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Career Portfolio

You are eager to enter the workforce and are actively applying for open positions. Since you want to make the best impression on the hiring manager, you are personalizing your cover letter for each job application.For this assignment, you will submit a one-page cover letter personalized for an actual job in your future discipline.To get started on your cover letter, search online job boards for an open position related to your degree program. Identify one job advertisement that interests you and that you could apply for in the future. Since you want to personalize your cover letter, you will need to learn more about (1) the organization and (2) the projects/initiatives related to the position. Therefore, you need to get information on the following:•    The organization: Review the organization’s website for general information (often within an “About us” tab). General information may include vision statement, mission statement, values, goals/objectives, history, strategic plan, etc. You may also wish to review information on the organization’s leadership, if available.•    Relevant projects or initiatives: Explore the organization’s website and try to gain a better understanding of the services provided, products developed, or other operational items. As you learn more about these projects and/or initiatives, make connections to your desired position.Prompt: All cover letters contain the information on the sender and recipient at the top of the page. This information is expected, but does not communicatewhy a hiring manager should interview you. The body of the cover letter (middle of the page) is your opportunity to impress. Therefore, great cover letters tend to contain the following items, in this sequence:•    Beginning of letter (first paragraph)o Brief introduction, summary, or overview (e.g., who you are, the position’s title, etc.)o The core reason(s) why you are applying for the position (specifically referring to the organization, position’s duties, etc.)•    Middle of letter (following paragraph(s) or sometimes depicted as a table)o Specific examples that highlight your value relevant to the position and/or organization•    End of lettero Brief (2–3 sentences) conclusion with direct or indirect statements on your desire for an interview and your availability to discuss further 2RubricGuidelines for Submission: Your cover letter must be submitted as a 1-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font. You may use cover letter templates within Microsoft Word. However, adjust the template’s page and font settings to meet the guidelines for submission

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