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Chaucer’s Satire of the Upper Class argumentative essay help

A study of Chaucer’s classic literary work, `Canterbury Tales `.

This paper examines the Middle English literary work by Geoffrey Chaucer, `The Canterbury Tales`. It explores the lives of a group of religious pilgrimage travelers whose paths have crossed on their journey of personal growth. The author writes that the `The Canterbury Tales` teach moral lessons through illustrating the attempts of upper class and religious figures to maintain a clean outer appearance, and at the same time, Chaucer provides us with a look at their inner virtues, or lack thereof.

`The Character of the Wife of Bath tells of treachery and wifely virtues. In the General Prologue we find that on the outside, the Wife appears to be a well-educated, upper class worldly woman of high outwardly virtue and standards. `Hir coverchiefs ful fyne weren of ground/I dorste swere they weyeden ten pound/That on a sonday weren upon hir heed./Hir hosen weren of fyn scarlet reed,`(General Prologue, 453-456). This is a clear picture of her outward appearance. She has fine cloth, which she wears to church on Sunday. Scarlet was a color used to signify wealth and piety. She indeed gives the outward appearance of a perfect wife. However, we also discover that she has had five husbands. At the time of the Canterbury Tales, this practice would be looked upon with suspicion. Divorce and marriage had to be condoned by the church and it would be highly unusual for a woman to be allowed five husbands. In the General Prologue, doubt is cast as to her piety.`

Effectiveness of Treatment Within Legally Constrained Institutional and Community Environments global history essay help: global history essay help

This paper analyzes and evaluates the effectiveness of correctional institutions and community programs. The following paper discusses theories of criminal punishment and examines the advantages and disadvantages of incapacitation. The advantages and disadvantages of community programs are also reviewed and crime prevention strategies that work, do not work, and that are promising are also discussed. Finally, this paper concludes with a proposal to improve the effectiveness of incapacitation and community programs.
From the paper:

“Supporters of deterrence believe that if punishment is imposed upon a person who has committed a crime, the pain inflicted will dissuade the offender (specific deterrence) and others (general deterrence) from either repeating the crime or from committing similar crimes. Incapacitation deprives offenders of the ability or opportunity to commit further crimes that harm society. Rehabilitation seeks to prevent future criminal behavior by providing offenders with the education and treatment necessary to eliminate criminal tendencies, as well as the skills to become productive members of society.”

Richard III buy argumentative essay help: buy argumentative essay help

Examines five ways in which Shakespeare’s play characterizes the relationship between conscience and evil deeds.

Carefully examining the 1954 and 1995 films, both entitled Richard III; as well as Shakespeare’s Richard III, Al Pacino’s Looking for Richard, and historical and biographical accounts of Richard III provides many opportunities to compare and contrast these various interpretations. William Shakespeare’s play is the best known of these productions, and justifiably so, for it created a memorable and lasting image of Richard III that renders the historical figure virtually irrelevant to most people. Shakespeare’s interpretation of Richard is so powerful, vivid, and overwhelming that no biography or historical account can even begin to compare.

Guidelines for the Expatriate Employee need essay help: need essay help

A look at the trend of working for multinational companies in remote places and the employee needs in such a situation.

This paper examines the concept of relocation of employees which has become very popular in the globalization era. This paper presents factors which need to be considered in order to make this relocation successful. It lists factors such as the provision of basic needs, medical assistance, legal assistance, security concerns, tax and salary information and work permits.

“Before the advent of the Internet, International business used to be the realm of only very large corporate entities. Rapid advances in communications made International business not only cheaper but faster as well. The Internet provides almost instantaneous communication anywhere in the world. These advances have led to the feasibility of smaller companies operating in the global market place. Cheaper airfares and laptops make doing business from a remote location practical and commonplace. It is not surprising that more and more moderate to small sized companies are choosing to do business and open branches in other countries. International business is no longer only for the super-giants.”

Disease descriptive essay help: descriptive essay help

This essay discusses many aspects of disease, including causes and risk factors.

This paper defined disease as anything impairing the normal state or functioning of the body as a whole or of any of its parts, explaining how certain diseases are short lived, but severe, others chronic. The author classifies diseases by their cause and how infectious they may be.
From the paper:

“Disease can be defined as anything impairing the normal state or functioning of the body as a whole or of any of its parts. Some diseases are short lived, but they are accompanied by severe symptoms. Others are chronic, or diseases that last a long time. Diseases are classified by their cause; this could be a virus, bacteria, rickettsias, or protozoa. Fungi and parasitic worms can also cause diseases. Human, certain animals and insects, and infected objects can transmit only infectious diseases. Chemical and physical agents such as drugs, poisons, and radiation can also cause disease.”

Management Perspectives free essay help: free essay help

A look at the required responsibilities of managers for running organizations

This paper is a critical evaluation of the contention that managers should seek both to understand and manage organizations primarily from a political perspective.
From the paper:

“It is an accepted fact in modern society that in order to successfully manage an organization it is necessary to have an understanding of, and ability to effectively use, a management framework or theory. By this, we mean that attempting to manage an organization without a modicum of strategic planning based on a particular perspective/s, whatever form that may take, is bound to end in failure. Whilst this underlying notion is a constant in management literature and practice, there are a range of frameworks that managers can utilize.”

Love According to Hitchcock need essay help: need essay help

An in-depth study of the love relationships in the films of Alfred Hitchcock.

This paper explores the love relationships in Hitchcock’s films. It shows how Hitchcock used his films as a forum for illustrating the ongoing struggle for equality, recognition and acceptance between men and women. It investigates Hitchcock’s ideas of a romantic relationship through the analysis of some of his films, namely: “Notorious”, “Suspicion”, “Spellbound”, “Rear Window” and “North By Northwest”.

“Hitchcock’s motives for approaching love from such a stance could be numerous and interwoven. Certainly, his interpretations draw attention to the kinds of deep-seeded psychological blemishes that are bound to disrupt the continuity and quality of the subject’s interpersonal relations. And the roots are left twisting in obscurity while the viewer works to sort out the morass of emotions that comprise the relationship in question.”

AIDS & Social Workers english essay help online: english essay help online

Looks at the dangers, relationships with clients, treatment, socioeconomics, diagnosis, at-risk behavior, prevention, and public perceptions.

This paper is an examination of the problems that the rising epidemic of HIV infection and AIDS poses to social workers, both as a direct issue in providing service to infected clients and as an indirect part of the overall job of social work. The prevalence of this devastating illness has had a profound effect on society as a whole. The consequences for social workers, however, are even greater, since the field services many of the patients most profoundly affected, either those who are suffering from advanced stages of the disease or those who are closely involved with the ailing. In order to provide the most effective service possible, social workers need to understand the stages of HIV and AIDS, the most current medical understanding of the ways in which HIV can be transmitted, some of the current treatments, and funding and other resources that are available to diagnosed..

Nationalism in Early Modern China research essay help: research essay help

An examination of the transformation from Han Nationalism to Republicanism in early modern China.

This paper examines the development of nationalism in modern China, from the Han response to the Qing government to anti-imperialist agitation and republicanism under the guidance of Sun Yatsen. It looks briefly at the New Culture Movement and the role of secret societies such as the Tongmeng hui.
From the paper:

“Nationalism has been a defining ideology in the creation of Modern China, promoted at first by a series of secret societies, and later by both the Guomingdang and the Chinese Communist Party to achieve different ends. It was central to the early student movements, and the May Fourth Movement, and nationalism was the first of Sun Yatsen’s Three Principles of the People. In its early stages, Chinese nationalism was based on ethnic and racial identity, and centered on Han identity, however over time the significance of ethnic identity has decreased. Foreign influence in the conceptualization of Chinese nationalism has been problematic to developing a clear understanding of the movement; despite this, nationalism developed in a particularly Chinese manner.”

The Careless Society ( John Mcknight ) research essay help: research essay help

Reviews work on corruption of community & medical system by creation of diseases, expansion of health service sector and the curricularization of health education.

The Careless Society: Community and Its Counterfeits, by John McKnight, is a collection of lectures and articles written from 1972 to 1992 by the author. McKnight is the director of the Community Studies Program at the Center for Urban Affairs and Policy Research at Northwestern University. He uses his experience working in communities and at the center as the basis for most of the book. The work is not a scholarly text, but a series of observations and opinions based on McKnight’s experiences which he supports by examples, studies, and anecdotes.

The problems he addresses include street crime, poverty, ill health, and the despair people face when they feel powerless and alone. McKnight criticizes the social service industry for many of the items on this list. He suggests that providing..

The Liberator: A Newspaper of the Civil War essay help 123: essay help 123

This paper, written in newspaper format, examines the lives of abolitionists and other issues related to the American Civil War.

This paper is set up as a newspaper from the Civil War era. It spotlights the life of abolitionists, Sojourner Truth, William Lloyd Garrison, Lucretia Mott, and Harriet Jacobs. It also includes articles on the daily life of slaves and the Underground Railroad.
From the paper:

“Sojourner Truth, famous abolitionist and women’s rights advocate, died early in the morning of November 26, 1883 at the age of 86. She had long suffered from painful ulcers that had begun to cover her body in recent years. On November 28, in one of the largest funerals her hometown of Battle Creek, Michigan had ever seen, nearly 1,000 people gathered, forming a procession behind the hearse. Her casket bore the images of a cross, grain, a sickle, and a crown, all of symbolic significance to Truth. The services, at a nearby church, were well attended by fellow activists, many of whom eulogized about their fallen leader’s strength and dedication (Krass p.103).”

The Literacy Debate scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

An examination of the debate by educators over the best methods for teaching reading and literacy skills.

Educators seek effective teaching strategies to improve literacy and general understanding, and those who educate teachers try to emphasize pedagogies that will be valuable and successful. This paper presents the arguments of various educators and their theories are compared and contrasted.

“Martin (1989) discusses writing and teaching writing and raises the question of “the extent to which explicit knowledge about language on the part of the learner is a desirable or a useful thing” (Martin, 1989, v). Martin disagrees with those who believe that language can be dissociated from meaning, a view which would lead to the teaching of language “rules” which does not pay enough attention to meaning “and the critical role of language in the building of meaning” (Martin, 1989, v-vi). Other educators have indicated agreement with this idea.”

Welfare State mba essay help: mba essay help

Provides a definition and looks at its origins & evolution, theories, function and its roles relating to capitalism & liberalism.

The Welfare State
The level of success or failure of the welfare state depends on the nature of the political process, ethnic and social demographics, and the cultural ethos of the structure of policy implementation of the particular country. Given the criteria for success or failure, how have Europe and the United States fared with respect to the level of public acceptance and the political consequences of the implementation of the welfare state? Why does Europe have more of a tradition with the welfare state than does the United States? Why has the European model been more successful?

The welfare state had its beginnings in the mature stage of the industrial revolution. This stage was marked by conglomeration on the part of industrialists and the development …

Teaching Special Education Students essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

An examination of simple adjustments which can be done to a classroom to accommodate special-needs students.

This paper presents a practical guide to teachers who may consider teaching special needs children in the same classroom as regular students. It further examines different kinds of disabilities and how to deal with them. These include children with ADD, blind, deaf, motor impaired and manic depression. The paper explains that it is a growing trend to try and mainstream special education needs children as early as possible.

“In the classroom, teachers are primarily responsible for ensuring that special education students are provided with equal opportunities for education. While instructors should not lower academic standards in the classroom, they should make every effort to make reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. By making simple adjustments, such as allowing students to record lectures or changing the format of a test, teachers can make sure that special education students do not have academic or social disadvantages.”

Recovery from Alcoholism nursing essay help: nursing essay help

Examines Alcoholics Anonymous, atheistic/humanistic approach, cognitive behavioral therapy, intervention and the role of the media.

This paper attempts to evaluate some current materials about the problem of alcohol abuse and to estimate how effective they are in educating and enlightening the public about this problem. This small selection represents merely a random sampling of the vast amount of information on this subject, which ranges from the committed to the skeptical, and from the intensely scientific to the frothy. An effort has been made to choose the more serious attempts to discuss this problem.
At this time any discussion of alcoholism needs to begin with a discussion of Alcoholics Anonymous, whose program, which has spread around the world since its founding in 1935, is unarguably the most effective approach yet found for dealing with the age-old scourge of alcoholism, about which even the ancient Greeks made jokes. However, to say that it is the most effective is …

The Black Market mba essay help: mba essay help

An exploration of black markets and their effects.

The purpose of this paper is to introduce and discuss the recurring problem of black markets, focusing on drug trafficking, nuclear weapons and human black markets. It points out the negative aspects with regard to black marketing, such as the obvious moral issues and the resulting problems to the community. It also attempts to propose some solutions to the problems of the various black market trades.

“Illegal substances have always been a magnet for black market profits. Prohibition failed largely because there was such a lucrative and enormous black market surrounding the manufacture and supply of illegal alcohol. Many family fortunes were made during prohibition, when drinking was made illegal, but people drank anyway. The same thing happens when prices are fixed in an attempt to reduce or regulate consumption.”

Supervision and Evaluation in the Education System my assignment essay help london: my assignment essay help london

A personal philosophy on the ideas of supervising and evaluating trainee teachers.

The paper explores the supervision process of trainee teachers within the education system and the merits of evaluation of these trainees. It compares formative and summative evaluation, pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of each. It concludes by proposing a combination of formative and summative evaluation as the most effective method.

“The basic purpose of evaluation is to assess whether the person is capable of doing the job, or to judge whether “an individual is fit to practice a profession autonomously” (McGaghie 5). This evaluation is important based on the responsibility the individual will have. There needs to be a system that does ensure they are capable of doing the job without supervision. However, I think it is also true that an individual does not always know instinctively how to act in professional situations. There is a major difference between learning the profession in a classroom setting and actually performing the role of the profession. This evaluation process then can be best used if it is not just a process of watching the individual and assessing them, but also a process of guiding and advising them. In this way it becomes on-the-job training and the individual can use this time to perfect their approach and learn as much as possible.”

Fantasy gp essay help: gp essay help

An examination of Russian composer Piotr Ilych Tchaikovsky’s Fantasy – an adaption of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”.

The writer of this paper presents five elements that must be analyzed to understand and underline the Romantic nature of this composer’s work. Firstly, one must consider the storytelling use of the sonata form of the Fantasy. Secondly, one must consider the way in which the sonata was considered by the composer to be an Overture, a work that gives a summary or a miniature of a larger story or musical work. Thirdly, the tone color of the music must be analyzed. And fourthly and fifthly the timber and texture the work must also be reflected upon to understand the opulent quality of the music that renders it characteristic of the Romantic period during which Tchaikovsky composed music.

According to the musicologist E.T.A. Hoffman, the Romantic period of Western music was characterized by the fantastic, idealistic, and marvelous. He states that such qualities are associated with the romance, a medieval tale or poem about heroes or events written in one of the languages descended from Latin. (Cited in Grout & Palisca 563) Tchaikovksy’s choice to use the story of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet as the title of his Fantasy underlines the importance of Romantic thought in the orchestration of the composition. Rather than simply expanding upon or working within sonata form, defined as an ambitious work in several movements for one or two solo instruments,

Web Dubois & Religious Melancholy cheap mba definition essay help: cheap mba definition essay help

Examines spiritual depression & its role in the life, philosophy & writing of radical black leader.

This paper explores the topic of religious melancholia as a culture-bound illness in which one feels forsaken by God. It next examines writings by W. E. B. DuBois for evidence that he suffered from this condition. Finally, it examines DuBois? concept of double consciousness, in order to present an argument that it arose from his psychological state of religious melancholia.

Religious melancholy is explored in depth by Rubin. In his Preface, Rubin explains and defines religious melancholia as follows:
Melancholy here refers to an affect, a distinctive stance toward life, a grieving over the loss of God’s love, and an obsession and psychopathology associated with the spiritual itinerary of conversion. The religious melancholiac desired, above..

A Comparison of the Novels: Kiss of the Fur Queen and Traplines essay help from professional writers: essay help from professional writers

The differences and similarities of the novels “Kiss of the “Fur Queen” by Tomson Highway and “Traplines” by Eden Robinson.

This paper compares two novels with similar background: “Kiss of the Fur Queen” by Tomson Highway and “Traplines” by Eden Robinson and shows how two writers approach their story’s characters from common and contrasting perspectives.
From the paper:

Both stories center on sibling relationships, particularly brothers. The only thing shared by the brothers in both stories is sibling jealousy, although in very much different levels of intensity. In Highway’s story, Champion feels threatened by the birth of a baby brother. But Highway quite craftily delineates that jealousy through rich imageries

Benjamin Banneker nursing essay help: nursing essay help

An introduction to “First African-American Scientist”, Benjamin Banneker and his contribution to mathematics.

The paper introduces Benjamin Banneker, an African American born in 1731, who made enormous contributions to the study of mathematics. The paper discusses his spheres of interest in the field, including clock building, astronomy, tide and weather. It discusses, too, his widely publicized almanac that served as a contradiction to the American belief that blacks were inferior, and his contribution to the building of the city of Washington D.C.

“In addition to creating America’s first clock, his studies in astronomy made a mathematical calculations of the stars and constellations, which he used to correctly predict a solar eclipse that took place on April 14, 1789. Furthermore, Banneker was not quiet about this contradiction. Infact, he was a social critic of slavery. Thus, it was this reason and an attempt to promote change; he sent a copy of his first Almanac to Thomas Jefferson.”

Serial Killers and Feminism devry tutorcom essay help: devry tutorcom essay help

The paper presents a detailed exploration of serial killers and feminism, using several sources to explore what the feminist film contributes to the understanding by society of serial killers.

The paper shows that for many years people have studied the patterns and lives of serial killers in the effort to establish how they are created; and other studies are conducted to discuss the pattern of the victims of the serial killers. It shows that since the 1960’s the women’s movement has been in full force– from housewife and helpmate to equality in the world between the genders. The paper examines several works which have been published that have examined the feminist role, and reaction to serial killers. Books examined include “In Men, Women and Chainsaws: Gender in the Modern Horror Film” by Carol J. Clover and Mark Seltzer’s Serial Killers: Death and Life in America’s Wound Culture.

Chapter six of the book discusses the popular psychology of the serial killer. In this area of the book the reader is taken on a journey of what the popular beliefs are when it comes to serial killers(Seltzer, 1998). This chapter also addresses the victim even if not directly. It manages to dovetail with Clover’s opinion that serial killers in films are not the heroes.

Michele Caravaggio aqa unit 5 biology synoptic essay help: aqa unit 5 biology synoptic essay help

An analysis and commentary of the film.

This paper is a commentary on the Derek Jarman’s film, Caravaggio, emphasizing the model-artist relationship in the movie and the artistic expression with which Jarman displays Michele Caravaggio himself.
From the paper:

Jarman’s Caravaggio is a rare commentary on the life of Michele Caravaggio, one ravished by misfortune and sorrow but nonetheless embraced and exalted today as a crucial moment in the defining of art. This film not only promotes the efforts and exploits of Caravaggio, but also delves into the realm of the artist as a human, not merely the means through which art is accomplished. Jarman takes special effort to integrate the relation of Caravaggio to his peers and friends while smoothly throwing artistic practice into the mix with a natural fluidity that almost necessitates the replacement of the word practice with ‘being’.

Sophocles, Plato, Marcus Aurelius & Andraeus Capellanus essay help app: essay help app

Discusses major works as expressions of the authors’ struggles to create a better society in times of social decline.

This paper considers the hypothesis that Sophocles, Plato, Marcus Aurelius, and Andraeus Capellanus were all individuals struggling to live in times that they believed were regrettable departures from a more secure and desirable past, and that their writing was both an attempt at personal consolation and an effort to influence the society in which they lived. The primary works to be considered in dealing with this hypothesis are Sophocles? Oedipus cycle, the Platonic dialogues that are usually grouped as the last days of Socrates, the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, and Capellanus? The Art of Courtly Love.
As a first pass, one might propose that the hypothesis seems to be true for all the authors except Sophocles. Plato’s dislike of Athenian democracy, which had executed his beloved teacher, Socrates, is well-known. His two longest works, the Republic and the..

Egyptian and Sumerian Views on Death and Afterlife ccusa autobiographical essay help: ccusa autobiographical essay help

A discussion of differences in views on death and afterlife.

This paper compares cultural attitudes on death and afterlife with focus on the Mesopotamian views about death in relation to their respective material culture.
From the paper:

“There were many ways that the Ancient Egyptian society and the Mesopotamian society were similar yet at the same time they were very different. Egyptians and Sumerians agreed on religion in a sense that both cultures were polytheistic. However, the relationships between the gods and goddesses were different between the Sumerians and Egyptians.”

Clarence Darrow’s Speech of 1912 essay help tips: essay help tips

Analyzes case & lawyer’s closing speech defending himself against the charge of suborning perjury of juror.

The purpose of this paper is to perform a rhetorical analysis on Clarence Darrow’s closing speech in his own defense, given on August 14 and 15, 1912. It will evaluate the effectiveness of the speech in terms of his winning an acquittal of the charges of suborning bribery of a juror in another case, but also in terms of his overall goals as a lawyer.

This specific speech was chosen for analysis for two reasons. First, it is clear that the speech was effective as a defense speech, because Darrow was acquitted; hence, an analysis can focus on why the speech was effective in this way. Second, the speech is nevertheless a tour de force. In other cases he argued, Darrow was in no personal danger if he lost the case, but in this situation he was in great danger; he would have gone to prison..

Henry IV my assignment essay help: my assignment essay help

A discussion of the traits of courage and justice in two important characters in this Shakespearean play.

This paper examines courage and justice as seen in Shakespeare’s play Henry IV Part I. An analysis of the story reveals Shakespeare’s views of the virtues of kings through his comparison of the characters of King Henry IV and his son Prince Hal. Examples from the text are provided to compare and contrast these character traits in the two characters.

“Henry IV Part 1 is one of the greatest history plays by Shakespeare because it doesn’t focus on the intricacies of politics but tries to highlight the essential virtues of a king in the making. It is important to study this play as a prelude to its subsequent parts because here we encounter all the important characters and playwright offers us a rare insight into the characters of both the King Henry IV and his son.
While it is easy to read the play like any other history plays with battles and political treachery dominating the entire plot, but I personally believe that this play was written to comment on what should be the essential traits present in the future king of England. Shakespeare also invites his readers to compare the character of son with that of his father’s who was known as a usurper because he snatched power from Richard II.”

Kyoto Protocol and Global Warming college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

An essay explaining the urgency of the Kyoto Protocol and the current situation in regards to global warming.

This paper discusses some aspects of the Kyoto Protocol and attempts to explain the urgency of it. The author also explains global warming it’s causes and effects, by giving examples of companies that have thrived on being more eco-friendly, and also examples of why the Kyoto Protocol will not be as detrimental as many predict.
From the paper:

Global warming is not a myth but a present reality due to the extreme amounts of greenhouse gases that industrialized countries emit daily. The Kyoto Protocol, as this paper while argue, is a preventative measure of this horrific possibility.

Pregnant Teens & Marriage buy essay help: buy essay help

Argues against forced marriage between pregnant teen mother & father & examines alternatives (abortion, adoption).

This paper explores the question, Should pregnant teens marry the fathers of their babies? Conservatives argue that the responsibility of pregnancy obligates the parents to raise their child in an intact, traditional home in which the mother and father are married. This paper argues, however, that obligatory marriage adds another major problem to the situation rather than providing a viable solution. This paper contends that any unwanted, unplanned pregnancy is a complex enough circumstance with which to contend. Forced marriage, based solely on the fact of such a pregnancy, tends to compound the problem, not provide a solution. This paper argues that teenaged pregnancy should be dealt with separately in as unemotional and clear-headed a way as possible. This is also an argument for enforcing both the rights and responsibilities of fatherhood in such a circumstance.

Seaboye and Gayme buy argumentative essay help: buy argumentative essay help

A look at two supreme court cases and their impact on Canadian rape shield legislation.

This paper is an examination of the two cases of Seaboyer and Gayme by the Supreme Court of Canada at rape shield legislation for sex assault witnesses. The author reveals the manner in which these cases were conducted and how the verdict raised public controversy.
From the paper:

“In the case of Seaboye and Gayme, the Supreme Court of Canada rendered a decision which was divisive, not only among members of the court, but also within the nation itself. In delivering this verdict, the court became the target of accusations that it had ignored the interests of women. It had shown disregard for the victimization which women have been subject to in the process of sexual assault trials. As well, the court introduced procedural rules which made women’s experience in sexual assault trials more of an ordeal than the process had been under the common law (Bowland, 1994).”

Hobbes: The Limitations of Absolute Sovereignty essay help: essay help

A discussion of collective sovereignty versus individual freedom.

This paper analyzes Hobbes’ philosophy of collective sovereignty versus individual freedom: Should you follow your own own beliefs and risk harming the collective or not? It uses a modern-day example of two workers who are asked to perform a non-ethical task that could jeopardize the company they work for.

The first moral dilemma occurs in the collision of Ted and Margaret’s duty to their company and their duty to their own honor. While and Hobbes agrees it is the chief duty of subjects to obey without question the authority of their sovereign (in this case, the company) in order to maintain the peace and order of the collective, there are certain limitations. Indeed, this law of obligation should more correctly read, subjects must obey the authority of the sovereign provided that it does not require them to sacrifice their lives or their honor for an end that does not utterly support the collective

Euthyphro: Reading Between the Platonic Lines grad school essay help: grad school essay help

An analysis of Plato’s Euthyphro.

An in-depth look at Plato’s “Euthyphro” and the type of communication that exists.The author reveals the ideas about piety and argues that many lessons are taught in a way that is not necessarily dialectic and are rather left for the reader to conclude.
From the paper:

“Plato, in Euthyphro, both understood and utilized this concept in crafting dialogue. In Euthyphro, Euthyphro, a theologian, explicitly defines piety four times. Socrates disproves him each time and adjures him to provide a superior definition. Yet Euthyphro eventually tires of discourse and exits still proud of his knowledge even after retreating from every definitional position. With a cursory read, the reader is left to conclude that Euthyphro is ignorant of piety. However, Plato’s pedagogical intent was not to indict a historical figure. Rather, Socrates, though refuting Euthyphro’s statements, leaves other potential responses untouched. In turning to this unassailed domain of ideas, a clear theme emerges: Plato intentionally leaves thoughts implicit for the student’s benefit.”

Ethics within the Telecommunications Industry melbourne essay help: melbourne essay help

This paper is an essay discussing the ethical issues, challenges, and behaviors within the telecommunications industry in the United States and Asia.

This paper states that business ethics is a major topic especially in the telecommunications industry. This paper is a critical report explaining and comparing the current state of ethics both in the USA and around the world. The author concludes that ethical standards must be met by all industries to insure a healthy world economy.

“One of the biggest scandals to hit the industry involves WorldCom, Inc. who recently revealed a $3.9 billion financial discrepancy leaving the entire telecommunication industry reeling. Telecom executives that once sought to emulate WorldCom are now rushing to insure employees and investors and perhaps even themselves, that their companies are sound and forthright.”

The Current State of Ethics in Big Business college essay help near me: college essay help near me

The paper discusses in detail the current problems of ethics in big business and the dilemma ethical behavior can create for the company.

This paper discusses the current problems of business ethics in the framework that corporations have long struggled with corporate social responsibility and the overriding corporation goal to make a profit. The paper concludes that, despite the damage done to the reputation of big business ethics by companies like Enron and WorldCom, the outlook for the continued encouragement and development of ethically conscious companies is good. The author states that business and government leaders are developing a business environment that is more accepting and encouraging of ethically conscious businesses.
Table of Contents

Corporate Social Responsibility and Individual Rights
Business Ethics and Enron
Business Ethics at WorldCom Inc.
Preventing Future Enron and WorldCom?s
Lessons from Enron and WorldCom
Ethical Corporations and Profit

“The concept of corporate social responsibility has been debated for as long as the capitalist system has existed, and is one of the most important cornerstones of business ethics. Corporate social responsibility includes all decisions that are made within an organization that are linked to ethical values, and compliance with existing laws. Corporate social responsibility is closely tied to the respect for individuals and communities, animals and plants, and the environment as a whole.”

535 to 1: The Odds Congress Can Recover its Constitutional Authority my essay help uk: my essay help uk

This essay is an in-depth discussion of the presidential War Powers Act.

This paper examines the War Powers Act and the constitutional authority to make war. The author concludes that, while flawed, the War Powers Act is absolutely necessary to curb presidential war-making power.
From the paper:

“The president and Congress have often battled over foreign policy issues, especially those relating to war. Article II of the Constitution makes the president commander in chief, responsible for the operation of the military in the field. Article I places the responsibility for declaring war solely in the hands of the Congress. This should be seen not only as giving Congress the power to make war but the responsibility to prevent unnecessary conflict. This arrangement was rarely challenged until after World War II. In 1950, Harry Truman used a United Nations resolution as justification for sending American troops to Korea and began a half century of presidents side-stepping congressional power to prevent war.”

Human Resource Management at FedEx buy essay help: buy essay help

This paper discusses human resource (employees, personnel) management at FedEx, the package delivery company.

The author states that FedEx is know for their human resource management systems. The paper defines various key areas of management particularly important at this company.
Table of Contents

Employee Empowerment
Reorganization of Work Systems
Training Programs
Feedback Systems
Employees as Managers

“FedEx high-performance work systems have included the redesign of work systems. Rather than having their organization separated into units, FedEx created teams designed around the key processes of the business. While the delivery process was once divided into separate sections, FedEx truck drivers are now one section with responsibility for all tasks associated with their jobs includes scheduling routes, making changes to routes and informing customers of new products and services.”

Un-Revolution: The Collapse of the Soviet Empire ccusa autobiographical essay help: ccusa autobiographical essay help

This research discusses in detail the reasons for collapse of the Soviet Union and its empire.

This research paper discusses the collapse of the Soviet Union and its empire in 1989-91 and the future of Eastern Europe after Soviet domination. The paper concludes that the events of 1989 marked the end of the communist revolution. For more than forty years, the West had contained the Soviet Union behind the Iron Curtain, while the inherent faults of Soviet communism, embodied in the flawed policies of its leadership, brought about the inevitable collapse of the Soviet empire. The author discusses the fall of communism which presented humanity with a historic chance to progress a few feet forward. The author argues that only when democracy and capitalism reach the roots of society, however, can these ideas blossom into true positive change in the post-communist world.
From the paper:

“What happened in 1989 was not a revolution itself, but actually the final nail in the coffin of a revolution. The fall of the Soviet Union represented the end of a forty-year challenge to democracy and market capitalism, both of which had already been established as the status quo (at least of Europe, the main battlefield” of the Cold War). The revolution of western democracy and capitalism began in 1642 in England where the first popular rebellion against a monarchy brought about the execution of King Charles I. Less than a decade later, Thomas Hobbes, at least partially inspired by the upheaval in England, published his famous work Leviathan. Although he advocated submission to the absolute supremacy of the state, Hobbes was not concerned whether that state was ruled by a king or a parliament, and this non-commitment to monarchy laid the intellectual foundations for the development of democratic political theory. John Locke soon bridged the gap between Hobbes’ realism and what would become liberalism with the ideas of majority rule, natural rights, property rights, and the responsibility of the state to uphold these ideals. Montesquieu added the issues of separated and balanced governmental powers, and Rousseau defended self-determination and civil liberty. Adam Smith introduced the world to comparative advantage and put forth the belief that the ability of every citizen to make his own economic choices created the most prosperous economy. The ideas of these philosophers, along with Madison, Jefferson, Ricardo, and the rest, inspired more revolutions in America in 1776, France in 1789, across Europe in 1848, and again in American in 1860.”

Friedrich Bernhard Riemann and Geometry of Space writing an essay help: writing an essay help

This paper looks at the life and works of Friedrich Bernhard Riemann.

This paper examines the life and the work of the 19th century German mathematician Friedrich Bernhard Riemann, whose ideas concerning geometry of space had a profound effect on the development of modern theoretical physics, including providing the foundation for the concepts and methods used later in relativity theory.
From the paper:

“An examination of the facts of Riemann’s family background would not have led one to suspect that he would have become the great mathematician that he would develop into. He was the second of six children of a Lutheran pastor and it was this pastor/father who gave him his first formal education. Indeed, much of his early education was centered in his family, which was by all accounts both happy and deeply devout. He later attended the local high school, where he made quick and substantial progress in mathematics, soon moving beyond the ability of his teachers to educate him further (Laugwitz 38-41). He quickly mastered calculus and theory of numbers of Adrien-Marie Legendre. After graduating from the high school (or gymnasium), he studied at the universities of Gttingen and Berlin from 1846-51. It was at this point in his education that he became interested in problems concerning the theory of prime numbers, elliptic functions, and geometry, theoretical interests that would guide much of his later work.”

Caring Teachers: Impact on Students best college essay help: best college essay help

This paper evaluates caring teachers and their impacts on students and the learning experience.

This paper presents a study conducted by the Center of Adolescent Studies that looked at “caring teachers” by interviewing sixth, seventh and eighth grade students. The author reports students defined a “caring teacher” as a teacher who listens and helps them with personal problems and as a teacher who helps with homework, gives students individual attention, sets goals for students and talks to students about their behavior. The paper concludes that students learn better with a caring teacher and develop skills that allow them to continue to learn effectively once they are out of the classroom.
Table of Contents

Impact of a Caring Teacher
Teaching Styles Used by Caring Teachers
Attitudes of Teachers
Success of Students

“The focus is on how the student can be helped. This is also important as it shows how the student is able to avoid ridicule and embarrassment. This would be important in maintaining a students interest and self-esteem. The fourth response shows us how caring teachers are attentive to their students, which is important in making the student feel they are supported and noticed. The fourth response shows how a caring teacher also provides encouragement and praises students for good work. The final response shows how being caring actually creates a better environment where learning is interesting to students.”

Financial Movement of the Euro and the Dollar essay help: essay help

This paper takes a look at dollar and Euro movements in 2001.

This paper analyzes the financial movement of the Euro vs. the dollar during the calender year 2001. It looks at the efforts by the European Central bank to maintain stability and what measures it is taking. It also describes the difficulties in the financial markets of late due to economic insecurity and how this has had an effect on these currencies’ movements.
From the paper:

The future of the euro vis vis the dollar is naturally of concern to the this foreign currency management department of this bank given the potential to disruption in the U.S. economy at large if the euro experiences substantial fluctuations as well as the potential disruption to the activities to this particular bank that such changes in the status of this currency vis/*vis the dollar might portend. In this regard, it is important to note that the future of the euro is actually somewhat brighter now than it was at the beginning of this calendar year.

Abnormal Psychology Needs a Sociocultural Model college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

This paper reviews the concept of abnormal behavior and comments on the need to evaluate and treat this behavior within a cultural context.

The author states that behavioral and scientific abnormal psychology models do not apply in our modern, multicultural society. The paper reviews, in detail, throughout history, the definitions and theoretical interpretations of abnormal behavior. The author believes that sociocultural psychology, which takes into account an individual’s society, family, and culture, offers a more comprehensive view of abnormal psychology. She states that the relative lack of ethnographic data on specifically defined cultural groups is a problem especially when working within immigrant communities.

The ancient Greeks were revolutionary in this regard. In the fourth century B.C.E., Hippocrates believed that some kind of physical malady was responsible for mental disorders. In fact, the father of modern medicine may be the first person to attribute mental illness to biological causes. Even with his primitive understanding of the human body and attribution of mental illness to the humors, Hippocrates recognized the importance of diet, stress, and heredity on mental illness. Hippocrates even described disorders we catalog in the DSM today: depression, paranoia, Alzheimer’s, and alcoholism. Steering away from superstitious, supernatural explanations of abnormal behavior was an immense step forward in the treatment of those who suffered with mental illness.

Annotated Bibliography for Latin American Studies college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

This paper is an annotated bibliography based on the book “Americas”, by Peter Winn.

This paper is organized chapter by chapter from the book “Americas”, by Peter Winn. The author selected one reference from each chapter and presents a one-paragraph annotation. There are 15 references in this paper. The chapters from the book are:
A View from the South
Legacies of Empire
The Perils of Progress
A Second Independence?
Capital Sins
Continent on the Move
Children of the Sun.
A Question of Color
In Women’s Hands
The Power and the Glory
The Magical and the Real
Endangered States
Making Revolution
North of the Border
Epilogue: Latin America and the Caribbean at 2000

This is a comprehensive work on guerilla warfare and Columbia’s War on Drugs. It makes the point that there are two sides to every issue and that it can be beneficial to all to look at things from a different perspective. She draws upon interviews with guerilla leaders and personal experiences while in South America. Her work gives a different perspective than is commonly adopted in the United States. It helps you to see things from another perspective.

The Jesus Prayer college application essay help online: college application essay help online

A look at the book by J.D. Salinger called “Franny and Zooey”.

This paper examines the religious experiences of the main characters of the novel “Franny and Zooey” by J.D. Salinger. Franny claims to have a sort of revelation “Jesus Prayer” in the beginning of the book and this is mocked by her brother Zooey. This paper first examines what is the Jesus Prayer. It then goes on to examine why and J.D. Salinger uses it in his novel and how it functions in the novel. It also explores the nature of religious experience as revealed by the characters and actions of Franny and Zooey.
From the paper:

“Zooey cannot see how Franny’s use of the Jesus Prayer the prayer that left her at the end of the first section lying exhausted and hungry, staring at the ceiling of the manager’s office in a restaurant, her lips moving is a religious experience. (41-44) However, this paper will assert that contrary to what Zooey states, Franny has had a religious experience in the first part of the book. It is perhaps not quite a religious experience as defined on Zooey’s terms, nor the sort of religious experience Franny herself believes she has had, before she has the confrontation with her brother. But it is religious none the less. This is because her use of the Jesus prayer, misguided as it is, brings both Franny and her brother to a kind of appreciation and acceptance of the world that they did not have at the beginning of the novel.”

Just-In-Time Manufacturing essay help writing: essay help writing

A study of the method of Just-in-Time manufacturing for business organizations.

This paper examines the use of the Just-in-time manufacturing method. It describes the key strategy behind just-in-time manufacturing: less inventory means more cash, which is good for most businesses, and demonstrates the application of this principal. The author writes that with Just-in-time manufacturing, stock is wasteful and eliminated, but there are also negative effects on the environment involved in this alternative process.

“Just-in-time manufacturing is a method of manufacturing goods that was developed by Toyota in the 1980’s. Since that time, many companies around the world have begun to successfully implement just-in-time processes, including several companies in the United States. (Maskell, 1989)

Just-in-time manufacturing is a method of manufacturing in which non-value-adding activities (or are identified and removed for the purposes of reducing costs, improving quality, improving performance, improving delivery, adding flexibility and increasing innovativeness.

Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus research essay help: research essay help

A look at the book by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley – “Frankenstein” or the “Modern Prometheus”.

This paper looks below the level of the plot exploited by movie version of the book to examine what Shelley herself would have felt was the true level of horror in the book, the investigation of what it means to be human and the terrible things that we might each do ? and in turn have done to us if we were somehow to lose that quality of ourselves that sets us off from all other living creatures as uniquely human.
From the paper:

“It is perhaps true that any movie based on an important book does a great disservice to it, for the media of literature and of film are so essentially different from each other that any translation between the two of them must be cause for substantial cross-cultural fumblings. But Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus (published in 1818, long before any author could imagine what the big screen might do to her work) has been especially ill-served by its various cinematic adaptations, which have transformed this novel about a prototypical mad scientist who creates a monster who eventually kills him from a serious investigation into the nature of the human soul into a horror flick. Indeed the name Frankenstein has become popularly attached not only the Shelley’s creature itself but to a whole genre of low-tech horror movies.”

Fires of Jubilee: Nat Turner’s Fierce Rebellion rice supplement essay help: rice supplement essay help

This paper discusses Stephen Oats’ book `Fires of Jubilee: Nat Turner’s Fierce Rebellion.

This paper takes a look at a slave uprising as documented in Stephen Oat’s book Fires of Jubilee: Nat Turner’s Fierce Rebellion. It analyzes the main character of the book, Nat Turner and how his seemingly small scale revolution set the wheels in motion for the eventual abolishment of slavery.
From the paper:

Stephen Oates, in his book Fires of Jubilee: Nat Turner’s Fierce Rebellion, crafts a compelling story. The story of this slave rebellion is indeed so compelling a one that it would be hard to imagine a telling of it that was not fascinating. But in the end Oates, despite his credentials, does a disservice both to Turner and to the larger forces at work in the decades before the Civil War. In order to assess Oates’s treatment of Turner, it would be useful to examine what is generally known and agreed to about Turner. He was born on a plantation in Southampton County, Virginia, in 1800 and was from a very early age a popular religious leader among his fellow slaves. In part due no doubt to whatever had motivated him to become interested in preaching and in part because he was so popular with other slaves who came to listen to him talk about God, Turner became convinced that he had been chosen by God to lead his people to freedom.`

Criminal Justice Trait Theory scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

A study of trait theories as applied to the criminal justice system.

This paper considers two different models of trait theories ” biosocial and biosocial/psychological ” within the context of the field of criminal justice. It describes the attempt to isolate what it is that defines human nature and human personality, in terms of what is the effect of environment and what is purely genetic in a personality. The author shows how these psychological concepts are applied to criminal rehabilitation therapy.

“One of the ways in which researchers have tried to answer this question is that they have attempted to isolate what it is that defines human nature and human personality. In other words, they have sought to isolate the different traits that together make up the personality. Although this approach is certainly subject to various criticisms ” perhaps the most important of these being that personality traits are not consistently manifested over time ” the trait model has remained useful in some arenas for helping people to understand human personality.”

Checks and Balances in the American System of Government argumentative essay help online: argumentative essay help online

This paper examines the balance of power in the U.S. government.

This paper explores the three branches of government that create a system of checks and balances and separation of power. It outlines how laws are passed and how they are defeated. It also shows how this system of government came to be.
From the paper:

“The separation of the functions of the three branches of government, viz. the executive, the legislative and the judiciary, is one of the basic principles of American democracy and government. The purpose of having three separate independent branches is ostensibly to keep checks and balances between them so that they do not exceed their powers and keep a watch over one another’s functioning.”

Inline Skating into the 21st Century And Beyond essay help: essay help

A study on skating with emphasis on inline skating.

This paper examines the evolution of skating and the emersion of inline skating. It reviews the museum exhibition, “Inline Skating into The 21st Century and Beyond and describes the history of the wheel and other inventions that make the sport inline skating possible today. The paper includes color illustrations and photographs.
Table of Contents
1. Description of Exhibit
2. The History of Inline Skating
3. Roller Blading
4. Exhibition Checklist
5. Marketing Analysis
6. Administrative Matters
7. Conclusion

“?Inline Skating Into The 21st Century and Beyond will trace the roots of the wheel and how thru numerous developments and innovations the popular sport of inline skating was born. The exhibit will provide a retelling of how the wheel was invented, and outline the various inventions that were made possible because of the invention of the wheel with the primary focus on the evolution and history of inline skating. Moreover, the exhibit will present inline skating in all its many forms, including roller skating, ice skating and roller blading. ”

A Raisin in the Sun easy essay help: easy essay help

A review of Lorraine Hansberry’s play A Raisin in the Sun.

This paper examines the play A Raisin in the Sun, by African- American playwright Lorraine Hansberry. The paper describes the playwright’s life and provides a synopsis of the plays events. The paper states that the moral of this play is as long as people try to do their best for their families, they can lift each other up.

“Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun was the first play written by a black woman to be produced on Broadway in 1959. Moreover, Hansberry was the youngest and the first black writer to receive the New York Drama Critics Award. She was deeply committed to equality and human rights, and her play approaches important issues and concerns regarding the African-American racial identity and discrimination, and poverty.”

The Congressional Bill: A Necessity essay help writing: essay help writing

This paper discusses the need for a balance in democracy.

This paper examines the specific use of a bill passed in Congress in the balance of powers in U.S. democracy. It explores the history of the U.S. government and what the original framers of the constitution had in mind for a power sharing government.
From the paper:

“If we study the history of the government we realize that the Constitution establishes three separate branches of government: the legislative, executive, and judicial. Each branch has its own area of authority. These areas overlap, making it necessary for the three branches to share in, and compete for, the power to govern effectively. Each branch has some constitutional authority that it can use to impede the functioning of the other branches, creating a system of checks and balances.”

Shiloh and the Search for Change admission essay help: admission essay help

An analysis of the short story by Bobbie Ann Mason, “Shiloh”.

The paper provides an understanding of the ordinary characters in this short story and a summary of the plot. The paper describes the simple story of a Kentucky couple with a failing marriage. The author writes that the characters in “Shiloh” are decent simple everyday people, who are trying to find meaning in a changing world and feel alienated from their own lives.

“On first reading, the short story “Shiloh” by Bobbie Ann Mason, seems like a simple story of a Kentucky couple whose marriage is about to break up. Initially the reader may not be sure these characters are much worth caring about. After further consideration it becomes obvious that the story is packed with deeper meaning that can be discovered by closely examining the details. Living in a changing society, the characters in “Shiloh” feel alienated from their own lives and attempt to do something about it. The ways that the characters search for meaning are significant to Mason’s mission of portraying every day people facing everyday life in today’s changing world.”

The Historical Context of the American Civil War english essay help online: english essay help online

This paper examines the historical background to the Civil War.

This paper explores the different factors that lead to the Civil War between the North and the South in the U.S. It shows through the context of the Industrial Revolution, slavery, and State and Federal rights how a war was brought about.
From the paper:

“Before the Civil War, many Americans perceived their participation in the American nation to be a loose, amorphous connection to a larger entity. They saw themselves as citizens of a state, rather than a nation, Virginians or Georgians rather than Americans. The Civil War confirmed the United States’ solidity as a Union, as a specific, united, conglomeration of states. Yet the Civil War did not come out of nowhere. The period preceding the declaration of war on April 12, 1861 with the firing of Southern troops on Fort Sumpter was an equally tumultuous one.”

Why is Algebra so Important? essay help online: essay help online

This paper discusses the importance of learning algebra.

This paper examines why it is necessary to learn algebra. It shows its everyday uses and importance. It uses some basic examples such as calculating the miles per gallon of a car, and solving a calendar riddle.
From the paper:

“Algebra is simply the branch of mathematics in which the operations and procedures of addition and multiplication are applied to variables rather than specific numbers. It is also probably the subject about which schoolchildren are most likely to ask the question: What good will this ever do me when I get out of school. This paper puts forth three different answers to that eternal question of what good will algebra do me?”

Government Morality summary and response essay help: summary and response essay help

An essay on moral conduct of governments with special consideration to Glenn Tinder’s book entitled Political Thinking: The Perennial Questions and Niccolo Machiavelli’s “The Prince”.

Political theorists over time have attempted to answer the question of whether governments should be under the same moral limits as individuals. This paper examines the theories and opinions of two writers by looking at their literature. These opinions are presented and compared.

“Political theorists over time have attempted to answer the question of whether governments should be under the same moral limits as individuals. Some men have attacked this question at its very core, and there they face another question. What is moral law, and how is it formed? Other philosophers have pondered the extent of limits on power in general, and some have entertained ideas of a government without limits and a society with an abundance of limits. Through discussion of all these aspects, it remains unclear whether governments should be held under the same moral code as the individuals that it rules and represents.”

The Character of Alexander the Great: Ancient and Modern Views english essay help online: english essay help online

This paper examines how two historians depict Alexander’s reign.

This paper first discusses the content and inaccuracies of Plutarch’s historical documentation of Alexander the Great. It compares Plutarch’s ancient views to that of N. G. L. Hammond, a modern historian. It focuses specifically on the documentation of the first crisis during Alexander’s reign, the attempted secession of the Greek city-state Thebes and how it was conquered.
From the paper:

“Thebes had wished to break free of the alliance Alexander had enforced upon the formerly independent Greek city-states, including Athens. With Athens’ support, Thebes declared itself independent of The Greek League, Macedonia’s “alliance” with Greece that demanded none of the League’s cities enter conflict with Macedonia or any of the members of the League, and would support Macedonia in any action it would take against Persia. Alexander determined to bring back into the league. He accomplished this within hours, razing the city.”

Death Theme essay help cheap: essay help cheap

This paper compares and contrasts the how the theme of death is portrayed in Leo Tolstoy’s The Death of Ivan Ilych and Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis.”

This paper discusses how two very different authors, Leo Tolstoy and Franz Kafka deal with the topic of death in two of their novels, “The Death of Ivan Ilych” and “The Metamorphosis,” respectively. The two stories in this essay deal with death both metaphorically and realistically. According to this author, both of the main characters undergo a personal transformation once they are told that they are going to die. Even though one is poor and the other is surrounded with luxury and servants, their transformations are similar. Using the different metaphor from each of the stories to help the reader understand what Ivan and Gregor, the men are faced with when faced with their untimely demises are feeling and how they would have changed their lives if they had been able to do so.

“Throughout history, death has remained for humans the mystery to which we are left to our own imaginations. Death has always been a common theme in literature, whether novels, short stories, poetry, or prose. Authors have approached this subject in their writings in a myriad of ways. Some have glorified death, others have demonized it as God’s curse to mankind. Still others have dealt with death metaphorically, while others have portrayed death is a very realistic fashion. Human fascination with death is based simply on our curiosity of the unknown. It is also rooted, however, in the fact that death causes such a array of emotions, for the person dying as well as those whose lives have been touched or effected in some way by the death. Death conjures emotions ranging from one end of the scale to the other.”

Freedom, Liberty and the Novel free essay help online: free essay help online

An examination of “Rise to Rebellion” by Jeff Sharra and how it relates to the War of Independence.

This paper briefly looks at several quotes from the book “Rise to Rebellion” by Jeff Sharra and discusses the ideals of freedom and liberty by looking at key areas of the war for American Independence 1776-1783. It examines what these important concepts meant to people like Benjamin Franklin and John Adams.

“Through out the many fights for independence there has always been a view and ideology that sought a restriction upon one nation however, when a nation seeks its own independence and freedom from a despotic ruler or government the reasons are not always clear and precise; for example when the United States of America fought for its independence between the years 1776 and 1783 was not just a war of politics it was also a war of personal prejudices against taxation and the rights of the settlers.”

The History of U.S. Transportation Regulation and Deregulation college essay help service: college essay help service

This paper examines the role of government in the U.S. transportation industry.

This paper examines how deregulation has affected the American airlines industry, what brought about the current legal situation, and whether it is the best possible way in which to determine national airlines policy. It sets all of this within a larger framework that demonstrates how the United States has in its history dealt with the issue of regulating its transportation industries.

The Nature of Things free essay help online: free essay help online

A comparison of the books “The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison and “Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston.

This paper compares the two books to examine how they portray the role of the natural world in relation to events in the human world. The use of elements of nature, such as the seasons, weather, vegetation, and animals is explored in these two novels. The symbolism and meaning of these elements in terms of the stories and characters is discussed.

“Zora Heale Hurston and Toni Morrison both use similar themes in their novels, although written decades apart. Not only do they both use the word “eye” in their title, their characters share similar emotions in their search for their own identities. Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God is about a woman who after three marriages finally finds her own voice and at the same time discovers that much of her power lies in silence. Morrison’s “The Bluest Eye” is about a young girl longing for beauty only to find it in her madness. Both novels concern African American culture and the sub-cultures within the class status. Both Morrison and Hurston weave folklore into their stories with symbolic references to nature. Moreover, both authors establish this symbolism by opening their novels with nature references.
Hurston opens “Their Eyes Were Watching God” by writing, “Ships at a distance have every man’s wish on board. For some they come in with the tide. For others they sail forever on the horizon, never out of sight, never landing until the Watcher turns his eyes away in resignation, his dreams mocked to death by Time. That is the life of men. Now, women forget all those things they don’t want to remember, and remember everything they don’t want to forget. The dream is the truth. Then they act and do things accordingly (Hurston 1998). In this sentence, Hurston symbolically establishes that men and women instinctively rely on each other for certain needs. Janie, the main character of the story, is like many women who search for a man who can complement her and give her the qualities that she doesn’t possess on her own. It also refers to the theme that men never really strive for their dreams, while women are able to control their desires and wills and chase their dreams (Hurston 1998).

AIDS in Africa get essay help: get essay help

This paper discusses the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

This paper explores the spreading of AIDS in Africa. It shows various studies headed by international organizations that have tried to both analyze and prevent the rapid spread of AIDS on the African continent. It points to various factors such as lack of education, absence of contraceptives, and poverty as reasons for the fast spread of HIV. It also focuses on why women are much more likely to be infected and spread the disease.
From the paper:

“AIDS is a demographic disease. The most prone to the disease are women, children and the poor. The testimony to this statement is the fact that in a country like Africa the most effected by AIDS is the women and the children. This is mainly because they have to deal with the fact that society considers them a second-class citizen, they are basically the child bearers and have many stigmas attached to their actions within the society.”

Perpetuating the Stereotype of African-American Women compare and contrast essay help: compare and contrast essay help

This paper explores the role of advertising in regards to African-American stereotypes.

This paper takes a view at the role of the mass media and advertising in furthering the stereotypes of African-American women. It compares the general role of stereotypes in advertising in a historical context to that of present day stereotyping. It also examines the role advertising has on the public in self-propagating the stereotypes.
From the Paper:

“Women might find themselves attracted to one shade of coral lipstick rather then another. But on a deeper level, advertisements present to us a world in which we must always be conscious of being looked at, of having to abrogate who it is that we ourselves think that we are for who it is that we should be as we have been told by society/people who create the images in ads. Thus if for look at the way in which African-American women are portrayed in ads and copy of women’s magazines (as well as the ways which they are made invisible) from 1950 to the present we see a number of ways in which definitions of female beauty are limited in such a way as to preclude African-American women.”

Edmund Hallet Carr’s What is History? nursing essay help: nursing essay help

A critical review of this work, with respect to the meaning and purpose of history.

This paper reviews the work What is History, by Edmund Hallet Carr. It looks at how the work redefines the way historical facts are understood and the importance of context in the interpretation of historical facts. It looks at the importance of a historian having an awareness of the time-frame a historical work was written in, the objectives of the writer at that time and his/her own society-based biases. The paper then brings in Cronon’s `A place for stories: nature, history, and narrative` and Linda Alcoff’s The problem of speaking for others, as examples of how Carr’s ideas have been used by other historians writing on the meaning of history.

`Edmund Hallet Carr’s book, What is History?, was first published in 1961 and had a major impact on the understanding of history. Reading this book over 40 years later, it still has the same impact, creating a change in the way history is viewed and understood. The lasting impact of Carr’s concepts can also be seen by the way they are still applicable to modern ideas on the meaning and purpose of history.`

The Legacy of the Supreme Court and African American Freedom: From Enslavement to Liberation scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

This paper examines the history of U.S. Supreme Court rulings dealing with African- American issues.

This paper discusses the history of the Supreme Court in its rullings on African-American topics. It specifically details three important cases listed below in the table of contents and their historical significance.
From the paper:

“The United States Supreme Court has made many landmark decisions over the course of its existence. The most critical of these decisions have almost always directly pertained to notions of what constitutes an American individual’s liberties. Because of the history of enslavement and racism in the United States, African American lives have perhaps been more crucially impacted by these decisions than white American lives have been.”

Table of Contents:
I. Introduction
II. 1857 Scott v. Sandford
III. 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson
IV. 1954 Brown v. The Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas

The Short Stories of Shirley Jackson cheap mba definition essay help: cheap mba definition essay help

An examination of a number of short stories by Shirley Jackson, looking at the alternative themes she tends to portray in her stories.

Shirley Jackson is a short story writer known for writing disturbing stories that focus not on horrific events, but on normal events that occur in society. The writer shows how her stories add new meaning to common events that everyone can relate to, often also making a comment on our society. Three of her stories which have these features, are examined – “The Witch”, “An Ordinary Day, With Peanuts”, and “After You, My Dear Alphonse”. These stories are compared in terms of theme, style, irony, and characters. The common features of Jackson’s work can easily be identified.

In each of the three stories, the theme makes a comment on our society, using everyday events to accomplish this.

In The Witch, a mother is on the train with her four-year old son. A man enters and noting that the boy needs entertaining, tells him a story. The story, however, is a horrific one and what would be considered an inappropriate one. The mother must then deal with the social situation of reacting to the man’s inappropriateness. The aspect of the story that communicates the theme is that the boy is actually entertained by the story, even though it is considered inappropriate. This leads the reader to consider why these types of stories are so entertaining and why the mother is more disturbed by the story than her son. This leads to the questioning of the conventions of society, especially the idea of what is considered inappropriate.”

Transracial Adoption essay help services: essay help services

This paper discusses the issue of transracial adoption.

This paper gives explores the issue of transracial adoption in America. It outlines the cultural and family aspects of adoption and more specifically transracial adoption. It points to individual and broad surveys that conclude there are high success rates in both family continuity and preservation of racial/ethnic identity.
From the paper:

“Transracial adoption means adopting children of various races, color, religion, that is, from all parts of the world. Transracial adoption has been spoken for and spoken against and my argument is based on “choosing a positive view point, that is pro transracial.”
“Here we will discuss that transracial adoption proves to be very beneficial for the adoptee and they do not face any racial discrimination problem, nor do they lack self-esteem.”

Starlet of the Century: Audrey Hepburn english essay help: english essay help

A study of the life of the great Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn.

This paper describes in-depth the life of Audrey Hepburn, the infamous Dutch Hollywood actress. The paper begins with her as a girl, born into Dutch Royalty, she suffered from hunger and poverty in Nazi occupied Holland. The paper provides chronological summaries of her role in all her films and plays, which provides the reader with a great sense of her enormous contribution to popular culture. It includes details of her personal life and her work as a special Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Gigi was Audrey’s ticket to America. At the show’s premiere in New York, Audrey was surprisingly visited by James Hanson, who had come to formalize their engagement (Paris 74). The run of Gigi was over by the spring of 1952. However, Audrey’s career was about to take an even greater step forward. Paramount Pictures was searching for a young girl to play the role of Princess Anne in Willy Wyler’s Roman Holiday (1953). Audrey was about to costar with Gregory Peck in her first American film. However, the film had forced her to postpone her wedding date. In fact, as soon as she got the part, the studios had advised her not to get married in the belief that millions of lovestruck fans would be disappointed (Paris 80). Audrey was soon convinced that she was not ready to be married, and she broke off her engagement to James Hanson.

The Abortion Debate in American Society high school essay help: high school essay help

This paper explores the arguments for and against abortion in America.

This paper takes the position of an individual’s right to choose in regard to the issue of Abortion. It examines the roles of religion, science, and women’s rights in the arguments of the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice movements. It discusses the desire for a consensus to be reached between the two camps, and draws a conclusion for abortion to be a basic legal and moral right.
From the paper:

“Abortion is one of the most divisive issues currently facing the American public. Unfortunately, it is also an issue in which the opposing sides seem to be continually unable to have calm and rational discussion. All too often these debates take place bracketed on the one side by the pro-lifers? insistence that all of abortion is murder, and on the other by the pro-choice fear that pregnancy reduces women to a state of slavery. The public seems to be buying both the pro-life and pro-choice arguments, which would indicate that perhaps they have more in common than might be thought at first glance. It seems possible that while abortion may in some cases be equivalent to killing a true human being, there is still not adequate cause to deny its availability, or its national funding.”

Dobson Farm Products System Analysis Report english essay help online: english essay help online

A report presented to a farm products company which analyzes their information systems.

The paper is presented as a report to the company, Dobson Farm Products, which retained Computer Systems Analysts, Inc. to analyze their current information systems and to design a system that would meet both the immediate and future projected needs of the growing company. The report summarizes the findings and recommendations of the analysis team, including the company’s security needs.

Security measures will involve setting up a separate server called a Proxy Server. This offers better protection than a firewall, but works in basically the same manner. The Proxy server uses a set of data validation techniques and protocols, which can be custom configured to either allow or disallow information to be sent or received. A proxy server will be set up for the entire system as a type of gatekeeper. Only authorized personnel will be able to gain access to this system or transmit information.

Women in Media Today rice supplement essay help: rice supplement essay help

A look at the portrayal of women in the media today compared to the time when Susan J. Douglas’ book on the topic, Where the Girls Are: Growing Up Female With the Mass Media, was written.

An essay discussing how the portrayal of women has changed in one segment of the media (music, TV, film, advertising) from the early 1990’s when the book “Where the Girls Are: Growing Up Female With the Mass Media” by Susan J. Douglas was completed. Discussed are the commonalities between women currently important to American pop culture and the women examined in the book, the differences or changes that have occurred, whether conditions have improved for women, and whether there has been a continued backlash against feminism in American popular culture over the last decade.

“”Murphy Brown” was a powerful intelligent female character who had great clothes, however, she did not look like a waif and her clothes were not skimpy. “Roseanne” was an over-weight working wife and mother who dealt with family problems that had never before been portrayed on a television sitcom. And “Ellen” came out of the closet on one episode to tell the world that she was a lesbian (Timson 1995). This would certainly have not been witnessed on a sitcom television program twenty years ago.”

They Get No Respect best essay help: best essay help

The following paper discusses the way in which elderly people are humiliated by the society in which they raised.

This three-page paper examines the way elderly people have been depicted in various media. The writer uses songs, television shows, and movies to illustrate the fact that elderly people are often portrayed in much the same derogatory manner as the African-Americans were on stage at one time.
From the paper:

“The elderly people in this nation deserve the utmost respect. They have worked hard, raised at least one generation of community participants if not several and they have provided the world with their worth and value. When they reach the golden years they have learned a lot about life along the path and have many valuable insights that they can share with those who are still traveling.”

Biomechanics and Kinematics of the Jete? essay help free: essay help free

This paper explores the body mechanics involved in all phases of the ballet leap, called the Jete.

The paper describes kinesthesiology as a branch of physics dedicated to the physics involved in movement. It shows that several scientists of note contributed to this field including Aristotle, who applied geometry to the acts of walking, running and jumping. The paper describes that as a dancer moves across the stage force is transferred from one element to another. This paper explores the body mechanics involved in all phases of the ballet leap, called the jete.
Table of contents
Phases of the Jete?
Analysis of the Muscles Involved
Analysis of the Injuries Prone to the Movement

“The landing phase of the leap is by far the most dangerous. If the body is not positioned properly to absorb the impact, injuries could be extensive, particularly if they cause a fall. Every part of the body is at risk in a fall situation. Injuries could be more severe involving broken bones, especially in the ankle and foot of the leading leg. If a fall is involved bruising could result.”

What Lies Behind the Battle of Jericho essay help writer: essay help writer

Historical evidence is presented showing that the Battle of Jericho is not just a biblical myth.

This paper investigates the battle of Jericho to see what scientific evidence relates to the battle, how the battle affected the lives of the Israelites, the historical setting, and the theological and spiritual meaning of the battle both then and now. Evidence from recent years shows that Joshua and his army could have conquered this city just as it is told in the Bible.
From the paper:

“The battle of Jericho, as told in Joshua 5:13 – 6:27, is a story that has captured the interest of biblical scholars, scientists, and even Sunday school classrooms with its mystery and intrigue. It is the story of how the weak were able to overtake the strong through a supernatural force, Yahweh, the Lord of Israel. There are many facets of this story that can be explored. We will look at the scientific evidence of the story’s truth, as well as biblical and moral concepts that can be derived from it. We will also discuss the time period the Israelites were living in during the battle, and how the passage relates to events occurring at that time in the Bible.”

Human Nature as reflected in Tobias Wolff’s Hunters in the Snow “essay help” site:edu: “essay help” site:edu

An analysis of the book and a detailed look at its composition.

This paper examines the novel Hunters in the Snow by Tobias Wolff. The author looks at the main themes in the novel and examines the characters and the experiences they undergo.
From the paper:

In Tobias Wolff’s short story, Hunters in the Snow, the author depicts three men who on the surface appear to be congenial hunting buddies. However, as the story unfolds, it becomes apparent that there is more than friendship in their relationship. There is a simmering resentment of each other that seems to be highlighted amidst the appropriate setting of the cold, bleak winter season. The cavalier attitude of these men and the effect of their words targeted at each others weak points makes for a rather perverse realization that under these men’s simple visages lies a cruel complexity of human nature, which is as frigid as the snow on the ground.

Quality Initiatives in the Pharmaceutical Industry summary and response essay help: summary and response essay help

An analysis of the enormous demands placed on the pharmaceutical industry by the public and government agencies.

This paper describes the pharmaceutical industry’s role as one of the largest contributors to economic growth in the United States. It illustrates the tremendous pressure the pharmaceutical industry is under, to meet the increasing demands for their product and maintain the quality standards of the regulatory agencies. The writer explains why it is in the best interest of the industry to attempt to maintain the high standards placed on them.

According the US Business Reporter (2002), annual spending on prescription drugs is expanding at close to 14% on and annual basis. Several companies and drugs have led this increase, particularly Warner-Lambert’s Lipitor, Eli Lilly’s Zyprexa, Monsanto/ Pfizer’s Celebrex, and Merck’s Vioxx (US Business Reporter, 2002). The same article notes that the pharmaceutical industry typically operates on a 14-15% profit margin. This makes the pharmaceutical industry one of the largest contributors to economic growth in the Untied States.

Understanding Chaucer’s Reeve’s Tale argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

This paper analyzes the characters and the use of symbolism in Chaucer’s Reeve’s Tale.

This paper discusses Chaucer’s `Reeve’s Tale. The author analyzes the main themes in the book and discusses some of the main characters and how they portray the themes.
From the paper:

The Reeve’s Tale, from the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, translated by Nevill Coghill, published by Penguin Books in 1951, is a fabliau of 14 pages set in the middle ages. The Reeve tells his tale to counter the Miller’s Tale. It is about two clerks who bring their grain to be milled by a thieving miller. The miller steals their grain and they pay him back with what is justly due. The theme of the `Reeve’s Tale is do unto others as they do unto you. This theme is carried through the Reeve’s Tale` by the underlying meanings of its characters and happenings.`

Quality Management and Productivity online essay help: online essay help

A discussion of how to give managers a competitive advantage to increase productivity.

Productivity results are measurements of good management skills and decisions. This paper gives some advice to managers on how to get competitive using different marketing techniques in order to obtain customer loyalty and in turn increase quality and maximize productivity.

“Many times the managers are faced with responsibility of not only managing employees and making things run smoothly, but making financial decisions and attracting investors. Attracting investors requires exploration and knowledge of market segments, Stengel 2001. An exploration of market segments and competitiveness must be researched. Investors like dealing with people who are knowledgeable about competition and offer services that are unique. Researching the market requires consideration of the socioeconomic status, age, lifestyles, behavior patterns etc. of the potential customers relative to the services and products being offered. ”

Health Care in the St. Louis Area persuasive essay help: persuasive essay help

A discussion of the future of health care in the St. Louis area of the U.S.

This paper uses the St. Louis area as an example of an area typical to the U.S. that calls for an improved health care system. It presents a detailed examination of the future of health care in the St. Louis area and discusses the effect of economic and population issues.

“The cost of obtaining health care in the United States has been the topic of tremendous controversy for many years. While some argue that the nation needs to go to socialized medicine similar to the Canadian delivery mode others believe America has the best health care system in the world if only the costs would become more reasonable. The St. Louis MO area is no stranger to rising health care costs. St. Louis is an extremely diverse city which boasts high rise condos, as well as low rent projects.”

AIDS Prevention Measures “essay help” site:edu: “essay help” site:edu

This paper discusses methods by which to educate society about the threat of AIDS.

This essay analyzes possible solutions to the AIDS malady. The author stresses the importance of massive education programs, spreading information about the fatal virus and means of prevention.
From the paper:

“Imagine a disease that shreds apart the human immune system leaving the body susceptible to a multitude of deadly infections and certain types of cancer. What would normally be harmless viruses, fungi, and bacteria can cause severe illness. This malady, unfortunately, does exist, and it has affects nearly one million Americans each year. AIDS is a cruel and harsh sentence of a slow, gruesome, and inevitable death over the course of many years. The disease, scientifically known as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, originated in Africa and spread to the United States in 1981. Today, scientists have discovered that the AIDS disease originates from the HIV virus, which can be passed through sexual contact or blood exchange.”

Culture and Health Assessment essay help free: essay help free

A study of the importance of health assessments and the cultural issues involved.

This paper outlines a theoretical background of the importance of health assessments. The writer claims that health assessment is a basic criterion for recording patient information, of which cultural assessment is also an important part. The paper discusses six cultural phenomena that nurses must understand and practice to ensure effective patient care. To substantiate this study, the paper provides a model for health (and cultural) assessment – an indigenous female in a maternity ward.

“The commercial nature of medical care in institutions today forces medical practitioners to adopt a highly professional and impersonal attitude towards patients. This clinical attitude towards patients has been the result of standardization of medical processes. Studies indicate [Leininger, 1991] that personal care provides critical information regarding the patient, enabling doctors and nurses to diagnose patient’s illness effectively. In a multicultural environment like Australia, treatment of ethnic patients requires such personal care. However, nurses who interact with patients, operate without having knowledge of the cultural background of their patients, are in danger of violating professional code of conduct. There is a need for cultural assessment along with health assessment for effective inter ethnic relationship building between patients and nurses. To achieve that, data pertaining to the patient’s culture within the context of the disease is required. This could only be achieved through a health assessment.”

Rhetoric: An End and a Means essay help cheap: essay help cheap

This paper compares Plato’s theories about rhetoric and dialectic means of communication.

This paper discusses Plato’s ideas on how we discover truth with continual dialogue. The author looks at Plato’s theories about the objective of dialectic and rhetoric and compares the two arguing that while rhetoric is used as a tool for persuasion, dialectic is used as a tool to achieve truth.
From the paper:

An editorial in The Daily Princetonian of February 21, 2000 extols alcohol as the world’s most extraordinary beverage,” noting specifically that alcohol’s effects are akin to a truth serum. Through a Platonic lens, this statement comes to acute focus. Alcohol is widely noted as a conversational stimulus where participants are less inhibited in expressing opinions. Platonic congruity arises because Plato espouses dialectic, a candid give and take discourse, as a means to discovering immutable Truth. Thus, even Plato could consent to The Daily Princetonian’s judgment (Brummett 25).”

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