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Can't Be Tamed by Miley Cyrus college essay help

I just watched Miley Cyrus’ latest music video, “Can’t Be Tamed”, and I can honestly say, I’m horrified. I can understand wanting to grow up and out of the Disney spotlight, but seriously, she couldn’t have done it differently?

I read an article a few years ago about the Cyrus family, in People magazine. They gave three rules Billy Ray and Tish had given Miley, one of which was reading every and all articles about Brittney Spears and Lindsey Lohan. Tish didn’t want Miley to grow up and make the same mistakes these “Disney Angels” made. It doesn’t look like they affected her any. “Party in the USA” looks as tame as Demi Lovato’s “La La Land” compared to “Can’t Be Tamed”.

The video begins with high class women and men surrounding an enormous birdcage. A man announces that they have recently discovered a bird, originally thought to be extinct: The Cyrus. They remove the covering from the birdcage to reveal Miley, in a skimpy outfit, featuring tights and giant wings. Miley and a crew of bird-people break through the bars and begin roaming the halls of the museum. The video ends with Miley returning to her nest.

It may not sound all that horrible, but in reality it is the raunchiest music video I have ever seen. Miley practically makes out with all the bird-people (both male and female), dances around yet another pole and decides that the perfect way to show guys they have no power of her is to dance around with other guys, show off her legs and have slutty line dances which most likely makes guys want her more.

Not only is it a raunchy video, but it’s choreography is simply awful. The dancing makes you think Miley is having a seizure. For those who don’t believe it, Miley actually has a pretty nice voice, which was simply ruined for this video. Why did she feel she had to mechanize her voice? That’s for people that can’t actually sing, like Brittney Spears. Apparently she believed that it would prove she’s an adult. To me, it just lumps her together with other singer wanna-be’s like Lady GaGa and Spears.

If she wanted to lose fans, she definitely achieved her goal. If she wanted to shock us, *major fail*.

Journalist, Jeremy Helliar wrote: “If Cyrus really wanted to shock us, she’d have left her clothes on and gone demure and classy. In this age of increasingly naked female singers, that would have been a true rarity indeed.”

Before, I simply did not like Miley or how she chose to live her life. Now she has lost all my respect as a professional singer/actress. There is a way to grow up in the spotlight without becoming a lap dancer. Apparently Hollywood does not realize that.

Def Leppard by Def Leppard essay help 123: essay help 123

I am writing about the band Def Leppard, a 1970s English rock band. Def Leppard started in 1977 and was started in Sheffield as a part of the “Heavy Metal” movement. It is kinda amazing that they still have their two main guitarist, Joe Elliott and Rick Savage. The band has picked up some great member along their journey such as Phil Collen, Rick Allen, Vivian Campbell. Def Leppard lost three great members, Steve Clark, who died of alcohol poisoning in 1991. Steve joined the band as a guitarist in 1978. Pete Willis wasan original member of the band but was replaced by Phil Collen in 1982. Tony Kenning was also an original member and he played drums. Tony Kenning was the one who suggested that the band should change their name Deaf Leopard to Def Leppard. In my opinion that name change help make the band more popular because of the catchy rock name. Tony Kenning was replaced by Rick Allen in 1978.

Def Leppard’s first album was On Through The Night, their first album was arranged in 1980. The band first started with performing in front of six friends. It is quite amazing that a rock group can go from performing in front of six friends to performing in front of thousands per concert. Def Leppard is now currently on tour going all over the United States including Canada. It is my personal dream to go to a Def Leppard concert. I doubt i will be able to attend but hopefully one day.

The rock band’s music can get anyone pumped at any time. Def Leppard appeals to anyone young or old. With classic rock making a comeback the band looks like it has a great future ahead.

Contra by Vampire Weekend narrative essay help: narrative essay help

“Contra” is a fresh, upbeat compilation of creative tracks from indie-pop band Vampire Weekend. This second album maintains the breezy, boppy feel the band established in its first self-titled CD. It also includes some African drums and xylophones that add to the cheery vibe.

The popular “A-Punk” and other singles first made Vampire Weekend famous. Recently, “Holiday” was even featured in commercials for Honda and Ralph Lauren.

“Contra” strikes a perfect balance with fast-paced, bubbly tracks like “Giving Up the Gun” and “Run,” and mellow ones like “Diplomat’s Son” and “Taxi Cab.” Though the tracks have different tempos, the band maintains the same vibe throughout. In contrast to their first album, “Contra” has a slight techno spin. “California English” has synthesized vocals, but it works with the rest of the album because of the peppy electric guitar and harmonizing “ahhs” similar to those in “Horchata.”

From start to finish, the album is fantastic and the songs flow together nicely. The first track, “Horchata,” is a great example of the African elements that the band uses so well. It starts with a toe-tapping melody and simple xylophone accompaniment. Suddenly, the chorus bursts out into bright drumming and celestial, resonating “ahhs.” “I Think Ur a Contra” is not as cohesive with the rest of the album. It features soft vocals and slow, playful piano riffs. Although it is a high-quality song, it might be one that listeners skip on their iPods.

Lyrics are another of Vampire Weekend’s strengths. Whereas many pop artists have prosaic, 2D lyrics about love, every track in this album tells a story with lyrics that are phrased in creative, whimsical ways. For example, “White Sky” describes a walk through the lively streets of New York City. The lyrics are accentuated by the falsetto melismas in the chorus. “Cousins” is about a kooky, chaotic family. This theme is emphasized by the frenetic pace and speeding electric guitar riffs.

Overall, “Contra” is fabulous and will appeal to many, especially fans of light alternative and indie-pop. The inventive lyrics, cheery melodies, and fresh, innovative style will draw many to Vampire Weekend’s sophomore album.

1989 by Taylor Swift best college essay help: best college essay help

I Could Dance to 1989, Forevermore.

Taylor Swift completely stunned the music industry when she released her fifth studio album, 1989, on October 27, 2014. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of Swift’s first pop album that truly reflects Taylor’s pure talent. I admit I was a bit incredulous over the musical and lyrical content of 1989 when I heard the first single off the album, “Shake It Off,” but all my worries were vanquished when 1989 was released.1989 tells a story of romance, heartbreak, and new beginnings, and Swift was, yet again, able to put common emotions into beautiful words that flowed together with catchy melodies, like the waters of a churning river.
Many of the songs on 1989 have risen to extreme popularity, and most people could immediately start singing along with Swift as she goes on about a “long list of ex lovers,” or players who are going to “play, play, play, play, play.” But I’ve found that the most captivating art on the album is found in the songs that the public has chosen to overlook.
1989 begins with “Welcome to New York,” a song that does a wondrous job at setting the perfect tone for the rest of the album.The song is this generation’s anthem for New York City. I can practically hear The Big Apple’s busy traffic and see its illuminating city lights whenever I listen to this memorable tune. “It’s a new soundtrack, I could dance to this beat, forevermore,” Swift sings in the chorus, preparing the listener for the rest of her “new soundtrack.”
Swift has recently said that her favorite song can be found on Track Eleven. “This Love” first came off to me as nothing special compared to most of the other songs on the album. Once I discovered its hidden beauty, like that of a pearl in an oyster shell, I realized that it truly is a masterpiece and lovely example of the lyrical content in Swift’s co-written songs. Lyrics such as “this love is glowing in the dark,” “lantern burning, flickered in my mind for only you,” and “high tide came and brought you in” are awe-striking examples of the breathtaking imagery Taylor is able to paint in just this song alone.
Taylor took me to an entirely different realm when I first listened to “Wonderland,” one of the three songs exclusive to the deluxe album.Taylor geniously used Lewis Carroll’s enchanting fantasy world as a metaphorical picture of one of her magical relationships. The song is beautiful; its sound, style, and lyrics are unlike anything else that Swift has ever produced. The song is able to both haunt and mesmerize me every time I hear it, and perhaps that is why it is my favorite song on 1989.
Swift ends her album appropriately with the song “Clean.” Taylor embeds“secret messages” in all of her songs, and the secret message assigned to this song is, “She lost him but she found herself, and somehow that was everything.” This statement perfectly describes the meaning behind the song. This song makes me very happy, partially because I love Taylor, and I beam with pride over that fact that she has finally become “clean,” and also because this song gives hope to its listener, telling them that through the struggles that they face in life, one day they will discover who they really are, and through this, they will find their happiness.
These four songs are a marvelous example of the content found in 1989. I can honestly say that 1989 is now my favorite Taylor Swift album. While many were concerned over Swift’s change in genres, she has proven that her change was that of a former caterpillar, transformed into gorgeous butterfly. Taylor Swift is, undoubtedly, one of the world’s most talented women in the music business. Taylor created yet another spectacular album that manages to capture a myriad of feelings and put them into words and tunes that have made their mark on history, and will never be forgotten.I will most definitely be dancing to 1989, forevermore.

Kiss and Tell by Selena Gomez ;3 The Scene compare and contrast essay help: compare and contrast essay help

If you were to stop listening after the first (and title) track, “Kiss and Tell”, you may decide Selena Gomez and the Scene will ultimately fail. The song is overly techno and, while the message is strong, the song is not one to put on your favorites list after only one listen.

But if you were to continue listening, you would discover that, for a debut, “Kiss and Tell” is a hit. And just like many other debuts, it’s brimming with messages:

“Kiss and Tell”-a true friend is not someone who lives to tell the world your secrets; gossip hurts.

“I Won’t Apologize”-Never change for a guy; the relationship will never work out. Never apologize for who you are.

“Falling Down”-Hollywood is filled with plastics and fakes, who will eventually fail.

“Stop and Erase”-Bullies try to make themselves appear more dominant by putting others down and surrounding themselves with other bullies. But one day, the tables will turn and they will be exposed for who they really are.

The dance vibe keeps you listening for more and keeps you impatiently awaiting the sophmore album from Selena Gomez and the Scene, due out sometime in 2010.

*The Target limited edition CD features a twenty minute DVD with behind-the-scenes/in-the-recording-studio of “Kiss and Tell”, the music video for “Falling Down” and a photo gallery.

Purple by Stone Temple Pilots write my essay help: write my essay help

Picture, if you will, the music scene in 1994. Grunge bands such as Alice In Chains and Nirvana were all the rage. Britpop groups like Oasis were hard at work trying to make a dent in the industry. And Stone Temple Pilots had just released their magnificent second album, Purple. What makes this grunge-rock masterpiece so different from their noteworthy debut Core is that while Core was heavy rock bordering on metal all the way through interrupted only by weird, spaced-out instrumentals, Purple struck that perfect balance between loud, headbanging rock and softer, quieter melodies. Not that they completely abandoned their wild side, of course. Right from the very first slashes of electric guitar on the appropriately named “Meatplow”, you can tell that they’re still rockin’ heavy, andmassive hit Vasoline and acoustic Lounge Fly follow suit. However, it was the milder ballad “Interstate Love Song” that made this album biggest impact. Acoustic guitar mixed in with full-out rock provide the stunning backdrop for Scott Weiland’s heartbreaking vocals about love lost on the open road. It would ultimately become the album’s (and the band’s) greatest hit. In fact, even today, you can still hear it ever so often on the local radio. From there, the rest of the songs follow that same loud-soft, soft-loud structure, which actually makes for some interesting surprises. For example, just when you’re starting to feel comfortable with the quiet ballad “Pretty Penny”, the heavy rocker Silvergun Superman roars it’s way into your brain. As well as all that, what also makes the album truly one to remember is that after the lukewarm reaction to Core, the band decided to tone down the vulgar absurdities of their debut (look no further than the front cover and tracklist to see what I mean) and replace them with good, clean, hard rock. In fact, except for Lounge Fly’s somewhat f-word laden chorus, there isn’t a trace of vulgarity (or cynicism, for that matter) on the entire album, therefore being a CD that would appeal to hard-rock fans, critics, and even parents. Unfortunately, the album was panned upon release even more than before, and it wasn’t until much later that the masses finally realized that it was truly a rock masterpiece (that is, except for the hokey hidden promo). But no matter. Just sit back, relax, and let this brilliant work of art implant itself in your head until that’s all you can hear for days on end. And no, that’s definitely not as awful as it may sound.

La Estructura by Noel Torres aqa unit 5 biology synoptic essay help: aqa unit 5 biology synoptic essay help

La Estructura
Noel Torres is a singer that likes to give a variety in one single CD. Being a songwriter gives him the opportunity to show all kinds of views on the world. For example in his most recent CD “ La Estructura” his first song starts out talking about the structure of a drug dealer. In contrary two songs after there is a strong feel of dislike and pride. The CD ends with a love song. Noel Torres will make you have a lot of emotions when hearing his music.
The starting song will get anyone in a happy mood. Talking about being successful and making a lot of money makes the people get in a good mood. Even though he talks about drugs if you understand the song you will still see the good side to it. Everyone wants money and will do mostly anything to get it.
“Se me acabaron las lagrimas” “My tears are gone” is another song of this CD. This song is contrasting from the very first song. It’s about how there was a guy that really liked someone but later got tired of waiting. After crying a lot and thinking a lot he finally gave up and stopped thinking about her. This type of song would be most heard by someone in the same situation. Trying to make themselves feel a little better. Maybe getting themselves a little sentimental too.
Noel Torres ends the CD with something about love, but this time about someone trying to let someone know how they feel. Saying to try guess that it is that loves her and has loved her the whole time. Trying to make her have his attention.
This is CD is one that I would recommend for anyone to listen. Anyone who likes to hear a lot of variety and someone who finds a big passion in Mexican songs, and their meanings. I really recommend this for anyone looking also for good entertainment.

Cory Morrow buy essay help: buy essay help

Walking through the parking lotfilled with trucks, a rush of excitement ran through me. It was the same rush Iget whenever I see live music. I walked through the rickety door at Greune Hall,handed over a $20 bill and had my hand stamped. The man I had come to see was anative of Houston, Texas and a graduate of my dad’s high school. Not only was I ahuge fan of his, but I felt like I knew him.

Cory Morrow started hismusical career as a Texas Tech drop-out playing in bars around Lubbock, where hemet friend and fellow musician, Pat Green. Both are thriving as artists on theTexas music scene and beginning to receive national TV attention (Country MusicTelevision) and award performances (Grammy’s).

I walked past the bar andinto the dance room where people were gathered. The band hadn’t come out yet so Iengaged in conversation with some country bumpkins.

Suddenly a tall butstocky blond walked onto the stage, kicked off his shoes and opened the show witha bang. Hitting every chord and plucking every string as cool as if he wereStev-ie Ray Vaughn, he sang popular tunes like the risque “Big CityStripper” and the romantic “Always and Forever.” Throughout theevening I sang along and did a little dancing. After an intense three hours oflive, loud music and whooping and hollering, Cory left the stage, saying”Thank you for having me!” The yelling continued for five more minutes.I looked at my watch and knew it was time to go, but felt an encore comingon.

Cory walked back out on the stage, picked up his guitar and said,”Okay, I’ve got one more for y’all!” He had strolled through all hishits that evening but one – his biggest, “Nashville Blues.” The upbeatsong is a tribute to all the great Texas songwriters who preceded him. It wasamazing to watch everyone sing along. My night was made. After the final strum ofhis guitar, he tossed his pick into the air. It spiraled down right into myhands. I caught Cory Morrow’s guitar pick and left Greune Hall one happyguy.

I recommend a Cory Morrow show to mature audiences willing to go outand enjoy themselves in a Texas atmosphere.

Red Hot Chili Peppers summary and response essay help: summary and response essay help

I recently went to a Red Hot Chili concert at the Worcester Centrum. It was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. The Chili Peppers jammed the house for more than 90 minutes. Flea calmed everyone down in the middle with an awesome rendition of Pea. Then Anthony Kedias came back to jam on “One Big Mob.” They played a lot of classics along with just about everything off their new album, “One Hot Minute.” Opening for them were The Rentals who played really well, with their loud synthesizer music. The bassist and guitarist from Weezer joined the band they recorded their first album with earlier this year. They are going to become an exciting band to listen to and watch in the near future. After The Rentals were Silverchair. Silverchair is an Australian rock group who put out their first album called “Frogstomp.” I felt they were the worst band that played that night. They only rocked one song which was “Israel’s Son.” All their other songs were boring. They are only 16, though, so they may get better in the future. Silverchair is led by singer and guitarist Daniel Johns who, that night, sounded more like Michael Jackson. Most of the time they looked down at their guitars and made sure they were playing the right chords. Then they used strobe lights to simulate movement since they didn’t budge from their spots. The strobe lights were an awful idea since all they did was blind the audience. Maybe that’s what they wanted. Luckily the Chili Peppers saved the show. They rocked the Centrum. If you have a chance to see this concert, see it. It was an exciting show. I would like to see it again..

*NSYNC essay help us: essay help us

Overthe summer, I saw *NSYNC in concert for the second time duringtheir sold-out “Boys Of Summer Tour.” The arena waspacked with thousands of fans of all ages chanting and holdingup homemade signs covered with the band’s photos and messagesto them. Jordan Knight was one of the opening acts. Hewas fantastic, but I was waiting for Chris, JC, Joey, Justinand Lance (*NSYNC). All of a sudden, I heard the soundof helicopters all around. *NSYNC really knows how to make anentrance; they descended from the arena ceiling onto the stageand jumped into a rendition of “I Want You Back.”They went on to other songs from their album and didn’t letanyone down with their fantastic performances. *NSYNCmade sure everyone felt included; fans swayed, clapped,screamed and sang at *NSYNC’s invitation. The boys gave theconcert scene a whole new experience; they even shared theirrenditions of songs from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, including”That Thing You Do” and “Celebrate GoodTimes,” which Joey sang by himself. Since Justin and JCsing most of the solos, it was great to see Joeysing. Between costume changes, the European-onlyreleased video, “U Drive Me Crazy,” played on thebig screen. In this video, *NSYNC appear in costume as theJackson Five. The entire concert was a greatexperience, but *NSYNC definitely saved the best for last.During their performance of “Sailing,” they sailedover the crowd. *NSYNC had flown on their last tour, but thistime I was closer. They were dressed all in white and lookedlike angels gliding through the air. Justin especiallythrilled the crowd with his somersaults. They then performed acrowd-pleasing extended version of “Tearin’ Up MyHeart” and flew over the crowd again to say good-bye.

Poe medical school essay help: medical school essay help

On Saturday, September 7th, one of the hottest new singer/songwriters performed live on the waterfront behind the Cambridge-side Galleria. The group: Poe, the alternative band that has been sweeping the country with their hit “Angry Johnny.” WBCN, one of the most popular alternative rock stations in Boston, broadcast the show over their airwaves. The concert planners focused on attracting the college crowd because of Poe’s popularity on college campuses and the way college students relate to the music. An older generation probably would not relate in the same way. Unfortunately, the crowd was lackluster, possibly because Poe didn’t play their hit until the concert was almost over. Had the band played it earlier, perhaps the crowd would have been more into it. The band tried to excite the crowd but this only worked in spurts and didn’t last. The group played about ten songs, and because they tried so hard to pump up the crowd, the concert, at times, seemed dull and boring. Despite the crowd, Poe did an outstanding job of singing. All the instruments and their players were sharp and on key and both put forth a flawless performance. The only problem was when it started to rain, all the instruments, speakers and synthesizers got wet and started to make screeching sounds making everyone cover their ears. After the concert Poe signed autographs for an hour but then had to leave. Those waiting in line got angry, but the band apologized and no fights broke out. The concert, which lasted about 90 minutes, was the best you could possibly ask for, considering it was free

Stick It To Ya college essay help nyc: college essay help nyc

Back in 1986 a band called Vinnie Vincent Invasion released the song “Boyz are Gonna Rock” off their first LP self-titled “Vinnie Vincent Invasion.” The song was a hard-rockin’ tune which gave them the status of an excellent new heavy metal band. After that, I didn’t hear much about them until a couple of years later when I saw the video of the rockin’ ballad “That Time of Year.” Not too long after that they split up and went their separate ways. Vocalist Mark Slaughter and bassist Dana Strum stuck together though and soon joined up with newcomers Tim Kelly and Blas Elias. Last spring these four awesome-looking guys burst into the metal world with their debut album, “Stick it to Ya.” They call themselves Slaughter. I’m sure you’ve all heard their first single “Up All Night.” This vivacious tune rocked the charts and metal fans around the world fell in love with them. Their current single “Fly to the Angels,” dedicated in memory to a high school girlfriend of Mark’s is a favorite at radio stations around the country. No doubt these songs are great, but wait until you hear the rest of the album. From the beginning of side one until the end of side two, you will be enlivened and intrigued with Slaughter’s cool lyrics complemented by Mark’s unique and powerful voice. Songs like “Mad About You,” “Burning Bridges,” “You are the One,” and “Desperately” show off their talent. Hard-rockin’ side one is softened by a beautiful instrumental piece called “Thinking of June” dedicated in memory of Tim’s sister. Slaughter definitely put a lot of time and effort into making this album the best it could be. It shows in every song. If you don’t already have “Stick it to Ya,” I strongly suggest you add it to your collection. I can tell they are a fun-loving, ambitious band who are sincere to their fans and I wish Mark, Blas, Dana, and Tim the best of luck in the future.n

Cloud 9 • Kygo essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Kygo, the “Prince of Tropical House” is out with his debut album, “Cloud 9.” It was one of the most hotly anticipated of 2016 and 10 months after its release it has brought in millions of dollars in total gross sales.

Among the latest electronic artists to come out of Scandinavia, Kyrre Gorvell-Dahll – known by his stage name Kygo – grew up in Bergen, Norway. As a child he played the piano and was considered by many to be a prodigy. At the age of 16 he took up music producing, and the rest is history.

Kygo’s early remixes, for which he garnered fame, were mainly tropical house. The dreamy beats are perfect for listening to at the beach. With “Cloud 9,” Kygo returns to his roots. As he has said in several interviews, he considers himself a pianist first and a DJ second. The album is filled with sounds and rhythms from his piano, tying the songs together for a cohesive, yet never boring, experience.

Kygo sets the precedent for the rest of the album, and arguably his career, in the first song, “Intro.” With piano infused with electronic beats and sounds, “Intro” gives a sense of relaxation and ease to the listener – a feeling that everything that will be okay.

“Carry Me” featuring Julia Michaels (an up-and-coming singer/songwriter from Iowa) takes the same elements and reconstructs them for a more mainstream, catchy song. Performed by Kygo at the 2016 Olympic Games’ closing ceremony, “Carry Me” is arguably the most well-known on the album, reaching the top 10 on the Billboard Music Charts for good reason.

This great album does include some lackluster songs, however. “Happy Birthday” with John Legend proves to be sleepy and dull, while “For What It’s Worth” could not seamlessly match the lyrics to the beat, leaving me feeling discontent because of its split personality.

The rest of the album, however, makes up for these weak spots. “Fiction” featuring Tom Odell – an indie-rocker from England – offers a fast-paced, intense version of the album’s unique style. Another highlight is “Oasis” featuring Foxes. The combination of her soothing voice and piano elements create a catchy song that rounds out a great album.

“Cloud 9” proves that a fledgling artist can achieve success with the right combination of elements. This is my favorite album from 2016. It makes me feel content and happy as I listen to the songs on a continuous loop. This is a stellar start for Kygo’s mainstream career, and I am looking forward to hearing his future works.

The Beastie Boys – The In Sound From The Way Out scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

From the first two clicks on the album’s first track, “Groove Holmes,” be prepared to groove and not stop for at least 38 minutes. (Maybe more if you put your CD player on repeat, like I did.) This isn’t the usual offering from our Beastie friends. There’s no rapping here, there’s not even the brash sounds of punk that we heard on “Aglio E Olio,” just cool, funky instrumental jams ” … composed and performed by the Beastie Boys.” This disc was originally available through a 1,000 copy vinyl-only Grand Royal mail-order. This is nothing new. On almost every Beastie album, there have been three or four instrumentals. These demonstrate that they aren’t just mindless rapiers, or crazy punks. They really have a feel for good instrumentation and it shows on this “new” album, a compilation of instrumentals off previous albums. There is a good balance of slow (“Sabrosa,” “Namaste”) and fast songs (“Bobo On the Comer,” “In 3’s”) and some that even switch speeds in the middle (“Pow”). The Beasties even go with a world theme on the track “Shambala” which was written with the Free Tibet Organization (a cause that the Boys continually fight for) and features some Tibetan chanting. The Beasties know how to make a song interesting, while still keeping it real. On “Shambala” a very mysterious drum beat is laid down by Eric Bobo, as the chanting fades in and out over the “wah-wah” of the guitar put down by Adam Horowitz. For those people who say lyrics are necessary to tell a story, you will be proved wrong as the last track, “Drinkin Wine” fades out. The great instrumentation on this one evokes the image of slipping into a drunken hangover after a wild night of partying. Oddly, though, the liner notes are in French. Parlez-vous Francais? .

Slip Of The Tongue essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

“Slip of the Tongue,” the newest venture by David Coverdale and his sixth incarnation of Whitesnake, poses an intense mix of power ballads, rock standards, and something altogether new. Though the lyrics seem to center around the traditional topic of metal music – sex, the music, composed by Adrian Vandenburg and played by the incomparable Steve Vai, has an undeniable energy that sears every track from beginning to end. A twist of the wrist left Vandenburg, the single guitarist remaining in Whitesnake (due to Vivian Campbell’s ugly parting), unable to record the songs, so Coverdale went in search of a new axeman to record with. His search didn’t take long, as he finally snared the multicolored chops monster, Steve Vai (chops are technical skills). Vai’s sonic attack begins with the title song, “Slip of the Tongue,” with sustained keyboards diving into immense power chords and flurrying harmonics. His tight, focused guitar sound is courtesy of the new Ibanez seven-stringed Universe guitar, adding a low B string for a heavier sound. “Cheap an’ Nasty” is straight ahead rock and roll, while “Fool for Your Loving,” a bluesy cover from the Whitesnake of the early ’80s, revives under Vai’s harmonized hand. The two ballads on the album, “Now You’re Gone” and “Deeper the Love,” are simply gorgeous, loaded down with feeling in the music and the vocals. Coverdale manages to put down what are arguably his best vocals on these tracks, his voice raw and intense. “Wings of the Storm” features furiously controlled axemanship, as does the solo-free “Judgment Day.” The Hendrixesque “Slowpoke Music” rocks with raunch, ragged and energized to the point where the song leaps out of your stereo. The final track is “Sailing Ships,” a song originally written entirely for classical guitar, but transformed into a pseudo-“Stairway to Heaven” anthem. The lyrics take a turn for the profound, while the music progresses from a twelve-string acoustic showpiece with electric sitar and keyboard accompaniment to a Vai seven-stringed solo masterpiece. For fans of Steve Vai, this album gives him an entirely new outlook. He retains his humor and amazing technique, as they shine on every track. For fans of the ever-changing Whitesnake, a group that just keeps getting better, this album ranks higher by far than 1987’s Whitesnake in every arena. Tommy Aldridge and Rudy Sarzo have inarguably laid down the licks of their lives, a rhythm section that never ever quits, feeding the fury of Vai’s fiery playing. I have only one question: Who’s going to be on the next album? n

I (EP) by Meshuggah global history essay help: global history essay help

This marks both my third Meshuggah Review and EP review as well. Well, we can see that I am not much of EP guy one, and that I also have solidified my love for epics. I is a one track EP spanning 21 minutes making this the longest Meshuggah song I know. But more on that in the next paragraph.
This track/EP likes to take inspiration from many elements in the modern prog universe like the rediculous solos present in Dream Theater and Animals as Leaders, the song writing structure of Opeth`s Black Rose Immortal where it always changes and the lyrical inspiration of Ayreon. But among all that, you still have classic Meshuggah with the crunchy, sort of repetitive but brutal riffage. This can literally go from thrashy to brutality in a heartbeat so I wouldn’t recommend this for people who are of faint of heart. Now, on to the lyrics that’s important for this track. The lyrics seem very philosophical, but in and almost devastating way. Here’s what I see, the philosophy of a corrupt society that wants nothing more than to kill everyone, world domination, and to destroy the Earth at any and ALL costs. That seems like the deliberate main story for Mario and Luigi: Partners In Time with the Shroobs and the Queen Shroob. Considering I’m able to connect this to a Mario game of all things, that’s a very, very scary thought if you thing about it to deeply.
Well now that you’ve wrapped your head around all of that, what’s my rating for this EP thing. Well I have to give it a 9.5/10 for the childhood ruining lyrics and the amazing progression from prog death metal band in Sweden. What do think? Should I do more EP and track reviews? If so, what should I review next for either of those? I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack writing an essay help: writing an essay help

The Nightmare Before Christmas is actually one of the first unconventional Disney movies because instead of starting out in a cheery place, you’re taken to the dark world of Halloween, which is carried over in the music, also produced under Disney, that was written and composed by Danny Elfman, but like any great musical the songs really represent the characters and areas more than anything else about the movie.

The stylistic changes in just the orchestrations are enough to tell you that this soundtrack covers a lot of tastes as it goes from the dark almost off pitch tones in the music for Halloween to the upbeat light feel of the music used for Christmas. Even certain characters have different musical forms, including the movie’s villain, Oogie Boogie, whose song sounds like something you might hear in a 1920’s jazz lounge.

I’m not saying this CD is for everyone; there’s a lot more of the darker sounds from Halloween to the music, but the lyrics have almost a Seussian feel to them and you really get a feel for the characters after listening to this for awhile. It’s your choice to pick this one up. Although, if you’re a big musical fan like me, then I suggest you add it to your collection because it’s the only one of it’s kind.

Lungs by Florence + The Machine compare and contrast essay help: compare and contrast essay help

I tentatively plugged my ear phones into my laptop to check out my friend’s latest recommendation. I usually trust her endorsements and typically sync my iPod after five minutes of listening to her latest discovery. This time, however, it seemed as if she had struck out. Just the name of the group put me off somehow. Yet despite this I was immediately hooked by Florence + The Machine and their debut, “Lungs.”

Initially attracting attention with their feisty and fiery debut single, “Kiss With a Fist,” the group (Florence Welch accompanied by session musicians) rivaled the talents of contemporaries including Lily Allen and the late Amy Winehouse. The punk-pop single ruled the British airwaves the summer of 2008; however, even its success was no sign of what was to come.

Florence + The Machine returned in 2009 with the complete album, “Lungs.” It immediately received critical acclaim for the stand-out songs “Dog Days Are Over,” “Drumming Song,” “Howl,” and “Cosmic Love.” It is the first of these that most accurately represents the album, not “Kiss With a Fist.” The song’s rhythms and melodies are the perfect complement to Welch’s voice.

Although she seems quiet and pretty shy during interviews, on stage, with a flip of her fiery red hair, Welch dazzles audiences, belting out her heartfelt and intricate lyrics with soul and intensity. Her music, though not following cliched pop structure, is infectious. I personally cannot stand still while listening to “Dog Days Are Over” and “Drumming Song,” while “Cosmic Love” and “I’m Not Calling You a Liar” show her softer side. Her range as both a singer and writer gives Welch’s music major appeal.

If you enjoy the biting sarcastic lyrics of Lily Allen or the soft introspective music of Kate Nash, you will certainly enjoy Florence + The Machine.

Lou Reed – Set The Twilight Reeling computer science essay help: computer science essay help

Lou Reed is one of the most legendary and definitive voices in rock and roll, one of the creators of alternative music in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s when he was a member of the legendary New York City-based band, the Velvet Underground. Now, after three decades and over 25 solo albums, Reed is back with one of his best albums to date, “Set the Twilight Reeling.” Dedicated to Reed’s girlfriend and fellow performance artist Laurie Anderson, “Set the Twilight Reeling” has a central theme of emotional discovery and transformation. Reed once again mixes wry songs with tender ones and irreverence with brutal honesty. Also included is “Finish Line,” Reed’s tribute to fellow Velvet Underground member Sterling Morrison, who died of cancer in 1995. The song portrays death as the finish line of life, and all of us are the runners who race closer every day. Reed’s sense of humor is evident in many of the songs, especially in his comparison of his disastrous break-ups to the amicable ones of his new love interest in the song “HookyWooky.” In it, he comically reflects “None of my old flames ever talk to me/When things end for me they end/They take your pants your money your name/But the song still remains.” Another side of Reed which is not so often revealed comes through this album. Pushing aside his tough-guy image, Reed wears his heart on his sleeve in “NYC Man,” “Trade In,” and the album’s title track. “Trade In” is especially poignant in its self-loathing portrayal of a man experiencing an identity crisis after falling in love. Reed is best known for his powerful writing, and in his usual style, each song packs an extra lyrical punch. Whether Reed is fondly reminiscing about the egg creams he enjoyed as a boy in Brooklyn in “Egg Cream” or contemplating on how to keep a grip on life in “Hang On to Your Emotions.” Reed adds a poetic dimension to his music that most artists just can’t duplicate. All in all, “Set the Twilight Reeling” is a rare find, combining creative lyrics with hard-edged alternative music to come up with a unique listening experience that could only come from the incomparable Lou Reed

The End is Where We Begin by Thousand Foot Krutch academic essay help: academic essay help

I can’t say I was expecting much in the way of spirituality from Thousand Foot Krutch’s latest album, The End is Where We Begin. “Christian rock” often means nothing more than “clean rock.” While many Christian rock bands are musically intense, spiritually they are lacking. So you can imagine my surprise and immense pleasure to find this album to be deeper than most.

While some songs, such as “Let the Sparks Fly” and “I Get Wicked” have left me with mixed feelings as to their meaning, I was taken off-guard when “Be Somebody” blasted through the speakers. The song highlights the struggle of wanting the world to see less of ourselves and more of Christ through our every-day lives. In a world where lip-service is more prevalent and Christian action nearly nonexistent, living as Christ would is something Christians need to learn.

Other tracks like “All I Need to Know and “The End is Where We Begin” have significant Christian meaning as well. The latter is reminiscent of Skillet’s popular song, “Alien Youth.” TFK, like Skillet, describes the Christian as “an alien,” “not of this world,” but while the lyrics and message are similar, Thousand Foot Krutch’s song is more mature musically than the infant Skillet.

Each time I listen to The End is Where We Begin, I come away with a different song being my favorite. Each is unique and creative, but one song stands out with each listen. “Fly on the Wall” paints a portrait of a medieval kingdom blind to its own troubles. The brilliance of this song’s story shows Thousand Foot Krutch’s lyrical capabilities.

The End is Where We Begin takes two sides on opposite spectrums. On one hand, you have hardcore, stereotypical rock songs like “Down” and “War of Change.” On the other, there are songs I was entirely surprised to find tucked in within the tracks. “So Far Gone” is bittersweet and cultivated with its simplistic guitars and vocals giving a more solemn feel to the album. “All I Need to Know” and “Be Somebody” also seemed randomly placed within this album of hardcore rock, yet they’re like a deep breath after a scream. Without these breaks in the madness, this album wouldn’t be nearly as great.

The End is Where We Begin mixes flavors of typical rock with acoustic and even a hint of screamo and rap. Its messages range from finding yourself in God and standing tall, to chasing your dreams despite the odds against you. If you’re a fan of rock, Thousand Foot Krutch’s The End is Where We Begin is a perfect addition to your musical collection.

Pop 2 by Charli XCX college essay help service: college essay help service

“Pop 2” is the fourth mixtape by English artist Charli XCX. The singer’s previous work has generally been described as “experimental pop” and this album more or less toes the same line. The mixtape has ten songs.
“Pop 2” opens up with “Backseat”, featuring Carly Rae Jepsen. It is a lucid song with themes of distraction from pain by using noise and parties – a theme that has been used in a LOT of pop songs, yet somehow, this song has been packaged in a very interesting way which doesn’t make the song monotonous. The beats are catchy and add to the flavour of the song.

“Out Of My Head” is probably the most exciting track as it features the talented Tove Lo and Finnish artist Alma. This song is that point in the mixtape that takes you by surprise. Pop music has been so often degraded as “meaningless”, that whenever the genre reads “pop”, people somehow lower their expectations automatically. This song breaks free of all those stereotypes and it is very well written. Alma’s voice is raw and gorgeous, ensuring that the song stays fresh in it’s essence. Tove Lo’s verse is incredible and adds a lot more meaning to the song. The track is quite special as it has themes of irony – the vibe is supposed to be serious yet it is sung in a light, carefree manner.

The third track is “Lucky” – which is probably the saddest, slowest track. It is slow yet simmering, and it turns out to be that song on the album that you listen to once in a while. It is fair on the ears and references “Backseat”. The feel of the song is ,however, a lot more sinister than the first two tracks.

“Tears” which is the fourth track features Caroline Polacheck, cements the feel of one part of the mixtape, as the natural reckless nature of the lyrics has weirdly (and beautifully) been juxtaposed with the sadness of a broken heart.

“I Got It” featuring Brooke Candy, cupcakKe and Pablo Vittar hits you in the face due to the stark contrast it makes when compared to the previous track. The raunchy, almost fierce, confidence is back and I had no clue what to expect out of this track, yet it is quite enjoyable.

“Femmebot” turned out to be my favourite among all the ten songs. It features Dorian Electra and Mykki Blanco. The track sounds incredibly futuristic in a lot of ways, and the fusion of various vintage electronic sounds (especially from video games) showcases creative genius. The result? A VERY refreshing track – an ideal moving-on song on steroids.

The seventh track “Delicious”, featuring Tommy Cash has the signature Charli XCX vibe with a wonderful twist brought in after the interlude. The tune and rhythm simply pick up after the interlude and the overall effect by the end of the song leaves you reeling. The song lives up to it’s title – “Delicious”.

“Unlock It” featuring Jay Park and Kim Petras sounds very much like a bubblegum-pop song. It can be passed off as satisfactory and isn’t the best song on the mixtape, despite the fact that it’s hook is quite catchy.
The ninth track “Porsche” features MO and like their previous collaborations like “Pull Up”, their voices complement each other. The song again brings about a slight deviation in the theme from the previous two tracks.

“Track 10” is the last song on the mixtape and it hasn’t been named accurately for the song sounds a lot more impressive than it’s title. The instrumental break and the background vocals are impressive and with its simple lyrics and an air of acceptance and finality, it seems to be a nice way to seal the mixtape closed.

Above all, Charli XCX has grown as an artist and she makes it clear that she isn’t a dumb pop princess and is unafraid to explore all the different sides that she has. What is lovely about this collection is how it seamlessly changes it’s themes and does not bore the listener at all. There is the entire cohort of amazing, underrated featured artists and they add to the charm of the mixtape. She has definitely matured her approach and methods since her 2014 album “Sucker” and yet has managed to stay original to her own true style and that is not an easy task. Go listen.

Rhetorical Analysis of Wings by Macklemore personal essay help: personal essay help

In the song “Wing$” written by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Macklemore sings about his experience with consumerism during the “sneaker culture” and expansion of Nike in the 1990s. Macklemore uses juxtaposition, metaphors, and appeals to pathos while singing to his fans and younger people who feel the need to conform to society in order to point out the flaws of following what’s popular and a consumerist society.

Macklemore and Lewis use juxtaposition to show the flaws of following a consumerist society. Macklemore states, “We want what we can’t have, commodity makes us want it” (line 36). By using the contradictory words of “can’t” and “want”, Macklemore is proving that big name companies, such as Nike, are trying to get people to buy their products so that they can fit in with society despite not needing it. It is also stated in the song, “So much more than just a pair of shoes./ And now I see it’s just another pair of shoes” (lins 59 and 63). In the first line, Macklemore is saying that his Nike shoes are part of what gives him confidence, but in the last line, he is saying that the shoes he wears shouldn’t mean much to him. The juxtaposition of “much more” and “just” when talking about the sneakers shows when Macklemore realized he was being materialistic and acting as someone who lives in a consumerist society. He now sees that shoes don’t say anything about what kind of person he is. The use of Juxtaposition points out the flaws of following what is popular.

The use of metaphors in the song help convey the message of not following a consumerist society. Macklemore states, “That’s my air bubble and I’m lost if it pops.” Macklemore is referring to his shoes when he says air bubble and is saying that they make him feel confident. Macklemore is also saying that he would no longer feel confident if he didn’t have his shoes when referring to a bubble that pops and loses its shape. This shines light on how companies want people to feel so that the consumers feel the need to buy their products. It is also sung, “For $100 and some change, consumption is in the veins” (line 62). Macklemore says this after he realizes that what he wears has nothing to do with what kind of person he is. He is comparing want to fit into society to a drug addiction. The use of metaphors in the song help shed light on the flaws of a consumer a stick society.

Macklemore appeals to pathos throughout the song to prove that flaws of doing what’s popular. He does this do personal anecdotal evidence when stating, “I was seven years old, when I got my first pair” (line one). Macklemore is appealing to the audience’s emotions by telling a story about his first six years experience in a consumerist society. He also states “It started out, with what I wear to school/ The first day, like these are what make you cool” (line 55 and 56). By appealing to pathos, Macklemore is able to share is realization of not mattering what brand he wears because it doesn’t define who he is as a person so there is no point in conforming to a consumerist society. Through his appeals to pathos, Macklemore is able to connect with the audience by showing that he was also impacted but by consumerism and sharing how he was impacted.

Through the use of juxtaposition, metaphors, and appealing to people is, Macklemore is able to point out the flaws of a consumerist society and following what’s popular.

Bowling for Soup–High School Never Ends admission essay help: admission essay help

Bowling for soup review High School Never Ends

This review if for (High School Never Ends) by bowling for soup. This song if from the Grate Burrito Extortion Case. This album was released on November 7, 2006 by jive records. This band is both punk rock and punk pop. As wikipedia states that peope who like this song all so like (sugar we’re going down) by fall out boy.

This song talks about all the drama that happens in high school and how it’s the same if not worse when you graduate form high school. Here’s a part of the song talking about problems in high school and how and how it’s the same after high school (Four years you think for sure. That’s all you got to endure. … so superficial, so immature. Then when you graduate you talk a look around and say (Hey wait!!!) This is the same as where I just came from. I thought it was over. Aw that’s just grate.)(Bowling for soup, High School Never Ends)

I think this song should be in every’ ones music library. It talks about what happens in high school. I asked people I know that are out high school to listen to this song. Then they all said that it was the same drama-wise and the things people worried about (looks, popularity, and fashion). The only differences were that there were more people than there was in high school.

After some friends and family listened to this song, they all said that life after high school was the same if not worse. They also said even though they didn’t listen to punk rock/punk pop, this song was still a good song. They said it was funny and true in ways and that they were happy to add it to their music library.

The Light Meets the Dark by Tenth Avenue North popular mba argumentative essay help: popular mba argumentative essay help

On May 11, Tenth Avenue North released their second album titled “The Light Meets the Dark.”

As Mike Donehey, lead singer, says, their album focuses mainly on encouraging Christians to “honestly admit how screwed up they are.” One song that really accomplishes the goal of their album is called “Any Other Way.” It eloquently gives voice to the reality that to really experience the true love of God, you have to be honest and admit your shortcomings, however many or seemingly massive they may be. In order to see the full expanse of His love, you must trust Him with your sin and your pain.

The melodies and lyrics are simple enough, but express a profound love which is impossible to fully understand. The truth is summed up very well in all of their songs.

While all the songs are well-written and beautiful, some of the most notable tracks on the album are “Oh My Dear,” “Healing Begins,” “Strong Enough to Save,” and “You Are More.” They all play a role in making the album as powerful as it is. “Oh My Dear” shows a case of forgiveness between a couple, in which it is implied that one has been unfaithful to another. “Healing Begins” encourages listeners to “let their walls fall down,” or release their false security in the masks they put on to try and hide their sin from God and others; when you admit your sin, healing can begin. “Strong Enough to Save” emphasizes the power of Jesus to wash away the sin that binds us, and “You Are” centers on our identity not being in our faults or mistakes, but in the Lord who saved us. If you compile the messages of these four songs, you have a pretty good summary of the Gospel. We are broken, but Jesus is strong enough to save.

Tenth Avenue North has released another fantastic, powerful album that speaks volumes about our fallen world, God’s grace, and the Truth. lt is wonderful to listen to, and is a great addition to any Christian’s playlist.

Chris Tomlin – Burning Lights college admission essay help houston tx: college admission essay help houston tx

God’s Great Dance Floor? What is this guy singing about? Chris Tomlin, a Christian artist, had just gone from the classic hit “How Great Is Our God” to this pop dance thing. I had been pumped to hear a new Chris Tomlin album; I was also going to see him in concert. And then I ended up with this fray of songs.

The new album needed to grow on me. It wasn’t an instant click. I listened to the songs many times and finally experienced the music in concert. Tomlin put on an amazing show, bringing it to life. Now I’m happy to say I think this is an excellent album.

I’d classify Tomlin as a light pop/rock Christian artist. One of his previous songs, “Our God,” had a little more drive. “Awake My Soul” has a similar beat to it. “God’s Great Dance Floor” definitely goes into a dance genre. He even manages to get in a Mumford and Sons-sounding tune, “Lay Me Down.” I love how diverse he can be, and the rhythms help express the theme of worship.

Tomlin keeps this theme clear in his album. Even though he’s turned a new corner in terms of style, his songs remain catchy and singable. Amidst a fast rhythm, the chorus of “Lay Me Down” still catches on in a heartbeat. I love that even as an artist expresses his individuality, I can worship along with him.

The instruments blend beautifully with the singing. The musicians are fantastic but know their place in a genre where vocals take the lead role. Daniel Carson, the lead guitarist, rocks it with smooth melodies that don’t detract from the singing. As a drummer myself, I liked listening to the beats of Travis Nunn. The guy has chops but still delivers the simple beat over and over in time with the music. Knowing this still couldn’t prepare me for seeing them live.

The Burning Lights tour at the Target Center in Minneapolis capped off the entire album experience for me. The concert was loud, entertaining, and above all, worshipful. Clearly, Tomlin’s goal was to bring out energy and dancing and singing. “God’s Great Dance Floor” finally clicked. It wasn’t just the beat or lyrics, it was the dancing and the praise. And I loved the giant beach balls thrown into the crowd during the reprise.

By witnessing an awesome concert, I had the experience of a lifetime from this album. I would play this music for any of my friends, and I recommend it to just about everyone, spiritual or otherwise. As only Chris Tomlin could put it, “I come alive on God’s great dance floor.”

Sounds Good Feels Good by 5 Seconds of Summer buy argumentative essay help: buy argumentative essay help

5 Seconds of Summer’s sophomore album, Sounds Good, Feels Good, was very different from their debut album and their 5 eps. The boys had worked with writers that wrote for pop-punk bands, like Blink, All Time Low, Good Charlotte, etc. They wanted their music to be more punk, and less pop like their first, self-titled album. They also wrote from real experiences, and wanted to have more meaning in their songs.

Luke, Calum, Ashton, and Michael had wanted to tell their fans, it’s okay to not be okay. That was their whole message for the album. Their lyrics were from depression, and heartbreak, to abusive parents and suicide. The way they presented some of the songs may have sounded happy, but they weren’t. They wanted their music, well some of it, to be upbeat but have really sad lyrics. They may have gotten that idea from Twenty One Pilots, seeing since they are fans of them.

Instrumental wise, the whole album was incredible. The 5SOS guys wanted to show off their skills, and show they’re passionate about their instruments as well as their lyrics. They thought they didn’t get enough recognition for what they were capable of. There were many guitar solos, and some interludes at the end of the songs. In Waste the Night, there was a 45 second interlude. Altogether Sounds Good, Feels Good was amazing, and deserves to be heard.

Thank Me Later by Drake summary and response essay help: summary and response essay help

4.5/5 Stars

“One of the best rappers alive!” Many people think that Drake is one of the best rappers alive just from hearing some of his mixtapes, some of the songs he has featured in, and his first album. I think that he is a great artist and that his raps flow well with his songs and I also can’t wait to see what he does next. Can you?

Aubrey Drake Graham really started to become big when he released his first single, “Best I Ever Had”, that lead up to his first mixtape, “So Far Gone”. He was picked up by Lil Wayne and became part of Young Money Cash Money Business.

Drake released the album, “Thank Me Later” on June 15, 2010 and it immediately became a hit record. The album is basically talking about Drake’s life, money, women, and him thanking people for helping him become what he is now; a huge success. The album featured a variety of people like Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, Nicki Minaj, and many other artists. Here is the list of the songs on the album:
Fireworks (feat. Alicia Keys)
The Resistance
Show Me A Good Time
Up All Night (feat. Nicki Minaj)
Fancy (feat. T.I. & Swizz Beatz)
Shut It Down (feat. The-Dream)
Unforgettable (feat. Young Jeezy)
Light Up (feat. Jay-Z)
Miss Me (feat. Lil Wayne)
Cece’s Interlude (feat. Omarion)
Find Your Love
Thank Me Now

I thought that the album was great, but there were a few things I didn’t like. He kept giving shout outs and thanking people through out the album and that was a little annoying to me. But on the good side, the beats were amazing, the lyrics were good, the features were perfect for the songs they were in, and the album also gave Drake a chance to do some songs by him self and to also show that he can also sing instead of just rapping.

Overall, Drake made a great 1st album and all of the songs were good. I just hope that Drake won’t be one of those artists that turns out to only be a “one hit wonder”. But, it is still early in his career and he still has time to do something new and I know that many people, including me, can’t wait to see what he does next.

American Ghetto by Portugal. The Man need essay help: need essay help

The best that Alaska has to offer isn’t half bad. Portugal. The Man (yes, the period belongs there), a product of Wasilla, have just released their sixth album, “American Ghetto.” Armed with hip-hop drum machines, synth loops, and vocal harmonies to rival indie darlings MGMT and Arcade Fire, Portugal. The Man jams their vast array of talents into 11 songs and college students’ headphones across the United States.

The album’s opener, “The Dead Dog,” presents the listener with a mixture of what is to come, melding a catchy chorus with laid-back vocals, thudding Beastie Boys drums, and spastic guitar riffs. After a short “Break” (which is oddly placed after only one song), the album hits its stride with three classic tunes – “60 Years,” “All My People,” and “1000 Years” – that capitalize on frontman John Baldwin Gourley’s knack for creating memorable pop hooks.

The highlight is “All My People,” which shifts from gloomy melodies and acoustic guitar to an uplifting climax as many times as it can get away with. The chorus of “1000 Years” is half-haunting and half-ecstasy, a beautiful conglomeration of synth, electric guitar, falsetto, and whatever else the boys from Wasilla could fit into the studio.

After the euphoric opening, Portugal. The Man’s sound shifts into a melancholy set of songs and much experimentation. “Fantastic Pace” slides into a funky jam that bears no resemblance to the rest of the track, and “The Pushers Party” continues the laid-back trend, washing a classic rock sound over wistful lyrics. Gourley cockily spouts “we don’t need you” on “Do What We Do,” and does his best Thom Yorke impression on “Just a Fool.”

The chill session finishes with “Some Men,” a quality song, but a trail of tired tunes makes the middle of the album blend together. “When the War Ends” sends us off on an upbeat note and qualifies as a catchy indie song for big companies trying to appear hip in their commercials.

Portugal. The Man’s latest effort is a tasty piece of college radio that can have those who like to dance and sing along immediately addicted. Those who love finding great indie samples have numerous places to look. You can’t call them crazy anymore if they start their search in Alaska.

Hotel California by The Eagles essay help from professional writers: essay help from professional writers

A classic hit of the 1980s Hotel California is one of the greatest rock songs to be ever made.The electric, base and acoustic guitars have been used creatively to make music that is pleasant and soothing to the ears.
Hotel California is a tale about a traveler who comes across a luxury hotel.Initially he is tempted and thus checks in.But later he regrets his decision and desperately tries to find a way back.The song ends on an eerie note where the night guard assures the traveler by saying ‘You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.’
The meaning of the song has been widely debated and is interpreted differently.Some believe that it refers to a hotel that was converted to a Satanic church.Others postulate that the hotel mentioned in the song is actually a mental hospital. Metaphorically speaking the song may also refer to the transition from childhood to adulthood i.e. the transition from oblivion to experience.The phrase ‘..but you can never leave’ refers to the fact that once knowledge is gained , there is no turning back and as we all know ‘Too much of knowledge is bad.’
Anyway Hotel California has received much appreciation from critics and continues to be one of the greatest hits of the Rock era.I highly recommend it to everyone of all ages and not only the Rock-lovers.

Born Sinner by J.Cole admission college essay help: admission college essay help

My Teen Ink report is on one of my favorite musicians J.Cole who recently dropped an album in the beginning of the summer called “Born Sinner”. This is second studio album he dropped under Jay-z’s record label RocNation. The first was Cole World: The Sideline Story which did okay in record sales. Born Sinner on the other hand did relatively well on sales, Born Sinner even sold more than Kanye West’s Yeezus album in the first week.
Before I tell you my full overall grade on J. Cole’s Born Sinner album it leaked a week before it’s date which was June 18th, 2013. I admit I am a long time J. Cole (Cole World since 09’) I saw that it had leaked and me dying to hear this album since news broke that he was releasing this album back in November of last year. He was supposed to have released it back in January but was unfortunately pushed back. But months before the release he put out a of series of two mixtapes called Truly yours 1 and 2. I feel ashamed as a long time J. Cole supporter that I downloaded instead of buying it but hey we all got to fulfill our needs and I had to listen to this highly anticipated album by one of hip-hops best artist out right now.
The first song on the album is called “Villuminati”. Which starts of the album with a bang, which he states before the beat drops “It’s way darker this time” which I guess means he’s addressing his themes of good and evil which his logo represents horns and a halo. This song he addresses people who say he is in illuminati which he says I quote “These next three bars is dedicated to the retards keep on asking me about the illuminati, is you stupid n***a young black millionaire Old white billionaires I’m sure that they could do without me. My opinion this is one of his strongest lyrical songs on the album and is probably the 2nd best on the album. The 2nd track is the skit with preacher pastor Kearney Thomas Jr. talking. The 3rd track is called “LAnd of the snakes”. Which is one of my least favorite tracks on the album. He’s talking about his old hood (Fayettville, NC) and one of his old girlfriend’s. The 4th song on the album is called “Power Trip” which everyone knows due to radio airplay it’s basically a love song featuring R&B sensation Miguel.
The 5th song is called “Mo Money Interlude” which is short he raps about money through the whole song about not having, now having money, the power of money, and not having that much money compared to old white money. Track 6th track is called “Trouble” which is one of the weaker songs on the album but has good beat with a gospel chorus. The 7th track is “Runaway” another weak track on the album this song just talks about how people criticizing him. The 8th track “She knows” is also weak it just talks about him cheating and on a girl and her finding him out. The 9th track is called “Rich N**gaz a song I can relate about not having as much money as you fantasize to have. The 10th track is a skit called “Where’s Jermaine” which involves a quire singing a song then stopping and I guess searching for young J. Cole. The 11th track is called “Forbidden Fruit” featuring Kendrick Lamar who sings the hook. It’s a really good song and has a funny ending featuring Lil’ Cole (Past J. Cole fans know the voice he makes). The 12th track is one of my favorite tracks called “Chaining day” he vents about the image all rappers keep up of buying expensive jewelry including himself. A quote from the song he says “My last piece I swear they even iced out Jesus hair”. The 13th track is an interlude called “Ain’t that some s**t” just a short upbeat song. The 14th song is “Let Nas Down” a song ode to Nas who he felt he let down releasing his mainstream music without putting his soul into it. The 15th track is “Crooked Smile” a radio friendly song to cheer others up about their self-esteem. The 16th track is called “Born Sinner” featuring James Fauntelory (a singer) the song is about his sins and how he wants forgiveness.

Everclear – Sparkle And Fade essay help services: essay help services

The members of Everclear must have been amazed. One minute they were a band with a relatively unknown debut album, and seemingly the next minute had a new album and a song which was tearing up the music world. “Santa Monica,” the first release from Everclear’s “Sparkle and Fade,” propelled the band to where they are today. Everclear, hailing from Portland, Oregon, is comprised of Art Alexakis on vocals and guitar, Craig Montoya on bass, and Greg Eklund on drums. Alexakis also produced the album. “Sparkle and Fade” was released late in 1995 and its popularity has continued to grow ever since. Everclear’s music contains many styles – everything from acoustic to electric and slow melodies to all out rockers. “Santa Monica” isn’t like all the other songs that have come out recently. It has that extra something that makes you want to listen to it more. The song simply has everyone wanting to “Live beside the ocean/leave the fire behind/swim out past the breakers/and watch the world die.” But don’t think that this is the only great song on the album, there’s something for everyone. The slow paced beat of “Pale Green Stars” and the melodic “Strawberry” are two unbelievable tunes that may not even be noticed. Also, two rockers – “Heroin Girl” and “Nehalem” – are outright hard rock tunes that couldn’t be achieved by any other band. Everclear’s sophomore release, “Sparkle and Fade,” has set new standards in the music world. The album’s lyrical content is incredible and musical styles unequaled. “Santa Monica” will get most people to buy the album, but when they listen to it they will realize that they have entered into a realm of music that they have never experienced – the realm of Everclear

God Help The Outcasts by Disney (Esmeralda) medical school essay help: medical school essay help

“God Help The Outcasts” is a wonderful song sung by the beautiful Esmeralda from the Disney movie, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”. This ballad is sung in a cathedral after Esmeralda sees how the hunchback, Quasimodo, and her people are treated by others.

“I don’t know if You can hear me
Or if You’re even there
I don’t know if You would listen
To a gypsie’s prayer”, is the first few lines of this song. Even though the song has just begun, you can already see how much meaning it contains. This part is about how it seems like God doesn’t listen to you or help you, no matter how much you pray or talk to him. Sometimes it even feels like he isn’t even listening to you.

“God help the outcasts
Hungry from birth
Show them the mercy
They don’t find on earth
God help my people
We look to You still
God help the outcasts
Or nobody will”, these are the memorable lines from the refrain of the song. This part has so much emotion. It tells us how outcasts have been alone for as long as they could remember. It shows us that everyone in society doesn’t care one bit about them, and they’re only hope is from God.

But in the middle of the song, Esmeralda passes by a few parishioners who sing
“I ask for wealth
I ask for fame
I ask for glory to shine on my name
I ask for love I can posess
I ask for God and His angels to bless me”.
There are a lot of people on this earth who ask for things they can live without. All these people want are fame and fortune. But they don’t realize that there are other people out there that need more than that. They don’t realize that there are many excluded people out there that need someone to talk to.

This song shows us that even though the outcasts feel alone, they can always call on God for help. It also show us how society judges everyone and how people should be treated equally. Overall, I am very impressed that Disney was able to come up with such a meaningful song about everyone’s faith in God.

Let the Road by Rixton buy argumentative essay help: buy argumentative essay help

A relatively new boy-band, Rixton originated from London. Their band consists of four members: Jake Roche, the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Danny Wilkin, the bass and keyboards player, Charley Bagnall, the lead guitarist, and Lewi Morgan, the drummer. Their debut album, which released on March 3, 2015, received rather average reviews, usually three or four stars out of five.

“Let the Road”, with its fluff of stereotypical pop songs yet creative approach to a certain few, deserves a rating of two and a half out of five stars.

The album begins with “Let the Road”, which consists of lovely harmonies, though this becomes repetitive. Though repetition can work in the favor of a song through a catchy beat or catchy set of lyrics, it becomes a fatal flaw of Rixton’s “Let the Road”. Especially in “We All Want the Same Thing” and “Whole”, the chorus repeats itself to the greatest extent.

Many of the other songs are filled with lyrics that seem nonsensical. Some songs tend to value rhyme rather than quality of the lyrics. Others have rather catchy beats, which make up the foundation of the song, thus compensating for these once again nonsensical lyrics. These types of songs act as “fluff” for their debut album, which only consists of a total of 10 songs.

One of the most notorious fluff songs, “I Like Girls” is filled with pointless lyrics:

“I like girls in the summer
Girls in the fall
Girls all year
I wish I could have them all.”

Substance in lyrics does not apparently exist in a song such as this one.

However, a few songs such as “Hotel Ceiling” prove Rixton worth of three stars. “Hotel Ceiling”, one of their more well-received songs, is not surprisingly popular among fans, as its lyrics contain substance while the melody of the song is strong and steady.

Overall, Rixton’s new album, “Let the Road” contains potential. Many of the songs unfortunately served as “fluff songs” with meaningless lyrics and/or repetitive tunes. Most likely, the band was in need of more songs for the rush of their debut album, and as a result, “Let the Road” and its rating took the bullet.

Fans look forward to Rixton, as they prove to be able to produce songs that hit their audience at the core while maintaining a steady beat while critics look forward to the blossoming band, who is expected to grow.

Rusted Root – When I Woke high school essay help: high school essay help

An aggressive, acoustic band out of Pittsburgh, PA, Rusted Root slowly built a fan base with years of continuous touring. They released an independent record, “Cruel Sun,” but it wasn’t until 1994 that they released “When I Woke,” their major label debut. Driven by pure spiritual energy, “When I Woke” will awaken your soul to a deeper appreciation of life. The album begins with “Drum Trip,” a three-and-a-half minute track of drums, congas, other percussion instruments that will leave you dancing. It runs into “Ecstasy,” my favorite and the most energetic song on the album. It is followed by “Send Me On My Way,” the song that earned the band some national publicity. Track after track the band explores endless musical possibilities. From the countryish “Rain” to the African sounding “Back To The Earth,” a wide variety of genres are present. The only thing this album lacks is a bad song. I like every song and think they are all hit material. The band’s talents are far too vast to comprehend with just one listening of the album. The more you listen, the more the intricate melodies and powerful lyrics will become visible. Using altered guitar tunings, Mike Glabicki, singer and guitarist, writes songs with lyrics that will stick in your head for days. My love for Rusted Root grew even more after seeing them in concert at the H.O.R.D.E. Festival. They put so much energy into their music that you can’t help but let your own energy pour into the flowing rhythms. If you’ve never heard of Rusted Root I highly recommend you check out this album. It will leave you in awe and you’ll rush to the nearest store to get it. “When I Woke” will quickly become a staple in your musical collection..

Concert Review by Shania Twain- STILL THE ONE at Caesars Palace college essay help los angeles: college essay help los angeles

It’s been eight long years since country pop superstar Shania Twain has taken the stage. In early summer 2011, the singer announced that she would be returning to the stage while headlining a two year residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas starting December 1, 2012. It is no secret that I am one of Shania Twain’s biggest fans and have been since a very young age. This announcement was especially exciting for me and I just had to get tickets.

The show started with a video of Twain riding a black horse through the desert. That horse quickly turns to a fierce motorcycle when she hits the gravel road. Soon the entertainer enters the stage propelled in the air on a motorcycle identical to the one previously displayed on the screen. The singer confidently starts off with her 2002 hit, “I’m Gonna Getcha Good.” The crowd gives Twain her first standing ovation of the night. She hasn’t even said a single word and the crowd
is already in love. The star is seen wearing a sparkly catsuit that is
identical to the one in the music video for the song. Twain performs the song for the 4,000+ person audience with no signs of nerves. She’s back and better than ever. (Twain has been very open to the public about vocal issues she started having in 2004.) Clearly, her voice has fully recovered because Shania is hitting all the high notes.

She briefly talks to the audience after the third song, “Don’t Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)” finishes. She thanks the audience for their support and joining her on a very special night. After song four, the lights are dimmed and the stage is silent for a few seconds. Soon the audience sees Twain trotting out on a black horse, riding onto a set that is inspired from an old country saloon. Shania breaks into a hit that has never been performed live before, “I Ain’t No Quitter.” Twain dances along with her four back up dancers and makes the stage come alive.

At the start of her first number one hit, and a concert staple at that, Any Man of Mine Twain makes a trip into the audience. She touches the hands of exhilarated fans that are seated closely to the stage. At this point I can not stop screaming and singing along with the artist who I have waited so long to see. Shania performs a few other hits and really brings out her country side through the next few numbers. After a few seconds of instrumentals and a somewhat risque video of Twain dancing around a leopard print chair fit for a queen, Twain struts onto the stage in the leopard hooded outfit she is seen wearing in her music video for “That Don’t Impress Me Much.” The song begins and the crowd is on their feet for the longest time at this point into the show. Shania is Following her song, “(If You’re Not In It For Love) I’m Outta Here” Twain disappears through a door.

Twain then comes out and greets the audience wearing a gray top cutoff shorts and boots. She has a conversation with the audience about why she agreed to do the residency. She states that her sister was one of the biggest factors to why Twain is up on the stage. Shania explains that she also got her sister (Carrie Ann) to be one of her three back up singers for the two year run. She then invites her backup singers Dan and Ryan out. Shania performs an a Capella version with them of The Hollies hit “Carrie Ann.” She then invited her sister out to a campfire set on the stage. During the segment Shania asked multiple people up on stage to do a few songs with her. While performing the set of songs, the smell of a campfire was cast upon the audience. While around the campfire, Shania introduced the only new material she has for the show. The acoustic version of “Today Is Your Day” a song written by Twain which she wrote to inspire and “cheer” herself up, really showed off her voice.

A more stripped down “Rock This Country” a song Twain used to close her shows with was played as the final song around the campfire. Twain then walked off the side of the stage accompanying the fans back to their seats. After more instrumentals from Shania’s band fill the room. Then a fluster of snow like confetti fill the room after a video of a horse escaping a forest fire is shown on the video screen. Shania rides out on another horse, but this time white. Twain starts arguably the biggest hit of her career, “You’re Still the One.” During the song, Shania serenades the horse in the center of the stage.

She rides off after the song, and comes back to perform, From This Moment On. This song is known for its numerous high notes. Twain nailed each note like she did ten years ago. I was blown away as was the rest of the audience. From This Moment On ends and Twain returns for a final time with the crowd fun “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” The entire crowd is on their feet moving to the song. Such an amazing way to close the show. After a bow, Twain waves goodbye to the very pleased crowd.

The show was beyond spectacular and well worth the wait. Each piece incorporated into the show, the music, and sensory made it incredible. Shania Twain is back, no doubt!

Hanging By A Thread by Suburban Scum essay help app: essay help app

Suburban Scum are a metallic hardcore band from New Jersey who have gotten quite a bit of attention. It’s not necessarily because they’re all that different from other bands who have a punishing, somewhat desperate, and extremely pissed-off sound. But they do it with the sort of passion and intensity that you don’t often find in the sea of tough guys and hardcore dancers.

Their previous EP, “Internal War,” was a good release in its own right, but it wasn’t a stand-out or memorable. On “Hanging By a Thread,” they’ve made the riffs and breakdowns catchier, the guitar leads more frequent and the vocals more discernible. Still, the album is as violent and intense as ever … music that’s just fun to listen to, as familiar as it may be.

Even though probably nothing will blow your mind on this EP, it’s impressively put together. The production is ­extremely crisp and clean sounding, giving every riff and drum fill an even stronger punch. Between the thrash-­inspired riffs and the drumming that just plows down everything in its path, it feels like you’re trapped inside a steel cage with the band while they shake the ground with their massive sound. They don’t need technicality; their sound is just as impressive.

Few bands are making hardcore this punishing and intense while still keeping the mid-paced, chugging, riffing style that Suburban Scum do. Perhaps this is because they actually have something to say. Of course, it’s all been said before, with lyrics covering love, depression, and faith in humanity, but these guys are really ­passionate about what they’re saying. No gimmicks, no bullsh*t, just straight-up ­concern and anger. They have something to get off their chest, and they’ll scream it at anyone who will listen. I’m glad I did.

If you want something that’ll get your blood flowing and make you want to break something expensive over an authority figure’s head, I suggest you do the same.

Recovery by Eminem high school essay help: high school essay help

4.5/5 stars

When you do something not so well, you always feel the need to improve. That’s exactly how Marshall ‘Eminem” Mathers felt after his underachieving “Relapse” failed to impress listeners. I felt Eminem had one of the greatest albums in his comeback album ‘Recovery” because it showed how real of a person is and how hard his life is. There’s a lot behind the album and its songs’ meanings.

Each song practically has a different story about something that has happened recently in his life. Recently, being within the last 5 years, since his last successful album came out. For those who didn’t know, Eminem released his last album, the Marshall Mathers LP in 2005. He then took a long break in an attempt to get his life straight. The songs on the album tell stories such as his attempts to keep friends in the rap world, keeping his kids, and his failing attempts to keep a marriage with his ex wife, Kim.

Since this was an album about him, not many other artists were on the album. Though some big names included were Lil Wayne, Rihanna, Pink, and Kobe. When the album released in the U.S on June 22nd, 2010, listeners were ready for what was to come. They knew the old Eminem had to be coming back. Eminem knew he had to impress listeners also, with the release of Drake’s “Thank Me Later” releasing just a week earlier. Some songs I really enjoy are Space Bound, Love the Way You Lie, No Love, Won’t Back Down, 25 to Life, and Talkin’ to Myself. I’d check the whole album out, but especially those.

I liked a lot of things about the album, but there could have been some improvements. He is very honest in his songs about how difficult his life was. His songs and their meanings just blow me away, because it makes me realize what type of person Eminem is to have persevered through all his setbacks. Also, I like that he knew his last album sucked, and he improved it miraculously. Though, some view his album as too explicit, and a little too in depth. From my point of view, if he hadn’t done that, then it wouldn’t be about himself. I do agree with many that he could have had more featuring artist to spice the album up.

Eminem knew what he was doing and had a great album. I would suggest listening to any song on the album, and maybe learning some back round info on Eminem. Again, I believe Marshall “Eminem” Mathers had one of the greatest albums of all time in his comeback album “Recovery!”

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Special Occasion
Bobby Valentino/ R&B singer
Def Jam Music

Through this album many different instruments are used and each one of them plays an important roll. For example there is a lot of piano and keyboard that gives it the emotion of the songs through the album. The guitar is also used regularly that gives the songs the soul of the album. And the drum the most important instrument which gives the album life, without the drums there will be no album. Many other artist uses these instruments but they used too much or too little which throws everything off it has perfect balance.

As you listen to this album you will feel the emotion and soul in his voice. The album has love, the album has regret, the album has confusion, and album has lost. The album flows much like life. And you feel that in this album. Bobby V’s first album had a ? rating. I think that he is going to get a 4/4 rating.

This album should definitely go down in the books, it has flow it has rhythm it’s all in this album I recommend it to all and anybody that loves music and wants to hear something amazing! In this new era of music many artist no longer play their own instruments. But Bobby V dose. There are the acceptances of Alicia Keys, Lyfe jenings, and Ray J are the few who do. Back to the album if you haven’t heard him do it now you don’t now!! If you don’t want to waste space on your computer to bad because it wont be a waste so do it! And those of you that have some kind of blocking system that doesn’t let you download go to ( it has all the music you can dream of.

the used by the used essay help services: essay help services

The Used

Everyone listens to music at least once a day. Whether it’s in the elevator, in the car or even in school. I listen to music everyday! I am more of a pop and hip-hop type of girl. I never really was interested in rock music until I heard the band “The Used”. they are an older band they have four band members, there music is a little different, and i would’ve never found them They are a rock, emo-pop and death-love band.
There are four band members that make up “The Used”. The lead singer is Bert McCracken. He also plays piano, trumpet, guitar, keyboard, synthesizer, and programming. The lead guitarist and secondary vocalist is Quinn Allman. James Howard plays the bass guitar and backup vocals. Rounding out the band in percussion is Dan Whitesands. Dan is renowned as a drum god by all that know him.
Their music is a little different compared to other bands of their era and genre. They sing very dark love death music, which is a paradox all in itself. Their main influence is rock but you can sense the influences of emo, punk, and screamo. They have released seven albums to date. “The Used” is an american rock band from Orem, Utah. They formed in 2001 and the group signed with Reprise Records the same year. They rose to fame in June 2002 after releasing their self-titled debut album. Out of all of their albums there is one song that is amazing to me. It is titled “The bird and the worm”. This was the song that really peaked my interest in the band.
I was introduced to the song “ The bird and the worm” by my dance coach. The jazz dance team performed to this song in the 2012-2013 season. We didn’t get to hear our song until we learn part of our dance. the movements we were doing were different and creepy and we all looked at our coach like she was crazy. as soon as we heard the music and did the dance to it, it clicked it was amazing and we all loved it. the night i went home and listened to some other of The Used’s songs and i fell in love with the band. I listen to them almost everyday now and can’t wait to get there songs on my phone. They are amazing together as a band.
They say the kind of music you listen to will affect the way you act. to a certain point i believe it but then i don’t. what i mean is i listen to there music and i am funny outgoing girl. Ever second of my day i am around music and i love it a listen to all different types of music and nothing changes the way i am and i will never let it change who i am and you shouldn’t either. Everyone has their type of music and i am a pop rocken, hip hop love death loving girl.

Reputation (Preview) • Taylor Swift cheap mba definition essay help: cheap mba definition essay help

Taylor Swift has been at the top of the music industry for years, and nearly every aspect of her love life, songs, and actions are heatedly debated – but there is no denying that she knows how to make popular music, even when it’s as strange as her two new singles, “Look What You Made Me Do” and “… Ready for It?” The two songs, released in late summer, will be included on her upcoming sixth album, “Reputation.”

Her recent songs, in my opinion, have lost their quality and authenticity. However, in hindsight, there were hints of Swift’s new “bad girl” era in her old music, especially in the album “1989,” which most closely resembles the music of “Reputation.” Several people have noticed that “… Ready for It?” sounds like a remake of “Wildest Dreams” with less singing and a different tone. But the reason why her songs haven’t completely flopped is her “Look What You Made Me Do” music video, and how she manipulates the drama surrounding it into headlines that help promote her music.

Swift first called attention to herself when she cleaned all of her social media accounts this past August. It was a move that could either signal a break from the Internet, or that a new era was coming. In this case, it was the latter. The snake videos she posted on her account drew even more attention to the singer, and everyone was quickly reminded of the Kimye and Swift drama that should have been left in the past. But that wasn’t the only feud in Swift’s history. There’s also the Twitter indirects and stolen background dancers from her fights with Katy Perry, who had recently released a song that was speculated to have lines about Taylor Swift. Perry was also the host of this year’s MTV Music Awards. Was it just coincidence that Swift took the opportunity to release her video during the Awards, when millions would be watching and ready to tweet about the event?

This brings us to the music video itself. As a marketing move, it was a stroke of genius. It didn’t include excessive references to Swift’s love life (a topic which she has often been criticized for) and, in fact, Swift was the one doing most of the criticizing. She makes fun of the phases of her life in the video by having her past selves fight at the end.

The video distracted from the rather unusual song and made people focus on the scores of hidden Easter eggs instead of the music itself. It also silenced the people who had previously criticized her for cultural appropriation. However, if the rest of “Reputation” is as baffling and redundant as her first two singles, Swift doesn’t have the ability or the budget to save all of her music with brilliant music videos, and her new music could fail.

All Because of Insomnia by Owl City free essay help: free essay help

All Because of Insomnia

The first time I heard the soft electric beat exploding out of my sisters room, I knew there was something missing in my music selection. Immediately after my curiosity was satisfied, I didn’t listen to anything but the fresh band for at least one week. A band that has that kind of impact on a person is different in some way. That band is Owl City.
Adam Young, an insomniac and the originator of Owl City, started making music in his parent’s basement when he couldn’t sleep (Wikipedia). He would work at a Coca-Cola factory during the day, get an idea for a song, get off work, and before doing anything else, he would put the song into his computer. Then he would eventually download it to itunes and MySpace. Young released his first album in 2007 and in 2009 he produced the song, “Fireflies”, that soon became the number one song downloaded on itunes.

Adam Young uses distinctive vocabulary words in his songs like: insomniac, introvert, and nostalgia. When I first listened to some of his songs, I would have to look up certain words in a dictionary. He also uses a homonym in “The Bird and the Worm” when the lyrics say, “We’ll take a long walk through the cornfield/ And I’ll kiss you,/ Between the ears”. Here he could be meaning between the ears of corn, or a persons real hearing ears.

In every English class, we learn to “paint the picture” or “show, don’t just tell”. When his teacher was teaching this, I think Adam Young was listening. His lyrics like, “and I am the blue in your back alley view/ where the horizon and the roof tops meet”
create a perfect picture in your head. This technique of using descriptive words is important to have in music writing because it makes the listeners get involved in the meaning of the music while enjoying the song.

Some people say that Owl City sounds too much like “The Postal Service” (another soft techno band originating from “Death Cab for Cutie”). But Young just responds with saying that he did not copy them and that he is flattered that he is compared to that band(The New York Times). Young seems like a very modest person. During a telephone interview he was talking about how he is “shy” and “not a people person”(The New York Times).

A reoccurring topic of his songs is places throughout the world. He sings about Hawaii, Tokyo, California etc. The combination of these beautiful places and his knack for using imagery generate feelings when listening to his songs. I feel like if I close my eyes, I could actually be at these landmarks experiencing what he sees.

Young is not used to the fame. He says, “the weirdest thing about fame is simply all the new friends who have come out of the woodwork back home”(The New York Times). When he came to Salt Lake City last summer with “Reliant K”, the show was sold out. Fortunately for Young, sold out shows occur a lot on his tours. I don’t think it will stop there, his popularity is going to keep growing and he is going to have to book larger venues. Eventually, he’ll have to get used to his fame because of the positive reputation he is creating for himself.

Owl City is a different kind of music that our culture needs. Young’s use of description and playing with vocabulary make his songs intriguing to listen to. His personality makes him not seem too full of himself or caught up in the fame and his sold out shows are proof of his success. Owl city is a necessity in your music library.

Goodbye Lullaby by Avril Lavigne rice supplement essay help: rice supplement essay help

The Punk Princess is back after a time gap of three to four years with her much awaited album, “Goodbye Lullaby”. The hit maker who has previously made millions of feet tap to the beats of block busters like ‘Girlfriend’, and ‘Happy Ending’ had a lot of expectations to rise up to and as far as I’m concerned, she did a brilliant job with that. While most of her previous albums including Let Go and The Best Damn Thing consisted of an occasional hitch and a carelessly sung and unworthy song put in between, Goodbye Lullaby is one album with every single song heartfelt and amazing. The entire track listing was revealed last December. While a majority of the songs in this album are slow and dramatic which is quite contrary to Avril’s style of singing as she’s better known to cater to the crowds of younger generation, a reflection of the previous ‘Girl next door’ image is seen with a few of her songs which are both a mirror image of how diverse her singing is. This new album is like a breath of fresh air for it is relatable and reflects on her past life, her divorce from husband Deryck Whibley and her new-found maturity.
The first single ‘What the Hell’ which was released last year is a reminiscent of Lavigne’s previous works like ‘Sk8erboi’ and ‘Hot’ while ‘Smile’ is more on the rock side with beats that will have you grooving and lyrics that will make you crack up. Other songs like ‘Push’, ‘Wish You Were Here’, ‘I Love You’ and ‘Everybody Hurts’ show her vulnerable side; her past relationships, break ups and how she managed to move on after coming across all the turmoil and tumult that she had to face. Next comes ‘Goodbye’ which is like a theme song to her album ‘Goodbye Lullaby’. Although the lyrics to this song aren’t all that impressive but both the video as well as the style of singing of that song are incredible.
Lastly included, is the single ‘Alice’ from the movie ‘Alice in Wonderland’. This song isn’t officially a part of the new album and has pretty well a reason not to be. Not only does the song have lame lyrics but also features Avril blasting off her vocal chords for no reason whatsoever which will have you grappling for the remote control to put the volume to mute before your ears explode.
Although the album has been cited as the ‘Worst of Lavigne by far’ and has failed to match the initial success of ‘Under my Skin’ and ‘The Best Damn thing’, I think that a few of this album’s songs are far better than the ones on the previous albums.
It’s just that maybe Avril Lavigne has started to lose her previously gained publicity in the wake of new and emerging artists like Taylor Swift that Goodbye Lullaby failed to electrify the audience -as much as it used to- this time round.

100th Window assignment help sydney: assignment help sydney

This is the greatest album I haveheard in a long time. While other acts look for mainstream success, create wildlyexperimental messes, or even just play it safe, each Massive Attack title pushesthe art of music five years into the future and raises the bar for the rest ofthe industry. Each of their carefully constructed albums follows this pattern:from the first note to the very last, “100th Window” becomes the soundothers will be chasing.

Through most of the four years it took to releasethis album, the band consisted of just one member, Robert “3-D” delNaja. The only other member still officially in the group, Grant “DaddyG” Marshall, sat this album out, but will return for the next one. With whatis basically a solo release, del Naja takes us on a journey that is much softerthan previous titles.

Reportedly recorded with live instruments at onepoint, and then computerized with parts replaced and cut up digitally, drums arenot as hard in the mix, and there are synth parts. The imagination, beauty,complexity, attention to detail and elegance of the computer and keyboard work isunmatched.

Vocals are also treated in new ways, with many fascinating,highly musical editing tricks applied to lead and background vocal tracks fillinggaps and enhancing chord progressions building intensity.

In all,”100th Window” is the most sensitive Massive Attack album yet, forgingonce again a new direction: innovative, beautiful, groove-based hypnotism at itsfinest. This album deserves a lot of attention.

The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous side of Hell by Five Finger Death Punch college essay help free: college essay help free

“No Mercy is the way of the fist!” the motto of thousands who know the band Five Finger Death Punch. Eight years and the knuckleheads are still towering over the competition with an iron fist. From the moment I heard this band I knew they were going to be huge, the face melting groove metal guitars are a part of “The Death Punch Sound” which makes their songs immediately recognizable. Their first release was 2007’s The Way of the Fist, since their groundbreaking debut, they have released four studio albums so far and haven’t missed a single beat since.

Five Finger Death Punch’s latest offering, The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell (vol. 1),is beyond anything that they have done to this day, the songs are all perfectly crafted with a reasonable mix of the old and new. Five Finger Death Punch did a great job of making a well-rounded album. In past albums, the focus of the band seemed to be entirely on making the song either too heavy or too soft. The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous side of Hell does well with finding a balance between these two extremes, a perfect example of this is the heart twisting song “Watch You Bleed” that starts off with the heartache inducing lyrics “ I’d…. give anything….just to cut you free… I’d… give blood…just to watch you, JUST TO WATCH YOU BLEED!” The song shows the great emotional bipolarity of love as it transitions from the soft melodies which quickly turn to pain wrenching screams all played to the beat of the booming double bass of Jeremy Spencer.

It’s surprising to say that about half of this album is comprised of songs like “Watch You Bleed”. These songs show the diversity and maturity that Five Finger Death Punch has been moving towards since their Way of the Fist days when the focus was entirely on making heavy riffs for the stereotypical meat-head. I love the heavy songs as much as any other Five Finger Death Punch fan but with songs like “The Wrong Side of Heaven” the artistic and lyrical content is really taken to its extremes. “M.I.N.E (End This Way)” was another of their slow, more tuned down songs, but it showed great musical ability as the lyrics were original and unique plus it gave off the positive message of unity in loneliness. Ivan Moody sings “Everybody’s got the same disease, no one’s alone. It could have been much worse but it should’ve been better” an empowering message from someone who is looked up to by thousands. It’s a song anyone can relate to and brings all Five Finger Death Punch fans that much closer.

Sometimes the original elements of the band were forgotten or abandoned in their last record as it had a more “emotional emphasis”, the few songs from American Capitalist that were intended to have the original trademark Death Punch shredding and finger twisting leads were too repetitive and often times ended up coming off as lazy because there was a lack of creativity in the lyrics and the way the music was arranged in general. Songs like “Dot Your Eyes” or “I.M. Sin” never get old, they can always make the audience follow along the way a metal song should. The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous side of Hell could have easily crashed and burned. With two albums within the span of two years I expected the songs to be more generic and spit out, this didn’t happen,
“It could have been much worse but it should’ve been better” even though the album suffered in some small areas it definitely holds up as a whole because there is more good things about the album than there is bad. If volume 2 of The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous side of Hell is anything like the first volume it will definitely be worth buying and will not disappoint any Five Finger Death Punch fans or fans of the hard rock genre.

Jimmy Fallon – The Bathroom Wall assignment help sydney: assignment help sydney

When I first heard that Jimmy Fallon,an extraordinarily funny “Saturday Night Live” comedian, was coming outwith a CD, my expectations were high. I certainly wasn’t let down when I heard”The Bathroom Wall.” Fallon’s hilarious lyrics will have yourepeating phrases over and over. “Snowball,” an SNL favorite, tells thestory of a school boy on a snow-day rampage. “Road Rage” is another ofmy favorites, where Fallon adds great music to an already funnysong. Fallon plays guitar and has an amazing sound for a stand-upcomedian. It’s almost as good as some heard in rock bands. Jimmy alsorecords some of his best stand-up comedy on this CD. In “Chris Rock Was MyRA,” Fallon recalls his resident assistant in college. The tracks aboutcollege life are some of the best I’ve heard. I recommend this CD toanyone with a sense of humor or who likes rock music. Fallon’s hilarious”The Bathroom Wall” will certainly be one of your favorites.. When I first heard that Jimmy Fallon, an extraordinarily funny”Saturday Night Live” comedian, was coming out with a CD, myexpectations were high. I certainly wasn’t let down when I heard “TheBathroom Wall.” Fallon’s hilarious lyrics will have you repeatingphrases over and over. “Snowball,” an SNL favorite, tells the story ofa school boy on a snow-day rampage. “Road Rage” is another of myfavorites, where Fallon adds great music to an already funny song. Fallonplays guitar and has an amazing sound for a stand-up comedian. It’s almost asgood as some heard in rock bands. Jimmy also records some of his beststand-up comedy on this CD. In “Chris Rock Was My RA,” Fallon recallshis resident assistant in college. The tracks about college life are some of thebest I’ve heard. I recommend this CD to anyone with a sense of humor orwho likes rock music. Fallon’s hilarious “The Bathroom Wall” willcertainly be one of your favorites.

After The Rain free essay help online: free essay help online

Back in the fifties a young boy named Ricky Nelson got his start on the family show “The Ozzie and Harriet Show.” When he was a teenager he took on a singing career and had many hits including “Travelin’ Man” and “Garden Party.” Girls everywhere loved him, and eventually he earned himself a spot on Hollywood Blvd. He continued singing until a plane crash tragically ended his career about five years ago. Now his sons are here and following in his footsteps. These 22-year-old, long blond-haired twins, Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, made their debut this year with their album “After the Rain” which is dedicated to the memory of their father. MTV began playing this first single, “Love and Affection,” early this summer. Music fans loved it and it showed up on the Dial MTV countdown regularly. Now it’s currently being played on Top 40 stations everywhere. Their second single, “After the Rain,” is due out soon. These aren’t the only songs on the album that deserve recognition. “I Can Hardly Wait,” “Everywhere I Go,” “Bits and Pieces,” and “Will You Love Me” are excellent. The ballad, “Only Time Will Tell,” is one of the best songs I’ve heard in a long time. Matthew and Gunnar, along with their band Brett Garsed, Paul Mirkovich, Bobby Rock, and Joey Cathcart, have put together one terrific album. The next time you are in your favorite record store, head for the “Rock” section and look under the letter “N.” There you will see these two nice-looking guys on the cover of their album. If you happen to have a little extra spending money with you, I definitely think you should buy it. Also, remember to keep your eyes open for their next video. Good job, guys.n

Coachella by Coachella mba essay help: mba essay help

My family have often times forced me to attend cultural events.These events are not always my favorite past time, but seeing that I live in such a cultural community and that I oneday want to earn a higher education, I realize that these events do make you learn and grow and turn you into a well rounded individual.
I have reluctantly attended most of these events, sometimes against my will.My sister sang in the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus.I have been dragged to each one of her performances and they sang heavy numbers such as Italian operas and Catholic chants.I started to appreciate the music, but not as much as I should have.There were also the times my mother took me to the LA Symphony in the Walt Disney Center and we had prime seats, in the orchestra section.The music was awesome, but I did fall asleep during the second half of the performance.For me a tiny seed was planted and some mornings to calm myself down I would listen to classical music.
This all lead up to the most epic cultural experience of my entire life; Coachella.My parents finally agreed to take my sister and me as a graduation gift.It took a lot of nagging and convincing, because they always refused in the past.Coachella is a snapshot into the youth of America.The young people come from all over America to attend this music festival.It is also a study in anthropology, because you see people like yourself, dressed for the occasion, enjoying the moment and being care free of the outside world.In this Utopia of music they lose themselves in the moment.Like an army of rockers we jump up and down to the deafening sound of the music all in unison.We chant and scream and high fived strangers, because the music causes euphoria that everyone feels deep inside.
I’m not denying that some of the euphoria of the people next to me was perhaps caused by other substances, but the joy and carefree spirit of all 250,000 people could not be ignored. The performers such as AC/DC, Drake, Hozier, Vance Joy, Alice in Wonderland, Florence and the Machine and many more were well prepared and catered to the crowds.The instrumentals were fantastic and the music soared up into the night sky.I also realized how very different we are from my parents’ generation.It was very hard for my parent to understand how a DJ’s such as Cascade could be such a rock star.DJ’s are becoming increasingly popular with our generation and I realize how technology has morphed us into a society that is hard to relate to at times for people in my parents’ generation.We get it and we love it.That is not to say that I did not get a big kick out of the fact that my parents were rocking it out to AC/DC.These guys were old, but they could still play and the crowds went crazy. The guitarist in his school uniform could out play any young guy. It was our generation saluting our parents and the music of days gone by.
Looking at the people around me I thought of us as a generation.Strangers were kind and helpful and the entire time I did not witness any aggression even when some of the music was filled with profanity.I then realized that if we as youth could be kind to one another in a environment filled with people from so many backgrounds.If we could celebrate peaceful and have a common cause; just as we did enjoying the music we have hope for our future.I know this cultural event might not be the top choice for my parents for me to attend, but trust was built between us and it also gave them insight into the culture of my generation. This cultural event was probably the best representation of the youth in this country.Even though it looks as if we only live in the moment and we only live for fun.We love to create, make sounds, we command technology and we are ready to take on the future one beat at a time.
Coachella was awesome!

nickelback easy essay help: easy essay help

Who knew working at Starbucks could start a multi-platinum music career?

Originally a cover band hailing from Hanna, Alberta, the core of Nickelback started in 1995 with vocalist/rhythm guitarist Chad Kroeger and his brother, bassist Michael Kroeger. Their cousin Brandon on drums and good friend Ryan Peake as guitarist/backing vocalist rounded out the group.

The name of Nickelback was based on Mike’s experience as a cashier in Starbucks where he frequently gave a nickel back in change to customers.

After putting together a collection of original songs, they borrowed money from Chad‘s stepfather and went to Vancouver to record the band in a friend’s studio. Liking what they heard, the group relocated to Vancouver in 1996. Once there, they recorded and released their seven song demo “Hesher,” and started to play live gigs.

However, during the process to record their material for their debut CD, Brandon decided to leave the band and pursue other career paths. The rest members managed to launch “Curb” independently despite the loss in September 1996. Curb experienced heavy radio airplay nationwide; and the track, “Fly,” was made into a music video and also saw heavy rotation. Nickelback was helped by a Canadian law requiring a certain percentage of music played on Canadian radio to be from Canadian musical artists.

Nickelback tried out Mitch Guindon as Brandon’s replacement to fill the empty drummers spot before they settled on an old friend of Ryan’s, Ryan “Nik” Vikedal, and began touring.

With their sophomore effort, the band took over all the management duties, such as the distribution, radio tracking, and bookings. “The State,” was recorded at Vancouver’s Green House and later certified Platinum in Canada after its release in January 1999. Their success led the band to secure a major recording deal contract with EMI in Canada and Roadrunner Records in the U.S. “The State” was later re-released in America in March 2000, and reached Gold status in the U.S. with its two breakthrough songs “Breathe” and Leader of Men,” entered the top ten of Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks.

To record ”Silver Side Up, their third album, Nickelback worked with producer Rick Parashar at the same studio they used for “The State” The disc was released on Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

The disc would garner three number one hits including “Too Bad,” “Never Again” and the standout hit single “How You Remind Me.” Nickelback collected four Billboard Music Awards of the year, in the category of Hot 100 Singles Group/Duo of the Year.

“Remind Me” made Nickelback only the second Canadian band to be number one on both the Canadian and U.S. rock charts at the same time. The song also went on to become the number one Most Played Song of 2002, and was nominated for Record of the Year at the 45th Annual Grammy Awards.

“The Long Road” arrived in 2003 and went triple platinum in the U.S. and included the radio hits “Someday,” “Figured You Out” and “Feelin’ Way Too Damn Good.” The single “Someday” went to number seven on the Billboard charts, and the album sold five million copies worldwide and was supported by an international tour. The band once more was nominated at the Grammy Awards for Best Rock Song for “Someday” as well as Best Rock Album in 2004, and Best Hard Rock Performance for “Feelin’ Way Too Damn Good” at the 2005 awards. Nickelback was nominated for a 2005 Juno Award for producer of the year.

Taking a break from touring, the group spent most of 2004 preparing their new album. In January 2005, Nickelback shockingly announced the withdrawal of Nik from the group. A release from the band stated, “At this time, no replacement for Vikedal has been named and the band wishes Ryan all the best in his future endeavors.”

Later in an interview, Nik’s claims that he was forced to quit. A month later it was announced that former 3 Doors Down drummer Daniel Adair was his replacement.

The new album included help from the late Dimebag Darrell formerly of Pantera and ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, and was released in October of 2005.

It seemed the tensions between the band and the displaced Vikedal were not ready to end. In November of 2005, Nickelback lead vocalist and songwriter Chad Kroeger asked that Vikedal and his production company Ladekiv Music, Inc., sign over all financial interest in future royalties for the songs created by the group when Vikedal was drummer and return any public performance royalties earned since January 2005.

Nickelback has received 6 Juno Awards and were nominated for 5 more in 2006. Their single “Photograph” was nominated for best single. Nickelback won two of the awards for group of the year, and rock album of the year for “All the Right Reasons.”

The group supported “All the Right Reasons” in 2006 as the main act on their own international tour and as the opening act on the European leg and the US stadium leg for Bon Jovi’s “Have a Nice Day” tour.

Metallica ST.ANGER essay help tips: essay help tips

I just read an article about one of Mettalica’s recent CD’s it is called mettalica most of the songs are the usual head banging music but there are my favorite ones like “Frantic’’ or aˆ?aˆ?Some Kind of Monster’’, also most of the songs on this CD are about six to eight which means they must have done a lot of work on this CD.the way this band music great is their vocalist James Hetfield.

Usually a band stays alive for a ratio of five to ten years, but this band has been alive for twenty years, but the bad thing is that most of the band members die get kicked out or go to rehab. At a time this band’s vocalist had drinking problems so he went to rehab and stayed out of the band over a year.

While they were marking this CD all of this did happen to them I know this because they made a documentary about when they were making this CD around the time of their singer going to rehab they were feeling uncomfortable. While making the documentary and CD at the same time the band almost got separated. The guitarist also had problems with the music they were making even though he is used to all the screaming and the fights he just didn’t like the solos. There was also another problem with the drummer he didn’t like the vocalist after he got out of rehab because the vocalist would spend more time with his family then the band.
But then they had a plan for the dysfunction.
When they finally finished the CD they also finished the documentary while they were having a concert they have made so many CD’s and I don’t think they will ever have plans to separate the band we all hope that they keep on going no matter what happens.

Some Nights by fun. compare and contrast essay help: compare and contrast essay help

Fun has been in the spotlight since their single “We Are Young” was covered by the cast of “Glee” and climbed to number one in the Billboard Hot 100. It’s surprising that an indie band made it to the top of the charts, surpassing mainstream artists like Adele, One Direction, and Katy Perry. It definitely takes a dynamic track to make it that high, which is exactly what Fun has delivered in their sophomore album, “Some Nights.”

Fun was formed by Nate Ruess (The Format), Jack Antonoff (Steel Train), and Andrew Dost (Anathallo) after the Format disbanded in 2008. They released their debut album, “Aim and Ignite,” in 2009, which was packed with Queen-esque quirky indie pop hooks. The album didn’t receive much attention, but Fun toured with artists like Paramore through late 2009 and 2010.

Released in February 2012, “Some Nights” is packed with energy and has tastes of hip-hop, along with the theatrical, poppy style shown in their debut. This album is phenomenal, a near-spotless compilation of songs that will stick with you.

The opener, “Some Nights Intro,” is a brief introduction to the title track that makes you feel like it should belong on Broadway. It is a short but deep and necessary part of the album.

The title track is an airy, complex tune with an amazing beat. It’s hard to resist, with its foot-stomping beat and great energy. With lyrics like, “I try twice as hard and I’m half as liked,” “Some nights I wish that this all would end, ’cause I could use some friends for a change,” and “My heart’s breaking for my sister, and the con that she called love,” this is not a happy song, but it never puts me in a bad mood.

“We Are Young” is a track lots of people know, due to its recent popularity. It’s slightly melancholy, but upbeat and melodic. With its lyrics, “Tonight, we are young, so we’ll set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the sun,” its message is versatile for almost any situation. Although not a highlight of the album for me, it’s still a great listen.

Taking a step back from the brightness of the rest of the album, you get to “Carry On,” a mellow but uplifting and optimistic tune. “If you’re lost and alone, or you’re sinking like a stone, carry on” shows how much optimism you can pack into an album that’s full of hardship. This is a great tune that makes me think every time I hear it.

“It Gets Better” shows off the hip-hop influences in the album. Inspired by the band’s support of LGBTQ rights, it’s another cheerful and buoyant song. Although the vocal effects can be slightly overwhelming, it has a great message.

One of the most unique songs, in my opinion, is “All Alone.” It is another heartbroken song but is hip-hoppy and vibrant. “I fell in love with a wind-up souvenir” and “How do you cry with inanimate eyes?” showcase this quirky track’s unique qualities, both in lyrics and composition.

Another of my favorites is “One Foot.” It has a fantastic, foot-stomping beat with thundering bass, and is unforgettable live. This is a great song that is bound to be a hit.

The last song, “Stars,” is the longest, topping almost seven minutes, and is often overlooked and underrated due to its use of auto-tune. I, however, think this effect contributes to the slightly sad, dreamy sound. It has great lyrics, that allude to Ruess’s personal life, like “Some nights I rule the world, with Barlights and Pretty Girls, but most nights I stay straight and think about my mom. Oh God, I miss her so much.” Although the song is long, I never lose interest due to its intoxicatingly dreamy and almost sleepy sound.

This album has a few flaws, but they are overshadowed by the amazing qualities it has to offer.

Illmatic by Nas global history essay help: global history essay help

Throughout the years, rappers have battled for the mic to see who could be named the king of rap and competing to see who’s the best in the game through their tough lyrical rhymes. Rap is recognized worldwide and has had a huge influence on the music that exists today, guiding different genres through a path and paving the way to what they are today. Today, many people believe that all rap kings such as Biggie, Tupac, and Eazy-e, are gone but in reality, people are too blind to recognize that a king still stands to hold on to the throne. This king goes by the name of Nas, This king first started with his debut album, Illmatic. His distinctive lyrics and stories are heavily slept on; they’ve never received enough recognition and clout. Illmatic is an album packed with some of the best lyrics and storytelling to ever hit a studio, and they scarcely thump on speakers throughout the east and west coast. But he doesn’t just rhyme and tell stories: he uses unique intellectual vocabulary to join some of the greatest and most intriguing rhymes ever created, he talks about struggles, and about the violence that happened during this period. For instance in It Was Written, another album by him, he speaks on the pain and violence that guns cause on his track “I Gave You Power”.

On his debut album, Illmatic, the song “One Love,” which is one of the most famous tracks on this album, skews onto a different, yet unique direction as Nas writes his rhymes in the form of letters to friends serving time in prison. As the beat goes on, the letters are read and are transformed into mellow raps. This song takes you into the life of Lakey da kid and Born as they read the letters from inside prison and are caught up in circumstances that are going on while their inside. In the last verse of this song, you are transported into the song and live in the moment of Nas and Shorty Doo-Wop conversing, while smoking at the park, leaving a stained illustration of this scene in your mind. This last chorus makes you feel like you stepped through a time machine and into a different —the 90’s hip-hop— era.

Nas is one of the few artists that can truly make you feel like you are in the scene being described in the song and living in that moment. In addition to his mesmerizing lyrics and transfixing storytelling, Nas also raps about his past life by spitting rhymes about it in his song “Memory lane.”In this song he sings, “My window faces shootouts, drug overdoses, live amongst no roses, only the drama, for real,” explaining events that he has seen and his troubled life without any peace.

On top of that, Nas also raps about an issue that occurs in most neighborhoods and still stands today, gun violence. In track #2, Nas addresses how firearms have become a problem. “Got younger n****s pulling the triggers, bringing fame to their name, and claim some corners, crews without guns are goners,” Nas says, this comes to show that he is speaking up on a problem that has evolved to be a life or death situation, where guns are essential for survival.

Aside from all his different type of rapping, he also has deep lyrics that he tries to relate to the young audience he has, that have lived or live a life in the hood. In his song “Life’s A B****,” Nas expresses the struggle of life in the hood and being broke. He relates to the demographics of his listeners who have been in the same situation through this music. Nas exclaims “That buck that bought a bottle could have struck the lotto, Once I stood on the block. Loose cracks produce stacks,” reaching out to people who have lived on the block hustling and sharing a relatable story.

Throughout the rest of his songs on the Illmatic album Nas spits freely and just flows through beats giving off a chill vibe. For these very reasons Nas still holds the throne of rap til this day. Throughout many of his singles such as “Deja Vu” and, and other albums like life is good, Nas continues to relate, reach, or intrigue his audience in one way or another and that is the exact reason why he is the most underrated king that still stands to rule the rap game.

3, 2, 1, I Think I'm Ready For More by This Is Henry college essay help online: college essay help online

I recently, out of boredom and as a favor to a friend, attended a local show; completely unexpected, I was truly thrilled with every penny and second spent on the occasion. While most bands that preformed that night were the usually sloppily thrown together group people often see at theses events, one band stood out above all the others with not only extraordinary musical talent but also a truly exciting performance.

Born and raised in Georgia, This is Henry is one of the best bands the south has produced. Their music is the perfect blend of well written lyrics, catchy beats, and interesting composition. Their song type ranges from up beat songs like ‘Trust is My Game’ to acoustic pieces like ‘Winter Weekends.’ Their melodies are well composed and more than friendly to the ear and, with intro’s like the one found in ‘We are Forever’, their music is absolutely breathtaking.

While their music alone is enough to bring me out to every show, their concert is an experience entirely of its own. They don’t simply make music, they perform it. Stage left, the energetic and adorable guitarist is impossible to ignore. He’s called Branden Hubler and is my personal favorite. His excitement is no less than palpable as he makes it impossible for the crowd to enjoy their music any less than he does performing it. Center stage is Brandon Barker, the tall, charming, and striking lead vocalist. If you pay any amount of attention, it’s practically impossible to not fall in love with either his looks, his voice, or some strange combination of both. Last, but most certainly not least, and a little to the back is Jacob Causey, the ambrosial drummer. He pulls the band together with his well played drumming and excellent back up vocals. It is truly unrealistic to claim that any member of This Is Henry is not blessed with both talent and good looks.

While I really couldn’t find much to complain about musically, for their lyrics are easily related too by any person who is, ever has been, or ever will be in love or party in any way shape or form, their following is my biggest annoyance. I could say that at least one half of their fans are female and the vast majority of them couldn’t quote or even title a song to save their life; many of them simply come to drool over Barker. No matter where you look there is at least one girl dressed like she’s just come from swimming and thinking she owns the world and, if you’re not careful, you’ll end up standing next to the girl at least one of their songs was written about. Then again, if you have any ear for music at all, it’s extremely difficult to pay attention to anything but their music.

Ignoring the fan to stalker ratio of their following, This Is Henry truly is an unobjectionable band. Their music is the soundtrack of every teen aged life and their performance is one to remember. Stick around for a while after the show and the chances that you will get to meet the members is great and the chances that you will be pleased with their personalities are even greater. This Is Henry is a full package band. They’re worth your money, they’re worth your time, and they’re one that I strongly suggest to any and everyone.

"The Heist" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis english essay help online: english essay help online

“The Heist” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis is one of my favorite albums. In my opinion, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are one of the best duos in music today. This summer, I get to see them perform at the Minnesota State Fair. “The Heist” has a big background and a lot of thought put into it, it also has two of my favorite songs, and most of the songs were written about the artists’ life events.

The album was announced in July of 2012, and released on October 9th, 2012. It was Macklemore’s and Ryan Lewis’ full-length debut album together. “The Heist” is a total of 61:25 minutes long. “The Heist” was the #1 album within hours of release. It hit the #1 spot on four different charts worldwide. On April 3rd, 2013, the album hit gold status. There were over 500,000 copies sold. There were two specific songs that helped in giant measures to get the album to gold status.

The most popular songs on the album are “Thrift Shop” and “Same Love”. These two songs were the two main hits on “The Heist”. “Thrift Shop” was released on October 9th, 2012 with the album. It was #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for six weeks in a row. There were three million copies of “Thrift Shop” were sold in the U.S. It hit #1 on thirteen different charts worldwide. My other favorite song on this album is “Same Love”. “Same Love” debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at #99, and so far has reached #82. “Same Love” was written in support of Washington state’s Referendum 74 regarding gay marriage. It also refers to his uncle, who is gay. The song refers to his uncle twice. These two songs also tie in with both artist’s backgrounds.

Macklemore has been an active artist since 1999. He used to call himself Professor Macklemore, but dropped Professor when he started working with Ryan Lewis. He began writing song lyrics at the age of 14. His solo debut album was released in January of 2005. It was called “The Language of My World”. Ryan Lewis and Macklemore met in 2006. Ryan Lewis is a college graduate and he majored in photography. He took pictures for Macklemore in 2006, which is how they met. They released an EP together called “The VS. EP”, released on November 9th, 2010.
The album had a lot of work put into it and they showed it in every song on the album. The Minnesota State Fair Grandstand concert will be the first time I see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis perform, but hopefully not the last. “The Heist” is a great album and I like every song on it. I highly recommend this album and the many other albums to come from these two amazing artists.

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The 20/20 Experience
Justin Timberlake
Hip-Hop, R&B
On March 26, 2013, solo artist Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience was released. The album relates to Pop, Hip-Hip, and R&B lovers but favors any era — the Jazz Age, early-1960s Motown, etc. With one million copies sold in the first week, Justin explains to us just what the 20/20 Experience is. Timberlake is reminding us that as quickly as music moves today, great style persists. Songs such as “Pusher Love Girl” and the hit “Suit and Tie” still reminds us that the big band orchestra vibe is still relevant in the 21st century. “As long as I got my suit and tie, I’m-a leave it all on the floor tonight,” he sings in “Suit & Tie,” the snazzy lead single from the album, due out Tuesday. “All pressed up in black and white, and you’re dressed in that dress I like.”
Justin Timberlake was a former member of N’Sync and while questioned by others on whether he could make a change from former pop group to hit making solo artist, he perfected his craft. Albums from the past such as” FutureSex/LoveSounds” and “Cry Me a River”,were successful, and the 20/20 Experience is just as great.
Several song shows his growth and maturity and give great perspective, such as“Mirrors” and “Tunnel Vision”, Songs like “That Girl” find him insisting, and “I don’t pay attention to the talk,” show his character. In my opinion, Justin Timberlake has advanced since becoming a solo artist. His amusing beats by producer Timbaland have kept his fans listening for 6 long wonderful years.

In My City by Priyanka Chopra Ft. college essay help service: college essay help service

In my city
The puppy-dog eyed actor of Barfi!, Priyanka Chopra, will soon be seen in her new avatar – a singer!
My first reaction on listening to Priyanka Chopra’s single In My City was, ‘Is this actually Priyanka Chopra’s voice?’. It seems that the actor-turned-singer has been working hard for the last couple of years to accomplish ‘that level’ of vocal skill. The track plays up to the huge typical American dance music market. And it succeeds in making you want to kick off your shoes and dance. But for those looking at some Indian influences in Priyanka’s music, there are none, not yet anyway.
The latest single “In my city” features and Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra. The Barfi! Star revealed that this album is actually based on her life. Her daddy was an army doctor and that meant that PC had to keep moving from one place to another through her growing up years. She has spent her childhood in towns like Jamshedpur, Bareilly, Pune, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Ambala and Ladakh.
“In My City celebrates the contribution of all these cities to my life, making me the nomad that I am,” says Priyanka
I think this song is really interesting worth listening! And it is definitely not a torture to your eardrums!!

25 by Adele college essay help nyc: college essay help nyc

In 2011, British singer/songwriter Adele released the melodious, tasteful collection of a generation – her landmark album “21.” It features songs laced in orchestral drama, like “Rolling in the Deep” and “Set Fire to the Rain,” as well as moody, spicy arrangements like “Love Song” and “Rumour Has It.” Then the world held its breath for an anguishing four years as the beloved singer dipped below the public eye. Finally, in 2015, the album to rival her previous masterpiece was revealed, “25.”

“Hello” establishes the tone of “25,” preserving the richness, anguish, and honeyed envy in Adele’s lyrics. That same hollow, reverberating sadness returns in arguably the second greatest hit from her album, “When We Were Young,” full of even more mirages of a brilliant, lost youth. “I Miss You” follows suit like a dagger in the dark, as Adele pierces every churning passage. “Million Years Ago” captures the essence of that transfixing, lonely, balladeering soul, as folksy guitar chords paint the colors of a wine-soaked youth. Again, Adele draws us in with her perfectly paired lyrics, the theme of precious lost youth stored in the intensity of every word, every note.

The ability to capture imagery has never failed Adele, and in this album the sigil of water runs in every vein. Clear, rushing, pure, and sweet, it washes through “Water Under the Bridge,” a full frontal confrontation about a sinking love, which captures a roaring, swimming sound. Then, “River Lea” sweeps in, pounding with the ferocity of Niagara Falls. Other elements also make their debut in her final song “Sweetest Devotion,” where Adele likens her love to an explosive force so fiery it crackles in every word.

And despite the youthfulness of the album’s title, Adele succeeds once more in flawlessly harnessing the timeless, multi-faceted shape of love. We see it crafted through thrumming, heartbeat-like rhythms, breathtaking vocals, and simple, engrossing lyrics that make the heart sing. It’s no wonder she’s been dubbed a “national treasure”: her songs are everlasting capsules of strength and passion, filled with love from the start. We will always be “25.”

Broken Bells by Broken Bells nursing essay help: nursing essay help

Broken Bells? More like Broken Rules!

When considering quality music, one typically wouldn’t juxtapose a predominantly hip-hop artist with a predominantly indie one. But DJ Dangermouse and James Mercer of The Shins have broken all the rules and have created an incredible compilation of songs. “Broken Bells” defies limits with its blend of acoustics and funky beats.

The band is made up of two men, James Mercer and DJ Dangermouse. Mercer was the lead singer and guitarist of the indie band, The Shins, whereas Dangermouse worked with artists such as the Black Keys and Gnarls Barkley. Though these artist sound like polar opposites, instead of clashing, both music styles come together to form a bifecta of musical magnificence.

One of the best things about the songs on this album is the mixture of sounds. Take for instance, the song “Sailing To Nowhere” begins with with the smooth plucking of the guitar, in minor, paired with vocals. About 20 seconds in, the song bursts with a parade of cymbals and static noise, and then continues with the almost salsa-esque sound of music, complete with the guitar plucking. This continues for a minutes, and then the song goes into its second verse, with more drums and background singing. Then, in the bridge, the song slows and you hear a guitar strumming with soft vocals. After the end of that, the song transforms back into the light plucking, with background laughter and vibrating noises that will make you want to check your cell phone. But there’s no need! Even I you had received a text message, listening to this song is a much better use of your time.

One of the best songs on this album is October. Its blend of piano, guitar, and drum riffs have come together to create the purest music since “Bohemian Rhapsody”. The lyrics tell the story of a young girl who believes that once she finds love, all her problems will go away. While this tale has been told before, this song will captivate you, and you’ll sail through this story, almost as if you were under the influence of some sort of substance. To say there is a song on this album of lesser quality is a complete overstatement. While the song “Citizen” is a bit slower than the rest of the album, it is still a nice break in the album, or, if you’re listening to the songs individually and in need of some easy listening, this is a song you can listen to.

Though most people wouldn’t think to juxtapose a hip hop artist with on of the indie genre, Broken Bells proves that two different sounds can create a wonderful blend of music.

So What high school essay help: high school essay help

Pink has graced the music business many times with albums such as: Can’t Take Me Home released on April 4, 2000, M!ssundaztood released November 20, 2001, Try This released on November 11, 2003, I’m Not Dead released on April 4 2006, and her most recent album coming to stores on October 30, 2008, Funhouse.

Funhouse features the new hit single from pink, So What. Now many people have taken the song to be about Pink’s ex-husband Carey Hart, but Pink says the song is not completely autobiographical. The song is very inspirational and very fun as is the music video, which has been at the top of VH1’s Top Twenty Countdown for a few weeks now and could be one of Pink’s biggest singles. The music video is funny and displays antics I think just about everyone wishes they could use on their ex-boyfriends/girlfriends and ex-husbands/wives.

Yet I don’t view the song as her just trying to get back at her husband. If you truly listen to the song and lyrics you can interpret it in many different ways. Lots of people like to interpret it as revenge on ex’s others, like myself, like to see it as a positive inspirational song that says you are going to keep “rocking on” no matter what happens. This is not the first time that Pink has had a great, inspirational, eye opening song. Her 2006 single, Stupid Girls, also showed how we needed to change some things. However you interpret her song you must admit that it is a great song and another single to add to Pink’s rock resume.

October Rust by Type O Negative free essay help: free essay help

Type O Negative, the Brooklyn quartet fronted by 6’7″ genius Peter Steele, struck gold (literally) in 1993 after releasing their groundbreaking opus, ‘Bloody Kisses’. ‘Bloody Kisses’ broke through onto the music scene with a fresh, new sound never heard before. Critics may not have gotten it, but fans sure did. Type O’s sound was heavily influenced by likes such as The Sisters Of Mercy, Black Sabbath, and Steele’s previous band Carnivore. After releasing ‘Bloody Kisses’ (Roadrunner Record’s first ever gold record), Type O went back into the studio to craft their next masterpiece, ‘October Rust’. Many fans consider ‘October Rust’ Type O’s greatest achievement to date. The album introduces a new member in the Type O family as Johnny Kelly mounted the drum stool in replacement of previous drummer Sal Abruscato. ‘October Rust’ was the first album in the band’s history to include programmed drums instead of studio drums. Type O would continue using programmed drums until 2007’s ‘Dead Again’. Josh Silver, the band’s keyboardist, and Peter Steele took the producer chair during the recording of this album and took the band to a new level they had previously never gotten to. ‘October Rust’ was far more melodic than any other Type O release, and included various samples and sounds that polished this album to perfection. The album only hit #42 on the Billboard Top 200, but cemented Type O Negative in the minds of metal fans for years to come. Notable tracks from this record are, ‘Love You To Death’, ‘Wolf Moon’, ‘My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend’, and ‘Cinnamon Girl’. The latter being a cover of 60’s singer/songwriter Neil Young. This album is a great entrance point to the world of Type O Negative and would please many listeners who love melodic music with goth overtones and a crooning baritone-equipped lead singer. Please give this album a thorough listen and open up your mind to the eccentric world of Type O Negative.

Jason Mraz – Waiting for My Rocket to Come essay help: essay help

Consider Jason Mraz’s firstfull-length CD, “Waiting for My Rocket to Come,” a coming-of-agecompilation. Sure, this energetic musician is only 25, but he has a whole lot ofstories to bring to life in his songs. The general feel of this CD is reminiscentof John Mayer, Dave Matthews and even Fiona Apple, although Mraz does manage tocreate an individual style. Unearthly lyrics, soothing vocals and impressiveguitar playing prove that he is not a studio cookie-cutter puppet for his labelbut a mature, confident and talented artist.

Jason’s powerful,self-assured, yet mysterious voice fills the hollow ache of romantics’ hearts andis simply uplifting.

Filling “You and I Both” with pureemotion, Jason’s voice will send chills down your spine. Another exceptional songis “Curbside Prophet.” While it may be the most pop-oriented (with thecatchy phrase “I’m just a curbside prophet with my hand in my pocket and I’mwaiting for my rocket to come”), and impossible to get out of your head, itwill attract fans of all genres. A perfect blend of Southern spirit, SoCalrelaxation and East Coast coffeehouse blues, all will relish this melody.

On the final track, “Tonight, Not Again,” Mraz combines harshimages of “cobblestone joints and plate glass points” with peaceful”childhood remnants of a dusty weeping willow” to produce a bittersweetjourney through adolescent puppy love and adult passion.

Jason Mraz’ssoulful and enchanting songs are ideal to savor while sipping coffee andrelaxing. He successfully embraced his talent to create an exquisite record. Ashe says, “if you’re looking for a boy with a voice,” he’s for you.Consider Jason Mraz’s first full-length CD, “Waiting for My Rocket toCome,” a coming-of-age compilation. Sure, this energetic musician is only25, but he has a whole lot of stories to bring to life in his songs. The generalfeel of this CD is reminiscent of John Mayer, Dave Matthews and even Fiona Apple,although Mraz does manage to create an individual style. Unearthly lyrics,soothing vocals and impressive guitar playing prove that he is not a studiocookie-cutter puppet for his label but a mature, confident and talentedartist.

Jason’s powerful, self-assured, yet mysterious voice fills thehollow ache of romantics’ hearts and is simply uplifting.

Filling”You and I Both” with pure emotion, Jason’s voice will send chills downyour spine. Another exceptional song is “Curbside Prophet.” While itmay be the most pop-oriented (with the catchy phrase “I’m just a curbsideprophet with my hand in my pocket and I’m waiting for my rocket to come”),and impossible to get out of your head, it will attract fans of all genres. Aperfect blend of Southern spirit, SoCal relaxation and East Coast coffeehouseblues, all will relish this melody.

On the final track, “Tonight,Not Again,” Mraz combines harsh images of “cobblestone joints and plateglass points” with peaceful “childhood remnants of a dusty weepingwillow” to produce a bittersweet journey through adolescent puppy love andadult passion.

Jason Mraz’s soulful and enchanting songs are ideal tosavor while sipping coffee and relaxing. He successfully embraced his talent tocreate an exquisite record. As he says, “if you’re looking for a boy with avoice,” he’s for you.

Jimmy Buffett Concert professional essay help: professional essay help

I am hardly a “parrot head.” In fact, I had onlyheard of Jimmy Buffett a few times in my life. When I gottickets to his concert at the Tweeter Center recently, Ithought it would be just a nice time. Little did I know howamazing the entire scene inside and outside would be. Standingin the parking lot was more than just waiting for a concert tobegin – it was a happening. The music was barely halfthe excitement. The parking lot was filled with barbecues,beach balls, sand and the occasional palm tree. Best of all,there were no confrontations or fights; everyone was friendlyand having a great time. Some of the people were having somuch fun they did not even care they did not have tickets tothe concert. Almost 50 people asked if I had any extra ticketsto sell. Unfortunately, I did not, and they were left outsideas I hurried in with 10,000 other lucky ticketholders. As great as the parking lot party was, it waseasily surpassed by the concert. I will be the first to admitthat Jimmy Buffett isn’t the most talented musician, but hedoes have a knack for getting people to stand and sway theirhips. Songs like “Cheeseburger in Paradise” and”Margaritaville” can make anybody sing and dance.Amazingly, those island beats reach out to a spectrum of fansfrom teenagers to baby boomers and everyone in-between.Looking around, it was almost surreal, seeing so many peoplein complete euphoria. As I said, I am hardly a”parrot head,” but I am on the verge of conversion.Jimmy Buffett is the perfect prescription for a person in needof a vacation. His music acts like a transporter to someexotic island, leaving all a person’s cares and worriesbehind. I can hardly wait until next year. I hope I gettickets, but if I don’t, I’m going anyway.

bubbly by Colbie Calliat writing essay help: writing essay help

The spontaneous singer, Colbie Calliat, is an American pop singer. She came from Malibu, California with her talent in entertainment; she was nominated as base pop with her own song called, “Bubbly”. So far she had released 3 albums: Coco (2007-2008), Break through (2009-2010), and All of you (2011). The album Coco contained 12 songs. The first song that caught many people’s attention was “Bubbly” and “Realize”. Calliat has a talent of adjusting her voice to be in harmony with the beat and music she created by herself, and with other people such as Taylor Swift.

Her first single was called, Coco, because it was the nickname given by her parents. Then the songs within the album have sentimental value involving family such as Midnight Bottle. Midnight Bottle was a song inspired from Colbie Calliat. All the songs have lyrics with optimistic views of happy memories that can be commonly found in life. Her last song, Capri, gave the final hint that most of the song in the album speaks about her family, love, and happiness. Capri was a song about child grew just as beautiful as their mother. In the album called, Coco, Colbie Calliat shared her optimistic views about family, love, and simple happiness.

When she appeared on concerts, she received many compliments from her fans because her talent shows instead of technologies covering her beautiful voice. During concerts, the setting made it match her optimistic in simple setting as in by the ocean or on a garden with flowers. The nature emits her charm as happiness through beautiful scenes and her flawless sync with music created an atmosphere where many feel relaxed. Unlike Rollin Stone concerts where music and singers are out of sync, and audio was not good.

The accuracy of a musical review is dependent upon the experience of the reviewer. It is assumed that the reviewer is expressing his/her opinions based on audit. The opinion of a musical reviewer is dependent on his/her experiences. There is a given assumption that the reviewer has certain capability. Thus is not the case with this reviewer. This reviewer is hearing impaired with amplification. Therefore, this reviewer cannot comment on clarity of lyrics. Colbie Calliat was only judged after viewing a music video and writing format of lyrics in order to comprehend, and lip read. Therefore, this musical review should be considered from this perspective.

Dixie Chicks – Fly argumentative essay help online: argumentative essay help online

You probably thought they could not possibly produce anotherrecord of amazing songs, but the Dixie Chicks have struckagain. Their new album, “Fly,” is filled withballads as well as songs you can get down and boogie to. Thefirst song on the album is featured in the latest Richard Gereand Julia Roberts movie, “Runaway Bride.” [See page40 for a review of this movie.] Many people havequestioned the lyrics of the recently released hit,”Goodbye Earl.” In the song, two women devise a planto kill one’s abusive husband and they get away with it. Somefans think the Chicks are singing about an issue that is tooserious for country music, although they state on the coverthat they “do not advocate premeditated murder.” Thesong is meant to be humorous. In the last 18 months theDixie Chicks have broken a number of records and won BestSingle of the Year, Best Music Video and Best Vocal Group atthe 1999 CMA Awards. With two top-selling albums, they aresure to conquer the world. I recommend their new album toanyone with a passion for harmonies and great country music.

Nirvana – From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah ccusa autobiographical essay help: ccusa autobiographical essay help

“From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah,” an album of sixteen live performances, was released on October 1, 1996. The album got its name from a river in Aberdeen, Washington where Kurt Cobain and Chris (now Krist) were from. The Wishkah River flows directly under the North Aberdeen Bridge which was immortalized by Kurt in the song “Something in the Way.” The sixteen mesmerizing tracks from 1989-1994 were recorded in places from the Paradiso Club in Holland to the Civic Center in Springfield, MA. Krist Noveselic, who said “it’s an aggressive record,” and Dave Grohl listened to more than 100 hours of tape. The 16 tracks include one “intro” where Cobain screams and yells. Just as “unplugged” in New York showed the acoustic side of Nirvana, “The Muddy Banks of the Wishkah” shows the edge of Nirvana during live venues. On the sleeve Krist states that Nirvana started as a live band. People who didn’t get to see the electrifying shows that personified what grunge, hard rock and hard pop were all about now have a chance to hear it. The album was scheduled to be a two-CD album, one with the live MTV recording from the “unplugged” special (done completely acoustically), and the other a live album (From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah). Originally to be released in the fall of 1994, the pain of Cobain’s death proved too emotionally difficult, so the “unplugged” CD was released by itself. Most of the songs on the album date back to the band’s tour the winter of 1991, including “Aneurysm,” “Drain You,” “School,” and “Spank Thru”(the first Nirvana song), plus many more. The album generates the full blast that was and is Nirvana, showing the unbelievable new wave of “Polly,” and the crunch of such songs as “Scentless Apprentice” and “Blew.” The band’s talent and sound all mix together to produce the sound that has left a trademark on the music business. This CD keeps you waiting in anticipation for the next track when each song ends. It leaves you mesmerized and in awe. Full blown, loud, noisy, full of power and live! “From The Muddy Banks of the Wishkah” is one of the best live albums, having been recorded by Andy Wallace, best known for his work with Nirvana on the “Nevermind” album. It is 54 minutes and three seconds of electrifying vocals and guitars, pulsating basses, and memorable drum beats, an album to be cherished which came around when nothing else seemed interesting. That’s Nirvana

The Magnetic Fields: Love at the Bottom of the Sea need essay help: need essay help

Style versus substance: according to some, this is the great conflict of popular music. Stephin Merritt is not one of them. It’s no secret that The Magnetic Fields’ frontman has long spurned the idea of genuineness and sincerity in his pop songs. He maintains that all music is a construction and thus cannot possibly contain true feelings. Nonetheless, he and the Magnetic Fields have managed to turn out gems exploring the nature of pop for two decades.

With their latest, “Love at the Bottom of the Sea,” however, he seems to have stopped trying. Merritt used to write witty songs imbued with real emotion. The rueful self-awareness of “You need me/like the wind needs the trees to blow in/like the moon needs poetry/you need me” is replaced by the flat parody of “I love you baby, but God wants us to wait.” Ever since their fantastic 1999 release, “69 Love Songs,” the band’s offerings have gradually turned from well-fleshed-out scenes into simple delivery systems for Merritt’s puns.

Is it deliberate? Of course. It’s fascinating to think about whether that’s the only purpose of any character, any pop song, as is done here. Unfortunately, in creating an ideologically interesting album, the Magnetic Fields has ultimately created an unlistenable one. At a mere 34 minutes, this seems far too long. Almost every song is punchline-driven and filled with thoroughly dull music. The only standout is “Andrew in Drag”; over burbling synths and an effortlessly flowing melody, humorous sweetness and questions of identity are interwoven beautifully. The pure pop cheekiness of “The only girl I’ve ever loved is Andrew in drag,” doesn’t hurt either.

Overall, “Love at the Bottom of the Sea” is far too silly, without sharp emotion to counterbalance it. Fans will surely turn to albums from the Magnetic Fields’ halcyon days instead.

Kanye West – Welcome to the Good Life grad school essay help: grad school essay help

Welcome to the Good Life review

I am writing a review on a song I chose “Welcome to the Good Life” because I think it is a very energetic song and I think that everyone should hear this song. I always listen to it when I am in a bad mood because it puts me right back into a good mood I also listen to it on my way to work and it gets me ready to work because it gets me pumped and ready to go. Some basic information on this song just in case you want to check it out:
Artist: Kanye West
Label: Island Def Jam. Roc-A-Fella
Name of song: Welcome to the good life
Album: Graduation 2007
Date released: September 11th, 2007
Genre: Hip Hop/ Crunk
It sounds like to me he tries to make life good out of anything that happens, and it sounds like he is saying it is as good as being somewhere else, he states “it feel like Atlanta it feel like L.A., it feel like Miami it feel like N.Y.” (Verse1). Basically I think he is saying make the best of life. I am not trying to force you to listen to this song but I would say if you ever get into a bad mood and want something to cheer you up consider listening to this song I think it will do you good.

A Tribe Called Quest – Beats, Rhymes And Life essay help tips: essay help tips

With all the negative publicity surrounding rap music in the past few years, A Tribe Called Quest’s latest album, “Beats, Rhymes and Life” could not have been released a minute too soon. It is laced with smooth beats and conscience lyrics geared against gangsta rap. A repeating theme of the album is the emergence of so many phony rappers who have stepped into the rap scene yelling “keep it real” and constantly rapping about how many guns they carry and how much weed they smoke. In the first track, “Phony Rappers,” the Tribe gets their point across with lyrics like “He said he likes to rhyme about his .454’s and nickel bags of weed … I didn’t know you like to play yourself and front your friends, sitting there lying to no ends.” They continue with “Now all the Glock-toting trash you talk, it won’t prevail, it’s stale, you oughta be dead or in jail.” This is a positive change from the gangsta image a lot or rappers try to associate themselves with today. The reason I give this album a positive review is because it doesn’t give into the stereotypes associated with rap music, that rappers are only out to promote violence, drugs and degrade women. A Tribe Called Quest takes a stand against this and have truly “kept it real” throughout. Other groups including Fugees, Pharcyde and Outkast have joined the Tribe in a rap evolution, which is not geared toward violence and is pushing gangsta rap out the door. One weakness I found in this album is the additional vocals, provided by Tammy Lucas, Faith Evans and Consequence, which did not add much. I was hoping Mobb Deep would appear on the album as a return favor for the work Tribe member Q-Tip did on their album. Although this album seems to lack a standout single, it is led by tracks such as “Get a Hold,” “Motivators,” and “The Hop.” With the endless rhymes from Q-Tip and Phife and the innovative beats provided by producer The Ummah, “Beats, Rhymes and Life” is an excellent investment for any hip-hop fan

INXS college essay help nyc: college essay help nyc

INXS, the band from down under, became an international success in 1985 with their single “What You Need” from the album “Listen Like Thieves.” In 1987, they came out with their soon-to-be-quintuplet platinum album “Kick” which included hit singles like “Need You Tonight/Mediate,” “Devil Inside” and “New Sensation.”Now, they have released “X,” a jazzy eleven song, pop-rock album. INXS’ six-member band with a new subdued, softer style, seems not to mix as well musically.

Although in their first single “Suicide Blond” (derived its title from an English hair color in the 1940s, which was appropriately named suicide blonde because the women dyed their hair with their own hands – died by their own hands. Get it?), the harmonica, drums, guitar and vocals mix beautifully.After “Suicide Blonde,” the next track is “Disappear,” a more soul-oriented tune in which Michael Hutchence’s voice raises a few octaves, which seems forced and uncomfortable for him. Michael Hutchence will never be a rock legend.INXS has catchy upbeat songs and lyrics, but they leave you with no aftertaste. The lyrics seem shallow and lead nowhere. They are all about life’s ups and downs, which we have been spoon-fed ten million times by rock and roll mainstream.

No doubt, INXS can do the shallow lyrics, with their danceable rock tunes, the best of any pop group. But, INXS’ time has come to stop writing pointless lyrics. After over ten years in the music business, you would think they would grow up. n

Humble Beast, Welcome To Fazoland by G Herbo english essay help online: english essay help online

G Herbo
Chicago a.k.a Chiraq rapper Herbert Wright III, G Herbo, has been climbing to the top rapidly ever since releasing the song “Kill S***”, a collaboration with another rapper, close friend, Lil Bibby as well with a mixtape from 2014, Welcome to Fazoland. G Herbo prepares himself with one of the biggest stages after growing up in the trenches of Chicago.
22 year old rapper G Herbo first song, “Kill S***” has been the start of his absolute career. Which, such like many other artist, posted on YouTube with over 15 million views. After a short fast come up, G Herbo like many other music artist dropped his first mixtape, Welcome To Fazoland, February 17, 2014 with the label of the Machine Entertainment Group after signing with Mikkey Halsted and Joseph “JB” Bowden, followed by his second mixtape, Pistol P Project, in December 0f 2014.
September 22, 2017 was the date G Herbo released his new album, Humble Beast. The album came from the Chicago rappers way of living, and coming up from the deep trenches ofbeing in the streets. Of course, he wasn’t trying to fixating over making one of the ‘best’ albums ever since his last, but he was focused on delivering one thing to his fans ears: his story. According to Billboard he says, “I didn’t feel pressured to get it out or make the best [project]. It was more of me wanting to make it true to me, true to everything that I am and where I came from.”
Compared to the other albums [mixtapes] G herbo released, Humble Beast is certainly musically bifurcated between soul segments and its street; a “street-soul” making that can surely give his sound some cohesion, and giving his reflective moments a drawn on picture that can only up most the importances.

Scars by Papa Roach college essay help online: college essay help online

I tear my heart open. I sew myself shut, my weakness is… that I care TOO much.

Papa Roach’s song, Scars, is art within itself. With a powerful chorus, deep emotions and a fierceness not easily uncloaked, this song can send you into a raging rampage, or, if your like me, into a bawling frenzy.

That powerful chorus, simple, but completely relate-able. The way the words are fit so perfectly, the way the band plays, the way the song IS, you can’t help but be touched or moved by the familiar feelings this band can emit.

“The scars remind me, that the past is real, I tear my heart open, just to feel.”

I mean this song, it can go with a breakup, a death, a loss. This song could easily bring you intense emotions on your best or worst day. Personally, it’s given me determination at times, to get my life in order, to start feeling again, to stop caring TOO much when I know I shouldn’t, at times its also help me simply wallow in self pity and remorse. Songs that are able to provoke thought, and real true feelings, can’t help but to be a favorite in your playlist. You know the feeling, that feeling when a song you just simply must hear comes on, and your heart’s almost restored just by the low bass, the precise drums, the voice, the words, the soul of this song. This song is one of those songs for me. I recommend this one to EVERYONE. Sometimes we need to FEEL. And music is my best friend when this need knocks on my door.

Native Speaker by Braids professional essay help: professional essay help

If you are into idie music then this album could be for you. Braids is a four-piece band that makes music similar to Animal Collective’s but not quite. The sounds might be the same but the vocals are a bit different. Speaking of vocals they might be a turn off the first time you listen. The lead singers voice is sometimes melodic but gets deep at unneccecary points of the song. Which is keeping me from rating this LP a 9/10. Hope you enjoy.
Fav tracks: Lemonade, Native Speaker, Plath Heart

Ten/ Jeremy by Pearl Jam essay help from professional writers: essay help from professional writers

The American Rock Music Band, Pearl Jam, which was formed in 1990 in Seattle, Washington, released their song “Jeremy” in 1992 from their debut album called Ten. The lyrics were written by leader singer/vocalist Eddie Vedder with the music having been written by bassist Jeff Ament. The song was their third single from their album Ten and reached the number 5 spot on the Mainstream Rock and Modern Rock Billboard Charts.

The song was written having been mutually inspired by two events that occured in lead vocalist, Eddie Vedder’s life. On the morning of January 8th, 1991 at about 9:45 A.M a teenage boy from Richardson, Texas, who went by the name of Jeremy Wade Delle, (hence the song title ‘Jeremy’) shot himself during his English class.

After coming to class late that morning he was told by the teacher to go get a hall pass, instead he went to his locker, pulled out a .375 magnum, and walked back to class. He told the teacher, “Miss, I got what I went for,” put the gun up to the roof of his mouth and fired. Eddiie Vedder had read up about the story in the local newspaper and was inspired to not only preserve Jeremy’s memory but to also inspire awareness to all that one must live on despite all of the adversity because when you are gone the world moves on.

This song, “Jeremy,” has a very powerful meaning and Eddie Vedder’s voice is filled with so much passion and soul that it is sure to pull your heart strings to the limit.

In the beginning, the song describes a young boy “drawing pictures of mountain tops,” which to me symbolizes the innocence of a boy in the world who wishes to escape from all of the drama and negativity that exists within. It says, ” with him on top, lemon yellow sun, arms raised, in a V,” his arms are raised upwards towards the sun, which I believe to symbolize the hope he receives from being alone in his own mind. A quiet place, a place where there is no life, for in the real world, life becomes the antynom to happiness.

As the song progresses, it describes how Jeremy isn’t given any attention or affection by his parents but is instead neglected. This part of the song really spoke to me and I would hope it would speak to others in that it is very sad realization and truth in that those who love you the most tend to be the ones who hurt you the most. All the young boy wanted was to speak with his parents about his feelings, that he was scared and alone in the world. All he wanted was the love of his mommy and daddy. But to no avail, nobody would listen to him. He was alone, this is the feeling this song was able to envoke within my mind, heart and soul.

The song was also written in mind with another child-hood experience from Eddie Vedder’s life.
During his highschool years he was a rebellious teenager and had often gotten into many a scrape and fight with one of his peer named Brian. Brian would later shoot at the students in an oceanography class although he did not commit suicide himself. I believe that a lot of the soul and heart-filled passion from the song was derived from the flicker of emotion within Eddie Vedder’s heart, certain windows that had suddenly been opened and the light of inspiration flooded in to create this master-piece of a song.

In the song he says, “my jaw left hurtin, ooh dropped wide open,” in my opinion describes this second inspiration for the song, in which it symbolizes the fights that he had often gotten into with his one of his peers. There is an interesting twist when he says, “just like the day, oh just like the day I heard,” this refers to when Eddie Vedder reads about the tragic suicide of Jeremy Wade Delle and the pain he felt from reading about it equaled, if not exceeded the severity of when he had been hurt in those fights he had during his high school days. I find it very interesting how current events can summon the pain from the past.

Yet, what really set my heart a-crying was when he sings, “Jeremy spoke in class today,” this in my opinion implies that because of all of the taunting by his peers, because of all of the parental neglection, because of all of the feelings of loneliness and sadness of being in a world in which he felt so out of place, having been muted by the pain, he finally spoke.

Eddie Vedder ends the song by singing about trying to erase this memory from the blackboard whicih I have come to believe to not only give the meaning a classroom feel, which appeals to the context of the situation, (having occured in a classroom), but also as a symbol of wanting to forget what happened. Wanting to just erase all of the memories of that tragic cloudy morning.

This song really touched me where I had never been touched before. After listening to the song I just wanted to reach deep down inside of my heart and pull out some of the love I had within and just use it to bring back Jeremy Wade Delle and give him some of the love I had and show him that the world isn’t the big bad wolf that it may sometimes seem. I would pull him out of the wolf’s mouth and bring him back from the mountain tops and lead him out of the woods and bring him back from despair.

I believe this song could really reach out and touch kids and teenagers and speak to them. It would make them think twice about picking on the kids in their class because you just never know what they are feeling deep inside, and you may never know how they will respond.

This song truly is a master-piece and should be listened to by all.

Jonas Brothers essay help cheap: essay help cheap

I will admit that I have OJD, (Obsessive Jonas Disorder). I take no shame in it, either. I am a fourteen-year-old girl, who LOVES the Jonas Brothers. Everyone who doesn’t know them or their songs thinks that they are still the Disney Idols that sing “Year 3000” or “Kids of the Future”. Those are catchy and memorable songs. However, it’s not what they sing now. Their lyrics are deep but relatable. They write and sing songs that about what every other teenager in the world goes through: relationships and hardships. The words to their songs can go so deep that you really feel like you are in the song. It’s not necessarily the words themselves, but the meaning behind them.

“I don’t want to fall asleep. I don’t know if I’ll get up. I don’t want to cause a scene, but I’m dying without your love. Begging to hear your voice, tell me you love me too. I’d rather just be alone, if I know that I can’t have you.” This is the chorus of their song ‘Can’t Have You’. It is one of my favorites. The lyrics are simple but the truth is not. The emotion put into these few words makes them come alive.

“Broken hearts and last goodbyes. Restless nights but lullabies help to make this pain go away. I realize I let you down, told you that I’d be around. But building up the strength just to say… I’m sorry for breaking all the promises that I wasn’t around to keep. It’s on me. This time is the last time I will ever beg you to stay. But you’re already on your way.” The first verse and chorus of ‘Sorry’ come so close to my heart. I’m sure everyone has had a break up, or lost a friend, or even just quarreled with one. But more than that, I know we have all been sorry, at least once, in our lives.

This next song is very touching. Nick, the youngest of the three, wrote it about his type-1 diabetes. “Got the news today. Doctor said I had to stay, a little bit longer, and I’d be fine. When I thought it’d all been said. When I thought it’d all been done, a little bit longer, and I’d be fine. But you don’t know what you got until its gone. And you don’t know what it’s like to feel so low. And every time you smile, you laugh, you glow. You don’t even know. No, no. You don’t even know.” It continues on with a kind of story. This song doesn’t have to be about an illness or disease. It means hat there is always a tomorrow, even when the world is looking dull. It is titled ‘A Little Bit Longer’.

C’mon, lets face it… they ARE teenagers, or close to it, so they do have more light hearted songs. An upbeat, fun song is ‘One Man Show’. “I’m a one man show. I don’t need no one. I’ll be fine alone. Oh yeah. You can call me but I won’t pick up my phone because I’m a one man show. Oh yeah.” Another one is ‘Video Girl’ “Video girl rocked my world for a whole two seconds but now I know I’m not about to be another victim, of the video girl syndrome. Get out of my face, get out of my space. Get some class and kiss the past.. I’m not about to be another victim… of the video girl syndrome.”

The Jonas Brothers aren’t just Disney pop stars. They are three brothers who get to live their dream and encourage others to not give up. They truly are an inspiration to many.

“Live like you’re at the bottom, even if you’re at the top”

– Jonas Brothers

Sean Kingston – Sean Kingston instant essay help: instant essay help

My analysis of this CD is all good. If I had to choose between this and any other that I know, I would choose this one. Seventeen-year-old Sean Kingston has raised my expectations of ­reggae music.

The instruments reflect Kisean Anderson (a.k.a. Sean Kingston) and his Jamaican heritage. The compositions and overall sound by producer Jonathon “JR” Rotem are nothing short of spectacular. With hard-hitting bass at times and less at other times, Rotem produces an album of hits. The strings and brass enhance his voice when he sings or raps.

In “Beautiful Girls,” Rotem brings a ’50s doo-wop feel to the record. Likewise, he adds drums and instruments that reflect Kingston’s voice and the overall feel of the vocals. King­ston brings the heat whether he’s rapping or singing.

A lot of these songs reflect Kingston’s heritage in inner-city Kingston, Jamaica. He sings of his mom and other women, and also raps about ghetto wars of his hometown. The meaning can be less noticeable at times, or they can be plain as day.

My opinion of Kingston’s debut album is that this is only a piece of what we will see from his future working with Beluga Heights and Rotem. In other words, this should be in everyone’s collection, if not on their all-time favorites list. It by far exceeded any expectations I had. For 17 this kid has some serious talent, and I hope to hear more. This album gets five out of five stars from me. Go pick it up today and see for yourself!

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The Elusive High School Diploma
Through the use of musical talent you can live a life of fortune and prosperity. The Black Eyed peas hit single “Imma Be” topped charts all around the nation with its catchy nonsensical beat. The song is broken up into 3 different pieces and is then sang/ Rapped by the members of the group. The members of the group each describe how in the future they will be rich and famous due to their futuristic, new age, music being better than everyone else’s. The song makes a mockery of the English language by imploring popular slang terms and poor structured rhyme schemes to fit to the catchy techno beat. Ultimately the message of the song is that, what you learned in elementary school English is no longer necessary when you have become rich and famous. As well that once glorified by your mediocre music you will spend all of your time at parties and clubs living what you imagine the perfect life to be. Lastly once you have Become Popular and made large amounts of money due to your music, education and common since are a thing of the past.
The song begins immediately lowering the IQ of the listener. The first words out of the mouths of the performers (musicians was a stretch) are “imma be” a slang term used to mean “I am going to be.” At first it was believed they were saying “I am a bee” but many were sadly mistaken when the lyrics were later released. This is only a first in a litany of new vocabulary that the song introduces in an attempt to possibly create a hybrid English language. But sadly this cannot be done and instead just creates an atrocity of grammatical errors and nonsensical words. This song takes the English language and attempts to crush it into a pulp ignoring every simple grammar rule ever taught to you in your elementary school years.
With the use of a catch beat the song entraps young children brainwashing them unsuspectingly. Now often times the lyrics are difficult to understand so many people do not know what they are saying when they chant along to the hypnotic beat, but when looked at the lyrics are vulgar and incredibly inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18. There is a moment in the song where Will.I.Am references himself become so famous that every woman will want to be impregnated by him, “Imma be ya banker loading out semen.” If parents had any idea the kind of vulgarity behind this song they would most likely never let their children listen to this garbage but the catchy beat gets them hooked. Not only are the words vulgar but the entire idea behind the song is idealizing a filthy way of living popular to Hollywood movie stars and prostitutes.
This song blatantly insults the intelligence of the listener. Not only do they believe that they have to use slang terms and low level English for the unwashed masses, they make blatantly wrong statements and poses the idea that you have the same unhealthy rich fantasy that they do. About half way through the song they say “Imma be in Rio rocking Tokyo” you can’t get much more wrong than that. Not only are these two completely different cities but they are on different continents across the world. Do they truly believe that that the listeners are dumb enough to think this is possible. Besides the completely wrong geographical information, and the use of improper English they go so far as to insult the listener’s intelligence another way. They believe that because of their rich and prosperous life style that “all these folks want to flock to us.” Why would we want to be around some of the most ill informed unintelligent people? It is truly just an insult on us the listener.
The Song “Imma Be” by the Black Eyed Peas has suck a catchy and hypnotic beat that you almost miss what the lyrics are really saying. The first time I heard “Imma Be” is a day I will never forget, it was on the radio in my car on the way to a track meet. By the 3rd stanza I was singing along too as the simplistic lyrics made it quite easy to catch on to. By 3 minutes into the song when I noticed that the lyrics had not varied by blood began to boil, and as I ran my 3200 on the track that meet the catchy beat and butchered lyrics stuck in my head the whole time. This may be the source of my strife but does not change the fact that this song is moronic, unintelligible, and insulting to all who listen.

Every Kingdom by Ben Howard essay help services: essay help services

Ben Howard’s debut album, which was released in 2011, is a remarkable gem of extraordinary consistency and excellence. One of the several things I love about this thing is that in every one of the songs, Ben Howard shows just how good of a singer he is, and it makes for quite an impressive first album.

My favorite song on Every Kingdom would have to be Old Pine, which is the first track. It opens with a minute long acoustic guitar intro. I found this to be incredibly relaxing, and it builds up until Ben Howard starts singing with his smoky voice. The lyrics of this entire tune made me feel as if I was relaxing on a beach on a summer evening. That’s how good the lyrics are: I felt completely immersed in this song, as well as the others on this album, as I kept listening.

This solo artist is one that I discovered on Spotify last year, along with many others. He has a musical style that is so genuine, and his debut album is a beam of light among a sea of mediocrity. This is further proven by the song Black Flies, in which his vocals are brought down a notch, but not in quality. This is the first song on Every Kingdom, in my opinion, where his vocal delivery became truly angst-ridden. The part where he sings, “No man is an island, oh this I know. Oh can’t you see, maybe you were an ocean, when I was just a stone,” is one that I found to be very heart-wrenching. The lyrics are just so powerful. You see, lyrics are one of the things I look for when determining if a song is enjoyable to me or not. And each track on this album has some of the best lyrics I’ve heard, in all of my time spent listening to music so far.

Keep Your Head Up is my second favorite song on here, mostly because of the overall tone of it. I found this song, in its entirety, to be surprisingly uplifting.
Only Love is another one that is really upbeat, both in its instrumentation and lyrical content.

The Fear is vastly different, because to me, it conveys a powerful message. We all have fear at more than one point of our lives, and it can be quite difficult to overcome this terror that takes hold of us. It can come from a wide array of different situations. The main thing to take away from this particular tune is that, like Ben Howard sings, we live “in the confines of the fear,” and in those moments, we shall overcome, no matter what the situation may be.

Yes, this album is different. But that certainly did not pull me away from it. In fact, this very quality drew me closer. This is an experience not to be missed.

Pink – Mizzundastood my assignment essay help london: my assignment essay help london

Pink returns to the charts with “Missundaztood,” an album with a different sound and style from “Can’t Take Me Home.” Here, Pink moves from an urban pop sound to a more sincere, dark sound. She sings about growing up, becoming a star and other events in her life. With some help from Linda Perry (4 Non Blondes), Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, and Scratch, Pink lets you know a few things about herself and why she may be misunderstood. Never failing to amaze, Pink explains that she is a strong person while still having moments when she wants to be different.

Pink has released four singles: “Don’t Let Me Get Me” is about wanting to be a different person and having little self-esteem; “Just Like A Pill” is about drug use; “Get The Party Started” is about partying; and the latest, my favorite, “Family Portrait” is about her parents’ divorce.

If you have heard and like any of these, you should buy this CD. Then sit back, relax and be amazed by the wonderful sounds of Pink when you get “Missundaztood.”

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