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Communication through Illnesses and Disorders

Page 101 lists them. In a written paper,briefly describe or define the illness or disorder. Who does it effect? How does it effect thepatient? Include other aspects such as treatments available, challenges the patient or family mayface. Then as a healthcare professional, develop an interaction as if you were talking to thispatient, who has the illness or disorder. Barriers and challenges you would face plus how youwould overcome them should be included. Additional pertinent discussion may be included.Give your patient a name.Submit your typed, double spaced paper using Times New Roman, 12 font size. Organize yourpaper with an introduction, body of paragraphs and a conclusion. The paper must be a minimumof 3 full pages, paragraph form. You may attach the paper as a Word document. Remember tolist any references at the end using APA format. Paraphrasing the textbook requires it to be areference the illness i have chose is generalized anxiety disorder

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