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can you write a little bit about how our spreadsheet complies with a good spreadsheet design. And tell us how easy it is to use excelThanks

In many ways, the period of 1000 – 1500 C.E. was full of contradictions. One the essay help online freeIn many ways, the period of 1000 – 1500 C.E. was full of contradictions. One the one hand, the states of the eastern hemisphere were overran by nomadic invasions (most notably, those of the Mongols and the Turks) that led to the toppling of post-classical kingdoms, but gave rise to the Mongol and Ottoman empires. These empires have been mostly renowned for their brutality, but historians have also noted that they provided the foundations for increased trade and communications. In contrast to the invasions of the east, Western Europe experienced increased political stability that would serve as the stepping stones of global predominance. How did the rise of nomadic empires foster the ascent of trans-oceanic trade? What subsequent problems would come with this ascension? How did this prosperity lead to the shifting of the balance of global power and influence from the eastern to western hemisphere?
Use Citations from “Tradtions and Encounters A Global Persepctive On the Past” Textbook. I have provided a link to the relevant text.
Graduate admition letter for Master: describe your intellectual and academic in cheap essay helpGraduate admition letter for Master: describe your intellectual and academic interests, accomplishments, and goals.
I am a pre- kinder teacher. I have been working with children for more than 14 years. I work for the department of edutation for 6 years now, as a lead teacher. i will finish my bachelor in psychology on june next month, I will get into the early childhood master’s program next fall. I have three children, and I am a single mom.
any additional info, please ask.
I will send some tips they sent me of how to write the letter.
Please complete the self assessment. the form to used is provided in the files. online essay helpPlease complete the self assessment. the form to used is provided in the files. The directions and rubric is also located in files
resource to If you have not done so already, review the Selecting a Research Top writing essay helpresource to If you have not done so already, review the Selecting a Research Topic and Locating 2 Peer-reviewed Articlesbefore posting to this discussion.
Initial Post Requirements
You will write 3 paragraphs for this post as described below:
Paragraph 1 – Describe your research paper topic ( the author of your interest) and explain why you selected this topic.
Paragraph 2 – Brief summary of Article 1/resource to support your topic.
Paragraph 3 – Brief summary of Article 2 /resource to support your topic.
support y
Consider this scenario: A a level english language essay helpRISK-BENEFIT ANALYSIS OF A CONTROVERSIAL INTERVENTION
Consider this scenario: A family has contacted you about the care of their grandfather, Juan, who has Alzheimer’s disease. The nursing home staff report that Juan engages in frequent elopement from the nursing home facility when unattended, and verbal aggression that has caused disruptions to the other nursing home residents. A review of the files shows that the nursing home contracted with a BCaBA who did not conduct a functional behavior assessment but advised setting limits, being consistent with rules, and blocking Juan from engaging in problem behavior. The nursing home staff decided to incorporate these strategies by restricting Juan from accessing the courtyard or roaming the halls, leaving him to stay all day in his room with only accompanied walks to therapies and the dining hall. Juan’s behaviors escalated and they have stated they will be ordering the use of chemical restraints to block occurrences of the problem behavior.
For this assignment, complete the following:
Consider Bailey and Burch’s (2016) risk-benefit analysis model. Recreate and use this worksheet to outline the risks and benefits of a behavior analytic procedure (remember chemical restraints are not behavior analytic).
Prepare a formal letter to the family with your recommendations. Include a copy of the worksheet you used with your notes to conduct the risk-benefit analysis.
Analyze, within the letter, at least five BACB ethical code elements that are relevant to your discussed behavior analytic procedure and this scenario.
Assignment Requirements
Your assignment should meet the following requirements:
Written communication: Should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
APA formatting: References and citations are formatted according to current APA style guidelines. Review the Evidence and APA section of the Writing Center for more information on how to cite your sources.
Resources: 2–4 recent, scholarly or professional resources.
Length: 4–5 double-spaced pages, in addition to a title page and a references page.
SafeAssign: You are required to use SafeAssign before submitting the completed assignment to your instructor. Submit your work to SafeAssign as a draft, review the results, and make any needed changes. When you are ready, submit your assignment to the assignment area for grading.
Refer to the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Research Guide for help finding resources.
Refer to the Risk-Benefit Analysis of a Controversial Intervention Scoring Guide to ensure you understand the grading criteria for this assignment.
Bailey, J. S., & Burch, M. R. (2016). Ethics for behavior analysts (3rd ed.). Routledge.
Festival junger Künstler Bayreuth/ Young Artists Festival (focus on: volunteer e essay help site:eduFestival junger Künstler Bayreuth/ Young Artists Festival (focus on: volunteer experience): Nadine
FjKB Stepping Stone programme
team Poster Assignment 3
The aim of a poster is to communicate your ideas (and analysis) to viewers/audience in a way that is clear and easy to understand. The objective of the assignment is to use theory to explore the reality and practices of a real event or festival.
For this assignment you will Festival junger Künstler Bayreuth/ Young Artists Festival, analyse the event and communicate that analysis through the use of a ‘poster’.
It is up to you what special event or festival you choose.
There is no expectation of what you will find from your analysis. After all the event you choose will be different as will your decision-making process as to what is important for you personally (as a team) Some of the things you will need to ensure you include (think about how you need to give context to the viewer)
– The name and location of your event
– Background (the detail is up to you; how important do you think it is for the viewer to understand the background? This may differ dependent upon the focus of your analysis)
– Images of the event (but think carefully about the role of images in communicating ideas and meaning. Don’t just use random images, they have meaning!! This means you might need to stop and think (reflect)
What is it that is of interest to YOU regarding Festival junger Künstler Bayreuth/ Young Artists Festival ? Again, this is up to you to decide. Some of the things you might think about are;
You do not have room to deal with every aspect of your event so you need to decide what your focus on volunteering will be (and ensure you communicate that to the viewer)
When you are choosing an event think pragmatically. How easy is it to find background information about the event? How much detail can you find that you can analyse?
When you are thinking about ‘analysis’ you do not need to look for research (or academic) literature that deals with the event specifically, rather you are looking for literature that can help you communicate what is going on at the event you have chosen. So, if you want to write about how the event helps educate people about climate change, look at what the event ‘does’ and how literature on climate change can help you support (or explain) how the event achieves this through practice (or even how they say they want to but in reality do not achieve their objectives)
There is no right or wrong way to do a poster. Rather it is about how well you communicate your ideas! Focus on one or two key ideas or points. Don’t try to ‘guess’ what you think the viewer wants to see or hear. Think carefully about the event and choose what you think is important to communicate!
Regarding presentation (how your poster ‘looks’), again this is up to you. Have a look online and think about what looks best for you. You are not reinventing the wheel – posters are not new so look for examples that you can use.
There are numerous websites that will help you in designing your poster (an important part of learning is asking questions and looking for answers. I could ‘demand’ that you use a particular style, however that may not be the best style for you! Looking for answers (how do I do a poster) allows you to see that there are a significant number of ways to present your ideas as a poster. What is appropriate will always depend upon context. Being able to look for answers is a really important skill)
At this point there is no need to print your poster, however it needs to be in a format and size that would be able to be easily read.
Guidelines for Poster Presentations (these are just GUIDELINES, look for other examples and choose what YOU feel is most suitable)
– SIZE: One Powerpoint slide or similar (we will be presenting online so think of the restrictions)
– LETTERING: The poster should be easily readable. Use UPPER and lower case for general content as the use of all-capital text is difficult to read. Avoid using a mixture of type/font styles.
– TITLE: Include the title of your presentation at the top of the poster. Your name should also be displayed on the poster.
– HEADINGS: 48 to 60 point font size is recommended for headings.
– CONTENT: Think about the relationship between images and text (photos and writing)
The message that your poster contains should be clear and understandable without the requirement of oral explanation (however you will be talking about your poster!). If relevant, methods should be presented simply and concisely.
After the title, the two most important panels are the Introduction and the Conclusion. On the basis of these two panels, a reader will decide whether to consider the poster details and perhaps talk to the presenter. These panels need to be very simple, concise and visually attractive.
Results should be presented graphically if possible. Avoid large tables of data.
Use pictures, symbols and colour. Figure legends are essential and should be short but informative. If using graphs, they should have a short heading.
Photographs should be no smaller than 12cm x 18cm.
Use the space to attract your audience for discussion, not to present complex details.
The following websites provide some useful information on preparing effective posters for presentation.
There are numerous websites that will assist you in working through formatting and presentation style. Remember to think carefully about the relationship between style and substance! You can have really great ideas and analysis (Substance) however poor presentation will detract from the knowledge you are trying to communicate. On the other hand, you might have a really great looking poster (style) however if it has no substance (it doesn’t make sense, really weak ideas etc) then it won’t work!
submit a summary paper 4 pages comparing the 1918 flu pandemic to what we’re exp best essay helpsubmit a summary paper 4 pages comparing the 1918 flu pandemic to what we’re experiencing today with COVID-19
Please listen to the attached file by American History Tellers Encore: What We Learned from Fighting the Spanish Flu
1. Elaborate on the volume, the direction of trade, and the composition of trade using trade theories presented in the class
2. Explicate the key reason that the US has been running international deficits for the last close to 40 years, and, presently, is the largest debt nation globally.
3. Assess the impossible trinity concept in the context of the fixed/flexible exchange rate regimes
4. Trace the evolution of the international monetary system up its current status and offer a judgment as to its future
5. What are the various accounts and balances of the Balance of payments and what are the major factors that affect the various entries in each of the accounts
Please read the “Monroe’s Motivated Sequence” file. You can also find oth college admissions essay helpPrompt
Please read the “Monroe’s Motivated Sequence” file. You can also find other information about Monroe’s Motivated Sequence under STUDY GUIDES.
You are about to watch a speech given by Ron Finley who plants vegetable gardens in South Central LA — in abandoned lots, traffic medians, along the curbs. Why? For fun, for defiance, for beauty and to offer some alternative to fast food in a community where “the drive-thrus are killing more people than the drive-bys.”
Watch the following speech and answer the questions that follow.
1. Attention
Was there a strong hook? Explain in one short paragraph.
2. Need
What is the problem? Is the problem stated clearly? Explain in one short paragraph.
3. Satisfaction
Was a solution offered to solve the problem? Explain in one short paragraph.
4. Visualization
Did the speaker present us with a vision of the solution? Explain. (Visualization does not refer to a speaker’s use of images or visuals. What words did he say to make us visualize the future?) Explain in one short paragraph.
5. Action
Did the speaker challenge us to take action? Explain in one short paragraph.
In your response, number each of the five steps. Write five short paragraphs, each one representing one step. Do not write one paragraph,
IMPORTANT: Read all of the info below. The necessary Strawson reading will be li college application essay helpIMPORTANT: Read all of the info below. The necessary Strawson reading will be linked at the bottom.
You don’t need to cite anything. You can only use the 3 sources I provide, but you should read each of them in order to write for the prompt.
The prompt: P. F. Strawson argues that it is the ‘participant reactive attitudes’ – such as resentment and gratitude
– that alone provide the basis for holding ourselves and others to be morally responsible. And he
claims that the truth or falsity of determinism is irrelevant to these attitudes or the practice or holding
people responsible. Critically discuss Strawson’s central claims that (1) the reactive attitudes are not
affected by the claim that determinism is generally true and (2) it cannot be claimed to be rational to
give up these attitudes in light of the claim of general determinism.
Note about writing from the Professor: Clarity, structure and thoughtful discussion are essential. The
paper should exhibit a linear development of issues and arguments that are summarized in the opening
paragraph; later parts should build on earlier parts. It is not required that you come up with some
knockdown argument or objection. But you must put ideas in your own words, and manifest effort at
having thought through the relevant issues. And you must do much more than simply describe the
arguments or positions you are discussing. You need to spend a significant portion (at least one-third)
of the paper discussing possible objections and responses (these will be within the 3 available prompts or you can consider possible ones you make up). Focus on just one or two serious objections
in detail, rather than listing many with no development. It is also important to explicate and criticize
ideas sympathetically. This may involve reformulating an author’s ideas so as not to make them
susceptible to obvious criticism. Keep quotations to a minimum, quoting at length only when some
particular passage relevant to your topic poses interpretative questions. Poorly proofread papers will be
graded down.
Strawson reading (main reading needed for the paper):
The main mission is to pick the right position if Elian has to stay in U.S.A or a level english language essay helpThe main mission is to pick the right position if Elian has to stay in U.S.A or not and support that position .
Required Resources
Read/re essay help1-2 PARAGRAPH & 2 RESOURRCES FOR EACH
Required Resources
Read/review the following resources for this activity:
Textbook: Chapters 5, 6 and 10
Lesson: Read this Week’s Lesson which is located in the Modules tab
Initial Post: minimum of 2 scholarly sources (must include your textbook for one of the sources). Follow-Up Post: minimum of 1 scholarly source for your Follow-Up Post.
Initial Post Instructions
For the initial post, respond to one of the following options, and label the beginning of your post indicating either Option 1 or Option 2:
Option 1: List the ways in which contemporary presidential campaigns have used social media as a campaign tool. Do you consider social media as a successful tool? Explain your answer. Do you see social media as an unsuccessful tool? Explain your answer and provide examples.
Option 2: There are numerous discussions involving the Electoral College. There are some people that want to abolish the electoral college while others want to keep it. What do you think? Keep the electoral college or abolish it? Explain the reasons for your choice.
Discussion # 2
The Roles of Congress and The Presidency
3 unread replies.3 replie
Required Resources
Read/review the following resources for this activity:
Textbook: Chapters 4 and 10
Lesson: Read this Week’s Lesson which is located in the Modules tab
Minimum of 2 scholarly sources (must include your textbook for one of the sources). Follow-Up Post: minimum of 1 scholarly source for your Follow-Up Post.
Initial Post Instructions
For the initial post, respond to one of the following options, and label the beginning of your post indicating either Option 1 or Option 2:
Option 1: Political scientists disagree on the exact causes of low representation of women in Congress. Why do you think there are so few women in Congress in comparison to men? How likely is it that these patterns of representation will dramatically change over your lifetime? For this discussion question, you will have to do some research online.
Option 2: What characteristics do you think voters look for when choosing a president? Do you think voters choose the characteristics they are looking for depending on the socioeconomic and political environment – lack of jobs, riots, COVID-19, environmental concerns and other issues etc.? Explain your answer.
Write an argument essay to answer the following question:
Do you thi cheap essay helpDirections:
Write an argument essay to answer the following question:
Do you think that people use cell phones too much nowadays? Why or why not?
Refer to pages 6-7 in Great Writing 5, From Great Essays to Research by Folse and Pugh for an example of an argument essay and Unit 1 for more information about academic essay format.
To begin with, write a title for the essay.
Next, in the introductory paragraph, include a hook, connecting sentences, and a thesis statement.
In the body paragraphs, begin with an appropriate topic sentence and include sufficient supporting sentences (strong arguments as well as sufficient details/examples).
I am attaching an excerpt from an article titled “Parents’ Perceptions of Smartphone Use and Parenting Practices” written by Johnson and Hertlein. Use at least one example from the article for support in your essay. Examples should be paraphrased, quoted, or summarized when borrowed from outside sources.
Finally, in the concluding paragraph, restate your thesis statement and offer your opinion, suggestion or prediction for the future.
Concern for Their Children’s Future
While considering the social cost of smartphone use and behaviors involving smartphone use, such as disengagement and distraction, parents expressed concern for the future and for their children who engage with smartphone technology. Many parents expressed concern for children in the future and the learned behavior they may be picking up when using technology:
It’s normal to come home and pick up a phone and kind of tune out…
when they are watching iPad they will completely tune out. It’s like
hello, hello, hello, so yeah, it’s concerning… That’s normal for
them, they’ve seen it their whole life, so that’s probably what they’ll
grow up to do.
When these costs of smartphone use were realized, the parents seemed to exhibit a greater level of concern for children and the future of our society. While speaking about the changes brought about by smartphone use and the costs of said use one parent asserted, “I think it’s only going to get more and more prevalent and I think kids just need guidance… having set parameters in place helps.”
Some parents expressed developing technology-specific boundaries and rules as a result of their concern for negative behaviors being learned, engaged in, and becoming more socially acceptable. One parent reported “I’m trying to teach my kids not to get lost in their phones and to be present.” The parent later reported creating a technology-specific boundary to help teach this principle, “there are no phones at the dinner table… also when watching movies together I have to say look you’re either gonna watch it and be immersed in this or you need to put your phone away. ”
Additionally, many parents expressed a desire for their children to exhibit more prosocial behavior when dealing with smartphones and other technology in the future, than what they currently engage in and model for their children, “we build this kind of addiction to it and then our children see that and are like oh there’s a game, I want my own games… so I think it kinda becomes a cycle, and they kinda repeat what we do.” In an effort to avoid this, some parents reported “putting limits on time, and limits or using it for certain things,” when letting their children use smartphone and other technology.
Johnson, David J., and Katherine M. Hertlein. “Parents’ Perceptions of Smartphone Use and Parenting Practices.” The Qualitative Report, vol. 24, no. 6, 2019, p. 1423+. Gale Academic OneFile, Accessed 20 Aug. 2020.
Essay question – “Evaluate the effectiveness of the United Nations and one other college essay help onlineEssay question – “Evaluate the effectiveness of the United Nations and one other intergovernmental organisation in resolving conflict and working towards world order”
The essay should synthesise information from a range of sources, including cases, legislation, the media and international instruments, in order to support a legal argument. Information referenced should include some sources within the time period of 2020-2022 – underline each source (i.e., cases, laws) in your written response.
Present in detail Mortimer’s divine command theory. What
does this theory say an college essay helpPresent in detail Mortimer’s divine command theory. What
does this theory say and what does Mortimer claim is the justification for the
theory? How are we to use the theory to tell right actions from wrong? Finally,
discuss Arthur’s criticisms of the
divine command theory and assess whether or not those criticisms are any good.
This only needs to be one page double spaced. Below is APA cites ready to go and links in parenthesis. Attached are powerpoints from the class.
Arthur, J. (1996). Religion, morality,
and conscience. In Morality and moral controversies (4th ed., pp.
35–44). Prentice Hall.
Mortimer, R. C. (1950). Morality is
based on God’s commands. Retrieved from
Choose ONE of these topics:
The Effects of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Acc college admissions essay helpChoose ONE of these topics:
The Effects of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Accident
The Effects of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident {NPPA}
This Writing Assignment will focus on explaining effects.

Directions: Write a 1000-word research essay about the effects of either:
The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Accident (of 26 April 1986) or
The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident (of 11 March 2011)
Your essay should focus on those effects you consider to be the most significant. Your essay should adhere to the Modern Language Association (MLA) essay format and use the 12 point Times New Roman font throughout. See The Bedford Researcher for information on MLA essay format and requirements. Use the MLA practice template (see MLA Resources in Blackboard) to help you format your sources on your essay’s Works Cited page. MLA’s own website (see Blackboard link) also has guidance on working with the MLA practice template and on adhering to MLA style. So does the OWL at Perdue (again, see the Blackboard link). Incorporate into your essay at least three items borrowed from two secondary sources and then document your sources according to MLA requirements. This means that your paper will have at least two parenthetical intext citations as well as a concluding page titled “Works Cited” where the required bibliographic information about your sources is presented in the format MLA requires. Examples of appropriate secondary sources to borrow from include magazines, journals, newspapers, databases (the MDC Library offers you free online access to lots of databases), books, films, government publications, and encyclopedias. Again, avoid open sources like Wikipedia.
Submit your essay to the appropriate drop box in Blackboard. As always, follow th

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