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Chemistry Question

Hi need assistance with a practice test that is weighted more than the final. it’s a practice test that is timed but i will send pictures. the zip file has the concepts that will most likely be covered. there will be 20 questions: multiple choice and a some drawn structures. you also have to be quite quick since there is a strict limit of time. Thank you ^^

You need to create 2 pieces from the list provided in the SCH4U document for each of the units,

You need to create 2 pieces from the list provided in the SCH4U document for each of the units, so 4 in total for the 2 units (Organic chemistry and Atomic and Bonding theory), it can’t be cited from any website as I have already learned the content. I suggest going with a cheat sheet and a checklist of things to know for each of the units, you may leave part 2 out to give yourself more space for the cheat sheet and checklist. You can also replace the checklist with any of the other options, but if you can please do the detailed cheat sheet for both. I have also gave you the handout for the topics I have learned in both units so you can summarize. Sorry if it is a lot of instructions, I appreciate it thank you. If more pages are required that can also be done, thank you once again.

I need 5 chem questions answered.

Chemistry Assignment Help 1. Using 5.61×10^14, calculate the energy of this emitted green radiation, in J. Report your answer in scientific notation.
2. Suppose you have a bag of chips which also contains 179.1 mL of air. The air pressure outside is 95.5 kPa. If you go on an airplane and the air pressure on the bag of chips is 73.8 kPa when you’re at cruising altitude, what will be the new volume for the air inside that bag? ______ mL
3. Suppose you are scuba diving, and you inhale from your tank and get a certain total air volume in your lungs. What was that total volume of air in your lungs? Use the following information to calculate this: When you took that breath of air, the pressure on your lungs was 194.2 kPa, because you were very deep in the water. If that’s the pressure on your lungs, then that is also the pressure of the air inside your lungs. Still holding your breath, you swim a little closer to the surface, to where the pressure is only 112.9 kPa. The volume of air in your lungs seems to grow, even though you are holding your breath. The volume of air in your lungs grows to 7.31 L. Using this information, what was the volume of air in your lungs right after you inhaled?
_____ L
Hint: This time, you calculate V1 , and you find V2 , P2 , and P1 in the problem. The volume units are L in this problem, instead of mL, but this makes no difference at all to your calculation.
4. Suppose you fill a huge black plastic bag with 434.9 L of air on a sunny day, when it’s 25.4 degrees C outside. You tie the bag off, and the black plastic material is very thin, so the bag starts to heat up due to the sunlight. It expands so much that it begins to float up into the sky. The air in the bag expands because of the heat to a volume of 494.1 L. What must be the new Celsius temperature inside the bag?
HINT: Don’t forget to convert Celsius temperatures to Kelvin when you solve the problems!
5. When you make a chocolate dessert bowl, you cover a balloon with molten chocolate and then you set it all in the freezer. The low temperature causes the air in the balloon to change in volume. This separates the balloon from the frozen chocolate, so you can pop and remove the balloon. Suppose your balloon’s volume when you cover it with chocolate is 57.82 mL. You do this at a high temperature, 38.9oC. The temperature in the freezer is -10.0o but remember to change these temperatures to Kelvin. What is the new volume of the balloon, after freezing in the freezer?

Chemistry Question

look at the pricing over time of two textile products. These can be fiber, yarn, fabric, or a finished product. The two products can be similar (e.g., two types of fiber, or two different yarns) or sequential in production (e.g., fiber and yarn, or yarn and a fabric).
look at the price development over a long period of time, (5 to 10 years) and show monthly data. The prices should be actual (nominal) prices, not price indices, or inflation corrected prices (like in 2010 US Dollars).
The paper should have title page, a table with the prices of the two products over time, a chart showing the same information graphically, and a brief analysis/commentary describing what you see. (No less than 300 words) Don’t forget to put the bibliography with your source(s)

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