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Clinical Paper

I am using this patient for this assignment because he is non compliant. His nutrition is bad. He do not like drinking water. All he drinks is pop/soda. He lives with his mother, who is also sick and disabled. No one cooks in the house so this patient eats junk and fast food. His coping skill is bad. He is bilateral above the knee amputee. He uses motorized wheelchair for ambulation. He has anxiety and many other health conditions. He is a smoker.Please submit this order on time.Please use APA7Please use recent scholarly references that are less than 5 years oldPlease review the rubric and follow all instructions provided. It is important.Turnitin: Clinical Paper        Getting StartedThe workshop is about behavior change interventions, cultural sensitivity, and interprofessional practice.Upon successful completion of the course material, you will be able to:•    Manage clients experiencing acute and chronic disease states requiring lifestyle changes to manage using evidenced-based standards of practice.•    Develop strategies to provide holistic healthcare with clients for whom lifestyle changes are needed to promote optimal functioning, recognizing the patient or designee as a full partner in decision-making. •    Critique use of advanced technical skills by Advanced Practice Nurses in the care of clients who would benefit from lifestyle changes.•    Apply evidenced-based health promotion practices for patients who would benefit from lifestyle changes. •    Collaborate within the interprofessional healthcare team in caring for patients who would benefit from lifestyle changes.•    Design client management plans for clients that would benefit from lifestyle changes that include appropriate community resources.________________________________________ResourcesAssigned readings. •    Pender, N. (2011).  The Health Promotion Model manual. Retrieved from

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