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Clinical site Agency Presentation

Each student also prepares a brief presentation (10pts; 10 to 20 minutes maximum) on their practicum site. Information covered in this presentation include, but not limited to: a brief history, mission, serving population, nature of counseling service provided, eligibility, general counseling procedure, case termination policy, and funding mechanism, etc. A brief handout is required.
CLINICAL site: WAFAA ORGANIZATION, This is the clinical site for my practicum and Intership.

Psychology Question

Wk 3 – Shaping and Chaining, Reinforcement Schedules, and One-Trial Learning [due Mon]

Assignment ContentRead the instructions in Shaping and Chaining, Reinforcement Schedules and One-Trial Learning, and select one of the following options to complete the assignment:Option 1: Environmental and Evolutionary Psychology Presentation
Option 2: Environmental and Evolutionary Psychology Literature Review
Option 3: Forensic Psychology Proposal
Option 4: Forensic Psychology Literature Review
Option 5: Health and Sports Psychology Proposal
Option 6: Health and Sports Psychology Literature Review
Option 7: Industrial/Organizational Psychology Proposal
Option 8: Industrial/Organizational Psychology Literature Review
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Psychology Assignment Help Review this vignette related to neurodevelopmental disorders and answer the following questions:
What DSM-5 diagnosis or diagnoses are most appropriate for this patient?
What rule out diagnosis or diagnoses did you consider?
Are there any other areas of concern that might need consideration?

Homework chapters 5,6,

Complete the activities in MindTap for Chapters 5, 6, and 7.
I will provide user name and pass word.
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