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Case Study: Opening Your New Dunkin Donuts Locations Scholarship Essay Help

Assumption and Context: You have been the manager of a Dunkin Donuts store in the Midwest for the past two years. The store is owned by a Dunkin Donuts franchisee who owns 20 other Dunkin Donuts locations. Your employer took an employee inventory and examined all current employees. It has been noted by the owner that you have a highly successful track record. You have been recognized for doing an exceptional job staffing, leading, training, coaching, and managing people. You have been recognized for successfully managing all key components of your store and have successfully managed key business drivers such as cash, profits, growth, asset utilization and people. In regards to the metrics that are used to measure their stores for sales, quality, and customer service, your store is the top performing store in their system. Congratulations! You have just been promoted to District Manager! The Dunkin Donuts franchisee sees your growth potential and the growth potential in your geographic area. The owner now has committed significant capital and plans to open five new locations over the next two years. You will be given complete autonomy, authority, and responsibility to structure, staff, and operate these five new locations. You will be playing a key role in this expansion for growth. Assignment: Prepare a five-page paper (excluding the title and reference pages), including at least three scholarly sources, in addition to the textbook, formatted according to APA style guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. In your paper, explain your chosen job design, organizational design, your recruiting strategy and methods, and your training and performance appraisal process as the new District Manager for Dunkin Donuts. You must organize your paper using the following section headings and include additional section headings as needed: Introduction Job Design Organizational Design Recruiting and Selection Training and Performance Appraisals Conclusion

Key features related to the integration of supply chain operations essay helpInstructions 1. Research scholarly resources. 2. If you require any scholarly journals from my end, please don’t hesitate to ask. 3. Write 450 words maximum Assignment After summarizing your readings (Researched scholarly resources), discuss briefly some key features related to the integration of supply chain operations with the marketing strategies in the airlines industry.
Process Scheduling essay help**Please review assignment requirements before submitting bids**. 3 page Due NLT August 16, 2019 ; Writer must follow requirements of assignment as outlined in attached document. All background information is attached. Assignment instructions are in the Case 4 attachment below.
Exploring the challenges and advantages of organizational culture in the workplace. essay help online free15 Pages includes, title page, abstract, and References so in essence looking at a 12 Page. Outline I. Intro Title Page Abstract Intro/Topic Paragraph II. Subtopic 1 A. B. III. Subtopic 2 A. B. IV. Subtopic 3 A. B. V. WRAP Recommendations Conclusion References Double Space 3rd Person, Present Tense Title Page Abstract=Sales Page Intro/Topic Paragraph Para Size-120-140 words About 3 para per page Paper Setup-Running Header Subtopic Design Information-60% Analysis-40% Own Work-60% Cited Work-40% Inserts, Bullets, Charts-Use what’s appropriate; rule of thumb, take only space you need. A graph, introduce it, why it is important, less than half a page, if more attach as an appendix. Citing/Oversaturation Recommendations—Come up with 3 or 4 Recommendations/not requited for APA but increases the value for your paper. (Required for this class) Conclusion—Finish Strong, don’t fall short. References—5-7 references/Balance the type of References Currency About 5 years or more recent forget old news Turn Drafts in at 50%, 75%, 90% before final. Plagiarism Checker, run paper through it. Email Drafts, Final will be posted.
Option #1: Analysis of Leadership Definitions and Biographical Leadership essay helpOption #1: Analysis of Leadership Definitions and Biographical Leadership There are three parts to this week’s Critical Thinking Assignment paper. Part I: An important concept for this week’s study is that no single, standard definition of leadership exists. We can trace the history of how leadership has been defined and redefined by scholars and managers. Page III of this week’s lecture provides insight into an exercise that may be useful for individuals wanting to understand their own leadership definitions: constructing a biographical leadership explanation. Western (2013) [required reading] offered a personal example of a leadership explanation through the author’s lens; Western also describes the exercise as “locating oneself.” Begin the Week 1 Critical Thinking Assignment by composing your personal biographic leadership explanation. You may use Western’s format or another that is supported by the literature or that fits your career purpose. Place the biographical leadership explanation in Appendix A of the paper. Part II: Create an historical overview of selected leadership definitions by constructing a time-line figure illustrating how leadership definitions varied over time. The time-line will span three decades and include a minimum of three (3) definitions from different sources that are then positioned across the time-line. Place the time-line and definition overview in Appendix B of the paper. Part III: Develop an analytic essay* exploring how your leadership explanation was informed by time and by different leadership definitions. That is, decompose and extract elements from your biographical explanation and determine if and where the elements might be related to the time-line and definitions. Within the analytic paper, reference Appendices A and B. Include a conclusion based on findings and insights related to what influenced your personal leadership assumptions and experiences. Requirements: Support your response with research from at least four scholarly sources and, in addition, you may use the required course readings. Your paper should be three to four pages in length, not counting the required title and reference pages and appendices. Your paper must be formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA. Review the grading rubric, which can be accessed in the Module 1 folder, to understand how you will be graded on this assignment. Reach out to your instructor if you have questions about the assignment.
THE EFFECT OF INDUCTION TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT ON EMPLOYEE PERFORMACE IN LIFE INSURANCE COPMANY IN NEPAL best essay helpAbstract Table of contents list of figures Table of major symbols and units Framework model Chapter I – Introduction 1.1 Background and Significance of Study 1.2 Problem statement 1.3 Research objective 1.4 Variables of The Study Chapter II – Literature review and 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Empirical Literature 2.3 Theoretical Foundation 2.4 Theoretical Framework 2.4.1 Training development 2.4.2 Training and development method 2.4.3 Employee performance 2.4.4 The relationship between training and development and employee performance 2.4.5 Benefits of training and development 2.4.6 Theoretical foundation 2.5 summery Chapter III: Methodology 3.1 quantitative research 3.2 qualitative research 3.3 Study Method 3.4 Sampling and Data Collection 3.5 The Questionnaire Design 3.6 Statistical analysis Tools 3.7 Study Model 3.8 Validity and Reliability of the Questionnaire 3.9 The Analysis of Empirical Results CHAPTER IV – RESULT AND DISCUSSION 4.1 Testing hypotheses of the study. 4.2 The Statistical Analysis of Questionnaire 4.3 Results 4.4 Discussion. CHAPTER V – DISCUSSION, CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION 5.1 Conclusion. 5.2 Recommendation 5.3 Limitation of the study REFERENCES APPENDICES i need 15 questionnaire ,there will be 200 applicants.i need statistical analysis from 2007 to 2018.i need statistical analysis.i have lack of more information so can you add more information over here. NOTE:i am giving you my thesis proposal please dont copy from here because i am just giving you to understand my proposal and for reference.put all new things
Collecting and Categorizing current NEWS for Abercrombie best college essay helpCreate a Traffic Light Report for Abercrombie & Fitch. Bullet points only. NO PAPER NEEDED. What is a Traffic Light Report: It consists of 3 categories. Think of it like this, you are the brand manager of A&F, and you are reporting what’s going on in the world to your boss. Your boss already know that A&F has awesome products, gives out good discounts or provide flexible working schedule. Don’t tell him what’s happening inside the company, tell him what’s happening outside in the world and what these outside information has impact on the brand. The GREEN column includes items that are running along smoothly or surpassing your expectations. GREENs tend to be FYI only in nature with little to no action required from your manager. For example, some social media site has reached 1 million likes and shares; or some influential celebrity tweets about A&F as the new trend of fashion. These news articles or media feeds all have positive impact on the brand, these information will help the brand soar. So these can go in the GREEN. The YELLOW column includes items that are currently functioning, but need to be flagged proactively as you foresee problems possibly existing on the horizon. YELLOWs are warnings and tend to require no immediate action. However, the fact that are listed in yellow is a flag to your manager that you may require their attention in the near future.Yellow means something to watch out for. For example, some other brand launched similar products. This can be good or can be bad. It can be good because the customer may still like A&F after comparison. It can be bad because the other brand may offer a lower price. We don’t know, we will keep an eye on it, so we put this news in Yellow. The RED column includes items requiring immediate action. Items may be emergencies or simply action items you already reached out to your boss about in separate emails, but have yet to receive a response. Examples can be like somewhere in the world has a brand called “Abercromdie”, and they sell practically the same products. They purposely change the spelling and these may lead to decreasing market share or even legal issues. So this go in the RED. Anything goes in RED needs IMMEDIATE action from the boss or the company. Build the report using ONLY current news! DO NOT simply do a SWOT analysis of the brand. Again, this is a report that you want to give to your boss and say this is what’s going on in the world and how these news affect our brand development. IMPORTANT: current news mean anything happened within a week. If you can’t find anything, the time frame can be extended to anything happened in 2017. Please have at least 5 bullet points in each category. Thank you. Example of a completed traffic light report for Sriracha will be uploaded for better clarification. Read carefully and think how those news affect the Sriracha brand and why they are put in the corresponding column.
Motivating Employees with… online essay helpRead the rubric, has information 3 pages is sufficient. Persuasive essay about implementing a management change in a theoretical company, change could be something like Motivating Employees using a Reward System, or something similar.
A reflective (1000 words) report based on your reflection of the impact of an ethical decision essay help site:eduA reflective (1000 words) report based on your reflection of the impact of an ethical decision ‘If you think you are too small to make an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room’ (attributed to various authors). Source: Adapted from McKee, A., 2012. A Focus on Leaders. International Edition NJ: Pearson. p612 In the light of this quote, critically reflect upon whether all companies should be involved in CSR, regardless of their size. (Your reflection might be informed by your own organization or company or one that you know well and the debate regarding the responsibilities of business.) (1000 words) Please use Harvard Referencing
Safety Plan college essay helpYou are the safety and occupational health professional for your city’s health department. You received a call from a major food-distribution warehouse about some employees who are complaining of dizziness and feeling sick. The scene is a very large warehouse; a significant portion is refrigerated. The illnesses are being reported from a refrigerated section (about 40 degrees F), where workers are blister packing food products on a production line. The warehouse has 20 loading docks, two railroad car lines that end directly inside the warehouse (in close proximity to the production area), a dozen or so gas powered forklifts, and no sensors or environmental monitors of any kind except those associated with the refrigeration systems. The warehouse manager is cooperative, but he points out that he is in the middle of contract negotiations with the union. He is also very proud of the fact that they have special seals on the loading dock doors and throughout the warehouse to keep the cold in and the heat out. You cannot identify any discernible odors other than the exhaust from the forklifts when they move by you. There are four women waiting for you in the break room complaining of dizziness and lightheadedness. They are all comparing and complaining about their symptoms. There are 14 employees who work in this area of the warehouse: 12 women and 2 men. Instructions: Based on the given scenario, develop a plan of action that includes how you would conduct the investigation, how you would identify possible sources of the problem, and your opinion on the likely source. BOS 3001, Fundamentals of Occupational Safety and Health 4 Discuss the standards applicable to possible sources. Include several recommendations you would make to the manager to help solve the problem based on your research into documented best practices for similar situations. Note: You may make assumptions about the scenario in order to propose solutions (be certain to state your assumptions clearly). Your Case Study must be four to six pages in length, double spaced. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.
Leadership Style essay help freePlease read Assignment instructions on Leadership Style. The self assessments on Emotional Intelligence, Decision-Making Style and Leadership have been done and results are attached below. Please use and include the information in the paper.
Module 03: Organizing for Ethics and Sustainability-MGT630 college essay help onlineTo differentiate between local and global businesses and their roles in leading and organizing for sustainability, consider your required readings from the textbook and by Ha-brookshire, J. (2017) and Hosang, J. (2017). Ha-brookshire described “perfect duty” (p. 235) which impacts how global businesses lead and share information for sustainability. Describe one local business, and one global business; and discuss how their sustainability efforts are either hypocritical or morally responsible and why. Embed course material concepts, principles and theories, which require supporting citations along with at least one scholarly peer reviewed reference in supporting your answer unless the assignment calls for more. Keep in mind that these scholarly references can be found in the Saudi Electronic Library by conducting an advanced search specific to scholarly references.
Supply chain management – Inventory control for perishable products with fluctuating demand essay help• Read the required resources (Attached 3 Journal Articles) • Write around 500 words maximum, summarizing the three Journal Articles Question: Write an analysis on the inventory control for perishable products with fluctuating demand (such as seasonal or cyclical) and logistics level constraints.
Competitive Advantage through Corporate Social Responsibility college application essay help8-10 pages (Not including cover sheet, abstract and reference page – a minimum of 6 references will be used) APA Format; 12 pitch Outline I. Intro Title Page Abstract Intro/Topic Paragraph II. Subtopic 1 A. B. III. Subtopic 2 A. B. IV. Subtopic 3 A. B. V. WRAP Recommendations Conclusion References Double Space 3rd Person, Past or Perfect Present Tense Title Page Abstract=Sales Page Intro/Topic Paragraph Para Size-120-140 words About 3 para per page Paper Setup-Running Header Subtopic Design Information-60% Analysis-40% Own Work-60% Cited Work-40% Inserts, Bullets, Charts-Use what’s appropriate; rule of thumb, take only space you need. A graph, introduce it, why it is important, less than half a page, if more attach as an appendix. Citing/Oversaturation Recommendations—Come up with 3 or 4 Recommendations/not requited for APA but increases the value for your paper. (Required for this class) Conclusion—Finish Strong, don’t fall short. References—Minimum 6 references Currency About 5 years or more recent forget old news Plagiarism Checker, run paper through it.
Strategic planning college admissions essay helpChapter 3 discusses various aspects of strategic planning, including the mission and vision of the organization. What are the dangers of having a flawed mission statement? How does a flawed statement affect the development of a unit’s mission statement and subsequent individual job descriptions and goals? Why?
Virtual Collaboration, Barriers to Communication online essay helpVirtual Collaboration, Barriers to Communication Do some research and answer the following critical thinking questions from this week’s readings. In your analysis, cite a minimum of three (3) references from different sources (the textbook can be one source).Two business people meeting with another business person shown on a computer monitor. Advances in technology are making it easier than ever for people to collaborate, even when they are dispersed globally. Discuss how you could manage potential conflict within your team over the fact that not all members will have the same knowledge of the English language. Compare how the stages of group development might be different for virtual teams compared to traditional face-to-face teams. What would be some of your recommendations for dealing with the differences in group stages of development in virtual teams? Identify and summarize the five barriers to communication. Then, assume you are communicating with someone who has an oversized ego. What actions could you take to increase the effectiveness of your communication with this person? Your submission should be a minimum of two (2), double-spaced, full pages of analysis with proper reference citation per current APA guidelines. Academic Integrity Upon submission, your assignment will automatically be evaluated through Turnitin. Your paper will be checked against a database of millions of written works and provide feedback on originality. You may view your originality report; however, you will not be permitted to submit your paper a second time. Ensure your work is entirely your own and cite your sources, if applicable!
Effective Communication and Training in Implementing a Performance Management System scholarship essay helpBased on the Module 10 readings, what are the three primary communication areas that a performance management system (PMS) should address? What are the most effective ways for these areas to be communicated to managers and employees? Why it is important for each employee to understand his or her role in the performance management system?
Exploring Leadership Theories cheap essay helpChoose two leadership theories presented/utilized in this course. Briefly define these theories, including their principle components. Be sure to incorporate MBTI theories as part of your discussion. Then, apply these leadership theories to the composition/management of a more effective team. —— 1.) The two theories I chose for this paper are ” Transactional Leadership” and “The Great-Man Theory”. You can find information about these two theories here [] 2.) When it comes to MBTI, I took this test and got the personality test result of “ISTJ”. You can find more information on this personality type here []
Crisis management wk4 cheap essay helpFind three scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles that come from the EPSCO database pertaining to organizational culture, identity, character, and positive stakeholder relationships building during a crisis. Using a minimum of 1000 double-spaced with a cover page and reference page in APA format, discuss the following questions as found in the weekly reading. 1. How can leaders effectively contain (during crisis) and recover from (postcrisis) an organizational crisis? 2. What are the steps leaders can take to encourage post-crisis organizational growth? need this today by 6pm

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