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Cerebral Palsy

Can someone help me with this assignment? PleaseWednesday, January 12, 2022, 12:01 AM
Due Sunday, January 16, 2022, 11:59 PM
Students have been assigned a research article on the topic of specific pediatric neurological pathology as it relates to the use of certain clinical tools and/or interventions. Students are to use the format sheet and rubric to conduct an article summary and analysis of their assigned research article.
Assignment #1 accounts for 5% of the final course grade and is expected to be completed as individual work. Students are to follow formal writing rules, APA format rules, and are expected to submit grammatically acceptable work. Students with work that is measured as more than 25% similar (as reported by TurnItIn) will have to resubmit work to assure no work is plagiarized. Students that submit work with frequent or many grammatical errors (more than 12) will have to resubmit work with corrections. Resubmitted work will automatically be reduced to 75% as the best possible outcome. Late work submissions will be penalized according to the course policy explained in the course syllabus.

The company’s name is Severstal. I will send you all the documents you will use (please use only these Essay

The company’s name is Severstal. I will send you all the documents you will use (please use only these documents and nothing else). You can also use some charts from the documents I sent. Also I will send some example documents you can review them as an example.

? earthquake Probability risk

2) Let us assume then that destructive earthquakes can satisfy the three assumptions for a Poisson process. Suppose these assumptions are true for a particular seismically active region, with destructive earthquakes occurring at a rate of say, ? = 1?2 per century. It might not be earthquakes we are talking about. It could equally well be the number of accidents occurring at UCL per week.
(a) What is the probability that exactly N = 3 number of destructive earthquakes will occur in the next 6 centuries?
(b) What is the mean number of earthquakes that should occur in this time and what is the variance?
(c) What is the probability of at least 4 earthquakes?
(d) What is the probability of no earthquakes?

Discussion Thread: Competent Communication in Criminal Justice

Writing Assignment Help Read:

MLA format as attached instructions I only need the first 2 pages of the essay for now. The rest

MLA format as attached instructions
I only need the first 2 pages of the essay for now. The rest of it I will order next week.
Plagiarism free
I picked the ” hook ” and wrote it in red on the instructions
So for now only introduction and outline/ start of the 3 body bullet points. Please ask if any questions.

The only source is the attached pdf file of the play.

AJS/515 criminological theory

Imagine you are an instructor for a law enforcement academy with an entry level class of 250 officers. You must explain rational choice, Chicago School, positivism, community policing, and broken windows theories.
Identify the interrelationship of these theories along with examples of their application. The application of these theories should provide scenarios and examples of what can be expected from each theory.
Create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that includes 1 or 2 slides per theory. Your presentation will consist of 12 to 15 slides.
Design the presentation with a title slide, followed by an objectives slide, and end it with a reference slide denoting sources used. Cite factual material in speaker notes as needed. Use the “6-by-6” rule when appropriate: roughly 6 words per bullet with about 6 bullets per slide. Also, add approximately 30 to 100 words in the speaker notes, per slide, that support and explain the material within the slide. These slides will be printed and used as a handout to other students. Be sure to be concise.
Cite at least 2 outside references to support your assignment.
Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.
Submit your assignment.

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