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Case Study 2

Please make sure to review the following article which explains “Planning: too little, too much … just right.”
Read the Case ” Advantage Energy Technology Data Center Migration – Part A” at the end of the chapter 6 and response to the following questions:
Brian Smith, network administrator at Advanced Energy Technology (AET), has been given the responsibility of implementing the migration of a large data center to a new office location. Careful planning is needed because AET operates in the highly competitive petroleum industry. AET is one of five national software companies that provide an accounting and business management package for oil jobbers and gasoline distributors. A few years ago, AET jumped into the “application service provider” world. Their large data center provides clients with remote access to AET’s complete suite of application software systems. Traditionally, one of AET’s primary competitive advantages has been the company’s trademark IT reliability. Due to the complexity of this project, Brian will have to use a parallel method of implementation. Although this will increase project costs, a parallel approach is essential if reliability is not to be compromised.
(Rest of case not shown due to length.)
Generate a priority matrix for AET’s system move.
Develop a WBS for Brian’s project. Include duration (days) and predecessors
Using a project planning tool, generate a network diagram for this project.
Note: Base your plan on the following guidelines: eight-hour days, five-day weeks except for when Brian moves the network components over a weekend, no holiday breaks, March 1, 2010, is the project start date. Ordering Ventilation System, New Racks, and Power Supplies/Cables takes only one actual day of work. The remaining days are the time necessary for the vendors to fill and ship the order to Brian. So use Finish to Start lags here. Assume that five days after the start of the Renovation of the Data Center that the raised floor will be ready for inspection (a Start-to-Start lag).

Management Question

Identify and explain the principle of ethics assigned to your team.
The principle of autonomy which according to Greek means self-rule or respect for humankind and self.1 This means a person has a right to make a decision for themselves. In the healthcare industry, patients have a right to choose how they would like to proceed with their treatment, but they have to be informed of their options and the risks to make an informed decision. They can choose to have an invasive surgery or just live their lives till it is time to let go. A good example could be a cancer patient who wants to do chemotherapy or just die with dignity.1 Patients have a choice. However, autonomy doesn’t just relate to the patient but also staff and the community.
Autonomy has many concepts that include informed consent, confidentiality, truth-telling, and fidelity. This concept considers how important it is to keep patient information and wishes confidential amongst the patient and the healthcare staff. This also means that when a person chooses something that the doctor does not prefer, the doctor must accept and respect the patient’s wishes. This concept also is a key component to being respectful to the community a healthcare provider serves. The doctor must be able to evaluate the patient for mental capacity and be able to obtain informed consent.1 A principle that we see violated when it comes to Henrietta.2 Autonomy also captures the concept of truth telling. The doctors must inform their patients with the full truth even if it may sway the patient in one way or another. This concept was also violated in this book because Henrietta and her family were not told the truth about what was happening with her cells.2 Lastly the concept of fidelity which means being faithful to the patient. This concept was also violated because Dr. Gey was not faithful the Henrietta. Henrietta was promised treatment to survive her cancer, not be used for the cells that were killing her. Dr. Gey was not compliant with the concepts of autonomy, instead he looked out for his benefit and growth in medicine by using her as an experiment. Autonomy was violated because a patient did not give consent to be used as an experiment. These concepts related to the ethical principle of autonomy will be further explained using Henrietta’s story and we will be discussing to what extent Dr. Gey violated and or honored this patient’s rights
2. Illustrate how your principle is identified in the book. Describe how it is honored and/or violated.
Autonomy is identified in the book through demonstrating the lack of patient autonomy and the lack of informed consent provided to patients, which is a recurring theme throughout Henrietta’s entire experience at Johns Hopkins. The author provided background information about the lack of medical care for African-Americans in Baltimore at the time, Johns Hopkins Hospital was one of the few institutions that provided public medical care for all. Many doctors and researchers often used patients within their public wards for research without their knowledge, this went against the patient’s right to consent and autonomy. For the doctors from a legal standpoint, they had received all the consent they needed to perform the cell biopsy, as Henreitta signed a form stating her consent for the doctors to “perform any operative procedures, that they may deem necessary”. However, she was never informed what exact procedures were going to be performed and why, such as her hysterectomy which we know she would have declined if she was informed of the procedure beforehand. This scenario and many that have experienced it did not understand that goes against all criteria of informed consent and violates the very principle of autonomy. Although she technically possessed a certain degree of autonomy, it was as if any service the hospital provided was supposed to be met with obedience and agreement as reciprocity, thereby diminishing her intrinsic autonomy3. Henrietta also had no knowledge that her cervical tissue would be cultivated and used in experiments by Gey. Autonomy over her own tissue and how it might be used was not recognized, by her or her family due to the part of Gey and Johns Hopkins meaning that they not only violated her autonomy while she was seeking treatment as well as posthumously.
3. Analyze how your principle could be better honored/upheld in the case of Henrietta Lacks. What should happen now in the Lacks case in line with the principle you are presenting?

This is my team paper. My job is to answer the 3rd question that is bolded above. The ethical principle here is autonomy. The required text is:
Skloot R. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. New York, NY: Random House LLC; 2011.
Part 1, Chapters 1-11

MGMT 300 Write answer

Management Assignment Help How Can Human Resources’ Professionals Improve The Recruitment of College Students

1. Your responses to the material assignment. Your perspective should select an angle and analyze the pros and cons of that angle. This is worth up to 50 points. It should demonstrate critical thinking at its best. Simplistic comments that lack analysis are not encouraged nor receive good grades.
2a. A specific, detailed actual organizational example of your point that is from your own organization (or an organization where you were previously employed). This is worth up to 25 points.
2b. An actual example that is NOT from your workplace nor any organization in which you have had an affiliation. It cannot be an organization that your family members or friends have any affiliation, either. This is worth up to 25 points. Your organizational examples cannot be hypothetical at all. They must be actual and can be from any industry or type of organization. More details are better than less details.

Reflection and Discussion forum week 3

Read and reflect on the assigned readings for the week. Then post what you thought was the most important concept(s), method(s), term(s), and/or any other thing that you felt was worthy of your understanding in each assigned textbook chapter.Your initial post should be based upon the assigned reading for the week, so the textbook should be a source listed in your reference section and cited within the body of the text. Other sources are not required but feel free to use them if they aid in your discussion.

Also, provide a graduate-level response to each of the following questions:
Why is it difficult to estimate mega project (i.e., costs and benefits (i.e. airports, stadiums, etc.) costs and benefits?
Define what a “white elephant” is in project management? Provide a real life example.
Why bother creating a WBS? Why not go straight to a project network and forget the WBS?
[Your post must be substantive and demonstrate insight gained from the course material. Postings must be in the student’s own words – do not provide quotes!]
[Your initial post should be at least 450 words and in APA format (including Times New Roman with font size 12 and double spaced). Post the actual body of your paper in the discussion thread then attach a Word version of the paper for APA review]

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