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Class Discussion: Self-Assessment of Fear of Conflict in Group

What is the “Worst Case Scenario” in your mind if conflict were to occur in your group?2. What beliefs or attitudes might you have that would make you apprehensive or fearful when conflict arises in group? (e.g., If conflict happens in group, what would this mean—I am not a good group leader, people will get upset, mad, hurt, etc.?)3. Where do you think these beliefs come from? Where did you learn this? Tema Okun (2016) (PDF, 624KB) cites “fear of open conflict” as a tenant of white supremacy culture. How does this come up for you in your personal and professional lives?4. After reviewing the required readings for this module, do you view group conflict any differently? If so, what has shifted? Why?5. If there was a camera that recorded your next group, how would we know your views of conflict in groups has shifted? What would be different about how you approach conflict now versus how you might have or have approached group conflict in the past? Or would it change at all?

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