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Company Landslide Limousine And Turnover Rate History Essay Help

Performance Management Plan

Performance Management Plan

Elliot Villanueva


Monday, June, 16, 2014

Performance Management Plan

Once again, the company Landslide Limousine has asked for assistance with their performance management plan. The objective is to create this plan for a limousine company that has 25 employees based in Austin, Texas with an expected -$50,000 for the first year and an increase of 5% for the next two years. With a turnover rate of 10% as a predicted expectation of how the company would fair, that can happen for a new business. The -$50,000 for the first year of any business is a realistic possibility because you have to spend money advertising, training and hiring people for the driver positions, vehicle detailing, and office staff, weeding out people that do not work out for the company, buying equipment and vehicles.

Costs that occur

One has to put in perspective the fuel costs for these vehicles and per mile charges, for the cost to run sedans would be less costly than stretch limousines which would use more fuel but can hold more people as in a large group event. Another factor to consider would be hourly vs. transfer rate. A transfer rate is an even fee for a pre-determined route, whereas an hourly rate is charged based on an indeterminate amount of chartered time and mileage. This gamut of both hourly and transfer rates among several types of vehicles produces a healthy circulation of revenue bases. In perspective, larger vehicles such as buses or SUV’s would bring in more revenue; they would also incur more expenses in upkeep (Beber, 2008).

Region of company

The location of Landslide Limousines is in the second most successful region (the Northeast being number one) in the country (Beber, 2008). Once the business is in effect, if the proper people are in place, Landslide Limousine should be a major competitor in the chauffeured transportation business. The 5% increase over the next two years should be an attainable goal to reach to get the kinks out of the system. As the company takes a step in the profitable direction, they should consider more than 25 employees, the reason being that there would have to be drivers that are available to

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Performance Management in Accenture

Performance Management in Accenture

“Performance management is about people. Its not about systems or processes or rules or computer systems. Its about people” (Business Balls).

Scores of contemporary academic scholars from the strategic management literature have proposed several ways through which organisations can achieve better advantage and become better amongst their competitors. Porter (1985) has for example proposed the competitive advantage strategy. In his seminal work, Ansoff (1965) have proposed the growth strategy as a strategy towards achieving growth within a competitive environment while in human resource management – prominent scholar like Ulrich (1998) has proposed strategic HR – all as ways of achieving core competencies and gaining competitive advantage. Indeed, there is consensus amongst academia’s that all these strategies are central to the growth and profitability of any organisation. However, important to achieving any modicum of such growth is the dedication, commitment and motivation of employees in organisations.

To establish and manage motivation and employee commitment, contemporary organisations have employed performance management systems as a way of linking employee interest to that of overall management objective. In its simplest sense, Pilbeam and Corbridge (2010) suggest that performance management system is a continuous process of managing employee motivation and aligning them with the overarching objective of the organisation (p. 5). In a more inclusive definition of Armstrong (2006) he defines performance management as a way of instituting a high performance culture in which individuals and teams take responsibility for the continuous improvement of business processes and also for their own skills and contributions within a framework that is agreed on and provided by effective leadership. The authors further suggest that there are several stages which when followed will ensure a systematic and efficient performance management process. This process encompasses the setting of goals and a constant review of such goals. A more holistic process to managing performance has been proposed by Bratton and Gold (2007) conceptualises the diagram below.

Performance Management Model Source: Mullins (1999)

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the employee performance management of organisations using the role of a financial manager at Accenture as the focal point. Accenture is a global management consulting firm which offers a range of services to clients around the world. The firm offers institutional services such as advising, technology and outsourcing as well as collaborates with governments and private institutions around the World on different projects and services. As a financial manager at Accenture, the main function is to provide

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Capstone Project – Complete Document

Travel and Expense Tool Implementation: FinalGroup 10: Lena Ledford, Zachariah Westerfield, David FontanezDeVry University/Keller School of ManagementTable of ContentsExecutive Summary        3Project Charter        4Project Value Statement        7Project Strategy Statement        7Project Methodology        8Business Requirements and Rules        9Context Data Flow Diagram        9Use Case List        9Use Case Scenarios        9Logical Entity Relationship Diagram        10Physical Entity Relationship Diagram        11UML Case Diagram        12UML Sequence Diagram for Use Cases        13UML Class Diagram        14MIS600 System Alternatives Assessment        15Feasibility Analysis        17Technical Requirements and Assumptions        18Analysis of Needs vs. Capabilities for Contractors        19Project Analysis and Risk Management Plan (Lena Ledford and Zachariah Westerfield)        20Risk Management Plan        21Project Costs, Staffing, Resources, Dependencies, and Schedule (Lena Ledford and Zachariah Westerfield)        22

Integration of Internal and External Systems (Lena Ledford and Zachariah Westerfield)        25System Administration (Lena Ledford and Zachariah Westerfield)        25Security (Lena Ledford and Zachariah Westerfield)        26Backup (Lena Ledford and Zachariah Westerfield)        26Recovery (Lena Ledford and Zachariah Westerfield)        26Scope Administration (Lena Ledford and Zachariah Westerfield)        27Change Control Procedure (Lena Ledford and Zachariah Westerfield)        28References        29Executive SummaryThe conversion of any integrated system can be a tedious process.  A Travel & Expense (T&E) system is no different.  ABC Systems requires the use of either an upgraded version of the current system which will expire December 31, 2018, or a new platform fully integrated with the current ERP.  The requirements of the business will help to streamline the future state system, allowing for customizations needed to enhance the overall experience while offering adherence to controls, both internal and government regulated.  The new T&E system will provide the following functionality:

Risk-Free Rate And Market Risk  Premium essay help cheap: essay help cheap

While the CAPM plays this role in developed                                                                                          Markets, no model currently does so in emerging markets                                                                                                                                                              Required return on equity (R): R(e) = Rf+ MRP·SR + Awhere Rf denotes the risk-free rate, MRP the (world) market risk  premium, SR the specific risk of an investment opportunity,and A some additional adjustmentThe Lessard Approach1SR = βp·βc   R = Rf + MRP·( βp·βc).The project beta can be estimated as the beta of the relevant industry with respect to the world market, and the country beta as the beta of the relevant country also withrespect to the world market. No further adjustments are implemented in this approach and, therefore, A=0.The Godfrey-Espinosa Approach 2and second, measures risk as 60% of the volatility of the stock market of the country in which the project is based relative to the volatility of the world market (σc/σ W ). More precisely, σc and σW are the standard deviation of returns of country c’s stock market and that of the world market

A = YSc  ,   SR = (0.60)·(σc/σ W ), R = (Rf +YS c) + MRP·{(0.60)·(σc/σ W )Note that in this model the specie c nature of the projects ignored. Put differently, it makes no difference whether accompany is evaluating a project in the oil, airline, or telecom-medications industries; what matters is the country in which the project is basedThe Goldman Sachs Approach 3If the stock market andthe bond market are perfectly correlated (ρSB=1), they bothrefl ect the same sources of risk; in that case YSc will capture all the relevant risk of investing in country c and, therefore, R = Rf +YS c. If, on the other hand, the stock market and the bond market are Uncorrelated (ρSB=0), each reflects different sources of risk; in that case, YSc quantifies the risk reflected by the bond market, σc/σ Wthe additional risk reflected by the stock market and R = (Rf +YS c)+MRP·(σc/σ W ). For all practicalpurposes it is the case that 0incorporates the risk reflected by both the stock market andthe bond market without double counting sources of risk.SR = (1–ρSB)·(σc/σ W ) ,   A = YSc .R = (Rf +YS c) + MRP·{(1–ρSB)·(σc/σ W )} .Ρsb: Correlation between the country’s stock market and bond market returns.

Healthy Diet Influence And Research Proposal Assignment scholarship essay help

Can a Healthy Diet Influence the Behaviour of People Whilst in Prison?


1.1. Topic:

Diet and behaviour.

1.2. Research question:

Can a healthy diet influence the behaviour of people whilst in prison?

1.3. Background:

The concept that nutrition can affect behaviour is not new. The food people eat can have strong effects on their behaviour. A healthy diet is believed to affect not only health and disease, but also mental health, intelligence and temperament. In the last decade there was an explosion of interest in healthy food and the effect on the human body and brain. So why not use this explosion of information about food to improve the behaviour and mental health of prisoners through a healthy diet?

Like any other part of the body, the human brain also needs adequate nourishment to function normally. Our brain needs around 20% of the available energy in our body to function,

but to use this energy, it needs a range of essential nutrients.

If we don’t obtain enough of these nutrients from our diet, the regulation of our brains neurotransmitters are potentially affected. This can influence the choices we make and, most important, the way we behave.

1.4. Introduction:

It would be naïve to think that criminal behaviour is only induced by eating and drinking junk but what if the behaviour can be adjusted/improved by eating healthy and getting the nutrients our brain needs to be regulated? It would be frustrating not to know if the offenders would behave differently or not due to a healthy diet.

This research will help to understand the effect that food can have on the behaviour of prisoners.

This research will only focus on the effects that healthy food can have on their behaviour whilst in prison.

If reinstating healthier diets produces better results with prisoners, then it’s worth investing in nutrition as this may ultimately mean less violence and less victims. You can only love others if you love yourself. Loving yourself starts with a good health.

1.5. Research objectives:

The primary objective of the research is to identify if prisoners’ behaviour (temperament, mental health, behaviour…) is affected by a healthy diet.

The secondary objective is to create evidence that the way criminals behave in and out of prison can be changed/adjusted by improving their basic needs like a healthy diet. Evidence is needed to convince the justice system to invest in healthy food in prisons.

1.6. Hypotheses:

Healthy food improves the behaviour of prisoners because the human brain

Gillette Case And High Quality Gillette Razor essay help online free

The Gillette Case

Since the distribution cost is high and the economic condition didn’t allow everyone to afford a high quality Gillette razor. Most of those who can afford it live in the big cities. Therefore, due to the distribution issue and average low income in rural area, I would focus the marketing resource on urban area. In this situation it is better to focus in increase in switching from knives to blades. At this point introducing a “face” by having a popular local celebrity identify with Gillette in order to increase sales by association.

Urban men who shave with knives account for 80%*60%= 48% of total urban men population. Since urban men are our target customers, half of them are a very big number. This group can afford high quality Gillette blades and they already have the habit to shave. Thus, it would be relatively easy to market these people for higher profit. Have samples to be distributed through the supermarkets, universities, and even at the workplace. They can also introduce free sampling stands for customers to experience the benefits of Gillette and thus increasing brand identity loyalty and word-of-mouth.

No need to change the product line if they work on a 3-line product in order to target all the different income segments: high quality (rich); middle line and lowest line for the lower literacy areas. No need to spend on brand awareness since they have 97% awareness with 55% usage. Since Gillette is a reputable company worldwide in the Indonesian market they should concentrate in doing a one-time reduction on its prices in order to reach the rural area customers. It is understandable that reducing the sales price would also reduce their operations profit but that can be fixed by also reducing advertising and that way the net profit can be re-establish.

They can also achieve a 10% plus increase in sales from other marketing activities besides advertising and promotions in doing market penetration and introducing females

Investigación De Marketing And Análisis De Los Datos history essay help: history essay help

Capítulo 8: Desarrollar Una Visión Global Mediante La Investigación De Marketing (spanish)


La información es el componente clave para desarrollar estrategias de marketing exitosas y para evitar equivocaciones. Incluir mercados internacionales hace crecer la necesidad de contar con información actual y precisa.

La medición de un investigador incluye: Habilidad para usar técnicas sofisticadas y adecuadas y comunicación efectiva.

Investigación de marketing: Reunión, registro y análisis de los datos para proporcionar información útil para la toma de decisiones. En el ámbito internacional se involucran dos complicaciones: La información se debe comunicar a través de fronteras culturales y los entornos con frecuencia son distintos.

Variabilidad de importancia de los tipos de información, limitadas herramientas, dificultad de implementar los procesos son desafíos que se enfrentan.

Amplitud y alcance del estudio

La diferencia entre la investigación de mercado nacional e internacional es el alcance más amplio de un internacional, con niveles de incertidumbre mayor.

Investigación se divide en 3 pasos: Información general acerca del país, la necesaria para pronosticar requisitos futuros y la del mercado específico.

La estabilidad política, atributos culturales y características geográficas son necesarios para una buena evaluación del mercado foráneo. Costo y tiempo también son críticos.

Proceso de investigación

Pasos: Definir el problema y establecer objetivos, determinar las fuentes de información, considerar costos y beneficios, reunir los datos relevantes, analizar, interpretar y resumir y finalmente comunicar los resultados.

Definición del problema es muy importante, algunos fallan al verse influenciados por la cultura local, no identifican el CAR o no pueden desmarcar limites amplios.


En muchos países la recolección de datos ha iniciado muy recientemente, algunos no tienen agencias gubernamentales que recolecten datos, por lo que el investigador debe iniciar la investigación. Un problema son las habilidades lingüísticas.

Los datos disponibles tal vez no tengan el nivel de confiabilidad necesario, algunos son demasiado optimistas. Políticas de impuestos pueden afectar la precisión.

Datos podían estar muy atrasados, es vital mantenerlos actualizados. A veces se reportan en categorías diferentes y demasiado amplias.

Deben ser verificados e interpretados con mucho cuidado. Un método efectivo es comprobar la consistencia de un conjunto de datos con otros de validez reconocida.

Disponibilidad y precisión se incrementan cuando aumenta

Performance Management Of Tesco And Goal Setting university essay help

Performance Management of Tesco


This group project is required to study performance management system of a company and the company that we choose is Tesco. First of all, we had done literature review section for 2 articles which talk about performance management. Then, we only discussed about a brief overview of the organization. For Examples, the Company background, vision, mission statement, organizational structure, and so on. Then, we analyzed internal environment and external environment of Tesco as well as the organizational structure of the HR department. Moreover, we also analysed the performance management strategies implemented currently and the rationale for those strategies and critically assess these strategies. For instance, how the company assesses their employees, Performance management system in the organisation, Approaches to performance appraisal, some of the positive performance indicators, Uses of performance appraisal information, Performance appraisal methods, and Performance appraisal interviews. Lastly, we had make a conclusion for this group project.


This literature review section would set down what has been said by some authors on the 2 articles of performance management.

First of all, it can be seen that performance management has been defined as “the interrelated processes, including goal setting, feedback, recognition, coaching, development and learning and appraisal all based on a foundation of trust and empowerment, with a constant focus on communication- as the primary vehicle for creating an engaged workforce” (Mone E., Eisinger C., Guggenheim C., Price B., Stine C., Performance Management at the Wheel: Driving Employee Engagement in Organizations, 2011, p.206). This definition given by the authors appears to be a complete one which includes many factors.

Furthermore, the same authors explain, in their article, five performance management activities (p. 206-210), which are as follows:

1) Setting goals, according to them is a way to make the organization more efficient.

2) Providing feedback to the employees is also, in the authors’ view, a way creating motivation.

3) Thirdly, the authors estimate that developing the employees’ skills is a good way to improve performance management.

4) Appraising the employees and promoting and compensating them, is also listed as a performance management activity.

5) Finally, there must be trust between the managers and the employees to finally lead to empowerment.

The above-set performance management activities would definitely, in our point of view, lead to an increased benefit to the organization. Nevertheless,

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Performance Management Plan

Performance Management Plan


October 14, 2013


By creating a framework for performance management we are taking the steps to ensure that Landslide Limousines is a successful business venture. Performance management is an essential tool for a company. It creates the opportunity for the individual success of all its employees, and therefore the longevity of the company to prosper. Outlined are recommendations that we here at Atwood and Allen consulting feel should be utilized to maximize the untapped potential this company has.

Performance Management

In order for any business to become successful it is important for companies to implement a performance management framework. An effective framework allows the companies to ensure goals are met and internal decisions are made based off of employees work performance. Performance management aligns with the business strategy because the business strategy displays the vision and goals set by the company and the performance management framework is another tool. This framework is also useful in measuring and ensuring goals are understood and employees are given the best chance to succeed and help the business achieve their goals. (“Performance Management Framework”, 2013).


It is Landslides Limousine Services intentions to provide a service that is superb and allows their customer to feel like royalty when their being transported. Having a clear business vision and implementing realistic goals, helps when you’re targeting areas for improvement. Establishing measurable such as performance management framework ensures the business to see the numbers they are anticipating. Effective performance management aligns the efforts of managers and employees to promote consistency in performance reviews and brings about results the company will like. It is recommend that this company promote growth by providing training and conducting sessions. It is also extremely imperative for Landslide Limousine Services to analysis feedback from employees and customers.

The job analysis provides a way to develop this understanding by examining the tasks performed in a job, the competencies required to perform those tasks, and the connection between the tasks and competencies (“Job Analysis “, 2013). Job analysis give a clear understanding about the job and what it entails. Our recommendation at this time would be that this company would need to have a clear job description stating what qualification you’re looking for and what the job entails, to attract prospective employees that meet and exceed what’s the company is looking for.

The methods used for measuring

Performance Management Plan And Employee Job Skills free essay help: free essay help

Performance Management Plan for Landslide Limousine Service

Performance Management Plan for Landslide Limousine ServiceMichelle L. WadeHRM/531February 1, 2016Dennis CashmanLandslide Limousine ServiceTo:Traci Goldman, and. Bradley StonefieldFrom:Michelle L. WadeDate:2/1/2016Re:Performance Management Plan        Hello Mr. Stonefield, At the request of Traci Goldman with Atwood & Allen Consultants, I have been assigned to assist you with the information you will need to prepare a Performance Management Plan for your company Landslide Limousine Service. According to your voicemail, you are starting out with 25 employees and will be conducting business in the city of Austin Texas. You have given information to Traci that you have and you are expecting $50,000 annual net revenue within the first year. You have also forecasted your potential revenue growth at 5% annually, and have anticipated your employee turnover rate at 10%. Does this cover everything you discussed with her so far?

If you have any further questions please let either Traci or myself know at We will determine your needs and assist you with either the resources, answers, or both. Establishing any new business has several levels of pre-opening structuring that must first be met and accomplished, as we have discussed over the past few weeks. We must now focus our attention to performance management, and the hurdles that it can encompass. When completing this plan, it is important to include employee job skills, the methods used for measuring these skills, the process for addressing skills gaps, and the approach for delivering effective performance feedback. Here is a definition: “Performance plans are formal processes by which you can set the guidelines and standards expected of your employees, gauge their success in fulfilling those requirements and develop ways to improve” (Ray, 2016). This can be done in several ways so you must also decide on the best approach for your type of business. Some examples are provided below.Behavioral checklist – this is a listing of certain standards that an employee needs to develop to be a diligent worker. This method is considered favorable as the evaluation is done on the basis of individual employee performance without comparisons.360 Degree appraisal – Involves feedback of the manager, supervisor, team members and any direct reports.Management by objective – In MBO method of performance appraisal, manager and the employee agree upon specific and obtainable goals with a set deadline.

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Performance Management Plan

Performance Management Plan

HRM/531 Human Capital Management

January 12, 2015

Performance Management Plan

“Think of performance management as a kind of compass, one that indicates a person’s actual direction as well as a person’s desired direction” (Cascio, 2013, Pg 332). In this paper we will be creating a performance management plan that will help guide the Landslide Limousine Company in a successful direction. Performance management systems have proved to be valuable tools for many companies. The plan will help to achieve the maximum effectiveness of each of your employees. It will not only provide an employee performance review but also assist management with working with employees to identify strengths and weaknesses in their performance. By implementing this plan, every person in this small company can identify ways to perform at their full potential.

Performance management framework to the organizational business strategy

The structure of the business strategy must consist of elective employee skills, methods used for measuring skills performance, process for addressing skills gaps, and elective employee feedback. As mentioned in earlier conversations, the Landslide Limousine Company plans to provide first class transportation for a variety of customers in the Austin, Texas area. There is anticipated net revenue of -$50,000 in the first year with an expected growth of 5% annually for the next couple of years. The plan is to operate with 25 employees with an estimated 10% turnover rate. After reviewing the details of their short-term and long-term plans, the goals are realistic and achievable. In order to maintain these projections while expanding the organization, management will need to align a performance management framework that works with the organizational strategy.

Organizational performance philosophy

The Landslide Limousine Company plans to provide a top notch transportation service that is second to none. It will allow their customers to have a feeling of royalty when being provided transportation to where ever their destination might be. Their clearly identified business vision and organizational goals will make it easy for them to target distinct areas of improvement. With the performance philosophy emphasized on customer service, the company will be able to build a reputation within the extremely competitive market. Including the development of employees in the performance philosophy will create an environment in which the employees feel like they are the reason for the success of the organization.

The job analysis process you will complete

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The Global Economy

During the past few years, the global financial crisis and the public debt crisis have been main phenomenon of the global economic meltdown. Since the mid of 2007, in the US, the subprime mortgage crisis has exploded and then its impacts have spread to the EU, Asia, even the rest of the whole world gradually which has been accepted as the trigger of the global financial crisis. This essay will discuss the main causes of this economic crisis especially in the US and the EU and analyze some methods or policies which could have been done to avoid it. Finally, I will concentrate on the future situation which the European Monetary Union could be in.

The year 2008 is considered as the nightmare of the global economic because of the explosion of the sub-prime mortgage crisis in the US since the mid of 2007. Some scholars (Lo.Re 2011, Iqbal 2010) opine that this crisis is the main contributor of the global financial crisis because of the US economic status. If we review this crisis, housing and credit bubbles can be seen as the main cause, proved by Moyer (2012). Real estate developers, bonding companies, banks and house purchasers were in a vicious circle to make the real estate market abnormal with the high housing price and interest rate of loans. Eventually, from the statement of Iqbal (2010, p.36) ‘sub-prime problem soon dispersed and…that soon bankrupted a host of mortgage finance firms, banks, investment banks and insurance firms’, we can know that housing and credit bubbles have burst which led the bankruptcy of some banks and any relevant companies because of the default of loans from developers and purchasers. Most economists like KOWALSKI (2011) consider that the new liberalism of non-intervention market policy implemented by the US government and the lack of financial supervisory market have been root causes of this crisis.

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Capitalism Case

Miguel Beatrice

Capitalism is an economic system in which private individuals and business firms carry out production and exchange of goods and services through complex transactions involved in prices and markets.

By extension called capitalist higher social class of this economic system (“bourgeoisie”), or to the common form would the individual interests of capital owners in both companies, shareholders and patterns, also called capitalism entire social and political order (law, idiosyncrasies, etc..) that orbits the system while structurally determines the possibilities of its content.

Capitalism is based ideologically in an economy in which the market prevails, it is usually given, although there are important exceptions in addition to the controversy over what should be called free market or free enterprise. In it are carried out economic transactions between individuals, companies and organizations that provide products and that demand. The market, through the laws of supply and demand regulates prices under which goods are exchanged (goods and services), allowing the allocation of resources and the distribution of wealth among individuals.

Freedom of enterprise proposes that all companies are free to obtain economic resources and transform them into a new commodity or service to be offered in the market that they have. In turn, they are free to choose the business that wish to develop and when to enter or exit from it. Freedom of choice applies to businesses, workers and consumers, as the company can manage its resources as it sees fit, workers can make anyone work within their capabilities and consumers are free to choose what they want consume, looking to the chosen product meets their needs and within the limits of your income. This in a theoretical context is called capitalist economic calculation.

Competence refers to the existence of a large number of companies or individuals who offer and sell a product (bidders) in a given market. In this market there is also a large number of people or companies (plaintiffs), which, according to their preferences and needs, or buy such products or commodities demand. Through competition is established a “rivalry” or antagonism between producers. Producers seek hoard as many consumers / buyers for himself. To do this, use strategies to reduce prices, improved quality, etc.

The political doctrine that has historically led the defense and implementation of the economic and political system has been the classic economic liberalism and which is considered the founding fathers to John Locke, Juan de Mariana and Adam Smith. The classical liberal thought in economics argues that government intervention should be reduced to a minimum. You should only take care of the legal system that guarantees respect for private property, the defense calls negative liberties: civil and political rights, control of internal and

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Performance Management Practices, Employee Attitudes and Managed Performance

Article Summary:        Performance management practices, employee attitudes and managed performance.Kagaari, J., Munene, J. C., & Ntayi. J. M. (2010). Performance management practices, employee attitudes and managed performance. Retrieved March 16, 2015 from

SummaryIn this article “Performance management practices, employee attitudes and managed performance”. According to Kagaari, Munene and Ntayi (2010), the purpose of this paper is to establish the relationship between performance management practices, employee attitudes and manage performance. They was approach by using a disproportionate stratified purposive approach, a sample of 900 employees was drawn from four public universities in Uganda and what they get in their findings is the paper reveals that performance management practices and employee attitudes are crucial for achievement of managed performance in public universities. However, this was a cross-sectional study that inherently has common method biases. Such biases could be minimised with replication of the study using a longitudinal study approach that would also unearth all salient issues that could have remained untouched. In addition, the paper emphasises the need for public universities to institutionalise result-oriented relationships and adapt in the external hyper changing environment and the paper calls for a new approach to managing employees in public universities with increasing demand for university education and stakeholder interests in delivery of cost-effective quality services.

Old Eben Flood And Mr. Floods Party college essay help nyc: college essay help nyc

The Agony in Alcohol

Essay Preview: The Agony in Alcohol

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The Agony in Alcohol

People celebrate many different holidays and festivals with different types of alcohol because truth is it helps relieve stress. I remember my grandfather used to be a very kind and caring person. He would take my brothers and me to the zoo every time we went to visit him. He would get us ice cream and was even the first person to show me how to drive a car. Everything changed with alcohol. My grandpa was hurt on the job and was forced to retire; the company claimed it was his fault so he got no compensation. With that he took on alcohol. In Mr. Floods Party, by Edwin Arlington Robinson, old Eben Flood drank alcohol sociably with friends but later in his life it turned into a heavy habit, he uses it to relieve stress, but in the end it inevitably leads to a depressing and lonely life.

In the poem its obvious that Mr. Flood is lonely and that he has no family or friends, but it was not always like that. In lines 13-16 Old Eben raises his glass to propose a toast to himself, this implies that at one point in his life he drank with family and friends at social gatherings where he made toasts. In line twenty the image of Roland is evoked, the jug held up to Ebens lips is being compared to the horn that Roland blew to signal Charlemagne–all too late–that he needed help. The simile of Rolands ghost is made more effective by the metaphor in the previous lines; instead of armor of iron and steel like that of Roland, old Eben wears an armor of “scarred hopes outworn,” in other words, the protective shell of detachment and imperviousness to the buffetings of life that one is able to develop after long years of frustrations, defeats, and losses coming one upon another. With this in mind, after he lost his loved one or fell in defeat he turned to alcohol and lost the rest of his friends, revealed in the last two lines of the poem.

Another place where Mr. Flood uses alcohol was when he wanted to relieve some of the stress he had to deal with. In lines 25-28 he treats his jug as a “sleeping child” fearing that it might break. This special emphasis might hint that he is either very careless or that people have made fun of him in the past. These bullies might have broken some of his personal belongings, or other material things, so he now fears that his precious jug might break. There is only so much a man can

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The American Lion – Book Review

Essay Preview: The American Lion – Book Review

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American Lion

American Lion by Jon Meacham is about the important American history figure and seventh president of the United States, Andrew Jackson. As an editor for Time Magazine, Meacham has the credentials and plenty of experience to dedicate five years to elucidate Jackson’s life experiences starting as an orphaned teenager in colonial South Carolina and its evolvement into a fervent patriot and politician. In a Washington Post interview, Meacham explains “I chose to call my book ‘American Lion’, not to lionize Jackson, but to capture the contradictions at his core. If he were on your side, he would do all he could to protect you. If he believed you a foe, then he was a ferocious and merciless predator.” (Bridget, 2008) Historian Meacham explains his purpose in writing this biography was not to provide full-scale accounts and assessments of Jackson’s life or the politics and policies of his career, but to use recently recovered letters between Jackson and his family and friends to illustrate a biographical portrait of Jackson and the people around him during his turbulent years in power. (Meacham 362) Meacham emphasizes Jackson’s many personalities and the contributions from his circle of family and friends as a common theme. Interested history seekers get a glimpse of Jacksons’ journey through the controversial and somewhat politically chaotic times they underwent.

While the book takes a comprehensive look into the many facets of President Jackson’s life, Meacham concentrates predominantly on Jackson’s time as a two term president and how he shaped the office into the strongest branch of government for the future. During his eight years of service as president, Jackson broke the economic power and political dominance of the Second Bank of the United States, averted South Carolina from separating from the Union, developed federal construction plans for roads, bridges, and other infrastructure, initiated the violent removal of Indian tribes from the South, showed political patronage, and demanded other nations show the United States the respect he believed it deserved. (Edward, 2008) He outlines the roles of Jackson’s tight circle of family and friends to tell the facts of Jackson’s time in the White House. Two of these confidants included Jackson’s married nephew and niece, Andrew and Emily Donelson. Emily served as the official White House hostess and Andrew was Jackson’s private secretary. Meacham attributes much duty to the couple for Jackson’s success. Throughout Jackson’s life, Meacham

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The American Dream

Essay Preview: The American Dream

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John Thiel

Mrs. Oliver

English III

Period 7

March 6, 2006

“The American Dream”

Jay Gatsby, the main character in the Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is many things but he is mostly one thing; he is the American dream. The American Dream is defined as “the faith held by many in the United States of America that through hard work, courage, and determination one can achieve financial prosperity” (American). Gatsby believes that if he has money then he can have anything he desires.

In the United States nothing screams wealth more then a car worth more than most homes. Gatsbys amazing car is majestic as well as a symbol for materialism. Gatsby thinks that Daisy will fall in love with himself because he has the nicest car in town and believes that is what Daisy looks for in a man, so he flaunts the car as shown in the novel when Gatsby asks ” Its pretty isnt it old sport. Havent you ever seen it before?” (Fitzgerald 68). What Gatsby does not realize is the fact that the car will be the indirect reason that he dies because Daisy uses his car to kill Myrtle and then Wilson wants revenge and he thinks because it is Gatsbys car that Gatsby kills Myrtle, so Wilson shoots Gatsby.

Another example of Gatsby using his money to buy happieness is when he is trying to impress Daisy so he dresses in his best expensive clothing. “An hour later the front door opened nervously and Gatsby in a white flannel suit, silver shirt, and gold colored tie hurried in” (Fitgerald 88). The shirt and tie are gold and silver and those two colors represent wealth. .

Another major symbol of Gatsbys wealth is his enourmous, elegant house. “My house looks well, doesnt it? See how the whole front of it catches the light” ( Fitzgerald, 95). He knows that his house is breathetaking for Daisy and he soaks that thought up in happiness and he also starts to think that his dream is coming true, but throughout that day Gatsby kept getting kind of upset because Daisy was falling short of what his colossal dream of her was.

Money can not buy happieness was a major theme in this novel as shown when Gatsby can not get Daisy. When the two self-indulgent

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The Andromeda Strain

Essay Preview: The Andromeda Strain

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In the book, The Andromeda Strain there is a problem that faces mankind. This problem is a strange virus that comes to Earth from an unmanned satellite, which was in space. This satellite crashes into a small town in Arizona, which has a population of 38 people.

When this satellite crashes into the Earth, it kills everyone, except for an old man and a two-month old baby. There are two scientists who have the job of going to the crash site and gathering up the remains from the satellite. While the two of them are attempting to do their job, they are mysteriously killed. The last thing that people on the other end of their radio heard was a loud scream, then static.

The government, which was listening to what all was going on through the radio, thought that this was very strange. In the past, they had thought about there being a time when strange organisms from outer space would come to Earth, and try to take over. They decided that they would design a building that could be used to research the different things that they might come across in the future. This building would have to be very sterile so that the organisms couldnt contaminate anything and destroy the Earth. The building was five stories high and each level was more sterile than the previous one. The building was located in the middle of nowhere underground, so that no one would know about it, unless they were on one of the teams that would be doing the research in the building. This building would also have a self-destruct button in case there was an emergency and they had to destroy everything that they were doing in the building.

When the satellite crashes to Earth, the special team of four people that the government had previously selected, was called to this building. They had samples of the organism, which was found by other people at the crash site sent to the building. They were going to use this sample to research the organism. They hoped to find out what it was and how it killed all of the people who lived in the small town in Arizona. Everything was going well with the research, until the virus started eating through plastic containers and the sterile suits that the workers were wearing. After time, almost all of the workers who were in the building had been killed by this virus. The only person that lived out of the five people who were on the selected team was Mark Hall.

After the organism had taken over most of the building, the self-destruct mechanism of the building went into effect. Hall tried hard to reach the place where he could shut down this mode. It took him awhile to reach this place, but he eventually reached the switch,

People.The Prince And Book Report                                Week 16Ththe Apology best essay help

The Apology of Socrates, by the Philosopher Plat

Essay Preview: The Apology of Socrates, by the Philosopher Plat

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Book Report                                Week 16thThe Apology  The Apology of Socrates, by the philosopher Plato (429–347 BC), was one of many explanatory apologia about Socrates’s legal defence against accusations of corruption and impiety. First, The defence was properly so called. Second, The shorter address in mitigation of the penalty. Third, The last words of prophetic rebuke and exhortation. Therefore, The Apology breaths the spirit of Socrates, but has been cast anew in the mould of Plato. While reading this book, I am constantly wondering why will Socrates persist in following a profession which leads him to death? Then I understand that he must remain at his position where the god has placed him. He knew nothing, and knew that he knew nothing. However, people knew little or nothing and they imagined that they knew all things. That’s why people need Socrates and why he was willing to die. Socrates is an evil-doer and a curious person, searching into things under the earth and above the heaven; and making the worse appear the better cause, and teaching all this to people.The Prince  The Prince is a 16th-century political treatise by the Italian diplomat and political theorist Niccolo Machiavelli. He sends it to the prince as a gift based on his long experience in contemporary affairs and a continual study of antiquity, wishing it would able to help the prince to turn his eyes to lower regions and understand the nature of the people.  Each of the whole 26 chapters is unfold around a certain question, including the structure of states, the kinds of soldiery, the qualities of prince and the analysis on the relationship among princes, the secretaries of princes and people.   What impressed me most is the chapter 13 on concerning cruelty and clemency, and whether it is better to be loved than feared. Firstly, the author claims that the prince ought to take care not to misuse clemency because as long as a prince keeps his subjects united and loyal, ought not to mind the reproach of cruelty. Then he reveals the human nature that people are ungrateful, fickle, false, cowardly, covetous and they come for benefit, leave without hesitation. Therefore, it is difficult and almost impossible to be loved and feared. Finally, he summarizes that if a prince does not win love, he avoids hatred. Moreover, a wise prince should establish himself on that which is in his own control and not in that of others.

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The Animal Fable

Essay Preview: The Animal Fable

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Geoffrey the Raffe was a short stubby little creature, who was always mean to people around him. He never said please or thank you, and found joy in picking on the younger raffes. Geoffrey was also a greedy raffe. In the meadow where all the raffes went to graze, there were only patches of the sweet green grass that raffes liked to eat. When the younger animals would go together to graze, Geoffrey would run to the meadow first and eat all of the sweet green grass, and leave the yellow grass and gross tree leaves for the rest of the raffes. Geoffrey was not well liked with the other animals, but didnt care. He thought they all were stupid and ugly.

One day, the younger animals decided to go grazing without Geoffrey. They left early in the morning, when the leaves were still wet with dew, and quietly made their way down to the grazing area. When Geoffrey woke up later on, he realized that there was no one to walk him down to the meadow. Sad, hungry and angry, he made his way to the watering hole and saw a little squirrel. “Hey, ugly furry thing. Whats that youre doing?” Geoffrey asked. The little squirrel was planting seeds around the watering hole, to provide shade for the other animals while they drank and cooled off. “Oh, youre not very nice. But since, I am nice, I will tell you. Im planting seeds over here so that animals can stay cool during the hot season”, replied the squirrel. “You should give me some to eat”, Geoffrey said harshly. “Oh no”, replied the squirrel, “these arent eating seeds; theyre planting seeds, which reminds me I should get more. Will you mind watching them for me?” Geoffrey smiled as sweetly as he could, and agreed to watch over the seeds. The second the squirrel was out of site, the greedy raffe ran to the hole and picked up a seed with his long purple tongue. Geoffrey was so amazed at their unique taste that he ate as many of the seeds as he could, dirt and all. After a while, Geoffrey began to feel sick from all of the dirt he was eating. He walked over to the water, and began to drink gigantic gulps until he couldnt drink anymore. Feeling full and happy, the content raffe went to lay down in the sun. Combined with the warmth and feeling of satisfaction, Geoffrey fell asleep, and stayed asleep for days. As Geoffrey was sleeping, the seeds in his stomach began to sprout. He didnt know it, but he had eaten were really palm tree seeds, and mixed with the dirt, water and sun, they began to grow, so much in fact that Geoffreys neck stretched out!

The mean raffe woke up the next morning, feeling strange and dizzy. His head felt a lot heavier than it should have, and he felt taller. As he stood up, he realized that he towered over everyone around him. At first he thought it was great, but once he realized how hard it was to eat, he began to dislike his immense

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The Alchemist

Essay Preview: The Alchemist

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The Alchemist

The book I read is called The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. The Alchemist is about a boy from Spain, whose name is Santiago and is a shepherd. The book tells how he gets around countries, and how he deals with his problems and how he solves them. It shows how he follows his dreams, and who helps him along the way.

Santiago leaves his family to become a shepherd, before leaving his dad gives him money he has saved up, Santiago buys sheep with the money. As a shepherd Santiago travels around Spain. As he travels he is in search of food and water for his sheep. During his journeys he gave his sheep names and really connects with them. When he ran out of money, Santiago sold wool from his sheep for money. He learns that being a shepherd is not hard as long as you have food and water for the sheep.

Santiago is a very intelligent boy, he knows how to read and write because he went to school. Santiago wanted to become a shepherd because he loved traveling and he never traveled while living on his farm with his parents. Another reason he didnt like living on a farm was, because there was no change in every day life, and he liked change. Thats why his dad understood his reasoning for wanting to become a shepherd.

One day he had a dream while resting under a tree in an abandon ruined church. Santiago had dreamt that same dream before so he decided to go to a dream reader. There was a town near by that he knew had a dream reader, so he decided to go there one day. When he got to the town he found her booth, and told her his dream. The woman told him that his dream was, that he

would find treasure in the Egyptian pyramids. After leaving her booth thinking she was crazy, he sat on a bench and started to read a book he got in town. Suddenly an old man sat by him and tells him that he knows where to find the treasure he is looking for, and that he will tell him in exchange of one tenth of his sheep.

The boy agreed, and discovers that the man knew about the treasure the dream reader was talking about, and knew a lot about the boy and where he is from. After conversing with him for some time, he finds out that he is king, and that he helps people with their personal legends.

After teaching the boy a lot about the journey he will go through, the king gave him omens to follow. Santiago sells his sheep, and travels to a town on his way to Egypt. He finds a man that could take him past

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