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community educational projects teaching events

3. Put your project to work! Create materials for your presentation. These can include your speaker notes, PowerPoint for the presentation, or poster board. Hold the event at the designated and approved location. Take photos of yourself or record a short video of the location (this may be a table you have set up, a booth location, or a meeting room). Please include the photo OR video of you at the location as this will be the evidence that the event took place. This will be evidence that the event took place.
4. Submit your presentation materials, including your photos or videos. My topic is the importance of proper handwashing, the proper technique, how is it the single most effective way to get rid of germs and infections, when to wash your hands, and how to wash your hands. I will take my own photo and submit it with the designated location. Just work on the PowerPoint.

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Nursing Question

Each student will select a topic and write a paper about the selected topic. (safety)
The objectives of this assignment are to:
a. Introduce the student to the nursing literature.
b. Explore the purpose/rationale for a specific topic to improve safety in a practice setting.
c. Compose a professional paper using APA formatting guidelines.
1. Choose a topic within one of the categories provided by instructor and address how a nursing intervention or an evidence-based nursing practice standard can support safety in a practice setting. The nursing intervention should be relevant to the content of NU 230. Information on current issues that US health care agencies and nurses deal with in the practice set- ting is listed below.
2. The student will use computer and library resources to locate a minimum of 2 to 3 recent peer-reviewed articles on the topic.
3. References are to be from recent (less than five years old) peer-reviewed journals. Priority should be given to nursing journals and the final reference list must include a minimum of 2- 3 journal articles.
4. The paper should be approximately 6-7 pages in length. The paper is due on the date noted in the syllabus (class schedule). Late submission of the assignment will result in a loss of two points per day. No papers will be accepted more than one week after the due date.
5. Carefully review the paper evaluation rubric for directions on the content and organization of the paper.

Submit a 2- to 4-page paper utilizing the selected policy from Week 1, analyzing the impact of financing and

Nursing Assignment Help Submit a 2- to 4-page paper utilizing the selected policy from Week 1, analyzing the impact of financing and budgetary issues.

My policy from week 1 is on staffing ratios.

In addition to this week’s Resources, perform an informal literature search on the funding of your policy. Include at least two articles that discuss cost-effectiveness and cost controls pertaining to either your policy or nursing practices in general. Use these resources to respond to the following prompts:

Describe how the policy is funded and annual costs of continuing the policy for the last year.
Analyze any financial and budgetary efforts developed or being proposed to contain costs.
Relate current cost-containment strategies, including regulations, managed care efforts, or other financial and budgetary initiatives.
Describe how the financing of your policy impacts health outcomes and the role of the nurse in the workplace.
Support your responses with evidence.
In addition to the course resources, you must use at least two articles that discuss cost effectiveness and cost controls.

Required Content
Described how the policy is funded and annual costs of continuing the policy for the last year.
Required Content
Analyzed any financial and budgetary efforts developed or being proposed to contain costs.
Required Content
Related current cost-containment strategies including regulations, managed care efforts or other financial and budgetary initiatives.
Required Content
Analyzed how health care financing impacts health outcomes and impacts the role of the nurse in the workplace.

Multifactorial Medication Mishap RCA

Read the Multifactorial Medication Mishap case study (Used with permission: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Patient Safety Network).
Complete the Root Cause Analysis Worksheet to analyze the case.
Multifactorial Medication Mishap Case Study:
The Case A previously healthy 50-year-old man was hospitalized while recovering from an uncomplicated spine surgery. Although he remained in moderate pain, clinicians planned to transition him from intravenous to oral opioids prior to discharge. The patient experienced nausea with pills but told the bedside nurse he had taken liquid opioids in the past without difficulty. The nurse informed the physician that the patient was having significant pain and liquid opioids had been effective in the past. When the physician searched for liquid oxycodone in the computerized prescriber order entry (CPOE) system, multiple options appeared on the list — two formulations for tablets and two for liquid (the standard 5 mg per 5 mL concentration and a more concentrated 20 mg per mL formulation).
At this hospital, the CPOE system listed each choice twice, one entry with the generic name and one entry with a brand name. In all, the physician saw eight different choices for oxycodone products. The physician chose the concentrated oxycodone liquid product and ordered a 5-mg dose. All medication orders at the hospital had to be verified by a pharmacist. The pharmacist reviewing this order recognized that the higher concentration was atypical for inpatients but assumed it was chosen to limit the volume of fluid given to the patient. The pharmacist verified the order and, to minimize the risk of error, added a comment to both the electronic medication administration record (eMAR) and the patient-specific label that the volume to be given was 0.25 mL (5 mg). For added safety, the pharmacist personally retrieved, labeled, and delivered the drug and a calibrated syringe to the bedside nurse to clarify that this was a high concentration formulation for which the volume to administer was 0.25 mL (a smaller volume than would typically be delivered).
Shortly thereafter, the nurse went to the bedside to administer the drug to the patient for his ongoing pain. She gave the patient 2.5 mL (50 mg) of liquid oxycodone, a volume that she was more used to giving, and then left for her break. A covering nurse checked on the patient and found him unconscious — a code blue was called. The patient was given naloxone (an agent that reverses the effect of opioids), and he responded well. He was transferred to the intensive care unit for ongoing monitoring and a continuous infusion of naloxone to block the effect of the oxycodone. By the following morning, the patient had returned to his baseline with no apparent adverse effects.
Write a 525 word-summary in which you:
Explain why a root cause analysis was appropriate for this situation.
Analyze the impact of using tools like RCA, FMEA, and PDSA on the quality and safety of patient care.
Cite a minimum of two peer-reviewed or evidence-based sources published within the last five years to support your summary in an APA-formatted reference page.
Submit your worksheet and summary.
Analysis Questions
What was the intended process flow?
List the relevant process steps as defined by the policy, procedure, protocol, or guidelines in effect at the time of the event.
Were there any steps in the process that did not occur as intended?
Explain in detail any deviation from the intended processes.
What human factors were relevant to the outcome?
Staff-related human performance factors such as fatigue, distraction, etc.
How did the equipment performance affect the outcome?
Consider all medical equipment and devices.
What controllable environmental factors directly affected this outcome?
Consider things such as overhead paging that cannot be heard or safety or security risks.
What uncontrollable external factors influenced this outcome?
Factors the organization cannot change
Were there any other factors that directly influenced this outcome?
Internal factors
What are the other areas in the organization where this could happen?
List where the potential exists for similar circumstances.

Completed the RCA worksheet accurately and in an appropriate level of detail.
Explained why a root cause analysis was appropriate for this situation.
Analyzed the impact of using tools like RCA, FMEA, and PDSA on the quality and safety of patient care .
Format: points possible Points possible Points earned Comments.
Followed a structure that is clear, concise, and appropriate; maintains a scholarly tone .
Cited a minimum of two peer reviewed or evidence-based sources published within the last five years to
support the summary.

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