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Circulation of blood and lymphatic system.

What is meant by the term venous return? What is the overall function of the Lymphatic System? Compare lymphatic vessels with blood vessels. Where are lymph nodes usually found? What functions are carried out by lymph nodes? Where are the tonsils located? What major role does the thymus play in Immunity? What are the major functions of the spleen? Check plagiarism.

Genogram with your own family

Create a genogram based on your own family.
The genogram must include 3 generations.
Correct symbols must be used for individuals and to indicate relationships
Include demographic information (age and occupation)
Include health information (diseases and behaviors)
Highlight in some way, the family of focus (your immediate family – people living under one roof)
On a separate page page (typed!) indicate 3 areas of concern based on the genogram. Support these areas of concern with scholarly sources indicating the significance of family relationship (e.g. genetics or environment). Do not describe the pathophysiology of any disease. Just scholarly sources for any genetic or environmental connection, no scholarly sources to explain or describe the patho of the disease. Each of the 3 areas discussed should have a reference about that specific disease entity or situation. Therefore, at least 3 references unique to each disease.
Review the rubric to clarify the grading criteria.
The genogram may be hand-drawn, scanned, and submitted to the dropbox. Or, you may use any drawing program (including Microsoft Word), save the file as pdf or jpeg, and submit to the dropbox. If you chose to submit a hand-drawn genogram make sure it is legible or it will be returned to you ungraded.
The second page with the description of diseases/concerns must be typed!
Save the file to be submitted as last name_genogram.
Deadline: This is to be submitted to the Dropbox by the day and time specified in the course schedule.
You must include the academic honesty disclaimer on the title page, or your submission will not be graded.

I am completing my DNP clinical scholarly project. I need help with chapter II which is literature review. Below Essay

Nursing Assignment Help I am completing my DNP clinical scholarly project. I need help with chapter II which is literature review. Below is my school requirements:

Chapter II. Literature Review

Introduction of PICOt Question
This introduction to the literature review chapter describes what a PICOt question is,
what the elements mean (i.e., P = population, I = intervention, etc.) and how it informed
the key words that guided the literature search for a solution to the identified problem.

The first paragraph should conclude with the actual PICOt question that guided the
literature review. The next paragraph should describe the data bases used (i.e., PubMed, CINAHL, Cochrane Library, etc.) and what was found using the keywords identified from the PICOt question. Include the number of articles found and the specific themes. Next, talk about how they keywords may have been refined to identify and locate research
specifically relevant to the proposed solution to the problem. Finally, discuss the number
of articles chosen that support the argument for change.

Synthesis of the Literature. Subheadings can be used to identify each of the
themes or categories. Subheadings also organize the material into shorter, more easily
comprehensible blocks of information for the reader. Transitions from one theme or
category to another should be smooth and appropriate. In the review of the literature, the main theories, explanations, and findings that are generally accepted and represented inthe literature should be presented along with contradictory evidence and points of view that may have caused intellectual tension in the field.

Comparisons and contrasts among cited works are important. Unless an article presents a landmark study, the research should have been conducted and/or published within the past 5 years.

At the conclusion of Chapter II, a final section should be included that summarizes the
literature a coherent manner. Contradictions should also be highlighted. The significance of the proposed argument, in light of the reviewed research, should be emphasized. The readers should feel that the review of the literature has yielded new insights and suggested a direction for change in the chosen issue.

Theoretical Framework

For this section, use the nursing theory you identified in NURU 600 or one that you are
familiar with and whose concept and/or framework supports and/or informs your CSP or white paper. Remember that your choice of theory should be a best fit of nursing practice with the outcome of your CSP or white paper argument. As you learned in class a nursing or other complementary discipline’s theory may be used. In the first paragraph, give a summary of your theory. You may even wish to include a figure to visually explain the concept or frame work.

The next paragraph should explain how it informs your CSP or white paper. It should
include your purpose for using this specific theory (i.e., is it for quality patient care, to
improve a system or process, to frame a CSP study or white paper, to educate patients,
providers, interprofessional group, to inform administrators or politicians, to justify a
change, etc.).

A final paragraph should summarize your salient points and the section should be limited to 2 pages maximum.

Here is my PICOt: In nursing staff (P) will the use of educational intervention tool (I) compared to current practice (C) increase hypoglycemia and physician notification documentation (O) over the course of two months (t)?

through reflection upon own personal core values, key skills, attitudes and assumptions

? This assignment is designed to demonstrate that you have met Learning Outcome
? LO – Demonstrate self-awareness through reflection upon own personal core values, key skills, attitudes and assumptions
? Title: “Individual Essay for Personalising Nursing Care”
? This includes your own contribution to seminars and the poster development
? Word Count – 1000 words ( /- 10%), Academic Level 4 Writing

? Within the introduction, please introduce the reader to the four areas that you will be covering within the main body of the assignment
? For example – self-awareness and three personal attributes
? Tell the reader, what Self Awareness is and how it impacts Nursing.
? Nothing more – do not start discussing your research and or evidence within the introduction
? This is often written last to ensure that everything that you have discussed within the main body of work is mentioned here
? 100 words approximately.

Main Body:
? Within this part of the assignment, please reflect upon your self-awareness and the three personal attributes that you have chosen to discuss
? Discuss self-awareness before the 3 attributes (200 words approximately), then each attribute separately.
? Examples of personal attributes may include: ambitious, committed, courageous, disciplined, experienced, imaginative, keen, methodical, persuasive, productive, reliable, reserved, sensitive, strong, tactful, talkative, open to new ideas, understanding, well-organised, systematic etc
Please reflect upon each attribute separately (200 words each)

You may find it focuses your thinking and therefore your writing if you follow the following template:
? Use a sub-heading for each separate attribute: Committed
? What was this attribute like before you started the Personalizing Nursing Care module?
? Discuss how these have changed/developed during the module. Has it changed? If so how and why? If not discuss why?
? How will you continue to develop/maintain this attribute in the future.
? Approximately 200 words for each attribute.
? Therefore self-awareness and your three attributes should total approximately 800 words
? Key points that you have reflected upon must be supported by citations

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