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Chronicling and exploring identity history-
            An individual’s history involves both his past and all factors that affect and determine the individuals’ day-to-day life. Therefore, understanding one’s past and history facilitates an individual’s ability to comprehend and appreciate ones identity and reality. Identity deals with issues and questions that come about based of the fact that one is a person. Everyone is faced with questions on identity at different points in life. Such questions include who a person is, where he came from and what will happen when one dies. An individual’s identity can be described as the thoughts one has about himself when one thinks of himself independently. Identity is a critical factor in an individuals’ ancestral and personal history. Since an individual’s history determines his identity, it provides an effective basis to study and understand the identity or history of both the individual and his cultural or ethnic group.
I am a girl aged nineteen years living in New York with my parents and family. Currently, I am in college but working part time. I have two older sisters who together with my parents act as my role models. They have had significant influence in my life. I am a Christian fully integrated into the church through baptism. Being brought in a strictly Christian family, I have acquired Christian values that direct my life and guide me in all I do. Looking at my life, I believe that I am around for a number of reasons. The main reason why I am here is so that I can positively change my society and improve the kind of life my family leads. I have lived with my family since childhood and I intend to live with them for the next five years. I believe that this stay with my parents and around the neighborhood will help me evaluate and understand my family and society more. It will ensure that I realize and appreciate some of the problems and limitations my family and society face in their day-to-day life. This will act as a guide, basis and help me define ways that can help improve my society.
As I said earlier, I live with my parents although work part time. One of the main reasons that explaining why I live at home with my parents is the desire to exchange ideas, views and opinions on different issues in life such as culture and politics. Since my parents have been around for long, I believe they will share most of the immense knowledge they have gained over time. Living with my parents also provides an opportunity so that I can get an opportunity to serve them and care for them. This is to allow me help them out in their daily chores and learn from them. Living with my parents has provided a chance to learn and appreciate my culture and history. I believe that there is one a lot one has to learn from the parents on life, traditions, values and beliefs. This is only possible when one lives close to his family and parents. I am also in school. This has been motivated by a number of reasons. The main reason behind joining and persisting is school is to gain knowledge. Being in school will make my life better, more comfortable in future and help me improve my society. School also provides a socialization point helping me learn and understand other cultures. Apart from school, I also work part time. This helps earn some pocket money and a basic understand of the business world.
An analysis of my early life and past helps understand and appreciate how I ended up where I am and how I am today. The need to learn and gain knowledge has over the years being the main reason behind my school life. I was able to go through the different education levels mainly because of my high level of self-belief, hard work and encouragement from my parents. The fact that my parents took me to the best schools has always been a great motivation for me. This has ensured that I receive the best in education and fully benefit from the school system. My two older sisters have also played a major part in ensuring that I got to where I am today. They acted as roles models and guided me through my early school life. The need to be great has been a factor in how I am today. I have always focused on my school life to ensure that I excel in my studies and exceed the achievement my sisters and parents made in education. The two were instrumental in my earlier years of school helping me with my homework and explaining concepts I failed to understand in school. Finally, I have been able to get to the level I am in school because of the trends set in my life on education. Almost everybody in my extended family has been to the university. Young family members are called upon to ensure that they at least get to the university level. The family tradition has been a source of motivation.
Other than influence from the family, a number of external factors have played a part in my achievement and in the determination of where I am today. In my school life, teachers have been influential ensuring that I progress in my school life. They ensured that I understood all they taught facilitating my movement through the grades and levels. My classmates have also facilitated my progress through the school system. This has been possible through revisions and groups discussion with them. In my part time work, presence of co-curricular activities in school has played a part in ensuring that I am able to work part-time. The various skills acquired through the engagement in the co-curricular activities have made it easy for me to involve myself in the part time work. An example of such skills is time management, which allows me to engage in my schoolwork and work part time. The presence of guidance and counselors, career and motivation talks in school were also helpful in ensuring that I was able to achieve what I have achieved. They ensured that I never lost my goals and objectives in life. However, several factors have made it hard for me to attain the different things I have been able achieve. The greatest hindrances are cultural and economic factors. Most people believe that black girls should not work hard in school. This limits my level of performance and progress in my education life. In my quest for academic knowledge, I have been made to believe that girls are not supposed work very hard in their studies. An average grade is considered great for a black girl. I joined college one and half years ago.
As an American, I believe that I have great purpose in my country. I therefore intend to gain as much academic knowledge as is possible to inspire progress and change in society. One of the areas that I aim to inspire contribution in is in the education sector dealing with girl child. Although the state and various organizations have done a lot to encourage the education of the girl child and provide equal opportunities, I still believe that there is still a lot to be done to provide more opportunities to girls in society. I aim to establish an organization that will promote the education of the girl child. I also intend to work hard and perform excellently in my schoolwork to ensure that I serve as a role model to younger girls in school. I intend to do research on girls’ involvement in my society and device ways and structures that can help ensure that there is improvement in the performance. I believe that my aspirations, views and values towards are in line with those of the society.
To understand my family and ethnic group, a number of people provided an effective basis. I had discussions with a number of people who provided knowledge on different family issues such as education, religious beliefs. The discussions also helped understand ethnic and societal issues such as societal expectations, issues on gender, class, race, ethnicity and religious beliefs. The first discussion was held with my grand father who stated that minimal changes have occurred in the family as generations progressed. He stated that the basic structure of the family has over the years being the nuclear family. This shows that there family has not changed with change in generation. He stated that most of the things the family engages in are guide by the ethic and cultural beliefs. For instance, he said that practices and engagements such as holidays, language and mode of communication in the family are guided by the traditional beliefs. Discussions with my uncle confirmed this. An analysis of my ethnic group showed that this is the case as most families are founded on the nuclear structure with the man been in charge of the family.
Discussions with my father, uncle and grandfather helped identify a number of areas where changes have been observed in my family and ethnic group. The discussion showed that great changes have been observed in various art forms that characterize our family. For instance, there has been great change in the kind of music listened to by my family and society. The discussions showed that earlier on, music was used to maintain history, educate the people, relieve of human suffering and transmit particular messages. Currently, the kind of music listened to in my family only serves to entertain. The change has also been observed in the country where only a small percentage of music listened to contains minimal educational content. However, the discussions showed that there are songs that have been sung and preserved in my family ethnic group. An example of such music is the song “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” This song has been taught to all members of our family and is always sung in a number of occasions and church events. For instance, it is sung in the celebrations of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. The discussions indicated that the song is popular among African Americans because it represents the struggles the black people formerly went through.
The interview with my uncle and grandfather that like in other ethic groups, dance has been part of my family and ethnic group since time in memorial. I am a dancer and my siblings have always been involved in dance. Dance is a popular practice and forms a critical part in my ethnic group. Popular dances that most African Americans engage in include the “Get down” and the “Ring shouts.” Dance is taken be part of everyday life. It depends on the occasion and location. This shows that minimal changes have in the practices of the family and ethnic group. Another form of art that is popular in my family is literature. All my sisters and my parents have had a passion and engaged in literature while in school. I also have a passion for literature. However, this is unique to our family as literature is not popular among African Americans. The unique trait must have been influenced by my grandfather who loved literature. This shows that a person’s history can shape his identity. Although English is the main language of communication, my family and most African Americans use variations of the standard American English mainly in non-formal occasions. For instance, in our family, the kind of English used can be said to have some elements of pidgin. This is also the case in my ethnic group where pidgin-like English is used in non-formal settings. Again, this confirms that a person’s past determines his identity.
Discussions with my grandfather showed some social occurrences had particular influences on my family. For instance, it showed that the movement of Africans to America to provide led to the abandonment of traditional religions in favor of Christianity. Christianity has been the religion practiced in the family lineage. My family is established on Christian values. My uncle’s family is also Christian. All the members of the extended family are Christians. All the members of our family are baptized. They participate in various religious occasions such as Easter and Christmas celebrations. This family practice is also observed in my ethnic group. Most African Americans engage in Christianity. However, their practice is unique as it is influenced by some aspects of the African Culture. For instance, church services are characterized by passionate and heavy singing, dancing and shouting. This compared to other ethic groups helps illustrate how a persons’ past influences his identity. The practice of early Africans ensures that people today are energized in their worship. A small number engages in other religions such as Islam and Judaism.
A number of stories were common during the discussions help with three. The stories showed that the occurrence of particular events led to the kinds of foods we eat today in my family. They stated that the foods popular in the family today were influenced by historical occurrences. Poverty together with economic and racial oppression meant that persons of my Ethic tribe were not to eat particular foods such as better cuts of meat. This inspired creativity among the earlier Africans that led to the development of special African-American foods. One such example is the “soul food” which they stated was initially made of locally available and inexpensive products. This was made of products that were cheaply and readily available. They stated that the foods were rich in starch and fat to as the occupation of Africans were physically demanding. This led to the present popularity of the food in the community. This story is true as this type of food is popular in both my family and ethnic. The fact that it is rich in starch and fat has however led to the increase in cases of heart diseases and obesity in African Americans.
Discussions with my father, uncle and grandfather helped show a number of holidays and occasions observed regularly with great essence in our ethnic group. These events are observed both in my family and in ethnic group. They stated that these events are essential for a number of reasons. For instance, they help celebrate and appreciate particular traits concerning our culture that had previously been ignored. For instance, the Black history month is observed every year and helps celebrate our history. Another popular event is the celebration of Martin Luther’s birthday. My uncle and grandfather who participated in the civil rights movement places place great emphasis on this event. The “Kwanzaa” is another holiday on which my family places great emphasis. This holiday involves celebrating the African Heritage and significance of both the family and community by feasting together. During this holiday, all members of our extended family come together eat together, give each other symbols of heritage and discuss various issues on the African American community. This provide and integration sitting leading to peace and love in the family.
Discussions with the three showed that political instability had some impacts on my family and my ethnic group. Political instability had some social effects on my family and ethnic group. For instance, the Black History Month and the Black Music Month resulted from political instability that had been experienced in the country because of political instability. The two were established to commemorate the experiences and struggles of the Black people. Political volatility The holiday, “Emancipation Day” celebrated in my family and section of my ethnic group resulted from political injustices. Discussions with my uncle and grandfather indicate that political instability affected my family in a number of ways. Firstly, racial oppression prevented my grandfather from getting any formal employment. This limited his financial capacity preventing him from providing my father and uncle with the best opportunity in education. This ensured that my father did not quality education. However, the elimination of the racial discrimination has ensured that my sisters and I receive quality education. This is one of the many differences between my extended family and I.
In conclusion, this analysis indicates that history determines a person’s identity. For instance, in this case, I have realized that I am hardworking, resilient and persistent because of the kind of past I have. My fore fathers had to struggle and endure suffering to achieve their goals. This has been passed down the family line to us. I realize that I am a Christian because the persons in my past were Christians. They influenced my religion. This analysis also shows that history distinguishes between various ethnic groups and people as persons with different pasts will have different identities.

Political science college admission essay helpName:
Problem of Partisanship in Washington and its Effects on the American Government
            Partisan is a word used in political terms to describe a devoted party member. In the US, the term Partisan has undergone several refinements since its inception in 1952 and currently it is used to identify a person who has a mental attachment to a political party. Partisans are often associated with the voting behavior they exhibit. It has been established that partisanship is often influenced by present happenings, state heads, resolutions and time period setting. In Washington, partisanship has varied effects on the day-to-day work of the American Government. The first problem related to the problem of partisanship is the delay imposed on major state concerns like the movement of political reforms and state bills. Currently, an obstruction is being experienced on the proposed reforms on the health care bill and the employment bill that seeks to enforce control in the finance industry.
Senator Merkley asserts that the current Senate is undergoing a form of social malfunction that has led to animosity between the different party members (Pope, 2010). He recalls that in the period 1970s-1980s, in-house relationships amongst different party members were healthy. With such attitudes and behaviors, it becomes somewhat impossible to break the stalemate since every move is treated with distrust and even dismissed without any second thought. A good example is the proposition laid out by Senators Harkin and Shaheen that was to endow that senate with power to pause legislation. Although the idea was a good one, it was met by an upsurge of bipartisan antagonism that was described as sardonic. A prominent leader declared that the motion could only be approved if it got a majority vote of 67. Another leader was observed to reject the proposal with an immediacy that was alarming by declaring that the idea was stupid. That can be termed as the end of a brilliant proposal.
Consequently, partisanship hampers good decision-making and judgment leading to disappointment on the side of many members. Senator Bayh is cited to have quit the Senate after he noticed that the two sides are always agreeing on nothing. Such cases have the same effect of stalling State activities and decisions up until a proper replacement is found to fill the gap left. Another problem that presents itself in the subject of partisanship is the lowering of citizens’ confidence in the government’s position to govern and deal with national issues. Recently, President Obama’s move to ensure that the health bill is discussed saw him request for a meeting with the Republicans that was to be scheduled on February 25, 2010. The Republican leaders then mailed a letter to the President informing him that if the scheduled meeting was to deal with the job-related bill that the American citizens had so rejected, then the Republicans stand would match the predetermined views of the people.
The Republicans move was however to create dissension on the populace after it was used by the media as an agitation tool (USA Today, 2010). Numerous texts were sent on social networks like twitter and it just served to cause more harm on the citizens’ marred view of the government. A level of insight infused in the analysis of the problem indicates that the root problem to this stalemate is the shift of the political groups from a state of antagonism to that of enormity. This view supports Senator Merkley’s view that the Washington culture has been altered for the worse over the years. Political specialists have attributed the culture change to the emergence of party voting as a consortium. Nevertheless, comparing the current conduct to historical political citations proves that partisan relationships are more disciplined. It was quite common for the Senate members to get physical on issues they failed to agree. This should not be confused to mean that fights have been eliminated in meetings.
Such confrontations in the present age are usually censured as they were noted to create a bad picture on the state administration. For example, in 2009, Wilson who is a Republican, loudly dismissed one Congress meeting presided by President Obama by claiming that he was lying. Although Wilson later sought for the President’s forgiveness, the Democrats were not contented. This is a classic example of how the tampering of personal relations can affect the working relations. Were these claims aired over the media, it would certainly have imposed a negative picture of the President. Many individuals would have perceived the move as disrespectful, and would have prompted the same behavior on another, if they interpreted it to mean that it was a right deed (Klein, 2010).
In another instance, a near explosion that was to be executed in December 2009 was turned into a partisanship search for benefits. The issue was screened with the different teams arguing whether the case should be held as crime or an advantage if the country could use the bomber to infiltrate enemy lines and be an enemy fighter. This and other baseless deliberations have been the mainstay of the Senate discussions. Citizens therefore have little support for the government as they hold that it is a time that the country desires leaders and not political bickers. This setting clearly sums up the setting that surrounds the country based on the deterioration of governmental confidence that has been damaged by partisanship.
In conclusion, researchers feel that the amplification of partisanship in Washington is to be partially blamed on the President (Klein, 2010). They argue that President Obama should actively take sides on all public issues as it raises the voting fractions by a fifth. In foreign matters that are more varied, the voting is enhanced by more than a half. This in turn is projected to reduce the partisanship stalemate. Consequently, it will also mend the ailing citizen mistrust and lack of goodwill on the current government. The Senate should also practice the use of logic as opposed to partisanship in decision-making that is responsible for emotional responses in the government.

Works Cited:
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Education cheap essay helpRhetorical Analysis
            The article ‘Facebook Exodus’ was written in the New York Times by Virginia Heffernan. It talks about how people are quitting Facebook. Although many people are joining Facebook daily, a small but significant number is quitting. The article gives the story of some people who have left Facebook and their reasons for doing so. Some of the reasons given are fear of stalkers and lack of privacy. The article goes ahead and recounts the story of one person, Harmsen, who was a Facebook user but now campaigns against it.
Virginia has delivered her message with conviction. She has used strong arguments and evidence to support her views. There are many issues that she has brought about, which are important. One of the issues is that of identity and addiction. People who use Facebook should not totally depend on it. This is because it may lead to the particular person being abused by the system. Facebook also steals a person’s identity by the way it requires one to write their profiles. It has a system, which dictates how a person writes their personal details. One is supposed to write according to the requirements outlined. It leaves no space for a person to add something that they feel is important and some fields, which one needs to omit, cannot be omitted. In this way, it can steal a person’s identity. She goes ahead and gives an example of this. Victoria has also noted the possibility of a person becoming addicted to Facebook. She has given the example of a woman who quit Facebook citing reasons that she was wasting too much time on it and yet she was not bonding with her friends
There are people who have quit Facebook, citing personal reasons. One of the reasons is the inability to form meaningful friendships. It is not easy to know whom one can trust and personal information, which may have been shared in confidence with the circle of friends, may be leaked to other people. Other personal issues that are cited can be serious. This includes the fear of stalkers. Other personal issues that she has cited can cause a person to have emotional problems. The article has given an example of a person who quit Facebook because someone else thought that she was too old. This can cause issues to some people.
There are people who have left Facebook because of being bombarded with messages from people who want to advertise and market their products. Marketers and advertisers invade a person’s personal space with their products. Facebook also wants to make money out of this while competing with the already established companies such as Google. In conclusion, Victoria has brought out relevant issues in the topic. She has brought out the major issues that make people quit Facebook using different sources of information. Her article has clearly achieved the purpose for which it was meant to achieve.

Works Cited
Heffernan, Virginia. “Facebook Exodus.” The New York Times 26, August 2009. Web. 07 May 2010.

Undercover Internet Investigations custom essay helpThe paper should contain information on how undercover Internet Investigations are conducted, including descriptions of a typical investigator’s online activity, and other aspects of an investigator who is tracking a potential sex offender online.
Take a position on a Causal Analysis of your position in the Harry Potter phenomenon; how do you feel about the Harry Potter series? What are some of the causes within the HP series that make people take sides? writing essay help1. Rogerian Argument paper
2. Have an introduction
2. Hanve a body paragphs
3. have a conclusion
Communications essay help onlineUnderstanding Planned Change:  What Not to Do and Why
            Every IT project calls for the performance of particular activities if success is needed. A number of things must be done for an IT project to be successful. Past IT projects help identify what one should do and not do in the execution of an IT project for it to be successful. IT projects performed earlier show that some actions and activities always result to failure when executed in a project. An evaluation of past projects help illustrate some of the factors which result to the failure of a given project. Most of the factors interact and interlink with each other resulting to failure. This essay aims to illustrate what one should not do in the execution of an IT project and discuss the reasons why.
Past IT projects show that one should not engage in a project that calls for a higher level of qualification and experience than what one possesses. Likewise, one should engage in an IT project that requires an approach in which one has no knowledge of or is not effectively conversant. Past projects show that when one engages in projects that require a high skill level than what one possesses, the result is usually a failure in the project. In the execution of the IT project, roles and duties should be assigned based on the level of qualification and experience to avoid failure. In the article “IT projects: A Basis for Success,” Wateridge states that one should first study the requirements of the IT project and evaluate his abilities. This will help determine whether one has the capacity to execute the given project (Wateridge, 2005). However, if circumstances allow, one can obtain the skills needed to enable him engage in the project.
In the progress, the individual executing the project should not carry it out on his own without engaging the necessary stakeholders. Failure to include the involved stakeholders or users usually results to a failure of the project. In the article “What went wrong? Unsuccessful information technology projects”, Whittaker confirms this by stating that engaging the stakeholders enhances their commitment to a project from its start to end. Every IT project calls for time and effort, which can only be guaranteed by engaging the stakeholders. One should not fail to engage the stakeholders in the project to ensure that it becomes their priority, helping limit the projects failure.
One should not use approaches and methods one is not used to nor has no experience in, while implementing the IT project. In the article “IT projects: A Basis for Success,” Wateridge confirms this by stating that in the implementation and management of an IT project, one of the major causes of failure of IT projects is the use of approaches, methods and systems in which one has no experience. Therefore, when unexpected changes and alterations that negatively affect the project occur in the execution process, one lacks ideas and measures that can be used to remedy the negative changes and occurrences. At times, the changes and occurrences may be severe leading to the failure and collapse of the IT project.
Finally, one should not engage in an IT project before breaking down the development and implementation process into measurable and controllable steps. Failure to do these limits the ability of the persons executing the project to analyze, detect and limit harmful occurrences that may lead to the project’s failure. Another thing that one should not do is perform an IT project without engaging, understanding and establishing contacts with the industry or person supplying the instruments needed in the IT project. The contacts help one get advice when necessary from the suppliers limiting failure. In addition, one should not limit the integration between the clients of the projects, the team supplying resources for the project and the persons executing the project. This is because the integration helps develop teamwork and provide an avenue for the exchange of ideas limiting failure (Mähring, 2002).
There are many things that one should do in the execution and implementation of an IT project. Although the above factors are not the only ones that lead to the failure of a project, past IT projects illustrate that they are the most common. Past projects indicate that the above factors that often result to failure are integrated and interlinked. Therefore, avoiding one factor indirectly helps avoid a few others. Past projects also indicate that to ensure success of an IT project, it is always advisable to treat them as a business projects.

Mähring, M. (2002). IT Project Governance. Santa Clara, CA: EFI at SSE.
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English & Literature scholarship essay helpHarry Potter
            Harry Potter is a reading phenomenon that has been sweeping the world by storm. It has attained international accolade with its translation to over forty languages and its readers spanning over 200 countries in the world. The series contains seven books. The series is backed financially by Coca Cola, Mattel, and Warner Brothers among others thus; it is destined to be a force to reckon with in the next coming years. Most children would be thrilled if the book was made a school read, as it is thrilling to such an extent of their parents and teachers appreciating the reading skills acquired from the books (Burkart, 2005). The series is written by J.K. Rowling and it focuses on the predicament of an orphaned boy by the name of Harry Potter who wins a scholarship to study in a prestigious school of Wizardry and Witchcraft. He is thrilled by this achievement because it means that he will gain knowledge of how to eliminate Lord Voldemort the master of evil, who killed his parents and left him an orphan. This book might be thrilling to the children but most parents and teachers do not focus on the negative effects that the book can have on the children. Reading is a harmless and excellent thing, but not every reading book is as innocent as depicted by most of the Harry Potter readers and funs.
The books are based on a fantasy world and most children enjoy escaping to the fantasy world of white witchcraft, which seems to be innocent but when the underlying factors are concerned, it loses its innocent face. Most Christians believe that the book brings out aspects of the occult that would lead their children to involvement with Satanism (Heilman, 2008). Other Christians on the other hand believe that the fantasy world depicted in the book is just mere fantasy that does not involve any sinister implications. Some of these Christians include World Magazine Editors as well as Connie Neal who is the author of the book “What’s A Christian to Do with Harry Potter”. Evidence provided by occult experts such as Marcia Montenegro the author of “Christian Answers for the New Age”, who was involved in the occult before turning to a Christian gives a counter argument to this assertion.
They believe that though some of the words used seem to be so innocent during the transportation to the fantasy world, the children are also transported to the occult world. The books talk about the white and the dark magic where the white magic is depicted to be the magic practiced by the good people while the dark magic is practiced by the bad people (Burkart, 2005). In the Holy Book of the Bible, no type of magic is recognized because all types of magic originate from the devil who is the father of all-evil thus, if magic is depicted as good to the children then their Christian knowledge will be interfered with as they will start questioning the Christian doctrines. This also arouses curiosity in children making them to research more about the occult and they end up being initiated into it without their knowledge.
The prestigious school of Wizardry and Witchcraft is characterized with horror and violence, bewitching and cursing, racism as well as other evils like blood sacrificing. These are transferred to the minds of the little children who have no knowledge of their effects. Most children develop the fear of the dark and other phobias from the book thus leading to the need for counseling for the children to overcome these fears. Bullying, which is on the rise in most schools may be because of reading such books as Harry Potter because when children read about violence they implicate it on others so that they can experience the same feeling that is experienced by their heroes in those books (Heilman, 2008). Some parents usually wonder where their children acquired their violent nature but some of it is ingrained by such books as Harry Potter. Some children learn about racism from such books as this thus at other times they start discriminating other children a vice that would have been prevented if they were not allowed to read such books.
This book brings about personality disintegration in children. This is because as depicted by the character of Harry Potter, one can change their personality due to their obsession with their enemies instead of upholding their moral characters they end up upholding the degrading characteristics of their enemies (Burkart, 2005). This is brought out in the book where Harry Potter changes his personality to become evil due to his obsession with the revenge against Voldemort. This will influence children to believe that even if they were to change their personality and adapt to a different personality, there is nothing wrong as long as it will help them to accomplish what they want to. The same books through intellectual confusion and manipulation lead to the blocking of the discernment of good and evil in the minds of the children that indulges in them.
People may argue that though the Harry Potter books are depicted as having negative impacts on children, they are a good read and help children to perfect their reading skills. Most parents find them helpful because their children can concrete on reading due to the thrilling aspects of the books (Heilman, 2008). This form of support for the books does not hold any water because there are so many other books in the market that are thrilling and more innocent that can be used by the children to improve their reading skills. Some Christians argue that the author of the books upholds Christianity thus; she tries to teach children about the good and the evil. What these Christians do not understand is that the depiction of evil and good magic blocks the mind of the children from deciphering what is good and evil because if they have been taught that magic is bad yet they learn that there is good and bad magic, then they get confused on the way.
Some children in support of the books say that the strength of friendship is brought out in the books thus the books teach on the importance of friendship. Even though these books teach about the importance of friendship, they teach friendship that is based on witchcraft and the occult thus making children to believe that the best friends are those involved with magic but not the ordinary ones who do not posses magic powers (Burkart, 2005). This leads to them formulating imaginary friends from the fantasy world, which is a harmful practice. Other people believe that the books are good because they help the children to divert their attention from the televisions and video games which most of the time divert the children’s minds from schoolwork. Reading the books in this case lead to improvements in learning skills as well as helping the children to concentrate on school work. There can never be any dispute against the advantages of concentrating on schoolwork but at the same time, if what is giving the children concentration is reading about the occult, then there is no need for this diversion.
Harry Potter is a reading phenomenon that has been sweeping the world by storm. It has attained international accolade with its translation to over 40 languages and its readers spanning over 200 countries in the world (Heilman, 2008). It is a series of seven books. The books talk about Harry Potter who is set to revenge the death of his parents on the hands of the evil master Lord Voldemort. He celebrates his acceptance to the prestigious school of Wizardry and Witchcraft as this will provide him with the necessary skills to defeat his enemy. The moral teachings of the books have come under a lot of scrutiny from both Christians and none Christian’s .Those with occult experience believe that these books are not as innocent as they look while the Christians believe that they downgrade Christian teachings. Though the books contain their disadvantages, they also have advantages (Burkart, 2005). They teach on the value of friendship as well as helping in the understanding of good and evil. They help in the improving of children’s reading skills. Parents should however take the responsibility of choosing what their children read because though reading is a harmless and excellent thing, not every reading book is as innocent as depicted by most of the Harry Potter readers and funs.

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Pressure ulcer Prevention best college essay helphe paper is already written. I need an ABSTRACT and editing
I shall include a copy of the paper and the further instructions.
Afro-American History scholarship essay helpplease prepare a short paper one of the following topics:
1) The Harlem Renaissance, or
2) Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, or
3) Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois, or
4) The Civil Rights movement
For paper, i should use only one item of evidence, either an item of visual evidence, for example from the museum visit, or a short text selection. write a paper like this:
Discuss the historical importance of the evidence in relation to the topics of this course.
So you have to read any one chapter of the Book
(The New Negro voices of the Harlem REnaissance edited by Alain Locke)
here are lists of the art works that is located in Brooklyn can look
up this lists on the internet for using the example for the museum visit..
negro head, power figure, fragment of a head, plaque, nkisi figure, reliquary guardian figure, ray komai, eastman johnson(a ride for liberty), kara walker(burning african vilage play set with big house and lynching).
Abstraction and Representation in Modern Architecture best college essay helpit’s a reflection paper assignment in my architectural history class, after reading a book called ‘Abstraction and Representation in Modern Architecture’. It’s not just a simple book review, but it has to be written in a deeper sense. It must be completed by 2pm, on Thursday, April 15th.
new development in information technology that is impacting society. You will Research Paper that analyze the development, explaining the technology, its benefits, and the hurdles that must be overcome to bring it to fruition. argumentative essay help
Information Technology scholarship essay helpNew Developments in Information Technology
Information technology refers to the design and development of computer hardware and software application. It also involves the implementation and management of computer based information system. It enables easier management of data input, processing, output and storage. It also increases data security and information. The use of information technology has made all kinds of data to be managed easily. This has included videos, sound, images and text. Information technology has gone further to include other technologies such as mobile phones.
In simple terms it is all what computers can do in terms of communication. The use of computers has made communication easier between persons. People can now communicate cheaply and from all over the world in a relatively short time using facilities such as email. Technology keeps on changing for the better. Innovations come up all the time which in turn makes peoples lives better. It is this change and a desire to have a change that led to development of online communication. The use of online communication has introduced various groups such as facebook to the market.
Facebook has made it easy for people to communicate. It allows its users to have interactive communication with one another. The site was developed by Mark Zuckerber with assistance of his school mates Eduardo Saverin, Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz as way of communication among the Harvard university students. It initially started in 2004 and was expanded in 2005. Its expansion was very rapid. Soon everyone in colleges and universities around the US was using facebook. In 2007, people who were not in school were soon using it (Graham, 2008). It cut across borders and is now used across the world and it is now used by anyone who has a valid email and is above the age of thirteen. It is currently used by over two hundred million people across the world (New York Times, 2009).
Facebook has many advantages. It benefits the friends who want to catch up, those who wants to look for old contacts who they were schooling with, the marketer and business person who wants to expand their business and enlarge their client base, the teacher who wants to catch up with her students, the lonely person who is looking for a friend and anyone else who is bored and curious about what it is all about. Facebook users interact with their family, friends they already know and look for new friends.
They use text, pictures and videos to communicate. Facebook makes it possible for one to form long lasting relationships and bond with people. It unites people with common interests by making it able for them to form virtual groups and join online communities. A person is able to upload videos and pictures and post comments about themselves and what they think about life in general. A person using facebook posts his profile (name, likes, hobbies and other information). This allows people to have better knowledge of one another.
Facebook actually provides job opportunities for users. Employers look at the profile of a potential client to know their background and lifestyle so it really does to have a professional profile. The connections that a person makes on facebook can help him or her in getting a job. A person using facebook can join an online community and help in making themselves known. Joining facebook is easy and being in it is fun too. (Graham, 2008).besides that fact, it requires absolutely no extra costs since one does not need to acquire any software.
Different professionals have found a way to use facebook in their careers. Teachers are not excluded in this. They cite several ways in which facebook has made their work easier. Facebook is easier and more fun to use than email. It has a facility which allows a person to use their photos and this reduces any confusion especially where two or more people may have the same name. Assignments are delivered on time. Facebook users look at their messages more than twice a day and so a teacher is assured that the assignment has been delivered. This is unlike email which is accessed after some days.
It allows for easier exchange of information between persons. Students, as well as teachers, can share information regarding several issues. It is also easier to keep up with students activities and learn about other issues concerning them (Ramirez, 2009).
Marketers and business people are perhaps the biggest beneficiaries of facebook. Besides advertising through facebook, they can use facebook to retain their existing clients and add others. They are able to effectively tell the consumers about their product and answer any questions they might have. They can also bond with the clients and enhance their relationships. They can also plan events and other activities and inform others by using facebook. Politicians can also use facebook to influence the voters’ decisions especially the young people. They can introduce debates and motions and use them to make an estimate about their current performance and also gauge their supporters (Kirkup et al, 2010).
Despite the numerous advantages, facebook face various hurdles (Jody, 2007).
Facebook does have its limitations. Chief among them is that it is addictive. Users want to keep up with their friend’s updates and post comments after every few minutes. It is also time consuming. One has to respond to a friend’s question, read interesting articles which might have been posted and so forth. This is time that could have been used for something else constructive. Besides this there are also health concerns to take into consideration. Prolonged use of computers can cause eye weakness. This is also applicable to mobile phone usage which is used more widely. Those who spend a lot of time seated in front of their computers have to worry about the sedentary life that they are leading.
Once a person chooses to register with facebook, they choose to expose a part of their life. There are intimate details that a person who is enlisted as your friend gets to know. If one has workmates and other acquaintances listed as friends they get access to the person’s private information and contact.  Some things should be known only to very close friends and family members. There is also the issue of having stalker friends among your list of friends. These are people that one accepts merely because they asked for an invite. In addition to this, there is no chance to see a friend and the face to face meetings which are so important are forgotten.
There are various things which can be done for one to overcome some of these hurdles. By using the security tools and only inviting the people you know well. A user should also have a strong will and be able to limit the amount of time spent on facebook. This will enable him or her to avoid wastage of time and possible addiction. Some messages that a person writes on the walls can be viewed in negative light especially by those who don’t know the user wee. Hence messages of such nature can be avoided. It is recommended for one to take breaks to avoid damaging their health. Technically speaking, some features can be improved. When a person has a video that he or she wants others to see it has to be short. This can be rectified.
Despite all the limitations, facebook is an information technology invention that is readily acceptable by everybody. It is facilities such as this which makes a person to have an appreciation for science and what it can do for the human race. Some few years ago, nobody would have thought that this is possible. The benefits exceed the limitations and facebook is something that should be recommended to everybody.
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Project Reflection Paper and Recommending potential work system improvements essay help site:eduProject Reflection Paper
It does not matter the kind of business that an organization operates to be in a position to embrace the use of information and technology in ensuring an effective and efficient operation of the business. For the people who have undergone training in information and technology, they can understand the benefits that are accrued by a business, which makes use of the information and technological skills in its operation. The people who have information and technological skills on business, enables a business organization in making the tactical use of information and technology in the improvement of the business operations. The business-oriented programs entails the scientific and business education including the knowledge on how one can make use of the information and technological skills in the advancement of business competitiveness and efficiency. The use and advancement of information and technological skills is very essential in a business organization, for it ensures that business operations and problem solving are efficiently achieved.
In the previous project on the case study of the introduction of information and technology, has shown how embracing information and technological skills can improve the operations of a business organization. This is because the introduction of the Wii game facilities has acted as a way of attracting more customers in the restaurant. This as a result would augment the number of customers who frequent to the restaurant. The use of the touch screen machine to transfer the order making information from the front office to the kitchen also has enabled efficiency in the restaurant. This as a result helps in the maintenance of the customers that Applebee’s still have and in the attraction of new customers to the business organization. In addition, the introduction of new technology in the restaurant has improved the mode of communication between the Applebee’s administration and the customers.
Recommending potential work system improvements
The restaurant communicates with the customers through the internet. The customers sent emails to the administration informing them on the status of their service. In so doing, it makes it possible for the organization to improve on its weakest points. In Applebee’s restaurant, the organization should advance its technology in a manner that it improves on its record keeping. It is as result, that the organization will be in a position to handle a huge number of products and services. If the stock of the restaurant is improved, the sales of the organization will eventually go up increasing the profit margin of the organization. On the other hand proper keeping of the records, ensures that at the end of most probably each month the organization will be in position to know the financial status of the organization.
This enables the organization to know whether it is operating at a profit or loss. This is necessary in all organizations as it allows them to improve on their weakest parts in carrying out their activities. It is very important for any business organization to ensure that it adopts the new technological skills. This is because it improves its efficiency in operation, improving on their profit margins, which is the main aim of a business organization. Embracing the new technological skills means that the organization will be in a position to do its work fast, make the mode of communication easier and help in the maintenance of the company’s records. Generally, the use of information and technology makes a company’s work easier attracting more customers than before.
In conclusion, it is very important for any organization to recruit or train their existing employees on the skills of information and technology. This is because the result would be that, the organizations profit levels would be augmented. The use of the new and advanced information and technological skills enables the work processes of an organization to be completed within the expected time. The use of the internet in any organization makes it for the administration to communicate with its customers such as, customers making online orders. In record keeping, it ensures that the management does not lose its important documents as they are well maintained.
Film & Theater studies college essay help onlineHere’s what I need is for you to answer these questions in at least 275 words. (Materials): Watch the movie “Desk Set (1949)” also I will be uploading you some readings. (Question): Colatrella argues that “Desk Set’s positive characterization of Bunny reveals her to be a more competent financial analyst than her boyfriend, as intelligent as the male PhD who has invented the electronic brain, and as attractive as any other woman represented. However, the film offers a startling conclusion regarding technological advancement: that women should learn to accept their place behind the machine for the greater good of society” (7-8). How does this highlight the negotiation of Hepburn’s identity (the independent, successful woman on one hand, who needs to “learn her place,” on the other hand) that we’ve been discussing over the last few weeks?
A theoretical and practical evaluation of the logistical processes at Tate and Lyle, Silvertown best essay helpA theoretical and practical evaluation of the logistical processes at Tate and Lyle, Silvertown
An evaluation of the logistical operations in Tate and Lyle will help understand the procurement, preservation and distribution process of the goods produced by the company. This will help recognize how the company plans, executes and manages the cost efficient movement and storage of the raw materials it needs, information it uses and the finished goods it produces to meet the needs of the consumer. The evaluation illustrated that Tate and Lyle’s logistical activities commence with the procurement process. The first procedure in the procurement process is the preparation of the specifications, which guides the selection of the supplier. The company analysis a number of suppliers and selects one that will satisfactorily meet its needs and requirements. The presence of quality certifications, stability in the financial capacity of the company and suitability in the price charged for the goods also influence the selection of the supplier (Cohen & Roussel, 2005). The company only selects suppliers that will deliver the raw materials needed on time, in the most competitive price and in accordance with the specifications in the most flexible way. The company then makes the purchase from the supplier. This is followed by the delivery of the raw materials, processing and distribution of the manufactured goods.
The need to manage effectively the logistical operations of a company has led to the development of supply chain strategies. Silvertown Refinery’s has developed a global strategy to help in the management of its supply chain. The company has established a global strategy to achieve a number of goals. The global strategy aims to facilitate and provide an arena for the development and enhancement of the company’s brand resulting to global recognition. Research shows that this strategy will ensure that the company achieves international recognition. Research shows that companies such as Sony, Toyota, Microsoft and Levis achieved worldwide recognition because they used the global strategy in the management of their supply chain.
This strategy will also ensure that the products of the company lead to global customer satisfaction. It will ensure that the company’s goods become global products. The will ensure that consumers the same quantity and quality for the company goods they demand for throughout the globe. Past research indicates that use of the global strategy in the management of the supply chain leads to the development of the economies of scale. The strategy ensures that the company buys its products in bulk resulting to greater discounts in the purchase of the company’s raw materials.  The global strategy leads to the efficient use of resources helping reduce the cost of production.  The strategy allows for the use of specialized inputs and better techniques of production and organization of inputs resulting to reduction in the cost of production. Supply in bulk also helps reduce the transport costs involved in distribution.
An analysis of the strategy used by the company help illustrate a number of challenges that limit the usefulness of the strategy. The fast limitation is the fact that the supply chain is determined and driven by the market. The strategy aims to ensure production and distribution of similar products globally. However, market pressures increase choice limiting the global distribution of the same product. The strategy is been considered not to be beneficial because of its high level of unresponsive (Burt & Pinkerton, 2009). The strategy has a low response rate to the values and needs of the consumers. This leads to the fall and reduction in the demand of the goods produced by the company. Although the strategy ensures production of the right quantity at the right time, it limits production of various goods to meet the different needs of consumers. When analysed based on its level of responsiveness, one considers the strategy inappropriate.
Another factor that makes the strategy used by the company in the management of its supply needs inappropriate is the presence of high level of customer expectation and change in customer needs. Scholars state that this is the “Age of Choice” characterised by many types of goods and products serving the same purpose. This leaves it the consumer to decide the good to buy. There are various types of goods all aiming to meet the various needs in society. This requires that producers have the most competitive products to meet the various needs of the consumers. The “Age of Choice” goes along with the “Age of Impatience” where people aim to get what they need in the shortest time possible. This calls for the strategy to ensure that the products of the company are easily accessible. Although the strategy fulfils the needs of the “Age of Impatience,” it fails to meet the requirements of the “Age of Choice” (Cohen & Roussel, 2005).
An analysis of the strategies used by Silvertown Refinery to manage its supply chain helps understand some of the challenges Tate and Lyle might face in its logistical activities and in the management of its supply chain. The first challenge Tate and Lyle might face in the management of its inventory is the high level of customer expectations. The traits that make up the market result to most of the challenges faced by Tate and Lyle. An analysis of the strategies used by the Silvertown Refinery’s limited showed that current markets could be described as the “Age of Impatience” where consumers want frequent innovations to meet their needs. However, the strategy used by the company might not facilitate the innovation of new products as expected in the market resulting presenting a challenge. The market is characterized by a high rate of turnover of goods. New products serving the needs of the consumers are been made everyday replacing existing products. The high rate of turnover presents a challenge to the company. Current markets can be referred to as the “age of choice” where there are different goods to meet their needs. The presence of many competitive forces presents a challenge to Tate and Lyle in the attempt to achieve its goals and objectives. The nature of the product made also presents a challenge to the firm.
Analysis shows that the strategies used by the management to address issues that concern the supply chain influence the logistical elements of any company. In this, the strategies adopted by Tate and Lyle had a number of impacts on the logistical component of the company. The logistic operation of the company involves the sourcing of raw materials, products, parts and components and organizing the ways to transport them. Logistical operations also involve the management of warehouses and the company’s inventory. Therefore, logistics entails the flow of information, resources and materials within the company.
In the management and performance of their logistic needs, Tate and Lyle face a number of challenges. Tate and Lyle have in the recent past being able to build its market size. The increase in its market size forms a basis for most of the problems Tate and Lyle experiences. The issue of speed is one of the challenges the company faces in the management of its logistical needs. There is need to ensure that the products of the company are supplied to the consumers on a timely basis. There is also need to ensure timely delivery of raw materials needed for production for production to take place. This calls for a fast means of transport to supply the goods needed. However, fast means of transport are very expensive. The challenge is for the company to locate a fast but cheap means of transport. These challenges arise because of the long distance between the company and its target market, more so the foreign markets.
The need to transport a large volume of goods to ensure that there is a constant supply of the company’s goods in the market provides another challenge to the firm. The increase in the company’s market size calls for the need to transport large volumes of goods to the respective markets (Cohen & Roussel, 2005). The means to use to transport leads forms a challenge to the company. The company has both lightweight and heavy weight goods, and low volume and high volume goods, which the company has to transport to various parts of the globe where its consumers are located. An extra challenge the company faces is the need to safeguard the security and safety of its products during transportation.
Another challenge faced by the company in its logistical operation is the need to ensure that the value of the good is not lost or good stolen during transportation or storage. There has been loss of goods or raw materials either due to theft among the staff in charge. The company faces many challenges in the attempt to ensure that the product remains the same during transportation or storage. The company is faced with the challenge to ensure that the size of the good, its weight, among other physical traits are not altered during its transportation or storage. Tate and Lyle have to ensure that the physical state, quantity does not change due to poor storage means or transportation in the wrong medium. The company also has to ensure that no hazardous substances combine with the products in the logistical process (Kuhlman & Industrial College of the Armed Forces, 2005). The company therefore faces a number of challenges to the stability of the products. The organic and material structure of the product should remain unchanged. There is therefore need to safeguard the good from unfavourable climatic and weather conditions to prevent damage.
The company has devised a number of ways to deal with the challenges it faces in the transportation and storage of its products, resources and raw materials. To deal with the issue of speed and urgency, Tate and Lyle has been using road transport to supply its products to the local market. It also helps deal with challenge of costs. Road transport provides an economical mode to transport the raw materials needed by the company and the goods produced. The use of transport ensures that the company is able to reach and easily access its local and regional market. The use of road transport helps overcome the issue of speed. It is one of the fastest modes of transport for short distances ensuring that the delivery of the company’s goods is appropriate. The company’s use of road transport helps secure the products because there is minimal handling.
To solve the issue of distance, the company uses rail and water transport. Rail transport helps deliver raw materials and goods to and from the regional markets. Rail transport helps solve a number of challenges facing the company. For instance, it is fast helping solve the need for speed. It ensures that goods are delivered on time. It also facilitates the transportation of large volume of goods at a greater speed.  Water transport serves Tale and Lyle’s foreign markets. The use of water transport helps deal with the challenge of transporting large volumes of goods (Cohen & Roussel, 2005). The use of water transport helps reduce the level of cost incurred in the transportation of large volumes of goods. This is the cheapest form of transport. It provides a cheap avenue for the transportation of bulky goods over long distances. Water transport provides an effective means to transport bulky products that the company deals in.
To ensure that the goods are unchanged during transportation, transportation occurs in containers. This prevent alteration or damage to the goods by limiting contact or access and providing the optimal conditions needed to transport the goods. A container must be full for transportation to take place. Containers help solve the issue of security because they provide a door-to-door service. Once the goods packed in the container, at the company, the will only be accessible when they reach their destination. Once the goods are packed, there is no need for additional handling. The use of containers also helps reduce the cost of transportation because they reduce the amounts charged for insurance.  This is because they reduce the probability of the goods been stolen. Containers also help deal with the issue of speed. They ensure the faster movement of goods as the documentation happens only once.  Lastly, containers reduce the amount of time spent by ships in various ports. This reduces the amount its takes for the goods to move from the producer’s port to the foreign market’s port.
Once transported by water, the storage of goods happens in depots in the foreign markets. The good’s distribution to the foreign markets happens by road. This helps ensure that no shortage comes about in the market the company deals in. However, for goods and raw materials that are low in volume, sensitive and light in weight, the company uses air transport. For instance, transportation of letters, documents and contracts for the company takes place through air. This ensures that the goods are safe and quickly transported. Air transport deals with the challenge of speed, security and packaging. It ensures that urgent goods move swiftly while transportation of sensitive goods is secure.
The presence of logistics service providers also help Tale and Lyle deal with some of the challenges it faces. Such companies include Maersk Group, DHL, Kuene, and Nagel. The companies help deal with the issue of cost in logistical operations by offering low prices for the transportation of goods and services. They help ensure that goods are safe during the transportation process by providing monitoring services. Where there is need for specialised transportation, they provide the service at a low price (Kuhlman & Industrial College of the Armed Forces, 2005).
In the operation of the logistical activities, a number of alternative procedures exist that the company can engage in. For instance, in attainment of the goods purchased and in the distribution of the products manufactured, the company can use the services of the logistics service providers. In the transportation of the goods it produces, it can use the alternative of hauling and trucking companies in place of its own trucks and Lorries. In the documentation of the goods in transit, the company can use the alternative of freight forwarders in place of its own employees to arrange for transport and facilitate the custom clearance. In the production of its goods, the company can use the alternative of off shoring.
The use of alternatives presents a number of benefits to the company. For instance, it ensures that company cut down on costs. The use of the alternatives in the production process ensures that the company is able to penetrate into new markets by helping overcome the various trade barriers. It ensures that company enjoys the economies of scale and helps in the spreading out of risks. When the alternatives are used in the distribution, they help minimize both the direct and indirect costs. The alternatives help reduce the company’s capital requirements, reduce capital costs among many others. The use of alternatives can therefore be beneficial to the company.
As earlier stated, the need to manage effectively the logistical operations of a company has led to the development of supply chain strategies. These aim to help solve the problems a firm faces in the process of procurement, manufacturing and distribution of the manufactured goods. Effective strategies help ensure that the raw materials needed for the production of goods are appropriately supplied to the company. The strategies ensure that the focus of the company is to convert the raw materials efficiently into finished goods. The focus of the supply strategies is the transmission of the manufactured goods to consumers and customers in the shortest time possible. The strategy a company adopts influences the logistic operations of a firm and helps deal with challenges faced in its logistics. It helps ensure that the company benefits and is able to deal with problems due to globalization and international trade.
The selection and choice of supply strategies are affected and determined by a number of factors. The main determinant is the management strategy used in the company. Various strategies are used by the company in its supply chain management. One of the strategies used by the firm in management is the top down strategy, which is made up of the corporate parts and plans, the business unit parts and plans and the functional parts and plans. The corporate plans and part of the strategy aim to help to meet the goals of the whole company. The business unit part of the strategy aim to help achieve the goals of a given division in the company. Finally, the functional parts aim to help develop strategies that will result to the use of the various functions in the firm in its supply process. The downstream approach aims to ensure that the company is able to meet its targets and achieve its goals and objective.
However, this supply chain strategy has a number of limitations and challenges that limit its effectiveness. For instance, it is prescriptive and narrow. This means that it only helps meet a small number of supply needs of the company. The strategy also hinders the participation of the people or experts at the functional level towards meeting the goals of the organization (Kuhlman & Industrial College of the Armed Forces, 2005). The parts that are involved in the strategy at times merge or conflict reducing effectiveness.
Another management strategy used by the firm that helped determine the nature of its supply chain is the bottom up and emergent strategy. This management strategy ensured that there was integration of all the views and objectives of the various levels that make up the company. This strategy ensures that supply chain addresses the needs of all levels in the company and includes their goals and objectives. The management strategy also widens the perspective in the company to include the new technology. This strategy helps recognize the strengths of the business unit resulting to a strategy that effectively meets the needs of the organization.
An evaluation of the logistical operations of Tate and Lyle shows that development of strategies is critical in the management of the supply chain. The analysis shows that procurement is the first process in the logistical operations. The selection of the supplier to provide the goods is influenced by a number of factors such as financial capacity and level of certification of the individual. This helps supply the needs of the company. Procurement is followed by the actual processing and distribution.  In conclusion, proper strategies should be developed to ensure that the company effectively manages its supply chain.
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Mada’in Saleh college essay helpThe purpose of the paper is to give tourists and others geologist some information about Al-Hijr.Write about Mada’in Saleh:
1- Name
2- Location
3- History
4- Qasr al-Bint
5- Jabal al-Khuraymat
6- AL-Ula City
7- Qsar Farid
8- Post-Nabatean
Mada’in Saleh best college essay helpMada’in Saleh
Mada’in Saleh is situated in the North West of Saudi Arabia. It is the most stunning region in Saudi Arabia and it happens to be a sister city to Petra in Japan. The site is popular for its rock-cut tombs, which proves the affluence of the Nebateans who imposed taxes on the camels on the enraged path of Mesopotamia, Greece and Egypt at some stage in and before the first century (Healey, 1993). The only difference that existed between Petra and Mada’ in Saleh is that, it was not inhabited by the Romans. The old stations in this area have exposed the structures that are made of adobe accompanied by stone fundamentals. Other things that were revealed include a variety of crude, coated and refined ceramics, which were decorated with animal and plant jumbles. Most of the works of art that are found in this area are placed at the National Museum in Riyadh whilst the others are found in the confined museum. The areas that encircle this place have many of the past reserves such as rock-cut vaults, and dedications, which are incomprehensible Dedanite, Lihyanite and Minaean writings of 7th and 5th centuries BC.
The historical site, which should be visited by almost every one in the world, is Mada’in Saleh, which is 400 km North of Medina in the track of Tabuk and the Jordanian border. Mada’in Saleh consists of almost 140 splendid vaults of Nabataean derivation. This is similar to Petra, which is located in a different form of scenery. The difference between the two places is that the tombs that are found in Petra are concentrated in one area whereas the tombs of Mada-in Saleh are widened out in an area with granite rocks where the tombs have been built. To visit the place, one should get an authorization in advance and this carried on in a lodge, which is found close to Al Ula. In addition, one needs a car most probably a four-wheel drive, although it is not a compulsory. If this type of a car is not available, one can opt for a different model. Similar to this area is, Petra in Jordan, the only difference being, its location is in a different scenery. Whereas in Petra the tombs are essentially compressed into a constricted canyon, in Mada’in Saleh they are widened over a huge untied desert space, with granite rocks in which the tombs have been made from. One needs two or more days to go round the historical site of Mada Al Saleh. Ottoman Hejaz Railway is located in between the tombs of the Mada Al Saleh spots. The railway line was built between 1900 and 1908 to link Damascus and Medina, which was for the support of the military force in that area.
The outlook of this city in the hours of daylight is that of blonde escalation set alongside the far-away molten rock tableland of Harrat al-Uwayrid (Babelli, 2007). This is one of the enormous attractive incidences of Saudi Arabia. In the past, Madain Saleh was known as the Hegra or by its Arabic name Hijr. It is found in a remote area outside Al-Ula in the North West of Saudi Arabia. It is positioned in between Tabuk and Madinah. The people who were found in this area were the Nebateans. They embraced the late Aramaic language, which had traces of the Arabic manipulation. Several years before Mohammed was born, the kingdom expanded from Damascus to Red sea. In 577BC, it was taken over by Rome. It was in 533BC that the Trajan monarch was rehabilitated into the Arabian territory. The success of the Nebateans resulted from the existence of engineers in the ancient world. This was because of the work done by the engineers who connected the areas water supply through a set-up of trenches, canals and wells, which were then referred to as the qanats and are presently in existence.
The ruins of Medain Saleh bring out the stunning features of engineering, which makes them to be popular. In this area, one is likely to find mammoth crypts, which are made of rocks positioned independently in a rising and falling sea of sand. The name given to these confined features are Bedouin, which have been embraced by the archeologists (Healey, 2007). Most of the tourists who visit the area progress clockwise in the region of Mada Al Saleh. Oasr al-Saneh is the initial tomb that one comes across though it is not as splendid as the other tombs, but it gives a preface to the major fundamentals of the structural design of the tombs. The Nebatean tombs are impressive with the five-step patterns and the dedications found on top of all their front entrances.
Al Khuraymat is one of the several conserved tombs in Madain Saleh. It has abundant cryptograms, which bonds the inventions of edifying metaphors of the Abyssyinians, Egyptians and several other tribes. In the Northeast, there is the Nabatean water catchment area called the Jabal Ithlib and the Mud-brick buildings of the Nebateans (Babelli, 2007). These constructions are encircled by an open space. On contrary, in Pedra, the sister city of the Madein Al Saleh, the area is loomed by a constricted gap known as the Siq. Inside the unfastened lobby, which is called the Diwan, has been trimmed into a rock. It is bordered with a strut of pilasters, having counters made of stone encircling its interior surfaces.
Charles Doughty believes that there was an architrave, which had descended with the obverse of a ceiling. He believes the ceiling blocks the sun from shining bringing about a cool breeze, which gives people a stimulation of peace and stillness. To get a clear view of Maiden Saleh, one has to climb the top of Jabal Ithlib. Two snakes are imprinted in the exterior part of Oasr Al Bint, which indicates that the tomb is well guarded. This is the Greek manipulation on the Nebatean art. The desertion of the construction of the tomb gives people the imminent of its entire construction. The decoration on all entrances of the tombs indicated plates that were used in the religious events suggesting that most of the foundations found there were tombs. Oasr Al Farid is an extraordinary tomb, which has been made from a secluded rock (Healey, 1993). This rock was built for Haian Ibn Koza and its construction was incomplete. This tomb faces to the west giving an outstanding tribute in the afternoon. Oasr al-Sani Madain Saleh is an essential religious spot, which has been cited in the Quran. Having meals near this tomb is forbidden to protect the religious sacredness of Madain Saleh.
Generally, it can be drawn that Mada Al Saleh is a very stunning historical site, which is found in Saudi Arabia. It is well known for its well-shaped tombs from stone. Al-Ula is a city found near Mada Al Saleh where people can make their bookings early in advance before visiting the place. In this area, there are hotels where people can spend their entire time during their visitation to this area. The first tomb that one finds when going around Mada Al Saleh is the Oasr al Saneh, which is not as stunning as the other tombs but it introduces the architectural sites in Mada Al Saleh. Al Khuraymat is one of the well-maintained tombs in the area for it has a symbol that bonds the cultural inventions of the Egyptians and the Abyssyinians (Babelli, 2007).
In conclusion, Oasr Al Bint is a tomb, which is decorated by the use of two snakes on the entrances of each of the tombs signifying that they are well protected. Oasr Al Farid is an exceptional tomb whose construction is incomplete and since it faces the west, it gives a stunning tribute in the afternoon. The Oasr al-Sani is a religious stone, which is adored by the Nebatians. This is so, for it gives protection to the religious sacredness of Madain Saleh. Generally, there are different types of tombs in Mada Al Saleh with each of them having its meaning and function to the ancient Nebatians. It can be concluded that this area is occupied mostly by the ancient Arabs who have embraced the Arabic language. The religious believes that prevail in the area are those of the Muslim culture. This historical site can be the best to be visited by those people who love art and especially in carvings. This is because most of the tombs are carved and decorated to bring out their monumental artistic features.
Babelli, M. (2007). Mada’in Saleh, Lazio, Italy: M. Babelli.
Healey, John F (1993), The Nabataean tomb inscriptions of Mada’in Salih, Fulton, GA: Oxford University Press on behalf of the University of Manchester.
Nursing college essay help onlineReflective Paper 1,500 words
The focus of this assessment is on the relationship between health and culture and the implications for the health professional.
You are required to choose ONE of the following aspects of culture as the basis for this reflective paper – either cultural identity OR cultural safety OR cultural shock.
The paper must include the sections outlined below.
•       Describe the concept of cultural identity OR cultural safety OR cultural shock, and explain its relationship to health. (400 words)
•       Analyse and discuss the concept you have chosen as portrayed in the Video Crossing the Line in relation to health. (600 words)
A synopsis of the video can be obtained from the link below:
•       Write a critical reflection on the implications of the link between health and the concept you have chosen for yourself as a health professional. (500 words)
Please Note: Reflective writing is defined by Moon (n.d.) as the ‘expression …of some of the mental processes of reflection’…’ reflection lies somewhere around the notion of learning and thinking’. Reflective writing has a purpose and it involves sorting out knowledge, ideas, awareness, emotions etc with a view to ‘either recognise that you have learnt something new or that you need to reflect more with, perhaps further input’. Reflective writing also has an end point, you may write a conclusive statement stating what you have come to know, discover or learn, or you may choose to make an inconclusive statement but with a clear statement of what you need to consider next in the process. Develop your own voice in your paper which means you have to write
using ‘first person’ pronoun in your reflection.
Referencing style to be used: Harvard Referencing
Here is some information about the VIDEO:
Please do some research about this video
Culture Shock cheap essay helpCulture Shock
Culture shock refers to the emotional drain that one goes through when he is exposed to a different cultural background than his own. This could happen when one is in a mission in another country. The emotional drain is characterized by feeling of disorientation, indecisiveness coupled with being uncertain over what to expect. Sometimes an individual seems to be overwhelmed by the challenges they find in the field, not because the problems are new but because the anxiety overwhelming them cannot allow them to think rationally (Leeder, & Mooney, 2001). The adjusting process is usually coupled with many problems and different confusing emotions. When an individual experiences a different cultural set-up, different from what he is used to at home, he is bound to feel helpless at times. They seem to evaluate everything they do or sometimes they feel frustrated and do not want to try solving some of the issues facing them. Medical practitioner refers to the condition as clinical shock.
The condition is associated with a mental disease that inhibits an individual’s focus and thinking abilities. This state of the mind makes him think that the problem at hand is bigger than what he can handle and that he does not have the necessary capabilities to solve the problem. The condition is characterized by several phases. The first phase is called the honeymoon phase where an individual compares the two cultures and becomes exited to want to try new things that are better or different from what he is used to. In this stage, he is keen to learn and make new discoveries of his new environment. As he progresses in his new environment, he begins to have trouble adapting to different feeding habits or way of life and it is no longer an exciting process any more. The second phase is called the frustration stage. In this stage, an individual starts realizing that the differences between the two cultures are so wide (Pedersen, 1995). This stage is characterized with anger and frustration as they continue to encounter situations that become impossible to them. The final stage is called the adjustment phase or the understanding stage. This is where the individual becomes accustomed to his new environment and he becomes fully integrated into its mechanism. Individuals who may not be able to go through the phases successfully become disoriented and others may turn to drugs and other forms of abuses to vent their frustrations. The lack of emotional equilibrium to handle the situation causes hypersensitivity to some people, which causes irritability to some individuals. These individuals, in most cases have no idea of what is happening and will not be in a position to find a solution to the problem.
“Crossing the line”
The video “Crossing the Line”, is a story of two young Australians who went to another country in an eight-week placement in “Mornington Island in North-West Queensland.” The idealist and energetic students had plenty of ideas and problem-solving techniques they planned to use to solve problems. However, on arrival they are met with different situations than what they expect and became very frustrated. With the charm gone, they have to find ways of surviving in this part of the world while trying to find solution to the community’s problems. The island presents health conditions, which have not been attended to in a long time and other life threatening issues that they almost want to give up. The environment does not get better with time and before long, they meet people who question their intelligence because they questioned members of the community without the presence of health official.
The community leaders treat them harshly and question their ability to make change in the lives of the people. The emotional unbalance surrounding them, makes Amy evaluate her life and her faith, which gives her even more psychological torture. Medically, this can lead to stress related torture that makes them be at their edge always if uncontrolled, it causes one to be easily irritable and experiences nightmares during the night. Some people in this condition will not eat or be apart of anything. The experience is not fun and exiting any more now. Their worry is if they will be able to attend to their own personal problem and before they can get a grip of their emotions, they are called back to Australia. The students have no opportunity to say goodbye to a home they had considered their own and before they could solve all their medical problems, they are called back to their home country. The health implications for people who cannot be able to control their emotions are very frustrating even to other people surrounding the victims. They lower their self-esteem and lower their adaptation rate such that the whole team becomes unproductive.
Such victims will experience withdrawal symptoms and difficulty in blending in. They become abusive easily irritable and will vent their anger on anyone who crosses their way. The most advanced group experiences nightmares and dream of things that are inexistence. In the first phase, the students are exited to leave for another country and they have a series of ideas of what they want to solve in the country. This is the first phase, called the honeymoon phase. In this phase, the two students are ahead of themselves with excitement of going to a new environment. The circumstances they meet change their perception and the way they see life and their attempts to bring to the community is met with harsh response. They are now in the phase of negotiation phase and have realized that their culture is so different from their foreign country. At this point if they had it their way, they would have left. For individuals who may be unable to control emotional outburst they are likely to have many problems in this phase (Leeder & Mooney, 2001).
Some people may develop stress related illnesses if they are in control of their emotions. The last phase is the adjustment phase. In this phase, the individual is well acquainted with their environment. They are actually struggling to keep the professional boundary between them, which is proving problematic because of the prevailing circumstances. In this phase, Amy had the chance to blend in the community and re-evaluate her beliefs and her faith. She identifies with people and seems to mourn their losses with them. Paul on the other hand, wants to help everyone at the same time, which is impossible. He wants to help people who want to commit suicide and be a hero to all their problems. This frustrates him and he gets into trouble with the authority of the community.
Reflective paper
Culture shock affects everyone because there is always a first time to everyone. It presents individuals with situations that their values applicable in their country becomes irrelevant. The new culture also becomes hard and almost choking to accept. I particularly want to believe that at this point, if one is a quitter, he will easily give up and move on. Everyone will always experience cultural shock, what matters is the degree of variation. Most individuals’ who experience the symptoms must refuse to accept and deal with them for example some people will turn to other anti-depressants that might have serious implications on their health. In my opinion, it helps to remind oneself that change is good but it should not control ones values.
Staying on top of situations helps one to see problems for what they are. The health implications for people who cannot be able to control their emotions are very frustrating even to other people surrounding the victim they lower their self-esteem and lower their adaptation rate such that the whole team becomes unproductive. Such victims will experience withdrawal symptoms and difficulty in blending in. They become abusive easily irritable and will vent their anger on mostly anyone who crosses their way (Ward, et al, 2001). The most advanced group experiences nightmares and dream of things that are in existent. As a health professional, I have come to understand that a cultural shock does not only occur to people who travel to foreign countries but to people who move from one organization to another in their working environment and refuse to let go or to adapt to their new environment . Such people should not blame the new environment for their misery but themselves for rejecting life adaptive skills to face such situations in life. I have realized if people were not that conscious of themselves and allowed life to flow, as it should, then we would have fewer problems in the world.
One should be conscious of stages as they settle in and be able to let each stage pass gracefully. People should use those lessons to prepare themselves for the next experiences in life. They should also realize that a simple mistake of that nature keeps the team in low spirit because the team wants to identify with them. However, one should also not forget that individualism is what defines a person and should work to maintain that. One should also be keen to learn new things and not forget what they know already because such a situation creates confusion that can lead to mental health crisis (Ward, et al, 2001). There is no perfection in the world and in our humanly nature, we will always be prone to resist change but since in some circumstances it is inevitable, we should own it and preach it. We should also position our minds to consider frustration as a stepping-stone to better opportunities. I would advise anyone in such a situation to keep a journal so that he can have an opportunity to reflect on the progress of each phase.
Furnham, A. & Bochner, S., 1986. Culture Shock: Psychological Reactions to Unfamiliar Environments. New York, NY: Taylor & Francis.
Leeder, R & Mooney, H., 2005. Crossing the Line. The Medical Journal of Australia.
Pedersen, P., 1995. The Five Stages of Culture Shock: Critical Incidents Around the World. Westport: Greenwood Press.
Ward, A., Bochner, S. & Furnham, A., 2001. The Psychology of Culture Shock. New York, NY: Routledge.
Final Essay college admissions essay helpmy name is Virginia and yo did my paper last time, last time i assign to do a proposal,an this time is the final essay, i will explain myself again. if you want  just continue with the one that you dd the proposal but if not you can star a new one. the essay is a free topic but i have to connected to the things that i have seen in the class like tell you it could be about a boyfriend but what i need is t connected it. we read in class night by elie wiesel, fun home a family tragicomic by alison bechdel, the mark of cain. and we watch district 9 and tsotsi in class. we also whact several videos like lady gaga bad romance , sweet dreams. and we also talk about what is music for us. so whatever we want otl about it a free essay but it must be connected to this things. remember that i don’t speak English that well, don’t use big words..  NOTE: limit the scope of your essay to the major works we’ve examined this semester—Art Objects, District 9, Tsotsi, Night and Fun Home. Below are suggested topics to help you start but it is up to you define the nature of your essay: • Thematic connections, links, and clues between and about characters & themes in major works discussed this semester. • Ask yourself what the function and significance of each character is. Make this determination based upon the character’s history, what the reader is told (and not told), and what other characters say about themselves and others. • A discussion of a work’s characters: are they realistic, symbolic, historically-based? • A comparison/contrast of the choices different authors or characters make in a work • A reading of a work based on an outside philosophical perspective (Ex. how would a Freudian read Hamlet?) • A study of the sources or historical events that occasioned a particular work (Ex. comparing Alison Bechdels’ Fun Home with the original Greek myth of Icarus.) • An analysis of a specific image occurring in several works (Ex. the use of moon imagery in certain plays, poems, novels) • A “deconstruction” of a particular work (Ex. unfolding an underlying racist worldview in Elie Wiesel’s Night) • A reading from a political perspective (Ex. how would a Marxist read William Blake’s “London”?) • A study of the social, political, or economic context in which a work was written — how does the context influence the work? • Help: 2. of course, be required to use the text(s) as your primary source(s). Note: keep in mind the term ‘argument’ can mean different things depending on the paper you write. Finally, you will define what ‘creative’ means for your essay. The Creative Element: This is up to you and can take any form so long as it extends the traditional notion of a text based essay. Some ideas: 3- dimensional essays that combine text, image, and video; live performance; performance art; art that you’ve done that connects to your essay; song; interpretive dance; your cat. It is up to you but must be present in the process
Hidden Order the Economics of Everyday Life college essay help online
            Economics is not intuitive at all times. It can be an interesting topic if economic books are written in layman terms not on the basis economic perspective only. Economic theory is brought out in a perspective that can enhance interest towards the complex theory of economics (Friedman, 1997). Insights into macroeconomics and microeconomics are acquired from this book. As depicted by critics, economists always come up with abstract theories that may never be achieved in future. This book however changes this perception. Rationality and reason are notions invoked in this book in that people prefer the most cogent strategies irrespective of who they are. Economics is defined in terms of measuring value based on people choices not on money basis in his book. The assumption that people use their freewill to accept society fetters thus making suitable economic preferences.
The book contains an introduction and four sections. The introduction comprises of two theories, which are the Rush-hour blues, and rational babies as well as actions speak louder than words. The second sections comprise of methods to be used to solve a simple economy. The third section comprises of ways that one can adopt to the real world. It deals with oligopoly, monopoly, game theory, strategic behavior and it introduces people to the world of workers bosses and different complications experienced in work places (Friedman, 1997). The fourth section deals with how an economist can become a judge. It explains the reasons why people are neither happy nor wealthy and what can be termed to be efficient. It deals with the gumming up the works. The fourth section deals with the political market, the economics of marriage and love as well as the economics of crime. The book initially illustrates and explains the supply and demand curves, revenue and marginal cost curves as well as utility functions using both theory and graphs.
The most relevant chapter in the book is chapter 15 which is named ‘Summing people up’ in which economics is viewed as a descriptive science. In this chapter after explaining how market fairly distributes income he asserts, “Fortunately determining what is just is one of the problems that is not part of economics.”(Pg.199). it deals with such issues as whether minimum wages are god or bad. It deals with the reactions of the government under depression, which is relevant in this stage because the world has been undergoing economic depression in the current period (Friedman, 1997). During depression, the income for the poor decreased thus is it more logical to redistribute income to them. In this chapter, the problem of what ought not or what ought to be the case are covered because most economists cannot explain them, as value contains no precise answers.
In this chapter, the economic concept of efficiency is described according to people meaning in which the concept depicts what is good. The author says, “That is an important part of what I suspect most of you mean by good” (Pg.217).Efficiency is thus vital for a rational approach to ethics. The chapter brings out the failure of potential-pareto approach, which was the argument for modifications that would not be followed with any side expenses leading to non-existence of Pareto improvements. The best way to go in this case is not to give up a concept based on producer and consumer surplus (Friedman, 1997). This chapter tries to show how an economist can become a judge of whether the society is better of or not. Utility cannot be measured using gains and loses of the dollar because it is measured differently by different people. The chapter propounds that a certain policy might not profit the world economy it might only profit a certain country thus this explains why tariff policies benefit United States but do not benefit the world economy. It also explains the effects of increase in population on total surplus. Intuition on whether something or bad is tackled in this chapter.
The most interesting chapter of the book is the 20th chapter that deals with the ‘Rational criminals and intentional accidents’. Part one of the chapter deals with the economics of crime. Which explains how thieves like most businesspersons seek to acquire there income under the least costs thus formulating the theory that criminals are rational beings. The first subtopic in this part is economics of space ways, which deals solutions of economic problems in space (Friedman, 1997). The next subtopic is super thief, which gives ways in which to catch a thief based on the theory of a super thief. The next subtopic is illegal markets, which explains how trade is regulated in illegal markets. Drugs, law enforcement and violence is the next topic that deals with the effects on violence when law enforcement against drugs is increased. Part two of the chapter deals with the cost of crime. The main question asked in this part is what is wrong with robbery any way.
This explains the different forms of theft though some are seen as innocent action such as the donations made to candidates who are campaigning and promising to provide exceptional payback due to your donations. Part three of the chapter deals with efficient crimes and the efficient level of crime. The question asked in this part is why not hang them all: the efficiency of inefficient punishment (Friedman, 1997). The forth part of this chapter deals with private or public enforcement of law, which brings out the fact that the dissection linking private to public enforcement matches up to the dissection linking civil to criminal law. The fifth part of the chapter deals with accident law, which propounds the fact that accidents may not be accidental in nature. This chapter leaves people to choose between public and private, civil and criminal as well as imperfect solutions.
Economic theory is brought out in a perspective that can enhance interest towards the complex theory of economics in this book. The book is written in layman terms thus can be read by any person. It does not combine economics with politics thus reducing the complexity of economic theory (Friedman, 1997). The most relevant chapter of the book is chapter fifteen and the most interesting chapter is the 20th chapter. Theories in the book are formulated from the theories propounded by such founders of economics as Adam Smith and David Ricardo. Economics is thus defined in terms of measuring value based on people choices not on money basis
Works Cited
Friedman, David D. Hidden Order: The Economics of Everyday Life. Farmington: San Val, Incorporated, 1997. Print.
Film & Theater studies essay help site:eduMaterial: Watch the movies “The Gilmore Girls (Season 1, Episode 1 & Pushing Daises (Season 1, Episode 1) ” also I will be uploading you some readings. Also read Gerig, Chapter 5. (Text): Romantic vs. Screwball Comedy: Charting the Difference, Wes D. Gehring (ISBN: 0-8108-4424-9) Here’s what I need is for you to answer these questions in three paragraphs NUMBERED with each paragraph containing at least 90 words in each. (Questions for #1 Paragraph): Johns and Smith explain that The Gilmore Girls “established itself as a dramedy that indulges in an idealized world, a fictional utopia known as Stars Hollow” (23), which corresponds with the classlessness and play of the screwball comedies. What other characteristics of the screwball comedy do you see in The Gilmore Girls and Pushing Daisies? (Questions for #2 paragraph): Johns and Smith explain that in The Gilmore Girls “[t]hroughout every relationship in the show, communication through fast-paced talking and quick quips becomes an essentail element of the narrative structure” (25). This is true in Pushing Daisies as well. How does the speed of speech work with the speed of the narrative to set the tone of these two shows? (Questions for #3 paragraph): Johns and Smith raise the question “why are these Gilmorisms so significant?” In the wide range of shows now on television, The Gilmore Girls and Pushing Daisies have been two of the only shows in recent memory that feature contemporary versions of the fast-talking dame. How does this style carry over into contemporary culture? How are they similar to classic fast-talking dames and how do they differ? Why are the significant within the wider context of popular culture now and then?
Film & Theater studies best essay helpHere’s what I need is for you to answer these questions in at least 275 words. (Materials): Watch the movies “The Gilmore Girls (Season 1, Episode 1 & Pushing Daises (Season 1, Episode 1)” also I will be uploading you some readings. Also read Gerig, Chapter 5. (Text): Romantic vs. Screwball Comedy: Charting the Difference, Wes D. Gehring (ISBN: 0-8108-4424-9) (Questions): As Johns and Smith argue, in The Gilmore Girls, Lorelai and Rory use two different discourses of “fast-talk,” with Lorelai using popular culture references and Rory using more academic, “high” culture references. Why is this combination of influences significant? How does create interaction in different ways than using either one or the other exclusively would? Due 5/2/10
Film & Theater Studies college essay help near meIn “The Gilmore Girls”, Lorelai uses popular culture references in her fast-talk while Rory, her daughter, uses more academic culture references. The significance of this is to show the distinction between social classes. Lorelai uses popular culture references as a sign of her escape from the stifling atmosphere of the upper class society. She shuns her mother’s social standing by finding work at an inn. She further does this by rejecting a rich education through her use of popular culture. On the other hand, Rory uses academic references because of her good education, which her mother made sure she got. Rory remains Lorelai’s only link between the latter’s working class status and the upper class society that she chose to leave.
Another significance of combining both influences is to achieve the effect of the film as a form of utopia. By use of references, Lorelai and Rory portray themselves as being real. They constantly affirm their status as consumers of popular culture and academic culture. They try to show the audience that they are a real representation of everyday life. By doing this, the audience feels that they can escape their own reality and get to a world like Lorelai’s and Rory’s (who seem to be real) where things do not seem too bad.
Finally, combination of popular culture references and high culture references is significant as it gives an identity to both characters and at the same time provides irony in the film. Lorelai is portrayed as laid back and easygoing while Rory is depicted as an independent high-achiever. This is ironic, as mother and daughter seem to have exchanged roles. The mother is seen to be growing together with her daughter instead of raising her. It provides for an interesting plot as the film explores the unusual relationship between mother and daughter.
English & Literature college essay help near meMean Creek
            Mean Creek is a film that revolves around a group of teenagers that have a fatal ending in their camping trip. The film has several themes with the main being bullying. Sam the Protagonist is a victim of the school bully, George. He informs his brother Rocky, that he has undergone the ordeal severally. Clyde, Rocky’s friend is also a victim of bullying but with a special case of word bullying (Ebert 237). This is from the fact that his parents are gay making it him an easy target. The theme of revenge is also evident in the film as Sam and his brother resort into tricking George into their trip with an aim of avenging for Sam’s bullying by making him strip and forcing him to go home without clothes. The theme of love is shown through Sam and his girlfriend, Millie. The friendship theme is shown between the named lovers, Rocky and his two friends, Clyde and Marty, and George with his two friends too.
Marty and George’s feud caused by the unduly reference to Marty’s dead father enhances the theme of revenge and spurs the movie to George’s demise (Indiana University 196). Both deaths depict the death theme. The Conniving is demonstrated by the plan that the teenagers com up with to explain their companion’s death and it is all in place due to Marty’s threats. Although they bail out of the plan, Marty is unrelenting and he ends up leaving his home and becoming a fugitive. The theme of morality (honesty) is underlined in this scene. Harry Potter shares in the theme of death since the sequel begins with the mention of his parents’ death (Rowling 59). Voldemort is in a quest to attain power over death by making himself immortal. The theme of morality is also common as young Harry is always faced with the questions of right and wrong. The theme of revenge is Harry’s mission in his quest for Voldemort who killed his parents. The theme of friendship and love is brought out by the relationship that exists between Harry and his two friends, Ron and Hermione.
Works Cited:
Ebert, Roger. Roger Ebert’s Movie Yearbook 2007. Kansas: Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2006. Print.
Indiana University. TV guide, Volume 54. Cary: Triangle Publications, 2006. Print.
Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter. London: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2002. Print.
Anthropology scholarship essay helpName:
Of Commodities and Globalization
Globalization encompasses the practice that has led to world scale integration in the economic, cultural and social aspects of different countries. This has led to the emergence of global unity and relations that have enhanced good inter and intra-regional relations. Various factors have contributed to the subject of globalization and they include upgraded modes of transportation, refined communication systems, migration practices, economic liberalization just to mention a few. Commodities have a key role in the process of globalization. Although disparate views have been advanced on what constitutes a commodity and what does not, for the sake of the discussion, we shall take the view that a commodity is a product that can be used in exchange for another. Currently, there has been a rise in the interest towards the role that commodities play in globalization.
Ethnographic studies have indicated that the third world economic systems have been connected to the thriving developed economies through commodity exchanges. Farmers located in the African or Asian continents are now connected to the commodity users located in the North as they form a mass market. Another example is seen in the Western Africa musicians with the bulk being from Congo, who advertise and sell their music mainly to the foreign market. With the issue of economic integration, small-scale producers have now evolved from being profit-oriented and into customer-oriented practices. The marketing strategies that have been adopted currently have given the producers an enhanced system of selling their goods. As opposed to the traditional system that relied on labor-intensive practices, the small and medium enterprises have now adopted capital-intensive systems that have been able to give them an upper hand in production.
Farmers and florists have now learned to invest on preservation facilities like cold rooms for cutting down costs that involved the perishing of goods. Quality has also been enhanced in the production system. Commodities are now being marketed and manufactured in such a way that they entice the global populace. In Allison’s “Millennial Monsters: Japanese Toys and the Global Imagination”, she performs an analysis of the emerging market that has swept the globe with toy creation. The toy commodity market in Japan has been popularized through the creation of a fantasy world that currently appeals to the children. The media-comic books and technological inventions like the internet have played a significant role in the commercializing of the commodity across geographical borders. The transport system has also been used in the campaign notably by the painting of the Pokémon cartoon character on jets.
         Allison (2006) further states that “characters, often designed to be cute, come in toys, back-packs, lunch boxes, clothes, theme parks, telephones, wrist watches, bread, snacks, key rings and icons promoting everything from neighborhood meetings and government campaigns to banks and English schools, ” (16). From the awareness creation, the commodity (cartoon) is well able to expand the markets that the commodity can be sold. From the given excerpt, there is a hint of market diversification that has enabled Japan to imprint their comical figures not only in the form of toys, but also in writing materials, food containers and clothes wear. With the product differentiation, the products stand a high chance of consumption mainly captured by the different consumer preferences that are met. With this, globalization is enhanced.
         Towards the end of the publication, the author notes that other than the commodity characteristic, Pokémon also has a level of gift exchange. The character has an economic value as well as a factor that creates relations among individuals. The cartoon (commodity) has been used as a form of currency that plats the role of measuring utility derived from a given product by the money given for it. This also aids in the measuring of value accorded to the product by people. On the production of perishables, Wilk’s “Home Cooking in the Global Village: Caribbean Food from Buccaneers to Ecotourists” traces the globalization of food in the fast food industry. The author focuses on the region of Belize that has been a player in the globalization concept since the 17th century (Wilk 236). Belize’s market had expanded with the visits that buccaneers had in the region due to its proximity to their routes. Food was the main commodity in the exchange.
         Before this setting, the country had always relied on imported foodstuff from the North countries. However, with the establishment of tourism in the area, the local practices of music and dancing helped recreate the place into a globalized setting that was an area of interest to the foreigners. The native language and the food were also key attraction to the tourists. The music was one in the local language and it had catchy fast beats that were easily danceable. Although all these aspects helped to market the commodities that were available, the area maintained a strict rule in the maintenance of the local culture through the music and the dishes. With the changing eating patterns that saw the transformation of the eating industry into fast eating restaurants famous for fries, burgers, pizzas and the like, Belize was able to maintain its exotic dishes that are still an attraction to many especially with the disappearance of such food hangouts.
         As a point of contrast, this commodity has individuals traveling from different places in search of it. The strategy that was adopted fit in the monopolistic competition structure that only bears a few producers with slightly similar products that enable them to set their own target and price levels in the market. It is a very profitable type of business setting that allows globalization in the sense that the given commodity unites the global population to the source of the commodity from the only outlet present. Contrary to these setting where Belize is able to ward off Western civilization, “Street Dreams and Hip Hop Barbershops: Global Fantasy in Urban Tanzania” discusses the culture trend that has sprouted in Tanzania in the midst of economic turmoil. With the popularized Western culture, that has associated hip-hop and sophisticated hairstyles to the profession of hair cutting, the barbershops have coined such names as Brooklyn and Boyz II Men for their businesses (Weiss 171).
         Although at first it may not seem appropriate to the topic of globalization, it is very much related in the sense that it is an indication of the trend that is associated with barbershops. In the Western countries and the surrounding areas, the use of hard-core rap music has been a theme that is now shared globally. The economic down trend that has been experienced in the country has led to the sprouting of many barbershops that are used to earn mere survival incomes. The use of the names shows an evolution of the culture in a bid to establish standards that are ‘global’ in nature. Stroller’s “Money has no Smell: The Africanization of New York City” mainly deals with the promotion of African ware conducted by individuals from West Africa. Just like the Congolese musicians that promote their music in the North, these traders purchase African sculptures, paintings and materials from their countries for sell. With these commodities fetching low prices in West Africa, the foreign market has been a good market for the individuals. The wares are displayed just outside a museum and buyers have confessed to buying the items mainly because they resemble and act as reminders of the art that they have interacted with in the museum premises. In addition to this, the traders “manipulate Afro centricity to their economic advantage,” (Stroller 10).
         The amplification of the West Africans inhabitance and economic activity in the North towns was exposed when one vendor had accidentally lost his life in a shooting. Immigration has been a contributing factor to globalization. Labor migration and mobility are both concepts that have brought the relocation of individuals to prosperous economies in the bid to have greater economic gain. The traders profess that they have had to leave their families in Africa in pursuit of better economic pastures. As the author notes, these arrangement being a function of commodity selling in foreign lands has effected different social functions in the lives of the traders. Most of the males have confessed to adapting to sexual relations outside their marriages. The family aspect however is still highly upheld in their lives with them confessing that they miss their families and relatives in their native countries.
         The staunch Muslims present still maintain a strict adherence to prayer, sexual and moral purity. They cannot sell or buy commodities that they deem as offensive to their beliefs. Apart from the vending business, these Africans are also involved with taxi driving. Women too have enthused in the activities and have taken into selling hot dogs along the streets. This has led to community and societal changes in both groups. “From Cuenca to Queens: An Anthropological Story of Transnational Migration” offers a strengthening view to the case of migrations. The author reveals that migration cases from Ecuador to the United States are a common phenomenon. She argues the case of migration by tracing the moving patterns of a single family (Miles 263) to the earlier situation where the vendors confess to missing their families, here the family actually accentuates how migration has diminished the ties they held with their relatives, leaving their nomadic pattern as the best option to live in.
         A few similarities occur in both books where the main factor of the initial migration is in search for better economic power. The United States economy to most people is highly ranked with individuals striving to migrate into the country to better themselves and family as well. Mass migration that has been revealed with the culture of globalization has helped uncover the poverty that has impoverished economies of the world. The political and social institutions in these countries are the causative agents of the ailing economic states. Lacking to resolve these problems on the national level trickles down to a global problem at last. These individuals forced by tough economic and political climates opt to move out to foreign countries. The available resources are now subjected to more pressure from the population influx. The welfare pursuit (commodity) tends to pose different challenges to the groups involved.

Works Cited:
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Taking Sides essay helpThe film Taking Sides was produced after the Second World War. It presents the story of a musical director who is faced with a moral question of whether he should continue to stay in Germany or leave. He chooses to stay in Germany when the war begins. He has been a figure of admiration by Hitler who admires his work and his chosen kind of music so when the war was over he became a target. They began to accuse him of being a Nazi. The film is story of his quest to prove his innocence. The story takes a political position as he tries to prove his innocence in a court of law.
The film adopts interrogative approach as the prosecutor competes with defense lawyer over the innocence of Mr. Furtwangler. The film involves questioning and perusing through files that had been confiscated from the accused. His decision to stay in the country drew suspicion on him as Nazi. He took the responsibility of helping the Jews find a life in Germany; the music conductor has a great personality and enduring spirit. The movie is a probe of political bullying happening at the time in which the Nazi were the targets any one who was suspected to be a Nazi was taken to court for questioning.
This was the people way to get to Hitler’s allies so that they could be eliminated. This elimination was targeted on people who had good opportunities in the country so that they could take them from them. The countrymen felt they should eliminate the Nazi if they wanted the good jobs and good opportunity.” Now we can’t take every Nazi in this country to trial, although I would like to; it’s an impossibility. So we’re going for the big boys in industry, education, law, culture”. The conduct was man of character and avoided all manner of confrontation with him. He defended his course with all the energy he had. He also stated his mission in to the country and his dedication to help the Jews find comfort in Germany. The authorities learn that he has helped several Jews leave the country because he has connection in the higher places. His good intention is a minus for him because they incriminate him.
In his defense, Furtwangler notes that he had love for art and music, which was more important than politics that could bring the debate into the two sides perceptive of taking sides. The investigator is adamant to nail down the conductor but ignorant of the simple matters of the case he can to get the difference between the “band leader” and “great leader”. He tells him if though he is not guilty he has been with guilty people and he has helped them thus he is equally guilty, this he is explains in the statement , that if you shake the devil’s hand it doesn’t matter that you do so lightly and motivated by the lofty aim of preserving a country’s cultural heritage.
He is well ware that the conductor is innocent but he is determined to bring him down to prove some thing to himself, “Well, he’s more than just a bandleader, Steve.” He is a great conductor, a gifted artist. But we believe that he sold himself to the devil. Your number one priority from this moment on is to connect him to the Nazi Party. Do not be impressed by him. I want the folks back home to understand why we fought this war. Find Wilhelm Furtwangler guilty. He represents everything that was rotten in Germany.” This statement was said by Wallace to Steve when they had gone to see Mr. Furtwangler performance. The statement shows they are not really looking for criminals but people they feel are better than them or people who seem to have had better opportunities than they have. They city is rotten with injustices and political malice.
They practice injustice against people and pretence to care about their plights when all along they had been hurting them. They organize trials to persecute them letting the world believe that they are concerned with their welfare. He says “we must be seen to be just”, he further  says he does not care what they are about only that they must be eliminated from the society because they do not stand in the standards of the new Germany. The country is so keen on what happens to them politically although they are keen to make sure that they eliminate anybody who was associated to the Hitler and his governance. The radio advised its listeners to avoid saluting a beautiful girl because if they do they will be saluting Hitler and his reign of bloodshed. This shows the country is trying to come to terms with its dark political side.
Emmi is helping the lieutenant to find evidence against the Furtwangler knowledge even if she knows very well that he is not a guilty man. She is torn between telling the lieutenant present inquiries into his activities but the lieutenant advise her not to and she complies. Furtwangler had helped her and yet she could not find one good reason to pay one good deed with another. This shows how ethics had been ignored in the country and nobody seemed to care about other people. Werner a fellow musician who has also been taken for questioning defends his friends honor and says he is an honorable man. When lieutenant realizes he will not get information that could incriminate him to the Nazi he begins to put words in his mouth telling him the fact that he went to perform on Hitler’s birthday shows he is Nazi. Werner tells him he refused to salute Hitler, which shows he did not have reverence for him at all.
The film exhibits Existentialism because despite Furtwangler innocence they still maintain that he is guilty of the crime leveled against him. The persecutors are obsessed with the need to find him guilty because they believe he was a beneficially of the Hitler’s government and that he got the best out of life because he was an ally to people in the high places. They twist stories; they harass his friends ply into his private life as they try to find anything that would incriminate him even piece of his music. Finally, in the last desperate attempts to nail him they accuse him of performing for Hitler in his birthday and saluting the Nazi after the performance. Something he did not do because he despised them.
Classics English Literature best college essay helpCritique of the Unlimited Human Potential
Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville & Edgar Allan Poe were authors who belonged to the romanticism movement. Their writings were mostly on romance and they constantly brought out the sinful, evil nature of human beings and the inability of human beings to own up their mistakes. They viewed human beings as elusive beings who always gave reasons to support their evil ways. They expressed skepticism about an unlimited human potential seeing our natures as inherently flawed, in a variety of ways, for a variety of reasons.
Nathaniel Hawthorne probed the moral and psychological nature of man. His writings had a moral message. Guilt was one of his concerns and he argued that every human being experienced it whether they expressed it or not. In his short story, “The Minister’s Black Veil” Mr. Hooper, the reverend, wears a veil after the death of a young woman and continues wearing it all his life and is buried in it. He reveals his secret to no one, not even his fiancée. The black veil symbolizes secret sin and darkness of the human nature. Mr. Hooper had committed adultery. He was guilty and was unwilling to confess his sin due to a vow he had made. This story clearly illuminates the darkness of the human heart and mind. He shows that human beings do evil and for various reasons conceal it. In “The Birth Mark”, Aylmer, Georgiana’s husband, is obsessed with Georgiana’s birthmark that is on the cheek and wants it surgically removed. This is as a way of waving other men’s attention from his beautiful wife. It was selfish of him since he liked the birthmark before marrying her. In these two stories, Nathaniel brings out the ill motives and secrets that influence man’s actions.
Herman Melville was also a romanticist and was skeptical of the unlimited human potential. His writings mostly focused on the themes of gender and sexuality. In” The Paradise of Bachelors and the Tartarus of Maids, there is male dominance and the women are oppressed. There is the slave image that signifies exploitation of the woman’s physical labor and their reproductive organs. It clearly shows how women do not have the potential to free themselves from oppression by men. Men are portrayed as evil and chauvinistic. The rescuing of Yillah and Isabel was from lurking sexual motive other than genuine concern.
Edgar Allan Poe, a romanticist, was skeptical of the unlimited human potential. He believed that people were driven by self-destructive tendencies and they avoid consequences for their evil deeds. In” The Imp of The Perverse”, the narrator murders a man with a candle with poisonous vapor and goes ahead to inherit the dead man’s estate. He clearly brings out the evil thoughts and acts of men and the way they avoid taking responsibility for their actions. The murderer continually runs away from the consequences of his evil actions, hoping that no one would ever know his secret.
In conclusion, Nathaniel Hawthorne was deeply concerned with morality and believed every human being experienced guilty and instead of taking responsibility for their actions, they hid under their veil all their lives. Herman Melville concern was gender and sexuality. He brought out male chauvinism and the in ability of women to liberate themselves. For him, women could not fight for their rights. He also brought out the evil motives underlying people’s actions. Edgar Allan was also concerned of man’s inability to take responsibility for his actions. His other concern was man’s self-destructive behavior. They argued that man’s actions were spurred by a sinister motive, which resulted in evil. Though man knew he had to take responsibility for his evil needs, he always gave reasons for his actions and run from the consequences. They therefore, expressed skepticism about an unlimited human potential seeing our natures as inherently flawed, in a variety of ways, for a variety of reasons.
Pearl Harbor the Sacrificial Lamb for the Good of the Many essay help online freePearl Harbor the Sacrificial Lamb for the Good of the Many
            The controversy over whether FDR was aware of the Japanese attack on December 7, 1941 on Pearl Harbor has existed since the attack culminating to the Pearl Harbor advance-knowledge debate. The controversy relies on the unpreparedness of the US navy during the attack. Many scholars argue that a few high-ranking officials of the British and American government possessed prior knowledge of the attack and might have even encouraged it to push America into war with Germany through the back door[1]. A lot of evidence about the controversy has been unearthed and is still being collected up to date. Before the attack, many believed that an attack on Pearl Harbor could not be successful due to its depth, a theory that was negated by Navy Secretary Knox who believed that it could be attacked after they had conducted successful mock attacks on the harbor.
President Roosevelt had fired Admiral James O. Richardson before the attack because of his refusal to situate the Pacific Fleet on the harbor because he felt that there the fleet would not be safe from attacks[2]. The Admiral felt that the reasons for his dismissal were more personal than official. In the attack, the Japanese only commissioned two attacks, which was unusual because if they had commissioned the third strike, then the harbor would have been destroyed. Scholars depicted that at that time, FDR was ready to steer America into the First World War but he knew that his objectives would not be realized because of the opposition from both the Americans and the congress. He tried all the legitimate ways he could to build Americans sentiment towards the war but after their failure, he decided to use the back door method. He reasoned that due to the alliance of Germany, Japan and Italy if US waged war with the Japanese definitely Germany will be involved thus achieving his objective.
After the attack, he received overwhelming support from the people as well as the congress on his war declaration against Japan. After waging war against Japan, Germany and Italy in turn waged war against US giving him more reason to involve US in the war[3]. Though many people pledged their support many questions were asked based on if the disaster could have been avoided, the accountable people of the disaster, the reasons for the attack, whether the US had provoked the attack, the reasons why the army and navy commanders were caught off-guard and the reasons for their unusual retirement. To remove doubts in the minds of the people FDR commissioned ten inquiries on the matter leading to many inconsistencies, due to the secretiveness of most witnesses the president in this case was happy because he knew that the inquiries would not interfere with the people’s unity towards the waging of the war.
Many scholars were not satisfied with the evidence propounded thus they decided to carry out their own research on the matter and came up with incriminating evidence, which could not be disputed though some other people affiliated to the president came up with evidence to counter the evidence collected. Most of the inconsistencies experienced during the inquiries were based on the cryptography. Henry Stimson who was the secretary of state at that time had ordered the shutting down of the MI-8 cryptographic operation thus disabling Americas ability for breaking the crypto traffic of other nations including the Japan one. This was unusual because no other reasons except ethical reasons were given for the action[4]. However, the navy and the army cryptanalytic work moved on until some of the Japanese codes were cracked though the operation was highly secretive. The first code to be cracked was PURPLE but other codes could not be cracked due to the over working of the cryptanalysts as they were few in numbers.
The analysts involved in the work however mostly relied on summaries rather than the real messages cracked leading to inconsistencies. These messages were not even shared between the army and the navy and even after receiving some Dutch decrypted messages; the US could not share theirs with them though they were allies. PURPLE was Japanese Foreign Office highest security system. Its cracking was a triumph but did not provide any information about the military’s plans this was because the military did not trust the office thus gave them no information. The information received in this case was not well analyzed due to the competition between the crypting groups. The obsession with security necessitated the destroying of the messages thus no one could retain them showing that not all PURPLE messages were provided as evidence.
Evidence is provided that some radio signals about the Japanese striking force before the attack were detected as it advanced towards the harbor. Nevertheless, this was negated by the surviving Japanese soldiers because they said that the radio signals from thief force were protected by a silencing machine, which would make it impossible for others to detect the transmissions[5]. Witnesses close to FDR provided information that the president knew about the attack because the efforts that had been made before to wage war against Germany had failed and at the same time, they asserted that the magnitude of the attack was higher than anticipated but it served it purpose of gaining consent for war. McCollum memo was another form of evidence used to show that there was knowledge of the war. It contained eight ways in which Japan could be provoked into war as asserted by the president of that time.
A good source of the prevailing debate was the fact that some documents on the harbor were never released to the public thus raising suspicions among the people. Another reason why most people believe that the president had prior knowledge is because of the speech that he made immediately after the day of the attack. It was a speech to force the people to feel that they had been wronged and the best way they could pay back was by wagging war against Japan. In real sense, he knew that if America waged war against Japan, then Germany would be interested with saving them as they did to Italy during their war with Libya[6]. The debate also came from the fact that some of the evidence provided by the people was inconsistent though it supported the fact that the president knew about the attack. The quote used by many people to show that the British had information about the attack was not authentic because most of the analysts felt that the quote was banking more on the British involvement with their allies not with the fact that they knew about the war.
Many scholars on the other hand were interested with knowing why the British Minister of War Production said that the Japanese were provoked into attacking the harbor showing that there were sinister reasons behind the provoking of the Japanese into war at that time. This debate was significant at this time because many theories had come to show that there were underlying factors behind the attack, as many people could not believe why the Japanese would try to attack the US, yet they did not possess the amount of power that the US had at that time. During that period it was common knowledge that though the US was neutral during the war, the president was really interested with breaking the power of the Germans by defeating them thus he was willing to find any means that would ensure the peoples’ and congress support to his waging the war against the Germans[7]. Though the attack was perpetrated by the Japanese, there was some evidence, which pointed to the US provocation of the Japanese such that they were enticed to attack the harbor as a mode of revenge.
The debate was specifically a way of assuring the people on what really happened on that fateful day. This is because there were so many theories based on that topic though there was no conclusive evidence provided to explain what really happened[8]. The debate has helped many people to come to terms with the fact that this attack was used as a way of attaining consent from the people for America to wage war against the Germans through using Japan as the bait. A lot of evidence about the controversy has been unearthed and is still being collected up to date.
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Classics English Literature essay help onlineClassics English Literature
In this song, the speaker’s inability to relate to other people specifically women has resulted into the conversation that is playing in his mind as he writes the song. The pieces of his past seem to be so many to a point where he does not compose his song in a logical manner. In the first stanza of the song, the “us” he refers to is “he”. This is an indication that, the person is so used to staying all by himself to a point where he addresses the other part of his mind the same way a person makes a conversation with a friend. The major indication of his loneliness is the repeated use of questions to himself. The composer of the song is desperately in a deep thought where he weighs all the aspects of his life. He is so keen on what other people say about him. His state of desperation is depicted in the song. He thinks about a person that he can share the problems he is encountering in life. This is a proof that he does not have a friend he can confide in. This shows that the person writing this song is socially isolated. The person referred to in the song is so lonely to an extent that he cannot have a close contact another person.
This song talks about the loneliness that is being experienced by the composer of this song. In the song, “Lonely”, by Akon, we see the state of loneliness that he is experiencing after breaking up with his girlfriend. This is evident from his song when he sings, “I’m so lonely, I have nobody, to call my own”. This line from his song shows that, Akon is in a state of loneliness where no one can solve his problems apart from his ex-girlfriend. This is depicted from his song when he says that he had nobody to call his own. In his song, Akon shows his audience how much he loved his girlfriend. He is lonely because he made a mistake to have let her go. In the song, Akon reveals that his girlfriend always made him happy and with her absence, he was not happy any more. The two songs have the same theme of loneliness but the speakers’ states of loneliness have resulted from different causes. Alfred is lonely for he is socially isolated whereas Akon is lonely for he broke up from his lover.
The two songs, “The Love Song by J. Alfred Prufrock” and the song, “Lonely”, by Akon are similar in the sense that they are all love songs talking about loneliness. This is because the speaker in the love song by J. Alfred is said to be so socially isolated to an extent that, he could not relate with any other person and especially women. In his song, the “us” that he refers to in the first stanza is himself for he is used to conversing to his inner self. His self-esteem is so low such that he wonders whether he is worth anything better in his life. His attitude towards women has been brought out where he says that, “I should have been a pair of ragged claws / Scuttling across the floors of the silent seas”. This is an indication that the speaker is not sure about himself. This is an indication of a low self-esteem.
The song Lonely by Akon is different in the sense that his loneliness is not out of a low self-esteem. His case is different for he claims to be lonely for his girlfriend had left her. Despite the fact that he was so lonely to a point where he had to repeat the lines “I’m so lonely” after every stanza in his song, his self-esteem is not affected. The two songs are different in that Akon has the courage to face women for he once had a girlfriend, whereas the other speaker is said to have feared women for his lack of courage. Despite the fact that the two songs have the theme of loneliness, the causes of loneliness for the two speakers is very different.
In conclusion, it can be drawn that, most of the lyrics in almost all songs are written by the composers mostly about their life experiences. This is evident from the two songs where Akon and Alfred express their loneliness through the songs that they have sung. It is through their words that they use in their music that the readers can know the theme and the characters of different composers of music. In our case, it is clear that the speakers are lonely but the causes for their states of loneliness are quite different. Akon is lonely for he has let go of his girlfriend and his lover whereas, Alfred is lonely for he is socially isolated from other people, which has resulted to his low self-esteem.

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