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Case Study: Should You Watch?

On the Responsibility of Content ConsumersReview the following case study by Irina Raicu:
In the last few years, Internet users have had the opportunity to view naked photographs of celebrities (which were obtained without approval, from private iCloud accounts, and then—again without consent—distributed widely). They were also able to watch journalists and an aid worker being beheaded by a member of a terrorist organization that then uploaded the videos of the killings to various social media channels. And they were also invited to watch a woman being rendered unconscious by a punch from a football player who was her fiancé at the time; the video of that incident was obtained from a surveillance camera inside a hotel elevator.
These cases have been accompanied by heated debates around the issues of journalism ethics and the responsibilities of social media platforms. Increasingly, though, a question is arising about the responsibility of the Internet users themselves—the consumers of online content. The question is, should they watch?
“Would You Watch (Links to an external site.) [the beheading videos]?” ask CNN and ABC News. “Should You Watch the Ray Rice Assault Video? (Links to an external site.)” asks Time magazine. “Should We Look—Or Look Away? (Links to an external site.)” asks Canada’s National Post. And, in a broader article about the “consequences and import of ubiquitous, Internet-connected photography” (and video), The Atlantic’s Robinson Mayer reflects on all three of the cases noted above; his piece is titled “Pics or It Didn’t Happen (Links to an external site.).”
Many commentators have argued that to watch those videos or look at those pictures is a violation of the privacy of the victims depicted in them; that not watching is a sign of respect; or that the act of watching might cause new harm to the victims or to people associated with them (friends, family members, etc.). Others have argued that watching the beheading videos is necessary (Links to an external site.) “if the depravity of war is to be understood and, hopefully, dealt with,” or that watching the videos of Ray Rice hitting his fiancé will help change people’s attitudes toward domestic violence.
After reviewing the above information and doing some supplemental research, respond to all of the following questions:
What are your initial thoughts and reactions to the cases listed above?
Would it be unethical to watch the videos discussed above or to look at the photos? Why?
What are your thoughts on the breadth and scope of information distributed on the WWW? Should there be some sort of restriction or regulation? If so, how would that work while preserving free speech?
Submit your response to Canvas as a Word document. Be sure that:
It is formatted in a 12-point readable font, double spaced, with 1″ margins.
Your response should be a minimum of two typed pages of original content.
You have proofread your work thoroughly for grammar, spelling, and mechanics
Your responses are clearly organized in a way that supports reader comprehension
You properly cite any sources used with APA style

Case Study #1 Instructions: Case Study#1_Article: Carr, N. G. (2003). IT doesn’t matter. Harvard Business Review Instructor’s notes: Though

Case Study #1
Case Study#1_Article: Carr, N. G. (2003). IT doesn’t matter. Harvard Business Review
Instructor’s notes: Though this is an old article, it is a classic one starting to think about the
relationship between IT and business strategy. There are many good views in the article, which
can be further assessed in today’s business environment with the fact pace of changes in the field
of IT. I believe this article can help you further understand the course materials covered so far. It
can also provide some new insights into IT strategy. I hope you could enjoy reading this article,
reflect what you have learned, and bring your thoughts.

Your essay must be at least 1500 words (approximately 4-5 pages). Microsoft Word has a word count feature, and

Information Technology Assignment Help Your essay must be at least 1500 words (approximately 4-5 pages). Microsoft Word has a word count feature, and you can usually view the word count in the bar at the bottom of Word. If necessary, search Google for help on how to view the Word count in Microsoft Word. Please download the attached template, which contains additional instructions (and make sure you follow all instructions in the template!). The template document is also formatted correctly for your essay, so you are encouraged to write directly in the attached document (replacing the paragraphs of instruction with your paragraphs addressing each section). Also note that the template is organized into the specific sections you are required to write about in your essay. Please leave all centered sub-headings in the essay, and do not change the wording of them — they are important for organizing your essay and facilitating grading by the rubric.

Please write only in your own words. You are encouraged to read various sources to learn more about your information system, or about information systems in general, but due to the brief length of the essay, you are discouraged from directly quoting from your sources. Instead, explain what you learned from your research and what you know from your own experience with the system, in your own words. List the references you consulted in your research at the bottom of your essay in APA format (minimum of 3 references).

In Analysis Essay #1, you will address the following: 1) introduction to your information system, 2) characteristics of the users of the information system, 3) server-side and client-side hardware and software of the system, 4) descriiption of the features/functions of your information system, including the data inputs and information outputs associated with each feature and how each feature is used within your organization, and 5) conclusion. Specific details about what to include in each section can be found in the attached template.

Your essay will automatically be checked for plagiarism by TurnItIn. There must be no more than 15% similarity to sources to receive credit for this assignment.

Please read the file “Read First” file. This is information that needs to contain on the paper. The name

Please read the file “Read First” file. This is information that needs to contain on the paper. The name of the businesses and steps is available there. In the file “Draft” each section has introductions on how to build the paper.

The format is APA the paper can’t contain more than 25% of the other sources. The plagiarism system will check it.

VoIP is important to have a good bandwidth, please have that in mind too.

Thank you.

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