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Capitalism and Social Responsibility melbourne essay help

Business is important to a country’s economy because it is its backbone. It is a constant battle for a better means of living. The economy gives individuals jobs and the ability to sustain themselves. 2. What is a private enterprise? What four rights are critical to the operation of capitalism? Why would capitalism function poorly in a society that does not ensure these rights for its citizen? An economic system that rewards firms for their ability to identify and serve the needs and demands of customers, (capitalism). minimizes gov’t interference in economic activity. 4 rights are private property, profits, competition, and freedom of choice 3. In what ways is entrepreneurship vital to the private enterprise system? Entrepreneurs take risks in our private enterprise system;driving economic growth and force current companies to continue to satisfy consumer’s wants. Entrepreneurs often times bring a new product or service to the market(jobs) Entrepreneurs are a main force that propel private enterprise. Entrepreneurs possess the desire to start a business despite the risks involved, “An entrepreneur is someone who sees a potentially profitable opportunity and then devises a plan to achieve success in the marketplace and earn those profits” (Kurtz).

The private enterprise system would not function correctly if not for the entrepreneurs that pressure previous companies to compete for customers. Entrepreneurship is also a vital part of the free enterprise system because it creates job opportunities, “Every year, they create more than one of every five new jobs in the economy. ” (Kurtz) The new start up companies also create more jobs by allowing business owners to be self employed. New technology and innovations are often produced by these companies the most in areas that are new and have a low level of competition.

Because of their limited resources, small businesses are forced to think of new and cheaper ways to do things, “Often, they do this because they have to—they may not have enough money to build an expensive prototype or launch a nationwide ad campaign. ” (Kurtz)Due to their small size, these companies are able to adapt quicker and easier than a big company. 4. Define partnership and strategic alliance. How might a motorcycle dealer and a local radio station benefit from an alliance? Partnership-association of two or more persons who operate a business as co-owners by voluntary legal agreement.

Strategic alliance partnership formed to create a competitive advantage for the businesses involved. 5. What do the terms business ethics and social responsibility mean? Why are they important components of a firm’s overall philosophy in conducting business? Business ethics are the standards of conduct and moral values governing actions and decisions in the work environment. Social responsibility is the enhancement of societies welfare through philosophies, policies, procedures and actions. It is crucial for businesses to gain the trust of consumers. Business ethics are essential if a business wants to grow and succeed.

Ethics are important because they are “the standards of conduct and moral values governing actions and decisions in the work environment. ” (Kurtz). These decisions have an impact on the environment, employees, and customers. Social responsibility supports the welfare of a society by promoting ethical philosophies, policies, procedures, and actions. In an ethical business decision, “businesses must find the delicate balance between doing what is right and doing what is profitable. ” (Kurtz). Everybody involved with the business should benefit. Usually, businesses go about ethics and social responsibility in three ways.

They do this by embracing traditional corporate philanthropy, anticipating and managing risks, and spotting opportunities that profit and benefit the society. 6. In what ways do firms demonstrate their social responsibility? By providing equal employment opportunities, respecting the cultural diversity of employees, responding to environmental concerns, providing a safe and healthy workplace, and producing high quality products that are safe to use. 7. What are the five major areas in which companies have responsibilities to their employees? What types of changes in society are now affecting these responsibilities?

The 5 major areas in which companies have responsibilities to their employees are; workplace safety, quality-of-life issues, ensuring equal opportunity on the job, avoiding age description, and preventing sexual harassment and sexism. 8. How does a company demonstrate its responsibility to investors and the financial community? A company demonstrates its responsibility to investors and the financial community by announcing information to the public, rather than first to selected major investors. The SEC rule of “fair disclosure” levels the playing field for all the shareholders. 9.

How does microeconomics affect business? How does macroeconomics affect business? Why is it important for business people to understand the fundamentals of each? Microeconomics is the study of individual consumers, families, and businesses. Small decisions made by individuals such as deciding what shampoo to buy or what car you want has a huge effect on businesses. Macroeconomics is the study of a country’s general economy. Laws made by the government can help or hurt what a business is doing. Even laws passed in other countries can have a ripple effect on international transactions.

It is important for business people to understand these terms because they shape everyday decisions that are made. 10. What are the four stages of the business cycle? In which stage do you believe the U. S. economy is now? Why? The four stages of the business cycle are prosperity, recession, depression, and recovery. A recession is a contraction that last longer than six months in which consumers stray away from frivolous spending. Businesses also make changes by slowing production and making cuts in the workforce. If a recession continues a country will fall into a depression.

In a depression, the spending habits of consumers and businesses that were taking place in the recession become commonplace. Food and necessities are difficult to get and jobs are hard to come by. The recovery phase is entered when consumers start to spend more money again. As consumers give more money to businesses, the businesses in term hire more employees. Both benefit the economy greatly. I think that the U. S. is in the recovery phase because i have noticed more frivolous spending in the last few years. People are vacationing again and spending there money on things they don’t necessarily need.

Narrative essay about friend essay help for free: essay help for free

My adventure started when my family and I decided to leave our country. Our destiny was unknown and mysterious, and we didn’t know what the future was holding for us, until destiny managed to bring us to the United States of America. At that time, I was still young, but I realized the greatness of the country that I was headed to. Where people achieved their goals and reached all limit. But I figured there was a big problem, which was the language that I should be adapting to sooner or later.

Actually, I hated English ever since school, because our teacher was very bad looking and smelled like a rotten egg, and most of the time the class was disorganized. Students were very quiet and bored to death. And I felt like my heart was dimed in the darkness every time I walked into the classroom. Before going to school in America, I was scared that I would start whispering to myself or shouting loudly and felt my skin was cold and my surface was very smooth, whenever I thought that I can’t adapt to the culture and be part of the society at the time.

So I was looking for friends that speak my language to help me in school and guide me of what was going and be left behind. I met my first two friends Jihad who I called “Joy” and Murtadha. My parents and friends tried to convincing me not to be afraid or panic about school and that I was going to pick up language quicker than a sponge would suck water, but my fears overcome these cheers. I felt incapable of control my senses and I would take moment of silence every once in a while, breathing smoothly. I smelled bad wind blowing through my body and body was very heavy that I couldn’t feel my muscle, if like I was almost paralyzed.

And I almost felt like crying. I had a fight with my parent on the first day school in the morning to not go to school, but I was forced to go any ways. At the beginning, although I faced some difficulties in learning new language but by time past and with my friends help, I found solution for my problems and defeated the fears I had at the beginning. Finally, I gained an experience and own new friendship in this adventure. After look at this, I learned that don’t let fear overcome you and all your senses, and try to figure out a solution no matter how big is the problem. And if you need help don’t be scared to ask a good friend.

Frank O’Connor’s ‘My Oedipus Complex’ descriptive essay help: descriptive essay help

Frank O’Connor’s literary piece, ‘My Oedipus Complex’ portrays childhood in a subverted ight. He is exploring exaggerated aspects of mother-child relationships as a reflection upon human nature. Themes and ideas present within the story are of possession, in the protagonist’s view of his mother, and of jealousy. This short story shows the faults and dangers of human nature. Possession is a motif that permeates the text. Through a first person narration, the reader is able to have an insight into the main character’s perspective. “… what mother and I should do during the day.

” This quote shows the world that Larry, the child, exists within. Larry’s life is an exclusion of all things except hi and his mother. The line is an extract of Larry’s play, and imagination involving a dialogue between his ‘feet”. This technique of identifying Larry’s feet with conscience allows for the reader to infer the main character’s thoughts. As well as this, Larry is shown to classify his mother’s attention as his own. “… my time with mother. ” The use of the possessive pronoun in Larry’s inner narration allows the audience to gauge his views.

It shows the demanding nature that Larry feels toward his mother. This story shows the human flaw of possession through the character of Larry. Jealousy is another theme present within the story. Through the introduction of various figures, the attention that Larry recieves is diminished. The entrance of his father is a major disruption to Larry’s life. Described as, “… a stranger, a total stranger… “, the paternal entity is now a source of jealousy. The repeated assertion of unacknowledgement and disassociation is a representation of Larry;s inner turmoil.

Another example of this is the quote, “… Mrs Right right talked of the trouble that she had with her own father, till she put him in the Home. ” This is another representation of Larry’s views and ideas through the use of an indirect medium, i. e. Larry’s feet. The aspect of jealousy is explained and explored in Frank O’Connor’s short story. Through the main characater’s mentality, the short story is able to explore human nature. Frank O’Connor’s piece shows the faults and flaws in human nature

Peter Singer and his “solution” to end world poverty free essay help online: free essay help online

Although being “able but unwilling to donate to overseas aid” may been seen as selfish, it is in no way immoral, as Peter Singer would like to suggest. People should not have to bear the responsibility of having to care for every other human. Although people grow up with different opportunities, the one thing that everyone has in common is potential. Whether someone lived in a poor family or a rich family, there is the possibility of having a successful life if effort is put into their schoolwork/jobs.

Someone from a poor family might have to work harder than someone from an affluent family because they could have problems finding the money to go to college, but this is why there are scholarships. Someone who works hard, goes to school, gets good grades, and becomes very wealthy shouldn’t have to give up the majority of their money. People work hard for their money and should do what they want with it. If money that is normally spent on luxuries went to aid towards impoverished countries, the work ethic of many would people would drastically decline.

A popular ideal of life is to make a lot of money. Most people were brought up at an early age, to be conditioned based on reward and punishment. Doctors and scientists both have considerable amounts of “luxury” money. They went to school for a long time so that they could make a lot of money. That was their incentive. And without incentives, there would be a lack of scientific discoveries, regarding medicine and other useful things. What would be considered a “luxury” to one person, might be considered a necessity to someone else.

Peter Singer believes that “whatever money [is spent] on luxuries, not necessities, should be given away. ” The world, however, is not that black and white. For example, a college student would probably consider a laptop as a necessity because they would access to something portable in which they could write/turn in their essays or conduct their research. A farmer, on the other hand, might consider a laptop to be a luxury because it doesn’t have much to do with his profession/every day lifestyle.

People should always have money saved up in case of stressful times. Nobody plans on being diagnosed with cancer, but it happens. In situations like this, treatment options, like radiation, can be very expensive. Treatment might take several weeks as well. People need to save up money in case emergencies. Sending a young adult to college might be seen as a luxury to one person while being a necessity for someone else. The definition of luxury and necessity change depending on a given situation.

Although sending money/supplies to overseas nations would help alleviate poverty, it would only do so in regard to short term issues, as opposed to long term ones. In Africa, “aid-supported scholarships [helped send… girls to school,” which was great for a short amount of time. Even though the girls graduated, they still wouldn’t “be able to find a job in their own countries. ” They were educated but couldn’t do anything with their knowledge. In a way, the aid was a waste. Almost every stable/affluent country/nation have an “accountable government and an efficient civil service.

” These things alone “help meet social needs. Its people need jobs and the belief in their country’s future. ” Money alone cannot “achieve these goals. ” What is the exact definition of a luxury? A necessity? It’s different for everyone, but Peter Singer is trying to define these two ambiguous words. Work ethic would diminish and the quality of life would deplete due to lack of scientific advancement. There would also be no long term goals being met. Overall, donating most of your money to aid for impoverished countries would do more harm than good.

Robert Frost’s ‘The Tuft of Flowers’ history essay help: history essay help

Robert Frost’s ‘The Tuft of Flowers” is an exploration of human companionship. It discusses amity between men and it’s need for proximity. This is achieved through the conflicting themes of isolation, understanding & kinship, and the paradox that it creates. Robert Frost’s poem shows that companionship does not need a physical aspect or presence. Loneliness is a theme that leads the poem into further ideas. Heavily stressed upon, the audience can feel the protagonist’s isolation. “… as he had been – alone,”

This line emphasises the idea through the use of ellipsis. It is an example of a visual aspect of poetry. The word in the poem is set off-side and this furthers the imagery and meaning of ‘alone’. Solitude is also represented through the motif of death. “… his long scythe whispering to the ground. ” This line personifies the weeding object and gives an allusion to death. The Grim Reaper is referenced here, with a subtle use of anthropromorphism. This quote, with such references to death connotes ideas of isolation.

The separation in the poem is heavily emphasised and allows the poem to develop and expand. Conversely, a contrasting theme in the poem is of understanding and kinship. Through the main character’s and mower’s similarity of thought, this idea is portrayed. “The mower… had loved the them thus, by leaving them to flourish, not for us. ” The motivation of the mower was of beauty and this is reflected in the protagonist’s ideals. The connection between the two is shown. “feel a spirit kindred to my own.

” This line shows the connection the protagonist has made to the mower. The use of the word ‘spirit’ represents the metaphysical aspect and absense of a physical presence. This is an inception of the idea in which, connections between entities do not require presence. The companionship made between these parties has occured from a shared idea or understanding. This is a theme relevant in many texts. C. S. Lewis states, “Friendship is born at that moment when one man says to another: “What! You too?

I thought that no-one but myself… ” ” Understanding and kinship is explored within the poem, showing the need or non-essential aspect of physicality. (incompanionship) Paradoxes in this poem are used to show the related and entwined natures of loneliness and companionship. It reflects the interrelations and interdependancy of the ideas. “And I must be, as he had been – alone,” This description of seclusion is conveyed paradoxically with a comparison and establishment of connection to another being.

Another example that is used to conclude the poem, but also to consolidate the central theme of the poem is, “Men work together… whether they work together or apart. ” This line shows of how people are never alone even in the absense of physical beings. The theme of Robert Frost’s work “A Tuft of Flowers” is of how connections between people do not need proximity or physical closeness. Through exploration of the conflicting themes, isolation and kinship, a paradoxial relationshipship is developed between the themes. Robert Frost shows the intertwined nature of companionship and isolation

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