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Choice Hotels International Overview Read The Case Study, Choice Hotels Internat College Admissions Essay Help

Choice Hotels International
Read the case study, Choice Hotels International.
Write a fully developed paper in which you:
Assess the two distinct networking functions.
Analyze the issues Choice is likely to experience as it expands its network to full global reach. Provide a rationale for your answer.
Critique Choice implementing free high-speed Internet access for all guests in its Clarion Hotels and Comfort Suites from the security point of view.
Use at least three quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar websites do not qualify as quality resources.
This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:
Critique the implementation of free high-speed Internet access for an organization from the security point of view relative to networking choices and potential expansion.

Is a system that is responsive, in theory, to the many but
run, in reality, by t college essay help onlineIs a system that is responsive, in theory, to the many but
run, in reality, by the few likely to retain legitimacy over the long term? How
might the people of Iran move their system to one where the majority rules
rather than the few?
I need a writer in UK public law,
the question about Conventions
Public law
bu a level english language essay helpI need a writer in UK public law,
the question about Conventions
Public law
but the writer must be from uk please
1000 words
the area is convention
by end of today
its for masters
i will check it against my own revisions and lectures etc please
Samuel Cooper was appointed Transport Secretary in June 2019. In the two years before
his appointment there were 2000 fatal road accidents per year. In August 2019, Cooper
released a policy document stating that ‘…the drastic reduction of fatal accidents on our
roads is a priority for this Government’.
In October of the following year (2020), official reports revealed that fatal road accidents had
doubled since Cooper’s appointment. By October 2021, the number of fatal accidents had
risen to 10,000, the highest in twenty years. A government report showed that road
accidents were due to a range of causes such as over-speeding by reckless drivers,
potholes on motorways, malfunctioning traffic lights, and illegible road signs.
Using appropriate sources and examples, critically discuss whether there is a
convention requiring Cooper to resign in the following distinct scenarios:
Part A. It is shown that the Highway Maintenance Agency (HMA) which was awarded a £5 billion
contract to “maintain all traffic lights, road signs, and motorways” was “at fault” by not
satisfactorily delivering on the contract? (50% )
Part B. It is found that the Ministry did not follow due process, in awarding the maintenance contract
to HMA. Cooper had interfered in the process to ensure that the contract was awarded to
HMA as its director was Cooper’s mate in college. (25%)
Part C. While giving his explanation before parliament, Cooper stated that he was never made
aware of HMA’s incompetence. It was later found that he had received several reports in the
past couple of years detailing HMA’s deficiencies. (25%)
Overall Intention is to argue that while airpower is important for the defence o college application essay helpOverall Intention is to argue that while airpower is important for the defence of small states with no strategic depth, it is limited in abilities to cover the wide spectrum of evolving challenges needed to tackle irregular threats.
Three main portions to be analysed:
1. Discuss the relevance and roles of airpower (specifically) for defence of small states
2. Examine attributes of irregular warfare, their challenges, and how airpower is limited in tackling them holistically and completely.
3. Identify the areas where air power is lacking in to deal with irregular warfare.
Reading Material:
– John McCarthy “Douhet and the Decisivenes of Air Power”, The Strategists, Hugh Smith Editor, Canberra: Australian Defence Studies Centre, 2001.
– Timothy Garden “Air Power:Theory and ratice”, in Strategy in Contemporary World, Chapter 6
– Edward Wrner, “Douhet, Mitchell, Seversky: Theories of Air Warefare”, in E.M.Earle, ed., Makers of Modern Strategy, (Princeton University press 1973)
– Nonstate warfare by Stephen Biddle
– Bad Strategies by S Corum
– Airpower, Insurgency and the ‘War on Terror’ Edited by Joel Hayward
Draw relevant lessons from the following:
– Air Ops in Israel’s War against Hezbollah
– Air Power – The Israeli Perspective
– Airpower in the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah War
– Lessons of the 2006 Israeli-Hezbollah War
Part One
Do you believe you are a consequentialist or a retributivist? Explain. essay help onlinePart One
Do you believe you are a consequentialist or a retributivist? Explain. RETRIBUTIVIST
Write your response to Part One prior to completing Part Two.
Part Two
Consider the following thought experiment:
Imagine a child rapist gets into an accident and is no longer interested in or able to have sex or perpetrate sex acts. As a result of the accident, the rapist has a spiritual awakening, becomes genuinely remorseful and devotes his whole life to doing good. Moreover, he is incredibly effective at improving social welfare. Additionally, the rapist’s rich uncle dies and leaves him financially set for life. The state stages a mock execution of the rapist, accepted as real by the public, so as to effect general deterrence. Should the rapist, no longer a threat but now a benefit to the community, be released with a new identity to live his life, or should he be punished? Explain your answer.
Does your answer align with a consequentialist (preventionist) or retributivist (non-consequentialist) theory of punishment?
Does your decision about whether to punish the rapist conflict with or support your initial self-assessment as a consequentialist or retributivist? Does the thought experiment cause you to reassess your initial instinct? Why or why not?
* The purpose of thought experiments is to test ideas. It does not matter if the thought experiment would never happen in real life – that is not the point. Thought experiments such as the one above can be used to test one’s moral commitments. One way to do this is to engage in Rawls’ Reflective Equilibrium. This process begins with one’s gut intuition on an issue. You test it against the other commitments and intuitions you have. When two are in tension, you then ask whether you can modify them so as to keep both and maintain a coherent set of beliefs and commitments. If not, you abandon the one of lesser import. In the instant case, we test our support for consequentialism or retributivism. In doing so, we may find it conflicts with other oft-held values such as honesty or charity.
**BE CAREFUL NOT TO ADD OR CHANGE ANY OF THE FACTS PROVIDED. Take the facts at face value regardless of how unlikely they are; they are not intended to be realistic or believable. Considering facts other or contrary to those provided might make answering easier, but it can steer the thought experiment away from the intended forced choice which defeats the purpose of the thought experiment in the first place.
***Remember to cite to the assigned material in your posts.
Respond to
After looking at part 1 of this discussion board I can most definitely say that I am a retributivist and stand by that and will continue to do so. Retributivism is the theory of punishment. “Retributivism theory is used to justify punishment-is the view that punishment is justified by the desert of the offender. The good that is achieved by punishing, on this view, has nothing with future states of affairs, such as the prevention of crime or the maintenance of social cohesion,” (87). The good that comes out of punishment is that the people who deserve it get punished. You don’t want criminals committing crimes and being able to get away with it without getting the punishment they deserve. A consequentialist is someone who believes that only consequences matter. So, the actions that they do are based off of what the consequences are from their action.
Part two
Before I even finished reading this prompt, I kept telling myself that this guy deserves to be punished and put away. Just because this guy injured himself and isn’t able to rape any kids doesn’t mean he should be able to get a new start. Yes, it is good that he changed his ways about wat he used to do and how he has been improving social welfare. But it doesn’t take away from what he has done in his previous years. A man like this does not change for the better good, criminals like this rarely change because there is usually something wrong with them mentally. And in this case with his uncle dying the last thing I would want him to have is power because money gives you power. And for the state to even consider staging a mock execution of the rapist so that he can be basically granted a new identity and life is insane. There is not chance that by giving him a new identity and life that he will provide good for society. Imagine he wanted to be a school teacher, as a parent would you be happy having a child rapist teaching your kids? People like that can snap and decide that they want to continue their actions that they used to do at any given time. This is of topic but it relates to this scenario, but I’m currently watching the news about the school shooting in Texas. If this sooter were to get away and he changed because he injured himself, would you want him to be able to get a staged mock execution so that he can geta new identity and life. Its the same situation as this discussion, I feel as though once the criminal gets healthy and back to strength they are going to continue what they did in the past.
1. Give a short account of the history of the company/division, and trac writing essay helpFerrari
1. Give a short account of the history of the company/division, and trace the evolution of its strategy.
2. Identify the mission and major goals of the company.
3. Who is the current CEO of the company? Evaluate the CEO’s leadership capabilities.
4. Where does the company do business globally?
5. What are the current opportunities and threats for this company/?
What you learned
Topic: You have now learned about various theories of social writing essay helpWhat you learned
Topic: You have now learned about various theories of social identity, race and gender, and epistemic injustice. In this essay, you need to think back over what you learned in this course this semester and respond to this prompt. No outside article.
Choose one topic (from Weeks 2-12) that resonated with you. Explain the topic and why it had an impact on you and the way you think or see the world. Give three examples that illustrate how this topic has shifted your thinking process and explain each example for your reader.
I would pick social Identity.
Rebecca Mason, “The Metaphysics of Social Kinds” (2016)
This discussion will hopefully help you to better understand moral arguments; ho best college essay helpThis discussion will hopefully help you to better understand moral arguments; how to construct them, how to identify moral premises, while understanding the role of moral principles and moral theories. You will be presented with a hypothetical scenario that will serve as a thought experiment that will allow you to reflect and reason on what you think is the right thing to do given the situation. In constructing your argument for the right thing to do, you will establish your moral principle that will give you your moral premise for the argument. You will then consider which (if any) of the moral theories discussed in the chapter you seem to be drawing on in determining your moral principle. These are the types of exercises we do a lot of in the Philosophy 250 course.
Here are step-by-step instructions on what to do:
1) Read:
2) Consider the following scenario:
Suppose you are on an island with a dying millionaire. As she lies dying, she entreats you for one final favor: “I’ve dedicated my whole life to baseball and have gotten endless pleasure, and some pain, rooting for the New York Yankees for fifty years. Now that I am dying, I want to give all my assets, $200 million, to the Yankees. Would you take the money (she indicates a box containing the money in large bills) back to New York and give it to Hank Steinbrenner, the owner of the New York Yankees, so he can buy better players?” You agree to carry out her wish. “You promise?”, she asks. You tell her you promise to do it, at which point a huge smile of relief and gratitude breaks out on her face and she expires in your arms. After returning to the New York, you see a Go Fund Me set up by the World Hunger Relief Organization (whose integrity you do not doubt) pleading for $200 million to be used to save 1 million people who are at imminent risk of dying of starvation and famine if they do not get help. Not only will the $200 million save their lives, but it will be used to purchase technologies and infrastructure necessary to build a sustainable economy. You reconsider your promise to the dying Yankees’ fan in light of this information. What should you do? What is the right thing to do with the money?
3) Write your initial post. 200 words In your post:
Determine what you think is the right thing to do, given the scenario.
Construct a moral argument that presents your conclusion of what the right thing to is and your reasons for it.
Describe the moral principle you are drawing on that gives you your moral premise, what it is that makes it the right thing to do. Identify the moral theory (discussed in the chapter) that you seem to be drawing on (if any) to support your moral principle
4) Write two thoughtful replies to two different initial posts. In your reply, consider a counter example (as discussed in the chapter) that could cast doubt on whether your peers’ reasoning for their conclusion is sound. 65 words each.
Reply post 1:
With good reason I would not keep my word and donate the full 200 million to the World Hunger Relief Organization. To somewhat keep my word I would donate it in honor of the New York Yankees.
It is the right thing to do because if not 1 million people’s lives are at stake. With so many resources available no one should be dying of hunger or have to go hungry because of how scarce food is within their community. Not only will it feed the families, but it will also help prevent and hopefully eliminate the problem by purchasing technologies and infrastructure that will help build and sustain an economy .
The New York Yankees will be well off without the donation and on the other hand if the World Hunger Relief Organization doesn’t receive the funds many people will lose their lives and remain malnourished.
Reply post 2:
1). The right thing to do in this scenario, in my opinion, is to give the money to the World Hunger Relief Organization. I’d rather save people and make the entire world a better place. But hypothetically, If I were to give the $200 million to the Yankees, I would try to make a deal with Hank Steinbrenner to donate money to the WHRO (possibly by getting royalties or making a deal where I get a percentage of their revenue).
2). It is better to help people in great need rather than a baseball team that already has lots of money/funding. The right thing to do is to donate the money to the WHRO. Therefore, it would be ideal for me to donate the $200 million to the WHRO to help people in great need and create a sustainable economy.
3). The moral principle I am drawing on can be beneficence and/or fairness. It is my obligation to help people who are in need, not a billionaire sports team owner. It won’t be fair to those starving and endangered people if I donate to a sports team who already has tons of money, with each player making millions.
My Initial post:
Reply post 1:
Reply post 2:
The analysis of position papers that your interprofessional team presented to th essay help freeThe analysis of position papers that your interprofessional team presented to the committee has convinced them that it would be worth the time and effort to develop a new policy to address your specific issue in the target population. of children with PTSD. To that end, your interprofessional team has been asked to submit a policy proposal that outlines a specific approach to improving the outcomes for your target population. This proposal should be supported by evidence and best practices that illustrate why the specific approaches are likely to be successful. Additionally, you have been asked to address the ways in which applying your policy to interprofessional teams could lead to efficiency or effectiveness gains.
What are the relevant best practices from a population health standpoint (cultural competence, disease prevention, and interventions) for your chosen health issue and vulnerable population?
How are these best practices relevant to your chosen health issue and vulnerable population?
Do the best practices make any reference to standards of care or benchmarks that should be achieved?
How could these best practices be leveraged to help inform or develop a policy and guidelines to improve care and outcomes for the vulnerable population you are working with?
How could technology be used to identify health concerns or collect data that could help health care practitioners determine which health care issues to focus on in a population?
What are the relevant laws, regulations, or policies for employing any of the technology you might find useful?
What type of policy and guidelines would be most likely to ensure improvements in care and outcomes related to your chosen health issue and vulnerable population?
Are there any policies in existence that could help inform your own policy development?
How might your proposed policy and guidelines influence the way in which care is accessed?
How might your proposed policy and guidelines influence the amount of access that is available?
This paper will build on the health issue, vulnerable population, and position that you started to develop in the first assessment. This paper you will develop a proposal for a policy and a set of guidelines that could be implemented to ensure improvements in care and outcomes. Refer to the resource listed below
Extra Credit Assignment: Literary Analysis
Poe, “The Cask of Amontillado” (in th essay helpExtra Credit Assignment: Literary Analysis
Poe, “The Cask of Amontillado” (in the literature folder)
Write a 2-3 page literary analysis of this short story where you consider the genre, theme, setting, plot, characters (both present and implied), point of view, conflict, resolution, and style/language (including figures of speech). You don’t have to use any secondary sources for this essay; I want to see original thinking. Did you like this story? Why or why not?
Provide short essays
to FOUR of the following questions. One page for each ques college application essay helpProvide short essays
to FOUR of the following questions. One page for each questions. (total of 4 pages)
Compare and contrast Hindustani
and Carnatic music traditions of India.
Though Thailand and Vietnam are
both part of Southeast Asia, what historical and cultural factors have
determined the present musical differences?
Discuss East Asian attitudes
toward professional musicians and actors and explain why amateur music
making was held in such high esteem.
How has Islam shaped conceptions
of music for the peoples of the Middles East?
No need for references. Thank you.
Summarize the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and its provisions.
Explain how t essay helpSummarize the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and its provisions.
Explain how the Digital Millennium Copyright Act relates to the Napster music piracy case.
Explain why Napster was not able to use the defense of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
Analyze the implications of violating copyright and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act from each of three perspectives: the legal perspective, the ethical perspective, and the information systems security perspective.
The case study is below:
“direct” infringement on its copyright and that it was liable for “contributory infringement of the plaintiff’s copyright” and for “vicarious infringement of the plaintiff’s copyright.”
The law that stopped Napster from continuing its operations is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that was enacted in 1998. The act addresses treaties signed in 1996 at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Geneva conference and it contains other provisions. Software and entertainment industries supported the law, but many others opposed it, including academics, scientists, and librarians.
Following are key components of the act:
 It is a crime to circumvent antipiracy measures in commercial software.  The manufacture, sale, or distribution of code-cracking devices used to illegally copy software is illegal.
 Copyright protection devices may be cracked for the purposes of encryption research, to assess product interoperability, and for the purposes of testing security systems.
 Under certain conditions, anti-circumvention provisions exempt nonprofit libraries, archives, and educational institutions.
 Internet service providers are protected from copyright infringement liability for the act of transmitting information over the Internet.
 Web site content that appears to infringe copyright law can be removed.  Nonprofit institutions of higher education are protected from liability when faculty and students infringe on copyright.
 “Webcasters” must pay licensing fees to record companies.  The Register of Copyrights, upon consulting with relevant parties, must provide Congress recommendations for “how to promote distance education through digital technologies” while “maintaining an appropriate balance between the rights of copyright owners and the needs of users.”
 The act says that “nothing in this section shall affect rights, remedies, limitations, or defenses to copyright infringement, including fair use….”
This is a scholarly paper that has been wrote…it will need the following revis essay help site:eduThis is a scholarly paper that has been wrote…it will need the following revisions and corrections.
“Review of Literature is a 3-4 page summary of all of your articles together. You summarize the key elements of all articles together. This section does not have strengths and weaknesses. You need to rewrite this section and should be a minimum of 3-4 pages. Chapter 3 strengths and weaknesses is on the articles–not the topics. Chapter 4 is recommendation ( summary and your thoughts) Chapters 3 & 4 is 3-4 pages as well.”
Students are required to select one PIA from each area of study in organisationa college essay helpStudents are required to select one PIA from each area of study in organisational behaviour: the individual, the group and the organisation and write a 1200 -word (+/- 10%) reflection. Students should draw upon the theories discussed in the prescribed textbook as well as scholarly literature to form their analysis.
Learning can be more profound when students are encouraged to reflect on the learning event and exercise their judgment about the content and the processes of learning. The benefits of this ‘consciousness-raising’ are that students learn to chart their development, identify barriers, patterns and strategies, challenge their own beliefs and avoid repeating the same mistakes. Reflection can also lead to greater confidence and assertiveness or a change in attitude, perspective or priorities.
Furthermore, reflective writing can reinforce reflection-in-action because it allows students to reach a higher level of correlation between theory and practice. Therefore, the main purpose of using reflective assessments is to encourage students to be more aware of what they do, how they do it, why they do it, and for them to be able to identify useful problem-solving strategies, as well as, recognise their own strengths and weaknesses with regard to their understanding of content knowledge, procedures and practical skill development and application.
Students are required to select one PIA from each area of study in organisational behaviour: the individual, the group and the organisation and write a 1500-word (+/- 10%) reflection. Students should draw upon the theories discussed in the prescribed textbook as well as scholarly literature to form their analysis.
The Personal Inventory Assessments (PIAs) were developed to engage students in the learning process by allowing them to participate in self-reflection surveys that have implications in the business disciplines of human resources management, organizational behaviour, and management. They are designed to get students involved with the topics by learning more about themselves as well as learning more about others.
Each PIA offers the students a brief description of its purpose, the source of the adaptation, brief survey questions, a graphical depiction of their own personal results, a detailed explanation of their results, as well as a graphical depiction of the results of their entire class and/or the entire population of students who have taken the assessment.
PIA Activities
Note: you are not limited to the chapters associated with each PIA. Use the theories throughout the textbook for your analysis.
Core Five Personality Dimensions
Chapter 4
Communication Styles
Chapter 10
Organizational Structure Assessment
Chapter 14
Emotional Intelligence Assessment
Chapter 5 Strategies for Handling Conflict
Chapter 13 Tolerance of Ambiguity Scale
Chapter 16
Describe the mission, vision, nature of the business, the services or products, a level english language essay helpDescribe the mission, vision, nature of the business, the services or products, customers served by your chosen health care organization.
Identify two to three key problems that have profound impacts on one of the stated areas.
Propose a minimum of one solution to each of the identified problems.
Identify a minimum of three specific, measurable, attainable, realist, and timely (SMART) project goals.
Appraise two possible obstacles and opportunities in your proposed solutions.
Formulate a strategic (action) plan to accomplish goals and solutions
· It is our mission to improve the health of our communities by fostering physical and mental well-being, spiritual well-being, and social and economic well-being.
It will be accomplished by making health care more efficient and affordable to those who need it According to Avent Health, serving as Christ’s hands and feet is a vital part of expanding the healing ministry of Christ.
· Quality of Care: Maintaining high standards of care and facilitating a seamless transfer of care upon discharge.
· Substandard care and a higher risk of readmission are possible outcomes of poor handoff.
· Hospital discharge summaries have been shown to lead to communication errors amongst practitioners.
· Nurses and other medical staff may not provide timely care due to staff shortages.
If the nurse is overburdened, the quality of care she gives may suffer.
· Offer RPM: Telehealth can reduce readmission rates by 80% compared to traditional treatment.
· Noninvasive instruments, including a Pulse Oxygen Concentrator, a weight scale, a blood force handcuff, and a blood glucose pulse, can remotely monitor patients.
A team of specialists and nurses may be alerted when a patient’s health deteriorates, providing an early warning system that permits faster intervention and helps focus patient needs.
· Reduced wait times for patients and increased responsiveness of the healthcare system
enhanced productivity and happiness, income rise, and a fair share of the financial burden
· Recruit more main care RNs.
· Primary upkeep nurses can ease general practitioner scarcities by providing necessary treatment to individuals who do not need a doctor’s attention.
· In addition, they can aid patients manage their symptoms and overall health better, lowering the need for future medical care.
· Rural communities may have more challenges due to physician shortages. In recent HPSA data, states with a rural majority had the highest health practitioner shortages per capita.
· Preventative measures and public health initiatives must be promoted. Medical services can be reduced by giving people the tools and information to be healthy.
Although people live longer and have more chronic illnesses, retirees will need healthcare for longer than previous generations.
o It is common for plans to be implemented for one year or less. Each month has its row in the spreadsheet, making it easy to keep track of all the chores that need to be accomplished during the year (Salem, 2020).
The following years of the strategic plan are divided into four quarters, each with its set of columns.
Write a
paper (500-750 words) in which you reflectively respond to the following essay help onlineWrite a
paper (500-750 words) in which you reflectively respond to the following
qualitative interview question as though you were being interviewed:
The experience of
being a doctoral learner is unique to the individual, although it is also a shared
experience. In as much detail as possible, describe a time since starting your
doctoral program when you experienced your identity as a doctoral learner.
Take my case study rough draft and use it to put together the final case study r college essay helpTake my case study rough draft and use it to put together the final case study report. It is mostly done I just need to maybe provide application Like with the flow chart.
I attached my initial draft and then also attached a complete example my professor provided. I attached the chapter Powerpoints for reference. There is also a an excel workbook to be able to have templates ready to use to creat more consept apllication.
POM Final Case study initial draft.docx
Final Case Study Report
Throughout this term, you have developed an understanding of Operations Management. Your final task is to create a full case study report on the organization of your choice. Your perspective can be either positive – meaning the organization is functioning well – or negative – meaning that the organization needs to improve. Regardless of perspective, the case study should be an evaluation of the organization’s performance as compared to other, similar organizations. The final case study report should be 4-6 pages long and include these components:
Identifying keys of measurement
Research and Development
Sales and Marketing
Tips for building the final case study report:
Answer questions like:
What to measure?
How to measure?
Why to measure?
What to do with measurements that don’t meet the criteria?
Reflect on various business instruments that are used to assist in the process of:
fact-based decision making;
the strengths and weaknesses of return on investment;
a cost/benefit analysis;
integration of cost of money documentation;
supply-chain management; and
workplace design.
APA paper. Click the assignment link to compare your work to the rubric before submitting it. Click the same link to submit your assignment. This assignment should be in APA format. In addition to your 4-6 page report, include a title page and a reference page. Grammar, spelling and quality will influence your grade. APA7
Click the assignment link to compare your work to the rubric before submitting it. Click the same link to submit your assignment.
Please find the attached case study, read through it well and write ethical anal college application essay helpPlease find the attached case study, read through it well and write ethical analysis essay based on this. Please make sure the references come from RMIT library which are not more than 10 years old and don’t forget to apply some theoretical concepts as well as tools to ethically engage a diverse workforce..

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