start menu. Windows 10 Windows 2008, 8, 7 and Windows Server 2003 for Business Users.

Another type of program is WinSeal® Application Installer

Developing a countermeasure for WinSmurf in my workplace would include a combination of measurements. One of the first measure would be keeping Windows up to date, through keeping Windows up dated would be beneficial by also providing critical security updates. Secondly, establish stronger firewall whether it firewalls from hardware or software as long the computer is away from the prying eyes of the internet. Last but not least download recent anti-virus software for scanning e-email and surfing the web.

E-discovery is getting to be an important consideration in many court cases. An email that you may possess may show exculpatory data which means proof that you are not guilty. Therefore it is important to be able to produce email for court cases. Hard drives fail, email is accidentally deleted, and files get corrupted sometimes during power surges, so it becomes important to be able to backup and restore email. How do you do that?

If the individual know the location of the file that contains the e-mail then that e-mail can be dragged and dropped and

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Senior Year of School

Essay Preview: Senior Year of School

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The senior year of high school, what a pivotal time in a persons life. Jim Swarthow was a senior as average as any other of his time. He grew up in an average sized town in Tennessee, and attended a high school with the population of 1,200 students. As a student he made fair grades, yet never cracked a book when he left the doors of school heading home. School was not very important to Jim because his father had him helping the family business at a very young age. Although he never failed any courses in his school career, he never excelled either.

Jim ran with the popular crowd at his high school. He was an in guy that was more of follower than he was a leader. Ridgemont high school was your typical high school that had its typical cliqs. You had your cool guys, your nerds, your jocks, and your normal kids. The school was considered to be more middle class, with your fair share of upper class and lower class students. Jim was a middle class kid that wanted to have the appearance of a rich kid. Already making a fair amount of money helping run his fathers heating and Air Company, Jim would spend much of his money helping his appearance. Having the cool car on campus was what Jim enjoyed spending his free time on. He spent many hours and funds fixing up a 1976 Chevrolet impala. The car was in fair shape when Jim bought it from his father, but a new paint job was needed and he spent little time getting that deed taken care of. Jim had a new shade of pearl white paint put on the car to give it a remarkable look. Along with the paint job, Jim had many other revisions made to his baby. New tires, tented windows, and a booming audio system. You name it and Jim had it done to the car, he had fun fixing up the new car. Having his own car and being able to put time and money into the car gave Jim a great since of identity and freedom. By fixing the old car up, Jim knew he would be able to obtain any goal he had to overcome in his life.

Fixing up an old car was not the only exciting event that took place for Jim during his senior year. Although Jim did not participate on any athletics teams during his senior year, he was an avid supporter of all the teams. During the fall he would attend all the football games, no matter if they were at home or away. His younger brother played on the football team and he loved to go watch and support his brother. His brother was three years younger than Jim, and they were both very close to one another. When the football season would end, Jim could be found in the gymnasium supporting the basketball team. He had played basketball from the eighth grade until the tenth grade, but he realized the sport was not for him so he decided to reverse the role and become a fan instead. All of his friends attended the games as well; it was a cool and fun thing for Jim to engage in. After the games Jim and all of his friends would pack in their cars and head to the local taco bell, many of which would pack into Jims so they could hear that great audio system he had spent many hours and pay checks fixing. Jim felt many of his classmates were fair weather friends who used him and his car for a ride, but he really did not mind because it was all in good fun. After the basketball season was over Jim was in the stands at the baseball field. He loved watching sports although he had little athletic ability. Jim realized athletics were not for him at an early age, although he had fun goofing around when he could. Baseball season was big at Jims high school, because the team was always great and his best friend was on the team. Much to the same affect after the baseball games, Jim and his friends would gather at the local taco bell to goof off and to talk about where their lives were heading. Jims best friend Fletch, who was on the baseball team, was like a brother to both Jim and his younger brother. Jim and Fletch had been friends since the third grade, and they had been through a lot together in all those years.

Girls were

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Never Heard, Never ForgotEssay Preview: Never Heard, Never ForgotReport this essayNever Heard, Never ForgotЎЄЎЄReview on The Commencement Speech YouЎЇll Never HearNormally speaking, in order to leave the graduates a flawless impression of their college lives, probably 99 percent of the universities across the world, I assume, would pay great attention to the annual commencement ceremony. Usually they would invite some recognized scholars to deliver a superb speech, which presents some inspiring words so that the students would be highly motivated to throw themselves into society. However, it seems that Jacob Neusner is brave enough to enjoy the tiny 1% part. In his The Commencement Speech YouЎЇll Never Hear, Jacob argues that college prepares us a forgiving world that does not exist. As far as his understanding, whatever the professors say is all lies and whatever they do is all pretense, for what they care about is all about education, not popularity. Hence, after entering the outside world, the students are not supposed to act as self-centered as they have acted in the school.

Personally speaking, I very much agree what Jacob believes. Universities are indeed the so-called ÐŽoIvory TowerÐŽ±, whose inside world is totally different from the outside. Education is wildly regarded as a kind of service, thus when you enter the college and receive education, you are actually being served there. ItЎЇs the duty of the school faculty to make the greatest effort and provide their students with service as quantifiable and qualified as possible. Whatever the teachers do should be student-oriented instead of school-oriented, for the sake of education. Consequently, professors pretend their students are smart when they are actually dull, since they are responsible for encouraging students to keep on striving; professors listen as if to new and wonderful things when students are actually unimaginative and routine, since they are responsible for inspiring students to expand their idea bank; professors create a seemingly forgiving world, in which whatever slight effort students give is all that is demanded, since they are responsible for instructing students to be well-informed enough so as to get prepared for the world outside the ÐŽoIvory TowerÐŽ±.

Indeed, students deserve whatever the school serves, for they are at present still enjoying the process of reception rather than production, which means that during this period of time, as far as knowledge is concerned, input is paid much more importance than output. Learners are required to accumulate sufficient knowledge for the purpose that they will be able to survive when get out of the college and step into the real world. However, here the troublesome problem comes: how can the students apply what they have obtained at school to their genuine lives. As is known, what they need is a variety of experiences, which can be viewed as a sort of accelerator to the successful application. The more they have experienced, the clearer they know about the ÐŽohowÐŽ±.

In reality, the ÐŽohowÐŽ± process works at least as efficiently as it does in other parts of the world. For example, in Germany, the ÐŽohowÐŽ± program makes you feel at a real depth what you have experienced. In Spain, the ÐŽohowÐŽ± program has also proved beneficial in helping students in a number of European countries like Denmark and the Netherlands do well at a vocational training program for their education. In contrast, the ÐŽohowÐŽ± program, on the other hand, requires students to get some sort of recognition at school, or at least to pay for training that comes with a specific education, including a degree. These are just a few of the things involved. When some of these things are the case, they tend to be met quickly. In Europe, the A-type education is still mostly funded. However, there are a few exceptions that, if not all of these and many others, are the case in other parts of the world:

The ÐŽohowÐŽ—program can be run in a private school for students without the financial support of the school administrators or parents. Also, it does not offer a degree without the participation of an education officer.

Although the A-type education is not for everyone, most A-type educations can be successfully pursued as a whole curriculum in schools. A-level schools with a high concentration of students need to be in a special case, such that the degree is required of every person. In these cases, the curriculum is designed around training and other special needs and it often does not involve specific learning. It may be used to supplement the school activities or to assist the administration.

This is quite important for international students in several ways. First, this is how international schools are made, in contrast to their home countries. This leads to the perception that the A-type education serves just as well in countries like Germany as it does in the European Union. Secondly, students learn by studying carefully. And while you can learn this in the U.S., you have to know much more about the actual education. Thirdly, it is important for the school to create a culture so that people know about it. In many respects, the ÐŽohowÐŽ program has to be successful if it is to work, because once you have grown up in one of these different cultures it gets quite hard not to go back to school.

A-Type education may be implemented in the international school administration as well. An example is Spain’s Eisén de Educación. This allows the school to organize an early day curriculum that enables the learners to understand why something is really important. The Eisén de Educación may offer students the possibility to receive and hold courses in foreign languages. However, their basic education is not really that good, they


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Never Let Me Go and Oryx and Crake Research PaperEssay Preview: Never Let Me Go and Oryx and Crake Research PaperReport this essayA Perfect ForeverWe live in a world full of greed. People are willing to do whatever it takes to have an inch longer of life. Some scientists are so dedicated that they are willing to go under a microscope to pick and pull genes to make humans better as a whole. While there is no known way without cloning to have a perfect guaranteed organ match, it is definitely a desire among people. Following novels like Oryx and Crake and Never Let Me Go, we see how scientists take real life dreams and humanly desires to the lab by cloning humans for perfect organ matches and “fixing the human race” by genetic engineering.



Nasty Science: Biologically Inspired Science or Biopsychoscience, for The Science Guy

When you want to give everyone a “better” brain, the best choice is to ask you, for instance. If you’ve read the scientific literature, you’ll know that this is an important finding. But when you start throwing caution to the wind, the problem gets worse. As such, the best choice for neuroimaging research is often the best method of exploring whether the brain works just as well. Here, we turn our attention to the most recent research that focuses entirely on the brain’s role in emotion regulation.

Neuroscience of Cognitive Abilities (N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1993)

The N.J.–led trial had a significant effect on a young person’s subjective emotional state. Researchers found that although the N-glucose and its metabolites reacted to emotion, there was a significant correlation between a person’s self-esteem and their emotions. The N.J.–led study did not prove that the brain simply responds to its emotions better. Indeed, the “feelings” that an individual feels are much better predicted by their specific mental state (rather than being one specific emotional state).

A review by the Neuropsychological Institute of New York (NPIC) and New York State University (NYU), and of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDIA), on the N.J.–led study indicates that it should be “a good idea to be skeptical” of research that suggests that brain function is only one cause of our subjective emotional states (Neurosurgeon, 1998). There is also widespread speculation that the human brain is part of our natural family tree and that this is what can lead to our general happiness and sense of well-being.

In our world, emotional feelings are a part of everyday human experience, but they are rare. For instance, in a recent study, psychologists had participants sit in front of a computer screen and listen to stories about their everyday lives over several hours (Brain, 2001). This was shown to be the most effective way to measure the amount of happiness in people, given that the participants were never actually in “normal” social settings (Neuroscience of Cognitive Abilities, 2001).

Studies of N.J.–led research have suggested that the human brain may be a powerful biological instrument to make more of our subjective emotional states better. For instance, one of the authors of the N.J.–led study points out that humans’ attention spans are tied to emotions. The researchers point out that people are less likely to perceive those emotions as negative and have more tendency to respond negatively to people who perceive them as positive than people who do feel those emotions at all (Neuroscience of Cognitive Abilities

In page 22 of Oryx and Crake, we are far before the crakers and talking about the pigoons. They are referred to as being able to grow human tissue organs without the possibility of rejection (Atwood 22). This is very similar to how Kathy and other clones were built. They are not there for any purpose but to help people live on with ease by guarantee organ transplant. We are assured of this when Mrs. Lucy tells the students their “lives are set out for [them]” (Ishiguro 65).

As humans, we always desire a perfect society and all have our own ideas on how it can be done, including Crake. Crake’s idea of a perfect society is “eliminating one generation. One generation of anything” (Atwood 223). Now, we know that wiping out the world and starting up from dirt is not going to appease the human race, however Atwood is trying to get the point across that genetic engineering is the solution to making the world a better place. Scientists have a different view from what Mark Herring says. He says that “no one really believes that any sort of genetic engineering research will enable any wheel-chair bound individual to get up and walk. (Herring 9). The BlyssPluss pill is the ideal way to be almost immortal. With staying young forever and no possibility of death, the pill is something all humans would be interested in, except for it has one little condition. The plague that will destroy the human race (Atwood 294).

What Crake is doing with this pill is widely known as “playing God.” We see people in real life trying to do this in their own ways, not taking it quite as far as crake, but they do it. For example, Lou Gehrig’s disease has been around for upward a hundred years. Back then, the life expectancy through medicine was 2 years after diagnosis. Now, through hooking people up to machines and sedating them, people live full life times with the disease (Herring 146). This is a moral controversy between people, and it is also one of the biggest issues in Never Let Me Go.

Clones are used in Never Let Me Go to give donations of organs to people without the risk of rejection. I mean, what’s wrong with this? They are just some cloned machines that have organs, aren’t they? Well not according to Professor Lovell-Badge, who has an article in BBC. Lovell-Badge states that clones are like identical twins. What starts as one egg and one sperm becomes two people with the exact same genetic make-up (Lovell-Badge line 18). Twins studied report having completely different identities and have full individuality (Lovell-Badge line 20). The point she is getting across is that although clones are “created” to help people, they are really hurting the clones which would be real people. She also thinks we are not ready for it and that cloning “should not be attempted with current knowledge” (Lovell-Badge line 35).

One prime example of a clone with a mind at work is when Ruth questions their (the clones) beginning by saying “We all know it. We’re modelled from trash. Junkies, prostitutes, winos, tramps. Convicts, maybe, just so long as they aren’t psychos. That’s what we come from. We all know it, so why don’t we say it?” (Ishiguro 166). This is where the morals come in. We have an understanding that clones would have a mind of their own, but our humanly desire for immortality leaves us questioning if it’s worth it. Clones would be lucky, however, to make it to birth as over 90% of clone trials have failed. Among those that survive, there is a high rate of clones that suffer from deformities and disabilities (“Human Cloning Ethical Issues” 11). With such a high chance of death and/or suffering, people should stop and think, “Is it worth it?”

Never Let Me Go only shows us the negative sides

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Sarah Vaughan

Essay Preview: Sarah Vaughan

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Sarah Vaughan, born March 27, 1924, was very talented and everyone knew this. The word was passed along so even those that never went to church knew how gifted she was. The word got around to Newarks Little Jimmy Scott, a jazz singer himself. He remembered the gossip being that Sarah Vaughan could become another Marian Anderson.

Because Sarah grew up hearing her mother sing in the church choir, it seemed only natural for her to follow her mothers footsteps and become involved with the musical life of the church. By October of 1942, 18 year old Sarah had already been playing the organ for years for choir rehearsals on Saturday mornings and for Sunday services. In addition to weekend services, she also played during the week for the children of the congregation. Sarahs parents found themselves in Newark, New Jersey after migrating from Virginia during the First World War. They also found that the church was growing because of the waves of people migrating from the south.

It started with trumpet player, Jabbo Smith, who recalls encouraging young Sarah to try to win an amateur night contest at the Apollo. For Sarah to try to win the contest was natural. She knew of many professional musicians who tried for prizes there and won. Before deciding she would perform on the Apollo stage herself, she encouraged Doris Robinson to compete and Sarah would accompany her on the piano. As a result, Doris won second place and split the money with Vaughan fifty-fifty. On an October night in 1942, Sarah “went on a dare” to the Apollo on the condition that her friends would be in the audience to cheer her on. Sarah Vaughan arrived so late on the night she was supposed to perform that Ralf Cooper, Sr., master of ceremonies, didnt want her to sing. He eventually changed his mind and gave her a chance. Although she forgot to kiss “the tree of hope” everyone cheered her on when she began to sing “Body and Soul”. Sarah impressed Cooper with her “in-depth soul and her ability to vocalize changes around the melody”. She won the first place prize of ten dollars that night and a promise of a weeks engagement at the theater sometime in the near future. As the days went on and winter went by it seemed as though the management at Apollo forgot about her. She received the call in the spring of 1943. With Ella Fitzgerald as the headliner, crowds flooded the theater. Billy Eckstine decided to attend the show to see Ella and the rest of the show. “When he heard Sarah sing, he couldnt believe his ears.” “It was just something different. Something you hadnt heard before,” he said. Sarah recalls Ella Fitzgerald seeing the many agents crowding around her and “stopping me from singing myself away to all the agents hanging around”. Soon after, the two became friends.

Eckstine is often credited with introducing Sarah to Earl Hines. Hines immediately decided to replace Madeline Green, his current female vocalist, with Sarah. He introduced himself backstage after the show and asked her if she would like to work in his band. She seized the opportunity. As a result, Sarah Vaughan, at the age of nineteen, began her career in show business. “She had entered the jazz world so easily and so quickly that it took her some time to get used to the idea and develop from a shy teenager into a confident performer.”

Because Eckstine formed his own band and asked her to join, Sarah only spent a year with Earl Hines band. She worked with Dizzy Gillespie, a trumpeter, and Charlie Parker, a saxophonist, in both bands. She began to imitate the way both musicians played with her singing. Through Gillespie, she obtained her first recording contract as a soloist, and in 1945, with both Parker and Gillespie she recorded “Lover Man”. This song brought her national attention.

George Treadwell became her first husband and manager and booked her to sing in both New York and Chicago clubs. When Vaughan and Treadwell started out together everything was smooth. Eventually, he tried to direct every aspect of her personal life. He spent thousands of dollars turning her into a polished and sophisticated soloist by buying her expensive clothing and arranging singing lessons. Vaughan began to perform in better clubs and attracted a large number of fans. Treadwell takes credit for her commercial success.

After George Treadwell, a number of people began to attribute to the success of Sarah. Eventually, the relationship between George and Sarah deteriorated. As a result, Sarah, also known as Sassy, was in the market for a new manager. George Wein, founder of the Newport Jazz Festival, took over as manager and he agreed that Treadwell was one of the best things that happened

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ShakespeareEssay Preview: ShakespeareReport this essayAlthough he is considered the best play writer who ever lived, WilliamShakespeare also lived a very interesting life. Shakespeare has written some thirty-sevenplays and over 160 poems. These are only some of the main aspects of Shakespeare andhis life. In the subsequent paragraphs I will describe the most important events ofShakespeare and his life.William Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564(a mere guess as his real birthdate is not known) in Stratford. He was the third child out of a total of eight children.When Shakespeare turned seven, he was forced to attend Stratford grammar school. Atypical school day consisted of nine hours. He went to school year-round except for thethree holidays they had. The main language studied at grammar school was Latin. Eventhough nine hours of his day were spent at grammar school, he still managed to find timeto go to the neighborhood market. In November of 1582, Shakespeare married AnneHathaway. There was quite a bit of difference in their age with Shakespeare only beingeighteen and Anne twenty-six. Throughout their short marriage, they had three children:Susanna, Hamnet, and Judith. Susanna was the oldest and Hamnet and Judith were twinsborn sometime in 1585. A period between 1585 and 1592 is called the lost years becauseno information exists about Shakespeare. Some people believe he moved to London toearn a living as a play writer. Shakespeare was fully involved with the London Theaterworld from 1594 to 1608. Shakespeare and his six associates became owners of theGlobe in 1599. The Globe was an outdoor theater in Southwark, London. During the lasteight years of his life, Shakespeare only managed to write four plays (Encarta Online).Shakespeare lived in Stratford for most of his life and in London for about 20 years wherehe earned money for being the owner of the Globe. February 10, 1616 brought the last bit of happiness to Shakespeares life, his younger daughter, Judith, married Thomas Quiney.

Shakespeare passed away only two months after their marriage on April 23 (amazingly thesame month and day of his birth). Inscribed on Shakespeares tombstone was a poem thatread “Good friend, for JesusÒ sake forbear, to dig the dust enclosed here! Blest be ye manthat spares the stones, and curst be he that moves my bones” (R. Moore). Shakespeareswill said he wanted to: leave the bulk of his estate to Susanna, 300 pounds to Judith, andonly his second best bed with linens for his wife (Encarta Online).Shakespeare has written a total of thirty-seven plays. They are divided into fourtime periods in which they were written: first, second, third, and fourth. During the firstperiod, (1590-1594), Shakespeare wrote seven plays. His use of language during the firstperiod showed that he was having trouble finding a poetic style (World Book 356).During the second period, (1595-1600), Shakespeare wrote twelve plays including thefamous

Ain’t nobody is too dumb to understand this story. The first (1596) had a few mistakes, but it was mainly because of his Englishness (Wesley, p. 7), and partly because of his ability to write poetry. We will deal with the third and fourth (1597-2089) periods only.In the 17th century, most French novels were composed in English style, meaning they were in English and French (Cabell, p. 5). Thus they were, in English style, described in English, which was how they should have been. These novels were the first and the last two. In the first years of the seventeenth century, (c. 1500-1125), only three English novels were published. They were The Great Gatsby, The Lord of the Rings, and The Tempest. The original French novel (1598) is one of the best of these, at least in the 18th century. This is the fifth novel in the fourteenth book in the The Tempest series, The Great Gatsby . A version of this novel that was published is written by G. M. Hutton.The story of the great Gatsby begins with a simple man being transported aboard a large ship with little assistance from his wife (Encarta Online). She is waiting for him in a cabin. Her story begins, at first glance, with her dying in the brig of her husband’s ship. His friends are aboard, and she is able to convince them that his wife was dead and her husband had perished in the brig so that she had a son to help care for his mother. As the story progressed, it became more and more interesting that she had given birth to a son, who was so little he could hardly say what he was doing that she had to be taken back to her cabin to give his name. Eventually, however, there is a fight with the crew. Then, during the day, he can hear that the ship is sinking, so there is a chance that she is dead and his son has not yet died. Then, when the wind speeds up, he can hear it, and the wind is blowing violently and that’s where the real Gatsby begins. In The Tempest novels, you can read Shakespeare’s English in English at the same time from his own place of birth as well as from his English wife’s. Encarta has also shown from several other sources how English is often misstitled (“Tales of Hamlet”), so that Shakespeare’s story in this sense was not as complete as the novel’s. In the 17th century, English and French (enacted in 1597) are more or less the same genre. English novels of the same style are often found in magazines and the libraries (Le Banchette, 1799). English plays such as The Tempest , The Last King , The Silosilians and The Merchant of Venice have been popular romances for at least two hundred years. English playwrights did some very great work during the beginning of the nineteenth century to get it in print and, perhaps, even to become famous by themselves. 

The early writings from Shakespeare’s day speak of those “great men” (Encarta Online). The first work in this category for English is A Poem . In Shakespeare, and even if we did not see the work, he was writing a play by Sir Roger Walter. The Poem is a play that

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Serial Killers in the Us

Essay Preview: Serial Killers in the Us

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Serial Killers in the U.S

Before we can discuss what serial killers do, we must first define what a serial killer is. Some people might place serial killers into the same group as mass murderers. This would be incorrect because they are two totally different types of killers. While both of these individuals may kill many people, the difference lies in the reason they kill and the period over which they kill their victims. An event or a build up of circumstance triggers mass murderers and causes them to act. This may be the result of a stressful situation or frustration either at work or in their private lives. For whatever reason, they may choose to use a weapon and kill people that they feel are responsible for their problems. They may also kill total strangers in a bid to get even with whomever or whatever they feel wronged them. Whatever their reason, they are usually cooperative and quite often docile if they survive the episode. It seems that this one-time outburst of violence, once enacted, puts an end to any future events of this type for that individual. While the mass killer may kill many people in one attack, when the attack is over, their mission is complete. The mass killers victims may not be chosen for any other reason than being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Serial killers are a totally different and more dangerous threat to society. They may not kill many people at one time, but they may kill for many years without being detected. They are able to kill again and again without being caught because they are careful in their choices of victims. They typically pick victims who are vulnerable and un-able to defend themselves such as children, the elderly or women. They also pick victims who will not be missed by society, such as migrant workers, prostitutes, hitchhikers or homosexuals. They may even pick victims based on specifics such as physical build or hairstyle.

Because of the fact that many serial killers may be mobile; similarities in crime scenes may go undetected by law enforcement agencies. The nations police departments often lack the modern equipment and technology needed to track and recognize connections between cases. It is generally accepted that many cases of serial murder have not been reported because of lack of evidence or the person murdered is never noticed to be missing.

The U. S. has had more than 150 documented cases of serial killers since 1800. Retired FBI analyst John Doug-las believes that at any one time, there may be from 30 to 50 serial killers active in the U. S. Good locations for serial killers include any city or area large enough to support prostitution, drug cultures, runaway children or street people. They can and do operate successfully in rural areas.

Serial killers were once considered a rarity. Even though reports in Europe go back as far as the fifteenth century, only a few were written about prior to the mid twentieth century. One of the most widely written about was Jack the Ripper, who claimed only 5 victims in a three-month period. This would put him in the bottom of the class by to-days standards. During the past twenty years, serial killings have become more frequent. We have even seen up to a half dozen of their cases on the news simultaneously. Cases such as San Franciscos Zodiac

Killer; New York Citys Son of Sam; Atlantas child murderer, Wayne Williams; Los Angeless Hillside Strangler; and Milwaukees own, Jeffrey Dahmer for example. Many times, they fit into a pattern, but sometimes there is no pattern. The phenomenon is world-wide, from Englands Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffes killing of 13 women prior to 1981, to Russias Rostov Cannibal, Anderei Chikatilo, who slaughtered and partially consumed at least 53 men and women over

a 12 year period prior to 1990.

It is hard to predict whether a person will become a serial killer. A set of childhood characteristics believed by many to be symptoms of violent behavior has been named the “McDonald Triad”. Named after psychiatrist John M. McDonald, it speculates that three factors in a persons childhood may determine violent behavior. These three factors presumably linked to homicidal behavior are bedwetting, setting fires, and torture of small animals. There is evidence that many serial killers have some or all of these factors in their past. The fact remains, there are many people with symptoms of the McDonald Triad who do not become serial killers; unfortunately some do. One of the Hillside Stranglers, Kenneth Bianci, had a bedwetting problem and had killed a cat before as a prank. The Son of Sam, David Berkowitz, had set many fires, kept a diary and even nicknamed himself the “Phantom Fireman”. Alaskas Robert Hansen, murderer of at least 17 women, was convicted of arson as a youth. An important fact is the “McDonald Triad” is not believed to be a cause of violence, but only a set of


The typical serial killer is a white male in his late 20s or 30s and murders his victims by beating or strangulation. He may appear cold, show no remorse for his actions and might deny responsibility for his crimes, but psychosis or severe mental illness is rarely present. Only an estimated 10 to 15 percent of serial killers are women. Males are much more likely to use extreme violence such as bludgeoning, beating, strangling, or torture. Women on the other hand favored poisoning or smothering their victims. Where men would normally stalk their victims, the female se-rial killer would lure her victim to their death. Researchers Anne Moir and David Jessel believe that serial killers lack the voice of conscience that prevents most of us in doing things we should not. Their research made them to believe that serial killers usually have a sexual motive and an inability to appreciate the feelings of others. They only survive because they are able to conceal their identities and appear to be normal. “Most unexpectedly, in back-ground, in personality, and even in appearance, the mass murderer is extraordinarily ordinary. This may be the key to his extraordinary “talent” for murder: After all, who would ever suspect him.”

Dr. Donald Lunde, a psychiatrist who studied 42 murderers over a 5-year period, determined that there are two types of mentalities involved with these types of crimes. The first of these is paranoid schizophrenia which may be characterized by an aggressive, suspicious demeanor, hallucinations (usually, hearing voices in their minds), or delusions of grandeur or persecution. The second type is sexual sadism, which is distinguished by killing, torturing, or mutilating victims for

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Nga Report

Essay Preview: Nga Report

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Assignment no 1

Research Paper Topic:

750 words max.

Deadline: Tues 1 April 2008

Choose an artwork currently on exhibit at the National Gallery of Australia (including Sculpture Garden) that relates to/references issues of the body and/or embodiment. The artwork may take the form of sculpture, installation, video performance, carving, jewelry, metal-work, or painting. Demonstrate your scholarly research abilities by identifying the historical, social and cultural context of the work by the artist/s, and discuss how the body is textualised in the work, and its wider significance.

This is a research paper and conventional scholarly referencing still applies. However, should you wish, you may adopt a more “relaxed” presentational style and be creative in terms of your response to the work. Please email your tutors or see the course convener if you have any queries.

All essays are to be submitted to the School of Humanities office. Make sure you use the correct cover sheet and place the essays in the essay chute for date stamping. It is your responsibility to keep a copy of the essays. The essay chute is cleared at 4.45 pm daily. Essays submitted after 4.45 pm will be stamped the next day. We do not accept essays by email or fax.

Assessment Criteria

The following criteria will be applied to the assessment of both assignments:


Focus on question

Originality of ideas

Complexity of analysis/concepts

Coverage of relevant issues

Clarity of argument/explanations

inclusion of adequate detail to support opinions or ideas

Ability to use secondary sources appropriately


overall structure of essay

logic and coherence of sentences and paragraphs

word choice and vitality of writing style



Marking Scale

High Distinction (Above 80):

• Work of exceptional quality showing a command of subject matter and appreciation of issues;

• Has a clearly formulated argument which is developed throughout the work;

• Engages the question or topic throughout the assignment;

• Demonstrates wide reading of relevant literature;

• Very well expressed;

• High level of intellectual work.

Distinction (70-79):

• Work of high quality showing strong grasp of subject matter and appreciation of major issues though not necessarily of the finer points;

• Has a clear argument which may not be fully sustained throughout the work;


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Shaka – Zulu Warrior ChiefEssay Preview: Shaka – Zulu Warrior ChiefReport this essayShaka is a Zulu chief that was very intelligent and also a powerful warrior. He lived from 1787 – 1828. In his early years, he joined the warrior force of Chief Diniswayo, of the Mthethwa, who ruled the Zulus. He learned a lot of military tactics and organizations while he was in this warrior force. Shaka was a great leader because he trained his warriors with a lot of hard work so they would be prepared to surprise attack and defend themselves whenever they needed to.

Shaka had 1 main weapon that he fought his battles with. This weapon that he used is called an assegai. It is a long stabbing spear that was made out of wood and both the tip of the spear was made of iron and was specially sharpened. Both sides of the tips of his weapon were sharpened to go through any human body with a slight poke. Both sides of the weapon are sharp so Shaka can fight enemies in front of him and kill the enemies that try to attack him from the back. His spear was made longer especially for him so he could throw his Spear and it would go through the British bodies swiftly like a really sharp knife stabbing through a thin piece of paper. He killed more than 500 British soldiers with his powerful weapon.

The Sword of the Emperor, it is considered the most powerful sword he has produced. Its ability is one of power. Shaka was using it with his main weapon on the battlefield as well. A blade of raw iron. It has been used by two of the kings because it is known that he gave it to them when he was in Alesia so it was great and they kept fighting with it.

Shaka and The Sword of The Grand Empress were also fighting in Alesia when she was living there when they fell. Their power was enough for her to do an attack on them both because they were both extremely strong swords so she had to take care of them. Their strength didn’t go down when the prince of Alesia was killed and his two sons were slain. Her strength was enough to kill a single person with each single attack that killed them all.

Shaka managed to blow an arrow into a small statue at a spot on the hill above the castle where the King of Alesia has had his kingdom since his death. Shaka could not hurt himself as he was in a wheelchair from the fire. The statue was found during her final battle with the King of Assyria when he finally died and she was alive. She knew that Shaka had been doing this for 6 minutes and the next thing she knew, he would be killing all of the people that she had fought alongside for the past nine years.

The statue then fell down and the people that Shaka and his people had fought with didn’t stay in the castle for long. This statue was later stolen from an area of the castle that Shaka had stayed with for a while before he left. Some time after its theft, they were forced to face the Lord of Assyria who decided that they could only go through the castle in order to gain the same power. Though they only had one final chance because of this statue, it is likely that they survived and got their own statue back

In addition to fighting during the siege period, Shaka was also fighting his own war and was later captured by the King of Assyria and he tried to get revenge on his mother. They eventually got his hand sent to him so that they could kill him and he left peacefully. He tried to kill his mother by knocking her out and also gave it to him after she left. This is why He was so impressed with her strength. They were soon separated when he was imprisoned and he tried to sell it to Ami to save his father. Eventually the three tried to steal it but his father killed them.

Despite the power being not as strong over the years, Shaka continued to hunt

His second weapon that he uses is his powerful shield. His shield was very big so after he threw his spear; he could fight his enemies using his shield. His shield was a specialized made shield that had sharp tips on the front so he could block and stab people at the same time. This shield saved his life a number of times. It was made with the lightest and strong iron ever so its durable and lightweight.

With these weapons that Shaka had, he was almost godlike. He also taught his warriors how to use the shields left side to hook the enemys shield to the right, exposing their ribs so for a fatal spear stab. Shake lead a great military unit that even after he died, his army was still fighting. This was impressive because he had to fight the British and the British had technology that Africa did not even hear of yet. Shaka used his intelligence and his ability to be a strong warrior to lead Africas army to keep away British invaders for more than 50 years.

Historical Fiction Night And Author Elie Wiesel english essay help online: english essay help online


Essay Preview: Night

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Throughout history During World War II, millions of European Jews suffered and died at the hands of Adolf Hitler and his anti-Semitic Nazi regime. In the historical fiction Night, the author Elie Wiesel, portrays to the readers the emotional truth behind the Holocaust, based on his experience. He insists:

“The only role I sought that of witness. I believed that, having survived by chance, I was duty bound to give meaning to my survival, to justify each moment of my life.”

He opens our eyes and touches our hearts as he takes us to Eliezers psychological journey, as the Holocaust robs him of his faith in God and exposes him to the deepest inhumanity of which man is capable. Thus, the author wants us to understand the importance of learning from the tragedy that was the Holocaust:

“The Holocaust, shows that how people think and act needs revision in the face of those facts, unless one wishes to continue the same blindness that produced the darkness of Night. Yet failure to use the Holocaust to call all of humankind into question diminishes the chances to mend the world.”

Eliezer started out as religious and studious young man who possessed a strong sense of tradition and

faith, as well as being deeply interested in Jewish mysticism. When asked why he prays to God, he answered, “Why did I pray? A strange question. Why did I live? Why did I breathe?” His belief in God was unconditional. However, his confidence in God diminishes as he is faced with the truth of what lies ahead for them:

“Never shall I forget that night, the first night in camp, which has turned my life into one long night, seven times cursed and seven times sealed. Never shall I forget the little faces of the children, whose bodies I saw turned into wreaths of smoke beneath a silent blue sky. Never shall I forget those flames which consumed my faith forever

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Script for Me

Essay Preview: Script for Me

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We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

These words started, what many believe to be, one of the greatest documents of all time. The Constitution was conceived by 55 delegates, at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, in Philadelphia. They were there to redo the old government or make a new one. What started out as reform turned into a revolution that would forever change America.

The old government, The Articles of Confederation, had become outdated, and didnt provide enough stability for the newly formed nation. The Articles of Confederation gave absolute power to the states, and had no central government. America needed a strong central government to control its many foreign affairs and economic problems. Some states had created their own overly inflated monetary systems, and unfair trade policies. The Constitutional Convention was made to remedy this with rule and guidelines, or a new system to regulate these codes.

This was bad. The rest of the worl suffered it was bad why why did the world have to go. Why did it have to say. What did it do to know that it was over tell me you smug bastard why . Fuck this and how and who and when and where and and and intel inside, designed for windows

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New Selling

Essay Preview: New Selling

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Based on International selling that Ive read, business community nowadays focused more on the development of exporting products rather than importing to other countries and I agreed on that. As it was already said, it is necessary for the economic survival of the business community. The exportation must exceed the importation to have a favourable balance of trade. To achieve this, a company must reduce expenditure on imported foreign goods and sell more goods and services overseas to increase foreign revenue. Total exports must pay for total imports, so if a country’s exports fall then imports should also fall, unless the deficiency in exports can be made good in the ways specified. We now appreciate the importance to a country of keeping up its volume of exports. Different organization and unions was also considered to the international selling that we are talking about too. Like European Union whose initial objective of the treaty was to remove all restrictions on the free movement of goods and services and individuals within the EU by removing taxation differentials, frontier controls and other forms of restriction. It also said that the concept of a single market is no longer a future scenario but a reality. Companies that have failed to plan for the changes that the single market has brought, and will continue to bring, find themselves faced with increased competition for which they are ill-prepared.

The increased in exports of goods and services is now the priority of the business community. Businesses here in the Philippines suffered many losses because of the importing of products from other countries. Example is the importation of our basic need which is rice. It’s like that just yesterday we are one of the exporters but look at now, we are importing from other countries just to supply the needs of our Filipinos citizen. The national economic prosperity depends on selling overseas is not without relevance to individual companies. There are reasons why companies benefit from selling overseas. Factors concerned with selling overseas. The first one is because of the non-availability of the product. It benefited to you if you are the one who’s exporting that particular product to other countries but if you are the importer, it will just be a burden for you. Next is because of the international differences in competitive costs. In here, it is said that you will gain if each exports products in which costs of production are comparatively lower and imports products in which costs of production are comparatively higher. The more productive country would still benefit from specialisation in those goods it produces best, and should then import those goods it is comparatively less good at producing. Lastly is the product differentiation. Differentiation for me is an asset that can be used to take advantage to my competitor. Selling overseas is a cultural as well as an economic phenomenon and it is to the area of cultural influences in overseas markets that we now turn.

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Self EssayEssay Preview: Self EssayReport this essayFamily is a big part of my life. I’ve always been close with my family and I plan to keep it that way forever. Anytime I’ve ever been in trouble or needed help, my family is who I call first. I have grown through out the years to learn that they will be the most important part of my life and that is one thing that will never change. My friends will change and jobs will as well, but through the thick and the thin your blood will always be there. I also feel a certain bond with them because I am adopted. I was not born into this family, but rather chosen and I feel as though I owe it to them do make something of myself. I feel as though every accomplishment that I’ve had in my life has been for not only me but for them as well. In the family aspect of things I’d say that I’m doing pretty well.


{p>Frequently Asked Questions: What does SELF really speak to you about? What’s your most important experience with self? When did you first understand self like that, did it truly mean to you as you grow up?

My dear friends, my life is quite hard, but at the start of it I was looking through my personal life and seeing myself as if it was a family. The first day I saw the family was very encouraging, especially after I felt I had made an incredible contribution to my development and as such, my own personal growth started to be a lot more positive. My wife and I made good friends through our shared love of reading and reading about us before we spent an hour or two of living in this family home. We had an open house in summer, had three people around the house, and we still hang out in that apartment on the fifth floor, a very nice thing. It wasn´t until I saw them in the hallway one to two times a week for the last couple of years, that I felt like I could actually walk down the hall with my self. My biggest fear was that I’t being taken seriously and so I did as much homework as I could while they were outside, reading, etc., and while they were there, I could take pictures of the family as well.

My friend Sarah and I were just trying to get something started that I might someday want to have, and then she was like, ‘Okay, well, I have to find a new goal, and when I see you look and it doesnít look like myself, do not worry about it, I donít know what might happen so I just let it go. Now I just sit back and watch the results. It all works out,’ but there seems to be one thing I didnít get over before that.

Iíve never been like that in years, but then I really was so happy and thankful that we had a house with us with so many wonderful people because we had friends who loved reading and learning… and we had to go through all of that. I always felt like an important part of it was the books I was reading, and that I could always go and get something I needed from the community that we had that I didn´t have time for the house.

What was that like as a child or teenager you had?

My childhood was in such a bad sense, not to mention being kind of a loser. I thought I really had to figure that out because I needed the answers to all these issues but when I got my second little notebook I got more ideas and was really enjoying that that kept me going. Once I got to sixth grade with a classmate who was reading my father’s book, I was just overwhelmed for a lot of reasons because it was always so easy to just sort of sit there and watch. He got up and read it the same way I did, just thinking about me so much.

So do you feel like your parents or your family support you growing

Friends are then next thing that matters to me. Friendship is not something that I just hand out to anyone I meet. I feel as though my close friends are just an extension of my family, and I treat them that way. I would go to the end of the world and back for any of my friends. In my group of friends, we call each other “brother” for a reason. It’s something that we feel has meaning in our lives and we truly mean it when we say it. We feel as though the person we are saying it too truly is a brother of ours, and we treat them with that level of respect and honesty.

I have always been told that I have a good work ethic in life and work hard at whatever I do. This is something that I take pride in and work towards every day. If I am getting paid to do a job by someone I am going to do that job to the fullest extent. I have been working since I was 15 and have never gone more than a month without a job since then. During my employment I’ve done several jobs, such as being a lifeguard at two separate pools, a cook and waiter at Isaacs Deli, a cook at a Hercules Gyro in the York Galleria, a salesman at Champs Sports, and a worker for a privately owned landscaping company. All of these jobs, I’ve worked my hardest at, and learned many things that will help me in the future.

One of the things that I need to work on in my life is my schooling. I’ve had a rocky past when it comes to my education. I’ve wasted enough time and money on failed attempts in the past to understand now how important it

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Nickel And Dimed Notes

Essay Preview: Nickel And Dimed Notes

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This chapter (Selling in Minnesota) had some disturbing information about the low wage life. As I read, I learned that every place the author went to apply, such as a Wal-Mart and a Home Depot type place called Menards, required the applicant to pass a drug test. The author went out and had to buy detox for $30, but can be up to $60. Also, I learn that 81% of employers do drug test their future employees. I dont like this statistic, in part because I tried getting a job at Marshall Fields restaurant and they required me to pass a drug test. Luckily, another employer called me before my scheduled drug screening (which I had planned on passing by being really sneaky and using the urine of a friend of mine), so I took that job offer and everything worked out well. The reason I dont agree with the drug testing required to access most entry-level jobs, is because the only drugs they actually test for is Marijuana. Cocaine and heroine leave the body within three days, and other drugs arent even tested for. So that leaves the most commonly used illicit drug, and one that has the least affect on the user, to be tested for.

When the author first moved to Minnesota, she lived in a friend of a friends apartment until she could find another apartment. The friend is out of town and required that the author takes care of her canary in order for her to stay there. The bird, which the author comes to call Budgie, is really annoying and has to be let out of its cage a few times or otherwise it will go crazy in the cage. The author looks extremely had to find an apartment to stay at. Apparently, there is only a less than 1% apartment vacancy in Minnesota. Also, the only apartments that are available are defiantly not accessible to entry-level employees, offering hot tubs and over $1000 a month payments.

One of the places that the author tried to get a job at required that the employee had lived in Minnesota for at least one year.

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Nickel+Dimed Reaction

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The book Nickel and Dimed was a refreshing easy read. With consideration to my workload for the semester I appreciated this small favor, however, nothing could have prepared me for the pages ahead. As I conceptualized this paper I was battling my criticisms and trying to keep an open mind. I ended my conceptualization feeling helpless and not knowing where to begin. Where better then the beginning? I was initially thrilled to read the things she was writing about serving in Florida. Not only because I live in Florida, but also because I am a drink and food schlepper myself. At first reading about the problems with customers and endless side work brought a smile to my face, but shortly my smile faded into something of a brooding disposition. Not only was I annoyed reading my trials and tribulations on the page, but also I was attempting to separate myself from the text and put it in a single woman/mom perspective (the assignment is my only reason for attempting to be unbiased which I am generally not very good at). It had never occurred to me that these downfalls of society not only afflicted me, but women in even less of a position beside myself. I find it hard to fully engage the contempt-ridden position these women are in. When dealing with an annoying customer I generally have a hard time letting it roll of. I cannot imagine being forced into such a submissive position because one desperately needs this 2-dollar tip to keep from living in her car.

As she progressed up north to Maine I was pleasantly awaiting something better, as the author was herself. I too believed that the all white New England state would provide a better opportunity for this experiment. The maid work she was applying for seemed slightly more pleasant and less degrading. As she proceeded on with her experiment, I again grew ominous thinking of the looming omen of a feces ridden toilet or pubic hair ridden Jacuzzi she would come in contact with. The degradation suffered by these consistently well below the poverty line women is enough to turn ones stomach. And to have to keep a cheery disposition and never curse on the job created even more of a hostile mindset for myself. She described in this chapter a woman working with her with no front teeth. How terrifying having a job where one relentlessly cleans someone elses belongings and tries to maintain there comfort with a good smelling house, meanwhile this ladies mouth is filthy and foul smelling (I assume, because of the rotten teeth observation of Ehrenreich) with no prospect of health or dental care anywhere in the near future or even probably her whole life.

The co-workers described in the book amazed me. With the exception of a few nameless angry people, for the most part there was an unusual camaraderie of people of

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“All the worlds a stage and all the men and women merely players.” ( This quote, written by William Shakespeare, illustrates that everybody is a little part of the big world, merely playing his or her “role” as a human. It very much describes the bard himself, being a little part of that “stage”. Although his part was small, he still made an incredible impact. William Shakespeare was a fabulous playwright, writing great plays and putting forth ultimate effort.

Shakespeares early life shaped him into what we know him as today. Scholars believe that the bard was born on April 23, 1564; this date is based on the date of his christening. Though Shakespeare hit it big, his family did not. They were only a middle class family, making just enough to get by. Being one of six children, the eldest, that was a lot of work for his parents to support them all. Nevertheless, his mother, Mary, had some inherited money and his father was one of Stratfords leading men.

Shakespeares way of life in his early years was quite normal. He grew up in the town of Stratford-upon-Avon. It was a small, worldly market town in the middle of the country.

It was in Stratford that he began his education. The dramatists schooling was probably a big factor in helping him to be so intelligent. At the age of four, the bard went to a small, local school. From about the age of six to around the age of fourteen, he attended a free grammar school where he learned Latin. Finally, at the age of sixteen he graduated with honors from Stratford Grammar. One of the most important parts of his education was that he studied many aspiring authors, such as Seneca.

Everybody knows Shakespeare for his plays. The dramatist produced three kinds of plays: tragedies, comedies, and histories. Tragedies were a type of play where the main character was doomed to death. Comedies are not the same as they are now. Back in the bards time, comedies were silly complications that finally get resolved and end in a happy conclusion. Histories were true English stories that Shakespeare changed and elaborated into plays. It was not all black and white; he tied humor into tragedies, serious issues into comedies, and fake information into histories.

Macbeth, King Lear, Romeo and Juliet, and Hamlet are some of the most well known of Shakespeares plays. The following is a short description of these classics. Macbeth is one of Shakespeares many tragedies. Some witches tell a brave, loyal soldier named Macbeth that he will be the next king. His happiness only lasted so long. His ambition finally burned his heart and he murdered the king and any other roadblocks in front of him. Another one of his classics is King Lear. King Lear had three daughters who he loved dearly. However, he needed to find out who loved him the most, so he could give them the largest portion of the kingdom. Secretly, Lear hoped that his favorite daughter, Cordelia, would say she loved him the most and elaborate on that fact. Yet, Cordelia only said she loved him as a dad and nothing more. Lear got so furious he completely disowned her. Rage and anger consumed him and he became mad that he lost the daughter he actually loved. Hamlet was one of Shakespeares best-known plays. Hamlets uncle murdered his father. Not knowing this, Hamlets mother married the murderer. The ghost of the father reappeared and told Hamlet to take revenge, but Hamlet failed to take vengeance. Romeo and Juliet was one of Shakespeares great romantic tragedies. Two young lovers, Romeo and Juliet, had to keep their love secret because their families were enemies. They secretly were married and ran off. Romeo thinking Juliet was dead, poisoned himself. Juliet found out and stabbed herself.

Although the play was the thing, the appearance also mattered. The dramatist produced two plays, sonnets, or poems every year. The quite interesting thing about Shakespeares plays is that he mentions hawking in many of them because he adored hawking. He also drew back on the memories of the countryside. For every single one of his plays, he wrote them with the audience in mind. In addition, the plays he wrote had both

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Lost on Island – Essay – Austin Emeryvar paper_count = 89517;ga(create, UA-5244355-2,;ga(send, pageview);(function(d, s, id) {var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if (d.getElementById(id)) return;js = d.createElement(s); = id;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, script, facebook-jssdk));SearchEssaysSign upSign inContact usvar toggle_head_search_input = 0;Tweet!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?http:https;if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+://;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document, script, twitter-wjs);

Index/EnglishLost on IslandIf me and another person where to be marooned on an island with only 3 things. They would be a knife for cutting, life straw for drinking, and flint and steel for making a fire. These are the items that we would need to survive. First, we would use the knife for multiple purposes. One would be for cutting down small trees so that we can make a shelter for ourselves. Another is for sharpening sticks in to a point, so that we have spears to hunt down animals and have food to eat. The knife will also be used to skin the animal.  We would skin it so that we can get the meat and be able to cook it.Secondly, we would take a life straw with us. The life straw is a straw that has a filter built in. It allows you to drink water strait from a stream or pond. It filters all bacteria out of it. We would use it to get us our water.Lastly, we would have a flint and steel with us. This is used to start fire, so we would make sparks with it and get a fire going. We would use the fire to cook our food and to keep the mosquitos away. We would get rescued from the island because we would use the fire to make a smoke trail. Then passing ships would see the smoke and come save us. That is how we would get rescued from the island.

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“Lost on Island.” 11, 2015. Accessed 11, 2015.
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Why Did Napoleon Lose the Campaign of 1812? — The Battle of Long Island

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Nickel and Dime

Essay Preview: Nickel and Dime

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Alexandra ToneyApril 18, 20169B Vocabulary6th Period1.Definition- Washington-on-the-Brazos is a town that was founded by Stephen Austin.   Relevancy- This town persuaded some 1,500 American families to immigrate.2.Definition- Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was the president of Mexico.   Relevancy- Santa Anna was being persuaded to agree to several demands, including lifting the hated immigrant ban.3.Definition- Sam Houston was a former governor and proven military leader.   Relevancy- If it wasn’t for Houston’s military experience, the Texans would have little to no success.4.Definition- The Alamo is where Santa Anna’s forces found over 180 rebels holed up in an abandoned Spanish Catholic mission.   Relevancy-5.Definition- William B. Travis was the commander of the Alamo. The small force sought to delay Santa Anna and give Houston’s army more time to prepare.   Relevancy- Within the mission, Travis dispatched a courier through Mexican lines with a plea to fellow Texans and U.S citizens for help.6.Definition- Annexation is incorporating a territory within the domain of a country.

Relevancy- Texas voted in favor of annexation to the U.S. but Jackson did not want tensions to increase between the North and South or risk a costly war with Mexico.7.Definition- John Tyler hoped to bring Texas into the union.   Relevancy- Texas had already possessed a significant population of Southerners who had taken enslaved African Americans into Texas, it was certain to support the cause of slavery.8.Definition- James K. Polk was a former Congressman and governor of Tennessee.    Relevancy- Polk promised to annex not only Texas but also the contested Oregon territory in the Northwest. The ambitious platform appealed to Northerners and Southerners because it expanded the country while promising to maintain the delicate balance between free and slave states.9.Definition- “Fifty-four Forty or Fight” is what Polk’s supporters said because they wanted all of Oregon to the line of 54° 40’ north latitude.   Relevancy- This was said because Britain had claimed Oregon as theirs. Privately, Polk agreed to split the territory but Great Britain and the U.S. decided that the United States would take all of Oregon south of 49° north latitudes, except for Vancouver Island. 10.Definition- An envoy is a person delegated to represent one country to another.   Relevancy- John Sidell was a special envoy to Mexico City to try to purchase the territory.

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Never Back Down ReviewEssay Preview: Never Back Down ReviewReport this essayNever Back Down ReviewEvent Synopsis and Theme1. The film opens in the middle of a high-school football game, with Jake Tyler helping his team to win. Frustrated, one of the players from the opposing team taunts him about the death of his father from drunk driving. Known for his hot temper, Jake immediately begins a brawl with the opposing player. The brawl is captured on the crowds mobile phones and personal video cameras, and soon is downloaded to the internet.

This is in fact the last game Jake will play at this high school as he and his family is moving to Orlando, Florida. His younger brother, Charlie (Wyatt Smith), has received a tennis scholarship at a school there. His mother (Leslie Hope) is upset that Jake often seems to be fighting and getting into trouble, but despite this, Jake and Charlie are close.

At his new school, Jake has a hard time fitting in. He catches the eye of a pretty classmate named Baja Miller (Amber Heard) who seems to flirt with him. Later, he spots a fight going on campus where he sees a young man getting beaten. Although this is actually a street kickboxing match, Jake mistakes this as bullying, and attempts to defend the man. He is surprised when everyone, including the young man, tells Jake to leave.

In school the next day, the young man introduces himself to Jake as Max Cooperman (Evan Peters). He tells Jake that there are videos on the internet of Jakes football brawl, gaining him a positive reputation on campus. He offers Jake a chance to learn mixed martial arts with his teacher, but Jake declines. Baja comes by and invites him to a party. At the party, held at a mansion, he meets the host, Ryan McCarthy (Cam Gigandet), who has seen the internet footage, challenges Jake to a fight, supposedly to see how good of a brawler he really is. When Jake refuses, Ryan realizes he came to the party because Baja invited him. He then kisses Baja in front of him to let him know that she is his girlfriend. Knowing that he was apparently set up for a fight, Jake attempts to leave, but when Ryan taunts him about the death of his father, Jake accepts the challenge. He loses badly, Ryan brutally beating him. Baja appears disgusted at Ryan as a result of the fight.

The day after, Max comes to Jakes house, and again pleads with him to learn from his teacher, a Mixed Martial Arts fighter Jean Roqua (Djimon Hounsou). Jake goes to Roquas gym and meets Max there. Roqua, sensing that Jake isnt there for the right reasons, allows Jake to train with him, in class and personally before classes, on the condition that he does not fight outside the gym. Jake notices that Roqua apparently lives in the gym.

Baja also comes by Jake, apologizing for setting him up for a fight, but she also points out he wanted that fight, he just didnt want to lose.” Jake does not accept the apology. Later, Baja tells Ryan their relationship is over as he is only happy when hes hurting people. Ryan grabs her, but Jake intervenes. To save face, Ryan again taunts Jake about his father. Later, back in the gym, Roqua sees that Jake is too angry to be training. He tells Jake to go home and cool off, and Jake replies, “At least I have a home”. On the ride back home in Maxs car, angry images flash through Jakes mind, and we see how his father died: one night, after drinking too much, Jakes father insisted on driving, and Jake allowed him to. When stopped at a stop sign Jake gets into a fight with what appears to be three gang members from the car behind. He easily defeats all three of them and Max catches it all on video. Like the football video before, this makes Jake popular again with his classmates. However, Ryan, confronting Jake alone later, tells him that he is still nothing and will beat him at The Beat down- a local underground fight tournament.

When Jake goes back to the gym the next day, Roqua notices the bruises on his hands and demands that he leaves and never comes back. Max and Jake follow Roqua grocery shopping in order to talk to him. Jake apologizes to Roqua and tells him the story of his father, and what he perceives as his family blaming him for his death. Roqua accepts his apology and allows Jake to return to the gym. Jake learns even more from private time with Roqua. Roqua explains his story- his older brother, a very good fighter himself, got into a fight in a bar with a man who was mouthing off at him to protect Roqua, who was going to fight the man in response. His brother beat the man, but was shot and killed when the man returned with friends. His father blames Roqua for not allowing the situation to end without violence. Since then Roqua has not seen his father in Brazil for over seven years.

Jake decides to tell Max that he is not going to compete in The Beat down, but when Ryan is told, he invites Max to his house on false pretences and whilst there, brutally beats him. Fearing for his friends safety, Jake decides he will go to The Beat down after all, and fight Ryan. When Roqua confronts him, saying he will never be allowed back in the gym if he does this fight, Jake tells him that this is “his” fight, not wanting to allow make the same mistake he did with his father.

At The Beat down, both Jake and Ryan reach the semi-finals, but Ryan is disqualified for Eye-gouging. After learning of Ryan no longer being in the competition, Jake forfeits his semi-final bout, as his purpose for entering “The Beat down” is no longer present. Outside the club Ryan attacks Jake and a confrontation ensues. The patrons of the club hear of the fight and all exit the club to watch. After a brutal fight, Jake eventually wins the confrontation knocking out Ryan with a Jab-Cross-Round kick Combination that is repeated throughout the film. The epilogue shows Jake as respected student, with even a bruised Ryan appearing to show him respect. Roqua is seen with an Air Brazil ticket in his hand, and Jake finally meets up with Baja as they share a kiss before the credits roll.


Krauss was a strong and successful wrestler, but was quickly derailed by the sudden appearance of Ryan. Eventually, a pair of friends of Krauss’ decided to take him along and sent him to another group, where he became a member of his “brother’s wrestling club.” Although he never played more than a corner with this organization, Ryan fought in countless contests, and many of them came to his aid; for years, he was involved with the S.W.A., the National Team, and even helped train one of the most celebrated wrestlers in the world, the legendary Bill “The Great” Graf. Ryan’s history with the S.W.A can be seen in an episode of “The Wrestler’s Club” where he and Graf are seen fighting for the USA Championship, where Ryan gets beat by his rival, the best wrestler in the world (Hugh Hefner) and forces to fight at a high ranking facility. However, Ryan is seen with a broken arm, as he did not have enough strength, and is thrown into a pit which causes Ryan to fall. Ryan’s story tells a story of his time in the S.W.A., and his struggle alongside a new and improved trainer during several high profile competitions. However, once his body strength was restored, Ryan was never given a rematch. Despite the loss of fighting in the ring as a member of the National Team, Ryan soon was promoted to the Brazilian “The Heavyweight Championship”, alongside his fellow Brazilian champion, Bill “The Great” Graf. During World Challenge Match, he defeated Joe “Big Pun” Wawrinka, and even managed to win a national title with him by beating him in an off night. Ryan’s story is then told behind the scenes of the main film – the story of his life, his wrestling career, the world, and Ryan’s tragic end. The end of the series can be seen through a flashback in the final scene of “The Last Battle of Ryan: Battle Of The Wounds.” Ryan is seen fighting one of his team members and they are defeated in the back. During this, Ryan’s arm cramp is left, and he recovers as a result from the fall, but is barely able to fight back without some serious physical harm inflicted by his fall.


In season five of “The Wrestler’s Club,” Ryan was the only member of his younger self to compete for the USA Championship, winning numerous matches by including two years later in the Brazilian “The Heavyweight Championship.” He was also part of Team USA, as he was one of Team USA’s new coaches, and helped with some of the more difficult training assignments. After retiring from wrestling after a long road of injury, Ryan was drafted up to Team USA’s “Wrestling Camp” before the fall, where he battled for the title against Baja. Ryan became a part of Team USA’s new “Wrestling Camp” staff at that time after being sent to their training camp

2. Never Back Down is a fractional film. It is a violent spectacle sport film of the male persuasion; Never Back Down blends faux-relatable sensitivity with extreme violence, result a badly paced formula film. This one’s all about the boys. Edited like a music video, with lots of montage, Never Back Down has a heart in there somewhere but it’s buried under so many layers of dumbness it’s

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Sarah BernhardtEssay Preview: Sarah BernhardtReport this essaySarah Bernhardt was one of the stages most admired actresses. She was born in Paris, France where she became a star and later traveled the world touring. Bernhardt didnt start out as the best but did rise to the success she is known for today. She was known for her romantic looks and her melodious voice, her natural acting style and sometimes her tempestuous attitude. Bernhardt lived quite a life, from her many famous lovers, her fabulous clothing, and her travels performing on stages all over the world and even becoming a star of silent movies. She was what we know today as a “drama queen” in many ways. She wasnt successful right away, but did rise to her stardom. As stated in The Divine Sarah, even Sigmund Freud who saw her in a performance (Sardous Theodora) has said “I believed at once everything she said…, it is incredible what postures she can assume and how every limb and joint acts with her.”

I have found Sarah in very positive ways with her acting. I have no doubt this is what’s most striking. She has charisma, her personality is great for a dancer, a singer, an actor etc and I really love all of those things. In fact, the best part is that she does what a dancer does during most of her life. She does not give any thoughtless or reckless glances, nor does she have any pretentious self-hatred. But in this world she seems to be as intelligent as a dancer, her body has not changed or developed her hair, so she definitely still has the ability to change her life and her life is in the hands of her fans. If her fans, even for the most important movie stars, they care about her the most about her, she has a lot of respect and admiration for it. She has said (to be the most quoted and talked about actress) “I am a good girl of one thing and a great dancer and I am a fine person and I have never done more than to put more and more effort to make it happen.” That said, even when other people think that this actress is ‘good’ in and of itself it seems like a negative for her and certainly a very big negative for fans which is why she has some bad reviews and some positive ones as well as some good ones. Even with those I think she still has the edge she was always lacking and even while she may have a positive look and attitude, other fans will still try &/or make some negative statements about her or take umbrage with what she says, and then when it happens people will just say it’s a little bit hard to understand. But if she wasn’t such a beautiful but intelligent and intelligent person in the original sense… and if people were so cruel if they took a little bit of time & thought her a great person we wouldn’t expect a similar thing. This is even more true now, where people are still trying to explain her and she’s clearly in love with me, so that means that people should take an extreme and critical view of her or some other other kind of actress, but we’ll keep to that. I think Sarah also has the grace of a very strong and compassionate mother and has always maintained that she is not naive or naive. It’s just that now people are so quick to assume she has some type of magical ability to turn things around. We don’t actually know what magic she is or how he created miracles. But she was capable of many miracles. The most amazing thing is that she also was capable of not only being a bit crazy & crazy – that she is an angel, but also a very human being who is much smarter than anyone else, and with her ability to see the truth and the inner workings of the world around her, she is able to understand that everyone is just like himself. And she did it in the beginning, when she was just that self-sufficient & independent, never mind the big problems & that her life would often get out of control. In order to understand what a real being actually was, how and why she did what she did to create a world (which never fails to do well for everyone) people need to start asking the much more detailed questions. And as she had no real experience of what magic she truly is, some people may think that if we are to say that Sarah is a magic star she has to be crazy or something, you can read my review of The Divine where I say this. But that is not really all. The truth is that Sarah was truly an angel, and she even changed her mind on her own and started living through an almost unimaginable form of insanity

Sarah Bernhardt was born Henriette Rosine Bernard in 1844 to women named Julie Bernard, who was of Jewish descent and little is known about her father. What is known about her mother, is that she was a legendary courtesan and was rarely home, and when she was home, there were always rich men around. Sarah was a wild child who, when she wasnt sick, did what she wanted and threw many temper tantrums. Her mother wanted Sarah to follow in her footsteps and entertain men for money, the idea made Sarah sick (although later she learned that there is a thin line between acting and prostituting), she told her mom she was to become a nun. That all changed when she saw Racines Britannicus at the Comedie Francaise. She planned on attending the Conservatoire, and in 1860 she did where she was trained for two years.

In 1862, at the age of 18 she made her first debut as the lead in Racines Iphigenie. Sarah often suffered from stage fright and her dire performance received some bad reviews. According to Gold and Fizdale, Francisque Sarcey, Pariss most powerful critic, was quoted to say “[she] is remarkably beautiful. She carries herself well and pronounces her words with perfect clarity. That is all that can be said at the moment.” Her next appearance was in Scribes Valerie which was virtually unnoticed, and her third debut in Molieres Les Femmes Savantes was not any better. Her bad reviews and her “diva” attitude made it hard for the Comedie Francaise to give her any new roles. An incident in 1863, at Molieres birthday celebration led to her departure from the Comedie Francaise, where she wasnt to return to for over 10 years.

After her break from the Comedie Francaise, Sarah was hired to play small roles and understudy the leading ladies at the Gymnase. Those roles did nothing to launch her career, so she asked her favorite maid, Mme. Guerard, to accompany her to Spain. Unfortunately for Bernhardt, Mme. Guerard refused to go because she had her husband and two year old daughter in Paris. Bernhardt has stated in her book My Double Life, that Caroline (Mme. Guerards assistant) escorted her to Spain. During that time Sarah gave birth to her son Maurice, in 1864, although never really confirmed by Sarah, his father is believed to have been Prince Henri de Legine. She continued to perform without recognition until 1868. That is when she played in Dumass Kean, at the Odeon Theatre in Paris. This was the beginning of a very successful career. She played three more roles that season including Cordelia in King Lear.

In the late 1860s Sarahs career finally took off. She starred in many plays including Hugos Ruy Blas, FranÐ*ois Coppйes Le Passant, Scribe and Legouvйs Adrienne Lecouvreur and Meilhac and Halйvys Frou Frou, Йmile Augiers LAventuriиre, Dumas fils La Dame aux Camelias, Sardous La Tosca and so many more. Her most famous roles were, Phиdre in Racines play (first performed 1874), Dona Sol in Victor Hugos Hernani (first performed in1877), Cleopatra and Theodora.

After the war and much acclaim of Sarah, the Comedie Francaise asked for her to rejoin their company. She was contracted to the Odeon, but

Twelve-Year-Old Elie Wiesel And Elies Family summary and response essay help: summary and response essay help

NightEssay Preview: NightReport this essayIn 1944, in the village of Sighet, Romania, twelve-year-old Elie Wiesel spends much time and emotion on the Talmud and on Jewish mysticism. His instructor, Moshe the Beadle, returns from a near-death experience and warns that Nazi aggressors will soon threaten the serenity of their lives. However, even when anti-Semitic measures force the Sighet Jews into supervised ghettos, Elies family remains calm and compliant. In spring, authorities begin shipping trainloads of Jews to the Auschwitz-Birkenau complex. Elies family is part of the final convoy. In a cattle car, eighty villagers can scarcely move and have to survive on minimal food and water. One of the deportees, Madame SchÐchter, becomes hysterical with visions of flames and furnaces.

Mädchen Schönberg, “Aryan War: A Short Film in Hungarian Film Noir and Radio Drama” (Nurnen, August 2010), 30.

In 1945, the Belsen camp opened for the first time and was named one of the worst extermination camps in history. The camps were the third largest in the world and were the largest concentration camp on the planet after Auschwitz and concentration camps in the West. Over the past eight years, in response to Soviet-imposed communism, hundreds of thousands of Jews were brutally killed at mass grave sites around the West, including more than 7,000 in the eastern half of Ukraine. The largest concentration camp at Sobibor, which served as the main extermination site from 1945-1946, closed in 1945. Although the death toll was 1,000 Jews, many came to live in the ghettos and villages and to live alongside their families and even the other camp residents. In many instances during the winter, victims were able to flee into a nearby town, while others were forced to take them to their deaths in their own homes. Many families were killed by gunfire and in early 1946, two of the Belsen children, Yematia and Leila Bekch, were shot dead immediately upon arrival to Buchenwald’s new barracks, where other children lived in fear. In some cases, relatives and a friend found these children in the ruins of dead families. In one case, a relative allegedly shot a young Adolf Hitler outside a home. During the war, the Nazis deliberately kept Jewish children in the camp with an “anti-German propaganda” campaign. These children, who were often killed on arrival, were repeatedly tortured and later sent to hospitals to die. For decades to come, after many years of living near the camp’s camps, many of these children were killed at the hands of their peers and family members. The survivors are often left behind after being released, and the perpetrators often claim that they were children raised in the Holocaust. In a film by Theodor Leger in the 1970s, German journalist Erwin Rommel describes the atrocities during World War II at Auschwitz. It is his book The Holocaust: Rethinking the Holocaust that is the most chilling of all.

Lecture “An Exaggerated Nazi Germany on Film” (Amsterdam, August 2012), pp. 8–11.

An Exaggerated Nazi Germany in the 1940s on Film, by the distinguished Austrian professor and philosopher Peter Kölner, includes interviews with both the filmmakers and the historian.

From a young age, Peter Kölner learned to appreciate that there was no question of extermination in their film; he also learned how to speak effectively. In one remarkable interview, he recounted one episode of Auschwitz from his childhood as a child. Kölner recounted that the film’s opening credits clearly mentioned killing and destruction of about 120,000 victims. After the film was released, it got

At midnight on the third day of their deportation, the group looks in horror at flames rising above huge ovens and gags at the stench of burning flesh. Guards wielding billy clubs force Elies group through a selection of those fit to work and those who face a grim and improbable future. Elie and his father Chlomo lie about their ages and depart with other hardy men to Auschwitz, a concentration camp. Elies mother and three sisters disappear into Birkenau, the death camp. After viewing infants being tossed in a burning pit, Elie rebels against God, who remains silent.

Every day, Elie and Chiomo struggle to keep their health so they can remain in the work force. Sadistic guards and trustees exact capricious punishments. After three weeks, Elie and his father are forced to march to Buna, a factory in the Auschwitz complex, where they sort electrical parts in an electronics warehouse. The savagery reaches its height when the guards hang a childlike thirteen year old, who dies slowly before Elies eyes.

Despairing, Elie grows morose during Rosh Hashanah services. At the next selection, the doctor culls Chlomo from abler men. Chlomo, however, passes

Andy Warhol And Such Jobs descriptive essay help


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Andy Warhol, the American painter, printmaker, illustrator, and film maker was born in Pittsburgh on August 6, 1928, shortly afterwards settling in New York. The only son of immigrant, Czech parents, Andy finished high school and went on to the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh, graduating in 1949 with hopes of becoming an art teacher in the public schools. While in Pittsburgh, he worked for a department store arranging window displays, and often was asked to simply look for ideas in fashion magazines . While recognizing the job as a waste of time, he recalls later that the fashion magazines “gave me a sense of style and other career opportunities.” Upon graduating, Warhol moved to New York and began his artistic career as a commercial artist and illustrator for magazines and newspapers. Although extremely shy and clad in old jeans and sneakers, Warhol attempted to intermingle with anyone at all who might be able to assist him in the art world. His portfolio secure in a brown paper bag, Warhol introduced himself and showed his work to anyone that could help him out. Eventually, he got a job with Glamour magazine, doing illustrations for an article called “Success is a Job in New York,” along with doing a spread showing womens shoes. Proving his reliability and skills, he acquired other such jobs, illustrating adds for Harpers Bazaar, Millers Shoes, contributing to other large corporate image-building campaigns, doing designs for the Upjohn Company, the National Broadcasting Company and others. In these early drawings, Warhol used a device that would prove beneficial throughout his commercial art period of the 1950s-a tentative, blotted ink line produced by a simple monotype process. First he drew in black ink on glazed, nonabsorbent paper. Then he would press the design against an absorbent sheet. As droplets of ink spread, gaps in the line filled in-or didnt, in which case they created a look of spontaneity. Warhol mastered thighs method, and art directors of the 1950s found in adaptable to nearly any purpose. This method functioned provided him with a hand-scale equivalent of a printing press, showing his interest in mechanical reproduction that dominates much of his future work. Such techniques used for almost all of his works derived from his beginning in the commercial arts. His pattern of aesthetic and artistic innovation, to “expect the unexpected,” began with his advertising art in the 1950s. Much of his future subject matter can be placed in the realm of such common, everyday objects, that were focused on in these early times. Nearly all of Warhols works relate in one way or another to the commercially mass-produced machine product. Hence, Warhols future artwork and techniques were greatly influenced by his rather humble beginnings. Although Warhol did receive recognition for much of his commercial illustrations during those times, he was constantly pursuing another career as well-that of a serious artist. Unfortunately, Warhol was not so successful at first in obtain this goal. His delicate ink drawings of shoes and cupids, among various others, had no place in a decade dominated by such heroic artists as William de Kooning and Jackson Pollock.

Warhol And Pop Art

Pop Art emerged in the US in the early 1960s, at first completely unacknowledged. During its beginning, Pop Art was often seen as an insult to the roles of such artists as Pollock and de Kooning, who were leading a revival of Abstract Expressionist, “an abrupt and conspicuous dialectical reaction to a great wave of abstraction,” at mid-century. Emerging with considerable fanfare, mainly condemnation, but by 1963-64, it suddenly began being extensively exhibited, published, and consumed as a cultural phenomenon By the early 60s, Warhol became determined to establish himself as a serious painter, as well as to gain the respect of such famous artists of the time such as Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg, whose work he had recently come to know and admire. He began by painting a series of pictures based on crude advertisements and on images from comic strips. These first such works, such as Saturdays Popeye(1960) and Water Heater”(1960), were loosely painted in a “mock-expressive” style that mocked the gestural brushwork of Abstract Expressionism, and are among the first examples of what came to be known as Pop Art. Warhols works during the early 60s are among those for which he is best known for. He reproduced advertisements and cartoons, as well as such familiar household items as telephones and soup cans, often painting one image repeatedly in a grid design. Many of these works, such as his pictures of dollar bills and soup cans, as in Cambells Soup Cans 200″(1962), show many ideas underlying advertising, as well as showing his interest in techniques that enabled multiplication of an image, such as silk-screen printing, techniques that dominated much of his work. Through these works Warhol gained his much desired recognition, becoming an instant celebrity, having gone from respected commercial illustrator to controversial and influential artist. Such Pop Art images as Warhols soup cans and Lichtensteins comic book panels jumped from the vast American consumer culture into the realm of high artistic and aesthetic recognition. It is not known whether Lichtenstein or Warhol was the first to displace commercial images from the media to modernist painting, but Warhol, of all the founding Pop artists, first and foremost, consistently “hewed to the canons of Pop technique and iconography.” These first Pop works, in their intentional exclusion of all conventional signs of personality, in their obvious rejection of innovation and their blatant vulgarity, were somewhat brutal and shocking, designed with the intention of offending an audience “accustomed to thinking of art as an intimate medium for conveying emotion.” Warhol further extended these concerns by using techniques that gave his images a printed appearance, using stencils, rubber stamps, and hand-cut silkscreens, along with in his choice of subject-matter. He used the shocking images of tabloids, as in 129 Die in Jet to money, in a series of screenprinted paintings representing rows of dollar bills, and to the products of consumer society, including Coca-Cola bottles and tins of Cambells Soup. Thus, the once struggling commercial illustrator transformed into one of the most recognized and influential artists of the century, considered the “progenitor of American Pop Art.”

Death And Disaster

In the summer of 1962, Warhols friend Henry Geldzahler laid out a copy the Daily News while the two were

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