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Case Stud- Hobby Lobby Case

This assignment is worth 100 points and the breakdown of those points can be found in the attached rubric. The requirement of this assignment is to select one of the following cases: The Hobby Lobby Case – pages 355-363 After reading the selected case summary of facts and excerpt from the court’s opinion, you will answer the “Questions for Analysis” in paragraph form in a well-developed paper. You are to take a position on the case and convincingly defend your position. The paper must meet the following criteria: Use 12-point font. Have one-inch margins. Be at least one full page in length, not to exceed three pages (double-spaced). Document your references including, but not limited to, the textbook and other court cases. The grade for this assignment will be based on the submission of an outline, submission of a draft, quality of the critical analysis, the prepared defense of the chosen position, and grammar/spelling. The due date for each component of the assignment is included in the Course Schedule.

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