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Calculate total manufacturing cost

Swanson uses a job order costing system to accumulate product costs and applies overhead to its jobs using machine hours as the application base. For the current year, the company budgeted $3,000,000 in manufacturing overhead and planned to use 250,000 machine hours, resulting in a predetermined overhead rate of $12/machine hour.
During February, Swanson incurred the following costs:
Raw material purchases$194,000Direct materials used in production$162,400Indirect materials used in production$40,700Direct labor payroll$160,100Indirect labor payroll$71,000Payments for other manufacturing overhead$125,000The table below summarizes production and sales activity for the month of February. Jobs 170 and 171 were the only new jobs started during February. Jobs 145, 146, and 171 were completed during February.
JobBeginning BalanceDirect Materials AddedDirect Labor AddedApplied MOHTotal Cost as of 2/28Units completedCost per unitUnits sold145$50,000$23,000$49,000 $ 72,000 $194,0001,000$1941,00014618,00046,00031,400 57,600 153,0001,500$1021,400170 9,80012,700 8,400 30,900 171 83,60067,000 110,400 261,0001,800$1451,200 TOTAL$68,000$162,400$160,100$248,400$638,900 Calculate the ending balance for work in process inventory. ROUND YOUR ANSWERS TO WHOLE DOLLARS. DO NOT INCLUDE A $ IN YOUR ANSWER.
Calculate the ending balance for finished goods inventory. ROUND YOUR ANSWERS TO WHOLE DOLLARS. DO NOT INCLUDE A $ IN YOUR ANSWER.

how the government survives on debt

Looking at the Economic Survey 2019, able 5.10. With specific reference to the financial year (FY) 2016/017,
i) Compute the percentages on total external debt. Arrange in order of lending amounts and percentages, countries from the largest lender to the smallest lender? Show the percentage of each country on total external debt for 2016/2017. (9 Marks)
ii) What is the order of lending of international institutions from the largest to the smallest lender. Show the percentage of each international institution on total external debt for 2016/2017.(9 Marks)
iii) what is the proportion of internal borrowing to total borrowing for FY 2016/2017?
Discuss how the Kenyan public sector expended its revenue in the financial year (FY) 2015/2016, in accordance with the functional classification of public sector expenditure. Please refer to Table 5.8 of the Economic Survey 2019. (20 Marks)
b) Computing percentages to (a) above, as given in Table 5.8, identify public sector functions that took most of the revenue, arranging in a decreasing order i.e., from the highest amount to the lowest amount, showing the percentages respectively. (5 Marks)

Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)

Accounting Assignment Help The assignment is to be opposed to full convergence and advocate that United States accounting standards remain independent of IFRS. That is, the FASB would continue and, if it deems appropriate, adopt the IFRS rules. When not appropriate, the FASB would issue other GAAP.
Add the citation and references

Accounting Question

Discuss the difference in roles and responsibilities between financial, management and cost accountants. Formulate an opinion for the types of businesses that could benefit from each accounting professional. Using the 5-step decision making process, discuss how management and cost accountants can improve quality and timely product deliveries.
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