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Hello, I will need you please to read chapter 9 attached, and then write about these two last main topics of the chapter :
1) Consuming and resisting popular culture
2) U.S. popular culture and power
PLEASE write what you understood of those parts with your own words and simple words, very simple, I will need two separate paragraphs for each topic, give simple examples and cite some of what you read please for each topic, always refer to the book, examples are important, you should use examples from the book attached also. Please I will be presenting about this, so make sure it’s your own words.
And I will also need you to make a discussion question about those parts, I will ask this question to my classmates to interact and then I will need the answer to that question too haha. And that’s all.

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Let A and B be two n x n matrices. Call A and B simultaneously diagonalizable, if there is a single matrix X and two diagonal matrices DA and DB so that A = X-1 DA X and B = X-1 DB X. Show that if A and B are simultaneously diagonalizable, then A and B commute, that is AB = BA.

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what is the purpose of geographical information system?

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a track package deliveries using a network of


b create efficient distribution routines for supply shipment

c allocate resources across entire nation based on location

d to collect, store, retrieve and display demographic data on maps

Business & Finance Assignment | Custom Assignment Help common app essay help

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Each separate response must have approximately 200 words. Assignments vary widely; however, essays should be written in APA style, with in-text citations and a separate reference listing as needed.Basically, you need to cite and reference a relevant source for assignments that have an essay component. This means you are required to conduct research on your own outside the information provided in the text (i.e. an external reference).

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Please answer each question with a minimum of 200 words:

I have attached everything you may need to answer each question thoroughly.


Problem 1-26B Pg. 47

1. Answer (a) and (b) in problem 1-26B

2. Distinguish between financial accounting and managerial accounting as to user groups and time horizons.

3. Why should the chief accountant of an organization have a clear understanding of both financial and managerial account?

Running head: MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING AND CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Management Accounting and Corporate GovernanceStudent’s NameUniversity Affiliation 1 MANANGEMENT ACCOUNTING AND CORPORATE GOVERNANCE…

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The initial stage of your business plan is entails taking your vision about your entrepreneurial venture and establishing a roadmap for creating it through fruition. An integral part of the business plan is to develop a business model.

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Simply put a business model describes how a company plans to make money. It is not what you do, but how you will make money doing what you do. The actual financial results come from your company as a money-making machine (Meyer, & Crane, 2014).

A solid business model is the link between the venture strategy and financial plans. Projecting the financial performance and requirements can be classified as financial goals of the venture. A VC will want to know not only the numbers, but how they were derived. This is VERY important.There are four (4) key deliverables in the financial planning phase for most ventures: (a) a five-year detailed projection revenue, (b) a five-year Pro Forma P&L, (c) a five-year Pro Forma Cash Flow Statement, and (d) a five-year Pro Forma Balance Sheet (Meyer, & Crane, 2014). You will need the reports, as well as the analysis for how these numbers were derived and they mean for your company.

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6) Write in point-slope form, y-y1=m (x-x) , the equation of the line through the two points given in #5.

7) Convert the equation that you wrote in #6 to slope-intercept form, y=mx+b.

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8) Convert the equation that you wrote in #6 to standard form ,Ax+By=C, where A, B, and C are integers and A > 0.

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Please help me to find three evidence from the following readings: “Flores…” “Holloway” and chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 4 and chapter 6 from “Columbia history of Latinos”.

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Please follow the instruction I posted (Writing assignment) and don’t go far away from the class readings and handout! Just three evidence, around two pages, is fine:)

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P6-2A Turner Distribution markets CDs of numerous performing artists. college essay help free


P6-2A Turner Distribution markets CDs of numerous performing artists. At the beginning of March, Turner had in beginning inventory 2,500 CDs with a unit cost of $7. During March, Turner made the following purchases of CDs.

Determine cost of goods sold and ending inventory using FIFO, LIFO, and average-cost with analysis.

(SO 2,3), AP

March 5 2,000 @ $8

March 13 3,500 @ $9

March 21 5,000 @ $10

March 26 2,000 @ $11

During March 12,000 units were sold. Turner uses a periodic inventory system.


(a) Determine the cost of goods available for sale.

(b) Determine (1) the ending inventory and (2) the cost of goods sold under each of the assumed cost flow methods (FIFO, LIFO, and average-cost). Prove the accuracy of the cost of goods sold under the FIFO and LIFO methods. (Note: For average-cost, round cost per unit to three decimal places.)

(c) Which cost flow method results in (1) the highest inventory amount for the balance sheet and (2) the highest cost of goods sold for the income statement?

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I have a few accounting answers that I need looked over to see if they are correct. All of the work and solutions are complete, I would just like someone experienced in accounting to look it over to see if I have made any mistakes. Thank you!



main aspects of the regulatory environment which will protect the public from fraud within corporations college essay help free

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