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Capital Budgeting Is The Process Of Evaluating Potential Long-term Investments A Custom Essay Help

Capital budgeting is the process of evaluating potential long-term investments available to a firm. It involves large initial expenditures, which hopefully increase firm profitability, producing incremental cash inflows for the firm in the future. Some examples of capital budgeting include: the purchase of new equipment, rebuilding existing equipment, purchasing delivery vehicles, constructing new buildings, renovating existing buildings, joint ventures, expanding into new markets, introducing new products to existing markets, cost-saving technologies, research and development, and similar activities.
The process of capital budgeting involves:
Identifying a potential investment project.
Estimating all incremental cash flows (both outflows and inflows) of the project.
Evaluating the projected future incremental cash flows using present value techniques.
Deciding whether to accept or reject the project.
If the project is accepted, implementing the project and then periodically comparing actual cash flows to projected cash flows as a means of continual improvement in the capital budgeting process.
Effectively identifying and implementing positive value projects is essential for a company to grow. In fact, in a world where most firms grow annually, any firm that does not engage in successful capital budgeting will fall behind and eventually go bankrupt. However, firms that do poor capital budgeting can also go bankrupt for accepting projects, which should have been rejected and rejecting projects, which should have been accepted. Proper capital budgeting decisions are important to shareholders because the positive present value of a project directly translates into increased shareholder wealth. Thus, capital budgeting is the most effective way for financial managers to achieve the goal of financial management that you learned about in the first week of this course.
Part I:
One duty of a financial manager is to choose investments with satisfactory cash flows and rates of return. Therefore, a financial manager must be able to decide whether an investment is worth undertaking and must be able to choose intelligently between two or more alternatives. To do this, a sound procedure to evaluate, compare, and select projects are needed. This procedure is called capital budgeting.
Virtually all general managers face capital-budgeting decisions in the course of their careers. The most common of these is the simple yes versus no choice about a capital investment. Regardless of the type of project, however, certain principles of capital budgeting should always be considered. The most important of these principles are:
Focus on cash flows, not profits.
Focus on incremental cash flows.
Account for time.
Account for risk.
Now, write an essay discussing the meaning and importance of each of these principles as they apply to capital budgeting. Evaluate the importance of each principle and discuss the consequences of ignoring any of these principles.
You must use a minimum of three scholarly sources to support your discussion.
Part II:
A private school is considering the purchase of six school buses to transport students to and from school events. The initial cost of the buses is $600,000. The life of each bus is estimated to be 5 years, after which time the vehicles would have to be scrapped with no salvage value. The school’s management team has derived the following estimates for annual revenues and cost for the next 5 years.
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Driver costs
Repairs and maintenance
Other costs
Annual depreciation
The buses would be purchased at the beginning of the project (i.e., in Year 0) and all revenues and expenditures shown in the table above would be incurred at the end of each relevant year.
Because schools are exempt from taxes, the school’s corporate tax rate is 0 percent. A business consultant has advised management that they should use a weighted average cost of capital (WACC) of 10.5% to evaluate this project.
Prepare a table showing the estimated net cash flows for each year of the project. Explain all steps involved in your calculation of the Year 1 estimated net cash flow.
Calculate the project’s Payback Period. Explain in your own words, all steps involved in the calculation process.
Calculate the project’s Internal Rate of Return (IRR). Explain in your own words, all steps involved in the calculation process.
Calculate the project’s Net Present Value (NPV). Explain in your own words, all steps involved in the calculation process.
Which of the three evaluation techniques that you computed (i.e., payback period, IRR and NPV), should the firm use to make its decision of whether or not to accept this project? Why did you choose this technique? Is one of these techniques better than the others and if so, why?
Finally, what are some risk factors inherent in this capital budgeting analysis? Make a list of at least three items that could cause the outcome of this project to be substantially worse than management currently expects (as reflected in their revenue and cost estimates, WACC estimate, etc.). Fully explain each of the risk factors you identify.
Length: 4-5 pages, not including title page and references; (You may wish to include an appendix to accommodate tables and figures.)

In this discussion, you are comparing two different views on human
nature, in p writing essay helpIn this discussion, you are comparing two different views on human
nature, in particular the controversy as to whether our natures are innate or shaped by our environments.
In his book The Blank Slate, Stephen Pinker argues that “every society must operate with a theory of human nature” and that “our intellectual mainstream is committed” to the notion of the blank slate. (Pinker, 2002). How and why has this preference for the blank slate come about and what social and political factors are involved in its continuing promotion?
An early argument for innate structures in the mind comes from the Plato/Socrates. In “Phaedo” Plato creates a dialogue, with Socrates as the primary spokesperson, that speaks against the conception of the human mind as initially empty, waiting to be filled only from experiences. The Phaedo argues that when we learn something, we are recollecting the knowledge we gained before we were born. In contrast, John Locke take the position that the human mind is a blank slate (tabula rasa) and that we gain all knowledge through sense experience. Phaedo recounts the last day of Socrates’ life, specifically a conversation in which Socrates explains to his friends why, as a philosopher, he is not afraid to die. The dialogue covers a lot of material related to the immortality of the soul, which is not directly relevant to this course. Therefore, you will read a selection of the
dialogue in which Socrates discusses the nature of knowledge.
Socrates argues that when we learn something, what is really
happening is that we are reminded of something we learned before
we were born. That is, for Socrates, learning is not a matter of
information or data being impressed on a blank mind, but rather the
knowledge already lies dormant within the person, waiting to be
activated. So, learning something is remembering what we once knew (before birth) but forgot. This argument (that knowledge is
recollection) fits into the larger dialogue because it is one of four
arguments Socrates makes for the immortality of the soul.
Compare and evaluate these two positions by first clearly stating
the essential points of the philosophical positions of Plato/Socrats and John Locke, and then explain which theory you find more
compelling. Support your evaluation with reason, logic, and
evidence. The video clip by Steven Pinker outlines the debate.
Pinker, S. (2002). The blank slate: The modern denial of human natue. New York: Viking Press.

Address the terms “structure, process, and outcome” as they relate to the assess college essay help onlineAddress the terms “structure, process, and outcome” as they relate to the assessment of the quality of medical care. Offer examples of each. How are the three dimensions related? Can these relationships be trusted to assure the quality of care in the complex, high-tech world of modern medicine? If not, why?.
There are many legal issues that involve questions that are psychological in nat college essay help near meThere are many legal issues that involve questions that are psychological in nature (some issues refer to mental processes and/or human behaviors). For example, to what extent is eyewitness testimony reliable? When is a criminal defendant competent to stand trial? When may a criminal defendant be considered insane? What factors are influential in the decisions made by juries?
For the week one discussion board assignment, please explain why the criminal justice professional should understand the complex relationship between psychology and the legal system. What would happen if we as criminal justice professionals failed to understand this relationship?
Animal research is a necessary practice in the world of medical research, allowi essay help site:eduAnimal research is a necessary practice in the world of medical research, allowing scientists to develop life-saving interventions and to spot catastrophic problems before new techniques or products make their way to actual patients. However, this does not mean that we should deny that there are serious ethical issues involved.
Animal testing is not a pretty or pleasant process. It causes pain and suffering to animal subjects, and legitimate cases of abuse have been uncovered by animal rights groups. Consequently, the practice should be tightly regulated, and alternative methods should be employed whenever possible.
Discuss a specific research study involving animals that had ethical issues.
What were the ethical issues involved?
What could have been done to conduct the research study differently to avoid these ethical issues?
I will be also sending you my peer replies at the end, so you can respond to at least two of my classmates’ postings.
For your 2 peer responses develop, which means extend the discussion or add to the points made. A more appropriate response would be “Thank you for this contribution to our discussion, Jane. Your points about research topics are valid. In performing research, it is critical to ensure the sources selected are both timely and relevant. Research within the last five years from trusted sources is ideal. Further, it is important to use peer-reviewed information when possible, as this increases the credibility of the research conducted”.
The author of Decision explains how to see the other side and reality and test o writing essay helpThe author of Decision explains how to see the other side and reality and test out a decision before committing to it. This is essential for choosing your career and starting a new business. Overconfidence can wreak havoc in our decision-making process, such as when we invest large sums of money and/or time to a profession or as an entrepreneur. People tend to be overconfident of the infallibility of their judgment. While overconfidence may provide courage and determination to attempt tasks that stretched our abilities, we must identify the reality of our decisions. Without humility, overconfidence becomes a bias in decision-making.
We also read about Framing this week. You can include this reading in our discussion, if you would like to do this.
1. Summarize our reading for this week and explain the most influential parts for you. Explain the important parts of each chapter. For example, what is the essence of each chapter?
2. Explain how you or other leaders could make improvements in your/their decisions? How could this result in better decisions and results? How can you or anyone accept their mistake and move on?
3. As you read from Titus, consider how Paul is leading Titus to select other leaders and followers who practice and show Godly ways. Compare your organization with the leadership intentions of church planting and expansion in the island of Crete. Meditate on these verses regarding the kind of leadership or team that you want to develop. How could the first chapter of Titus relate to our learning and studies? If this is a good role model for leadership and selecting followers, explain it.
If this has already been addressed in our discussion, what does the Bible say about overconfidence, humility or other related topics from this week’s study? Scripture offers several accounts of individuals and groups biased by strong emotions, ego or overconfidence. Which one comes to your mind first? What was the result of this emotion?
Provide your initial post in 200-300 words by the end of Thursday of this week. Return to the forum later, read other posts and engage in the dialogue. Using our previous directions in writing Discussion, contribute two reply posts by Midnight Sunday of this week.
You can either click on the link above to directly access the Group Page or on the Dialogue link on the side menu.
Read this article : writing essay helpRead this article : (Links to an external site.)
Provide your opinion on the following in at least 5 to 6 sentences: Use at least 2 references. The class book and another outside one.
1. Which of the aspects discussed in this article regarding the importance of database management systems is of most significance to you and why ?
Feel free to explain your thoughts based on your experience.
Oracle Database 12c SQL by Jason Price (2014). New York: McGraw-Hill. [ISBN: 978-
You are a French supermarket chain that wants to enter a foreign market for the writing essay helpYou are a French supermarket chain that wants to enter a foreign market for the first
time. Your target market is Chile. Which market entry strategy do you propose?
You have to make the first two parts of THE PESTEL analysis which are the POLITICAL and the ECONOMIC part
Political Factors:
These factors are all about how and to what degree a government intervenes in the economy or a particular industry. Basically, all the influences that a government has on your business could be classified here. This can include government policy, political stability or instability, corruption, foreign trade policy, tax policy, labour law, environmental law, and trade restrictions. Furthermore, the government may have a profound impact on a nation’s education system, infrastructure, and health regulations. These are all factors that need to be considered when assessing a potential market’s attractiveness.
Economic Factors:
Economic factors are determinants of a particular economy’s performance. Factors include economic growth, exchange rates, inflation rates, interest rates, disposable income of consumers, and unemployment rates. These factors may have a direct or indirect long-term impact on a company since it affects the purchasing power of consumers and could possibly change demand/supply models in the economy. Consequently, it also affects the way companies price their products and services.
Instructions for completing the Nitrogen pollution case study assignment
You wil essay helpInstructions for completing the Nitrogen pollution case study assignment
You will work to develop a presentation (5-7 minutes long) about a case study concerning nitrogen pollution Make sure your presentation focuses on nitrogen pollution
The People’s Republic of China
1. Introduce your assigned location. What is special about it? Why should we care?
2. Describe the type of nitrogen pollution found in this area – (NOx? NH4? NO2? etc.)
3. Geographically speaking, where is the key pollutant(s) coming from and how does it get there? (Think likely pathways of transportation like atmospheric deposition, erosion, groundwater infiltration, etc.)
4. What is the main source of this pollution? (Is it industry? Vehicles? Agriculture? etc.)
5. Are there any potential health effects for people?
6. What is going on here? What are the environmental effects of this pollution?
7. A map of the location you are presenting about.
The fluoride rinse in dental offices usually contains sodium fluoride. Sodium fl college application essay helpThe fluoride rinse in dental offices usually contains sodium fluoride. Sodium fluoride can be prepared from the reaction between sodium metal and fluorine gas. Which properly represents the balanced chemical equation for this reaction?
Na(s) + F2(g) → NaF2(s)
Na(s) + F(g) → NaF(s)
7Na(s) + F(g) → Na7F(s)
2Na(s) + F2(g) → 2Na2F(s)
2Na(s) + F2(g) → 2NaF(s)
Why is it important to understand this equation? What do you think could happen if this is incorrect?
In this week’s discussion you will take a look at the importance of research to best essay helpIn this week’s discussion you will take a look at the importance of research to criminal justice. Research can provide suggested causes of problems practitioners face as well as potential solutions via informing policies and procedures. For this week’s discussion please:
Find a recent crime story or problem and post a link or citation to this reference. It might make sense to use the topic of your literature review for this discussion.
Briefly recap the crime story (250 words or less) and the problem you are looking to address.
For your reply posts, try to post one hypothesis you have, or one suggested research study you would like to see happen, that would provide a scientific solution to this crime problem. Discuss how criminal justice policy or procedure might be improved by improved theory or research into this particular issue.
Use the name of your topic(Poverty) as your thread title. For your thread, you w custom essay helpUse the name of your topic(Poverty) as your thread title. For your thread, you will take on the role of advocate and educator to present an introduction to your impact assignment topic. You have spent this week researching your topic and have collected a wealth of information that you could share. Write your post as if you are trying to convince your audience that this topic has a significant impact on the field of human development. Provide facts, statistics, and relevant evidence that allow your readers to become more informed and inspired by your knowledge and presentation of ideas Will be checked for plagiarism and follow the rubric. Please use sources less than 5 years old.
For this writing assignment, describe the characteristics of
Waterfall and Agile best essay helpFor this writing assignment, describe the characteristics of
Waterfall and Agile project management. Note that there are many
different types of Agile methods, you may focus on the most common, Scrum, for
this writing assignment.
What is the difference between Art and Craft? How have museums and galleries his writing essay helpWhat is the difference between Art and Craft? How have museums and galleries historically distinguished these two categories? Do you think the categorization reveals racial, gender, and ethnicity bias? Are Western men more often classified (and successful) as artists? Are women and non-westerners more often considered craftsmen?
Compare and Contrast the Eagle Transformation Mask of the Kwakiutl Native Americans (Gateways 442) to the Kanaga mask from Dogon culture (Gateways 450). How do these reveal different perspectives on the relationship between mankind and environment? Can you find a work of art that you believe is representative of America’s relationship to nature? Discuss why/how it shows America’s relationship to nature?
The Market Revolution and Life Behind the Cotton Curtain
Discuss the TWO topics college essay help near meThe Market Revolution and Life Behind the Cotton Curtain
Discuss the TWO topics in ONE entry–be specific and concise. Copy/Paste the questions with your responses!
Remember, use direct, historical quotes — primary sources — from the Canvas files that I provided — when discussing your topic. Refrain from using your text except for context.(You can refer to the text when your two posts are completed.)
Furthermore, please use the different paradigms (Consensus and Conflict) as provided for you.
And use any references/terms used that are noted within this unit such as capitalism, racism, institutional racism and the Liberal State Theory.
Then respond to ONE a different entry from your own – and again add new details and analysis to the entry that you choose. At MINIMUM, TWO total ENTRIES:
Entry 1.
Explain/discuss what capitalism is — use my Notes — and THEN how does it relate to the Modern Slave System in the United States (do not include the Middle Passage or the African slave trade) during the 19th Century—not only in the South but the North as well.
Entry 2.
Go to Unit 1 and review the spoof on Bill O’Reilly on President Lincoln
Download Bill O’Reilly on President Lincoln
and connect-the-dots here with your first entry.
Follow up with a different post and add more analysis and substance.
Special notes here:
Many are not using the different Paradigms with your TWO posts. Some still don’t know what they are or how to use them in your posts. Also, many are not providing any historical evidence here. If you want to get the maximum amount of points, you need to use them. So read below my short summary:
First of all, go back to Unit 01 to review the paradigms.
In short, a paradigm is something that an individual, group, a community, region or society (country) believes to be the truth….such as America’s long history of white superiority and that male superiority was acceptable part of their ideology…a mindset, a belief system that everyone believes in….a dominant set of ideas that prevails among those who are part of this racists and patriarchal (and pro-capitalism) Consensus paradigm. Those who oppose this dominate mindset(s) are Conflict theorists.
I urge you and the others to use the different paradigms in a sentence…..such as, “the modern slavery system was part of the Consensus paradigm…” or that “those who willfully practiced the buying of Africans or owning Africans as slaves were Consensus theorists.”
Using the round brackets [ ] or the parenthesis ( ) to mark off a paradigm — (Consensus Paradigm) — does not count….use it as part of your analysis, your writing in BOTH posts. Please note how I used these phrases in line #3 above.
Using a quote (and perhaps two) from an actual historical figure (a primary source) or from a secondary source (such as an historian) shows me that you’ve actually read and understood my Notes and the materials that I provided in each unit…by doing so, you get more points!
Of course, do not use personal pronouns or words like “we, us, you, I, me, ” etc. with your first two posts. By avoiding such sophomoric words/phrases…such as “In my opinion…” or “I feel that…” for this class, you become a better writer!
Please don’t use first names!
Watch your spelling and grammar!
Starting with Nick Hornby’s memoir Fever Pitch and drawing on any other sources college admissions essay helpStarting with Nick Hornby’s memoir Fever Pitch and drawing on any other sources that you find helpful, analyze the ways in which soccer since the mid-nineteenth century has worked to help different groups of men construct a variety of masculinities. How does sport come to shape both understandings of appropriate behavior for the sexes? How has it challenged these understandings? Do sports work differently in this regard for men and women?

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