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Case Study for Medical Terminology

This is an untimed, self-paced assignment. Please read the SOAP note below and use that information and your textbook to follow the accompanying instructions. Use complete sentences with proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. Be specific and detailed when following the instructions. Remember to properly cite any outside resources used in APA format.
Part 1: List and define each of the abbreviations/words in bold text. Tell what the terms would be in medical words and then describe what they mean. Example: cut – incision – making a cut through the skin, often done during surgery.
Part 2: Use the information gathered to rewrite the note in medical terms, including what the physician understood to be the problem, what was found in the physical exam and tests, the diagnosis, and the plan of care.(These steps represent SOAP therefore, the SOAP labels should be included on each part.
Case Study:
You are a medical scribe working in the emergency department. Your patient is a 28-year-old man named James. The following is James’s explanation of events leading to his trip to the emergency department:
“I was reroofing my house when a gust of wind caught me just right. It blew me right off the roof. I thought I was in luck because I was able to twist around and land on my feet, but when I hit, I heard a loud SNAP! My leg bone broke through my pants and I lost the feeling in my foot.”
On arrival, James was given a pain-killer to help him stay still while the doctor did an exam and X-rays were taken because he was in a great deal of pain. The physician found a break in the femur of the left leg that was offset and shifted (the type of break). James had muscle weakness below the break, and some fluid buildup in his knee on the other side. No other issues were noted in the physical exam and review of systems. An X-ray confirmed the offset and shifted fracture.
A bone doctor was called for consult, and she decided that the best course of action was to return the bones to their original position surgically, and to anchor plates to the bone to fix it in place. Following the surgery, James will need to follow-up with his bone doctor in ten days and will see a physical therapist 8 weeks after surgery.

Discussion Post

County Health Rankings
The 2018 County Health Rankings provide a window into the health outcomes and health factors of individual counties in the United States. Review the information provided on this web resource (linked in the Resources). In your initial post, respond to the following:
Discuss the key findings described in this resource. What do they tell you?
Analyze the call to action on this site. What barriers do you see in the implementation of the actions described?
After reviewing this site, do you feel existing policies are making a positive impact? Justify your response.
Discuss the information you would like to see on this resource that is not currently provided.
Include two academic references in your post. Use the current APA style and formatting appropriate to the type of reference you provide.
Response Guidelines
Read the posts of all the learners. As noted in the Faculty Expectations Message discussion response guidelines, comment on the posts of what other learners identified. Do you agree with their assessment of whether existing policies are making a positive impact? What could make the policies more effective?
Use the current APA style and formatting appropriate to the type of any references you provide.

Public Health Communications

Religion and Theology Assignment Help For this assignment, you will create a newsletter for public health professionals with an interest in a specific public health issue. The newsletter must address that issue and include information about how to reach diverse stakeholders. These stakeholders may include educators, government officials, clinicians, patients, and others. Stakeholders may be diverse in background and literacy. This assignment can be approached from a clinical, administrative, academic, or research focus, but it should aim to inform, influence, and motivate behavior and policy.
Develop a newsletter related to this leading health indicator; mental illness and depression
In the newsletter, do the following:
Discuss the history of the topic, including trends and primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention.
Analyze the role of health professionals in promoting health, including how health professionals’ roles could be increased.
Evaluate how globalization affects global burdens of disease as it relates to this indicator.
Analyze the effects of environmental factors on a population’s health as it relates to this indicator.
Evaluate communication strategies for communicating about this public health issue. Explain how you would determine the most effective communication channel for various audience segments.

You may use a Microsoft newsletter template to complete this project if desired.
The newsletter will be graded on content, subject relevance to behavior and policy, grammar, spelling, appearance, graphics, and color use.
Review the scoring guide before developing and submitting your assignment to ensure you meet all evaluation criteria.
Additional Requirements
Your assignment should also meet the following requirements:
Written communication: Written communication is free from errors that detract from the overall message.
APA formatting: Your paper should demonstrate the current APA style and formatting.
Number of resources: Include a minimum of three resources, appropriately cited throughout your newsletter and in your reference list.
Suggested length: A minimum of four typed and double-spaced pages, not including the title page, reference list, or appendices.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12-point.
Submit your paper and any other required elements to the assignment area.


Scenario 1: A 32-year-old female presents to the ED with a chief complaint of fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, and vaginal discharge. She states these symptoms started about 3 days ago, but she thought she had the flu. She has begun to have LLQ pain and notes bilateral lower back pain. She denies dysuria, foul-smelling urine, or frequency. States she is married and has sexual intercourse with her husband. PMH negative.
Labs: CBC-WBC 18, Hgb 16, Hct 44, Plat 325, ­ Neuts

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