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Chicano Perspective

Two-part final exam (take-home paper):Part I relates to weekly topics. Should be 4-6 pages.Elaborate the main themes/concepts for three weekly topics (see topics above: “6–9”); and discuss how the topics relate to each other.Each topic discussed must cite at least 3 readings from corresponding topic, and final paper should draw from all required class reading sources: books, Canvas, course reader, and videos listed on syllabus.  You can include other reading sources, but must use our class readings.Part II relates to praxis (policy) report. Should be 1-2 pages.Apply the Chicanista perspective to assess your praxis report, i.e., how can we advance more humane policies/programs that improve the human condition. Special InstructionsPaper must be about 6-8 pages, formal margins, double-spaced, 12-point font size, and in addition include a title page and bibliography (choose a style—e.g., ASA, APA, Chicago— and be consistent in listings).  Remember to number your pages.  Plagiarizing (copying/using others’ work without acknowledgement/quotes) will result in an automatic course failure and administrative disciplining.

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