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CASE STUDY Personally Yours Negligent Hiring/Retention

This case explores the legal responsibilities an employer has to conduct background searches and to dismiss employees who pose a potential danger to co-workers and/or clients.
Three roles that will be involved: Human Resource Supervisor (Gary Garcia), Branch Manager (Violet Jennings), and Human Resource Manager (Alyssa Williams).
Human resource supervisor Gary Garcia leaves a meeting at the local SHRM chapter with some great ideas about how Personally Yours could improve their HR operations. Overall, things are running pretty efficiently; Personally Yours is a quickly-growing medium-sized organization, though, and in many ways it still operates like the small, family-owned and -operated business it was just a few years ago. For example, existing hiring processes are standardized at headquarters and at the branch offices. Each job applicant completes a standardized application, submits a résumé (if appropriate for the position), does pre-employment testing, and undergoes a background check (which includes contacting references and former employers and conducting a criminal background check). However, this was not the case when the company was first started, and many longtime employees have never undergone a background check. This is extremely troubling to Garcia, in light of the fact that their employees work in clients’ homes and have contact with vulnerable individuals (e.g., children, elderly, infirm).
Activity: This is a two-part scenario.
Part 1 – You are to determine if background checks on all employees are necessary. In order to do this, you should research Background Checks and what is required from those individuals who have contact with the elderly, children and the infirmed . You are to write a protocol to conduct them (e.g., which employees, how thorough).
Part 2 – It has come to Jennings’ attention that one of her longtime employees, Jackson Tibbits, a handyman, is on the Florida Sexual Offender list. After doing more research, she learns that 17 years ago, when Tibbits was 24, he was convicted of having unlawful sexual contact with a 15-year-old female. As a registered sexual offender, Tibbits cannot live within 1,000 yards of a school and must register with the state anytime he moves. Also, he is prohibited by law from holding positions such as schoolteacher and health care professional. You must decide Personally Yours should terminate Tibbits based on this newly discovered information. Once you have made a decision, you are to write a justification for your answer. © 2009 Society for Human Resource Management. Angela T. Hall, Ph.D., J.D., SPHR 5
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HRM4481 Grading RubricHRM4481 Grading RubricCriteriaRatingsPtsQuality of Writing and Proofreadingview longer description
3.75 pts
Written responses are free of grammatical spelling or punctuation errors. The style of writing facilitates communication.
3 pts
Written responses are largely free of grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. The style of writing generally facilitates communication.
2.25 pts
Written responses contain a few errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation, etc. Some errors but not so many to indicate repetitive distractions.
1.5 pts
Written responses include some grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. The errors distract the reader.
0.75 pts
Uses incorrect grammar and incorrect sentence structure consistently. The errors interfere with the communication process.
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Comprehension of material
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4.5 pts
The writer understands significant ideas relevant to the issue under discussion. This is indicated by correct use of terminology, precise selection of information components required to make a point. Correct use of examples .
3.6 pts
Able to distinguish and comprehends a deeper meaning on most occasions. Ideas are reasonably clear. Some subjective evaluation is necessary to determine what the writer means.
2.7 pts
Comprehends the surface level meaning of the material and begins to relate issues to general knowledge and experience
1.8 pts
Demonstrates some basic comprehension of the material . Does not make connections with the bigger picture.
0.9 pts
Not comprehending or reflecting on what is read or viewed
/ 4.5 pts
Length, content and ability to interpret and answer assignment
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2.25 pts
Work demonstrates that all tasks were completed Showed some originality and extra initiative in completing assignment.
1.8 pts
Work demonstrates that significant effort was made to attempt all aspects of the assignment. Ideas connected clearly.
1.35 pts
Work demonstrates that some effort was made to attempt all tasks that were assigned. Occasional sense of engagement of writer with the subject matter.
0.9 pts
Little effort was made to attempt all tasks that were assigned. Ideas were connected but weak
0.45 pts
Very little effort was given to the task assignment. No response was given.
/ 2.25 pts
Relevance of answers, opinions and ideas.
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4.5 pts
Student is clearly expressing arguments, opinions and responses in answering assignments. Superior ideas and insights. Answers are clear and complex.
3.6 pts
Student is more consistent in expressing arguments, opinions and responses when answering assignments
2.7 pts
Student is learning to develop and express arguments, opinions and responses in answering assignments. More complex and insightful answers.
1.8 pts
Not developing their ability to express arguments, ideas or opinions. Ideas are not complex or insightful. May include some information that distracts from central purpose.
0.9 pts
Student is not able to express opinions, ideas, and responses due to inadequate writing skills. Ideas are unclear.

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Critical thinking exercise : Woolworths’ Corporate Responsibility Strategy

Management Assignment Help What challenges do you think a company like Woolworths Group is facing when developing and implementing a companywide corporate social responsibility strategy that takes into account the more than 200,000 employees, diverse interests, and stakeholders?
Woolworths Group is trying to reduce its carbon emissions or footprint by 10 percent. Based on where we are as a world, is 10 percent enough of a reduction? Perhaps global warming is not real, what do you think?
Instructions :
Original threads should be at least 250 words. The thoughts and opinions expressed in your thread need to be substantiated by research and literature (from the textbook or outside sources). All references should be in correct APA style. While this is a formal discussion environment, you are allowed to use the first person perspective in all your posts since you will be expressing your personal opinions. All original threads should: Bring clarity to the issues being discussed. Raise new and novel (yet relevant) points. Relate issues to personal experience. Rationally defend your stated position.

Evidence-Based Research in Management discussion board

The Discussion Board for this week asks you to compare and contrast the four decision models/theories presented: The Rational Model, Bounded Rationality, The Garbage Can Model, and Slow/Fast Thinking. Each of these models is descriptive (describing how we make decisions) rather than prescriptive (telling us what how we should make decisions). Yet, are there any take-aways from these models as a whole?
Initial comments should be from 200-300 words in length. Specifically address these questions:
Fundamentally, how are these theories similar? How are they different?
Which do you think would be a good model to use for a decision to change a company’s PTO (Paid Time Off) policies? Why?
APA and need reference

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