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Clinical Field Experience C: Bag of Tricks

Children who are motivated and engaged are more likely to master concepts. It is important to have motivation and engagement strategies prepared for the year, so you can utilize them in a time of need.Allocate at least 4 hours in the field to support this field experience.Every teacher has a “bag of tricks” they use to motivate and engage their students. For this assignment, you will be exploring different engagement tactics.Collaborate with your mentor teacher about his or her use of strategies to motivate and engage students.Listed below are possible questions:    •    What intrinsically and extrinsically motivates students to learn?    •    What intrinsically and extrinsically motivates students to behave?    •    What strategies do you use for a child who refuses to work?    •    How do you keep your students engaged in a lesson? In centers?    •    What are ways in which technology is used to engage learners?Spend your remaining field experience hours observing your mentor teacher as he or she seeks to motivate and engage students during the lesson.Write a 250-500 word reflection summarizing ways to build a positive and engaging learning environment for young children, including the use of technology to engage students and support creative thinking. Additionally, discuss how student motivation relates to engagement.

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