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Collage Application Essay

– I have the black belt in Taekwondo- I play in a good regional soccer league, playing for example against FC.Barcelona.- Highlight attitudes acquired in those sports, such as respect, perseverance and discipline.- Dream of studying in USA and one day be a great Engineer- Now we are in a good economical situation, but my grandfathers, born after the Spanish Civil war, didn’t have such a good luck. They were very poor and they couldn’t go to school and have any type of education. Without being able to read or write, but with a lot of work, improved their economic situation saving money and investing in real estate. From they I learned that the effort has its reward. And unlike them, I have the opportunity to receive a good education. Just because of how proud I am of them, and how much I value the fact of receiving a good education, I wouldn’t be able to pass up such an opportunity.

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