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Case study questions due in 11 hours

I have attached the case study below. I need it in 11 hours.
I need these questions done:
Problem identification (just one sentence identifying TD Bank’s problem) do this first and send it to me

One to two paragraphs describing how to solve the case.

A SWOT analysis of TD Bank (point form)

An implementation plan (one to two paragraphs explaining how to implement the solution)

Risks and Mitigations to the implementation plan (point form)

Advantages of Video Games grad school essay help academic writing tutor

People spend their leisure time in various ways in the society today. Playing games is one of the most common ways through which people spend their free time. The advent of information systems and globalization has transformed the gaming industry. The resultant effect of the innovations supported by information technology includes the emergence of video games. There are numerous video games that are used in the society today. Some of the games are associated with both positive and negative impacts on people. These effects depend on how the people use the games. Playing video games is beneficial to the cultural, social and development life of a person.

The video games enhance the cognitive capability of an individual. This is because the nature of the games facilitates the development of the brains of a person. While playing the games, the person gets massive metal engagement. The engagement promotes the neural processing and efficiency of the brain that lead an increased utilization of the metal resources. Continuous involvement of the brain in these activities assists in propagating the level of thinking of a person and thus promoting positive development. These games are also assisting promoting faster and more accurate attention from the brain.

Video games promote the acquisition of numerous motivational benefits to a person. While playing the games, they challenge an individual to improve the style of play in order to succeed. The ultimate aim of an individual is have success in the games, consequently, when a person fails while playing the games, he is likely to be motivated to try again until success is achieved. Therefore, the games can assist in developing the attitude of a person. One of the attributes of attitude that can be developed include persistence and approach to various challenges. These games can assist a person to improve on the way of approaching various challenges in real life situations.

The video games facilitate the deviation of a person’s emotional affiliations. The most common emotional orientations of a person include anxiety and depression. The structural and cultural orientation of the games makes a person have deviating moods consistently. While having deviations in the moods, a person can have a sense of relation in the body. The deviations can also make a person know how to handle the emotional extremes. Therefore, this is one of the engagements that can assist in heightening the level of resilience through the development of reappraising strategies and flexibility.

Video games have numerous social benefits to the players. The games present an individual with various situations that require the player to apply social skills. Some of the games are very complex. Learning how to approach the complex situations is identical to most experiences in the society today. When an individual is continuously involved in these complex situations, they are likely to influence a person’s cultural orientations. This will make a person be used to the circumstance and can way to overcome them. The complex situation also require an individual to make decisions. Some of the decisions need to be made within very strict deadlines. Therefore, these games can develop an individual to become a very good leader because of the organization that they entail.

Therefore, the use of video games is very beneficial to people of various social orientations. This is because of the positive effects these games propagate in a person. People have various ways of spending their leisure time, and the use of video games is the most common in the world today. In order to keep pace with the advancements in the society today, people are involved in the use of video games to spend their time. Thus, video games present the most constructive way of spending this time.

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Expanded Deffinitions 16 Questions

Antimicrobial Agents

Write a 3- to 4- page paper that addresses the following: APA style with 5-6 references less than 5 years old Discuss in a paragraph classes of Anti-infective agents & principles. Discuss in two or three paragraphs the classification & mechanism of action of key antibacterial agents . Discuss one class very well discussed for therapeutic applications, adverse effects in addition to the mechanism of action. Compare the PHARMACOLOGY of antibacterial therapy & antiviral therapy.Conclusion should be well written as half a page synopsis

Reasearch Paper

1. Must be 6 to 7 pages in length. 2. Write about August Wilson. 3. Describe the history of August Wilson. 4. Describe his work. 5. How and why did they enter the theatrical realm ? 6. What was the social/political climate and/or historical setting in which they existed ? 7. What challenges did they face ? 8.What is something you learned about yourself during your research ? 9. 12pt, Times New Roman, double-spaced,1-inch margins all around.

4 Page File And 6 PagePPT

4 Page File And 6 PagePPT. RFID in my Industry: A Research Paper Each student is required to research and collect data and information regarding an RFID system that can be integrated into a specific business process to solve a problem in their individual industry, career or field of study. The paper does not require the researcher/author to include a significant amount of technical data about the system, but rather information about the business justification, planning, purchasing, installing, and maintaining of the system. The paper should include: Cover Page, Abstract, Table of Contents, Main Body, References and Attachments. An Introduction- specific description of the business problem that the RFID system will be used to improve or enhance. An overview of the chosen RFID system including: Basics of the RFID components that were chosen Any advances in RFID that are used in the system Any Industry Standards that are used in the system Benefits and/or disadvantages of the RFID system Security concerns or practices associated with the RFID system Impact of implementation – A description of administrative procedures – human and process changes; any Changes in Organization policies or enhancements to include training requirements Appendices (Documentation could include: business case, project plan, etc In this research paper and students are encouraged to look both inside and outside the box for gaining knowledge about RFID. Much of the information gathered will be through research and should be documented appropriately. 2. prepare a 5- 10 minute PowerPoint presentation that discusses the industry challenge, the business case and specifics about the RFID system selected or recommended. Students will include detailed speaking notes along with the PowerPoint slides as if they were actually presenting the material in front of the class
4 Page File And 6 PagePPT

Help With A Critical Analysis Paper

NO pros and cons, NO opinions. Strictly just the facts, critical analysis paper the format is in APA format the essay is about the State of California’s water issues and problems regarding dams, especially the problems Oroville dam just experienced in 2017. 3-4 pages Continue with 3-4 pages explaining how special interest groups are tied to the water issues Then 3-4 more pages explaining how lobbyists are tied to the water issues.

Psy420 Week 3 Self Management Project

Psy420 Week 3 Self Management Project. You will be completing a self-management project in Week 5, and your topic needs to be approved by your instructor to ensure it is behavioral, measurable, and objectively defined. Doing so ensures that you select an appropriate topic but also gets you thinking about how to operationally define behavior. Choose a target behavior for your Week 5 Self-Management Project. Write a 175-word summary on the target behavior in observable and measurable terms. Include the methods that will be used to observe and acquire baseline data.
Psy420 Week 3 Self Management Project

NU560-8D Week3 Discussion3-1 Reply1

Topic: Chronic psychosocial Stress and Hypertension “Genetic and behavioral factors do not fully explain the development of hypertension, and there is increasing evidence suggesting that psychosocial factors may also play an important role. Exposure to chronic stress has been hypothesized as a risk factor for hypertension, and occupational stress, stressful aspects of the social environment, and low socioeconomic status have each been studied extensively” (Spruill, 2010, p.10). Describe the participant protections provided by the researchers for participants. Participant protection provided was presenting the stressors in a lab, and not the real world. The participants were then taught ways to cope. How were the participants selected? How might this impact ethical principles within the study? A cross sectional analysis of 2612 participants from 495 neighborhoods was done to choose the participants. The participants were chosen from people who were included in the multi-ethnic study of atherosclerosis. The participants were people experiencing low socioeconomic status, racial discrimination, and occupational stress which could impact ethical principles. Would the participants in this study be considered “vulnerable”? Why or why not? Yes, because the participant with bp issues is forced to confront stressors in a lab. For example, African Americans living in the US suffer from higher rates of hypertension than whites and reasons remain poorly understood, (Spruill, 2010, p.12). One aspect is that African Americans demonstrate elevated bp to race related lab stressors such as listening to audiotapes and watching videotapes of racist scenarios or recall of personal experiences. Evidence showed that reactivity is influenced the degree to which the subjects attribute to race-related discrimination, (Spruill, 2010, p.12). Were participants subjected to any physical harm or discomfort or psychological distress as part of the study? What efforts did the researchers make to minimize harm and maximize good? Yes, they were forced to confront the stressor being studied, whereas in real life, they probably tried their best to avoid certain stressors. The participants were taught interventions to help reduce blood pressure such as muscle relaxation, biofeedback, meditation, and other coping mechanisms. Does the report discuss steps that were taken to protect the privacy and confidentiality of study participant? There is a disclosure note: Disclosure No potential conflicts of interest relevant to this article were reported. ?Much of the work to date regarding effects of rumination on BP has used laboratory stressors; though this approach is useful and important, the artificiality of the situation limits the generalizability of results to the real world. Response to laboratory stressors may be a poor indicator of the degree to which people ruminate about real-life stressors. Further, in the laboratory, the participant is forced to confront the stressor being studied, whereas in the field, the person may use various strategies (eg, distraction) to avoid such engagement. Thus, an important next step in evaluating rumination as a possible mechanism by which stress contributes to hypertension is to observe the effects of naturally occurring stressors on ruminative thoughts and BP outside the laboratory (Spruill, 2010, p.14). Spruill, T. M. (2010). Chronic psychosocial stress and hypertension. Current Hypertension Reports, 12(1), 10-6. doi: (2refences required)

Project Management: Integration,Scope, Time, And Communication(MGT637-1605D-01)

You are preparing for a scoping meeting with the project stakeholders and other key subject-matter experts. During this meeting, you will review the detailed requirements and identify any remaining open areas. You will also review the scope management system you will use and obtain their consensus. Continue work on the project plan by documenting the scope management system that will be used on the project (2 pages, include a decision tree/flow chart). Describe the request review turn-around time and define the approvals needed (3 – 4 paragraphs). Develop the form (1 page) that will be used to capture change requests and the log (1 page) that will be used by the project manager to record status of each request. Include a section that describes how the scope of the project will be confirmed when you are ready to close the project (1 page). I need 6 pages and no plagiarism I must get an A+ on the assignment. If uyou can’t get me an A+ don’t request to do it.

Business Model: Business Model Innovation in Practice,” Euchner and Ganguly Custom Essay

Write two paragraphs addressing number 1 with one reference: 1. In “Business Model Innovation in Practice,” Euchner and Ganguly (2014) discuss the challenge of implementing innovations within organizations that are naturally resistant to change. They present a systematic approach for integrating innovations to increase the likelihood of acceptance and success. Review their five-step approach and discuss how the four functions of management (planning, organizing, leading and controlling) can be leveraged within in their suggested approach to assist organizations in implementing successful innovations. Write two paragraphs addressing number 2 with one reference 2. What do you anticipate will be the greatest challenge of operationalizing strategy across various business functions? Do you think the challenges change depending on the circumstances? Provide an example within the field of nursing.

Rapid Assessment Of A Client

CO1 Utilize prior knowledge of theories and principles of nursing and related disciplines to explain expected client behaviors, while differentiating between normal findings, variations, and abnormalities. (PO 1) CO2 Recognize the influence that developmental stages have on physical, psychosocial, cultural, and spiritual functioning. (PO 1) CO3 Utilize effective communication when performing a health assessment. (PO 3) CO5 Explore the professional responsibilities involved in conducting a comprehensive health assessment and provide appropriate documentation. (PO 6) Please choose one of the patient scenarios below. Next, complete a rapid assessment, and provide a SBAR report to a classmate. Remember to include all concepts of patient safety, standard precautions, and professional standards. 1. You are covering for a coworker who is off the floor for lunch, when you suddenly hear a loud crash coming from a nearby patient room. You quickly run in and discover Mr. Johnson who was admitted yesterday with a diagnosis of cerebral vascular accident (CVA) unconscious on the floor between the bed and the bathroom. 2. You are called to the room of 2-year-old Jonah by his mother who states the child has suddenly started breathing very loudly and does not look right. Upon entering the room you quickly recognize that the child is in respiratory distress as his lips are cyanotic and the use of accessory muscles is evident. 3.You are in the process of admitting Ashley, a 27 year old who is 28 weeks pregnant with her first child, to the obstetric unit for complaints of headache, dizziness, and swelling of her lower extremities when she suddenly begins seizing.

Denial K¼bler-Ross (1969) characterizes denial stage as the No, not me stage. Nurses should be

Denial K¼bler-Ross (1969) characterizes denial stage as the No, not me stage. Nurses should be. Denial K¼bler-Ross (1969) characterizes denial stage as the No, not me stage. Nurses should be sensitive to the client’s need for denial. Some people remain in the denial stage throughout their illness; their right to do so should be respected.
Denial K¼bler-Ross (1969) characterizes denial stage as the No, not me stage. Nurses should be

For Pro Lex

Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 400-600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas. You have been asked by a physician to educate patients about the function of the nervous system. Answer the following questions, with at least 1 scholarly reference and citation included: What are the various structures of the nervous system? What is the difference between the central nervous system (CNS) and the peripheral nervous system (PNS)? What are the general functions of the nervous system? How does information travel from the brain to the lower extremities? Explain. How does multiple sclerosis (MS) affect the nervous system? What are some difficulties that can occur as a result of MS?

Information Governance- 16

For this final discussion, please choose one chapter question below to discuss. Chapter 15 – According to Crocker and Smallwood, cloud computing represents one of the most significant paradigms shifts in information technology (IT) history, due to an extension of sharing an application-hosting provider that has been around for many years, and was common in highly regulated vertical industries like banks and health care institutions. The author’s knowledge from their research continue to assert that, the impetus behind cloud computing lies on the idea that it provides economies of scale by spreading costs across many client organizations and pooling computing resources while matching client computing needs to consumption in a flexible, real-time version. Q1:Even with this great news about the benefits of the cloud computing applications, the authors have warned the business user community regarding the dangers associated with cloud computing applications. Please identify and name these grave dangers/risks that pose as concerns, and briefly support your discussion. Chapter 16 – Microsoft’s SharePoint server product dramatically altered the content and records management (RM) markets. Crocker (2015), edited by Smallwood research indicated that previous to SharePoint solutions were somewhat cumbersome, managed large quantities of documents, and required extensive implementation efforts for each business applications. Given all its stated capabilities, SharePoint may be used effectively to help business organizations to govern their information. However, in order to achieve those benefits, the implementing organizations must take a structured approach to the deployment of its SharePoint environment. Q2: Our case study authors have indicated that, for SharePoint deployments, an ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure. Why is that? From our chapter reading, identify and briefly state why the authors were inclined to believe so? Chapters 17/18 – From our weekly chapter reading, digital preservation can be defined as the long-term, error-free storage of digital information, with means for retrieval and interpretation, for the entire time span the information is required to be retained. Though this assessment holds true to the authors, business organizations continue to face significant challenges in meeting their LTDP needs, especially those organizations whose primary mission is to preserve and provide access to permanent records. Q3:Looking forward, the authors concluded that, there is going to be a great need for collaboration between both internal and external stakeholders to develop governance policies and strategies to govern and control information assets over long periods of time, among other requirements. For this to be achievable, the chapter has identified one most important consideration that must be met. What is that consideration? Identify, and provide a brief narrative to support your answer. 500 words in APA

Expanded Deffinitions 16 Questions

Need done by tomorrow morning 6am est. You answer each question by following what the red writing says. To get a complete guidelines on this assignment as well as hints to answering these questions see the attached paper. These are SHORT answer questions please do not answer each in more than 100 words. As long as the main point is conveyed its done. Chapter 8: Water Resources and Water Pollution Key Questions Question 1 What is Ground water and briefly describe measures that can be taken to conserve water in the Mojave, via reduce water losses through irrigation, industry, and home use; What is one significant change you can make to conserve water? What is the Adjudication; what is the role of the Mojave Water Agency. What would be the impact of increasing the cost of water on water use? Question 2 Describe ways to mitigate flood risks on the Mojave River ? What inherent risks are present in those approaches to flood control? Discuss the effect of building dams on the Colorado River watershed Question 3 Summarize the Chromium 6/Erin Brockowitch story; Describe the Nitrates pollution in the Barstow area and what is being done to mitigate these issues. Where does arsenic pollution in Ground Water originate and what is the local situation. Describe the treatment of Sewerage and the Sustainable practices at VVWRA Chapter 9 Nonrenewable Energy Sources Key Questions Question 1 Describe how renewable energy resources are able to compete in the US./California market because of financial and political support from the government. Describe why ?wind’ energy has a higher net energy than Solar cells. Question 2 Describe the issues associated with Fracking and coal mining. Describe how our local Limestone mines are/are not sustainable. Question 3 What are important considerations in predicting the future of nuclear power How do we dispose of nuclear waste Chapter 10 Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Key Questions Questions 1 Describe Cogeneration technology and its use locally; The advantages and disadvantages of a Smart Grid; The use of ?alternative Fuel vehicles. What is Green Building/Architecture Questions 2 What are the arguments for and against installing ?industrial Scale solar and wind farms in the Mojave? What are the positive and negative impacts of corn-derived ethanol in the USA ? Questions 3 Analyze the interactions of economic policy and energy resources. In particular, consider the results of using free-market competition, keeping energy prices low, and keeping energy prices high. Chapter 11 Environmental Hazards and Human Health Key Questions Question 1 Define risk, probability, and risk assessment. List five general types of common hazards and give two examples of each. Transmissible diseases can be spread from one person to another. List two factors that contribute to the spread of infectious diseases. The global HIV/AIDS pandemic has caused significant death around the world, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. List three impacts of the AIDS epidemic on communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. List three approaches to preventing malaria. Question 2 Define mutagen, teratogen, and carcinogen. Summarize current research implying chemical effects on the immune, nervous, and endocrine systems. Define a dose-response curve. Distinguish between a linear dose-response model and a threshold dose-response model. Describe the difficulty in deciding which model applies best when low doses are involved. Assess the limits of toxicological research. Summarize key questions to be answered in risk-benefit analysis, Chapter 12 Air Pollution, Climate Change, and Ozone Depletion Key Questions Question 1 Briefly describe the EPA’s outdoor air pollution control strategies. Describe in detail the 1990 strategy to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions. Describe the mandate and work of the of the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District. List five policies that would strengthen the Clean Air Act. Question 2 Summarize scientific consensus about future global warming. List 10 uncertainties of global climate models. Summarize the projections of possible effects of global warming on food production, water supplies, forests, biodiversity, sea levels, weather, and human health. Name and briefly describe two basic approaches to potential global warming. Describe three ways to slow global warming. List three ways to adapt to global warming. Question 3 Summarize and assess the controversy over formation of the ozone hole. Describe the tactics that led to a reduction in this problem Explain the causes and potential effects of stratospheric ozone changes. Propose three ways for slowing these changes. Chapter 13 Urbanization and Solid and Hazardous Waste Summary and Objectives Question 1 Describe the advantages and disadvantages of urbanization; Weigh the trade-offs in reducing automobile use in favor of alternative transportation methods. Give an example of an ecocity and describe how they work. Question 2 List seven ways to reduce waste and pollution. Describe the most ecological approaches to dealing with refillable containers and grocery bags. Define sanitary landfill. Describe three problems associated with landfills. Evaluate sanitary landfills as an approach to dealing with solid waste. Describe your personal committmnet to the thre RS reduce, recycling, reuse.

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